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8-28 Payton

Aug 28, 2014|

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton talks to the media after the loss in the last preseason game against the Baltomore Ravens.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Put a lot of different a lot of different guys we've played a lot of snaps and I obviously I think just. From the sideline view -- we struggled stopping the run in and ourselves run on the ball. Spent some time on the state. You know -- before the week during the week of practice it was going to be important. With the evaluation process and then. -- on to Atlanta and questions. Now if you really study it if there was a first -- second half. -- Well the plan was to play that six states snaps you know and hopefully it's a series. You know had -- been quicker you know he -- gone back so we had it. The series of guys and root them out after a certain amount of snaps I felt he did well moving them you're moving guys in. That was that was planned. It's. 00. I haven't paid attention to what we're doing. I try not to get. Listen. We we watch these guys -- Tom Watson. Performed great and evaluate and so I really don't know what's been written or -- the perception. Like the fact that both those guys have really competed. I think both of them. I've done a lot of good things in -- You know fortunately we've had enough snaps to give them. But. They'll stay away from the pre tape review. The game. How often as players and. Every year. Every. Every year this game matters for. For somebody every year. At least. It's part of look at equals. Those other Sampson and and often times you get to this point in the process. In May be your one and a little confirmation or. You want to know for sure so we got a lot of guys reps that I in. That that part of it was encouraging. -- I think typically it's the latter I think typically. They show you some -- and maybe they'd put a second week together you know from an awful last week but typically it's the letter. Well look he's he's a guy that. Can help in this in the kicking game say we've seen him in special teams I think you know maybe his first impression comes their but. You know he's he's one of those guys competing for spot. Yeah I had a couple and you know -- we were aggressive going in -- what we're elected to do if they were coming to us seven or eight yards deep in the end zone in -- those good opportunity. But yeah I thought that was. That was encouraging. -- Health is important. Being healthy is important. Yeah. That's why you saw a lot of starters not playing I mean. Say that again. Now we're not evaluate this roster vs the last few years I mean. Now that's for. Sure doesn't last few years -- took. So we're not looked this team -- -- will play. And win it or not winner and success they have will be on their merit and you know how it looks on paper and all that other stuff for me. Anyway next question. -- Golf team you're getting it there a handful of those guys were lol. In the games in the pre season games the -- -- guards -- you know was first snaps were last week so there were a handful players that we felt were low. With a pitch count Champ Bailey. Gerris. Those of guys we tried to get some work. That may be normally want for certain normally wouldn't play does that make sense. -- He's just like we said he's he's. Listened he's experienced then. -- good job. We have before. It will say.

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