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8-28 Ben Grubbs

Aug 28, 2014|

Saints Sideline Reporter Kristian Garic talks to Saints Player Ben Grubbs to talk about the loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Then pre season -- now I was looking ahead to the regular season I feel like you guys. Really feel like you guys are ready for Maddon and kind of a polished product here. You know I think that we -- on track. To become really good team. You know each each game I think we've gotten better. You know even though we didn't come out with a win. I do think that there's a lot of things that we can take away from the game and say that we gotten better. But as always we're gonna go back to use him watched you know -- tomorrow see. The things that we can -- Then when you. As a veteran player now with a roster cuts looming. This weekend how difficult is that even -- going through the pre season offseason. With these guys and in knowing that some more bureau. Well you know I mean you definitely take things for there. This is going -- -- here. You know everything every year -- on -- team I think because I know they can easily be the other way around so you know -- there. Some come -- -- -- hard I mean isn't easy you know is definitely are the guys you know we've we formed a or relationship especially Gaza offensive line and we had a great group of guys that play or practice or. No matter what happens I hope the best for them. Then you battled some nagging injuries or during camp -- he's got enough work in for the predict for the regular season over. Yeah yeah you know it was just. The injuries -- something I've been in the voice you know it happens you know about -- to do is take care mean you know you victories and a I just know that. You know. From this point 04. The games will matter and it will now so you know prepare our. About and others remain the -- with -- day Saints opens a lot of Ben Grubbs thinks are appreciative to look insolent thing.

After 2 preseason games, are you more concerned about the offense or defense?
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