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WWL>Topics>>8-29 6:15am Tommy, Saints and LSU

8-29 6:15am Tommy, Saints and LSU

Aug 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL NFL & college football analyst about the Saints loss and Mike Scarborough, the Editor & Publisher of Tigerbait.com, about LSU's game against Wisconsin

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One of the few songs that not only. Labor Day David Jimmy -- come Monday WWL. And to stand for instance who. Father they have that day and we can't choose. -- Is I guess rooms and then my favorite my running room now and head and hands -- -- -- So yeah. It's a young. Change in the attitude changes in and -- and audio Marmara Federer is agonizing at Sunday's going to be nice the platelets origin and realize he says Leo rather. Rather obscene word Redmond does see Carolina. I don't I don't remember about people with riches and blink and pulling. At a good time -- Jimmy in the big Jimmy pass over Ian Tomlinson and SOB. Not a -- he cried. And let's stick at it. We did yeah. -- I did not see a moment of the saints game last night they do a thing in my daughter's gonna do it everywhere back to school where you get the run through their schedule you know truncated version of that -- different classrooms I saw the first touchdown. And then that was about it and back to school and no -- things. I I received a text from Jordan Jordan's that privileged information. Instead they aired there are more people when we get to work in the morning and more at the saints game at that time I'll come off at least it was not light ads already taxed at and the kids from Alabama -- on -- means discounted all. I'm David Whitney on today of course in ninth anniversary of Katrina -- In order to about saints to talk about LSU but throughout it all ready jaguar opinion poll is asking you is your life better or worse since Katrina. Has it improved or declined because I think. I think that's a good way to look at it. Mine and a and there are so many things that factory and I think if you have personal issues that are not related to the storm. That I think you have to let those go yeah yeah you can't count that. Now because it has to be storm related some -- may have it will personal issues that may you know and then to do with storms -- and count debt no you can't. But I'll tell you this and I actually do feel guilty about this sometimes because of Katrina. Cool -- five point seven. It's station it's not meet and talk -- songs like it at the time. From. Went off the air it was it was I was a it was knocked off. So and I think I'm trying to remember that no 1053 was not off. At any rate they put on another morning -- on that need to be on 95 point seven mated by -- five point seven. And then all of us that work for the oldies station we just worked for WWL and we learned how to do this summer was better than others. I hope I'm one of the ones that learn how to deal you or -- Google more fortunate ones and I think that's your talent came through and non and saved her and would be airlines. There -- some. Thank you there was some very humbling moments there where a lot of us that'd been in this business for a long time. -- Go back to do an entry level jobs and we were just them to have work you know Dow you know but as a result of Katrina. On a wound up with these jobs in it was a long circuitous route. But this is the job that I've wanted all of my life going back to change in Bob -- headlight and as a high school exactly. So for me I would have to say. That your life -- improved it was it was a break for me and I feel terribly guilty for that known how many people suffered and how many people. Plus you know I lived in the west bank and and nothing really -- and. -- yards I had like one cable wire hanging off and not was in Slidell ironically. About a block down for my street. It was a nasty yeah. All the way down through the by you guys -- -- bags I donate out. Made a trip you know to see my family and taxes. Where they had evacuated needed this means is that so I came back to Belle chase. And I mean a couple of days after the storm power result in cable was working like nothing that happened -- and I entered a story I was you know wanted to television set there. Some get bought another house with a TV read as the National Guard passed by them they may not look. -- don't want it to about go to talk about that -- colony -- yell at 260187. He told create six exit 89087. Any other question is what are your most. Vivid memory of Katrina and I got to tell you with everything. For me it would have to be that that. Those mountains of debris that were piled on the neutral ground on when Stan yeah office that was the standards they have never seen so we'll talk about that this morning. Existing Tommy Tucker coming up what might -- you talk about the saints and that's Tuesday things got down they -- 53 man I believe it is Michael clear that a point comeback Friday morning. Big Labor Day weekend ahead we -- led you were with us here at WWL. Connie Tucker 619 here we go Labor Day weekend forecast today cloudy -- human 40% chance of showers highs around ninety. Saturday cloudy warm humid 60% chance for showers highs around 89. And I think the forecast any different Friday or Saturday that audio but I think they -- do that to -- -- -- -- Sunday mostly cloudy -- -- 40% chance for showers highs around 91 and in Labor -- -- now we're back to 30% chance -- show. Real. I think they just do that to make it sound. Not as repetitive. Right now at 79 degrees might retaliate joins us right now I don't WL. NFL and college football analyst of Brandon -- and Mike -- Italian. Among my try to be as honest is like and didn't see a second of the game other than. It looked like the saints may have gotten sat -- tried to go for first down and then. -- woody column Baltimore when the victory formation. What did Imus. The emit much. It's a typical board pre season game. You do have guys. I -- try to make a roster -- but it was sloppy. Mobile that a football what you watch him. Mostly second third string players ought to make this team struggled on the niche in the -- this -- -- you didn't see in the first weeks of the season. Bottom line phone company came body of -- -- in the major injury. I won't change -- come to a complete lack of it and then walked out here. -- would be and that's basically get the biggest concern. And that sort of spot. In the what you rosters that would be shaped up there were a couple of spots on the law. All you focus belt now in Atlanta and north what's gonna happen next -- game and I just -- this Twitter. Sank thirteen in three parts of the falcons since 2006. Sean Payton didn't -- 11212. And two. The saints have been attempting against the falcons since -- tickle in Atlanta. And you stick in war. Bottom yeah all the falcons and that's what you -- -- war and really -- them in their own back yard. And that's something that stick it in the crawl of a lot of important Atlanta. So first you make me think -- He is a good thing for the saints and is it makes me think maybe it's not. What it is. Dominated. So to speak out in any concerns to outlook action. Against. People. -- actually got to get to negate the world. 2009. That site in the patriot the same world record it for sixteen definitely well. The act of the 23 and seventy. All. Maybe not played -- well -- as well. He must play all the I think. Another up and get extra elevated she has in years ago that you should be the winning team on the row. In particular bit of that basically. Street. He Monroe. 71 -- That's basically -- -- on sixteen. -- -- and again and you talk about. In Atlanta shortly coached team six and one. Taking care against the eight. -- out of the pre season healthy we basically know -- the teams and look like except for a couple of positions. To come I'll ask you about four relate to go Ryan Griffin. Luke McCown keep them both. Bolton got to be kept that's a bit trust factor. And people working in the real world so to speak with you look -- -- the second general logic of the people we couple. On the -- And when it comes -- in. She granted did -- do good -- -- last nine. Dared -- to get all the kicking. They're probably telling I don't know that it got a -- withdrawal. But it has been a razor in situation. I've always kind of in my gut felt they would keep their veteran kicker. -- -- But -- -- -- looked as though based -- last -- should look what happened a week ago. We Google got the start -- we'll film this looked would be good reversal but they're they're -- at the -- -- the same thing though. That's not. On well what happened I was in Tibet and over again keep it there that a great job. You know you can located one of two ways you can look at it as green and Graham has the experience that. Many look at it as -- in the rookie doesn't know woody doesn't -- city -- might be freeway -- there or not. Not respond or be able to respond to pressure Mike appreciate your time really do hope you have a great Labor Day weekend and you and copier second guesses the second -- and -- the silver slipper. Labor Department Monday night at 48 I had my friend thank you have O I L issue were quickly think. LSU wins a close 120 -- -- he bet he put it out but they'll normal. Carrots in his game that ebony awards. Didn't contain that got around the football of one in the other but I think LSU wins it late. We had a big time play special teams all won their secondary people that feel the game Belichick when he scored twenty. Jordan write it down every Friday morning. We're gonna have a -- deliver a moment from -- I had a new languages created thank you might. That's we're gonna have a -- deliver a moment where it'll be -- you're out of the weekend Vegas there. -- week and I Charlie Saint Bernard hang on please going to team. Just the second six when he five -- to traffic for that would get a Mike to -- I Tommy Tucker talking about the saints and Alex you know of course in August -- ninth we gotta talk about Katrina and particularly different spin on this with Katrina and asking you is is your life. Better or worsens and happen it changed all of this. Republican back since that awful time are you better off or worse off then you were both for the -- and to most vivid memory. Of Katrina and are you still sharing spontaneous Katrina hundreds of people had given scene. Since August 29 2005 that's something else it was a weird about it you went from going to work seeing people Friday -- -- And the next day all hell broke lose. That we definitely Charlene seminar -- morning better or worse after Katrina. The ball not financial situation. Recovered -- probably will. -- even. Wrote now. They'll realize a lot of people do situationally. I'll. Bet. Money. -- Which destroyed. And and beat -- in. You know. Polite. You know that you should -- that guy at heart law. And -- and everything. You. -- -- -- you're on it so. Bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- out there. At the the. -- Hang on -- -- the news and hold on a couple more minutes. And hang on because I don't rush knowing your chance to say and I think it's interesting thing about it and swear OK for the rest of the nation element happened nine years ago. But it's been affectionately named for the rest of life for at least for another 25 years based on that mortgage time for -- WL first news now let -- David. -- miles an hour gusts much higher than that. Bringing with her all kinds of problems buildings have collapsed there are reports from New Orleans. Of all people trapped in buildings that have come down around them they have made desperate calls to 911 asking for help asking for rescue. But the rescuers can't get out it's simply too dangerous right now in those plus 135. Mile an hour winds. To put anybody out on the streets. Those people who they ignored the evacuation orders or maybe for one reason or another didn't get them. Are simply going to have to wait and rescue themselves. Until the worst of this storm passes at least one Levy has broken in New Orleans. Leading and that was Fox News yeah storm has gone through -- 930. On Monday morning and they actually knew more at Fox News and CNN then we did here at WWL because. Mayor Nagin found the time to talk to CNN he found in time to talk to other national outlets I personally I know he personally tried to get him on. You know -- WL three times I talked to his Press Secretary. And she said well -- is nothing the -- now. We were getting calls here from people stuck in their -- saying can you give me how can you do this can you do that. To this day -- wonder if I was the last person that that other person's vote to I was stuck in the attic. And I'll never forgive -- and for that this was the only outlet that people had now for the mayor -- -- -- become our agency personnel -- Two to communicate with people would not come on and as a matter of fact. To -- about a remembers the only noticed we had officially that the levees had broken was from Aaron Broussard. Via David Cohen at the West Bank emergency center we never heard any thing for many of the from the Vietnam new loans officials. Yeah and I want to give Broussard some credit because he seemed well he was on top of things also instrumental in getting us out of our stock studio. Where we spent a week. At least that's where I want us and with our group that. And with cats and dogs and -- They do is just to be clear there was nobody from Orleans parish that ever came on WWL and said. The levees have broken I was Aaron -- about 8:30 on Tuesday morning. -- and levees are broken we value knows the other guy Walter may streak. It's -- a broken borders coming in don't know how long it's gonna. Flood -- how high the water's gonna get if -- not left yet now is time to leave not a word from Orleans parish -- Saint Bernard -- -- -- -- -- the morning -- Spanish now. He says Eli definitely worse got a mortgage now that you didn't have before. Right while it is the camera on them back -- About it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I might fail to that they ain't bad. Opt -- day so we don't get to see each other. It didn't tell exit siblings aren't that unit at the mama bear and why -- -- well. That is really taken -- -- -- just made but not until -- age. And definitely you. And memory -- That your management say that they we just legitimately evacuate. Data access to a -- They think this say about at city are on look at go -- And -- -- my house completely submerged in water. It just -- and yelling. Out from the call -- that she thought about why it you know look at it. You know I understand that there -- a -- small area and on a ballot that would demonstrate -- account. It's a very big patio. And I think see the top of the -- proper food -- water. Sell and it was above -- so I know how -- -- -- won't do that and the contract became minister of the work in Egypt with a tape on the wall. I think it. He met -- thirteen C. -- god bless him and -- and -- statement and years story with a 644647. We take in stories like that -- throughout the morning it was. Probably the biggest event in the history of this idiots in ninth anniversary so we're talking about it welcome that bit about LA issue. Kicking up their season tomorrow night right now it I'll take a break and it. I tummy tuck -- issue -- season off tomorrow night Mike Scarborough joins us right now editor and publisher tiger -- that I'm morning Mike good. Good good to talk to again means football time. Let me start with last miles and saying that the rotation of quarterback's going to be both. Scripted and spontaneous. Now. You got two questions -- me one is does two quarterback system work ever. And secondly let's has been down with all due respect not to be the greatest game manager in the heated games so. I think now let's go work out. Well. I trust came cameo opposite coordinate -- handle that job. And I think it would Brittany actually -- -- it shouldn't freshmen. In new receivers. You know you -- you're gonna have some growing pains -- -- haven't gotten and Richard wanna keep an -- And you're heavily armed makes mistakes in the sit down for a while. And until -- guide entirely separate themselves from the one. You're -- -- -- play they'll put. I can just get the feeling from what I've seen. Bit it's sooner or later -- here. Will be into the Annika. I think you'll need both in and not just because of they're used to it because. You know completely injury. What Leonard horn and I've been much nosedive for like three years as have a lot of people and and you could tell. At saint organized school game do you like I always say was a man among the amongst boys planned. I'm injections EC tomorrow -- Well you know that that the big question he can you know contest -- it was part of the game did he get insert give opportunity. McGhee obviously we'll get the start. Kenny Hilliard used this in double count ballots now have a great camp and confidently. But I just think. You know. Whether it's a play here it's. A down and distance situation or. And getting involved in the passing game for -- it's gonna get his touches in he's going to be especially the public thinks he's going to be. Well as my next question is Italian high school violently he looked like a man amongst boys putting handle issues will be a man. A man amongst men but you still think he's he's gonna really lighted up. Yeah active I don't see. There have been growing pains with him I see. Can make in the states. Turning the ball over. And and in -- sat down because. I did see him company and I think if he knows the playbook. Didn't his reps and make -- most. I appreciate your time Mike I really do we got a prediction on the game. Yeah I think -- -- 2821. It's going to be a real. Big football game and I think Wisconsin's got a date of this football team that the tires will prevail. -- record about tiger -- that -- -- -- candidate that Tom we've got to tell you pregame coverage right now a lot of football recruiting discuss about the start happening. And we got an incredible special at all for you tiger -- -- count. And just remember I didn't ask you about two ounces. They get Mike. Have a great week and I might start our editor and publisher of tiger bait economic owners and has said that idea that you want to talk about differences. 653 time only to traffic -- -- noted Terrell Robinson. -- 6582 before -- somebody texted and said that the battle of New Orleans was the biggest. History event the biggest event in the history of new long ones which I know that occurred after the ball the war threatens our history guy here. From even the British had burned long ones I believe they would have rebuilt it because the British wouldn't have it right because it was after the warned treaty of -- Yeah I think it was that they have worked out before and you know with the communication -- days. Nobody knew that the war was over speaking of communication in those days. I'd entire ward of this city the Ninth Ward appeared to be a button it up to the rooftops in water. We spoke to a city councilman who have been out you're applying directly people who there -- it's. Coming right back well and there are people it's. Clearly took the week. And it's. 800 barely through the audio any added that's 501 on Monday afternoon. We were struggling to get information from the city at that point so. You would saying they would have had time to talk to us but they didn't. Communication went from the Jetsons the Flintstones like Aaron Broussard so it will be back on that W.

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