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8-29 10am Don, Slap Ya Mama

Aug 29, 2014|

The NFL instructed Cox Sports Television to pull the Red Zone "Slap Ya Mama' advertising " in light of domestic violence issues" facing the league. The Saints played the Ravens last night. Their running back Ray Rice, was arrested for domestic violence in February. Do you see this as an example of making light of domestic abuse or is it an endearing way to compliment moms cooking? How much control should NFL have over ads, player excessive roughness, celebrations? Have they taken complete control of the sport for their own benefit and become the no fun league or is it still under control of the fans who support them? Jack Walker, Vice President of Marketing for Walker & Sons (home of Slap ya Mama) joined Don.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome -- think that you with you on Fridays and from -- and we're broadcasting today from the coming in -- Emergency operations center on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. If in fact we are. In the southern part of emergency operations broadcast this is where will be broadcasting from regular program -- or it will -- be talking to text Ricardo who beat saint Tammany parish homeland security and you'll see director. About some of the changes in -- that -- gone on instinct Tammany parish. They're better. And they wore those nine years ago when Katrina hit all going to be talking to saint Tammany parish president at risk. It's not regularly saint Tammany -- though you live work and -- in saint Tammany. Find out what's going on and get you an opportunity to speak with the parish president them off your questions comments and suggestions. And we're gonna wrap -- bowl LSU football talk Mike Scarborough. Regular voice on the program editor and publisher of tiger -- that. LSU's first hole tomorrow night against with current and being with that take you on that. And then also political stunt double coverage on three W -- losses to station about progress in the Jonas. We'll talk about LSU saying ravens' roster cuts what to look like -- now we finally get into. The regular season like a full line -- Korea. Before it all of that though you came up recently I'm sure a lot of you that you win a ball product -- -- model company that specialized in making. And -- and spices are right near southern Louisiana all the -- Was advertising at the saint street sees and broadcast. With the product. Call slap in my arm and indeed. The actual program was called -- your -- -- so. Where there was actually -- -- a local is is moving basically and edited onto the screen that we've gained we're taking place and there's been some controversy over that the senate bill into being in. I basically told Cox media directors sale that and I don't domestic violence to stay in the Internet now. They instruct them CST Cox sports television and -- -- to pull the local from the enhancements. The question they're. You know we all should pick in the business discriminating what is considered. And on. Other programs on the network -- and in the Indian general -- -- that bill really becoming the no Fun League stripping away. Some of the things that the players do that Jimmy Graham daunting map and today at the right to do that steadily again they can pretty much -- what they want someone like that trying to. May be overstepping their bounds the -- and football terminology join forces got the solution or by telephone call volume to restrict so. 187000008668890870. Participate in the dark war that vice president and a marketing Paul Walker consultant which is the almost slapped you -- Jack -- joining us that it. Talk about appreciate it. It even happened to the Smart appreciate that. If you -- They'll -- about the product which aren't very good on the user and -- a moderate to cover -- -- make that suggestion to you that you are witnesses may become global all the sodium or an altitude so that they even. The background process. Yet do we didn't you know we've been making eating. In 1996 which you know -- Kirkland Keating. But where small family business we became incorporated 2001. My mother's actually the owner of the company and my brother you and I'd vote. Basically -- -- operation. And handle all business a company but we have we -- he's getting out the fish pride it will boil. We have dinner mixes up there and it's a lot you know great to be easier. We had a culture food products that we're trying to put out there and really you know. Let people enjoy. That we you know that the people that enjoyed experience you know our great culture that we yet here all the great we have at our fingertips. Well liked and cooperation they're very important aspect of promoting your product and new business is certainly an advertising. Tell them. About the advertising agreement entered into it wasn't with Cox media whether it was -- yet seen. -- NFL and I'll call essential strictly unappetizing. And when you're in the district that the network street. -- out -- year we had a contract with yet key. And that -- contract. Was in a two run commercials like. Normal broadcast stations do but -- scrutiny being that we really appreciate it -- -- he had all it was this struck mama read there. Yet for all the preceding games. And that we don't know about three years it's that third year and that we had a direct contact with. He would be and then of course you know -- media at the contract with the same -- to bro look at it. And that basically hell kind of put out. OK so what the controversy over rose so high that the chain of command -- at the end that belt in forming Cox media. Attracts media then and now you we contacted by the NFL in in what was -- -- justification. There objection to doing that -- about. Well my understanding here in 08 Cox media phone call on August 18 at the Monday. They gave -- called that afternoon and date column over the vote. I admire in. -- it -- issues that in Beijing. -- -- -- -- On buildings and we network -- or Tuesday morning about the ordeal. And we were in -- situation that it -- -- people you know didn't know what. In our partner with technical -- me. And then we will cut it down by the ordeal. And we yet he had he give them that I that we need to hear from and it fail. We can't have a phone call and it was in by -- down and you know there and and say OK listen. One of them that fail and we never got it in -- Bill Belichick. You know from cops -- you know. Which you read earlier in the broadcast about how he met about issues that. Being faced with a felony to pull -- mean area -- -- -- that the Leo we and on third day. And that -- issues that matter to them the postal looking telling them it. You know being active pool ball to -- -- I believe -- you know the broadcast and on building and. Well we're really talking about several different issues you want about to have been -- -- and -- -- in the and the possibility continuing on appealed and and it. But number two look dealing with desire that you can all be in the business of being. Discriminatory and to where they aren't something and their terminology in a sense that that they can actually control it from being advertised on program speed. -- -- -- -- -- -- There arrangement with the Yemen now and again felt threatened to pull the program and from public creek state couldn't continue -- on pilgrim. Yet we. Hit key and in shedding light on the back with in. You had been out there in that. But it about it and understanding it. Basically commissioners all the like govern the whole thing do whatever uses you know. Yep and by. And -- here in the cockpit of the broadcast -- and really try to fight. It it basically whatever the commissioners the it comes -- and the broadcast it happened. The letter read the -- called into breached their contract or not at that. What. Any discussion about having to pull your. Video and audio commercial. Because of -- -- was strictly on Italy and strictly on -- -- and in our wrestled the state. I think what I think what the problem it are on the enhancement. We're getting it like when brought yet but it -- by the NFL network or -- highlight real that would -- in the red zone and our mogul was out there. -- would be in picked up by broadcast so it would be brittle in its own network all the highlight -- well. And that would be much support -- audience outside of the southern regions in the region and yet he covers acting out orders that are. -- problems that. It was going to be reaching all the masses. And detonating. A look at it -- wanted to in the. Oh yeah well actually mean would have got all the more important that worked so you think it was a -- yeah. Well really. The money that they felt like you should be paying them beginning all that it is it being widespread like that all want that in fact something that they felt needed discretionary and roll. Because they they didn't agree with the -- and didn't think it was in keeping the chemicals in the. -- -- And I believe. You've been known as the years the last two years are. The broadcast that -- out in -- network and we were out on nationwide scale which is great for a it is great awareness. Would it happen now I think it would -- to defect it. Our brand is an in line with quote unquote in a failed standards. You know they. That it goes that we were appropriate. You know we don't really about network on Monday on the morning. You know we felt like who have been impacted because of our brand our heritage our culture -- we war even talking to people that -- entitled -- it. And given the opportunity to talk with -- -- now explained them the whole theory slap you Marmol. The main in the kind of -- No we never. Conversations with the NFL you know that would have been something that would have been nice in the contact to get a better understand what our brains and and what our company hit before they just decided to. Cutter belt but now we never had any discussion with them about any of that. Well for people that don't know the history of the -- slapped you -- what you explained because obviously some people in the -- and possibly other people across country. Follow this at some time is some type of domestic abuse. You can go. Right you know. At Oakmont is is an old saying that I have been here almost like wait before we you can certainly competed. And that -- -- is it a terror that phrase it used to describe them that the list of questions you know out of this world and me and. You know would slap in the moment and you know we all players -- and yet born with -- -- -- It really you know that -- it. We like your mom on the left on the back and it hit on the cheap you know -- -- you -- -- optimum product group with. You know -- -- -- -- and that's been my sympathy with a brand name and if you're out here. You're from the housing where you get and understand what would comment from the -- and look at me and appreciate it. And the and that they will people last night game that was wearing like you mumble logo -- Yet there there was -- one of them that. Important Delaware. Yeah would have been nice -- people everywhere we got together with thirty girl. Here in New Orleans and it would it would help out there they turn it up -- around 500. -- -- And I think it's sold out as much credit would there have been people out there and the game that night. -- get. And delegate in that Elin had at that moment he shirt on that was really fun it. We talked with Jack walk and vice president of marketing walker and silent they're the makers of the product called slapping moments on the so called in this. Customers between the NFL Cox media and their companies or not being able to use slap you mumble on -- enhancements. Jack where you -- go from here is there any action you go on the tape what you just in the kind of back off prominent. In the except there's new ground swell outside unexpected unintended. Thought the publicity that you giving the decision. You have we're we're talk he would he gave the fuel we can do. Lou talked with him. We're never gonna -- that -- problem evident. In again. But in moderate opinion. Just because. And it doesn't come down or apparently. So widget in the net and see how can we all that navy you know you got it was a doll that contract and that we. Currently have with them. And try to put them marketing dollars at the Pentagon and in Belgrade let mom read them and -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- Help -- -- But yet at fort Morgan go with it was still undetermined. You know I don't -- Speculate at what happened. You know the contract being breached or and so they loan it out well it. You know there's a lot of opportunities and who two terms as a matter of India and China bureau with Illinois. Exactly well it apparently looks like it the NFL is putting a mail all on fuel enhancement and then that is probably not a question but not come back whether it took a a product refinement and according to the stand it's not. And I got to tell you very honestly are built on human and a little bit and no one watching the game -- -- do but I mean as far as your product a lot of new -- other commercials look fine and dandy but. I just thought it did take a little bit away from the action on the field but -- thank -- -- back and probably -- marketing. While longer. I agree with -- it in the distracting as well pack -- -- -- you know something that will pay a mile. We're not dinner with him that that repeatedly output next year we're not going to be going be -- because they aren't extracting it you know. The you are in the airport would have been fine. But the fact that they singled out birds you know really. Really doesn't bother -- and we felt as though we need to let you you know make people aware that you singled out on the fact that. They were impeding our brand. With that which is more of certain. Are totally understand that Jack is well that he -- not given any pretty not that explanation about it and said that we no longer going to be able. Do -- -- what is the reaction you got from all the people you've spoken to product users. Maybe you retail wholesale distributors that that deal with the problem. It is the responses being credible part and America America is really pack it and Chernobyl but to support that we really appreciate that they've become real strongly that the at midnight this week. And I know at that incredible. Fans out there -- so. It that in the important you know interacting with them and really you know seeing how they feel about it and -- all that well this is great. And it it. And negative comments. Because of this coming up or even prior to this so I'll let me just people. Totally misunderstanding. The whole origin and use. Every now and then we come across the body that. It doesn't go there with a brand unfamiliar with the spray. And they. They have little issue with it. And -- we talked to any kind of exploit our open explained Brandon explain our culture in the current year they try to get an understanding of what it actually ending. And then after that they. And the like they're fine with it looked I travel the country going through salute and we all come across somebody who should the. And I want to what you -- -- -- there and then you know what but -- means. Did more open to the product in -- -- problem but Brenda that. Exactly exactly and particularly you on the line as -- there. I am can you hear me. I don't doubt. I signed early and -- know our new Armenian and I sign your machine your product name -- action it. That when your product chart came on the market. My eight. Daughter. Brought it in a kick out of my house and you -- day it can not pass overnight Diller. And my thought is if you have to explain your name Chip -- and you are there people. Were truly match and are we yet. I know. You know it's a marketing girl. That I -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm I'm I'm I'm starting in the -- hesitant to their name but you know I mean. It is marketing -- like you said. And there are there many people out there a lot of -- in all of our customers understand the brand. Appreciate brand and not been -- in you know what we're out. And you know -- indeed. And people up that aren't -- -- and have been that bad but that the way the world. You and you change your opinion you heard Jack explained. What is in detail although it may be. It was aren't -- you -- people look at that certain perception initially require a little bit -- search and background. To really understand that you change your opinion on the. It is still there. Think big you -- let's stop it. -- now in here I thought. It. OK -- changed my thought on it at all and I you know that it is different opinion but again. If you'd like he shed in yet. Q explain it and border line option at Q a lot of people. -- don't think that it is doing our area country in the and again and that opinion. Never in my. -- that's why this is -- wonderful country we live and we can all have our own opinion and you certainly probably yours and thank you expressing it we appreciate it. I -- completely -- Sheen on the line now -- you there. -- -- -- Yet. It died them either guy. It born -- people are coming up a -- and -- year. I am and I married. But like I'm here -- -- eight bit that's black -- saying is ridiculous. I think it was pretty. Ignorant. Adding an account not investigated. But it's that the brandy. And people -- and product not try it. -- Coming up I mean look and hear about it in grade and you know. Check them out there slap at Obama made. An error in court. -- want it barely older. I don't bring them in my account -- because actually it. But that you know. Mom. And it didn't like Islamic people file. And I didn't. Do on the -- seeing -- -- -- -- -- I'm happy to hear that you let our and you -- -- that we are able to -- and I do appreciate all the work. And that you're you're right it is definitely a cultural thing and you know some people gathered some people just don't -- room. I do appreciate your support thank you so much. -- recall -- we appreciate we got it will be back in net -- -- -- -- Probably the -- -- -- in the got to take care of and ignoring the important thing in the given issued common in your side of the story very. Excellent and good luck with the product we thank. There and have a -- more. Variety Jack Walker is the -- present marketing or. -- -- -- slap your mama product meant as well be right back at the news and what you think do you. Feel the enhancements to they have north. What about the slap you -- name is an extension is that not into the cultural they can. The bigger question. Is the Internet now getting that thing maybe they shouldn't be involved as far as being discriminatory on who aren't doing. Football student told Jack walk the vice president of marketing for the company. Are you on that little -- is it distracting in the game and really not -- prefer not to CNET record as a coach and someone who -- eleven while the commercial. TV circuit not vote. -- accompanied advertising products that stepping in the set to be in this world. But -- of course that took it to be able to bring gains due to cost down and all of that but I just think that. Probably old -- what kind of agreed with pat. The NFL discriminating saying slap in my lately -- term. And that basically. Makes light of domestic abuse quote the argument is it's a cultural thing it's related -- way to compliment. Someone's mobile in the chase to who. How do you see all of those issues in the inner -- really becoming -- -- partly. Cutting out all the type and -- that the lessening -- it sold the yield we know that the bit more currently being pro are going to more challenges slowing the game down. Some people saying -- the -- liked football. Not letting the players do the celebrations that other problems and now this type thing -- -- basketball at its call in sick so. 187 or 86688908. Cent -- -- Eric in knew it yet to say Eric thank were caught in the bank and what they -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know I'm a little better and so little better. But the law you know also wanna comment you know happy and nurtured everybody. I meant by Katrina and nine years today. -- now. Well our -- and a -- their card to buy back but that -- You know it. Situation in -- you know between bayonet so what formed -- out. I'll work in brought -- -- and I know Bob -- merchant does not think that. Commercial. You know it's one of the more creative things that people come out where it. And today you know. And Obama is what would it. They won't let you well I mean it is a local. Couldn't about it on the in and -- About -- and it. -- -- legal. -- you -- -- about it and it was. I did you know joked that I'll throw it took all the people that. You know and came up with the name in on -- it because. I know. -- -- Yeah I know. And the -- -- feel that and it's melting pot that distracting -- -- it's on the -- and you'll watch again. No because Obama in the -- You know when. They can play on you know you walk on the and watching you you know it. -- there and. You know I got. There things that -- Very good point we appreciate all the thanks again. I let small and cute -- -- all a matter. Then are you talking a lot in America now -- -- I grew up been more -- air Asia. Up north Louisiana have been here since seventy -- that are my alive by get a big gambling mediocre. You know big eating its my my dad and our our grandmother would -- Wednesday remove that Soviet -- agent -- happy that. You know operated for years so it. Jackets at the regional where you try -- be -- your mama are you happy at that. So it. That bill is overstepping their bounds in controlling what message being well what's been are they do -- and it. Welcome back by the Obama -- and they keep pushing all the stuff. Are considered -- being conscious are trying to did offend anyone. -- Well. And today and you argue that it was just down here that -- commercial ran. I don't know. We what do you and marketed. That actually is that you know it actually got up and was distributed through an -- network and the stations to other broadcasters and he got a whole lot more that India -- it did not think that most at least part of it. It's not a major. Yet I don't know and try to you know. Well we thank you at all worried about it at that -- -- Cuba they didn't appreciate your call enjoy that. I would get ready to wrap up our number one thanks recalls a one final call Sean call and some Harrington and he says he would never slapped his -- Gotta agree with the neck coming back at Bristol will be joining us saint Tammany parish presidents to saint Tammany parish hour right here on the think tank on WW well.

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