WWL>Topics>>8-29-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do in NOLA this weekend

8-29-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do in NOLA this weekend

Aug 29, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch talk about what to do in and around New Orleans this weekend. They talk with Cheryl Dupont about the drive to recruit new singers for the New Orleans Children's Chorus, Paul Sanchez about his musical Nine Lives, and Jude Borque about what movies to see this weekend.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well we'd begin a long Labor Day weekend and actually just a few hours and I hope these major plans but. If not we have a lot of of what's going on then of course with -- happening guy Ian -- In order to get to that just a second but I just wanted to say that WP well once you do cooled down with culinary this month. We've got three. Yes three more now that's incorrect. We have a couple of 75 dollar gift certificates to -- that you could win today. -- in this hour and in the next hour we're going to be giving away one each back to deal 75 dollar gift certificate and wants. -- every month this is about celebrating dining in this fabulous city. So when you hear the song jumble lion in the buying you. I'll give -- the number to call and call a number eight wins that 75 dollar gift certificate and bonds. And this is courtesy of the New Orleans convention and visitors bureau. So you'll get one this hour and won the next hour and good luck and stay tipped. And stay tuned to Ian hope my gosh we have missed each other the last two Friday has not been all year it's been very long is it feels the longest we've been separated I believe you know. It really your life is good. Yeah everything's really good I bought couch can I tell you about all the exciting stuff I'm doing this weekend. Yes okay. The first thing I'm doing is waiting for my new -- be delivered that's perfect line just going to be on the edge of my seat all day long. I got an -- is it going to be Saturday because it is going to rain and eaten. Now it is carry him -- so that's called umbrellas. Well I got the special treatment you know it's waterproof. -- Hydro over -- has rabies I know let whatever it is but it's supposed to be spill resistant against specials that I got a great deal on the sectional couch. And maybe I'm a little embarrassed to say it but it's the first. Pieces furniture and I've never really bought as an adult with all my own money. -- so beautiful moment over the last 1214 years I've you know just -- oh yeah I'll take our count on your hands are sure I mean I guess I -- mattresses news that's different but I've never bought it. -- real taste of large piece of furniture much -- -- exceptional -- I'm really excited about it. That some of the moment in time it really is yeah and the little things that we mark. Our growth and you've done it I've got discount so I'm spending Saturday afternoon waiting for my couch and tonight I'm gonna go see a play I think Cuba plays a good way to describe it maybe it's that. It's called the two gentlemen of what Belsky I've heard that sounds like the two gentlemen of Verona but -- south -- it's basically are. -- -- Packaging of the big about -- film in the style of Shakespeare. So in this kind of tragedy here it is the dad is well I think it'll be terrific I think itself is really fun you know and I know a couple of people that are and I just think it sounds like a nice fund latest and Wednesday evening and then tomorrow -- go -- -- -- leak. After my guitar after -- touch gets the government or occasions -- to partly in league and -- go back home and sit on the couch and -- Ellis. Football say the perfect weekend now that you have the couch we don't want asks you cannot come away march 0280 why again are too busy. Ever be that -- -- my laptop. Smartphone. -- run an empire from the I'm happy for you I'm very happy for you and account is that -- take a picture this is a this is a special moment in my adulthood while texting account let me take this is something that that is not an event that's happening but it's for upcoming events. But you may want your children to be involved and were talking about the New Orleans children's chorus and youth -- -- the course is looking for kids to get involved. And you know how much fun they had and what it does to make them feel good about themselves. Surely DuPont who has run this magnificent course I'm gonna say Cheryl for ever. It's not like -- sometimes as a but it's expected at around 1987. Ninth 1987. And so. You are building -- chorus and -- because kids removal. They did that get older they get busy. And so every you look for and you can't sell it -- its -- thing and -- we also look for news saying it it looked like this saying they have to have any training. Any previous experience and even Annie. Best talent if they like the staying with a place that. And tell -- where you perform once the course gets together. Well we generally do a basic apartment is went a concert. And -- been in contact and generally those -- the respect of all but sometimes their area churches. And this year we're doing a Broadway concert in college. The quiet little thing probably chickens and and that the children individuals and that's what that it can't it is still looked as well. And what they're working on -- location for that but it will be departure from Moby. Normally do we do one of these every several years maybe. And then -- tour. It was optional world as singers but two years ago it went missing at Carnegie Hall with the orchestra. Concert I conducted and then. -- We we went to visit well this past year and the issue the planning actually to Chicago. And which Google saying in and visit. Well you know museums and -- -- things that there. You know it's just such a constructive thing for kids to do and it you know they socialize it's. And then they do performance and that just gonna feel great about themselves. They do we had begun at the front and back and it you know it's an educational programming and music performance based music education program but. Dedicated. It's about having fun of their earnings and about the great friendship that they make I mean I have alarms. Who. Made lifelong friendship. People out there may be in the thirties now -- bill that meant that the kids that they sang with and they were. You know the -- hit and that that's an important aspect but I think. And -- They can our office. But go to our web site I've optic phone number is by both for. 4822883. And a web site is just New Orleans children's court dot org. And is an email I can email as well and a CD. 787. At Hotmail dot com. And we do take all children I -- be clear our mission is to accept our children we find the place for them. Anyone in the metropolitan -- can get through rehearsals and the and then. -- and it it does cost this is not free -- Not free because we're nonprofit and like everyone else we have to find a way to pay for. Our operation. That the tuition is 400 dollars but the entire year that includes all performances. I concerts and art instruction. However we also have payment plan. Where you can spread it out we. Reductions or additional children and family and we have tuition reductions -- scholarship but those. In financial need we don't turn anyone away if they hand today. If they can pay that helped that the we have to raise the little bit less. You know but we don't credible way if they can't. That's surely you've done an incredible job and I know that to impact an awful lot of kids lines like thank. And so that means a lot at the labor of love and a I'm thrilled to be able to continue -- after -- the issue. And against the children's chorus and the youth -- the numbers 4822883. Or go to New Orleans children's chorus dot org. Cheryl thank you so much and I hope they just line up. I hope they do it -- Angela thanks for the opportunity. OK stay with us everyone we're gonna continue with what's happening. Yes. We are back now what's happening and we're back with how we have missed Jude Bork I cannot put into. Hello how -- yeah. You. Here and you know let's get Angeles -- DuPont is an old front line that you chorus. Not only should mention you may not hurt it. They -- two point -- I actually -- have a chance to go with them and ID you know holy applaud Sherlund group -- has made that capital. Love her love her room. So congrats -- having them on there and it. That's wonderful a -- to talk about that but I remember the Carnegie Hall thinking you imaginative thinking that all these young kids. Having a life experience like that my -- Okay did you college you know on it and your listeners. It was you know a 150. Of these youth people you know -- middle school -- some element -- maybe if you high schoolers. That and me and -- with an adult and -- And you know that to what's happening there -- some fun things for -- his and our list but. There it looked to keep seeing this -- at that rate he'd -- nine lives. A play or you're familiar with. Yes and -- we're going to have the man who is the musical director of that on in just few minutes right. Will -- I'm going to be listening for that to let's talk movies said. Well I think what you have is very very important that it's the thirtieth. Anniversary ghost busters. To -- now I can't. Well it is the huge relief they're willing to get all across the country -- since four K. Which is defined and to mean mine my nephews and talk to -- it's -- -- said it's very very high definition. -- think of. I am very very very high definition. That -- Why why they're releasing it he said of altitude. It's Bill Murray is Dan Dan Aykroyd it's held Raman is any pot it's Sigourney Weaver -- It's authority for thirtieth anniversary they're going to happen it's all remastered. The great one liners all there. And they that wonderful song so it's a fun thing to go to the movies this weekend. Outlook I would by -- I mean I've seen ghost busters about once or twice a year ever since I was. But it is a classic in I truly never gets old. And don't ever ever. It's about half a recommendation -- people wanna go have fun there they -- too great to see that the cumulative that are out there that. You need to be a little caution. You think I am well one of them is November man is stole our peers abroad and basically you have an -- the plot is an ex CIA agent who emerges from retirement to protect witness. It's -- cat and mouse spy thriller based on the novel. So there's action there's bull that they and their peers their Switzerland. Arm and that's about it. Here's one of the reviews about of this Bronson -- past sixty years old is director. Is just -- -- -- And if you go to the movie about the limitations of being young and inexperienced. This is the movie. A McDonald's. My money I say written. The Bourne identity the Bourne supremacy. Any of the importance of these and enjoy I think you'll be a lot more. There's another movie that distance being -- this weekend it's called at the above so below. Really interesting historic hook. There are these tactical and her a lot of people know about them where there's all the of these buried bodies. They're like six stories below the city. This movie has the the plot of it is that. There of these eat eat -- homes for these countless -- in the maze of bones in this secret city. And there's a journey that goes for. As one critic however called it it's and -- admirable. Indiana bones. -- -- -- -- -- It is he -- humid in the commercials I don't think it has any identity of whether it wants to be spooky horror movies. A historic Indiana Jones that have an action movie. It has a an idea it has these settings and it claustrophobic. Feel. But otherwise he doesn't have a good group to do it what a waste of good -- I basically. It is a good -- and and -- if you intrigued by it. Get some popcorn and go see it it would be something fun. But definitely not the November man. I yet now in is not. I can't see that it's one that I can recommend -- your really like -- Clothing humane stated in Italy is not a reason to zero. To -- him for -- -- on the big screen. Yes what about I'm just looking and I. Some movie called land ho. Land -- a movie with a couple of older is distorted about a couple older gentleman. Who all are. I haven't seen it yet so. Give -- second to catch up with the. Is this the brother and brother in law -- Iceland's. The Icelandic Brothers. We're and it yes that's right yeah we talked about this real briefly almost -- maybe a month ago or something. So it is another one of these road movies he did is he. Engaged audience that they're going to war and right now is Angela is. One of the times -- a lot of movies that are not ready for award seasons that amount. And it's not the big act in teen movies that the small niche movies that. Because people love going to that is -- -- Small movies are great. That's how like shell came to debate it. The hundred foot journey. The other two. -- and all this is a lot of movies that are gonna come out to sort of fill the gap until the opt to movies -- ball shall. End. Couple things beginning now that I haven't seen yet. And I recommend you know this. -- in the reasonable that your audience out there you know everybody is listening they have kids in high school at the game tonight. Last night started college football. Fantasy football Leesburg this weekend. All of the college football -- more so. It is this week -- a lot of football and you may wanna stay home. And stream movies on Netflix don't -- that inning toward this past week. And they gave out awards to some rate and theories. There's two that I recommend people into the temple and we'd love breaking bad is deserved every award. Com. And the last season now being streamed on Netflix seeking kept up on that. But all that and if 16 pole awards. They're the BBC series called Sherlock that -- happen. Yes they were winning right left via. He got -- actor supporting actor. Got on directing it got a cinematographer. He got a lot of -- towards. It's a wonderful -- and if he gets you'd both extremes Britain that is not for everybody. Sherlock and the BBC -- about. The updated modern version in London. Is not for everybody. But they're both wonderful and I recommend people they're staying home like Ian on his couch. That perhaps they -- what is the movies and played in the lab with an injured. -- okay I'm very excited about it and I think you don't you remember the first time you got your view bought your first real piece of furniture. If it though that does not I'd do but -- too many. -- to talk about the immaculate as stated on the radio well I'm blushing and I just wish everybody up rape we hope. So -- either southern decadence and love being with Keegan and on my gosh. Again I would hear your voice. Ninety years old very very much but I. He truly is mr. Let's take a break let's go to the newsroom and we'll be back with what's happening in. Well of course we are acknowledging that this is the ninth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Affected all of our lives and and probably always will. But it was captured beautifully in a book called the nine lives by Dan -- And interestingly an miraculously and thank heaven he did one of the great musical talents of our community Paul Sanchez. Put it to music Paul are you there. There are now on I'm so thrilled that your joining us I wish you were running this magnificent event it's it's a musical witness at New Orleans nine lines. At La petite and tonight is the last night I wish he would run for like six weeks. I'm sure -- here is that one -- and really special sure you're -- Know how did you. Get to that thing where you were I'll put this wonderful book to music. And then called -- -- -- who's -- and others and it just read and columns bestselling book about. Portland and at the time it was just another book called back I was overwhelmed with -- but well. I didn't wanna read it didn't that. We captured in Portland in an injection regard musical act. And then on to solve -- Michael server and to be in Ireland. Some of the movie to Tony award winning. Actor who got away and became. I ask you a similar Alter -- album. And you just got the -- the -- is -- -- award winning -- and project people in New York start interest. You -- out so strong -- so this has not played in New York as well as here. We had -- reading that symphony space on Broadway where it can messages on the music. We've done. And I will be eleven points and Portland which. Say nine peace and an interesting person to. And the cast in -- again like this and of course New Orleans on match. And excitement and challenge. Them but James Brown by. No it's an incredible cast incredible music I am just so sorry may be -- come back or. Can we get it back -- for another hour replay. Well multiple servers whose creator producer and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From new York and she would like to take shall try and at the script that we were written. Just begin to do some -- and it was a refinement and I expect them. But others. Year we would get a chance stage again and even more. Realized form. Well congratulations. For what to help create -- very meaningful for this weekend definitely. When this finishes though a lot petite is not got another show coming up I think you gonna talk about. Yeah you do it. There and that showed an opening shall be. In which one people who actually yeah Perry. Instrumental in getting into puppetry has quarterly and she is in the cast out there. Opening -- on -- options options by. Erica. Pretty. I'm excited that she continues to bring. Peter back to Portland the -- -- Very elaborate. You're breaking up a little bit but I hear what you're saying and that's absolutely right -- that the reopening in the rebirth of -- -- is. Is what we needed to an magical and they're doing a phenomenal job over there. You're down and on top of that they're even having a food drive. There -- -- oh gosh yes vote in future secondly we've been do not think the new addition credit. For. -- lives. But -- say they're. Yeah. -- but obviously people. Yes second harvest food bank yes true actually shut down many others and they do much muted and fantastic four people in the orange. They do so every time there's a performance and this again starts this is the cronje Sonia Masha and spike. Which sounds just terrific that they say just laugh out loud. With that starts on September 5 which is next Friday and for every performance are asking people to bring in. Canned goods. Yeah I loved it up to keep both anyway if you include. Charity and that -- that's why they ask me which on the actual live with the latest on -- I just think it's a wonderful thing that. I realized that the -- -- special relations and we should all when possible get back. Burn up totally and you just continue to give Paul and it means a lot you're so talented and you just keep creating great things and we know you always well. A lot better than yours stripper. Real pleasure to talk she'll be liked and well. That's if you'll on the real well there's an interview that you gave to Jason Raymond and -- defenders and they ran out the day before yesterday and it includes a quote at the end that people on social media -- -- a lot of comments about. As detail and the -- you said in response to his question about what he think where the city is you know. -- on you know what were not threatened by the influx of new people in new culture because. We've learned this -- for 200 years the New Orleans changes you you don't change New Orleans we will take what you brought from -- work culture. We will adapt it and then you'll sink into our march you'll have a drink you'll slowed down and relax and enjoy life. And I just thought that I was really beautiful effect to everybody is responding to a very positive way and it seems like it should be our teachers are billboard somewhere so. -- -- On top of your incredible musical you know production which you notice that that comment is musical just listening to -- -- areas consistent with you. Well your doll thank you very very much Paul and we look forward to all of the performances. Are actually. Ninety care. Product that is the great town with a pulse. Well he is absolutely we're gonna take another break we're gonna come back and we still have things that are happening. We are. -- -- Well if you want to win a 75 dollar gift certificates and -- honest courtesy of New Orleans convention and visitors bureau. Give us a call 260. Wins. -- 2609467. Right now if you're the eighth caller you win with WW well. Yes I just let it play. -- might -- right there. It makes -- want to -- line -- right it really done. You know I heard Tom Fitzmorris the other -- was talking about -- wants is his favorite restaurant. It is a wonderful restaurant that's that's a big feather in your cap I mean we all know it's wonderful but for mr. -- and -- food himself yeah he ripped but it just got so much history to you know. Oldest a family restaurant in ninth -- -- in America that's incredible it is also clear when I was interviewed channel -- they took me to dinner there and I was this wide side. Kids from Corpus Christi and minds blown way you can imagine an -- night. Walked into. -- this is so exciting mr. early -- manager Phil Johnson. Taking it in very heaters and TQ did that it needed to they still take people there I'm not so sure bring your own -- -- Well conference room to -- and I interviewed for WW radio. Cheeseburger well yeah I think it was even like. And we are still over next to the super forcefully boards all over the windows with a little bit clandestine. Chips and a diet oh yeah happy with that I got to meet. -- everybody else like oh well this is big time. You know what else -- big time as we have a lot of big time people coming in this -- and retain and this is a woman I have always -- that Patti look now. Is going to be your Sunday at the Lakefront arena that's just a couple days from now I guess -- that and 7 o'clock Italy from arena these. -- singer Frankie Beverly in his soul -- beating names. Super group they're going to be there as news. Ruben Stoddard you know who was the former -- are different. Than -- I think it was suggested. But -- -- And it. Love for keeping -- in a kind -- another. Tremendous tremendous talent in this community is and I I will crucify her name and I don't mean to unease Saint John and -- on the -- On the east Saint John. Just a gorgeous opera trained voice but sings pop singer. And stunning to look at it and just a delightful bright human being. And she is going to do with -- I'm justice. Attribute to Donna Summer and that's going to be tonight and tomorrow. The always theater -- the irony -- -- well I thought -- do go to nine after I do that about keeping this issue go see that and you shouldn't bingo moment. Just wait you're just. Cautious sleep on the floor. From like -- sit by the phone wait for rooms to go to call me. You know I've been I've been nowlin on -- Saint John for some time in just that she's just sort of move. A unique personality in my life is just kind of like floated in and you know we're not close I don't know that she'd know my name if she Sami but are we cedar. It when I'm hosting an event or and seeing a show or or some festival or something nice here on the street now is way that she just gives me this. This big radiant smile. And then when we were person for this play we were in her classroom over trinity episcopal on Jackson where she teaches you all the musical classes over there. And now -- in -- classroom this woman is everywhere. She is everywhere and she's just so professional ascent and and just such a pretty lovely moment and now now on wife and mother and she's the whole thing. We we don't have to remind people that Monday is labor today but if you have nothing to do when you would like to drop by. This is a man I have the door for many many years doctor. Reverend Willie gable. When we have the talk show on television a thousand years ago he was always there for us talking about various issues facing the community the -- all -- And he is the minister of the progressive Baptist church and they are having in partnership with the National Baptist Convention. A mission -- family fun fest this is going to be Monday Labor Day 10 AM to 2 PM. It's going to be on the grounds of the Baptist Church the progressive Baptist Church. Which is at 1214 south Robertson street. At the corner of south Robertson and Cleo. End run across from Home Depot anyway they're going to have medical screenings at children's games. Include that in addition close personal item it's just all from the heart -- so again that is on Labor Day. Mark on Monday 10 AM to two at the progressive. Baptist Church do you and are you broadcasting on Monday. I am not broadcast hope you know him actually let me let me make this announcement because nobody cares. This'll be the first Labor Day I have ever had off. And in forty years I've always worked late model far -- am so I say that. Because I want to applaud the people who do work on Labor Day and there are many who did. Many many people -- -- labored. And you are appreciated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Labor Day is Monday and loads of stuff still happens it happens on -- but their arm again many people who do and I just you know we also appear on set. Not feeling sorry for ourselves this thing. Purdue in this sergeant a little bit -- -- we have a job always disorganized sometimes here as well -- it and you know what I mean for Mardi Gras and special events you know. On my other friends were off mentally and still have to. That's still have to do my job. What can I ask what you're gonna do with your first Labor Day off yes for -- going to do a movie. Yes now I've only go to that I was really asking Jude's and poignant questions because I have to block these now. But we are going to have the Big Apple. Movie on day and then I'll come back and report to -- up from three. We'll do at least story at least at least it takes coordination and oh yeah I'm sure that while playing but it's also a time to clean house which the yeah is always so excited I loved the you know when you clean with wine. Gosh really that's as messy none and now you drink you clean I'll I misunderstood I value menu like toward the wine on the ninth in likely celebration I can't I'm such a bad -- celebration disasters we will take a quick. Let me tell you congratulations on an accountant so happy for thank you very -- actually think he should take a picture and -- I will I absolutely well you know this is a relationship get a bronze. The have been couched now. Have wonderful wonderful delightful Labor Day every one I want everyone to stay with the stuff for the next hour because again as I said earlier. Truly my favorite man on this earth other than my delightful husband. Is going to be a general Russel honoree he's going to be with the whole -- but we also want to congratulate. Glynn potter you -- violations 75 dollar gift certificate to end fonts giant -- -- we have one more to give away. And that will be in the next -- ABC again thank you about it. Hope you'll stay with -- this next hour again general Russell honoring our very special guest talking about are we prepared by -- activist.