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8-29-14 12pm, Don Dubuc, LSU football season opener

Aug 29, 2014|

LSU's first game is tomorrow in Houston.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well actually it's not Garland has done Dubuque if you tune in Friday's -- and takes off on bodies and they'll inform you be back with you on Monday and also technically when not in the heart of New Orleans at least the station is that we're broadcasting today. From the emergency operations center in Covington Louisiana in saint Tammany parish. If in fact that we need to go into emergency operation broadcast mode. This is where you'd be hearing the broadcast from we've become embedded here at the emergency operations center. To give you complete 24/7. Coverage of what's going on the latest with the storm's passing along evacuation orders weather reports all of that. Information that so vitally needed doing emergency times so -- to tell you it's working fine and I'm glad to be here. But it's also term for a football and now when when you hear this guy's name Mike Scarborough you know it's time for LSU football. I'm heading to Houston for this Labor Day weekend I'm not sure whether I got a ticket waiting for me but I will not miss this scheme as the opener against Wisconsin. Analyze questions to be in -- about the cell issued team and Mike Scarborough of -- debate dot com joins us now hi Mike good to have you with us again regrettably it. My god we can open up the phone lines and if people wanna comment and ask questions about the LSU players the rosters this season the schedule is certainly welcome to do that 260. 187 New -- 8668890878. Please those of you who normally text me. We don't have that available so police used telephones in the -- Mike at call my biggest question I guess every LSU fans this year in my it is. Who is -- starting quarterback. And his less miles -- have a but the option of going with a two quarterback system the entire season. Or is he couldn't decide a starting may be after this game that will be his regular quarterback week -- week ago. Lumping it all depends on who performs well it it could be used -- and happen. Well with quarterbacks play in court just when you think if you -- league that the game. And he is that when -- in the clear cut to order. And -- you can put -- the other. You know accuracy and what texting and last night with a young quarterback. They kind of raised the bar for newcomer young quarterbacks. The time before which you know again but I think both Wisconsin and -- was -- beat him tomorrow night in their -- If that was the wrong. Both -- -- -- -- stack you know the news they can in the box to stop an important of the team at the world. And we'll see which one of the the new quarterback for both teams. Is obligated to. I think she does have an advantage. Is that their offensive line that Wisconsin is also very strong with their interior often allotment -- Course we know Melvin Gordon is an outstanding running back and I think that's why the line no this on this one it is is less than a touchdown. You pay attention to India. Different game. And then is you know you can also prisoners. Is where the now out week and then. In Madrid would -- about couples course. -- Look at it to contrast him form his sophomore Anthony Jennings and freshman Brandon Harris holiday alike are how are they on alike and do you have a favorite between them after having looked down. I I do think that here it and he might not be now. But I think he's got the tools to be the better quarterback he's got the strong arm. He's taller. I'd like -- and a little bit more wait you know -- to 200 plus guys -- about a 185 now. But Jennings who is also very strong America strong lower body. But he can't make all the throws and error can't. The event she's got a -- true sophomore who's been in the program and in under Cam Cameron. For an extra year word -- -- didn't arrive until mid terms so. But that -- -- has been a quick learner. But. You know did you will see how -- you know Peyton and and and now maybe what was that in the rotation of the more significant and actually as a -- and a good job of hiding -- -- actual -- north. Yes he has a nobody knows which one is in the trombone VO when they start. On the opening will will see well that'll work plays out. Stay with me -- -- -- -- take a break here we come back door talks a bit about -- -- what's his status as far as playing this game. Also talked about the some of the problems that might be having with the defensive line and the linebackers wanna get on the conversation with talked in the LSU football. With Mike Scarborough if I debate dot com on the Friday edition of the think tank on WWL. You know that music very familiar it's LSU football time. What's on the line is Mike Scarborough of tiger -- I kept on and all about tiger -- dot com little obelisk that meant that the committee with a tell us about your website. Well we're the largest and oldest -- premium subscription. That was Q web site out there -- full staff that don't. Provide daily stories and update recruiting information. And message boards of language. That was -- -- the discussed the tigers' 24/7. So on -- that a tiger -- the outcome would go well for Ian got more -- lenient tomorrow night's game and and we'll be talking about it during the game after the game. It never stops. Very good very good you know it doesn't seem like and it's not just LSU but a lot of collegiate teams have discipline problems and get suspensions. Dylan males may be on missile into what is the latest on. Well that was reduced to a misdemeanor right at the start of all the age -- -- -- -- was with the team and all of these new facilities. The general feeling is that he's. But just look at the mile. Don't think in the past. Most media members believe -- he played them. And then -- would participate next -- so but mostly. You know maybe it he'd play recorder to that point second half. But the general is that he won't play them on that play next week. As far as replacements for him -- defensive back once you LSU is always have a really good crop but defensive backs in the pro EU farm animal. Well look you know the corners treated his wife. -- columns and sort Robinson that group is special. -- you've got more -- -- -- person. Corey Thompson. Doing Thomas is back there from the penultimate super freshman -- items like it wait to see. How he's you know you can get some experience. I think he's he's the second coming of -- read so. Big -- in in that class last year and in need. You know the total -- is supposedly him in the video we've had in the alternate. You know he's he's like many of the true freshman he looks nothing like a freshman. It is is it's staggering what these guys physically look like right now -- school. Well I'll tell you mentioning him in the same breath isn't there agreed that says a lot about his future. Well my take UP convoluted to Wisconsin -- Wisconsin's offensive line big tough bruiser guys is that going to be something to watch them may be give -- an idea what I DL in linebackers are going to be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the middle that that -- somewhat -- it was a major disappointment not just inside and outside. -- very little pressure. Didn't stop them on those games. I mean because of that linebackers looked bad. Because they worked you know get much help up front. You know and we would do there's certainly some good -- the you know after watching this spring game up that the the alignment much better than it did after last year's boring game. But they still want to do it and that. You know that this the middle of these Wisconsin offensive line is veteran they're very -- They've gotten the job done. Melvin Gordon you know -- you know 15100. In the -- of -- you know ignored last year. You know so they're gonna get tested and you know we like to wait -- -- -- in. He looked the part. But is if you -- step up and be hit next Dominique now she deep into the -- Rask it was filthy. But but inside. With rocket to. You know Clinton Thomas -- -- how -- he used -- -- -- he has that they need to deal more -- on line will be. The heavily in the -- -- the others and then left now is also singled out who Neal who's an undersized guy. Sign that the defense has been. But there might be some situations though police and an inside look at these. He's so quick with his first step. That maybe you would use -- for passing downs so. Will submit that the league camp vote on him. Is actually something that. -- have been tolerated two point to operate them but I think because it -- even -- is improved like we think it's going to be certainly an attempted. And they they might you know at that moment tomorrow night would say you know we're struggling and in -- in -- that way and that the steadily and but I think -- group. Did I do think they'll be better. I think that mimic the line backing core relishing. -- better. I think will to -- much better later in the year. You know we don't know about -- Kwon Alexander is. In just a lot Rodham like debt there. Well you Alamo -- do quietly whose. I think going to be go fantastic this year. You know on the get the Kindle back with the -- clicked again at you know behind all those guys. Well mica I gotta agree with -- think it's going to be a big test -- in the Wisconsin team on the run heavy there's a lot of question mark -- fell issues quarterback in Wisconsin quarterbacking in passing game. I think this game the outcome of this game could be determined whether that. That offensive Wisconsin that big line will be able to push around linebackers and defensive -- -- issue that could very well tell the tale of the game. 01 guy we gotta talk about. Warned that the kid from saying all. I watched him in high school got to see him on a couple of occasions it was all extremely impressed with the -- is physical use his speed his size. But I was questioned a little bit about his attitude and -- -- some things that I thinking now may be obvious red. I thought maybe this kid was going to be ahead problem in the of course we know the story of the money manager a lot of them in before him. But I'm hearing different things now about four net than than maybe I misread that. That he's very very team -- community's goal oriented and he's not all about him. Now let's not. He's not mean to accuse Jews have we recruited as he would grade. Got a call from bio -- at that time. You know. Because you know recruiting. Trail following since the very beginning. I've never seen from -- Like attitude from him you know certainly he's you know -- Twitter and but I've never seen -- Anything that makes me think he's got a problem. -- in in luckiest he seemed. You know it's certainly -- So well known as name drop. In power for years. You know that. You're on the -- A bad seed and it hasn't happened. -- there's a lot of temptation about different kid in his shoes are well know we. You do not you come out you know 141516. Being in the national spotlight. You know there's -- 25 and thirty year old who couldn't handle that. How much do you think we'll see of him the market. I don't know that the big question I -- we're breaking that when we see them come and help to really get you know it is about. It was a matter of Egypt simply early on. Whether it's -- throwing down because he's such a good receiving back. Or is it just you know Mickey gets a couple of theories and in Hilliard. And then maybe sometime in the second quarter that he -- this series. Mortgages. You know based on down distances and in what they want to do. That you see him. And on that that's kind of what these. With these games nor did it it's -- you think you can go one way in. We think we'd be in the bill Roberts may look like to see some new wrinkles because of personnel that -- cabinet has set up for Europe for the C and so. -- sort of it is and ultimately given the media reform period for one week. It's the beginning of August and shut it down. And you know not that not only at India loose lips and and I think that number one come it's August. And I'd like to talk to one of the trainers and Cuba I can't recall that was -- coming out -- -- August without a catastrophic. Injury took to restore. And to me that's amazing unless there's an injury that did they kept -- in a very real written in. It looks like that team is totally healthy and they put them back they're gonna happen and so. The very good game on a fast track tomorrow night. Well Mike we just got a couple of minutes left before news one has been the scuttlebutt in the discussions on -- forms on tiger -- dot com gorgeous compensation to street about LSU playing Wisconsin in Houston. Good thing bad thing of people apathetic about it what do you think turnouts going to be in the is that a good decision only issue playing game on a -- Well you know look at it now that -- stadium that was huge stadium is over now than it used to be. The payday for those games was significantly larger than that actually posting a home game. So it made sense plus the recruiting advantages of the one being in Dallas and Houston. You know the fertile recruiting territories and -- get all the play in the and the local papers and except Europe that you know that has been a factor. But. I think people are excited about it certainly knows she's going to be. You know 85%. The fans in the stands. Tomorrow night big bear exhibit you know -- Wisconsin not bringing there is that the you know that's that telling thing. And so -- was you go to Lambeau next year played in this famous Lambeau Field. And you know that you wonder beyond that if it will be anymore these type games. Because. The new capacity Tiger Stadium and then you gotta pay the bill pay for the new additions. You've got no problem. Obviously you need a home game. Well I can't to a but I believe there is at least one chapter of LSU tigers fans in Houston Texas from the. But the thing is that outside of the state Louisiana the biggest. Alumni alumni base outside the state of Louisiana is Houston. It is Mike always a pleasure to talk with him will be taken out tiger bait -- a regular basis throughout the season thanks -- Mike Scarborough tiger bait. After the news -- talk with. Better cohost of double coverage on three WL -- and -- you talk saints. Unit that has got to do with football he's on it will be right back after the news don't -- seventy. And welcome into the third and final hour of the Friday edition of the opening day if we -- into illegal Labor Day week and lots of things and one of the main things -- his return is football thank Mike Scarborough debate that but joining will be. Talked with him throughout the season about the real issues. Tigers also if you're ready the badges would be mark -- be used in -- stadium -- sole issue football starts at 3 o'clock with. Golf schools bank and trust tailgate she'll -- Deke Bellavia anti -- -- -- momentarily. Live from Houston at the hellish hot spot it's being withdrawals it -- -- and chimney rock -- Brought by Crosby tugs. And again and join agent and -- for the account issues of the issue pregame show him off on takes over at six kick off visit. It's LA she's Saturday night radio WW. Well look at that talk is talk LSU football also talks saints football years it is that joining -- -- co host of double coverage on three WL radio T Bob -- team I think this may be outburst. One moment and use it yeah yeah. Believe I'm not -- sure -- agree that -- Vietnam. -- you right now Ewing used in human Ronald W Rock Hill high. -- still -- -- and we're actually. Part collapsed on double coverage and it's he'd been -- many. One on -- A private jet force -- -- game Saturday so good but never done -- will -- -- -- -- sort of in the morning. Back at night that some real rouge leaders step for -- and it. Start -- top hat now walk around McCain's idea. How many letters around furniture throughout my house on these floors stuff like there. So it is this gonna mean that Christian is gonna have to go by himself this year to the southern decadence festival that you're not going to be emblematic. Unfortunately I believe that is the case government. We'll be fine -- is great. You know like -- -- you guys in every now and then on three W all in in the double coverage thing I think you do a fine job on Michelin and that many gets beat -- an awful lot you can work on these beaten him. I. Would you -- animal is doing that just constructive criticism from a guy just typical observer you know. Or. After about the people that don't and have never really caught you guys showed what you guys -- Euro -- we anymore. I mean we made me -- -- sports rated site. You went to that sure they're great cola -- much like my -- what are bottom line we're talking sports but. He would be more local saint. I wish -- heavy -- vote goes obviously. But he'd be on. China on May be -- figures early in the morning. There -- driving to work a lot of times you don't could be. Drive or like me you'll applicable. -- you -- your rise to a word game and that that's Michael I wanna entertain. You guys have certainly live up to it that -- let's if we can get a little bit serious and talk about football what did you think after that game last night and I I don't know I had to listen to a radio I didn't have access to TV and just logistic reasons but. Boy it sure sounded like it was it was kind of boring now. You keep that be -- in they would read between -- in the box score and I actually full disclosure I don't watch game I. I was watching tech data Amber's South Carolina. There I saw a little bit and atlas sells. Yeah and then lol it is burst. Four days -- tells -- look -- Indian Vanderbilt got solar temple but I. So that -- -- born and once in the box score it and it is three -- badly that they are 21 our obsession. Almost like three to one play the -- in. The bottom line is not the starters really played that game. Yesterday's gain was a chance for the bald guy guys trying to make UT. Trying to make these tapes what they should be on the 53 man roster. That was their time ago tractor about it well. Form while making sort of obvious while others. May find themselves looking for or working somewhere else at future. Oh with four pre season games gondola and on the way now how do you see that the quarterback situation was saying is gonna end up with a two quarterback roster three quarterback roster. In who is at number two. So I guess you Lleyton. Except that knowledge. In. -- it's two guys by. Or scary. Three quarterbacks. McCown started. Every game like I'd read increased by going there account and all the rest once those -- and should have a little -- out there and -- com. Account holder and the jitters this entire time so. There's almost. No way that account was gonna -- where hours which holders. Right before this you have counted there and acting job you know those were a huge number two. Brigade here -- as well the you can't put on the -- -- not eligible we -- 10 bull I would actually drive or nuclear waivers somebody. Would pick up and get that idea of beer each. -- she's during quarterback council may baca. -- -- -- -- That's a great deductions. Noticing that use in the only hole yeah that certainly is tip off and on about it. Teapot they would take a break we got a couple of calls on wanna talk with him talk about your all of a model plane tomorrow night LA issue. Saints football LSU football in the coast of three WL double covered with this team probably would join us 260. 18786688. -- -- early seventy's this is the Friday edition of the thank thank you. I felt both of them -- to 60. 18708668890878. In that texting capabilities so please use the telephone feel -- -- call him at the emergency operations center in coming in the saint Tammany parish if we were actually in emergency broadcast operation mode. This is way you'd be hearing -- broadcasting all the information you need one little choice area joining us right now ST -- update their team obstacle posted double coveted sir I don't know weekday mornings and read WL and dropped him he co -- a show with Christian Eric the -- sideline reporter you'll be at the Gulf Coast bank and trust you know tiger tail -- shield tomorrow. With Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia and of course team they'll be live from Houston. And they'll issue -- hot spot it would grows at 311 chimney rock road brought by Crosby tugs. T Bob not only you had a chance now -- -- professional jobs to observe and studied geology team. You played the game you wore the purple and goal that you look we are accused team what -- you think the prospects all -- you this year. Lol you know on paper. Is really good reports it. Look here in Denver. Really. Sure. -- don't do too much -- look at these players. Even in the media is out that practice. Which is not competent when there is the actress. And -- Maybe it could also revealed that the Google bought in Queens where reporters and almost assumption that this -- Also ought to on the reasons. -- -- -- so Gretzky like last night. -- -- Any ill for pain and done what he did capture life. When you bought one back quarterback job. Last week when you Colbert are that. You assume that well you know one probably not take it. Because the etc. -- -- became -- -- -- Until he won by. -- -- -- he's strong. And running back position Turkey kidney failure. For. And all of their portrait impact art and it. They're stacked -- a lot. Really solid. For our terms -- -- Even though are being. He and posted started in her import panel beaters because. Which got run at 340 and so ever considers it required level what I want plots all rights you update. -- And that's apparently the -- of excellence that -- really solid and he'd been in position. Lot pack and core. It's really good as well. I'm back lose and will not to be met split didn't cheer you didn't want me. Big question mark and the biggest key then he's been accept. At. You struggled and couldn't run against them and get a Mac about it I'm sure. And that's just freaking -- you'll -- to take about 80% of collegiate this year. A lot on New Year's worth of solid recruiting class and guys that should be age. Ready to play and your rate or working. Six that concern remained the same crash you can record quarters so you know -- didn't perform well. But it paper warm you know -- iron. About god show Christian blanket to work -- on the doors by east -- that you got -- to -- the one name. Well you could is that up to that here you aren't played a very complete the -- and back it down and helped you rate your question mark still at Cordoba. Very good receptions despite the oh lack of the availability of the press to be able to get them. -- -- -- -- things I want you to comment on it and you and Christian have discussed this on double coverage. What are your thoughts on paying collegiate players. And also what about the concept of no issue playing this game on them what that basically says in neutral field use them against Wisconsin. As far as -- players. I'm kind. Not bode well awards because like these big players should get something. There is some sort of start an argument. That the money's not there all that they're law. That Thatcher's plenty of money their coaches -- 856. Million dollars a year there's. Twenty to report that you've merely been. Structured in Brothers building stadiums all around. She culpable sell out its second biggest sport. And a spell well also money there should be some respect and help because. Don't know what that solution is is -- carriers will be in currencies cheap. Going forward how this entire. Situation of all that I definitely. Big issue recently and he has no business. Where they sent out so much money the eighties. Bet really that people may keep our. -- One one LSU playing in used in this game against Wisconsin. Yeah I love these -- neutral site games. Bearded source more prominent and advertise and recruit standpoint. They put you on the I'm meeting that we will win it or. She plays to go. Out -- match in the area I start the week and and so we have kept well the people out one or being -- You. At the age -- -- -- did you play in the nationally televised neutral site games. You clinic every month money. Pretty advertised in that your school did so I think they're Smart land use to make a statement out. -- He's embarrassed on a state thick crude potentially hurt your recruiting. And if you grow up you take care it is and you look at -- -- and so lights right. And cameras roll and that make you wanna go to school Jamal the odds are -- to protect it. There are cool about it -- -- played. Invective. There is problem -- and want to be -- tiger got bit seedy atmosphere in the action and just kept neglecting glamour of it all and so these leaders games. Great uncertainties. -- and I can't wait to go to Lambeau. And cheap -- to see it's got that satellite Mecca. All one on one be deployed in Lambeau Field issue. T Bob policy if we get a quick caller in got -- wants to talk to me I'll try to get that later but let's go to Chad -- -- note as on line 18 Chad thanks for you call your own T body there. Guys. A -- idea probably our sport I agree. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It what they should do is an. Any jurors failed or any any. Rated RN -- -- -- -- players like us. That players should be able to a certain percentage of the money compact -- an individual. You have to graduate university. Oh yeah. And -- thing like that where your building up of purse for the players so when he did -- -- -- money. My only issue is I think I've ever -- -- some that thought I was there last. They're a great Bentley and board as it did it -- to struggle to meet their basic needs. And -- your college -- that your skating and that person but wait till the end to do so. You're not necessarily address that problem and I think. With. Exit to a big disappeared. Between this player meeting for his players that are so while there. It's a -- opposites there were players you're able to benefit all of like this like normal student scanned. I don't think would be updated some sort of equal. Did it did get by on March. I agree with yeah I think it needs to be a split -- the university can pick up some of that money as well as the place team bobbled completely out of -- been a real pleasure will be listed for you tomorrow from Houston a friend. Yet they're very can't wait all right T Bob -- miracles of three WL will be right back to wrapped up after this quick break on the think tank on WW.