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Aug 29, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners after the preseason loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And look at the point at dog -- radio WW RA MF MA dot com music Kasey -- about BA Barack Deke Bellavia. Bounced off from the Mercedes-Benz superdome it's the New Orleans Saints. Following the Baltimore Ravens 22. To thirteen givers should take 260178668890870. Is the number again evolve. Everything now gates real met Sunday schedule doodle the Saints take on it. The Atlanta Falcons and new kickoff all on saint. Radio and you could also Texas 178. -- -- you can't be beat week in in college football big week you now move -- forward. Final cuts will have -- Saturday -- on our pregame show a big Boudreau is counting people down. Down to LSU Wisconsin around 3 o'clock is to get -- Jonas and it was the final Ross. Yet -- and you know looking at the final roster in. You know the one area an obvious in the -- and -- break down the film I'll kick off returns. You know out teams are doing this to us that we had or returns. Well hundred 45 yards so -- look at the positives. That that's pretty good they're good when you look at it. You know we -- get put industry company that is gain big at. If you break it down we had. Three returns for 62 yards. And opponents at twelve returns that 323. Yards. So if you ago we kinda. So what that this group now they had three to seventy but we had 401 party five. I thought that was impressive you look at so far -- dead I thought he was real aggressive. And tennis at the Helm. He hadn't words -- forty yard kick return. Andy when you look at it I would Hawkins had his opportunity. But he took advantage -- like a forty yarder. 39 at 38 yard they'll want to have Hawkins I think it was a fumbles. I guess he's trying to make a play for sure it. -- in a real game regular season he would not. Threw the ball nine and a half yards deep but it he got it way past that joining you know so that Dallas the president just aggressive nature. That was a positive a wall in a house having only one penalty. But -- forking over -- reported by yours all right Jermaine Arlington thank you for calling the point after All Saints radio WW it. -- -- -- -- Yeah I got a couple quick questions first question and it. Who right now at the bit shot it went in the the positions the cornerback position opposite Keenan -- Not even close Patrick Robinson. Now -- -- Dalembert does a point in him. Because that would Joseph Flacco at known Adam. Got to look back in my notes but. Obligated. You know like a threat -- -- you know eleven yard gain. Taylor to deep Thompson. Winner Doug about that pro bowlers beat him. But I'm going by who we -- stubborn. And and what was the final results. And to say that. You know he's not gonna be -- come Atlanta. I don't know but I know right now. The coaches might be scratching their heads they might say look. Who might want Champ Bailey. Tibia that time a quarterback that we have one obvious passing down. But they might have to have him on first down silly because the -- the Falcons. Are drying time of possession run the ball. Keep it out of Drew Brees in his hands. And then also vomit a pass on first down because they have very capable receivers besides Julio Jones. That may be who -- you Robinson is coverage. And -- here yet ended -- is he's looked. He's won the job in practice if you look at brags the plays he's made he's he's behind. -- Keenan Lewis but you've got to do it an actual game. If you can do is doing in practice and we talked about. Ended June and making a number of plays of -- I got a couple balls a few balls tonight. But McNabb been you know that's gonna make the headlines or as a -- to. You know make -- a big play like Joseph Morgan when he came up big. Against the Titans. You know just kills that we need to he -- a step up. We need him to step up because. I don't know they actually have an answer if he doesn't. That's that the group forward it Republican and it -- What part of the balls the most terrible game on them seek you out played. Well against he has more. Yet -- Cutler gave you a Cowboys came back we had big game easy. Yeah and Jermaine I don't like -- Cowboys amateurs that way and they can pick it. -- thank you so much fall all the time right now a double overtime it's -- at 3831. All the tooling will keep you posted there. Texas -- -- am -- who video sets a record at night most passing yards most of tips. And touchdowns as AN am fifty to 380. With south Cadillac and a bowl Wallace three attempted in the first half. -- Wallace four touchdown passes in the second hand. I -- -- -- at eight DL over his 35 Boise State thirteen. And Bobby alma -- had a seventeen point halftime lead but they got -- all at what it three -- a fought. As losers they beat the -- -- demons 34. When -- -- big RI heard the last play of the game there were latter on the ball and Missouri State -- that I was Cora would a win in overtime -- to lose that way. But and he got I don't know this is there as is -- -- any football Johnny but bombing -- -- and detailed rights. He he he -- after that performance he could be another quarterback from air CC's on his way to being a Heisman candidate. Finals go to -- does -- too. Baltimore 22 duel is thirteen to support after All Saints radio WW. While -- on the ball so Lauren is it meets these phone. -- Welcome this the real deal football high school football you know what you like and -- would you like I -- college world why it won't always be have to easy like definitely. I'm Obama speculated. -- probably -- the you know produces -- -- them. Well I mean I -- I'm -- I mean I hate -- they didn't date they did I say if you were an article if it were that's the only news -- roses all. If he has bill -- that he was. Caught -- with eliminate the world and you know hole isn't going to keep yeah volleyball of all 22. Important third -- you know with -- easily in elevators. That's is so -- -- -- law law. And oh yeah that's all right even if you over the evident Milloy you know you do it navigated troubled. You know you know you have the ultimate you've got the fifth. You know if that I concussion kicking. It could have fought -- -- right pre season is over OK okay you know when you hear like coaches all across the world. When Pat Riley in the lake goes. Walk on 43 -- I wanna say -- he coined that term or Z he had a trademark he was thinking about it. It became famous. What does Nick Saban. Had calling the process. -- he's the first one started saying all right now everybody. And their mom especially coaches. The process. Yeah when you think about it then now courts David -- That I think. He kind of takes -- -- you -- realize -- -- say in this like second -- process yeah or other team's problems copy Alabama's with their. University did you watch him and trying to mimic him more. You know follow him in the process -- -- -- I don't think it's a museum and make him. From and marketing standpoint you know like -- on December detail at. 2006. When the things with the Cowboys in Dallas and united Ireland thing in a mile oval you know people calling it -- for the Katrina. And it will there's a who dat nation out there and it's all got to go home and Brian you know at the trade market donated it to even -- -- -- yet here in order to get trademark -- on the death to say that he does -- he did it unscathed and he had just kind of like. What you envision. As far as. The right thing as far as your program -- as far as the fan base and mean. The rabid fans how they truly love their team I mean there -- a lot of fans that went to the game like whenever. It was third -- for the Ravens now it didn't work. You sort of fans are trying to get loud. But than necessarily help as a person have they were seven it was a conversion rate and that of 58. -- conversion rate so the good you look at it though. I mean under Sean Payton. -- -- -- to pre season there three in one for the third time since 2009. You know the second consecutive season. As part of if I can recall a couple of 321 pre seasons -- in 91. We're at 31. That it truly. I mean in the big picture the come next week and -- and -- it doesn't matter. You know that you were competing in your back as maybe couldn't keep pace with the Ravens back about was kind of joked -- -- the -- telling them. I don't know they had a back up. Through oval that the the Ravens might be favorite considering what they've done. This pre season and number of categories. That how dominant you know they were a compared to other all the NFL teams who've been of announcing got to give John Harbaugh a lot of credit I think. He's gotten his team prepared -- as they begin coming over Aaron -- -- a very meaningful game come Monday night. Football. Ball goes back to IndyCar today -- falls in double overtime night at Tulsa 38 to 31. The UNL Monroe warhawks takedown ACC opponent. And I am -- -- stadium in Monroe wake fallen -- with a walk 72. And it. Over Wake Forest and as we said other states corps has Missouri State come from behind to defeat. Bob his alma mater and all western state 3427. To bid would have liked 52. To 38 QB -- 511 yards and it's. In the game was never even been close. It was -- -- Fifty to the 38 over South Carolina. Bible for 2601 in 7866889. He rates in the is the number two game ball. Case it can and I -- -- do you think may have played himself. Out of a roster spot tonight well I don't really -- You play on a process but I mean you can be on that -- call for this because it's a bubble. I think almost you have to do so maybe. -- extra ordinary. You know -- Joseph Morgan then when he came. And and in it was a president had the numbers. -- today. You know and when he made plays when it was a special teams as a returner. -- you know running offense if you look at Joseph Morgan had a team high four reserves but 33 yards. And then you're you're Tarvaris cadet. In a high active he was tonight I mean. His impact in their return pass in rankings kind of speaks for itself we talked about that -- kick off. Of forty yards and then you look at the subsequent opposite drives in -- three yards there's no limit Jeanette from McCallum. McCown hung in there to shot him in -- You know he end up having seven rushes for a team leading 24 yards and -- Dallas discourage him. And really can run the ball against the Ravens -- Speaking of -- -- -- you know even in the first performance. Against the Rams went along really made it apparent interception you know he was seventy hand. He he's he's he's he's right lead at the bar high level as he sees you get down there yet done and though it how is led the team yes you know he had that one particular -- the start the Rams game and having it -- that -- that he and went out and -- a long long made a great play yet though the wily veteran that -- And -- you look at Charles -- it to Rodney. Does that the looked -- keep him throughout the -- -- scout team. In. You know he was like -- why he Alou get -- of political symbols mean pre season game. They've been Charles Hawkins you know -- dedicate -- return of 4036 in 29. If you can do it every game he'd be approval returner. Mean that's how significant. That is. 4036 between nine and take you. Anywhere near thirty yards. You get it done at a high level now like Jacoby -- from Davidson you know he would he's dealt with the -- -- very impressive. A return outing which I'll talk does that mean you'll cut him. And innuendo getting put on the practice squad and we talked about this early -- journal given them nine that are pre season. They're at plus six anyway -- Eurasia -- that game. That the plus five interracial of them -- an NFL and AK who is also -- one so I think that's really courage and number. Because. That'll help you obviously winking it was more positions. When the games count then and I think we are sitting -- for a creature of habit. If you trading turn over the practice -- -- games. When the lights are on it just a natural thing. For you to do we -- had a couple more. Brian Dixon. And he dropped to one. The linebacker from Sacramento state. ID get the ball was deflected. I thought he had a chance Todd Davis so we we've we've actually been. That a plus wanna buy plus three to make taking advantage -- all opportunities in the ball itself. The pre season so it's all real -- with a thirty Burress next Sunday here on Saints radio WWO Baltimore 22 to almost thirty disappointing after a all the home with a black and gold WW him and it's a bounce off the Mercedes-Benz superdome in New Orleans. Also the Baltimore Ravens by a school. Of Tony two to thirteen welcome back it is the point after. On Saints radio WW real. 260187866889. Zero rates him the easy number to -- involve operated jaguar paid him polish up on a website at WW dot com or concerns you most bloggers that regular season about the black and gold. The kick of the run defense on nothing break -- Atlanta. Cast your vote online at W did you go dot com -- view for Don thank you for calling WW yeah. Exactly you're right. You know we mean it is still a Caribbean. -- -- -- -- -- And Jordan and is really you know been looking good received and so for our guests. My concern is what -- See at the end of the day -- -- Kool given the fact it -- really don't know what completely to Kenny stills. And. Also. Those guys McConnell wobbled -- -- the ones that can provide some sort of relief. You know those guys in. The other by -- Who. Can stay. All right -- to look run on the back that you look at the wide receiving corps. You know we're talking about. You know they gonna go with five receivers -- that ethics. Well -- three guys really competing for two spots within now. We Kenny -- And his status. You know you -- -- to run and I think and it was late September October I'd be. Totally surprised he's ready to roll and we won it is without and so. But that being -- I think you keep the receivers were talking about -- Morgan. You can keep Robert Meachem and communicate keep need to. -- I think as of late need to would be the one. And even necessarily making the plays that -- -- and Morgan and if you look at Meachem. He probably had the most exciting play. Of the night as far as -- -- from Brian -- he caught it at 52 yard completion. And and -- -- Guy behind the defense and he made a nice kick. As a the -- there was little all over him Scola I think we get in and keep six receivers now. When Kenny stills -- ready to roll. That we. You know that kind of released Samoan. When that comes about -- probably. You know the inning or wherever it. -- the ego like possibly. You know possibly possibly. Moses goes it was a -- -- -- -- Bruce. 100. Audio -- From -- fit -- city yes isn't as you possibly. And we gonna -- been looking at as far as the draft picks. I'm looking right now and maybe to Vonn wrote. The tackle. They put him on. The practice squad. I mean out of the sake -- in numbers -- that would be the case brand because obviously there. -- -- they haven't as the is February was draught -- on that these right now I gonna give up on him right now Brittany put me him and no real game. That because he began attacked. Now curry for. Night in the fourth round draft pick I think he's in there being an Ohio Marty's been injured. -- I hit a nice outing. Against the Colts run pol. In a fifth round draft picks I think he's -- active roster. -- when you look at our draft picks they kind of I gave needed benefitted out is that so much. That we had a for the fifth round -- mammal and Pierre Thomas you know the running back the -- as it was it Pittman. It's only -- BA memory being among his better is it does not necessarily the case is the -- free agents vs draft -- As for -- you know who would make their final roster. And be listed as C eleven I I look at how they get a break down. The practice squad -- too anxious putt. This year who will be on that I think based on tonight. That I -- Charles Hawkins. Has solidified. Devlin is spot on their practice squad that is because of his speed in the great look in his Matsui did in -- return game his potential down the road. Bobby gone back to playing lost tonight -- tonight in Tulsa thirty to 31 the wave while lining up for the game winning field goal in overtime. To make it 3431. And the -- coalition. By changing it well and hopefully the now you brought that up and I get there would have been -- huge -- with the -- for him to be -- well that's why even at the Saints. I don't know who's going to be out kicker. Shayne Graham -- again gave I know come. You know throughout the season they can't be shaken out there when you got a game winning kick you gotta make it. Now. I mean you look at the situation with Tulane was in last you have that would. The the -- grows winner you know and Ellis and hiding and replaced it. -- don't replace the Anna Lee very good showing his first game as a two points on a twenty to a 44. To a 62 yards three touchdowns the lone reception came in -- -- -- sincere and dealer you know last year was leg issue but. It an ankle Johnson these team -- Alberto Tomba Italy for a second. They were consistent quarterback play away from from -- regular season -- -- yeah yeah yeah 'cause they they weren't. Anyway hampered the quarterback position are two issues that we were -- like you're -- Griffin -- Tammy is in the class -- grip right and proper shots -- we applaud -- for that kind of what you -- the same -- Indian -- was gonna have a -- and I -- -- quarterback who do you play exactly as soon -- NFL will be exciting who have followed his kids don't be around for awhile. -- -- -- -- -- -- talking about the kickers I thought -- this is a big plus the Derrick Tim Keating. If you look at I remember when he was lining up. That is divided in -- inquiries lining up to kick a 54 yard field goal I said well that's a clutch Kate is -- you gotta make it the estimate it. Well he missed. But it was roughing the kicker. Knock -- applied a bought enough holidays in influences followed through. But he missed a kick. There's drug indicators that he had another chance. So -- the 49 yard because the penalty against the Ravens so I thought he showed great character. And and Dallas and -- and a drive right grip and it went four plays forty. Two yards. And a 44 seconds at the get a -- go to make it sixteen to thirteen bit. But -- key good character I mean great character I mean getting roughed up. And then he makes the 49 yards to Bubba but I -- that being said I don't know way ticket they keep it. Yeah I will come back got a double caused it to -- -- Allison Tony down under in Australia final score Baltimore 22 to Wallace thirteen. This is a pulled out there on -- radio debuted at you and welcome back to sports hockey's a sport so the point after a while indicating came -- BA -- I'm Deke Bellavia New Orleans. Follow the Baltimore 22 to thirteen operating jaguar up that you but what concerns you most. In this area about the Saints is that the -- is the run defense or you're back in the zone. Start the regular season and bring all the Falcons this go to Derek Higgins -- thank you for calling WW -- -- -- -- Anybody. -- they gonna -- news today. I had a -- Miki. Unless you admit it and awards they won the Indy race the great great there. A lot of people out of the -- them. About -- they're a good. -- there are. -- he is. A favorite. -- is do you did you want to. Agree. But. You have adequate to. Yeah Bobby. Immediately did beat. -- came out. Of him. Broken. Record. And B yeah. He's. And that. -- I'm here move the word yet and that out because it -- took him. -- -- On no we get it ought to say they Eric Young dog there right now if you look around the nation. They have the Saints because the 49ers out they had a great outing -- I wanna say you scored forty points and our last receiving game -- That they put the Saints is right behind the sea dogs and the Broncos not think body might give him. The Falcons credit then tonight he was on the posture via they might get credit because -- do it's it's a rival rivalry type game. Listen Julio Jones about as good as again at Yates who -- Matt Ryan but the one thing. And now this is this group in the putting. The -- have gotten embarrassed. By this saints' initial paint -- on board as far as wins and losses. I mean. It was it's Steve or eight K dog -- been like for six years. Dead and rolled the problem would have to win the catch I would say I don't know as far as with a lot of law society dominated. From wins and losses you have to -- -- in a good game well look at the game last year just tickled the season yes it went down the wire but in in what. Saturday 80% of the games in his league decided -- -- touchdown that -- as I mean is damage there you know Saints have. Yeah dominated the fountain. Yen and ages and they they even though it's a competitive game the Saints have been able to Sean Payton Drew Brees. The model -- that -- got to be the case again Atlanta. Wade is the way it is schedule who -- the food or Bobby three the first go away from home. The first two all of Peru. If you get off to a hot start and I'm happy that you say that to 650 on all of what I was saying the OK. The first five games where better. We're bettered in who we're playing right as far from a national perception not a homer so I think we need to be 41 -- five and oh. Because then you gotta go ID try. And in a Green Bay economic health and you know you got a short week -- Carolina. And I told you already been -- it and -- me that we can start all five and oh and the next five games -- go to a pretty let me say this is they are if. Is if you go the way like you just say -- to be very similar to last year you'd be five and no right now they give us stall. Wanna say 45 and no it ain't the only be one game over 500 in their last eleven there was six of five. I think. Underwood you're saying if they go five and -- with what they have done. This offseason. What they have added it is a fall -- out like -- Jarrius bird. In those tight games like the Patriots -- did you get to the -- news. The Saints -- two of those three and out eleven defy you to thirteen of the -- yet that and that's that's the difference between being in. The six all the water 20 and well touted out that's life it makes -- -- it was in the world. I mean since 2000 that we got to -- without that would that have -- -- the league with interceptions again yesterday at that thirteen fourteen wins he is a difference mentally being unrealistic but no that's but it might take an NFC -- get that is doable. That there had if you want if you wanna be in a run of a one seed you better shoot the toil. You better shoot for twelve lead you you may have to be thirteen fourteen yet I have to at least you know we were fortunate. Yeah when you look at 2006 you know I was gonna play -- at 2006. We know we Werth hit it takes two or number two seed and basically -- -- -- that haven't you know lead to as a while -- and basically you when you look at that you eleven F five because you had a tiebreak against him that's why you want as they within six there right -- oneself but we beat them -- earlier in the season and that's why. We would have to and they have become here. Australia -- Tony thank you for calling upon after -- radio WW. Hey Tony -- little what time it is just to know what time is the right now down and Austria in Detroit fraught afternoon. Friday afternoon to those of you you love what we are ready to go to bed and you're ready to roll in the afternoon. Yeah you are watching this week he can confide in. Political side that I would like to welcome sight that we think it was street -- awful adequate guy. But then there's this and keep a bit. Serbia and for its fight that will concerns. -- -- On -- than what we have. Yet Tony if you look at it and for those that I keep it was Tony's commentary news and seal right right -- -- thought it -- do you look at. I think all the coached the NFL they look at his last game it's all about individual. Evaluation. Like who's gonna making case. Themselves -- -- being in the final roster. You look like Charles Hawkins. All of us and he's a local product went to Southern University. He was a great kick return tonight so you have to say well. You know he showed us enough. Where. You know we BQ we could develop him and put among the practice squad. I didn't air it Tony don't you think adding right now. Accounts showed -- though that he is. But the number two quarterback override grip it. I mean good. -- to a guy -- start out eating eating good idea to. Yes he got any was four he was already to gain the full bowl or before usually aren't aren't brought us on the touchdown drive you and -- he hit -- did did that guards down. His passer rating 136 point five. And I and I know coach meaning now is an engine -- and yet via the Internet that that -- -- There -- very confident right now and him being the number two. On the court. OK yeah that's happened. Well woke up. -- the walker and Giants open defense tried. Yes Tyrone walker. I he's had an outstanding training yeah I think he is. From an interior defense -- my standpoint he's he's had is as good of a -- the other duties as a lineman who we've talked about you look of Foster yeah. -- universe Illinois the free agent last year we were visiting a all or a week -- -- by during camp and missed on a camp that we did say at the very least you know one on one trio. Inside trio. Team offers team defense there Walcott did making at least in -- one plate I'd -- -- Johnny Maine and our notes he was always -- down those yes look at players who's winning who's losing. And I guess they Foster. Boston may please. But Tyrone walker made three to one he he could more I don't welcome Bobby this year he could take a step to where -- like the rest of the conscious thought of knowing who years yes -- eighty just as -- stay -- have luckily injuries mean. To me that was a great achievement to have three passes that ended. In one game a lot of times you know you gotta keep that -- needed to gain sacked the quarterback are get to him this drug to throw. Just blocked at the all remaining was it was viewed it three times when a days so blindly play a whole season. And don't have a three past the pin at 7000 good point Arnie. Bring it about I walked Tony thank you very much credit got about thirty seconds already hit it. You're on WWL. -- -- Decade. Do you think if we get running game. This year that they beatable and you put the ball. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And maybe you rate these things will be moved to. In the what -- think about that. Well -- they would if week it average. What we averaged in a pre season marking him as an outstanding in the pre season. We Uggla that that I view of four point two yards a carry -- Drew Brees and -- we spread the ball around we averaged four point two yards. We -- -- built to run the ball going to be happy. Which I don't even if it is by committee which Ingram are rob Wittman and Pierre Thomas I think Ingram as I agree Schoen is pretty easily. -- for. You all get it don't argue. Blissful. More emotional. You know mis read that's old who. Are right thanks so much about not Allison or ransom and Stephen -- the same breezy -- the books they phase three want falling to the Baltimore Ravens. 22 to thirteen job Bobby -- -- seventy about Davis Saturday outside in our. But the thirteenth ranked hi guys and the fourteenth ranked badgers from three to six here on. I radio WWL. I'm big Bellamy are all the Saints at tiger is that the elegance WW LT 70 AM FM at 1053 on the that'd be WR dot com. I always thought about it agent -- by the a ban on the -- Lysol. And I people.

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