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8-28-14 12pm, Garland, ISIS

Aug 28, 2014|

Al Queada is threatening Israel’s border, ISIS threatening Syria and almost all middle east countries (including our allies) are threatening all factions involved.  What should we be doing…..if anything at all?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There. Every time I've. Read. An article listened to. What did you listen to well what do you report. Ultimately -- -- get more more confused as to exactly. Not only reason. What will be the in game. If we do something all the way down to rugged computers sure we do anything what what isn't it. Bet it'd for a laws and what do we lose. If we don't do. And as usual I go to the expert builder and stand over. And a doctor Beirut's more -- me is one of the ones I -- moved frequently professor mystery. Won't university and an expert on -- and at least ought to welcome back to Russia. Well as who questioned that Williams and abusive that's not -- expertise. But objects in a bulletin that Russia has invaded Ukraine. If that true. Do you have an opinion is what we could do or should do and does that influence while we might do in the Middle East and other words. If we have together -- To help Ukraine. And all Russia. Will we still be able to Marshal Al is to open golf ice of those. And saw that. And the radicals in raw. Help me wrong. Egypt's confuse. -- so not. What it is very today. It's very complicated it's -- well. And it's terrible that the in the fall apart but that it -- Equipment and at what I've been in and out situation. And me and -- for a minute. To distinguish. What's going on -- the spots on the. Home to launch and then ball so. Had to read and all. See you in a solution to solve some. Of the war powers Russia should and so. And Russia not that it's been -- in these and more used to. Before the core. Solo home. Into the -- -- That impact this new group called the cold look and you won't blow. -- at some active disease. -- -- used to now. I've seen and what I'll sort of alliances. On. On Lakshmi he's eaten it and make an alliance says. The mutinies. In the Russian. And it shouldn't chase the American public if they -- quite correctly and yet so you can make in speech extinct. And beat that -- again. The indignities. And send -- note that would. Have beaten -- it becomes much. Sting me to slow. All the -- -- -- on the subjects. -- that should be wrong and connect to the ancient pipes. Not them -- can -- it's that the United States in the besides what you. Its own should be kicked him and so. There's a national right. And that some of -- And watched. Would think that would actually help the -- group. Just so -- the bullet to 43 UN peacekeepers. Taken by or groups in Golan Heights. Did the wind wouldn't you see how complicated it is from Qatar. Two or on to Saudi Arabia to series entry is ruled through a mops. It. Would you win get involved in so what would they do. Morning. First news. That school one. That actually is that -- -- appliances. Not in the medic in practice -- This is up on them and it is this something wrong and pages won't -- -- is -- he's gotten to. Part of it is -- part the reason that describes. That it is no on the war poverty and that's what this means -- And that's saying it's the United States. But not a successful in his pocket mentioned not to be successful and it's. -- with at it is -- mean. Did you have -- and musical so visible. The invasion of sites and so it's. Complicated. I. Look let me stop you broke their enrollment Paula has got to take a break. -- kid that talk more repairs to operate there. And when we come back. If if the United States and couldn't beat -- give -- the United States. Isn't themselves Syria if the United States and Canada saw the palestinians'. Ruling debate. How old is that you in the if Beatles like. The world is so actors. That it's gotten too complicated to really know where your allies are and that you can still fly them how to convince and spend the money. -- the people who is the flip the politics. How does that get done. Governor of federal courts to do the world going for C world reports of Russia has intrigued Ukraine. I've been looking at satellite photos -- formed units moving in to Ukraine and and unofficial reports of 43 UN peacekeepers. Taken captive by some. Or in groups in the Golan height and there were reports a couple of days ago of explosions. Not very -- from the Israeli border didn't. Couple of Israeli soldiers wounded and is ruled on high alert in that area. Whether -- thing about the middle if you go to doctor drew ruse morals -- -- Professor of history or a university and expert on wrong in the Middle East. Doctor of when -- when it comes to the middle if you were talking about. This is -- too big too complicated. Even for the islanders they say handled loan. And -- problem and bill could be UN project. Do you do you think the UN would respond to this and now. What she didn't. Option that's it that this much and that's all and they -- you should listen to them that they get and but this is only instruments. -- I want you to more efficient we should let. Option but it but that's what it. Not I think to cool Poppins but on 22. But there's a chance. One of the most outstanding problems mount and it. With what had happened and as a solution that come out. And we. With that. And yet. Does he mean that they wanted to move 97. It was two state solution on the exit seven. And that is seven. And in exporters. And might be at eighteen. That's that. Problems which started at the mother and all of the problems. That could save lives -- Now with this position. About a minute -- Milan. And we have raised it on hold him -- but. -- -- but. It's that little. Mean it used some so called Christian -- on. Taxes. Then one can expect. Them. Next step would -- something. On. I. Some -- -- by ambulance. To do some media then to expect them. My mom and a and so on and problems. -- and and I hope not but hadn't heard the content. On. On the 101000 people and that's on the should he couldn't exit. -- news and it took everything that does that mean so. I don't Biden. Is. -- -- It might -- cut down on -- that it might. -- that it was essentially says. And so. But that's sent it to it's not. -- and if it it didn't option rules on. In their boots on the ground in order to -- that that's possible on campus groups. So I did that humans. To cool it down and -- political solutions. And on one one on that you can do that but that and then it was. Step by step -- -- And then become much more complicated. I mean. If you were talking about this each and six months -- would -- that company that it is now. Let me just to. A different question. Bureau professor of history. In a conversation with a four iron from -- won't. Foremost political experts in this country it's that you would give the world is going and suggests. Feels like everything is coming apart and he said historically. Did no worse than it ever has been probably a whole lot better. Then they have been in the -- of we're just hearing about it more in hearing about it pastor. You're -- historian. -- things getting word -- is just usually the condition that the world. Step that the ones. And what happened -- to pay it as such you know that's that's what -- -- that students and that's usually. When -- or war or this changing. We didn't come to sort them out of changes in fact who want to make sure who's that bought it won't. And one was going on -- can -- to -- them. -- book here now. I mean it's. Toward this distinction. Com is outcrop. A reward. Coming towards we humans approval although once upon. Super apartment that it can now and then and more. So what's happened this. -- -- -- the international leadership. This is the crisis what historian called hegemony. There was no tension and war horse and because -- know -- -- most. All options to the smaller groups also. The mother and it is. -- some sort of the worst. That you couldn't go on I'm I'm sure -- I can important duties in the next ten years and that it's going to be a war Spence -- become I it has become in the midst. Because their patent then there wouldn't. -- -- Important positions in now it's -- ten of the chaos in history if the stock that. At -- it -- come up from 1989. It certainly became more some 2001. And this is the system of law and unfortunate to source. -- didn't come to assumptions about support. There's -- no international. Some of some. Can be you know of playing to the Middle East and gulf Saudi Arabia could tall or. Any of the ones that are still. Independent and financially self sufficient. And they getting gulf with -- -- And put on our poverty law as a vote on it being involved in -- and -- it's. And perhaps perhaps. It can be more involved. Put them to be involved in too deep and in the region and the nation's -- quite important could then put the -- One -- too. So it means to move in this conference. And just just imagine if you went -- and so the problem. That's what's wrong soldiers and absolutist -- you didn't move to. That can. But it to decide that he wants them obvious that. The that farmers on the conference the -- And would not -- some of it is you're on the lot involved. That initiative to shoot -- and so then we can beat them and think about. Solutions. First. To come out with its understanding. That it is important course and it's just not since it's not a one point 22 and do it. And yet to use their existing infrastructure that is -- -- and does not that -- -- but that didn't exist in organizations and national region and finished its. -- and so and -- appointments. Mr. -- whose loved attending classes thank you so much have agreed to it. Or cover up we're gonna talk to other experts say in things abuse drug shortages. Reports. Of Russia in Beijing Ukraine. Reports. 43 UN peacekeepers in Google when -- against Israeli border. Nazis by some more and group added -- -- do applaud. So we're trying to figure out wants a role in that leads to Indy and and if we don't have parole what's in game one do we expect. To get what we have to do to get there. Welcome back to your -- -- him about the Middle East then. And we'll begin to talk about to India televisions so these pollutants from Russia. Invading Ukraine -- its satellite. Video -- move ago or units in the Ukraine. And no bulletin of rhetoric -- -- reporting three UN peacekeepers. -- Near the golden highlights. By -- group. And that's all builds in to the the big question. You'd do is at least -- -- torture knows the middle eighties Russia. Israel. Moss. It's seen social complicated. Not only. Countries fighting countries put pieces of countries. Fighting within their own country hiding in other countries and ordered by that country. As usual it's it's on call -- experts product veterans and as -- go seen scattered ultimately. Bears. Heritage Foundation Jim appreciate done very. -- Listen to debate. Over the weakened when I was driving home one of the people in the debate talking about ultimately talk about it should talk about new green. Said he felt or make horrible mostly. Dissing Putin's where we -- because we needed him. Apply in some kind of middle ground. In scenery. And in several other Hillary. Just looking separately -- printed in the reports shore. That Putin. Have -- Ukraine. Do we do anything do we get involved and we don't does that subject or we can do in the middle. Forcing -- me use an expert at using every source of leverage you isn't wearing. Of -- hearts. Are negotiating position. And I think he'll he'll try to extract as much leverage from this as possible. Our law also hoping that it'll be ongoing crisis in the Iraq and Syria. Provide proper or personal Russian. Invasion. The Ukraine. But ultimately. Would hope to -- the situations got suckered into our. Seeing -- -- answer in Syria because it's clear that he's fully committed to the survival of the Asad regime. If only because she knows that this false Russia will. Will there ever core -- more than four billion dollars to its -- also for military weapons. And it just Morton -- and going over duke pull out little -- and loved everything I've been reading. According to her own Defense Secretary. According tourists are -- state. -- oh we've been surprised by via. Escalation in the appearance of vice looks. It if that's true how can a big -- spent billions since 9/11. On on new technologies. And strategies. For detecting terrorist threats right. There are I think. The White House may have been surprised because it did perhaps of believes its own rhetoric bill -- is on the Raanan. And -- the war in Iraq was over. Our -- -- those were messages targeted. It's domestic base in the -- west to kind of serve as a rationale for or. You total withdrawal from Iraq back in 2011. And I think that was wishful thinking. Bottle -- and -- do the White House ideologically he thinks that the problem in Iraq. What does the U -- -- it wants to US switch from Iraqis would suddenly get their act together. Come together. Be happier -- but as we've seen. Crisis and other Islamist extremists. World. Waiting for -- -- strong and then came back across the border from Syria. And link up which people insider rocket in the role long. You know acting -- White House to slow. Purposely turn the blind. But. But now we're trying to cut the price. Aren't. Relentlessly gophers -- come back can the basic -- to load the president. As totally -- doses so the news just a big ball look -- problems. Avoid it threatens office and the course from becomes okay he met stuff. What do we do now. And will we decide what we do what's Ian gave what would get for that action. Double up and comers in world I don't know what it is but it certainly seems like his -- it's getting a little bit more -- a little bit more cruising. Reports of Russia invading Ukrainian reports of -- is Golan Heights. Reports of I think two more Americans being killed with the crisis. Truck and a understand the complicated to torture and more importantly. What should be done about it -- should be of -- does something about it and -- -- in game two all about it. Up for those questions were good Jim Phillips seen research fellow in the -- troopers Heritage Foundation. Jim is it's a report let's say. President Obama got us into this by in our world page with the what we do what -- we do butchered. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's broken with al-Qaeda core. It's it is the successor although Carter in Iran that would General Petraeus was -- that organization. Burn in 20062007. Before the search. He realize that. This is in this to cause a problem you can -- your way. That is that would just. Military action alone will not defeated because. It will it will stool -- would be able to recruit to. In part. Because -- rule. In most called US action. Via actions so for him to -- but also because. There's a raging. Some -- verses Xia. -- sectarian conflict in Iraq and they'll try to do you Islamic states. -- setting itself up as a champion of Sunni Arabs which form a minority rocked against the Shia dominated government. So all the also -- the policies regarding crisis and needs to be military to roll. But the US. I don't think should go back in the big -- on the ground but. Follow the Afghan model on it which US special forces. Brought. The air power to beer in a very decisive way to target to -- bond. And US special forces worked with local forces on the ground. Term loan to the fighting on the ground -- -- -- model could work with the Kurds in Northern Iraq in some of the Iraqi Government. Our -- ultimately. Do it there must be a little poll strategies. Vet site and saw. Sunni Arab support from this group. Are just it's a General Petraeus to. You know and while reaching out -- them. The Sunni Arab tribal malicious and splitting them away from al-Qaeda in the last decade. Mobile right now leaders doctors. Former united front against him to Baghdad government. Or territory in bill will be strong tensions between them because the Sunni tribes. -- north. Support the same harsh Islamist ideology. That the Islamic state dollars. And there -- Guitar Hero living under the restrictions that the Islamic state will try to impose. At that point we'll be right for. Turning against -- -- the straight but apple only happen if they trust the Iraqi Government and that means there needs to be more. Outreach from the Iraqi Government in Baghdad to Sunnis. To drive a wedge between Batman and this cargo Islamic state. Are there also has to be in a regional all of strategies in which the US works worse. -- Turkey Jordan. In Iraqi Government to that there's reformed and more inclusive as Sunnis. One final question in unit is Suze. Not your expertise or you were common food and stand. From the reports I think council -- and television. Two or three more Americans fighting for eyes who's killed you should -- here today. What you think we haven't been hit it in this country. We've got our own citizens traveling to air. To hit that's what do you think they have been huge here yeah. -- right now alone. So radical arsenal bought homes are troubling some serious in Iraq to fight there. But over time as we saw in Afghanistan. There are in the eighty's and ninety's when more than 25000. On Muslim militants -- -- the world flocked to Afghanistan to fight to Soviets. That eventually. Blows on. Radicalized Muslims can return home in their there'll be from the -- -- ago Islamist revolution so the ropes. The Muslim world and when they return true western countries. Straight record close -- -- terrorists. I'll but it takes time off for them to it and -- cycled through that process. I think already there have been members of crisis arrested inside the US. Or all -- would be members of -- -- there was a woman arrested due in. Colorado who was getting ready to travel to Syria to fight with the crisis. Our earlier this summer as it was Saturday. -- young Muslim Americans. Are from Florida and between himself all Tuesday. Character inside Syria and suicide bombing. Our -- these most recent reports of two people killed this week or the good news of their -- emerged this week. And the FBR believes that. At least a hundred Americans have gone to Syria to Friday. So it's only a matter time before they come home that's something we have to be on guard against. -- introducing times thank you so much with the electorate to use them. But a veto brigades celebrity immoral plug them or don't go away as we build is that she's got a great show they -- Governor audio figured that with the via mobile plus we have.