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Aug 28, 2014|

What's trending in news, sports & social media?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's say they've all been waiting for him last pre season game. But don't will be rocking and we will be trending but I wanted to mention our next -- first. -- -- problems at work what he writes. Are you an employer with a problem employee. What are your rights. Well we're going to talk workplace issues and what the laws are in Louisiana with the labor expert and I hope you're gonna join us for that. But I also want to mention that WWL -- to the cool down with culinary this month. We've got 575. Dollar gift certificates to -- That you can win today and tomorrow. Just listen to my shell and I'll give away one certificate for our culinary month as a celebration of dining -- America's most delicious city. When you hear the song jumble lion in the body. I'll give him. Jambalaya and the by -- -- given the number to call and color rate went to some five dollar gift certificate. And wants courtesy. A New Orleans convention and visitors bureau. So good luck from the station. -- New Orleans was -- okay. We are now going to be in our wonderful world trending with our experts. Deputy news director date Colin and I like him. That's how I think -- co host of first take eight or early in my ways. And super -- from. By uniting five point eight -- means even -- I love and actually we're gonna start. With this can't argue because it's just too much fun we're gonna start this -- with the marriage that the world has waited for my. Yes. What looks. Although I'm -- -- everyone goes. Brad and Angie. Legally married dated and parents did -- for the kids. Yet of this alleged this isn't -- what happens Saturday and the world didn't know about I don't know today this is that it is not picky -- immigrant. Because they're -- in each and because yes because they're branded I mean yeah so I think it's great -- oh. I guess with the keys they did it right is kind of like in the living in seen. And heard -- -- friend like it I read quite a better. That way -- Yeah they're kids beginning of the age they were asking and talking and this is what we want and I think you know next week season in -- -- it's very sweet. Sort of as an addendum to that however. Jennifer Aniston. -- separate from Brad that. It's just constantly being barraged with the question of when he getting married when he gonna have children are going to be gone heated during -- afternoon and it's like she's saying enough already. -- goes on she changes guys though like I change is not say god for each answer is note of both isn't serial monogamy and there is nothing wrong with that sir. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They know how to be spies they met on the I hope they're when they're both playing spider killers. Don't just give her a break for a rate I wanna get married should -- -- get manager unnecessary questions I didn't market Peña you know her and -- -- and becoming in. Jennifer so she's on the circuit in the movie and then boom these -- get married. You know ruin and -- that app promotion use for that movie is asking her about her that they continue to ruin her life is that. Yes and here we were talking about it. Let it go and let's pay let's go to -- -- and list on our mission to invite you assured him. Anywhere we wish them well we wish them -- part of our community and he's on an awful lot this. Good luck to them both and all those beautiful it okay I'll let us move on to -- passes. Back with the Redskins. He. This just won't go away and now there's a new attack could be the next attack on the name Redskins -- from the FCC. It's Seattle that media patients have -- George Washington University professor John bands off who is in all of leading this whole charge against stand Schneider. Now he's gonna try to force. Watch a Redskins always been trying to force some change in name but he wants to challenge the license renewals of radio and TV stations. That identify the team as a Redskins. Claiming there are spreading racism and saying racist things now. The Washington. Posters. Watching newspaper has stopped calling them Redskins as well they're calling in the Washington football team -- -- -- team. A couple of broadcasting announcers but you know Bob Costas will not call them Redskins. He just calls from Washington. You know what now what they're saying is that the the actually have a chance at this broadcast attorney John Gary -- says. Well though is got to wait till 2019. Probably because most radio stations and TV party had their license renewal they do it every couple years and -- use the -- risk is that right. But the one station that he could go after that he's probably gonna go after. Are the red zebra broadcasting stations that Dan Snyder owns the owner of the Washington Redskins. So. The -- there have to have one zebra yet they still have one stat is racist that's still. Hasn't had its license yet renewal that. There's something so -- -- he could go and it's it's never ending now in -- never -- It's almost like a big -- name just changed any -- he's he's stupid then it's stupid now of that. On the red zebra I also think is offensive. Yes I mean zebras are beautifully black and Melissa sunburned Muster something -- their dollar. And this is a wonderful guy in the group today you're really -- -- right I want everyone to stay with -- we're gonna make a quick break. Now we're gonna come back and we're gonna talk to you heard it Dave Collins about the mean. My goodness and we are with top Manassas Dave Cohen and -- for not by united five point seven. And Dave Cullen it really is a big story -- Saint John -- and that amoeba has returned. Yet and it's in another public water supply you'll recall last summer this was a big big deal Louisiana because a child from saint Bernard parish died after going on slip and slide it was being fed from the hose the water on the slip and slide. And gathered up his nose got the brain eating amoeba and died. And they had to cleanse the water supply in saint Bernard parish thank god nobody else even contracted the disease there. The coronation of the water and all the warnings work. Now it's in saint John the Baptist parish where officials found they were not putting enough chlorine in the water. To prevent the amoeba from. Making a home in the water supply and now it's been found in the tap water but no one has been found to have contracted. The disease that is caused when the brain eating amoeba gets so far appear knows that it. Get your olfactory nerve in that burning you feel when you get water are you doing drinking something you laughed and -- gets you way up in your nose at that same feeling. And. To the gut feeling is that there really but that's unfortunately it's this weekend people are going to be off kids are going to be playing and they talk about the -- -- -- -- talk about going in pools and and that's why it's the timing of this is rough to. Now swimming pools if you keep them properly chlorinated not a concern. Bath water is only concern if you put your head under the water and kids love to do that -- it that -- to play in the -- -- -- -- -- under the quick shower to urges. As our days the experts tell us that it's. Nearly impossible. It's very difficult to get the water far enough up your nose in the shower -- slam yet they yet have if you laugh. Why you're drinking the tap water or does it in the South -- -- not a lot. You -- very entertaining showers. If we even you know whatever the -- that the whole point is. It's there they started at 7 o'clock this morning supercharged in the water with high doses of chlorine so people. Who live in the affected communities in water district -- In saint John the Baptist parish. Will. Did notice a much stronger odor of chlorine they've removed. Other chemicals and they're just putting chlorine now. And it will keep the water clean. But it'll make it smell like -- you know in a small room with a -- if you get one of those like filters on your waters of the is that taking on my desperate things I -- -- -- to chlorine out and it won't take -- me about the immune so microscopic that that -- I OC it's eat he had -- not Islam group. Colin happiness is not what it's like in the balance in the digital Angel got to think about like something out of a scifi movie night we joke about it but this this is that is very or any comes quick you don't know. There was one case ever that I've been able to find someone survived. And actually getting the brainy inning -- Up -- knows I was a child from Arkansas a couple years ago other than that it's fatal every time but it's extremely. Rare. Even in places where it's known to be in the tap water it's extremely rare because very few people get that much water that far up their nose. But it's -- I mean when you hear kids you know this is due to rain lashing parasite coming out of your tap. That's not what you want a year now and so I'm guaranteeing is going to be a run on bottled water. Not only in Saint John -- but if you know folks from -- get there or they commute and there and other communities. Is in tap water's going to be some of that suspect that particular Saint John other people and other parishes are calling -- asking is my tap water and the answer is yes. They now test for this ever since the new protocols because of what happened instinct partners. Buy it you expect of bottled water to be in high demand especially I think John parish because people are scared and it is very scary very scary but it's very rare and in the that you get it way up your nose to the point where makes that. Firm way up -- knows he can't giving your. I'm gonna move on to. To a lighter happier subject. We still have known name that -- A baby girl priest immediately actually -- Game at the game and the dealt with nothing nice. I don't dome that he makes a fourth street you know Lawrence -- elaborate please he's not going to be playing so -- know what they've done and -- -- and really liked. On now and now that I've seen all over the Internet. Summer breweries which -- -- don't think again the next line that's on -- makes me feel fine and he wanted their daughter refer to him that way and now now end and bella. Batteries calabrese is present -- it but you don't -- -- -- of being -- -- one without. I -- may be making too much of the day. Adequately making too much and holder thing I'm through a coma when we're all very curious what you can be inquiring minds want an ESP. What's the matter with an easy easy -- everyone else's VIP -- EDT on other thirteen -- -- an empty seat to see -- I. This is like too much from my -- I nevermind I would like to do little factoid is we're talking at least partly about the saints. And this is and this is especially for Todd is a wonderful friend at William Taylor and that -- get this now. Picture. Now but I had another right this is this is just a very introduces a factoid. While the saints have never had an undefeated pre season. Which has been primarily for games -- long since 1978. With exceptions here and -- the saints have won four pre season games in a row twice. During the six game pre long pre season -- 66 to 77. 1966. They won five the last five under head coach Tom fears in 1976. Under and -- them the -- love this. Yeah that's that's back when they used to go all out pre season and look like there were world beaters and beat themselves silly and by the time -- -- season came in so many injuries in. So for the Obama is a horrible here's the real question. What does it matter with the pre season exactly racism record and not indicators of regular season has not but it just gets a heart pumping and I think that's the whole thing well it's just have a track undefeated. Yeah it's yeah practice for us to one tonight when the saints play the ravens those of two on the only two. Undefeated. Teams playing each other tonight in the pre -- media remote three you know okay. The way whichever team wins this game it's not at the time which can happen in for a season. Then there's the winner of this game will be the only pre season undefeated now. There are. The re I believe in the NFC that aren't obligated not playing another ravens I think I think the ravens are the only ones that are undefeated in the -- Doctor you know -- Still on the on the outline of football. I love this Peyton Manning -- -- money well spent -- Peyton Manning received his first ever taunting penalty. In the pre season game -- first ever could they bring you in that Texans well. He was -- 8260. Dollars for Manning is you know couch cushion change right. However -- a couch what happened was. Houston Texans safety this is funny he he gets the penalty for swearing at DJ swearing year. He hit Wes Welker in the head right after he caught a 29 yard touchdown pass gave him a concussion. And so this will be the third concussion Wes Welker had -- web -- so. Manning was not happy with that rush down the field and confronted him move was yelling at him and pointing at and it was defending is the guy. And after with -- of that drew a penalty and Manning has a fifteen yards with five seconds left that person that can hurt them much right. So. He went to work you know I really wonder how many guys who've been fine percent thanks in you know was worth it when he says money well spent he -- because he was. That they had been practicing against the Texans. -- -- -- and never went well and did that and swear I'll order was given them a hard time and price he was oh really really hitting hard and taunting in practice and then. He did this in the game. As a patent and had enough at that point. So who won I mean you know not one to gain by what I guess if it if you have the money was worth because it's him clicks away are injured -- I -- -- to save her. A fine of 8268. And a half -- -- I don't know how to promote him payments that if it -- -- religious figures while announce that here. I don't know I don't know where they come up with a find the finalists that they gets it's a combination of the players association and the agreement that whole list of with the fines will be everything and that monies we talked about four. He goes to the players association which is anything goes to the retired players. For them that's where all of fine money goes so. You know older players -- tendered and find -- gap. Yeah -- and a half. Now that. Let me -- said god he just made a mistake that. -- very very good stay with us everyone we're gonna continue our trending -- to go check in the newsroom. And before we get back to our top different stories like to say that something special to -- -- -- radio was doing and I think all of us here in the station thrilled because. One of our own monopoly name -- but she has a new cost him. And it's going to be for the saints games and it's just gonna knock -- socks off and it's the Melissa saint. Melissa saint. And that's going to be posted on our website at 5 o'clock in asking everybody to send their pictures of themselves. Decked out in their best stuff. -- -- To our site it's gonna be a lot of fun that Angelina -- -- -- -- be no it is not only now we cannot confirm nor deny and a honeymoon. Right here in New Orleans. Wouldn't that be special you may not a new super saints know the good -- you are saying and let me tell. And we need to have female representation to all these fabulous guys in constant and I adored imminent applaud them but we need some female power out there. I'll tell you that is I've been to a lot of NFL stadiums across the country and saints fans the bath. The women who spend the most time and most effort to decked themselves up for the games and there are no hotter. Women saints football fans in any city ever invented anywhere in the world this out of date Cullen. That's because it it's freezing in green based on me. And that will -- a couple of women -- -- think games like they're going out. Yeah to you know to a night alias through they had a -- he got put it on occasion yes -- you've got to make it more this absolutely as far as the record for the most. Crazy fans that dress up for games Indianapolis holds that. Brown -- -- I wouldn't think that I'm not the raiders that the -- don't -- on -- around in the Indianapolis Colts you know. Well let me take -- 5 o'clock this check our website and seeing. -- -- Melissa saying Melissa that Melissa send news -- they're saying I'm telling you it's terrific let us move on to news. Perhaps some good news some extra troopers gonna stay a little longer -- Yeah which is the news conference just wrapping up at the French Quarter police headquarters the eighth district police headquarters on royal street and we're getting word from WWL's Chris Miller that. The state police will be keeping the extra troopers that was supposed to leave Monday after -- Monday right. They came in after the Bergen street shooting to help the NO PD. They're gonna stay now through November. And all of them fifty well the number is gonna be fluid as what they're telling us. That it will be up to fifty and it will be based on need and availability by. They're gonna keep the vast majority if not all of those state troopers. Here in New Orleans assisting in copd. And fighting crime in the French Quarter the marinade. And that area. I'm gonna stay with -- like Dave because some. This was was quite -- via a story the Algiers pastor who -- should to burglary suspect yet and it's going to be very interest and see how the police and the district attorney's office deal with -- they have not released. All of the details of exactly how it happened but what we do you know is that a New Orleans pastor shot act two men. Whom he said we're trying to burglarized his church as happened in the 12100 block of elect street around 6 o'clock last night. And according to new Orleans police the pastor at WL. TT Littleton. Fired shots at the man who were trying to steal copper. From big greater morning star Baptist Church. One of the man was shot in the head a fifty year old man. He has -- Debian stable condition but we don't know the extent of his injuries beyond that the other was not wounded. And was it was not shot -- was arrested and charged with theft of copper. Police did not offer any further details about exactly what happened to why the pastor felt it necessary. Two opened fire. But did say that they questioned him. They let him go home. And they will put together report presented to the district attorney's office to review and decide if the pastor should face any charges. So we don't know if the two men who were allegedly stealing copper were armed we don't know if they threaten the pastor. In any way that would have made him fear for his life which is the basic rule. Permissible use of deadly force. Is that you have to feel that your life is in danger if you're gonna pull your gun and shoot at and shoot people. So we're waiting for the details. The pastor at this point is not sharing those publicly in the police are not either as they continue their investigation. That the stories -- written on it very beloved in the neighborhood. This -- very active with about how much just the fact they're stealing from him. Yeah you walking bank -- on your life in danger and the law has generally not held that that's enough but do you recall the case in the -- re Bradley. Where a teen had jumped a fence and was apparently burglarizing a car and the homeowner shot that team in the -- he survived and made. What many think -- a miraculous recovery. But the homeowner was not charged. But he did say he thought that the teen had a weapon and had to go I was going for his weapon. We don't know the pastor -- -- thought there was a weapon if there was a weapon or felt like his life was endanger those details haven't come out yet but. To be very interesting to see when those details do come out how the district attorney. Proceeds with that. I would be very surprised if it doesn't go to a grand jury just to make sure that all of the information is vetted and that grand jury can decide if the pastor should basic. Well I just I mean if Europe the -- get a weapon. I'm dissing -- is that stereotyping I. Am just thinking he's got elected he's got a well again we've at all that closely. I think. We're having a -- anything down. And yeah wow and believe in god move. Polls. I'm going to see momma she doesn't mean you're. If you want to win a 75 dollar gift certificates Antoine. Courtesy of New Orleans convention and visitors bureau. Call 260. Winds or 26. 9467. Right now if you think eighth caller you win with WW them. And we are trending I think we need to have a little luck a little lightness so let's go back to this cat. And talk about only as only you can count. Naked reality. -- -- you've watched -- at least Google something in one of the naked reality ships -- -- -- Arnold channels not the kinda -- 179. What about the one on VH one when naked beating -- -- -- -- -- I'd like aren't afraid of what about five minutes of me and thought that is due to -- totally. And now all reality shows are stupid. Watched maybe fifteen minutes of naked and pray that won it you know let me afraid is dirty. Not like sexually dirty glass jawed hero minutes I think it does -- isn't afraid and it was just pointing in the -- I'm thinking snakes bugs. The worst case than what criminal content. In Talladega you know and -- while the original. Reality meet. Was the first guy who whine I'm honored survivors and -- and yeah that's correct so they should give him a little money was his idea. There are two more in -- reality shadows. That I know about -- he is where you try to sell house sneaking. -- -- -- Any of them is is called naked in Vegas I have. To feel they're not you're out with. And you show the -- they went about my -- -- -- -- best -- also -- Everybody thinks this is your blurred out but you know what people -- looking at the malls they're looking at the stone. That's something that -- alive and now we. Each if. It really get a check at our house you wanna -- he would do a lot of bending over so -- okay thank you and a lot of these ideas are from Japan. The have a lot of this on Japanese audience yeah he yeah it. So people wanna watch TV -- of people are naked. And everything's blurred out and doing normal things doing relatively normal things dating rumors you know if I diving in the wild -- When does it her all of naked people have a tenure are blurred the ten year term. Are your -- or watched yet. To hit it. -- You don't you don't it can Kelly you know you do eight until. -- did. Colin is blushing we're moving on after. Yes we are on on like that serious note Joan Rivers -- -- critical condition this is very scary. Joan Rivers was getting a procedure done on her throat is local and again and she was apparently something went very wrong she's 81 years old and they rusher to the hospital she'd already gone into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing. At last report she is. Alive and in critical condition. It's not clear though if that is being sustained by life support command were still waiting to find this continued brain activity. Good. Yes it looks like governor races in. Critical condition and it's not clear -- he's going to be able to survive this. Doctors in New York are tending to her family has been arriving at the hospital and yes we will keep an eye on that for you of course. Joan amazingly at the age of 8180 wants a bill flourishes and is hilarious. Is very peppy and snappy and you know he -- He I don't know did she do a fashion. Police show. For either of them any music video awards -- the items I know there was one I don't know if she was on one yankees all day average major gaffe a day after she does the big. Who look like junk and right grace and I don't know if you did that you will we are miniature at that moment on yet help with that apple come back. It is the final pre season game tonight. Final pre season games happening everywhere tonight called all the teams was that game tonight. So with that happening the predictions are already out for the regular season. All these prognosticators. After watching three games so far because. The third game is where you really get a feel for the team they say eighteen on eight. The predictions are for the NFC south the division the saints play in the experts are saying the saints will win the NFC south. Panthers should come in second falcons' third box for a which experts at this several NFL's. Analysts in -- Telecom analyst several also predicting the saints to go all the way -- win the super the lack Khamenei. I'm like five I -- an -- 33 or 4134. Of I have no light. Five dead dentist -- -- yes who's that fifth dentist I have no idea I is very important but began the so yeah -- -- with a -- -- -- it would seem to think that the saints have rebounded. They've -- on offense. They're also going to the factor that since the last time the patriots. Were the last team to win back to back super bulls. The team that has won a Super Bowl has never mated back to the Super -- that they don't think the Seahawks will make it back that's -- that that's for -- -- -- viewed on your prognostications. That you have a prediction for us. Not yet I usually -- -- we don't and look. Not to the first general of this that WWL on -- to do with this this year on the radio. I will generally give every one -- the schedule as. After the fourth pre season game and ask you to predict each game of the saints win or lose give us the final record. And then how far they go in the playoffs so will be do when dealing -- I ran in on that action David Bradley writes David Bell link at least six of the last seven years has been the most accurate -- you have to -- the score or just to deliver us yet who wins each game along with a record is at the end of the regular season and and and how far they go on the play nice mayor Dave -- I think so well. Just for breaking I've been right three out of six. There's still OK I'm of course you're not really -- an advertiser and I. I you I am I don't think you have and I think one season in the last seven again at the actual record correct. That this one. Well we have our daily saint factoid in Montana -- of rolling his -- this is very percent fifteen years ago in a listen to his senior relatively recent usually we're going back that we do but this is 1999 -- the saints lose pre season contests and down to the Green Bay Packers 38 to seventeen. Nobody cares. What was more notable about that game actually historical. About that game. And the fact that they lost Horry who played the Green Bay Packers. If history made in the superdome. Fifteen years ago the clock is ticking you have seven seconds the lights went out. -- I believe she attempted thank you can't. It is the first time they used real grass. I remember her company well yeah I was at that game one game deal with the saint Americans. And you know it's even more interesting -- is they will reference that if indeed the superdome wins the bid to bring the soccer matches international soccer around here next year. Under the rules for international soccer you have to have a real grass the plants of the little dome would again bring real grass in next year. For those soccer matches if they win the bid began and you are a walking to dwell on the informing the play on the pitch up the field it's a bit. OK but isn't it interesting how quickly some of us forget. Very very quickly let us talk about and I hate to Aniston put al-Qaeda magazine. Yet we even knew al-Qaeda published a magazine good they are now magazine publishers and in the recent edition of the English language al-Qaeda magazine if you -- how to articles on how to make car bombs. Good terror targets in the United States. Which casinos -- much bigger issue should blow up oil tankers to attack military colleges to. Bomb and implies that an attack is imminent and perhaps one of these targets. Thank you days Colin thank you top Manassas thank you -- We are trending trending trending and we also want everybody to. Be able to listen to our next show which is going to be labor issues so if you're an employee with issues or an employer. We've got an expert stay with this we'll be right back.