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8-28 5pm Countdown to Kickoff

Aug 28, 2014|

Deke and Bobby get WWL listeners ready for today’s last 2014 preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens.

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It's a good evening and welcome to the but like I got to pick up but I'd official -- the Saints outside the gates either Mercedes-Benz superdome -- coming up. And little lasted two hours at New Orleans Saints and complete the exhibition part of the schedule it's a battle of three you know pre season teams the Saints entertaining. The Baltimore Ravens by the the next big hurdle obviously the -- will be Saturday evening at 3 o'clock. We'll find out who the Saints -- who they retain undefeated three man roster once players clear waivers -- reset the practice squad into game week. For next week's showdown in it. Have they had a couple of people told me I hope Michaels they have is on the Rams. No. -- different of the yet there's a lot of you would that make the first cut you know it is 75 K you make the 53 man roster so you look at. That is always stories who got cut. To go from nine to 75 but. Come Saturday that's in the NFL. Is really paying attention Zito where you -- half or five guys seemed like when every team that you play in the NFL. Wrong place all time. It and not make it with that particular team. We look at argue all faith -- Reno will will go out there to about the fourteenth refuted by two hours. -- -- at all when they battle the ball Baltimore Ravens that three and oh. The Ravens are returning confided their -- bowl championship. That that local think about that after the 2012. Season. You'll be able to go undefeated. Like this thing the -- -- -- that in the pre season for the fifth time. In their -- franchise history while the fate will be trying to go undefeated for the first time. In their franchise. Exhibition history. The -- that the Ravens will -- all only the second time pre season. With the first exhibition match -- gloat about -- -- 21 to think. August 26 2005. I also wanted to last lights on and all of that next morning. I'll thought about 81583. I think equaled the airport down at 830 you know why. Now the last game played in -- Brock are -- -- victory. Well we all know what happened after that. Andy -- about it but I'll shut down after that they rated preceding game and did that reopened in 2006. That spiritual minded icon that. Vs the Falcons we got a statue out here. I'll just adult because they're making errors degrees and it would occur there so all I can have you ever go what's in store. But I they would ballot that's significant receiving game considering. What occurred. After that. Tonight's game will be the final out at you all put their regular season opener at Atlanta that Kevin -- them. And hard nosed rough the tough Ravens. Will serve as great as -- -- side of the ball that you wouldn't think threat. The -- at the -- -- that played only five times in the regular season with Baltimore holding a 41 -- The Ravens are all eighteen Brees as the starting quarterback in Oakland practice and he's all of that not that they. And Sean Payton as the head to head coach the end I'd be. They -- their body NFL but not Baltimore but it and a lady and later but they come in here Monday night. Is all of the time a first. But would look at it at stake now a great initial opinion they have not beaten that Baltimore Ravens organization. All it all went in this -- -- the 37 to 25 victory at Ravens Stadium back in December of 2000. That was obviously. Breach on every brief and the last regular season meeting between the club -- -- -- of 2000 the end. The Ravens defeated the Saints thirty to 24 Baltimore. I did beat the Ravens. Not necessarily tonight. But later this season. My guess generally at the Mercedes is a little bit -- -- -- on Monday Night Football they come back it down. That's the thinking gonna count would have been a -- -- the Ravens the covenant not you got to beat him. I think the Ravens at 500 last year there a lot better than that there. What that means that possibly. The opportunity. -- they have the horrible shot in the Patriots. On the Broncos but definitely the Ravens aren't. Baltimore at Purdue's solid effort by often it is special teams. Rank it among the best delete this -- -- You know you don't want a I don't know yet created that preceded what they're doing. The Baltimore right now all of NFL team. They're raking noble want it rushing yards per gained just -- a 157 yards. I don't care of them and that they need it and I'll be a challenge because big gash people the first three games. Right on dollar 57 yard gain and a and it ended number three point for gained just under 28 point but it scoring a lot of points every game. We all talk about trying to get -- that it means a better. In the return game might be to the public shouted -- The Ravens are excellent averaging just 34 under 34 yard -- kick return in last season. Averaged fourteen point two yards -- every third. Jacoby Jones and -- all eight. I mean if you double digit -- return that is outstanding. Will be a big challenge. Our special teams coverage unit particularly this exhibition in Baltimore have that at the right people it. Given up only. 64 yards regain. While holding opponents to just under seventeen point. We look at all of we talked about this at all season. Feel the plus side immediately take B ratio because there are oh well calling it that a final -- -- contest. This state right now ranked fourth that. Turnover ratio at plus five. And they're ranked first eight takeaways eight. I act like you get that thirteen fourteen wins and all of that I thought that double at the the break even the big picture. It doesn't matter that may go 40 for the first time in print it in his history. But it would be nice to keep that winning streak we kind of well around here about the winning streak at the superdome. We have a winning streak going. It -- though we haven't lost it now well at all in the regular are pretty confident. Medical back that the number of against Carolina now well the last time they -- -- priests are regular season and it showed how relevant that they are right now. But it -- good -- -- gonna make the team. Out of what it is but to come out healthy and ready to roll. And a beat. Those dirty birds come week one at Atlanta. All right open -- -- -- next time -- one hour one hour maybe two minutes to kick up between the Saints and the Ravens took down the sound and it's an individual thing three. And welcome back to the but like captain picked up but tonight official beer of the New Orleans this thing. This Adrian you -- in studio food is being delivered directed at least pizzeria. You talk about some of the best in the air account zones salads and so erected nearly pizzeria. It is above I can't get a kick off below the eight game Bobby -- I'd be ability -- last week at New Orleans Saints in their one on ones. In the game against the Indianapolis Colts. The defense looked extremely well early on in the content before the Colts went on it in there of -- hand drive the Saints that know him to fifty. Four yards on fourteen offensively. But. -- level when you look at it the game. I don't know honest to me that has this been a more -- that has their -- -- should get more impressive. A pre season. -- mean when you look at it whether three and oh it. And you know truth that you Drew Brees is you know -- didn't -- in -- thirteen the most significant gains but if you look at it. I mean one thing that we recruits are aware that it can't they create more turnovers. And take you know it take away the ball and then also build -- plus side if they viewed that. I mean and liked it recyclables you can get in fourteen starts this -- -- -- 70. In eighteenth at the plate pitcher so. I'm I'm very opportunistic game. When you look on paper you might see the best Saints team ever the -- when you look at what they've accomplished. So far laying a foundation training camp West Virginia coming back here and there what they've actually achieved an appeal. How could you not be optimistic that's why I think the national perspective. And you know you can't put too much -- pre season and obviously because. The 49ers office and the than anything. So people are all that bandwagon but -- what account collect that you would think. That the 49ers considering what they've done lately that they are definitely gonna be relevant. But it would you look at where the Saints are right now. The only hotter team practicing the Seahawks in the NFC. And and you look at the Broncos but that's what we do look at different conversation around the nation that they used to you know. Who's Guerrero does it -- -- the -- when you look at national people. That that they're heading -- against the Saints because they've been that good. Way you look at the pre season at AMC the Ravens who are here kind of alone team history you know. Right in these kinds -- -- and but look out the Giants got three and oh yeah it was a ugly three you know it is with 47 points in the pool but what about the giants' backups are -- -- You know. -- they'll look at about what they've done. It is their depth -- -- they're back -- they're really produce but not necessarily. That you all fit with the lie in the night with the eight that are in the first half. But that's sort of that we go about it the right way high if you break it down at projecting. When school want to get want to know -- to start is doing. And and that's why the -- have been impressive. All that it -- start of the season one of the things we talked about who bothers them that they didn't think I have accomplished in the bank one of the things we see it. Was green Turnbow was also -- technical flaws well other than the first game great if I'm wrong yet. Three returned over the final via -- three. The Saints -- plus now but -- me -- -- that the highlight. Info effects of the first game with activists say that letting -- -- the eleven sacks in three games. -- 6511. I mean. If they'll fix the if you got three games. And we got to eleven sacks. Just look at that regional. Where we at all sports actually in the enviable the best in the that is critical getting -- The -- quarterback that what you look at. It being objective. Every -- we can't it obviously. You look at the penalties. Mean you got to be a -- college you know that's a ridiculous. When you have two degrees seventy duties -- do you have any a couple of them that they'll -- caution that -- the shore. And then I still think. The -- in the -- Average per carry now and it's going to be a challenge again. Because you look at a poll -- we were given up almost five yards to carry four point nine Belichick courage and we get a four point two yards and -- the -- you look at the Ravens. The -- they're averaging four and a half. So the Ravens are gonna run the ball. So it's going to be a challenge and right now. They -- that that you know opening statement. That right now you look at it they are gonna be dedicated to running the ball they were noble want an NFL rushing yards -- just under a 157 yards. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right indicate if anybody can beat Olivier it is about my cap down to kick off 7 o'clock and I just -- to the Ravens turned down a sound that set it up to New Orleans Saints radio network. Welcome back it is -- -- Black -- down to kick off but -- official beer of the Saints at halftime -- Bobby Bears can't have commentary during the rounds at halftime show. And after the game it's a total locker room showed analysis. From saint and I hope you guys now which -- in the locker room with things out reporter Christian here. And look at all the highlights and the stance that you think coach opening it up after the game in the total locker room so. Its opponent who -- the game Bobby bare here all the Saints. Radio network well this is the last of BC's game of the exhibition on the schedule in the Blanco opened up. One week from Sunday on the road Atlanta the first two games of the season with Plato wrote that they go to Cleveland before they come home hope the whole. Late in the final week and of course the big numbers coming up Saturday is the 3 o'clock o'clock 3 o'clock o'clock central time. That the Saints and other NFL teams must be down to their 53 man roster. And of course after that players via waivers that you reset their practice squad and it's it for the start of game week as the -- faced the found that -- probably when you also look back on some things that have taken place. During the pre season. The receiver battle and it it was a available interesting that the inevitable hype going into it but. That back yet the guys who. We thought had an opportunity to maybe make the roster. And you got to want to be careful practice squad that I call it yep Colvin. Maybe -- all had their moments. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know if you wanna they have been able to push to be. Yet if you look at it. Young guys in and who's going to be -- -- more physical that you make. That the closest thing as far as actual size to be in tune. When he's gotten off to a great start but. Actually do anything to look for -- speak to what it well. You look at radical 65. It is healed victory out right around to a group well. They've all had terrible but not consistent enough. Know what you look at. The practice squad to make active roster I think I don't know all of the young guys. That that I would say definitely because. It difficult was that the top. Out the guy -- -- given that keep it below that being killed all these cruel -- of IP eighty well. I can beat him keeping him. And then they'll they'll. I think it could be an important game with the eagle which the brain nickel and as far as the practice what they feel it. Did you bring back on the practice what I think that that it's critical. But there before -- tonight I think because the injury. When you look at it at one. And it Saturday. To have an impact mckinny's dale right now. Because his status. That we've talked about it and keep a lot of the theory that you ovals. Happy happy that they approach that it -- The open market. Deal -- keep that they along with Robert Meachem because injury can still. Also -- a guy who's had a very good camp this year and I think each year to a new system. Would be surprised at all if a guy like being Watson has some. Very good now that you. Well look a bit Watson is is a playmaker a veteran. He's 33 years of age you yankees about I don't know mid 20s25. At 26 in. Which Jimmy Graham night being a camp that -- You know actually we start training camp and the ability to mini camp if you watched it was outstanding. And I think that that's about it solid position. As we have when you look top to bottom. When you look at Jimmy Graham -- that Watson Josh hill. Now big Jacobs. Right there for many Louisiana does that challenge you had been. You know -- transferred them -- needs. That that I think yes particular BA and NFL player he definitely looks the parties like six foot five. 270 pounds but he can run. -- -- -- he can run block also and we've seen him kick the ball. But that's another guy I think you wanna develop. That you put on the practice squad you -- -- putting on the practice squad and now I don't think initially the line it would -- political and active roster. But I -- a lot of potential and -- Jacobs if you could pick up things mentally. That I definitely had seen him. Maybe -- -- career in the NFL committee has the physical skills -- it needs to be on top with things mentally. The satellite senate if there's traders about it to the Saints radio network brought case yours what they were called the satellites and from -- front -- systems -- -- radio network -- think that they are the pros at the satellite so we look at Dickey would -- like countdown to kick -- on a New Orleans Saints. Radio network. And welcome back. -- well I can't Danica golf but I'd official -- -- the duel at saint outside of gate -- the Mercedes being superdome. It's the Saints at the Ravens having a -- and it means -- all the things. Radio network -- -- -- -- inside a Mercedes you know when we don't have a couple of things are things -- there's. Hope you guys that I hope -- the final pre season game one that you just wanna get out over about eighty. Any type of injury had been to a team. Gagged I agree with that -- in you know. It's kind of interesting just exactly what Sean Payton is gonna do tonight yeah they -- this -- the game that. You starters don't play if they do it to theories that some like that but the other thing. Handful of starters -- are quote. That we think might be stars are certainly guys that go play. A significant amount guys like Champ Bailey Patrick Robinson -- bird on defense just to name -- that really haven't got that much to work. In pre season game so is he gonna throw them out there for a cameo repair terrorist he don't give them a good steady dose of love plants and they can't. Offensively you know he'd be. Everybody's talking about the battle the quarterback to battle of the kickers in things like that -- the Canucks GM and our talk in a minute ago. You look at a guy like -- -- tonight you might see this guy. Practically be in there the entire game because when you look at the rest of the Saints running backs now they got -- -- -- Flanders. They're. All could be considered a starter depending on what package goes out there on the field and -- also I mean that would be a good. Opportunity for that young man did to come out here ended because we've all kind of talked about we like the things that he does. I the -- version of -- Darren Sproles. But this might be an opportunity for him tonight to solidify. One of those developmental squad places just because I think he will get a whole lot -- played damn I know that. It -- -- and get some. And carry around and all that but. -- adults four backs are gonna make the team -- along with -- -- -- I just maintenance. Pierre Thomas and Mark Ingram. So to try to -- -- good camp for their stroke at a showcase itself. Now poking. Noted the pre season but I think guys did it before we are creatures. Of habit that you look. They -- can't we step up -- what we did that we're here with Rob Ryan defense you know we had a four total defense. Toward that total sacks kidnapped an opposing quarterback right now off the -- that eleven. -- glory the fifth but I think it's critical or crucial election -- you can quote your opponent the team. But -- beat you by any of this then. When you look right now and I don't know what's gonna happen tonight but we noble wanted to NFL. In the turnover ratio at plus five and also in double wanna take away with a I mean do you think that it doesn't really matter if you think that maybe we can build upon that. And obviously that when the games count against Atlanta and Cleveland to start the season. Now bombing immediacy certainly matters today news we all know that and I think just the fact that there's been a much more. Emphasis put on it and plus I think it you've got guys that back there that can catch the football now that was. That was never Forte a Roman Harper. Had opportunities. To make a lot of interceptions they need just look at how paltry their numbers were the last couple years and I know that. You brought a doubt several town cares -- his career -- how mean he missed tackles he's had how many interception -- at. Fumble. Cause fumbles things like -- I mean don't know one safety yeah I mean doubles the number of those two guys together. So I mean just that one player. And I mean I'm not saying he's going to be the only catalyst to this whole thing but I think you see it in the some people say it's contagious and people say it happens in budget. Whatever the case may be you're certainly see a lot more on it now that we have in the past so. It does matter it will be important and I do think to -- to improve on it. Because these guys can't get to football Champ Bailey is got really good hands we think he got. Brian Dixon last week make a superb interception though I just think overall. More than anything else you got guys back in the second -- -- better I have to say that he -- good -- -- -- get it better. Now OK ask them that they'd hit a bad pass by here -- I didn't think a great you. But it's got a -- here here. I didn't hear it. We'll put you look at the disappointment and the -- -- -- it just -- you prepared eight NFL. And how cool that is usually the winning and losing. That you look at the Ravens do -- eight of eight last year that was their first season. Not above 500 to 2007. And I talked a couple of guys that Baltimore. And ended does believe voice coach Harbaugh said but it is true. He said he if you look what they've done in the red ability goes if we applied a weighted score not a couple of touchdowns and Red Bull ring in the playoffs. If we find a way to eliminate a couple of turnovers. -- the playoffs and he -- disabled drove but this season. Well you look at the red -- their touchdown if they -- see. They will want before lack. And if you look at Derek turnover differential. Data from minus five and you always think at the Ravens beat opportunistic. Take -- a ball away but never been negative category. All of the studies coach John Harbaugh says that eight in -- we might be getting six to eleven at five we -- look at those categories. Well Bobby you've brought this out -- times -- the drop pass -- Mark Green Ingram last year. And you say and I heard you say it that. If he catches that ball it's a big game mean might be at a totally different outcome yet they're two totally different outcome in and I think any team. During the course of the season. You can look back at -- it truly it's probably about five or six plays that you can look at over the entire season and say. If this play -- may be offensively defense. If we make the interception if we recover the fumble. If he catches that ball. It's a totally hitters out Pena yeah and today you know and it's it's all cliches. You know about be in who won played mean in football the game into -- -- -- But so true because what bracket once you break it all down I'll tell and yet every team in the league except worse wind than they -- get. Not won a handful of plays it was a handful of games that we just completely. Blew up. But when you look back on it you take one play out anything and it might be a missed block somewhere where. Like they were coming with a blitz we had a perfect call on that somebody missed a block and hit our quarterback in the mouth and he didn't get enough they get the ball away. Little simple things like that is what. It separates the winner from closures and that they are occasionally when you have games that are blowouts and chances are he'd done that. You probably had a lot of turnovers and that ball game a lot of mental mistakes things like that but when it. You when you just go out there when you get one of those three point game for five point game something like that but -- it -- one play that makes all the difference so. Thank you and I both know exactly where -- tar balls coming from okay. One final thought here -- -- -- in the right into the right. And it -- in. Awful Derek Lowe who was brought it result sees it the fullback from Tampa Bay has been Austin Johnson and opportunity schools if the Rams looked thoughtful medium as week. Your thoughts on him made it because this situation -- -- -- being guided -- to keep. But I cannot tell you what they can't think he's a more complete player than some of the fullbacks we've had here and apply it -- you like Mike Karney. The one that we had last get Collins. Even the right now Greg Jones I mean most guys are just primarily blockers. He catches the ball better he slipped you a better route runner or not you're not gonna see him get now the slot. And it'll be in what you call that a quote on quote receiver out there. But I mean he's got more than capable hands. And -- watch him all through training camp watched him in the game last week but he's not as Dunlop come out blocker but most fullbacks in the league are -- more. He just gets there he makes contact and that's all you have to do if you get a stalemate he basically won the battle and into running back behind you he's just got to cut off whichever side. You -- don't you on -- you get that right side I -- he bounces that that. He didn't square up that you get the back and opting to make if you have options to -- cut inside or outside so. I'm not I'm not at all worried about that guy beating the fullback position because I've -- doing enough that is he's the best at this thing to ever had no. But he's about as complete as they are because he. Decent -- decent receiver decent blocker next that's not a bad combination. Because. Most fullbacks are not excellent blockers excellent receivers an excellent runners. All right what's that you hope your little later down the line is the but -- countdown to kickoff on the duo of Saints radio network. And welcome back to that but I can't Danica now but I'd official -- -- the -- at -- final pre season game the Saints at the Baltimore Ravens -- -- What are they going to cities. Training camp this offseason was creating more turnovers in the -- though they have create eight thus far been a plus side is considered tops. In the NFL and it was five standpoint and earlier this week maybe because some of the guys who was you're standing compared to some guys who work. Released this week who own a team bird and Johnson it's week. Some of that as a around Bobby can't read it read it yeah and I have a knack for forcing turnovers -- -- -- this deal with the team right. Yeah I begin now and my dark cars. And determine. He's the black German I mean I don't know you could be black Italian you keep winning at a Dario frank has been -- and thought -- second has been the Nittany anabolic. Remembering him out of Boston College -- He came to New Hampshire that collectively American football. Odd though is you can't get them out there it Will Smith number. To look at them in 91 pounds might lose -- in formula well Angela I'll look at him brag if the goal like. That would have been a fact there and right now its nightly camera jarred the sack in the pre season. -- I am truly objective I don't care where you came from. We headed down the block the college buying you are members July Dunbar. Who create it and only being a bottom dollar starting all but the Rams and Greg Williams beavers so you -- -- -- -- -- individuals. That I've come out of nowhere and that guy at that this guy without the love. And I think I don't think you put -- ball on the real roster because this piece of fan. Now -- at the twin brother played with the Jets. And that is double 44 Bryant -- that you'll feed their created -- he had against nickel with the eighty Pittsburgh back to back down. But he has them vegetables and about six foot long Lawrence. 200 pounds north west with stories they. Not the Missouri Tigers. However but directional school with -- If the budget director of the Louisiana. Would at the double what it was or they'll line you -- yet I could see that guy they want to develop. And Brian Dixon had been a -- it's like guy another wood who had a great start. -- wore. Number 42. From Jacksonville State -- as they became -- in Alabama. And meet that guy at the beginning. With -- it would be anything that theory. You look at Marcus ball out of Memphis. A lot of competition out there get a double in the final roster is going to be on the practice squad. All of those that they have so many good players. That you can't keep -- ball. That you wouldn't have seen. Added to it it's a crap shoot -- the fifth where. You've got a guy and -- the girls that have success. Speculating. Actually get the job done. But there's 45 guys that actually believe. That gave -- the final 53 roster. And you writes that over the practice squad but it might be they might get picked up. But the team because they look at it well it did faith have is a whole lot better and we have all of that they put them in the rough. All right we'll continue with a bunt like countdown to kick off guy get down to the Saints and the Baltimore Ravens turn down the sound of it sick it sort of the New Orleans Saints radio network. Well -- NFL team is getting ready for the make the final cuts before. This season kicking game we kind of know what we for the night. The season opened up the opening week this thing and take on the now if not analyst palatable by it but I did today and I detail on -- -- -- the theory that. Don't just now Michael cross the National Football League or interesting stories about -- out there and we get set for the start of the season. Big question mark my especially about it in C east when you think about what's gonna have more Robert Griffin. Carded a week so that took the -- thing he don't -- he will opinion he was thought Kirk cousins is an RP three. Tony Romo you know he's talented some some experts -- Dallas -- a five -- team maybe it -- And it has Philadelphia native Michael ballclub -- who knows about it -- -- preceded -- little bit of a night at TVP. Candidate division again BC. These guys agree with you were you rushing attack which shaking McCoy. -- in Darren Sproles. Jeremy Maclin that offensive line is as good as anyone's in Indiana -- -- tactic Q you and what Chip Kelly wants to do. Call how far they go. You know all of -- handled the -- -- because what they have a key secondary. And in the when he. You go up against top quarterback you're gonna get torched in that area. You know one big thing you know I think you've got a very innovative coach and Chip Kelly there. We're very talented god and all that I think the Eagles win that division. I want you -- with that of the microscope. And with this thing explode with me poll. How well he handles things because that. It was telling what he knew it would couldn't do in front of a pretty big on. Now my -- look at in US all fear are or who. He'd be relevant again what their local the Ravens won its removal and I'll look it. Where they were last year you know we all those numbers numerous we need -- in Tennessee through eleven and five. But the Ravens their first season not above five vs 2007. That it do you think their record at the Ravens are relevant in the AFC north. And you know a big -- obviously Cincinnati and you look at the Steelers. I'm not at an account Cleveland activity do anything -- but where do you think the Ravens are right because. And -- I -- say they've proven it to partner pre season. Well you know what a nightmare matchup but it. Happens directly deal would be happy really be. Oh look at that helped me on the matchup there with all these big gap. It's a movement won one as possible because now it on the football -- -- yeah. You've got me and you've got to return that they had tied it. Football would be -- They have we -- back and not -- that would well in the all these you decided. About this football the and -- now. That makes it that well and he helped me. They will be his football ability. I felt. Yeah they're talented football team but that one and won it in the football. -- this year because. The weapons -- From -- -- it will all. Been kind of pound the way now. You do these development for did you he -- And get him back out -- and give it to get it would be good thing. It would -- he's not a top spot what about all of -- we -- a lot of games in January. Yet now he's been a difference make you come off playoff time it's not likely you look at the final cuts obviously they have. You know Saints players that are on the roster now think it definitely NFL players. The navy wrong place wrong time it could be a handful of guys. Two part question. You've got to speculate. We think he's going to be their kickers is even on the roster. Our do they keep six receivers because -- Kenny -- It just talk about. Maybe. Obvious question that. Fayetteville a look at and know what it will will would want to speculate about who's going to be on the roster are not comes Saturday when they go to the the agreement. -- you know we yap about than argued -- not Madonna -- because of the veteran experience you know what. In -- -- that -- up that night I'm gonna stick with you know. I think most coaches. With Gil would not that talented he's gonna play the odd thing we've gotten there more than gotten past that. I think -- -- -- race there are quite -- but we need to do and if all the same thing with a pretty good. About it thinking where it is they allow. I think he is Bob we cut it into the field. Which means one line back on this football team and I think anybody got the act this week. Everything in it because he'll be I mean -- -- -- and so. The boat it was happening who also -- we talked about that he needs three quarterback so. Whenever you. Were. And the cut but I think he doesn't make any you know injury he keeps it goes Weaver. And I think that right now in the match seeing Graham that the the political moment tonight he got -- -- it would hurt your own count me. -- It's not like it's on to my game and by the way back now what's next week but about the game are about. Alright its about I can't Danica. The things you.