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8-29 9:10am Tommy, Decadence Fest

Aug 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to Mark Romig, the President & CEO of the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation, about the economic impact of Decadence Festival

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I guess -- some here David don't go away though because I've got to get the political part out and and you can join in on the conversation are so. I'll -- god God's side -- I get yourself a zinger. Oh. -- in terms of ices. And James Foley the reporter writes this thing I can do is linked them. Because the president yesterday. Said that when he comes to -- I don't wanna put the cart before the horse we don't have a strategy yet. And I think. You better be getting one because that is a serious threat to the United States now. Maybe say an -- you know playing his cards can close of the vast where they really do. Maybe he doesn't have a strategy but that to me is unacceptable. Now. -- Bill Clinton a apparently didn't have a strategy for dealing with out kind of because he admitted he had a chance to kill Osama bin Laden before 9/11 and didn't do it. With that prevented the attacks I don't know George Bush had a strategy for dealing with terrorism that was to go into Iraq. And you what that did was led tough crisis. Side of it's good to have a strategy your plan or not but I try to be fair to everybody and and you imprisoned Obama saying we don't have a strategy yet again you better get one quickly. Unless there is one behind the scenes and you're not talking. -- foreign policy is a very difficult saying. And you can't go in like a cowboy thing you know K yellow or like -- it -- Sean Connery any untouchables he takes a warning yours you take out -- if there's. I don't think it's that simple but that being said let's bring David Blake back in the conversation now. And a somewhat controversial festival goes on Labor Day weekend as a matter of fact. Anniversary of Katrina there there were some ministers around the country that's a new loans was punished. For having that that festival and exactly what they didn't realizes that their festivals held in a French Quarter -- one of the few areas didn't flood. In the city during Katrina so I don't know if that was necessary logical necessarily logical -- not and I get a text here that says and -- tried eight to clean these up as much as possible. That it's much worse than Mardi Gras because. They saw. 01 man. Performing an act on an autograph area and it was grows up and my question is. Just wondering like you watch. Well and might have been right to learn from him -- and get moving key moment -- -- I mean yeah I know but still yes. If you here's something gets that out Rangers and you can't not hearing understandable when it comes to looking at things. If assign offends you this is my opinion you are not Canada not -- -- you know what hang on and you know it's going to be nowlin on the French Quarter this weekend. So why would you -- Would you say that there's going to be. Once again. Promiscuous behavior. Never been don't know now I know they are what I've heard yes OK generals want ten. Promiscuous. Maine that's how -- Chinese too when you say one time right now market. Now I know there is wanton promiscuous behavior -- goes on -- money draw them. Is that is as. One time in movement MO one and because -- one times attorneys that he would you although some of that is served there. -- really possibly get a roll and everything else let's talk about child literally at the point is. Is it any worse than money draw or is it acceptable because it may be. Heterosexual. Acts of perversion is two homosexual acts of perversion and notice I called them both. Acts of perversion I try to be fair. I'm gonna just to shoot from the hip and say that it is going to be much more promiscuous than Mardi -- I don't know if you've ever been I'd love to talk -- -- -- -- all -- of Iowa let's see I'd love to hear from -- -- 2601878. Toll free 866889087. -- the -- -- I would ask you though to remind I would remind you. That is a family stations so when there have to be very careful about how we talk about this. The other question is do you think. It's worth the economic. Impact of this city and you do -- don't go to the quarter. If you don't want if you don't want see it. My Grumman joins us right now president CEO of the ball Unser as the marketing corporation and voice of the saints at the superdome a beloved. Course from last night are you mark. I'd just so -- to army -- it was great to -- a good turnout at the Mercedes-Benz superdome and you know we're getting rave integrate next week in Atlanta. A great turn out but he summit the -- Ali would keep his pelvis that stadium last night Demi we were. Amidst. True saints fans and it was just a great atmosphere and in the superdome. Iowa let me ask you about. The decadence festival is there any event in new loans it generates is much controversy. You know we have so many festivals in the warlords over a hundred and each one stands on its own. Every festival is unique and you know you've got folks that don't really have to remember that addresses. And economic engine just like any other festival it's supports jobs it did that keeps our -- busy restaurants busy. We're actually running higher occupancy this weekend. And that we did this time last week that last year the same weekend and so. I think it's all about the jobs that it creates and sustained and we welcome the visitors in town this weekend like we do every other weekend. And the end of the week the fact is this an obvious load time did not mark in hotel business with -- So quickly as we know that the summertime all through the through Labor Day. Was was very quiet but I think people have been very creative and and creating a number of new festivals and a Labor Day is typically the end of summertime that in the war islands. It would have a very decent summer we go into all of that looks very good September looks really good for the city. So with thankful for our that is coming into a city of spending their tax dollars and here as opposed to another city. What about com that kind of economic impact Marc is as a starter went two when he signed 3040 years ago it. Don't have that history. In front of -- but it has evolved over the years and you're talking well probably with these kind of numbers in the hotels. Somewhere. Most of the adult and economic impact. When it relates to all the spending that comes along with this and he the people -- killed -- with -- People came into the state game last night. I give get folks to come into town now with a great shopping we have we have wonderful retail -- with the opening of the the river walk again and of course what can now place provides an -- shop along magazine street so. -- decadence. Celebration as we can but it's just a great place to visit hotels and restaurants great deals. Did you know again nobody can be completely satisfied that he do you hear complaints from any any French Quarter businesses or residents. We don't receive those sorts of complaints here because I think the business activity is very strong in and again people -- out there. Tried to be hospitable as possible like we do a year and you're around the city of oil and so once again -- We welcome visitors on weekends to the city of New -- and Ole -- a weak case as well. Mark I appreciate your time albeit a great season -- saints game. Sure I'd bet thank you mark my growing president CEO of the new loans tourism marketing corporation and voice of the saints at the superdome we're talking about decadence -- T 60187. Neitzel 3866889087. Ain't got to tell you. Some people have problems with essence fest. Some people have problems with decadence -- So. I would like to know if you have a problem with decadence -- do you think it's worth. The economic impact of this city that mark roaming just says an -- And is it as simple as if you don't agree I don't know where they don't go to the quarter. And do you think it helps or hurts the city. And if you have if you have been. And you can make it family friendly I would love to hear what exactly goes on in what gets people's so revved up. Erica -- -- morning and got a W -- thanks for calling. Failure. Well first of one say that you know. I'm not against the festival and I'm in hospitality and and it does bring a better step down there to the quarter and and surrounding area. Generally speaking as an is -- a good spending crowd. It -- that it's it's again it's spending crowd you know it's. You know usually folks and a little -- Extra money and we're out here this a big event format and all that. Generally nice people and all that but there is that undercurrent that people who -- it does yeah. A little crazy down there. There are wanted I wanted to be. As. Vaguely specific as you can if that makes sense and what went what is it that couldn't -- boy you know goes over the top but but you've -- the US. Yeah well I don't think anybody wants to say what what they see on the radio but there's you know things that can kind of go on. You know that one person might do to another person and crowded down there and people have a sense that anonymity. In Arab. They let their guard or is doing the right thing alcoholic and you know you -- here. People that everybody's okay what do and so did you do it it's similar to Mardi Gras but it is a little bit different I sanction. I'm. Respond to your comment that it will just dump on them when one. People -- them with their families people work around there. You know throughout the year not just that the -- -- and Tokyo and you know. -- think Eric the police need to crack down on the public -- because I can't believe that's legal. No of course not illegal but -- legal -- -- The rhetoric gets an argument. You know we don't have a cops on the street took control. It's much -- though thank. Like Mardi Gras they tend what should stop that little bit more violent or whatever but. I mean it is what it is but you know what did you say don't go down there is -- not that easy to say. You know large and when it's not me it's -- whether it's for a split second or. Whether you know you're the type person in my sit there and watch what I'll let you can't he can't on -- which machine and a lot of people. You know family folks or whatever don't wanna see that don't want their kids to Syria and not the easiest thing and they'll go out there though. I -- I did is getting bigger and bigger every year. Well it's been opened down past couple years you know he had the storm works for a couple years back there and you know that the smaller storm where we were all still open and you know that cuts down on it by. I think just like any -- put it gained popularity over over time we will continue to grow. I appreciate you colleague in in terms of the behavior is that gotten. More outrages has it planned to mood is it the last outrages and used to being. -- maybe it's quiet terror it's definitely you know I've been working in the quarter bird. Decades. It's definitely gotten progressively more outlandish over the years but. So has society -- Hey -- I appreciate you thoughtful caller really do and I hope you have a it a tolerable weekend native from what -- -- so far and I'll be held back. Thank you hide Eric on lake front that says take 260187. He till 3866. At 89087. It like to hear yours if you work in the quarter. Mom are you pro decadence. Or anti decadence. If you club the end of the quarter with your family and didn't realize what was going on. Com is it really is outrages as everybody says it is. And why do you think people have such a problem with it -- do you have a problem with -- basically is it worth the economic. Impact this city does it help or hurt the reputation. Tommy Tucker will take you calls when we come back at -- six 187 Neitzel 386688970. Back in a flash under the W. As New Orleans as red -- Alex WW LAM and -- -- nine Tony seven Tommy -- talking about decadence -- Basically he had a problem whether -- are you glad that it's here errors so that the city in -- reap the twelve million dollars of economic impact and Mark Roman tells us. It generates patent river -- morning on -- WL. -- in river orange. They need you do good. All right and it worked out -- war for about sports are here now that hotel group. Am. There have been no problem with the courts to. Subsidy decadence doubtful and -- I work now. I don't remember any acts of violence. That have gone on says it. About violent earth hour. No problem -- this. Epic scale. That people felt like gave people. So you'd you'd think that -- -- it -- my it's no worse in terms of public. It is no war and out and about the -- It is no worse and are you classic. There -- the Victor let me ask you -- our. As you ever been and hole not go down to the downtown waterfront or. Any particular -- a year because of Barry at the bands that are going off. -- They have been told not to go. No I'm not a -- -- me just say this pat I think that the controversy over decadence is not. Because specific group of people bid because some of the public but hang on I'm just on you at the but the perception is with the did the public access I don't I don't I've never heard of any public acts taking place with essence fest store buy you class. Okay. You're noticed the there are illegal act that takes it place during some and during our -- Well I don't mean -- Public acts of -- nudity or those kind of things. Other people are that are out there are breaking laws selling things on the street they're no lightened. And the police are looking right at them and -- Seeds is so do you you don't -- in a group. -- entity take place inside of private homes inside of claw. That's what our mental. More wider spectrum Merrill. I know about this stuff because I know a lot of people out of work there on the front. Or comment decadence is what you timeout or the other and that's the same with decadence they are no public -- no obscenity. That it -- People got such a way it usually involved a man and an album. -- why I don't. And so yeah I've worked out and through the areas where mostly activity occur and anyone -- -- with city. Anyone that's familiar with the French which -- pretty sure you're familiar with the city in the French or most everyone aware that the if it's for a lack of a better term -- section of the French Quarter. Is you know it's. Not marked -- on the map but most -- -- where you go back sort order block or street. To -- to wanted to mostly pay all our. -- -- let me tell you had to go to news pat I've never BN but you're telling me that the reports of that. Public obscenity public acts -- Sadr are manufactured that that doesn't really exist that it goes on either in clubs are in private homes. Correct -- -- that their ultimate I'm you -- a lot of someone who. Bet you know I'm not -- Had a I'm sorry I gotta I gotta go to news on two minutes late we 83 and a half minutes on I appreciate the call will continue to take calls on this to a comeback pat says. -- thing he's ever seen as a mantis and a man. And it goes on and in the mob all the time might be on the cheek. Time for data WL first news that would go to David blades are right Tommy at Iowa my first collisions studied delete history on a computer. Because I Google southern decadence under rom. Under Google images C and so far out of you know a couple of hundred pitches I saw maybe two or three public acts. And where they do have those things. Portrayed or -- the pictures of it there are. A crowd of men and women watching and taking pictures of it. -- -- that would probably be one of those elaborate costume though shows that they put on. Now they don't appear to be where allied and I can tell you it does not all of -- while. I'm design with a -- -- -- are about some some traps in the I don't even though -- college but I'll tell you this probably wouldn't be my cup Petit. But. You know like I say honey let's go down and Jackson out -- one -- -- If I become anybody honey -- the boxer hope that's -- yanked on 00 dog that would apply now. And I can tell yet I dropped no I wouldn't wanna go but. You know I I don't guess I don't have to nine years. If you work and a quarter on and how prevalent something like that is how -- -- -- history or history his mom. Anyway I got up wanted taxed again a bunch of calls I get a bunch of emails are angry about decadence and -- don't you talk about this this is ridiculous this is an outrage and Americans are angry you. -- and an -- note to stagger about like rusty at the festival being here and that we should address it and give people a chance to voice their outrage in their displeasure and. I think the setting makes money off Federer and none of them they go away. I'm not here now and a lot of outrage I think it might be you know a small very group of vocal group are people that don't like it but generally I think it's. You know live and let live I guess is what people think I can tell you I won't be gone of the quarter but I guess in terms of economics and business. They don't need locals to go to the quarter because they'll have com. Lee -- the festival people got down arguments people will be here and in force on -- and I know they got a lot of stuff downtown and I wouldn't want my daughters either happens during Mardi -- -- certainly wouldn't. You know I don't you know it's not now so what -- -- to options. And and the is that if the league history a Larry opt out in the morning on got a W out thanks golf. -- Look at what that means that it an issue that -- think that. Grown people do want. To go right to do that problem. The -- dollars in government and you'll visit through the city. It and reflector. Accurate and that there weren't -- -- -- -- out that they don't deter the government. Well but Larry good morning we'll wait hang -- you say something that I think. You know a lot of people wanted to be happy with but. I I think a lot of new -- reputation. Is kinda tied in to some of the gate popular idea beyond sainted gay lifestyle because. You know so many times you hear the joke about -- -- French Quarter where the men are men and the women probably -- two in those kind of things and I I just think with money -- on any other things they go on I don't think it's is surprised to know that new loans as a is it a big gay destination. Problem that -- And leave their duties in there could be in the ballot in. Country and our legal. At the end of the day you. Annually in let's. Full year acknowledging that those people who believe that the day that they Google it you'll. It connected more ago that would -- -- the -- about. Them being Cold War. Why is it that they beat out both our effort from the wife and being. It wasn't me it was in the EU. In question being. Why it is that when you say no worse then you wonder what analysts are saying no war the only way to get no worse then Sugar Bowl or. Money that Barack Obama. -- a little bit better as that it. The BB a couple of people that were the worst that little cute which I expect. -- government and that because. A little bit. Problem of people book Oprah also. People in that area but it. It is the classic all over the decades ago -- score Obama at an update or more Egypt activities. During moderate that I've seen -- that. Could. Which is why I keep compared -- monogram because let's face at the French quarters and wait for Q no place for kids. And and it's heterosexual behavior primarily in a quarter also I think if you go to an area where they have. That the dressing contests and all that stuff you'll see the same thing and I guess what I'm trying to get to -- Larry is. Well first off I agree with you I think it's odd to pick out. The by U classic and essence festival unless you're trying to make some kind of point that you do -- in out -- say. In terms of of this and I guess what I'm trying to surface here from people is. Are you offended by public acts of indecency or are you only offended by gain public acts of indecency or all of them. And if you going to be against essence fest and not essence the -- and then if we had to -- Done yet to -- -- If he got me if you wait if Europe again offended by. The just the plain. -- outlandish ness of it and then you should be is offended. About money -- you are about essence or offended by neither or offended by -- We want 0%. With that analysis but because the bottom line it is. It -- these since it is in -- and -- whether the man the man along with the Oklahoma or credible that there -- certain lines. At the side it that I think that should not be call the free world people do the opposite they're all I think it -- bitten it but whether they prepare the -- because while the. You like me there are certain things -- should be done in public certain things that are done in private I don't see a man and woman. -- in phase violence and then a waiting area at a restaurant and OC a man and a -- sucking face an uncertain that I. And waiting area in a restaurant there's a time and a place forward and that's not it. -- lady coming and -- and I Russell -- -- morning on -- WL. And coming -- real. I'm doing well thank you knew who. You don't print that quickly view view and layers there's just gone on hit the nail on at this issue event days it is in Central Asia -- -- -- all of -- no different than race. Credo whatever -- the issue is. Public indecency that is straight and then pitched a strip club there have been out of their though. You don't want to -- it raised I'm just. Go. Ago but the cornered like I mean the main topic here's decadent. There's nothing wrong with a group of people who share common belief you know not really police system they are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But let me aggression now what you -- and I am not trying to pry any business. But are you gay or did you go just to -- would just to see the spectacle of -- what was going on. And I popped straight out of dive deeper I don't actually on the all of the other day when we're talking about babies and how to make you -- All yes yes yes okay. So you go with that group of people just for the spectacle of it. I haven't been in a few years but I have been before and you're right it's like any other thing you'd expect in the current quarter you know there's. There's a certain amount of the Autry is certain amount just a good time. By editorial an S on Google images with the public acts -- -- -- embody offended. Are so large group of people couples men and women taken pictures and laughing but I didn't see any offense. I mean -- -- and an important event for the third quarter entertainment that's articles. Now but you know he's talking about somebody images of people aware little -- nothing like you know. Chaps and that's about it and not left of the imagination that that we on the line because. Just. And transport them and you're excused from that aren't going to be that work that it's acceptable and you saw somebody walking on the street like that. Brett whether they -- straight and it won't -- matter. Just. Seems like I should address differently from my high school graduation you bring -- Also we gotta run I'm glad you cult. We are proud to have a good Danica weekend and Russell was just talking about last couple days ago I remember now. About how he felt when he held his baby in his new line in his arms and I can tell he's not. Gay not that there's anything wrong with that here we go James Taylor and his all star band coming into long ones November the eleventh. Bad day -- you know Lakefront arena -- WL if you ticket team beat the box office when free tickets. Right now I'm gonna play eight point seven seconds of a James Taylor song. And if you are the first to correctly identified it to 609467. 260 WIN has. You're gonna win tickets to see James Taylor November the eleventh minute tickets. Go on sale September 5 seed beating the box office here we go eight point seven seconds of com. Allowing yeah. I can't make it any easier than that first correct -- 260187. Neitzel three note 260. Stop and it's been a long -- 26094676. So WI NS those are the numbers or call. And win James Taylor tickets from -- W. Let's congratulate -- winner Casey -- and as who correctly identified this song. I sing -- -- At all. Now -- you have got ten. Tomorrow. -- game soon. And I'll leave bad. Witness I don't. Larry congratulations. James Taylor and his ouster of -- come into loans November 11 UNO Lakefront arena. And you can get -- September 5 -- on sale at ticket master how sweet it is to win seed to win tickets to see. James Taylor talking about decadence best India have a problem where the do you think it's a good thing for the city and and I honestly do think that. Gay culture and -- all wins are inexorably linked. And I think that's the perception. Around the country not the top three perhaps but I think. You'd kidding yourself if you don't think we're right up there with. San Francisco in terms of the way people perceived cities to be. Very gay people friendly. Or not Texans and decadence as well as money -- admirals of you're engaging in public acts. And I observed by the police she will go to jail it is not condoned like that. Public things also there are many straight people that attend southern decadence. And their behavior can be just as the ball touched so I did not know that. Tammy New -- IRW well. The calling it say that I worked on and but it kind of Beckett we actually wanted people that work out actually love. And your caller earlier made the comment about the like comparing. Rabbit and -- -- classic. Somebody called and said that you know essence who was. -- better I guess the only two events he mentioned was by -- classic in essence which obviously are predominately African American events. -- it's coming. -- in -- usually. Bennett RE two markets. In -- -- People are our children adding to that work to. It is more grant it's not fine. And people not making. What you they didn't willing to pay org petition to work. Hello me and they work different -- I like albeit command. And you classic you know that you know we can't buy classic an -- at -- I -- -- I tell you here now and Agassi questions and she -- -- I presume your -- eight. How do people that are not -- in the in the service sector feel about it. One. I definitely I'm deadly stand. I Tammy may went on some other people in service and Israel though looking at the clock will have to do it. I would think on a different date 954 time sued no traffic now time to time -- It's been along week ladies and gentlemen who would get throw it that coming right back under evidently. I coming up -- at duke in the think tanks for Garland live from the saint Tammany DOC.

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