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8-28-14 3pm, First Take, Steve Korte and Todd Menesses

Aug 28, 2014|

We're live from Oceana Grill in the French Quarter. Talking all things Saints and NFL football!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah the first days where I live at Oceana restaurant 739 outside the French Quarter Oceanic grill -- Couple five CS along with the former Saints offensive lineman Steve court time top Manassas and it's the game that everyone has been waiting for especially use Steve. The board and a vital -- though it Oregon. But it just means you're a little a little -- Closer -- Look at the most important game for what you guys are going to tell you these different players the guys are on the bubble. This is this is the quintessential triumph -- so. It's time for them this sort of put up or shut up and not only for the for the Saints team but broke him you know felt if we want quality you look prior looked every lot of guys that obviously -- be cut loose you know fifteen ourselves so that happens the -- right. Your personnel guys are gonna sort of you know clean through what they can and Bynum is in the but he it's sort of on the line they feel like is probably better off. You know there's water not so. Yeah there's going to be a lot of movement -- this week. Are are ready Jack or opinion -- low which position battle interest you the most of -- -- Saints Ravens game back up QB. For the kicker because those seem to be the two that. Still have. May be a question mark has been who's gonna get either room Luke McCown or Ryan Griffin for the quarterback. Our Derek did your Ingram for the kicker. You know I've had him -- talked about kickers that. I know you hate talking about hitters but they are at Portland that's OK we will you know I lifted its I don't know. And that means it's sort of a kick off everything I've been involved in kind of he. Equal yes -- -- the competition to have a practice or so I've sort of been going both ways when I went 1 morning in Mexico next if and so -- you know. This is as valuable reps for guys have to medium they -- the guys that are there's a lot of guys that we know -- sort of on the bubble they're only got to keep. For instance they offensive -- right you know in which combination of formation is that going to be. Now on the defensive lineman you probably rotations there -- keep you don't know linebacker wise you know they can interchange guys now because now we probably have more. -- I guess quality depth in the secondary guys we brought in there. You know they can play more diamond more nickel stuff you know because really that's more teams are or are inclined to do that offensively is -- -- dime or nickel. Against us so him or you know please beat those formations so. He put guys in spots that doesn't mean necessarily that those that are the guys that fill those spots -- right -- linebacker and linebacker but it could be a safety Stan. So it's gonna make a difference as to for those guys because look there there's some guys that are long in the tooth and probably -- -- ago. And then there's other guys that are trying to find a way to get in and then once again and finally stay -- -- and look it doesn't matter. It wouldn't rather be with the Saints of course they would but it. Look at this is a monitor in the NFL makes it look you can be going to Buffalo or Cleveland or Miami or whatever okay when you're like -- You know there's there's 53 guys in the squad and it's hard to make and so that this is keeping them. 67%. Voting on line save the backup QB is what their most interest -- him 33%. Think the kicker. Because obviously the kicker would be in more than the backup QB regular season starting kicker you do well. Yeah I'll look at this point you know I think it's the quarterback thing news. I'm sure they they are it's can be keeping an -- sorted things out I had an idea who the 53 that he's -- -- Oh yeah yeah and I think there's six of guys that they've put sort of in this great years it looked good but he's four hours -- guys -- -- -- you know. You put on the practice squad players in fact those reports of the younger guys. Or but -- got to clear waivers right so they cut everybody and then they decided. Look if you clear waivers we're gonna bring him back but you don't that means that somebody else got. Yeah and so and that's OK because I'm sure they're going to be doing the same -- they're gonna bring in some guys. This next week that weren't here training camp right. So it'll be for you to succeed -- -- him you know whether it's of the veterans of position that they feel like you know specialized guys that. You know one of the coaches knows Ryan knows -- previous you know engagement. You know linebackers -- -- that knows him from someplace doesn't mean that they do that all the time -- season but he so. Don't be surprised to see some new faces. I know with with Sam Bradford go on now with the Rams studio for the Colts -- that -- we're it is you know you've already got quarterbacks have been at -- for awhile -- has any job available the parts announcing AM I'm on the -- with a split -- For the Rams and Mark Sanchez says he doesn't want to go there they want -- straightforward so. But -- I don't know how the -- you could say that. -- And he's my speed is the most. Monitor his time it feels like I was just doing it similar early round it he says he's happy being in the back up in Philadelphia with well let. But it will -- Just you said it all right there yeah if you're if it you know happy he had a back up. -- -- you accept that position after it's been taken from the under interfere. You know competitive type of an arrangement that. Never leaves me yourself I'm happy being back here in this is -- bill. You accepted after that it's happened that never do you feel like. I've that's just enough I'm content to. Either that could easily and you know what you always will be isn't exactly you know have that drive -- you know court I've -- Manassas will take a break. We're at Oceana grill 739 -- time in the French Quarter come -- back we'll have some more talk about the Saints and the Ravens tonight. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome. And welcome back to the first pick rely evidence got a restaurants -- a 39 count ties him the French Quarter along with -- court. I'm confident since then the Saints at the Ravens tonight in the Mercedes-Benz superdome before we -- any further though. Steve I would like to say happy anniversary. To my wife married today is our anniversary married twenty. So. I know you're thing yet you've only had to put up with me for was five years now she's done it twenty news though. Is wrong please look up for the news if it's not about that. So congratulations on the other obvious all right 26018786. Exit 890870. At least at least this year we always joke usually there's something I have to do our anniversary that it -- that this is -- the Saints game. Couple years it's been -- hurricane that's like we'll take the Saints game over her community. That -- coming in at 87870. Sitting. Let's see here oh what do you think Champ Bailey has a chance to be release -- -- of the -- looked to be our slot corners and Patrick Robinson as a starter with Keenan Lewis. -- you keep him around. You know I don't know I don't know I don't know where they plan. I don't if they're gonna put him at nickel spot and our they're gonna have him really as a corner. It is hard to say you know because there's not in the there's there's you know -- -- -- -- years can we go tape that was the only guy. But is -- ready disorder. We have seen a lot of here Brian and see what he's definitely in obviously. You know there's not really much room there's no room for anybody that's that's -- are not ready to play at this point so. But they've got a lot of depth at this point with what -- on safeties and and obviously what we have so I think defective. -- -- quarters have been nicked at this point but he's been one. It's been so. Certainly would like to see him you know replicating what -- put on the field. Representative. Well so what he's done but. It's like to think that his experience and his you know ability and can. Help coach the other guys are coached them up in the locker room number you know how important that is at this point. But if you you want it yet you wanna see him I think fans wanna see him make this team. Just because of who he is and what he could possibly bring to this team bringing in a veteran all. He's been a great player there's no question about it on news traffic. Mechanically you can get her uterus yet so me in these guys I certainly would like to see him back in that. Because if you're obviously he can bring that you know there. Come the Pro Bowl caliber he's showed the last several years to this week -- to our team our defense at this point at least -- Have some leadership at that point I think it's great you know. I T six a lot of it's 7866 and eight -- nearly seventy or you could Texas that he 7870. And the of the parking meter Libya -- here -- radio on stuff that's the courts are -- -- -- -- -- -- him. But -- hear about that and then he'll slide for a guy though couldn't -- you if you hear. Are pretty jaguar predictable which position though it could you the most tonight things Ravens game because these things that are. All the bubble if you look online at WW elect Obama Deke Bellavia Estonia breakdown of what to watch tonight. In tonight's final pre season game because the fans usually movement it is the last game and there's not you know a lot going on it. And so forth and it's really for these guys to battle to get. To make the team it's more for the players that sometimes it is for the fans still get into it and one of the battles obviously. That. He doesn't think the coaches decided on yet is the kicker in the back up quarterback that's we've been watching most of this. Regina. I guess either not been decided on the -- part of it in particular -- a community -- even in yet. Younger guys -- to -- -- -- obviously Brian Lewis from what. -- brings experience and it's sort of this trade off thing in the -- Kickoff competition's one you know during the course of the week and not. Guys look at the -- and whatever they decide to go with Bryant knew what you sort of get the rotation in the league. Those guys go round and that's -- last forever because that is you know the stick with the team for 34 years -- -- -- And I guess like golf community gives a little bit and sort of yeah and it's you know they surface somewhere else to kick off somebody else from -- it together and -- fact it can happen with the kicker. Probably but nevertheless bodies about the things that. Are starting kicker may not even be -- -- -- is very well be accurate because it is -- -- you know the other part of produces. Quarterback that I think it probably had to sort out. I think they would like to see. Look the young guys just gotta get reps yeah you know they've kicked it down. He has all the reps he needs it has been around for a long time and obviously. Has proven himself whether or not. I look at the we have to look at that -- -- should something happen -- -- -- -- -- against him but you wanna come at this point that you feel most comfortable with not knowing that. That get it done and I think both of you can get it done to him any question about that. But we don't know at -- and you know what I I don't know. I'm in a real then it really count I don't know either of Arnold personality I don't know we know how they have a command of the huddle I don't know what their leadership capabilities are and it was through understanding is that. And sort of what they do encroach on I don't know how they react to that. So maybe that's a different find out right in front with these guys it's a bad situation to see him back you know -- -- -- about it in the -- -- the -- and and one not so. You know given that I think that's that's part of -- competition realize that if necessary I think it probably know there's going to be the younger -- it's gonna win and I would you know just because I think he is that sort of the upside in this field but. Most of the experts say they would go with. McCown because of his experience as you say mostly it's clear that what Bobby things. We hear from Christian that the Saints are really high on Griffin. They really like right Griffin. You know he's done good upside to him as you say because he's younger player. So again well I don't know there's not. Look number nine is not declining Ry okay it's not like we have to film and we. We got fun as a replacement pretty quickly get to give this guy groomed that. Do you yeah yeah I mean nobody gets to play forever they'd like to trust me that yeah okay but so they can't okay. Okay I think -- I think he's probably you know in the middle of his career it means he's been very peak levels so. That's great great time -- sort of get somebody else experienced but he's not gonna see me getting reps Donaldson Drew Brees you know say they were a step aside here and a and I don't see the Saints at the same time blowing enough teams out prior and Woody gets fully blown up as a blowout once a year OK questions Colts -- things -- but. There's not going to be any of those -- -- see some -- that you're not gonna see a guy gets a real game -- He Steve court but not -- it Spurs they rely -- at a restaurant that the thirty times outside threat for a come up that little update from CBS. That are locals who is the fact before birthday feral that we February and welcome back first thing alive -- -- -- 739 -- -- -- French Quarter. Along with the court I think -- offensive -- on top announces tonight the Saints take on the Baltimore Ravens. Who the last time the Ravens were in the Mercedes-Benz superdome who won the Super Bowl against the 49ers. The report the on the are well. Sean Payton it to rebuild a real team yeah heard about it in the regular season regular season the Ravens are the only team that the scene that Drew Brees has not beaten. And at least on paper as well and we played them again in the regular season at home in the Mercedes-Benz superdome so. Got a shot that well look at this just one of those teams we haven't matched up very well. During the past and there you go and that has nothing well. People say you to somebody else but just -- -- Texans -- groups but it Q okay well we what -- what else you wanted to be. Can you tell you the truth going to lie and only two rooms as rumored to hit it relates. To your right and that's what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So we'll see. We'll see that -- at least the good thing is they're playing him here at home. I don't so that always helps and it'll be on that tonight the -- -- That we have we do. Oh all right 2608786. Exit 890876. Coming in at 87070. -- -- but we're talking about kickers it is somebody says kickers -- like guards you don't know they -- there and it's -- you can't compare to. Are ready to me that you typically guard he plays and so I think that's what that was -- minute report here. Someone wants to know what color jerseys tonight I'm not sure. That we either white or black line that's that your choices. This is funny Malcolm Jenkins on the front of the Eagles game day magazine with the heading vital piece. Tickets pleaded no fly zone that you cannot make this stuff about that so far the majors because. So apparently -- they think about protecting their final piece. Get rolling there. I hate to declare for us it was good player for us for awhile to 6018786. Exit -- nights early so -- pretty -- opinion poll which position -- you the most and tonight Saints Ravens game because you're gonna have a lot of guys trying to make the team. And the battle that we've been talking about the most throughout this pre season is for that back -- quarterback spot. And also. More the kicker is still hasn't been decided if it's going to be -- give your Shayne Graham who will be kicking because they've both been an inconsistent. So far in the pre season. Bobby seem to think the kicker might that'd be on the roster right now the -- maybe I've cut may may pick somebody up off waivers. We shall see right now 59% of you say the backup QB is -- to watch in sports most tonight. 41% the kicker because it's basically he's going to be in there more than he wants -- -- the back -- quarterback. Well verification hope that there's going to be some opportunities to kick exactly you know that's. Not our talk about this extra -- -- talk about in theory we've utilized right right. -- it's still our kickoff guy -- polished pocket change so yeah. It's going to be accuracy and distance and all that or just seize opportunities I'm sure. Knowing it is pre season way it is that. You know they might. They might go for some more -- it is time to sort receivers back that can knowing that this -- -- -- -- -- right exactly. Should be acoustic and that becomes fun to watch mussina we've seen that are ready to go on fourth in order for -- along with a with a backup Q and I inability to understand why. Teams don't do that were really great season yeah the chances of converting. A forced them short yardages. Because you know that when they don't do that more often -- you started -- up or it. You know Belichick devote time you know it was the success with a Mike Smith did with the assistant. Planet if it would get -- and it was about the Sabres and it's a bit but he does -- bit -- -- the theater. All right. -- partner and at the we do that Atlanta he's lost the gate -- will take a break. That back studio it recuperate here when we come back. More about tonight's game we think is. Better suited who would you like to see as the kicker going forward or the backup quarterback who do you think as one that position already. And coach -- mine we'll take a break and be back for more birds take live -- -- drills of 39 -- for a quarter. On that you know well. And welcome back to reverse stick along with the court stuff and -- -- live and Nokia 30730. And I got a fourth quarter this depth from suburban street. Got a text here at -- 787 if you want to go somewhat still upset about the NFL. Cracking down on the thinks they can use the slap you -- It's logo because the Ravens. Play the Ravens game tonight and out of the vote -- that they understand that no the company but. Roger Goodell. That day. Listen this carefully. Roger McDowell apologized. I don't don't fall over now OK he's actually. Roger Goodell -- apologize for that decision and every rights case. He says that. The domestic abuse cases these little letter to NFL owners announced sweeping changes the league's personal conduct policy. -- letter he says that violation of the personal conduct policy regarding assault battery domestic violence sexual assault -- while the boards. Quote will be subject to me suspension without pay -- six games -- burst of events in the second best result in management from the NFL for at least one year. An individual competition for reinstatement after one year there will be no that them or insurance. But the -- will be guarantees whose quotes. And the policy applies to all personnel not just players. Ego. And they were blind sided. How much. Reaction they got this game suspension for. The -- with him program -- -- -- -- -- this week and the road now and two games one dragons unconscious fiance at that it would. So anyway through the line. -- -- -- -- Of course that this will be going forward -- -- rifles to only have three game suspension this year. But the other making sweeping changes in the appalling he apologized to the owners vote does every once in the open completely now that they rise rule. I would imagine it's going to be the Ray Rice rules that -- -- that the L rules that are great grandma via. It's going to help right the writes rule yet. -- A rice ruled that writes that. Music so what exactly the -- -- 89087. -- -- that the 7870. -- -- instances -- they think didn't he grip it and will be with you that make the team the the the one. Position battles that we've been talking about -- for via the place kicker in Eagles over the back -- quarterback. So what's it like this the -- a volley the kid from Germany pre game -- -- -- roster. So what else is not on RO quarterback -- wasn't good only decent season was his rookie year. Well but the Eagles seem to think he's their missing piece. To their puzzle. And about things behind. That's what they think. So there you go. It is puzzling it is the baffle the mind which you never know with the -- NFL coaches are thinking about. Our question are pretty jaguar -- people though at W to people.com has got a little bit closer 54% say -- -- is -- watch the back -- QB's tonight 46% say you're more concerned about who's going to be the kicker going to bankruptcies. So. There you go still. The two wrapped up in the situation that case. It's gonna work out I don't know I don't work now it would work out for the past that you -- -- -- glance -- look at what he says it. These pre season games by a position. Where I don't know all the dollars -- -- so they'll be a lot of things to watch what you're -- season. Those are -- you're gonna he's a great intensity yes. Those guys -- really fight for there. Professional football -- enemy it's one of the things that you sort of appreciate. You watch these guys about that this is there. There's a report this is they're pretty much they're trying to -- you know so. You know this is one of those things that they did -- this is -- For a lot of these guys and if either that are going to be on the bricks there or at some point they're going to be so we've locker. And you'll see a lot of as we've seen in the past when this has happened pre season off in the press box you'll see a lot of scouts from other teams oh yeah I was there watching. Not only scouting us than an hour later on down the road but the same time going to be potential players could be -- guys are -- and look to be -- -- look. For the first time Watkins sees things we have. -- was quality depth I mean really it's there's a lot of positions that are pretty interchangeable -- this point you know miss a lot when you're used to be when you sort of -- pasture. You know you're starting guys. He's got to -- -- point where you're like particular pretty pretty big nosedive. Down -- that sort of what you have field would not be more. So I don't know to me applicants. It's it's hard for us. You're 60 -- 786 exit 89 -- early seventies he Steve court I've not Manassas we'll take a break come back for more. First -- here live from Oceana -- 730 -- can't time the French Quarter on WW well.

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