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8-29 7:45am Tommy, why people become terrorists

Aug 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Arie Kruglanski, a Distinguished Professor in Psychology at the University of Maryland, about the psychology of terrorists

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well thank you David Blake checking the name baby named five if you will our right to -- baby name fire sale. Are you just said that their -- when we go and carnac -- Circular Hershey bar dubbed -- I'm volkswagens. And I don't know the Walgreens. Well it was announced during the saints' game last night and tweeted by mrs. -- -- I believe that all -- name and number a lot of people. Perhaps Warner's interest in this saints game last night. And more entertaining than the babies and they dwellers as they will be a game in in the Atlantic game coming up you know Sunday week. Riley and Judith is the name of the -- Pitchers or by alien Judith breeze pretty name RYLE. And never heard it before but it's pretty Ryland -- if you if you -- had a name. Or would change your name from David what would you change it. Jack -- -- it's only yesterday Nadal. Dollar our boys like Jack seriously. Yet -- -- Astronomers got a little snap to I would change -- Celtic like Calvin talker. I liked that band I'd like at lake so over the phone lines -- that is well T six a one point seven -- for 086 exit 890 rates and got a cult is now. Romania. -- as it is I answered the phone because I'm I'm all alone in here David and I'm gonna get no -- Sheldon Jordan. I looked too many now they're gone now. I don't know where they go on what they do on belliard got a quarter million people listening to you and yet you sit -- there aren't alone man band right now like and I try to get a little bit now from -- I don't know where they are they do is disappear. But seriously a man in tears on the incident you know pleased. Stop playing the audio from Katrina because it was the worst and a lot of lives and and the angrily -- -- -- a lot of media SD which I think we do. He's on top -- -- And and I apologize for that might cause an economic and it won't play anymore. I promise but it will play this. All you can do classics. Yeah. Tool. He and that's -- and sing and Calvin -- would do. Calvin and change my -- account and -- allowed to tell me what you saw -- to Charlene drew yesterday. Oh my helicopter and Alec. I -- that's got a ring to -- Malick -- -- with the news. I'm gonna say that for the rest of today because -- you're really maybe alternate mallet kind Jack our current outlook. Yes. You don't forget that. What is absolutely wouldn't. -- so Texas and am playing in South Carolina last night percent to get Johnny football right. Big shot. His record was 464. Yards passing yardage in Alabama last season operative record Texas and hammering gas. Will attempt Kenny hailed the new quarterback at Texas and am one game to break it. Come off yet 511 yards -- -- and who feels worst about this text is an animal or. And or know that you Parton -- in seller of the Cleveland Browns entertain and I taxes and it feels great about this. So what it's not feeling so well though is. The Ashley furniture branch that's in College Station where of course Texas and and is located -- From. They thought they do a nice little promotion they thought that the game's going to be very close between Texas and South Carolina. So they had a promotion. And he said look if you bought furniture between August 16 and August 27. And the Aggies beat South Carolina by at least ten point -- All of -- tree I'll mark anything you -- between August 16 at 27. Is free that is a promotion and in case you missed the final score last night Texas man and beat South Carolina by 24 points which means. I'll pull out of for. Is going to be pretty plain and proud yeah. Would domains. You never know you. Cory Johnson surprised not only by the new quarterback but South Carolina going down -- yeah and tonight. -- -- is now twenty. Over time this season. Passing this one game. 500 and she just -- not demands Allen and RVs in the top ten or not we have to look at these definitely not the top six. But can you imagine -- all this hype over mr. football Johnny -- sell his records. And -- -- a one game act in South Carolina and accuse and a big win against elements talented South Carolina. Teams to come back open phone lines just mean you and mild Malick night Blake is to do some work but. It's not about Katrina what is your most vivid memory of it and are ready jaguar opinion polls since the storm is your life better. Or worse. And I believe an oddity in a weird kind of way some people's. Life is a whole lot better. And the other thing we'll talk about his LA issue less miles and that the two quarterback system that he's gonna employee is gonna be both scripted and spontaneous. And a question I think -- do you think the two quarterback system ever works. Would you use it and during a game Tommy Tucker -- there. Different you won't combat under the -- Tommy Tucker not trying to live in the past but it was. As far as we know the biggest hit and then historically to happen is city new loans and of course. I think it's notable that Katrina missed us and didn't really hit us and it was a crappy levees that failed that is. So all in all do you think your life is better or worse than it was before August 29 2005. Ninth anniversary today and 60%. Are saying. That their life is better. And 40% are saying Morris of course tragic loss of life occurred as well some Jimmy called and let me know money is better because -- Wanda. Eventually get this job which of wanted all my life. And sometimes I do. Feel guilty about that but. I mean I didn't make storm come here anything's -- -- T six -- money seventy till 3866. 8908. Setting all also talking about LA issue. Do you trust less smiles and his game day management. Timeouts. Play calling human gnome they have offensive coordinator Cam Cameron it's supposed to be doing that. And a defense of coordinators well John Chambers that you would think. He is pretty well got to sit there and not stand there but you know see what's happening and what's going on make the decision are we doing this are we doing Nat. And do you think his. Decisions on the sideline -- motion based or. Fact based logic base however you would say it's strategically base because I think the head coach. Has almost remove himself. And design and think not like it it's like a chess game almost matches this movement the next move in the next one after that. And dean did do you like to -- coach's emotional on the sidelines or do you like to see coaches that. Like. Hold it -- I'm trying to think of of some current coaches that. I'll hold it in some current coaches that are very emotional on the sideline of course Tom Landry back in the day was the you know there'd there'd be a model for being cold for not showing any emotion. And do you think the team reacts better when a coach's emotional and gets involved or has a very cool personality and always seems to be in control themselves. Finally get a text that comes in and says. Today is Friday let's have some fun so you know I just thought I'd ask if you could change your name what would you change it to. And I get it Mexicans and says hi Calvin because that would change mine and my name to Calvin Tucker another one says I would go with the name Habibie. Then there's this one I would change my name from Jerry. Since the war lights men. So let's have some fun with that as well 2601878. Till 386 exit 89087. -- must start on a light note with you immediate change your name would you and why would you like to change it to. Not. It will Jean into duty change your name I had to change. That I like I it out that Spartacus. From slide on good morning -- tell -- about to train on a series. Yet barrister. Like of course. Up on it. I'll watch. I coach Pete. ET the poster map again -- -- But I think we all had that to some extent than the other I I think people have it worse. Then others but especially if you're -- Garnett I think you haven't yet. Aaron a lot Amman and I don't mention that he cannot -- -- -- -- and hospice care. They stretching my last press has but she didn't make it. And my daughter was not high school and now. Each and Ramiro attention -- senior year. She was -- Japanese advanced gene and that the you know -- that's so it. Well. 'cause -- by doing now. Which as well. -- marching -- talked. -- god bless you man hang in and and it's gonna it's gonna get better and you just -- Take it day by day and and I appreciate just taken the time the caller right. -- -- make you laugh all right Spartacus. -- a favor colonize what it does show you that. Again. You know if you look at it nationally is over historically it's on the that in nine years ago but is still affecting a lot of people. It's point four after several take a look at traffic now here on WW. It's like in Spartacus I've seen the movie half a dozen times. And I still don't know -- the real Spartacus. That is what makes that movie classic whodunit. Crist Michael guy Steve -- from the office. How many times. Over in the sport as well -- and around because Bob cult is now and am very serious column very emotional man but. Where -- out on this Friday Labor Day weekend a little bit and asking you if you could change your name would you change it to. Or if you had to and I'll throw in Mosul -- name you've ever heard. Com. In a tech says good morning attorney she -- morning driving to work as usual and and having any idea in his nine year anniversary of Katrina suddenly driving to work and teary I don't know where it came from. And certainly not crying just curious I can't seem irrelevant. And I think it goes in the post traumatic stress disorder that -- Katrina changed all of us. Some may be for the better -- made our lives better but. It definitely changes and I think if you if you say that you went through Katrina. And it didn't change you for the rest of your life. Then I think. You're kidding yourself. And the -- series cost elated that. Maybe that's why we have so much violence in the city right now because. The people or four years old man -- five or six or seven. Nine years later. Are the sixteen year olds thirteen year olds 15171. Hand you that went through the storm. -- -- -- -- -- Euro we old like to leukemia this taxes three months before it would Katrina lost everything else in my life of the storm. Always a rough anniversary but I'm moving on just like life. And mystic says life is -- -- people are still dealing with road home politics years later schools are better. But we're losing our new loans cultured -- -- the influx of gentry of fires. -- elect a lost years in my life the clock just stopped in time frozen new loans while the rest of the world turned I had to rebuild and many still are. My education got put off five years I realized. How I missed a lot of movies for about three years with Netflix so at least you got a good. Sense of humor about that more when we come back I'd love to hear from -- at 2601878. Till three. 86688908. Said he right now though it is time for -- WL. All right thank you Tommy Alvin kite Calvin yes I was gonna say congress Galvin well. And it was not bad either -- -- take -- under advised -- You start what's your first threat. Stewart. -- second -- It's -- good. I never met and normal -- needs -- act. Okay. That's a guy who. Why he's a regular underwear yeah. Retired -- now ends and I can't believe tells me Tommy because I've decided to go with Konrad yeah Accra. Conrad. Soccer -- along with Jack Blaine -- what was the one he had before Conrad Calvin -- -- kennel like. Conrad -- Conrad balancing -- your dad -- but -- -- -- -- and -- -- I know one thing -- -- go with his Nadal Hassan. No he's the it was Fort Hood shooter he's sentenced to dampen. That'll happen -- -- that we've talked about this nicest group because story. A couple of weeks ago. IA. Said -- lawyers suggested that maybe this had nothing to do with religion. That this was just people that. We're signing up from different countries does ages one to -- they were evil they they wanted to rape they wanted to rob they wanted to execute with impunity while I would say night. But it it did did appear to be that way and there are some Muslim experts that are and is this has nothing do with religion is just the worst of humanity that. Is. Is assembling. To to have a reign of terror but no real reason for it they'd ages one. Kill and destroy things that is a culture of death as what they call it. So we're to talk to -- -- glanced -- distinguished university professor in psychology. I was named -- group Lansky to like -- Ari -- -- Lansky artery darker and him now. About crude Lansky Tucker -- -- -- Larry ago. Anyway distinguished university professor in psychology expert on the psychological aspects of terrorism and you know we'll talk about this nicest group and again back to Nadal Hasan he wrote a letter. Saying that he wants to -- leader vices as soon to become a citizen of the Islamic states callous it. He wants to become a citizen of ices and that's yet this sorted it would delay not table why don't we just. Give him a gun now and letting kill as many people as he can. Ridiculous but I think. That's the kind of persons appeals not anything at religion although he claimed those trees and I think -- used -- people wanna. When enjoy a culture of death disease Islamic leaders and until they themselves that will talk more combat Tommy Tucker double WL. Tommy Tucker with the under the WL mostly cloudy hot humid day 40% chance scattered showers and thunderstorms highs around ninety. It's given to it that way all the way through the weekend right now we have already broken eighty degrees. On August 29 anniversary of Katrina and then nine. And we're asking you -- a pretty jaguar opinion poll is your life better or worse senses stormont. As it stands now two thirds. Are saying it's better but it so I don't think any of this would like to go back and relive it. -- about prices now com. I think is about a week ago when when all of this first began to break about the American it was -- they're now I think it was two Americans have gone. To volunteer. And nicest thing about the things that they were doing with. -- Nazi gas really -- mass graves Berrian people who lie. Mass executions. And rape being women at will and it didn't seem like this was. -- necessarily religion back -- it seemed as though it was the worst of the worst of massing together. To do what ever they wanted to do. Without consequences until he died and they had no respect for their own life either instance them Muslim leaders of Yemen says that. As -- about religion -- a culture of death. -- -- Lansky joins us right now distinguished university professor in psychology and expert on the psychological aspects of terrorism good morning doctor -- essence doctor. -- Why in the world would. Somebody in. The United States or other countries. Will would decide to join up with ices the what is it necessarily all about. Radical Islam. Well I think that the motivation plays an important part. We find it surprising. When received westerners who presently it is as society's affords opportunity that the forward. Security and safety and sentencing lies when people like that youngsters like that. Days are following the indices -- but sincere guy and -- it -- and -- season and getting cute. But I think that we've got to understand. It's psychological. Background. All of these and actions not everybody's happy in western societies. Some youngsters are -- Are disaffected and disappointed and frustrated. And the kind of ideology. Of debts that you mentioned. I backed by as fundamentally stated interpretation that Beijing is very active. It's very coherent -- black and white. So -- can eliminate the confusion as to what is right and it was wrong. And -- offer that chance for it becoming a very significant person people who could not find their place. In -- in US as society all of a sudden given the opportunity to become. You relate to become martyrs to. Could be connected to cause that is greater -- to themselves and for many disaffected -- -- the physics community. Is there -- history. Abuse with any of these people that have done this as far as you know war. History of of attempted the suicide and ask though that doctor because they cannot value their own life to do this can they. Well -- -- better person on -- significance more so than they value life. And days you know -- that day so our problem is that they indeed have to realize that it didn't -- -- doesn't end. We did their -- on earth but that they do impeachment it has to. At paradise where all kinds of -- on then ended benefits will be bestowed -- So days is that not only it was yeah. Then becomes significant in music or. But also that they would have and -- have to live -- pleasure and due respect. So you know it's a very powerful motivation for it forces them in the arms of of this bottle. Let me ask it a simpler way because I'm pretty simple guy like doctor is it. These young men are looking for something they don't know what it is they have a yearning for want of a better word they they -- needs some in the make themselves. I give themselves dignity and they in their mind however it is sorted that maybe. They're looking to make themselves important so they keep searching until they find it. That's right and and and and you know they're not saying that it'd be -- great significance that the glory of well about two. It's a very primitive kind of sitting. That is -- to endure all of fighting and being courageous and even die in about food is becoming Europe is -- and indeed it has been well for agents. People who joined the crusade people who joined a day and night for uncle. Spanish war. To become heroes who -- -- attached to a cause that they use them on and respect. This is that there is there a phenomenon and now we say in the case of -- what don't you guys. So at some point doctor we're all just you know infants lying in a crib at -- born what goes wrong between that. And and the time that that a young man is is it feels that he needs all of those things we just discussed and and finds that prices feels so those needs what happens in that timeframe. Well not everybody deep. -- very positive way and I've circumstances can be cruel to people. There can be abused that -- can be confusion. That can be you mediation and again he discrimination. That can't be specific case. And you know the transition from childhood to adult who is difficult for on anyone especially people who have suffered. It can become a very very -- period and that debt that this period of desperation and confusion. The possibility of all of a sudden ending it all and becoming. Connected to a great cause becoming a very important person. He's accepted it. One thing that does puzzle me though it's like OK I can buy the argument of you looking for something new wanna via. A quote battlefield hero -- and have a a great eternity. If that's what you believe in your distorted view but. Which was great figure in all this. Correction Nazi you know it because it is fundamentalists. Interpretations of that religion and our very much. Prohibit people of rape and ended. A so -- -- invested in this case. Eight. De de de interpretation got out of control. And he ended the he took care of the enemies all of these Islam. These days activities are very and explicitly on the Islamic. So I think this is where he'd get out of and -- -- I don't think this is condoned by -- version of Islam however fundamentally. Doctor appreciate time I really do you know we get to talk to you again. I think -- have a good Labor Day weekend actor. RE group Lansky a distinguished university professor in psychology and expert on the psychological last aspects of terrorism and -- on the week in and his group mentality. Maybe so -- one reason and and uses Coppola wild some 53 timely tramping in that we have it's Robinson. Jewel of Labor Day. 715 and running out of time Kelly richter can be -- morning. -- They tell me you're the -- at -- first direct identifiable. As an Amazon. I LaMont player right now and -- read them in single line. And it you can percent of -- is all. Now being -- yeah. And EA EA EA here we go ahead. Here are very nicely done congratulations we'll have another set of James Taylor tickets to giveaway. Before 10 o'clock and -- and tell you is. The next one is even easier then that one laws.

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