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Aug 29, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners after the preseason loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right folks. All season. The extra weeks of pre season it is done moving forward. Through the regular season. The Saint -- to the Baltimore Orioles tonight 22 to thirteen. Give facilitate you know indicating candidate 5042601. Point 78 to 03866. 88908. Sydney and you -- text is it 870. Eights there Kasey -- will review the entire pre season. But tonight. As we talked about this a minute ago the Saints want anyone to improve -- off from the first three games in this one in his play more discipline. Only one billion rankings here only one penalty for five yards so that was really mean I'm gonna give the game ball to the fans. We get the game ball to being disciplined. And I'm being kind of sarcastic but only one penalty but you look at the Ravens at twelve penalties. The 91 yards so. The the Saints are still not undefeated in their history in franchise history in the exhibition. If you look at. And and and visit truly great college when you look at the consistency of the Ravens. Is that this is now the fifth time. In franchise history. That they are undefeated in the pre season. The thing to trying to -- said the first time and argued today. Their backups are a lot better now bankrupt. Mean if you do that is that what it is like a game like guys that eat the debt via. That's why you know we talk about both of mine in my game cut on the things that you -- In my in my game cut on the Ravens that you know some of the team like peca and you know you look at everybody's roster. How could you agree on the bag and coach ray brings it up. If you have 53 man roster that number is usually the 46 players. Beyond. So you're talking about those last. 67 players. Truly. Are constant being evaluated. Two throughout the league to see if you can upgrade your program mean just to show you it was a lot of to pull one. Almost two full on or it was awarded to one or ago right around two to one. Whatever you wanna call it but that's at the Ravens were in a number of categories. -- -- -- -- -- -- To twelve that's almost 21. I don't know where receive this as efficient as the Saints offenses. It really give leading converted third now. Now over the -- and not the now I'm looking really in the first ever hear that -- seven. Obviously in the first half. Well for three. Now the Ravens were unbelievable in their first they were seventh -- and but he still it finished almost 60% they arrived at the percent. Eleven in nineteen so you look at total yards boarded 214. To 36. To 109. Time of possession. -- got to look at my notes right quake 71%. To twenty campus yet. Forty million in the -- and on through to seventy point -- Yeah up more into one -- I go look in my notes but that was one area. That we were outstanding last year and time is as good as you converting. On third down so. The bottom line -- -- with -- it to be with all of this in in with with. How do you -- that on. In last year's team but both Jordan Staal isn't what well plus hours allow it and blocked -- -- please. But what what I'll look at it's all about execution. Brian Griffin Ludwick on everything in the same plays Drew Brees would run. Now human and be as accurate with the football obviously. Nobleman when you break it down you look at the film while bank it was open -- got him. You know he's that open. If you look at the it was a pre season game. On to the Falcons. But when I look at my notes this team anabolic -- dark cars. And he stayed -- You wouldn't know why ours that they -- guards shining normal whatever you wanna call it he had a chance to be three big plays he would make him. I don't know even if -- -- made him leave the gate that you on the practice Klein. And now the one area. We excelled in. On the -- of the four again today it. This third and he dropped the line. UK beat Indy community and when you play good all in practice but he attitude and -- He got beat three guys. In the first have now what Joseph Flacco throw and Adam. And we -- -- hero. I no matter Raanan -- -- of July and is now I don't know if that is the Champ Bailey where he's at. But. I don't know laws of this -- on impacted Robinson's play actually in the game. So it dalliances -- going forward. Now the -- you look at it. The final score I mean what does it mean to want it to thirteen does that mean anything. Look at -- plus one for the game. We plastics for the pre season -- that that's a positive. You know all along would only have one penalties so -- adding. In the right direction as far as you always take it ratio. Now does that surprise me I've talked about this in the pre game. College -- again you might today. Well and adding. Is that similar to game plan and plan to stop the run. It we can run against them right but he can run against us so yet delicate. Like who's blocking and all that and and hopefully. You know -- the start of the Roland and it's all. That if but they ran for 214 yards and averaged four and a half yards a road run. This pre season we have not. Stop the run no matter who has played. And I think you be trying to hang with the saint -- drew resolve the field in the saints' offense that you have at least 35 rushing attempt. You know at the kinda play close to the -- Convert on third down. That I think truly gonna challenge this -- to rush defense now. What did have a position the appoint forty to thirties now for the Ravens simply that -- so -- Right -- the league because they were converting on third down but when you have third. Eleven and nineteen on third on a free agency. What that he gained counselor doesn't count. That would be no more an NFL on the season oh that'd -- 50%. Big goal and acted in rushing the ball -- at this in the pre game. And and a pre season at three previous games they have an average at a 157 yards a game which is double line. It in the NFL. So and and that was the case that's how does too we could maybe stop the run no matter who was -- in obviously that was in the case because. Almost had that by halftime. They at a hundred party hard to 45 yards and the halftime it was average at five point six yards. I carry so that actually went out to four and a half so. I just look at that no matter who's there who's competing. That was discouraging. With there's -- point and I guess then and now appear rob. That and and it was three plays. That. You know but bottom line. Just guide the Stanley John Baptiste a guy -- young core -- McConnell and he dropped the interception. It's you and -- to make them play. There was one touchdown when the Ravens have the lead in the seven. Sincerity god beat it was a miscommunication between him and -- -- nineties. But I think he was Morrison's area -- speculate. Because it was a more down the middle. And looks like is on that these this kind of pass and of the route off to him now I don't know exactly what coverage you play and I'm just looking at the area. And and what occurred. Big look at it a player now on the positive side and you know who made plays. -- their New Iberia. Tyrone walker either had a really good team three passes that ended either -- -- get that a pass rusher. He's getting that big Paula and he's not in the the ball -- -- at the that's about as good as it gets it NFL. If you get three passes that they ended. And he had that I don't think any gains to be glad that it holds I'm not saying he's the bands but today there was the defense did -- -- as a lab at a minicamp -- you. Note note if you look at if you if you could all come all the Rams here one Dolan pasteurized basically one long yet. And and you taken note to an eagle -- against the competition. He was always union notes everyday in -- -- -- know how Rob Ryan. Is it utilize them. You know as far as that the -- and as far as number of snaps. Now -- award. Appear Warren came up -- interception. I still think. I don't know there though cut him and put him on the practice squad I think that's kind of his scenario a right now when you look at the numbers but the guy I'd say. Mean I'm not trying to make a big deal about it that are now four and oh. But. It was a shabby. If I can you -- -- or against you and -- it was we we -- whatever. Performance considering each on ago the four wins when. Everything. Was against you almost like 21. So I don't Sean Payton. And organization takes pride in whoever they put out there and feel the grabber is it like today. The Ravens back of vacate the things behind. The bottom -- does it mean anything but I'm just but we pride ourselves and third down efficiency. Time position -- yards all of that. Let a lot more reminds is that pluses put it that way. And of course tonight the quarterback -- to gain for the Baltimore Ravens Tyrod Tedy may remember him the first actually -- a solid college football program. Was September 8 2007. In Tiger Stadium and really should be the did you take and it was 42 since Vegas not even the same player this guy is legit. He's improved a lot like it because I ignited date -- -- -- -- like scared -- -- valid Tiger Stadium while he was a true freshman -- freshman year and our veteran -- here experience you know no he he knows what he's -- -- I've seen his -- -- -- -- what he's doing it on each lately and it play out. I don't Escobar out of bullets what do you do it all is thirteen to support after a Saints radio network. And welcome back to the point -- noticing Adrian Taylor New Orleans -- to Baltimore thirteen. It was just take the phone to go to the Arctic hitter Rickie thank you calling the point after saint trio network. It. It McKie is his -- what that would be a beautiful hair. Ask him behaving as he about it if he showed about Lamar before a before Seattle -- him like -- I don't know that was king Tavarez realizes that he's a real old clay is the -- of these he has a real. -- -- When you break down the game I mean Albert tell would you think about it. -- It is like old but it's -- Albeit world and are happy being. On the carpet there. Could this saint along needed they'll be -- super global impact Super Bowl team. How well al-Qaeda caseload year old the only team -- truly you'd have to say now this is haven't. Against the breaks go your way as far as injuries. Dollar team you could say right now because they've proven that and because they've beaten them twice as of late would be the Seahawks. But other -- to sea dogs and you look at the NFC that's that it takes. The voters who will you can't put anybody else. About the Saints and NFC besides the Hawks. Never beat him right. I don't think that would be either read the. No well and other inevitably got to beat him come over several -- -- -- as they come back it down so keep it essays and Ravens -- handle what was college ahead will be that night. It if you take a look no formal hairdo and now my job out I'll be will debate these key to keep the next time your week here we have a delusional at best Chevrolet gave him we got some food argue to a plea for free. -- addicted to it that he calls it and as -- the things that. Yeah I thought OK okay all I'll -- opposite team at the end Dave -- it -- the start out to the know are you beat -- by -- three analysts say. -- -- open date with five and oh are you gonna still be optimistic are you go look at the glass half full our suits they have fifty. About it I didn't read it like you made a ball real good that they were able to -- -- -- real. As well at the eight. Look at you real bad I keep with C at this -- -- most of -- these days is now -- old school guys it's like. He'll calling -- lose. What would -- -- win big though why this team and I. You know Chicago Bulls point -- morning. Bandwagon. Blue Spain but at the keys Phil would be like OK to Owens who blow. Thursday economic cohesive but I'm glad we don't delegates and they say you know what -- in the area. This is you know an idea of perfection. These classic negative you'll -- 78 and on today yankees get a -- that -- -- and when you slip up -- -- -- as. If let's go to college by uniforms not that common opponent on the same treatment or. Hello solid. -- -- Or borrow. Now -- -- You're breaking up so. Talladega and are you will work schedule will put you all hold it will give ball to JQ do you use your breaking article and I yet let's go to so I just thank you call it a point after. Where you know we know we keep it real man who get polite it would echoed the way he would so I agree with you but B you know on. I don't Q what is the Eagles for history's -- and the string third string. When you've beaten like they had the eve of the big guys that much better or weakness we we made it a concern. Because you have to be -- -- -- to -- my conservative yet. We've we've we've played in scenes that. It may have a great running game in the game to keep our -- on the side right. In Indy -- Wear defense down. Political games like body blows and in looking at you know our our. Secondary while we've made some changes in -- great positions but he has yet to play together a full game is that you. And we -- it operated great receiving corps you know in. The bag yet in met and so. You know it's that it is is so that we can do it if the product it's who is yet to be. It. QB the on that these -- Iran. -- -- Now it's game that it needs to ride him you might say well this -- edited rob would be a better option no. I'm not edited it packed -- -- -- and that's what that Robinson still has to prove to me pretty. Consistently capable in here again. So you know to agree. You know -- position in terms of scenario. Think. -- can be consistent with that otherwise it wouldn't be successful but we deal with those. Five losses on. And -- you know that the united in one season in Atlanta and you know -- its -- how about this. That's why I'd go back I'm still concerned with. We played against the run it you -- the pre season pregnancies that we came -- the -- gain. Given up right and the five yards -- run four point nine what at halftime break it it it was a five and a half. Well at the -- -- -- -- we gave Florida half the -- so what I'm saying. Business that we would still and stop the run. -- you look as good as we were ranked. On defense last year being on the floor. That I'll I'll I'll rusty be accused of given up -- -- to twelve yards -- game. Which was you know 92 won it's that would wanna be aware. Around well more on the -- Florida middle of the pack then I don't know we really accomplished at -- -- Look ugly it would be as Bobby indeed what did it kills me is get out there equipment. Might be to a deal. -- to do they did that the do would be to right right we got it on the Ball State -- but considerably on the ball and and goal and two guys. So it -- deeply is war now. You don't think it like it is to rest because. -- -- do we go away. All right we are able to do that it's a -- last year a time of possession. -- a lot of Chicago Maclin knows that I think the death. Probably the event ever been initial instinct that yep. If you -- it as well rested that Danica in the play saint but it can't be the other way around where they weren't out he -- the united converting on third down. I don't think we've ever goal and hope for. Whether he's our regular season on third down. Bottom all wins 22 to thirteen all this site to support after New Orleans Saints radio. -- -- fouls called Baltimore torn -- New Orleans thirteen and you know. Back to back it was all about he has been trying to keep it -- Michael Siam who has three sacks on the season leads the Rams team. Will he make it and the additional diamonds you know. If people want diamonds go to succeed -- way though there's all this is hitting coach being cleaned it was -- you know only the cause you wanna go to Pittsburgh Newsweek star quarterback it break human hair while I don't think he's played only in nickel saved his life. It break him the only thing or long term it is soda and I mean he might want to beat a great quarterback -- looks an all star game he knows your quote hurricane and maybe I live -- -- he is getter EA he looks like some managers easy when he. Likes advances of a companion but approve it. Veteran quarterback you'll see snap steps step you rid of the ball. After that is like you don't get we sick clocking you hear it yet -- he just he just. He's -- rattle he's got I got a run got around us that second nature that's in majors -- that marine. -- as the over the ball and he is it -- via if they're an outlook RG three. His first year even as trees as the first year he was beat the crap right Mika and it's developed and was a much better passing quarterback in college at it and the right now. I mean. Mean I don't know its future the Redskins oh that it took a lot of heat this week he's thicker caused us to -- the out of you know because when you break it down. It has to be wages -- laying it on that -- there was no and it. But merely what I mean wing and I mean like where it's like a lock at navy do that argue is UK feel like it. There was only on know where I'm going only one I've ever seen. Beckett could do that. Now Michael Vick at the beginning it was good areas and we visit the Falcons in. Yet there he did that begin looking leaving Colorado would have -- him any hatteras surgically Andy Reid because yeah they withstand the pocket let's say we give back to college now on I'll walk -- they call -- a point after a Saints radio network. But by god -- for -- me again this -- the right here. What article that Panama and talk about not to -- you talk about but it it's McAllen. Back -- you know. And I sure me -- played solid but literally eat took some shots in the pocket. And -- not many people made a pain it out but. The shat mayor and he delivered some balls and -- there -- a couple of guys that don't let audit spotted. Right account anemic -- now Wednesday you know it was 44. On the touchdown path. If you if you knock you on a ball you feed is that if you looked at. Oh with -- that they used to this. When he drew pars today it he got. Knocked now I mean not now and he's got a couple of guys yet. And and he's always. You know many errors all of a sudden. -- -- Mitchell -- in the ninth gained effort drive in 1980 yards. And he at a team like this thing eight I think that's why. Eat the eagle at three quarterbacks. Are damning account of the -- guy that you put Ryan and practice squad thing. Talented team money in that tournament but among their active -- the right now. We're not the Jaguars of the Raiders. We we -- a playoff team. And so god forbid Tamara Avant that drew. You can not go to guy like movement now. I can't thank you so much for the college -- -- Arlington hang time will come into -- -- -- -- about the -- -- of the -- radio network line. The -- on this is -- -- ought to stick around for bull final score Baltimore to point to New -- Thursday of next to a regular season begins next Sunday it. Am done new Dick all the Saints and the Falcons. This is a -- of Saints radio network.