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8-28 6pm Countdown to Kickoff

Aug 28, 2014|

Deke and Bobby get WWL listeners ready for today’s last 2014 preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the by my count Annika golf byline appears to be out at all at saint decides rack up the exhibition part of his schedule and personality and attain the three you know Baltimore Ravens matchup of two teams. At a perfect is reason. To the press box with think the guys that don't in his pregame report. I'd be in the saint pregame injury report is brought you back -- lane instituted sports medicine for the athletes and all of us we have no information. For me entertainment that to saint pregame injury report brought you back to -- institute of sports medicine for the athlete and all of us. I'm like yeah hoping it was all right. Didn't. I good it's out here and gave you a big line that you know light but. I mean I haven't the faintest idea. Who may and may not play for the saint. Certainly for. The Ravens but that. We'll I guess find out whenever they kick it out well. What what is the purpose of this what these these. Well I mean you know it still an evaluation tool for the head coach and I you know I'm going right back to where I wanted to last segment we did you know cliches. In football in practically anything else but. It there there are you know probably 45 roster spots that that coach Payton is not. A 100% settled yet and I mean it's a thing -- the ideal time beyond mainly we have a tendency go to college meaningless. It's only meaningless. On the scoreboard. But for the coaches. It's -- it's a very valuable to -- it probably even more. Important than practice did what did. Coach Bryant say a couple weeks ago about playing -- us you'd retire on walker he said he's a gamer. And now does that mean he's not a good practice prior I don't know I I can't really answer that question I just know that. Win when a coach tells me that -- I hear him say that that that means when the lights come on. That's when a guy shows up Bobby you talked about Andre rise and a lot that yeah put a very good practice gap would you want him on Sunday so. But instead -- you know this is probably a better. -- because look at. Act -- yeah a lot of players. It's not necessarily that I've played with anything but guys that came years rookie picks and I mean they get out here on the field in just will. And I in that's a bit yeah preceding game. Heavy but just play terrible but at practice you go I mean it good technique gets good form that Houston he knows as a sign -- and not having mental bust. But he get out there on game day and gives me look like it's a completely different players so. -- in a nutshell that's about the only way back inaccurate. I mean I guess if you polled all the coaches around the league would you rather cut to gain down a three year to have -- like that. Some would say yes some would say no. But you can rest assured that this is not a game take it coaches just don't taken -- and say well we don't need to watch that we've got to mind made up they will. They will evaluate it just as much as they -- -- -- -- game one. Well go along those lines then you know you're the banking and try to be a professional football player this is Houston global. We want NFL lifestyle. Though I have to perform at the highest level. To make it. It's not maybe I'd definitely be a journeyman -- you feel a little while -- reported for training camp. If you get established itself all the that you could make you great that -- that you family yet this is their probable Brian Griffin. You look at any regrets from here it is here and England to have a little while back he could -- we get the first repeat your prayers political. In the third game -- yeah it is very important. But it you know what's great you know going to look at it and you look at Howell the faith or if they're that are Ravens. The faith that we try to go for the first time in franchise. History. 40 start. What an unbelievable. In the late night need the Ravens went Bordeaux like three straight year. And date going right now for the fifth time in practice franchise security go undefeated. -- that you look at it doesn't matter whatever you could meet. I think -- in the big picture doesn't matter. Well let you play -- wait. Or different people in golf. Whenever you're in competition. You've heard state players think it is that you that you wanna win that battle because you are truly competing out there even noting he does that count. Yeah absolutely I mean you. You always want to win but. There again I don't think there's as much of an emphasis on it in one of -- pre season games for example you don't -- within the last ten seconds of the ball game and this night's game that you score a touchdown and you key to kick a field goal to tie out skewed the extra point attacks or go for two and win. They would go for two to try and win it it is. Where you're in a regular season you'd say man let let's go ahead take our chances in in overtime. So you guys always want to win it but in a pre season game not think you'd go for too -- number one kind of see how you tell -- you two point play to work. Can't guys get down and get it done things like that but yet to back to your mind it's it's still always about the W. Saint Louis Topeka you know -- -- in the -- -- so active nights we look at -- you look -- I can't ticket golf view on the coolest thing radio network. And welcome back it is the but I -- down to golf but -- official beer of that they won't think about it having not. The Saints and the -- -- -- Saints and the active. Falcons opened up the regular season and what if there has done over the course of the last few years about maybe I have teams starting -- With divisional games and being -- team ego with a -- -- game -- the Saints were in the season. But it's a -- he's -- -- -- NFC south opponent that was thought this season and like tonight's opponent all the ball they open -- with him today. Well you look at the AFC north. A failure to -- a not bubble that that division. When you look. I think athletic lives. I mean the bagel for the big inning when anybody -- if they're healthy now you look at the Steelers I think there on the rebound. Luckily that I think they've always done it defensively they can't it do it offensively. And to direct the Ravens. Well at the -- Ravens are not a driver and team. I don't know if -- eleventh while it definitely definitely. That I think -- that good solo whenever you play. Any of the -- team if the challenge and that's what we think they're playing this rank with these that would account. Rested I don't know I don't know what's gonna happen tonight it's irrelevant. -- -- the united November. You gotta be you've got to beat the Ravens could you look at double exceeded -- a record. We have MacDougal -- Pittsburgh I don't know the way it is going to be an -- -- -- -- gained at Cleveland you've been so who's been let me state that that it. The thing about Cincinnati. I'm glad. Their -- all allies say that. Because stick to that it was only NFL team besides that they. Now whatever bowl games and the Patriots now that -- get the -- and not about the loss to the play LU. But it's like get Cincinnati. In the superdome. Because I think they're that good now. The equipment like -- little to nickel back that any team here and they it and yet it ended up beating thing you know. The Ravens that -- the thing that we played. The AFC -- I -- right now. You look -- rotate. If the states get to thirteen fourteen -- this year that would be a great accomplishment. Considering who you're already you know I play. A weak division. What you might receive an NFL right now they'll play at the dog is very challenges. So if you're able to get. It beatable at the overall it has the by getting the there you -- you win that -- be. Probably the greatest accomplishment rank Mathieson and think it. We talked the other day and I ask you at this point -- You have to think Agassi who -- quarterback with them -- into -- yeah we -- with -- say it. What -- things changed at night do you think three quarterbacks on the roster. Yes I think three quarterbacks on the roster because I think if you put Ryan group on the practice squads almost snatched him up. There's not enough talented quarterbacks out there. Towards the latter part of last season. The Rams were gonna take right Griffin put him on their roster. So with that being said. They gave me experience. It might be a couple of handfuls of the game experience. Maybe a little more below and look down. Hey is that better. Vs -- grip and I see Ryan group and at times and he made a great progress he's taken great steps. But of Bob -- gets him on kidnapping him and I'm hit them in a mile. And trying to old Bulls that discourage him then became aware. That maybe did that go low where the blitzes coming from. And it Annika that a play where it became that this little doubt that you and that's where I look it would count got a big advantage. Over a -- -- it so I'll look at it is safe now. If we would at Jacksonville Jaguars. We -- the Oakland Raiders and I think you keep two quarterbacks -- -- look around you got to go. You know at that double digit better but we are an elite team. -- play for the now. Got through big you don't want anything happening Drew -- right but if you have maybe a one -- two game stretch. I mean. Hope with some more to -- then -- trust more in a real situation. McNown over Ryan Griffin because they gave -- this stop you. And what you've seen. And now look at Luke McConnell right now Ryan group and try to get there when it counts like a player coach he knows nothing and are trying to stop them. And you played a percentage and have more opportunity to have success. Maybe just because of his experience -- group. All right we'll come back you're taking on this week's opponent the ball to all raving isn't but like countdown to kick off on that New Orleans Saints radio network. I've got to take a look at today's opponent nailed a three you know Baltimore -- game today they open the season next week in their division in the AFC. Thought that it's the if it beats him in the so today I think we don't let them talk about the rate that it opened with an awful lot about the programs for the ball -- we view it works and why don't now. Can't thank you so much for the time and the Baltimore Ravens if it don't if it was a success. On the coach Harbaugh answered the first season he -- -- you needed that go to the playoffs. And the majority of people. Include Bob and myself feel that will be shown live if that Baltimore team. Is one of those ones that will be back at them on it and you CDC's do you like well people will be bad. Yeah I'm very optimistic about it in fact I think -- Joseph Flacco really wouldn't -- easily with two games left last year I think it made the playoffs again last year. But this is an improved team they got a lot more weapons and Bobby knows this the quarterback. It needs weapons to be successful and they got a lot more we Steve Smith coming in. You know they get Jacoby Jones back and healthy now for the whole year -- Canada was out most of the year last year who won the favorite receivers that Joseph Flacco. Marlon Brown came on last year and they got to Owen Daniels from the you know from the Dallas Texas from the Houston Texans so they they have. You know a lot more weapons for Joseph to go to an office. Now when you look at it stand out what this Gary Kubiak great that it -- they'll -- coordinator. Obviously his knowledge. You'd think that that would help out through Flacco and also. Humidity these two bit. I mean -- when I look at it it is the ideal compliment to Torrey Smith would be hit on line. -- -- -- -- no doubt did in Torre was the one guy that Joseph had last year all season long and as you know if you only have one guy you -- defense can take that guy away from. They won't be able to do that now Gary Kubiak brings. Such success in the running game which again is gonna help Joseph tremendously. You know bring those linebackers up create gaps foreign. That the Ravens were last in the league Russian last year. This year they will be I can't imagine them not being in the top -- -- that I think their early in the NFL on pre season rushing right right now. And -- Gary Kubiak it's just always had success -- system back when he was with Denver. And they won Super -- out there with the John Elway and in that group in any -- that is the Texans with. Perry and Foster Ben -- -- the -- I think he's an eight or nine guys to their rush for. Over a thousand yards and only one of those guys has been a third round draft choice or higher so he can he's taken a lot of of facts and make him in 2000 yard rushers. -- -- then what you look at it what he accomplished last year obviously. The punt return unit. You get to double digit that fourteen point two yards a return. Did you look at kickoff return this year. They've been -- 34 yards and believe what they had a 108 yard. Returns so that's one every week you start with the -- is is now coverage units going forward. -- golf with but you know coverage but -- that's it like the Ravens they're really really -- -- that has been among the if not he'd been. Well you remember the last time the Ravens were here in this in this superdome when they played. The -- 49ers in the Super Bowl the second half kickoff did you Bobby Jones took a 110 yards. And beyond -- Thompson took one. You know in pre season a 108 yards so. They have a really good special teams coach Jerry Ross -- puts together. -- -- special -- that it could be a different group you're working with every week because of injuries and guys have to play and not be able to play on special -- -- He does a great job of organizing that you guys in the right spots and guys making their plays. You know against the Minnesota Vikings in the snow blizzard last year. They returned a kickoff with about the minute left in the game. Descendant. And it into overtime and it just it just a he just has a great feel for the special teams game. We got Justin Tucker kicked a 61 yard field goal to do win the game against Detroit last year. You know that gives you a lot of firepower on special things. Does then you know when you look at it obviously you break down every team in and you look what they do in the pre season as far as their highlight. With fifty people -- lead this team. Well those faculties still little talk a little bit about him but also maybe young stayed constant. And now leads the NF LQ we can earn. You know yardage. 222. Yet that moments he returned. Of the record -- nothing -- you find those diamonds in the rough. And my understanding. That out of the -- Mosley. I don't know the second coming of -- Ray Lewis but you have to be pleased that it. Reduction. Well they are and I was real excited when they drafted him because being an old linebacker. Who played against you in the USFL violet at. It just got out of it yet exactly. That you look at the stat sheet -- when you see a linebacker that has. Tackles assists. He has sacks he has passed knock down -- he has interceptions. Yeah evolving fills up statutes and CJ Mosley is like that he had interceptions last week he's knocked down a couple passes -- sacks Daryl Smith was a lot like that you. You can make all the different place -- three down linebackers. Angela you get those you had to -- those because you don't find guys like that that the fill up the stat sheet anymore at the linebacker position. In the NFL. In Dionte -- -- just a guy that if he ever would be consistent. Mean he's got such great speed once he gets a step on you there's no catching him and he's done this. It's several different point in his career that he's fought off the face of the earth. So what he's got to do is be consistent about doing that and are hopeful now that he's learned is you know to be a row after three or four years what it takes. Know how to take care your body through diet and all those different things resting. That he he can be more consistent. Stanton or Ravens open next week with a big goes the Steelers at the grounds out his division six days of camp. Both opponents and today kind of of the top two teams -- hopefully -- -- Pittsburgh get back into officiating your thoughts on the rest of the -- But always a tough division with Pittsburgh and Cincinnati and it with the Ravens and you know it's the old I mean it's liked old black and blue division. They're just that they're running teams are physical teams. And you know. They're up there at the top every year and Pittsburgh is that that the team they're going to be there they got Dick LeBeau is it because the coordinator. He's gonna find ways to put pressure on -- and BQ. He got Marvin Lewis and Cincinnati and he got John Harbaugh. It starts right there -- those three -- coaches and that's why those three teams are out there every year. Stan why color analyst the Baltimore Ravens radio network's fan always a pleasure thank you so much for the time have a great call -- see you back here it opened. All right guys went through with you that it's good talking about -- Bobby is that the -- so to -- between the Ravens and the warm -- and and I think you know -- -- back a little and I. My view Burton three. That we today yet you don't know much nicer to vote won't be right back and if you -- that's coming down. It's -- like the east Dillon. We -- the -- in the throws or do you visit the Detroit line. -- -- -- Chicago blitz that old George Allen and up way to get that is the early eighties and again about that. But you know -- never forget about -- they'll actually was. A -- I mean I mean it does boarded the radio right booklets and light. He has got to be the wrong place at the wrong time as a linebacker. That's a look at behind behind the three and already the three of those things would look at you with a ball like camp down the kick off on the -- with sneak -- -- -- Don't look at we kicking competition team then -- -- to both had their ups and now -- it. We'll just cuddly charter David is probably good feeling. I mean ultimately -- who'll spend we're Rory spent time on it in both those guys to attempt to their credit must say this. Baltimore gonna be kick in the season I think other teams. See -- is a place that that as a kicker possibly that's that's good enough to play for them so we don't have a timeframe on we'll see him go through this game and then make a decision. -- always look at the same position where we would like -- wouldn't go right now. Now I know they're game so we're starting -- if you look at it at all. Yeah here's what I don't wanna do and -- obviously there's these various positions -- you know there's the quarterback position the kicker position the center position in. Look at the right time we'll -- say this is this is how we see our starting lineup. But. Both of those players I think have been productive in camp when they're both different players obviously and also have they also have some position flexibility. Well you dedicate to campaign asking -- -- expresses an important question -- hate it if you don't three very. Vital position you talk about. Maybe undecided on who. To be any games comes down to the kicker yeah that's not on your body as coach pay about the Pete and change Graham also. Still undetermined who will be the start Minnesota. Which is has the most viable hands of the -- who -- -- But he could -- taken a snap each and every game maybe Drew Brees will be the -- so willing -- Got to go in camp Bobby. -- quarterback -- -- now and Ryan Whitney goes you know they say right time -- yeah you got to walk but now he was glad we got here. But head -- is not decided. To bring Ryan aggressive on the active roster -- with the same -- who goes by the heat maybe you thought quarterback program right now yes because it because I'm Brett would be you know. Because the competition and he'd be competing it. And who would have John Hill shown you might be a short rope. So to speak we're gonna go with the betterment and all of as -- in the game the right place right time. Obviously it would Jake DelHomme let this thing to within the Carolina Panthers who have. I mean challenging but -- all you need is a tape to see him change of scenery you gotta pray about it. I mean now hopefully you have divine intervention that help you out. Because it truly at that time. The right place right time when given an opportunity. In -- taking advantage of that the kicker on off I don't care who the kicker what is -- yet teaching Graham. Are so mine is night and on the roster all on Miller's. When you kick it a championship team and -- the game winning kick you gotta make it you know that you Kane is that because that could be magnified. That this look at Gary Hart we all love Garrett Hartley Garrett Hartley helped this when it's available to go to -- look at it. Vikings kicked. The the global -- pre K total forty yards but it truly is as the kicker. You know whatever department lately that's what's so remarkable. A ball Mark Anderson when you play that many years. When you have that consistency and and that you competing at the highest level to make it that Oki because they like you you got to perform. And when you look at the ticket situation Shayne Graham a veteran he -- why I think Gary yet he kicks pretty kicks. Right now -- vacant field goal. McCain Graham -- and 85%. And that many years. And he's been at practice situations I don't know if you go to guy that hasn't done it yet. I don't debated decision of the Anderson SC. -- Sean Payton and when they break it down who became the key. Because as the games come down -- alarm went you make you kick or not. And he could break down a game. Crucial misses or makes no the kicker is a very important is that it's I don't know what was -- ball -- that. He thought about quarterbacks think right now we're gonna keep three. But. Went out looking kicker. Right now they can't -- kicking position. That has to be almost you take it for granted. How we take Thomas -- that program I mean when mark that puts the ball well we think he's gonna be at the highest level. -- he's not double lined -- -- a lot of 32 teams that he's in the top five and I think that's that you look at or indicate. Bobby would you talk about the New Orleans Saints and some things we -- cost them two additional pay -- is. The first position scored. It has been a -- and that was his Saints. At the football what I -- I don't simply don't eat it but don't -- that touchdown but he is so full of points but the whole field goal. The first drive against the St. Louis Rams extremely aware of that have played the first five plays all blows north with the last two not good on his seven tackle. On -- Robinson tejada could get I have I have given -- the interception but the last two games to overdrive. Has been -- the Saints marched down if you including a sixteen play scoring drive. Last week it's the. Well if you look back to back games on the account was outstanding. You know whenever they kick it out and zone you look NFL -- -- percentages. You've probably got to go eighty yards to get a -- down. Considering how consistent they are excellent account. You look see in the film according isn't tied to try to team down the field get the touchdown. Drew Brees receiving against the Colts and -- that that's what you that coaches look at. In your scenario situation. And I'll tell you right now he pitches -- -- anything. Is that another team have to maybe play catchup. Or cover behind you always want to play it literally. If we play would leave. And I think we've done that and number of years to considering how we come out of the gate is that that held that the -- Davies pull your opponent in their teens. I'm -- anything he I'll tell you as important as takeaways now in with -- that. You tell me scoring defense. Now we only given up nineteen points or less. Okay that that I don't know we -- of one team that that's what you get. 111213. Wins because as good as our offenses. As the lightning scoring defense. He'd been in the teen video most events video -- Seattle. The 49ers. Carolina. That's -- report because the scoring defense that you can't help but get double digit wins. How bout a new world scrambles where if they lose Phil what ever you are crazy thing is I hop. Over the top beyond the -- what would it take out before I -- for the Saints -- that you look forward. You would point out to the pains to keep -- and I known in these final three season. Well you just wanna look at. Obviously individual players what do we do our respective teams you know -- to give them a big play. -- of the a big challenge to sit in the Ravens it is not the best in the top through the conversation. As a kick return -- return unit. Soft coverages but now we covered a special teams. And if you excel at a high level. That it doesn't get any government. And it's -- it's. The Ravens you know one thing you look at the saints' schedule. That it's very challenging. Not necessarily the Colts would you look at the Rams. That -- in the Ravens all the that the with a line. Very challenging. So not necessarily always follow the policy who's winning and losing in the trenches filled a plus nine turnover ratio at the entrance cars. There -- regular season. You look at their turnover ratio and continue to take it people into football and I think we are a creature of habit so we could do that. It doesn't matter the final score. I think we've gotten off to a great start. The first three preceding games. It's there's -- we played on the road against Indianapolis. The love you know just have a good outing. Don't worry about you know point or no we never do that every season. But we just have a good outing in and obviously. Look at individual players. Look at the competition. Receiver. And kicker. Who comes up with a key interception. Because of what you look at the final roster. It's always a handful of players what they do tonight -- make the difference let him make the team or not. Oakland are beautiful next time is ninety minutes ninety it has to kick up between the Saints -- the Baltimore Ravens got back to talk game day crew rather account many baskets -- in the box. None of us out lines Christie Garrett -- Christie Garrett want on Twitter at any of the bucks it's okay guys on the causes any -- -- -- you do well at the Baltimore. Right now -- all the Saints radio network.