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8-29-14 11am, Don Dubuc, Pat Brister and Dexter Accardo

Aug 29, 2014|

9th Anniversary of Katrina…what lessons have they learned? What changes have they made? Are they safer and better prepared today than they were 9 years ago?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it actually it's done done you can -- on -- on Friday this Friday edition of the thank thank thank you for tuning in broadcasting today live from the Covington you'll see the emergency operations center on Columbia street in downtown Covington. I should become necessary to go for us to go into emergency operation mode this is what you would be hearing coverage of saint Tammany parish he'll see what will be go all the officials will be here Dexter Carter as a matter fact going to be joining us in the second half hour. To talk to us about the improvements that have been made in the last nine years in the no it brings back a lot of memories to mention the word. Katrina. With some very very tough and difficult times it was also a learning experience and in many many ways we have safer and much better. So -- the director of the saint Tammany parish Homeland Security -- he will be joining us at about 1130. This half hour those view a regular listeners know that saint Tammany parish president pat -- joins -- once a month she makes itself available for the the the community of saint Tammany parish or even people who just work in saint Tammany -- saint Tammany. Many people who have weakened places which is very popular. If you have any comments questions suggestions we invite your telephone calls at 2601870. Or 866889087. We do have an abbreviated version. So gonna get right down the some of the important questions that we need to talk about them later on we'll let that -- what. She has to tell us first of all brat who is gonna start at quarterback. Wrong notes this -- of -- my tax dollars yet I. Thought that was the violation gas. First of all the talk about fracking it's the biggest issue that's been discussed in saint Tammany parish in at least 39 years that been living here. And we're not gonna blow dwell on this because is not a lot moving on right now but to basic issues concerning that people wanting to know what is the saint Tammany -- governments take on that. Is forest issuing a ban on fracking parish wide use your administration on the council the company. And until we can't a ruling from the court. We have a case going port right now. That that case will determine. Whether we have any authority to do that are not -- The authority lies with the NR totally so once we get that. Decision made then we can go forward with what ever on the council and the public decide we want to do in saint Tammany parish. But to do it now. I don't know that it would mean anything. Until that cases settled. And to actually do that that would be so expensive. There let me follow up and save money not well and then if in fact it's not gonna become effective that. That it's just it's more. -- more logical course to wait a month. Too much for that decision and then go forward with. The information we have from the courts the democratic process in this country and in this state in this parish is we have represented does like itself in the council and through use the public words hurt. But a lot of people are saying they would like to see a referendum little devote. Would that make any sense to do that at this point and I will never happen. At this point. I don't think it's the right thing to do it may certainly makes cents once we get a decision from the NR. Our our from the court about -- -- so. Department of natural resources whether they have the authority are weak once we get that we can plan what the next step will. When we expected maybe -- and I think November November half men in America. Well let's talk about some other things this certainly has to deal with some will be talked with the -- later on. The saint Tammany Levy the drainage in the conservation district where along on this at every prairie. Excited. About that as you know the legislation was. But listen are neat so this this past legislators and session and senator Donahue. Helped us pass and let me drainage and conservation district and is now reality has passed all the steps. In fact at parish council meeting there Thursday. We. Compile all the seven nominees that will go to governor Jindal who makes a final determination of who will be on that board. So we should see that once it's populated. They will meet pick -- there there chairman arm and in form there. District and then we will look at funding and how to go port but it's it's well in the works and it should be should be seen movement on it rather quickly. Louisiana housing corporation whole war was to be gradually. Yeah a lot of people. A lot of people will be and it's it's something that we all worked on. You know to get to this that's what beat him believe me. I am familiar with it but I act in -- values is a lot lot to it in in we can get more information -- get out. -- Saint Tammany parish fishing -- every time we've done one of these shows for as many years we've been doing that it comes up people want more information about it and I got to tell people. If they've been going out there and they haven't been -- a lot of fish not to be disappointment this has been a very tough inconsistent year for fishing Lake Pontchartrain these things. This cyclical they come and go there's some red fish in the lake right now there's some good news from start to see some positive things -- hope some more speckled Trout will come in. In that October World Series typical run that up to this point like is it typically been slow -- don't want the get discouraged that others know fish out. What what's the latest as far as the operation because it was severely damaged from a storm here -- his -- on been on the comeback. It has been in and we are they are totally open. The first phase is totally open and we have fish -- going up there every day. And not his mini to and as a -- it's -- -- -- -- that are we will have more implement it there there is. And there's conservation going on it. Around the age you know around our. Totaled coastal areas. We we see it is getting better and better and better -- -- -- four and we know it -- that -- spent nine years we went through a horrible time but but we're getting back. That is the single biggest question I did in in what I do is where cannot take my family my kids in fish from a safe place in the -- -- -- can catch if you finished. And I always recommend the saint Tammany PA and I got a chance to look at the website. Is very very impressive -- information this -- It is all the information is there we want people to come around it. It whether you Fisher not just to be able to walk out there -- even late in the afternoon an insistence that they it's peaceful it's quiet it certainly is an indication of how the -- -- took a horrible situation. And make something very positive for our citizens and not think that to true true story of -- saint Tammany. Citizens are. I think a lot of people miss that aspect of the period that it actually came from a very destructive event. And took what could have been a disaster relief made something right I think we made the very best of it. We also have in. Knew your name the presidents cup fishing tournament coming up it's gonna be here before you know it. October the third. That's right -- this is our third year. Natalie and in we have raised. That. 121000. Dollars there now. Bet that amount. Four. We'll just last year raised 7500. Saint Andrews knows jets -- and com. The first when was not quite as big but. We were getting better at it now so we that we know how to do it. But it's a lot of fun at 5000 dollar entrance -- And you know get a team together. Foreman team for all -- normal person even a four person team we have women also asked if they're fact omission a woman companies and -- Here as you as you recall and we appreciate your participation in it to not a lot of fun you just early making great. But everybody really gets in -- and then as as you mentioned. All of the proceeds go to the charity that the winner of the rodeo picks did it gets to pick the charity of their choice by the funds to get to. So there's a lot of information. On the web site. You keep our you can column. Our office went -- Conroy is in charge of that. Reserve a spot they'd love to have more fisherman but her -- number. Is 985. 875. 2128. And you know you'd get for 500 -- atrophy you team gets a lot of publicity they get bragging rights it's a lot of on the come out there. It's in conjunction with that big red -- tournaments -- after the a lot of publicity that goes on. There's a lot of prizes that are awarded and it's going to be at the dock right they're beautiful place in the now's my slide -- -- And if you wanna get signed up for it to go to web -- or is that -- call. -- Wins it -- went -- -- went to reach current 9858752128. The date forward. Is going to be October the fourth and generally we've got some beautiful weather in some good position at. Fishing -- -- in and that that red fish tournament that you mention that we are so fortunate to have that here it's it's -- well it's is that fortunate to have inordinate. Have a good laugh like that it is it's very competitive to get one does tournaments. Two year come to your area says we're very happy to have them and they it came one damages they come back and if -- years. Yeah they -- all over the national Gulf Coast native presidents cup charity fishing tournament Saturday October 4 and of course I'll be telling a lot more between now and then mail to issue. Are we gonna take a break if you've got something you'd like to speak to parish president pat -- -- Give us a call 26018708668890870. It's the saint Tammany parish our listening to on the Fridays and the think tank right here on WW LE seventy today and welcome back into the Friday edition of the think tank the saint Tammany parish power that -- is with mrs. usually each and every month if you wanna give us a call -- 260187. New -- 866. 889087. In a lot of your probably sending nude text messages. To very popular way to communicate what is unfortunate do not have to texting capability so please use telephones. 260187. New -- 8668890878. When we get to the call -- -- in Slidell UB first up. That we want to talk more about that the Louisiana corporate award went then that is going to. Sure it's Louisiana housing corporation through their home more owners rehabilitation program. Our Department of Health and Human Services was awarded just over one point two million dollars. It is to be used or home repair. Four damaged. From Katrina and what does this -- -- now is there's -- there's still people out there that need help so we just kept trying to get. As much funding as we could. So. That's an example again how does someone apply I'll find out if they qualify sure sure just apply our call our. Go on our web site to our our Department of Health and Human Services. Com. Called them directly. 8982700. You can call them connect to in making TV all the information that you need to do that but it's for repairs to homes. That were damaged so we still have some out there amazing access. Absolutely very good news. But let's go to -- in Slidell -- thank you for calling the think tank Euro parish president pat mr. Good morning whispers something. -- ego or crawl. And there's agrees that offer you know -- -- the connection McCarrick our look around and move recurring. We sent some pictures to Richard Ortiz about the condition of that bridge underneath that brewers. And Cairo stole -- stalemate. Ever got by reply tools. The bridges in deplorable shape and what it does cave and it's gonna probably impact. Six state or how many holes back that you probably go for -- that information what. I need to know if you can direct me to cool -- -- can call loss. To get some attention to this bridge so that there have been many changes trying to Katrina. And -- they would drought Jewish people. To keep -- from a road but the Butler bridge is. Cracked the CNET foundation about the cave and that's so long term in -- future when we get era of. Sure. You -- had two. Councilman Eric Ortiz shirt I'll call we will call him and he may he may have called our. Engineering department to start work on it I will find out for you and if you would just. Call me at my office. 8982700. If you give me to the first of next week I'll reach mr. Artie and find out -- he has on it and what we need to do to pick out -- what he stands apart. He did the right thing by going to councilman pars and information on it's and we go from here we'll find out where it is right now. It art in the best -- that he is free to contact -- next week in Albuquerque -- and information. -- -- will conquer next week and you have the pictures that we will return and so that you know he could hear you at all. Any of the Euro through your group or that are there you -- are cool quoted local church. And sometimes you know it takes engineers by the time they get out there and start doing plans and drawings and in engineering it may take some time but we can't let you know weirdness. And thank you thanks for the call Wayne. 26018786688. And you relate sent me in an -- texting messages they've seen those today so please use the telephone. You get on run away with that President Bush presidency to that -- brought up an interesting point in in. You know it very well maybe that things are on the way to correct the problem to assess what it is. But the problem is -- the follow up -- -- he's in -- marquis doesn't know ultimately it shows how important it is to go officials. But just follow up in a simple phone call today with email someone listen music. We got it we gotta work in on. You know which have so much instead of somebody's been totally straight it's. One thing that we talk about an hour an hour meetings we have a staff meaning every week. And we went through specific training you know taxpayers are our customers and we need to treat him as customers so. If he's not getting the information we certainly will find out why not and that's a big part of what we do we need to get that information out so. Our policy is you know even if you don't have the answer email back we're working on it we will get it back -- it at certain times. Abacha website you also haven't asked pat teaches explain how that works well for all the boxer and actually read every one of those and it does somebody like Ronnie Simpson. And nobody does -- add -- but must I have direct staff and date they pull them. They bring them to name we have answers we -- incident but the website is our normal website www. STV. GOV. Dot court. -- issued on that website their bills witnesses ask pat. If you pushed that you go directly to an email and it comes directly to my office and everyone is answered every every. Money isn't an endless at. Something that. Is so that need to that extent that if that was a different agenda and so what it's -- pork. Well unfortunately this happens all the time we have red wrap up we -- callers and David go ask you to use -- that feature in the also the other calls on because it's time for news. -- -- ago thank you push numbers it's always a -- look forward to seeing -- next thank you very much it's always a pleasure being with -- Preston president of -- Emily Parris coming up next director of Homeland Security -- saint -- -- -- maybe you can answer some questions will be right back with that. You're listening to the Friday edition of the thing thing on the big 870. Them welcome back into the second. Power of this thing today things to parish president Christopher -- -- it without always appreciate when she comes on the broadcast today live from the EOC the saint Tammany parish he'll see located in Columbia. A street used to remember this building at one time I remember the Dexter Ricardo who's director of Homeland Security this building was everything. It was the court record. It was the courthouse. They have a jail here. All the -- -- can you imagine all the that was being done in this one little built. Here. It done everything -- incredible. But in the -- took it over and they look at you done with -- and we've taken it over we're actually outgrown it. -- yes we've actually -- on it plans for some new for cellular and neither is it works in serve and hasn't heard about that do we devote this to the general public causes class it's not really classified but we are looking -- -- -- to build a new facility. And and I guess it's evolved as a result of I would call a success. It's evolved as a result of policy engaging the -- -- community. Business community as well is a government entities to wanna be involved in our operation. Which is good because the more people participate at the levels that we're looking for the better justices take -- parish. You know where. One stop shopping for information just like to -- appeals here you radio. You know you're our voice on radio wind were out there for the most part activated so. It's it's you know. We run it like a business it's a good business practice so we're excited so. But it wanted to know -- -- the jail was here I'd never spent any time in that geo is the did serve on jury duty here in 1978 when that all the prisoners into the courtroom from the jail what was books to ask. But no way if you what is behind the scenes of the COC what people hear about the emergency operations center is what actually goes on one of the functions who here. Are you are well you know we're actually sitting there as -- is -- small room off the what we call our media room. Where we do actually use it more so for training but it is set up where we can do live -- like we're doing now we actually have the studio here for you. For W Libya where police can broadcast. But we do a lot of training at the facility and we've outgrown. Our ability to train because we actually you know Greg capacity in this particular. Rumor join in this with sixteen were real cramped. Where are we looking you know we we we have to go outside of here -- we get over sixty. On the other side the whole whales there we actually have our operations are. A Cold War room I don't that I am I yeah but it I don't like you're in war. But it looks like enemy and it's like everybody is. Is connected screens and in the with it to everybody's in -- placed it on the news communication going on three -- and. It is interesting because it is a room with that is inclusive of everything that needs to be here to stop. We bring a lot of different disciplines and it you know the federal terminology is -- to support functions it's their audience outs and a broken out. It -- far law enforcement public utilities and things of that nature and we if you notice if you go back there it's set up where. While we grew up our law enforcement to participate we group -- fire our utility companies are free base. Our our other federal services that come in here and support us. So we have a -- room. Everybody gets here everything there's no top secrets of what goes on. We do a lot of presentations during the any activation. We share in our conference calls with everybody they get to Sierra par points and things of that nature. And we've actually grown so big that we actually. Now have to. Use the media room for portions of that activity. So that we can make sure we can get everybody in one room. So we actually use the media room as a pistol. Went to the paradigm of the format the planned floor plane come from the put this together or was this one of the ones that. Was formulated and -- now showing this to other areas well. -- emergency operation center fundamentally is. He is. Based applaud. The needs of the community. As well as follow those templates that are outlined. In government exercise our government. Management or -- management. Our issues war our issues today or we've grown in you can go to small parishes that might only have six people lenders. It's a matter of how strong you want to engage your community. And or how will howl. Deep you want to -- -- community and and we take it very we take you very. Very serious here in our business community we take you very serious with our free space. You know it and where would we be without a faith based community in this parish for any disaster actually 365 days a year. We also engage you know we kept the corps of engineers suspect. You know it gives me a real good. And I always joking gives me human punching bag to go after winner we actually have DOT rep for state DOT. How much closer can you get the information have represented there they tried to call Baton Rouge. Try to find information exactly and it's very important because that information in its it comes directly tops in the in the could -- right through here because I can I can. You know I I remember 41 of the -- that might have been Isaak. That I got a call on radio because it lost communications in the in. Not -- parish or Saint Helena parish in a direct comments that Dexter. Can you get some information offices Saint Helena parish and we know a small. And I walked in here and might be you or hokey one of the guys I don't know that it. Can write -- -- here. Because I got a message that says it's a signaling parish and the whole -- emblem is -- a probably the what you've done he said. Which got Dexter not broadcast the message that only Republican message with. Which you'll allow me to communicate Massachusetts citizens in our -- And that's what's important too because we we focus this as a regional approach to. I don't know WD PO I have no control we'd just facility giving you places it. I'm glad I don't work for you maybe you Harden Robert to. I had today that we got to take a break here we come back a wanna talk about some of the changes -- Katrina it was a learning lessons things now. Why people should feels safer and more confident that we on nine years later. We'll be right back listen to the think tank on the big 87 you know. Back to Friday's edition of the think -- we're broadcasting today from the Covington emergency operations here in saint Tammany parish with loses next Ricardo. Director of saint Tammany parish Homeland Security in this -- see him by the way if you worried new resident. -- of the area and I know a lot of you come here and you're absolutely terrified when you hear about hurricanes and tropical storms and depressions. If you have any questions about where to find information and things that you need to know about. Reacting to storm in preparation and what goals on them please give us called -- is always available to talk to you here. At 260187866889. 087. Dexter if we had eleven in saint Tammany parish who all feel much more comfortable but we don't. Why should we feels safer and more comfortable now than we did nine user only when Katrina came rolling through. Well if there's any one reason to feel safer. -- you know everything's geographic in his parish based applaud. Its proximity to the the release of the passes out there. And obviously. The direction of the storm the intensity of the storm. And you can't get sucker -- you can keep you know you gotta be very cautious on a lack. You know the parish is actively trying to build some of our own Levys out all right on the -- east side of the parish. And that should offer. Some protection you know I mean there's nothing that's gonna sell you a whole package chock full of total protection. But our vulnerabilities still strong and that home lake area Clinton less than look home in -- maps and they'll be -- -- And but you know through trying to work with the which is assistant parish and educate him and that's as good as it gets on. You know I can lead you to some information. Working through the media in this through public outreach and things of that nature. Even with levees. People we encourage sometimes people leave because there's always a potential Olympic failure. But I can't make you leave or -- -- when number one like him actually. But if I can educate you of the possible vulnerabilities the area that's about as good as described it and that's we try to do. When you make the call on a goal ought to stay some big big decision for people to make because that word about what they're leaving and they're worried about where they're going they're going into the unknown in my going to be able -- rooms -- -- kids with me I got pets. When do you make that call and sometimes it's divided a lot of times it's north of -- twelve year old case south of twelve or even 190 need to to goal when and what basis do you. Used to make that call once again. You know when we track storms even when their decorum. And we start looking at a tent cities we start looking at the directions of movement. Those two big things. Once. We do we know that we're in an impact area or it would potentially impact obviously -- directions storm we look at all the modeling. We work in conjunction with the National Weather Service to look at how much Union Station potentially going to be it's gonna happen. Obviously the inundation. Starts on the east side the parish. And there is where we we start our first process just like the state Contra flow and evacuation process you always go with the most vulnerable which is your coastline areas. And in geographically himself on in in our particular area obviously -- every parish coastal areas. We start in the Slidell. Area over in that area and we start looking at the impacts over there because they're gonna see water. Before it hits home in medicine man that would be to cut. So we start digest and that put it together sit down collectively and we. We're very big sit down collectively to look at all the facts. We do a lot of conference calls with the weather service and the other surrounding parishes -- -- with the reactions are going to be. With their movement because of Marshall and stuff like that. And we work we did we sat down with the parish president in our administrative staff to make the decisions on our face potential phased evacuation and the impact -- And then one of the things that saint -- has to consider that the lower parishes do not. Is where a transient there should I mean there's a ton of -- minority of black woman's Jefferson Orleans. That come through saint Tammany parish both going in returning. It in -- obsolete right because. You know we have the high. I -- evacuation route -- -- We have the did the evacuation route to the release which you're going to want we have the cost we bury us. We have the hole I twelve court or move it back and forth so. It is a fight very dynamic approach and that's why. We're very we're very good dialogue with the social parishes to find out what their processes and their time lines there. So that we can manage our people and in in are sheltering and things of that nature in conjunction for people. There again. A home in eagle final words -- thoughts for the people of saint Tammany parish some tips advice. Keep your fingers crossed like -- told -- last time we met he has an open and get the -- to list is someone so far. So good. Yeah you know the -- this knowledge. You know I don't think I can change your decision if you don't want ago. But if you stay informed staked him. And listen to you know we we take our decisions very serious because there's only one thing important to us and that's people's lives. Had no control over the impact it's no wonder president but if we can picture out of harm's way that we want -- -- Can't do anything at all for the best of the information that's available. Thanks again appreciated thanks always good to see you next Chicago director of Homeland Security. In the emergency operations -- here in coming in in saint Tammany parish will be right back to continue the think tank -- this on the big 870 of the -- well AM FM 1053. In worldwide at WWL. Welcome back into the -- of our number two of the think tank Friday Stalin you think the beginning you Labor Day weekend with us will be back after the top of the hour news to talk about yes it's India LSU football Mike Scarborough and publisher of tiger -- dot com. Talk about that big game tomorrow night with Wisconsin a couple of questions that you got some you can talk to Mike about that. In the T Bob May be there one of the double coverage guys all three WL losses to station. We'll talk with T Bob about LSU saints ravens' roster cut anything you wanna talk about football common back after the news right here on the VW.