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Aug 28, 2014|

Saints Sideline Reporter Kristian Garic talks to Saints Player Curtis Lofton to talk about the loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Curtis under the stars and go very much it would you feel like those defense is where you need to be for the opener is excellent. -- mean you know. -- few steps in the right direction each each game each week. And off like where were rolling now where we're wrong we got to -- chemistry right now and into week one and that's one of the end. Most of -- for weeks worth of practice and is geared -- the -- ago. Down how it should mean you watch a lot of these younger guys play. He practiced against them there in the pre season and getting couple guys that that might collier they the year which the agency. There's a few -- don't want anybody out but there's a few guys who come. You know just from where the word. All the few on the tune Yzerman Bonderman in those times rough time. You know the advice I gave -- you know. Just -- -- this team does and you're not -- leave and it was a very tough team -- And you know -- -- look and producer Austin Monroe Alex are you for the opener were a week from Sunday against Elena Tom I mean just. You just you will take some with the season on being pre season so. You know we -- wrong running going excellent and you know it's always exciting game comes down to within three points and some day so. Grow we're excited about it in this when it counts -- -- the -- to say -- laughter thanks appreciate it.

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