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8-29-14 1pm, Angela Hill, What's Trending

Aug 29, 2014|

What's trending in news, sports & social media?

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Recovering from that game last night. Now the interest kind of clear the slate and start again that's like about it. Before we get our trending on just wanted to mention that we're gonna have one of my favorite people on this earth on the program at 3 o'clock general Russell on -- right. Im gonna talk about what we've learned from the last in the last nine years since Katrina and he's such a dynamite guy I just know he -- lots of insights. Also wanna say that John W well I want you to cool down with culinary this month. We've got 575. Dollar gift certificates get this to -- ones that you could win today and tomorrow. So just listen to my show -- nominee give one certificate her power. Culinary month as a celebration of dining in America's most delicious city. When you hear the song jumble lion in the -- you I'll give -- the number to call. Caller eight went to 75 dollar gift certificates and bonds courtesy of the New Orleans convention and visitors bureau. So good luck from all of us and no -- calling you cannot enter. That's -- -- and I can enter it just can't win you can't win. I just wanna say we have our three experts here always makes my day as we different. But Dave Cullen who of course the news director dubbed a real radio happy Friday yes Seth. Dunlap. Prep football roundup. Yes we're thrilled to have you I'm thrilled to have you back and let me tell you scoot. Who just gives me peace to look at him and maybe get a -- -- through that would certainly -- we. You are a began to wonder till midnight. And he'll be leaving a midnight tonight yes our viewers special human thing. We're gonna get into the into the training but just before I don't ever do this but I'm going to do that today we are all thinking about what was happening in nine years ago. But in the times Picayune one of the great photographers they have -- Jackson. Has done a really remarkable thing you can go on -- dot com and see it or it's in the paper itself. But he takes the exact scene of some shots he shot on that day. And then revisits it today and it's really a remarkable thing visually to look at and I hope that. If you got the paper you will if you don't you'll go to Nolan dot com Ted Jackson has. Has done right. Well let -- start what is trending today how about. You know want. I'm not gonna start saying we're gonna start because I heard a little bit this I wanna know more from -- -- One in seven people experiences. Sleep drunkenness yet. Have you ever woken up late and gone. I don't remember turning alarm off but I know I turned it on last night -- -- ever woken up and summits as to what we used to win last night when you got up and did -- sides heavy. Ever then -- learned after later waking up that you did something in the middle of the night that you have no recollection of doing. I don't know about that part but I certainly the alarm part all the time well things that that would add them including that yes starting off your alarm without remembering doing it. It would it would fit under what now experts are calling sleep. Drunkenness and one in seven people. According to this new report have suffered this. And so we -- to -- -- health scientist senate that is this thing real is this you know this is out there on the Internet and the answer from the mostly action is absolutely. If you are disturbed or aroused for whatever reason during. REM sleep rapid eye movement Ingraham. It's very possible and common acquitted them that you can do something with. Out fully waking up just part of your brain in -- just enough to allow you to say turn off the alarm even answer the phone and have a conversation. Even walk to the kitchen. And maybe get something to eat -- this is with or without sleep aids without. And it happens more frequently with sleep right but it can happen to any of us whether we take medication to help asleep or not. It's more common among people who take sleep -- more common again amongst people who smoke or overweight because they have sleep apnea more often. War amongst people who just don't get enough sleep which they said is almost every very few people courted the -- sites that are actually get enough sleep. Well if I'm a self promote on Tuesday were having those wonderful people over because of the FDA ruling about the some of the sleeping aids like thirteen of them. Literally they have some stories out there were people get their car in the pajamas and drive. And they don't stop until they hit something or the cops stop them right and then they're in their pajamas or nightgown or less. An -- and I think it is like scattered entries that I have. I have recollection of its young married at the time and to. I -- it was in native to kind of heavy drinking. And I remember that I woke up in the middle of the night and I mistook. A walk in closet for the rest. And -- issues. I don't know a hockey -- well I NC state yeah that was alcoholic it is this is frequently not in and won it seven people with at least suffers this week drunkenness that really dropped. But it usually last less than -- -- this is that the old I left the house drove down the road shouting kill my arch enemy. Drove on -- practically at Augusta was sleepwalking now this is legitimate use it lasts less than five minutes. -- more than that probably what's yours medical condition. By. And I want to. You -- up but bad. And you look around like my arm really should've gone off -- and you look at the clock via. And in turn your alarm on it before or even yourself -- army turn out even. With that for. On the unknown if such -- -- man. On -- more prone to this than others. They say it if that happens -- if you -- it. And and you know it is fascinating but if this happens you'd be alarmed freak out -- and minimum target more realize what is easily. May be asleep in Ethiopia that. Your takings we made it the wrong ones. On that uplifting note that the British auditing in net during the break the fish are going to be up to midnight. Stay with us everyone we're gonna trend does suck as a bunch of stuff as to -- will be right back. And of course we have to be trending right now with us often Dunlap looking had done what happened yesterday both of the saints and to line. Well what the good day for local football fans of the good news for the saints obviously it was the game of all games that doesn't matter is a forced pre season game in the final score nobody really cares about I will say this though. Prison much pre season as I've Earl Watson were talking about up in the Booth yesterday network with Jim. And hokey and we're talking during the breaks that that was is as ugly and even for pre season as ugly as the game as we've about it really. Baltimore had the ball. Time edition 42 minutes to the saints about seventeen that was as big -- describe the NFL is I've ever seen -- and I -- pre season but some of the things you can't that -- you can't explain they were out gained by more than 21 Baltimore at about 440 yards the saints with less than 200 it was Austin down. Now the good news is our scrubs lost there it was go eat well you sale now but remember injuries always happen. And what we've seen in the past few years and I know nobody and lots and finals -- matters it's certainly not stand that but what we've seen. The past few years of visceral champions Baltimore two years ago Seattle last year. Is that those teams I think point four -- 31 pre season and the pound people with their back ups and they use that depth on the head injury during the season. They were able to use that depth fill those holes so I think we're -- from the saints is there their first team their first string is as strong as anybody in the league I've said. I've for the past five months and they made this managers -- -- had a great draft footprint and cokes and everybody else I've said their first team right now it still if they have -- injuries is as good as ever -- league with the way their schedule works out. I think they are the favorites to. Get the first seed in the NFC the problem is here or seen in the pre season is there really thin and -- really really thin -- a lot of spots. So injuries. Hopefully knock on wood are gonna play a factor with them but if they do you have injuries to key spots like on the defensive line on the offensive line and obviously quarterback. That they're gonna happen they're gonna have some big issues now they did fix a few things that have been problems earlier in the pre season one of them probably number one is the penalties. We've been talking about the last weeks they had only one penalty yesterday only one penalty Baltimore it was a double digits so that was great you mentioned Tulane. That was a real heartbreaker to it was up 21 to seven at halftime and then came back -- its 28 to 21 in the fourth quarter. And it's also comes back tied at the goal and overtime nibble at it you'll Lana efforts possessions then also goes on to 13830 once I know on my Greenway fans. Really heartbroken once Natalie weeks the week wasn't really confused me about that game I can imagine any team being in Tulsa named the golden hurricane. I mean the golden tornado on the and a golden hurricane you know I have family multifamily about what that's like my grammys in Tulsa. And they always say the same thing they don't really understand why it's Google her and my parents are actually a lot of different does that. -- -- -- -- In way yet when what does that. Greenway the wave its green and it's green OK I just have to dig up this is -- my -- factoid. Saint factoid I like to -- -- at all. In 1970. This is what happened the saints win their first ever pre season game played in Mississippi 2620 victory over Boston. That's not the story the story is -- hours before the game. Head coach Tom fears privately told sportscaster. -- bow our heads -- Alberto. That he didn't think he'd last the entire season to which that prophecy came true halfway through the regular season. As -- it was on this day and. You had something maybe a -- -- filling crop Wallace how you never hear it's actually admit that. On the air with data with a reporter mark does that he's gonna last this thing it is interest and we love things like that scooped. Big baby with weekend is the degree it decadence we can that we believe we can decadence we gap in -- I Isaak who is. A storm for when -- weekend I'm Katrina. It looks like it's gonna rain Saturday Sunday and Monday -- to be okay evicted the festival this weekend down on the front where it intends to it tends to attract some follow -- it doesn't mean people can have a good time I think about the dresses the make up and that's just the man. -- She what if the hotels attacked yes or they are okay well that's great I see ourselves like tells us this can be worth a hundred million dollars. Decadent no 100 million dollars in economic impact of the city's hotels are. And people from all around the country and the -- Come to New Orleans for this renowned gay rights. It's been a big wet spell from the past few years I've lived and every three years now as one of the things I've wanted to go experience every single year. Two years ago it was -- three years ago they had the tropical storm forget what the the troubles are nameless in the last year was dumping rain as well and I guess this Saturday what is about this -- -- and you said Katrina was on the street. Rana was yet there's an -- I'm Austria fairness Katrina came. Coincide with decadence that some about this weekend and I may -- time of the year and then there are other people of other arguments about why it happens unfortunately. And we know that those people we got in the quarter this weekend as well the -- as well it's not to feel the decadent should not take -- really don't like it being. I think it was so it was last year and decadence I was in the quarter and there were some of their status of crazy. Christians. And they confronted may mean I was just taken pictures and and one of them on the loudspeaker on shortage -- taunting me that I'm a woman. Look at me and I hear gay look at two year old woman. And just all kinds of degrading things and I'm thinking. I'm not I'm not I'm not and yet so you're gonna make this judgment without even knowing me so that didn't seem very Christian to me. It's about a lot right on number news the news in the big -- -- obviously during Mardi Gras you -- -- a pitcher during decadence like you said. Music right in the middle wants him at 400 block is -- -- at least music setup on bird street for the likely haven't experienced anything like that at least that vulgar towards me so it's but I've heard some references. Thanks. Well this is we live in America. And everybody can have their opinion is the bottom line is is we do events like this beautifully and people do come and enjoy this town and we welcome them. I like to point out how wrong it is to judge somebody based on the way you think they look and I guess I fit this particular stereotype and so they fought this of me without knowing anything about me. And I heard that there are going to be in town filming a new on new -- is gonna come out this fall actually -- new series. It's gonna come out this fall planned as the new Paisley. So that should be -- site. OK well that's very -- But bottom line decadent disease futuristic -- made a lot of -- -- it does bring open debate and discussion. From both -- right supporters and from anti gay activists who will be there. Very largely outnumbered no doubt and if you wanna see some of the most elaborate. Decadent. Opulent costumes the costumes that are presented are there they -- and a lot of the folks who participate in the constant contest. Were all year you must now -- that's the parade is very flamboyant and exciting. And if you enjoy that kind of thing go to the French Quarter and see it. If that kind of thing bothers you you know think children should see that kind of thing. You should know decadence is going on this weekend to be go to equity indices. Let me just say something scoot by had been witness to that I would be that person. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Uninteresting -- you mentioned -- the stereotype the you have locking up a wonder what. People would think it's good narrow lock it down the street who they would stereotype one way and who they would stereotype the other and what actually is the reality. And tonight -- It has is crazy and all that crazy you know we're gonna go the newsroom stay with us were trending upward trending with state Colin and scoot and -- Dunlap. And scoot going back to you very interesting that social media has played such a big role in promoting the atrocities of crisis. And you promoting the atrocities that also leads to an excuse me to -- recruiting new members. Mean they use social media to promote that this is what they do and that's actually attracted people to it. And hundreds of people from the UK have apparently -- crisis in at least a hundred for the United States and now we hear about a second American. Who was killed fighting four -- for crisis it's it's it's a really interesting phenomena and I heard somebody talking about how it is not. It's through the manifestation of people. Feeling so disconnected. In their own country like at the UK -- the United States they have no control over the country they have no control over. What their causes are so they -- something that they think they can have an immediate impact on and that's one of the ways that -- -- -- it attracts people. But it's it's it's Friday because those Americans -- those westerners who were part of this it's easy for them to come back to the United States. And we wouldn't we wouldn't expect that they would be that that they would be that terrorists if they are. We've always worried about sleeper cells right in the United States about people who live here for years and years and years. Who are just waiting for the order to commit a terrorist act. Now what you have. According to this report. Is at least a hundred American citizens who didn't come here and a waiting borders they grew up here. And for whatever reason decided that they needed to join the terrorists. And they're living in our communities across our country or its we've seen. With the two deaths and there may be a third now we're hearing. Going to the Middle East to fight. And commit terrorism. And -- America. And social media's had a lot to do with then promoting what they do and that his has attracted new members which is really you know it's not just a leaked to me to say. You know on an angry in America don't like America whatever you wanna say. To do something as. As vicious as what is going on with the nicest I mean I would love the psychological breakdown of the hundred people are seldom are saying Americans. Waiting for the opportunity. Very very very different. Are they mentally ill via our way to me what makes him one and one day's night you know -- I'm going to be terrorist right. Right right lettuce let's go -- moved on them two months Seth Tony Stewart is going to race again and yet. He had a spoke at a press conference today he was visibly. I would say honestly shaken it still didn't look like it was a -- -- look contrived. And he mentioned that this accident toward this death is gonna affect him for the rest of his life. He's speaking because he is going to race in Atlanta this weekend is at least that's the last I've heard that's what he said during his press conference. So he's in Atlanta this where the press conference took place. And Stewart racing actually has more than 250 employees which is one of the reasons why he said this press conference that he wants to continue on as a lot of people counting on him. This is that a bad saga and -- talked about it a lot and Tony Stewart certainly had a history. Of blow ups not not anything of this. Severity before. But he has a history of of these kinds of incidents and when this happened at the whole world was shocked. But maybe not a shock to it would have been if it was somebody else it was another driver because if there's any driver than this we could see happening to. It was Tony Stewart's and now this investigation is still ongoing hasn't officially been charged yet but certainly. Charges have not been ruled out by the prosecutor there's so he's still kind of in limbo but you were will be racing this weekend. And it's going to be it's going to be an interesting scene and I guess the best thing that I can say about this. Is that it seems like the media and so -- a social media give everybody credit out there. Is this kind of laying back on this one and letting. The investigation play out because it was kind of grainy video you can really see -- And as you know when you're racing those cards it was a poorly -- track at night don't really know if there was intent or not hopefully be investigators there will figured out. And we still a race that we still don't know if he intentionally or accidentally killed the other driver that's still don't know if he's gonna face criminal charges we know always gonna face civil suit them there's almost no doubt the family's going to sue him and -- the face. Civil trial. I just wonder you know and all this we -- criminal and his civil lawyers and they think it's a good idea for him to a hold a news conference and would like. Think he would have to hold in front if he's gonna race and would have to say it again -- quickly Dave -- let us talk about to an unfortunate thing that's happened on the West Bank the pastor. The pastor who shocked at the two alleged burglars. And has now been arrested -- -- As we were talking yesterday apparently police were preparing the arrest warrant yesterday when you and -- we're talking about this Angela. That 62 year old William Littleton. Had admitted that he pulled out his gun and he shot at two burglars who he alleged was stealing copper from his church and Algiers. He shot one of them in the head the arrest warrant now indicates he shot that man in the back of the head as the man was -- And we had said that the police weren't saying if the men were armed if they were if his life was endanger the pastor's life was in danger at the time on now it appears police do not believe. Then he had his life with the dangers that he was not justified in pulling out his gun. And shooting at these two -- hitting one of them critically wounding him. By police say that Littleton now faces one count of aggravated battery. By shooting. If the man dies those charges could be upgraded. This is not the last word that now -- -- still in its Newsnight a big discussion if he should keep that charge as is. If he should present it to a grand jury to see what they come back with. But here you have a beloved member of the community. A preacher. In a very popular church on the west by former NO PD officer -- and the question is did he just snap. With the yes. So upset that they were stealing from him and his church that he couldn't in a blind -- control himself. Or is there more -- the story and we'll have to wait and see. Okay -- we're gonna take another break but we're going to be back. And we are trending once again with state Colin and scoot and -- -- them up. First let's go to central quick because let's talk about Tulane and let's talk about tomorrow is a big day for the NFL. Yes for LSU yet it's -- Wisconsin Wisconsin against. Well I I'll show. Over in Houston tomorrow there is a LSU and -- fourteen was Esther it's a massive game and this game everybody's talking about it rightfully so that the winner this -- Pretty good shot with the way the schedule plays out of perhaps getting into that new national semi -- the top four from the selection committee that is tomorrow we're gonna have all sorts coverage right here on WW dollar whole crew. Is over in Houston over Reliant Stadium and it's gonna be great tomorrow so that is tomorrow if you thought I was gonna start at quarterback -- well -- I'd be guessing everything everybody thinks and everybody says it's going to be a dual quarterback system for most of this game. My pick. For the long term by poetry LSU fans is Brandon Harris I think Brandon Myers is the real deal is this true freshman. It's a little -- coming into peeves is true freshman -- -- in high school last year he was one of the top to recruit quarterbacks I've ever seen in high school he's that good so early -- and pointing out. Yes -- very very quickly to our debt he had the big day for the cuts for the NFL like you said and the saints are gonna have to cut their roster down to 53. And interesting to me to hear some of the chatter and speaking of trending it's -- out there that. They think Derek didn't key is going to be the place kicker this -- nobody talks about kickers right well we've had to battle all spring between. Arab summer between Graham. Shayne Graham the old kicker from laster who missed a couple of kickers in kicks in the playoff game against the Seahawks that they lost. And in the youngster Derek -- -- everybody now thinks the and he's gonna take that roster spot the other one that surprising to me as an I've talked about and I think the last three weeks here. On your trending show about the big battle they've had for the backup quarterback spot. Between Shayne Graham. And Ryan Griffin and we all thought they would only keep too because. Every year that -- -- is in the coach here for New Orleans only kept two quarterbacks will now. There's been reports coming out that they're looking at keeping three quarterbacks for the first time Shayne Graham played much better yesterday -- excuse me -- -- played much better yesterday McAllen looks like -- for sure is gonna be in that number two spot but they like -- enough. They're gonna use a roster spot on him to keep him as a number -- back quarterback. That's major information were all going to be paying attention to -- both for -- -- issue end these cuts OK let's go to David talk. This is important trending. Yet that NO PD this will be trending very -- just announced that for the period from January to July of this year. Murder is down another 10%. Remember that last year we were at thirty year lows historic lows for the murder rate in New Orleans. And the and a PD says for the six for six months of the year it dropped another 10%. Violent crime is still a major major problem but murder continues to draw. And you also have a story about speaking of crime. This is a bizarre robbery yeah that have nor -- police are still gathering information but we have many reports that. Give us some details about. A burglary. At -- and a funeral home in from may from the reports indicate that. The burglar. Took a purse from her. Funeral home. Filled it with televisions from inside the funeral home stole cash from the funeral home. And unconfirmed reports which still asking me in copd if they can confirm -- saying that the burglar even took drool Marie. For dead people. Put all this in the -- and fled the scene. I've neighbors have identified a man who they say as a homeless man who's been seen in that neighborhood. For the last couple of weeks and they think he may have been the burglar copter following up on that but -- one of those head shakers stole a hearse. Filled with televisions and cash that he took. From the funeral home and if he really did steal jewelry from dead people. Now you know that when that pan am flight went down in Kenner from the years ago it was. Destined for. From Las Vegas they were people who I went through -- money on the wallets of the dead passengers and stole jewelry. Off the dead bodies. Don't like to think about those human beings no I don't like the question what is wrong with people what is wrong with people that is right. Nothing is wrong with our -- however and you have some of thoughts on this lifetime network. Movie special. -- Monday Labor Day there's going to be a lifetime movie network special exceed the unauthorized story -- saved by the bell apparently -- wrote the script. But the other members many of them who have gone on to become. You know at Providence actresses -- They stated this is not true it's like who was sleeping with who would who was doing bloggers attack like we heard those stories about the debris points. And I can after hearing the stories I don't know when they happen or not I can't watch the but he points the same. -- -- I ever watched saved by the bell because I was totally would've been weird if I would be in Washington goalie came up I know what -- for many people are listening it was a prominent part of your Saturday morning. Man I like I like the women would -- it was James in her -- on that was used on him but that's -- he beat him to -- who's like the one guy. All of the new our student I don't even know saint. -- Essentially a high school soap opera. Okay and -- -- our -- saved by the bell -- Elizabeth Berkley from that show went on to do the movie showgirls where she gave full nudity that was really quite a shock to remember her from now I don't remember that's yeah well and that was the single agency never made it once or Pilates. I heard about them just most of the movie you know this is moderately people. And we still talking about Brad and Angelina still wishing him well still wanting to see pictures yeah but you know what they deserve their privacy they do -- it's either pictures I'm OK with that I I admire. You know there was suggestion was with the MTV video music awards and also with the with the -- they may have picked this time so would the president be so preoccupied with everything else. And how very wise of them and I really do agree to the privacy but one picture even if it's a month now we would like it. This is trending drug charges dropped against the man over Seymour Hoffman's death. Remember they arrested a 58 year old man who's a friend of him his who allegedly. Gay -- in the -- right -- -- and -- got them off funds and just saying that he did get his right to read -- But he was arrested for possession of heroin and that's a much lesser thing that. Boy that's another -- tragic. Unbelievably tragic thing any final thoughts many -- Two -- I I have made it very clear I'm not a big fan of the ice bucket challenge anymore but at least people are trying much harder now to get noticed Homer Simpson. Yeah -- have not seen his ice buckets down yet it is trending. And -- plays a key role in it and the old spice guy. From the commercials for old spice. Has an amazing ice bucket challenged. Spoiler alert to be a line here with that one as -- Wednesday that on a quick as he is so manly he can't get wet no matter how many times he tries to pour -- -- -- -- Very entertaining vote trending. I thought I playoffs that in one of the funniest things I've seen all week was is just go to YouTube and type in ice bucket challenge fail and -- have about two minutes of laughter off of failure yes I say look at challenge fail on YouTube. -- who didn't failed but who won. -- Ricky -- congratulations to you big issue on the 75 dollar gift certificate to Antoine and that's a big deal. We're gonna have two more won the next hour more on the next stay with us we'll be right back.