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Aug 29, 2014|

Dave talks about preseason being over! Skulls at Goodwill, and 9 years after Katrina

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition of WWL first news on this the 29 of August 2014. Head. TGI. -- I am so happy to officially welcome you. You are it. Bro man yeah Harris. Old. -- -- okay okay okay if I. Right celebrating of course this morning the fact every season is finally over. Now we can stop talking about silly things like who's going to be this sixth wide receiver. Who's going to be the third quarterback if there will be one. Now -- they're talking about important things like how many games with a saints win how far will they get in the playoffs. Is this the year they return at all to the Super Bowl. We're talking about gut wrenching games coming back. Where -- just kind of run around the living room and scream and yell and yellow in the dome and delivering of that individual Watson yelling in and around. Yeah and it gets emotional too with the -- now. I am so glad to receive idol is over and Julia are you you just wanted to get it done got by the fourth quarter ago really don't want to that's why am I still watching yeah. But they had to get a lock in that -- last walked. As far as the backup quarterback debate Garros pretty much done well. The question really. Do you want to have someone who can back up Drew Brees. Somewhat effectively now in the event that he asked and it's very limited time forty wanna start planning for the future. And beat host Drew Brees air yeah pretty. For. Five years down the road. And I don't know that questions than answered. Don't know not making it clear they're gonna keep you -- three quarterback the last few years and only kept him -- So. If you're worried about it through -- misses a game more to a quarter or two. Then I think clearly it was my counter Garrett. Yeah I think that's. So that seems to me the general consensus even below Griffin has some might showings. But you know our own Bobby Hebert came -- -- -- He thought McCallum. Was going to be the guy -- that he looked to have better. And I kind of bounced back and forth during training camp at various times last night everyone seems to think -- That was the guy -- If -- I don't think if you just want a stop gap this season and if you're looking for someone -- can take over eventually for Drew Brees. I think the question is Ryan Griffin that guy out. And if you think you as you gotta keep them because they may -- doesn't survive waivers if you don't think he has and you're gonna find someone else and a draft her. Created the -- trade later. Men that now Iran now loop -- -- down just in case. Just in case. Leo floats decorated -- and it's seventy do you care who the backup quarterback. And if you didn't who would you like it to be and keep three. Up one protecting them -- them and he says. I would like to wish every football fan happy pre season is over day there you go out think that'll omelet fried and that's a good thing at LSU. Please him so -- 9:8 o'clock in the late -- I can remembered. Steve Geller telling us you know seem like it was you know it was ten days or two weeks -- it's tomorrow. Tomorrow's number thirteen analysts use number four team was playing -- Houston -- man. How -- off the NCAA football season that's got me worked up. And now it's really -- excited about the policy. As -- -- that until week from Sunday the saints play in the camps in Atlanta. I think two lions gonna win some games this year available over -- yeah now we thought in the fourth quarters hours looking so good with them the it would Newton regulations. And blues and double negative effect in fifteen our first news here on this Friday morning and WWL AM hour famine that count we'll get with Steve Geller and all year. Friday morning sports and you weekend forecast with -- meteorologist Alexander Branford. Is right after this. One person text and he says VA's seventies. David you're suggesting that Ryan Griffin is the heir apparent through -- please check your coffee for draw. The fair is sent in camp yeah okay well that I guess you think we keep count around just in case. There is any problem with Drew Brees at any point during the season. Amateur we're gonna continue this next month in the beginning this month we started telling you what national data is every morning. And map China's that -- we're gonna continued into September about it wrap up August -- today is national chops to weekday. And national college colors day. Tomorrow is national toasted marshmallow day. And Sunday is national trauma -- and nationals franchise appreciation day night you know folks -- national day calendar. Town about one over the weekend forecast is for the long holiday weekend. Moisture is on the increase today so we're looking very 40% chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. Hi today close to ninety. Tonight a 30% chance for rain with the lows in the upper seventies and for tomorrow will increase the rain chance to about 60%. May not be a complete washout but do watch for a few scattered showers and downpours. Heading through the day highs tomorrow of around 89 Sunday will bring the rain chance back to 40% the highest close to 91. From the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra cramp -- and. Now it partly cloudy skies 79 degrees at the airport -- 72 in Slidell relative humidity is 90% I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WW LR's news. Now they survive the saints games got through the three seasons and is here to tells all about sports on this Friday morning his name Steve Geller. The saints wrapped up pre season play with a twenty to thirteen loss to the Baltimore Ravens one of the few highlights in the game for the -- gold came on the team's opening drive when quarterback Luke McCown led the team on a seven play 65 yard drive that resulted in a school work. Account in the shotgun three receivers to the near side countless in this direction and fires. Well my pitches now. This taveras had a good. For the school. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Two seniors and EL IC back fear that we'll carry the ball Franklin's -- McGee and Kenny -- -- says the badges are good and the tigers already. We know those guys are great and we'll try to do we ought to -- you know to win so there's -- extra effort to make every dollar -- dollars. It's a -- -- -- have a fourteen Wisconsin about thirteen LSU Saturday -- -- -- -- down on WWL. Deke Bellavia WW all sports and Tony Stewart will return to Sprint Cup competition Sunday night at Atlanta Motor Speedway that will end a three race hiatus taken after he struck and killed a fellow driver during -- dirt track race today have four -- fans in the -- live at the new browser is on the West -- talk about the upcoming final cuts for the saints and LSU season opener against Wisconsin Steve -- WW -- sport -- to. Like dude gave -- Steve Geller with you on your radio Steve coming up in 25 mentally get you back in here with more sports a guitar predicts home. For LSU and Wisconsin tomorrow night in H town as the big chief called it over in Houston. And see how you think that game's gonna play out right now though one now what -- you learn. From pre season for your New Orleans Saints would get the fourth. Pre season game in the books from here on out all the NFL games will count and what do you take away from the saints time up at the Greenbrier back here in Metairie and threw for pre season game. Well Dave I learned that the defense is -- wanted to create more turnovers this year seems to be working after managing just eighteen takeaways all of last year the saints defense managed to tallying nine in just four pre season games and unfortunately I also learned that the run defense doesn't look any better than a year ago at something to really be concerned about his teams will obviously look to exploit that -- -- B let's pound the ball down their throat you -- at the clock keeping Drew Brees and the saints offense on the sidelines. Lastly. I learned that more Ingram is legit I had written him off as a first round flop but he's been great throughout training camp meeting in pre season games now let's see victim bring -- game one against the falcons next. We. Thank you Steve we don't have to wait till next week just point -- spent some YouTube backing it with more sports Mark Ingram has lived here folks you agree with Steve. -- and about that any 7870 as well as we look in the rearview mirror and see the pre season. Fading away and we looked straight ahead and see that that's assigned to Atlanta. When the saints will open the regular season a week from Sunday tomorrow night. The LSU tigers open their season. In the Houston again in the scouts and that particular weekend forecast for the Labor Day weekend coming up right after that the interest of the text messages sending me. 8787. Happy Friday. To you and yours ladies and gentlemen one person -- mandates that any tonight as well -- duke. Out which you won it. The saints lost. One thing is that I just didn't care what happens in the fourth -- it would have been nice to see him and speakers stayed up. Late last night and bystanders watching. The game and win would have made me feel little better I think but oh well another person says what did Tyler pre season. It beats the hell out of the off season now all right reason than football is better than no football at all but. Now that that's a real football just a week from Sunday ladies and gentlemen your forecast for the long holiday weekend. High around ninety. For later on this evening and tonight will drop the rain chance at 30% but could see if you overnight showers or storms. Tomorrow at 60%. Chance for scattered rain. May not be a washout all the way through the day but do you watch for a couple of rounds of showers. And if you heavy downpours possible from the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra transferred. Partly cloudy 79 in Canada now 72 in Slidell line gave -- thank you for being a part of the early edition of WWL -- -- one person tactic that needs them he says. I always stop marketing -- for real. Some people to take a little longer to adjust and others are right that's two votes that Mark -- is for real. You think he has thought about that coming up and -- nine years ago today. Hurricane Katrina roared ashore. Breaking through the levees and flooding 80% of new -- -- killing more than 18100. People. Who had not evacuated. Feeling now nine years you feel longer is it feels sure that just right. Talk about that camera here -- WW. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for listeners on this August 29 2014. PG. -- half of my goodness am I happy to welcome you all do -- Iraq a game. By request. Little solace -- music on this Friday morning the day before the tigers open the regular season. In Houston. Against Wisconsin. We confusing right now all -- one of these so called neutral site game yeah you know play in Wisconsin in Houston okay whatever. And it's on the bring it up and let's get right here. -- -- Aaron inaugurated for a little college football -- pre season the saints season is over. There's so many exciting things you know with -- shootout. Mama see this foreign started running back on to see if they can settle down on a quarterback a lot of -- But a question mark are you ready to make a prediction for the number thirteen LSU tigers beat the number fourteen Wisconsin Iowa NTH town as the big -- I'm gonna take the tigers by a touchdown. Tigers by a touchdown and it sounds good to me up now in 82 prediction for the box office. The new movies opening at the box office this weekend and -- got to do better our guts slaughtered once created reports. This week I don't know that it's gonna be any easier though. Amongst the offerings are the November man. Now with Pierce Brosnan. And Parise and others and ex CIA operative has brought back in on a very personal mission. And finds himself pitted against his former pupil in a deadly game involving high level CIA officials and the Russian. President you are right it's former double 070 yeah out back on the big screen. There's an effort -- nothing about it. -- horror thriller called as above so below for a team of explorers ventures into the attic columns that lies beneath. The streets of Paris and cover the dark secret that lies within the city's dead old man and they're really really is. -- ghost busters. Real thirtieth anniversary re release the ghost busters back in theaters to celebrate. Thirty years since it hit the big screen all of doctored up probably and on up against the current top five of guardian of the galaxy. Teenage mutant ninja turtles if I stay let's beat cops and when the games stands tall. Your right. This is not easy -- the but I got to pick one I know I'd like to go in November man but I had the reviews have been just awful on -- You know. I'm gonna. I'm gonna go -- the guardians again look and being the guardian I doubt Obama are you out of our caller we -- -- there. There were only five. 500000 dollars shy of beating guardians last weekend yet for the turtles can do it again but you're right there's no obvious no number one choice really hasn't. It's what happens we shall see indeed thank you David you feel like it's been. Nine years since Katrina does it feel like it was yesterday as -- feel like it was a -- feels like you're it's been nine years and it just right to meet some of the memories are so fresh like it was you are today. But others feel like you lose there's no way it was only nine years ago like I've lived a whole -- -- -- out as people will bring up something and you go yeah I would. And then you've got to re eleven and announced mountain and of course the question now voices. That happened before Katrina -- after Katrina it's like card it's our market. It's our demarcation line yeah -- everything we think about in life now. Is is that before Katrina are after you know tree before or after the storm that's all -- -- yeah that was nine years ago. The lots to like him believe it was nine years ago because it feels like it wasn't that long but I also I can't believe and I it was nine years ago. At the sound stupid because I'm a -- both sides of this thing but. Some of it it really it is totally fresh like Americans still feel touch and smell some of the memories from Katrina -- But others it really does feel like yes that was a whole lifetime. In LA and look at my kids in my youngest is their team he wishes for earth went to church. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With more this morning and decadence festival and the big holiday weekend in the Crescent City. Now though. We didn't do this to start our Friday. News. We'll get across as we -- -- meteorologist Alexander ran bird OK okay okay. Climate director -- the pinpoint forecast sending you ready to get growth. -- that morning hours. We do this out of pure necessity when -- -- -- doing but he needs a little time off. And north Lamar County community where it is time. That -- you to have the morning's scheduled just like you guys at my last season I was that so I I've experienced this is typical when he kind of war again and eating up every now and then is a little bit harder if you can get into that we. Yet out of literacy yeah. How the weather has been in a routine yet lately we've been having pretty much the same kind of -- -- -- tomorrow -- rain chances go up and we could gets pretty good downpours. Yeah in fact today even far south of our coastline there is some rain out there in the gulf and it's moving kind of toward our way it's not any kind of organized system it's just a little wave out there and it's going to bring them which dropped for today. And that kind of set the stage for some stronger showers or thunderstorms and slightly heavier rain today and then tomorrow especially. That kind of looks like the wettest day probably of the Labor Day weekend. -- rights that you got plans for the Labor Day weekend might wanna look more at Sunday and Monday. Or have a rain plan if you're doing announced that it. Yes Saturday so it won't read the entire day or anything like that I think you will see a few rounds -- expecting that to kind of move and maybe even some morning showers and storms for a few a few. And then for a day just kind of that chance for green height about 60% so did get ready for a few -- downpours. Right and otherwise just kind of Scottish but not crazy yeah exactly tomorrow hopefully maybe only hit highs in the upper eighties ballot beaten her -- today were looking ridiculous in nineties upper eighty's and ninety's throughout the area for. Well I like and I love and I want some more of it it's a holiday weekend it's August it's New Orleans it's what you shoot X. Back. And and I'm just glad that they needed that hasn't won fifteen in you know with temperatures not -- one. -- -- ever take anything to goodwill or any other thrift shop and drop it off the donated when you're done with -- yeah yeah. Yeah yeah wooden box that -- little boys as the kids are up like that sometimes -- just get stuff on the attic or whatever. But police and Austin, Texas are trying to figure out why. Someone dropped off a human skull. And it did well. If they don't know we're just scratching their heads trying to figure out -- it why someone donated human it's called the thrift store. In Austin, Texas homicide detectives. Said that foul play is not suspected they just want to know on the adult skull came to be laughed at the goodwill store. Yeah I mean -- just begun this -- I don't know what to do it. Not that they could do it well. Maybe they used it. Well. That's donated to science. Not give it to a museum. And does that open up the -- it's really weird. Is the fourth time it's happened to good will across the country just. This summer more times this number of people have dropped off human skull let go well. You know the only human -- I've never had access to do. Was united science class at school is the skeleton in the room when I remembered element of the opening in the room. And then the install you know as part of the skeleton but other -- I away. At least the fourth goal to be donated. To the nonprofit this summer according to Associated Press. The last one was in Bellevue Washington in July with -- often accompany him on the this. Who just says the skull get a do -- -- give it well. If you dropped off let's call it good well I'm going to put you say. It people file because of the distance. Anything. Thank you Alexandra have a great weekend. And during the Holland. Alexander. I'm indirect witness news. In point for. Your text messages since ports with Steve Geller coming up we're gonna get Steve's prediction on LSU. Wisconsin in Houston Saturday night. Right after it. One person next day 77 human skull great paper weight great conversation starter. Where do you get humans gold if you have one. Why would you keep it that well the whole thing is just baffling and if you have one. If you do something awful to get a hold of that. It is it's it's. Making me think way too hard on Friday morning so instead let's talk about sports here on WWL. After that we welcome in Steve -- and wish him a very happy guy a day scenes. Failed to finish to pre season with a perfect record at the Baltimore Ravens left the superdome with the 822 to thirteen victory the final seconds of the 2000. Fourteen free season. Run off the Mercedes-Benz superdome clock. Premature finish for no. The saints. Three and -- quarterback Luke McCown was four for four with a touchdown pass to taveras cadet while -- Griffin finished eleven of 21 for -- 126. Yards the black and gold now need to make some cuts as teams' rosters must be down to 53 by 3 o'clock Saturday we'll forget -- football Texas CNN now has -- football Eddie hill broke Johnny men's L single game passing record with 511. Yards -- the 21 ranked Aggies beat number nine South Carolina 5228. South Carolina gave up seven touchdowns. On -- and -- first eleven possessions -- -- pain relief threw an interception in the end -- in the second overtime giving -- a 38 to 31 victory the freshman signal caller threw for 262 yards three touchdowns and one -- -- -- -- morning show producer Jordan Spiegel told -- -- -- -- and he was right you will -- top Wake -- seventeen to ten -- defense was -- allowing the demon -- just 51 downs in 94 yards of total offense fighting tiger football kicks off the season tomorrow against Wisconsin here's the big chief with the latest on this. 25 match ago beat LSU tigers all of the gate opened the season in a big game against the fourteenth ranked Wisconsin Badgers. LSU coach glass houses he likes the stadium he likes the venue and he likes the competition we enjoyed started this season it. Houston feel like -- great place for us a lot of alumni creek based enjoy the fact that the -- and so they knew the tigers -- all the nations all this not conference to win streak in their regular season at 45 straight day. Deke Bellavia WW -- Ports and Tony Stewart will return to spring cup competition Sunday night at Atlanta Motor Speedway ending a three race hiatus after his car struck and killed fellow driver Kevin ward junior today have four and fans in the pro talk about the upcoming final cuts for the saints and LSU season opener against Wisconsin and Steve -- WWL sports. 552 days on Steve Geller with your on your radio on your Friday morning and I embedded and feel like Friday to. Saints players who were on the bubble yet twenty -- saints players got ago. By Saturday afternoon as -- from the roster from 75. To 53. In the going to be some difficult decisions for the saints to make. Who stays who goes and the players that they cut. On the neighboring back for the practice squad if another team doesn't scoop them -- that Steve right now wanna ask you. Have got text messages at 87870 from listeners one says -- baby tigers 3421. Over the badgers another one says Wisconsin 28. LSU. Seventeen. So let me ask you what do you think the final outcome will be Saturday night -- maybe Sunday morning before this one is over in Houston. As a number thirteen LSU tigers take on the number fourteen Wisconsin Badgers. -- -- LSU tigers -- nine and -- season openers under coach less miles including four games against ranked opponents now I know Wisconsin's also -- -- season openers they've won sixteen straight -- -- Houston's proximity to Louisiana and the large amounts of tiger fans that are expected to be an energy stadium should give the tigers a slight boost these teams are very similar but LSU's experienced offensive line against Wisconsin's inexperienced defensive front to -- -- the -- a -- -- alleged -- 47 Wisconsin 24. Look close one by a field goal perhaps thank you Steve have a happy Friday -- a great weekend. While talking about fifteen minutes more sports here at WWL. AM at them and done. What do you think about the new tiger logo. I don't. I have to look real hard to see which one is which but the new one does look a little more ferocious. The Obama like it was a tiger you could patch this one looks like a target of my teacher and now. You tell the difference that you bought your new tiger here one -- coming up here on WWL. 550 time five let's get your holiday weekend forecast. As we move into the Labor Day weekend will increase our rain chances today you look for 840% chance for a few scattered showers and storms in the afternoon. Mostly cloudy skies some peeks of sun and highs today around ninety tomorrow will increase the rain chance to 60%. May not be a total washout but do expect a few rounds of some showers and thunderstorms high tomorrow 89 Sunday a 40% chance the highs in the low nineties. And for Labor Day itself a 30% chance for spotty storms. From the pinpoint forecast cents -- I'm meteorologist. Alexandre cramp -- started out today it's 79 degrees the airport in tatters 72 in slide down line -- -- -- at the early edition of WWL first news. In Pennsylvania teachers celebrating getting her job back after ten years of fighting to get back in the classroom she was fired a decade ago. Because she admitted having sex with -- another teacher in her classroom. No students were there for the school fire here ten years later after fighting and pushing an appeals court overturned her firing and she can teach again. If you've been fired for having sex at another teacher in the classroom she get her job back. To atomic Packers got to this. We're not -- attackers him for the next four hours of -- tells me one of the things will be talking about this morning as the decadence festival. A huge gay pride celebration every year in the French Quarter over the Labor Day weekend. The last if you think that the opulence and the behavior it decadence has. Just normal behavior for a New Orleans is it any worse than what happens during Mardi Gras. Or is it too outlandish and crazy atomic -- -- about decadence also recap what happened with the saints and look forward to LSU. And Wisconsin. Tomorrow night. In Houston our pregame coverage tomorrow by the will start at 3 PM live from Houston. With the salvia and not be there have a great weekend -- tigers.

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