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8-29-14 3:10pm Angela: with Russel Honore

Aug 29, 2014|

Angela commemorates the ninth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina by sitting down with retired U.S. Lt. Gen. Russel Honore.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Again I appreciate you staying with this because and so so thrilled that general honoree is going to be our guest for the next hour but I wanted to get the sort of out of the way real quick. We have our final gift certificate. Giveaway this is a 75 dollar gets to picket and once that you could win today you just listen to the show throughout the time. And when you hear the music jumble lion in the by EU. I'm gonna give you a number to call in the eighth caller. Wins a fabulous sum if I don't get stupid and wants and this is courtesy of New Orleans convention and visitors bureau. So -- listening. It is of course the ninth anniversary of Katrina and that's a moment that turned our lives upside down. So many lives lost not so many irreplaceable treasures lost. But through the horror of a life changing event has come many positives. We are wiser we are more engaged. -- were more appreciative. But are we truly more prepared. Who better to discuss not just what happened nine years ago but what has happened cents. Perhaps answering the question are we safe are very very special -- general Russel -- commander of the joint task force of Katrina. And author of two incredible books I have in front of me survival. How a culture of preparedness can say viewing your family from disasters. And a wonderful book leadership. In the new normal. A short course. Thank -- Thank you for being here well itself I wanted to be here on this special beer in the history of this city. Katrina and I. To a 900. Toward contribute to hand and -- blessed for this city minimal following that we have. Taken pause today to reflect known. Of those who lost those who lost some those who lost all Internet. And there -- your team and help city. And those who helped him a -- During. And after the stole that that we take pause and reflect on. August is a special suit. It's some it's a remarkable city and I think that as is even if somebody spent 32 today driving around saying oh my gosh this was the day. This was the day that changed our lives. They can also say. Our lives are better. The loss of the people we will never get over the loss of when I think of the many mementos of people's lives that they can't recoup. But in reality we we are here we hope the -- still can come back who haven't returned. And and we are doing better. You guys showed -- some time. Like people. You can tell look to character of the person. A holiday to respond when things don't poll well. You can really tell the true character of people are great people here and tell the true character. Of this city. Lot of resiliency of the people. I got to deal -- NC were measured drug ago FEMA. By. Thursday responded movement of people and that -- if Wallace of this peoples there and it -- -- -- her -- not open. Fear and -- Warren was a bra when you'll get us out of -- him at all. It was a -- injury time vote. Anger it was a -- when you get this out of Newark you know give me a few walls. Are -- that you could Celtic heritage this city a lot of people because a lot of things -- -- went all Obama got 30000 people standing around. Well -- no water no food. And my take on this and -- -- -- people's rule and about diluted. As a don't confuse looting. With some bubble because a lot of people. Vietnam War era beat up from. And my question to people who -- all well movie well this this compliment. What would you do. If you have no food water for you family. In -- told people do what can be ditches. Will would you just sit there and watch food war. -- not because it was you know you're going to survival mode. And I think debt for the first few days. That tainted what was happening in the city because people focused on that. They got out government dole out about now -- to city who has. And actuality what we knew it was a lot of people tutoring. Or mid July because it needed food water -- Medicaid issues need to do about it so. Are they -- true character of this city. Was what I saw in those duties while we were evacuated people. People cooperated would -- another. The majority of undue burden to the bosses. -- when Toronto. Was -- literally around the United States. Getting on airplanes to rid. Nobody telling me way to -- -- We shouldn't be so hard on ourselves I mean we've got a -- to true soul of this city is its people and its culture. And will not mess with that too much. Is taken 300 years to get here. And people come here to embraced that culture. Law. No not mess with that too much -- as written by the people that -- GO little lists -- years but that being said. I'm proud to be here I was proud to be a part of a mission would all -- troops and first responders here on the ground from National Guard. In all of us services. Marines air force. Maybe Coast Guard. And push responses from cross country. There was honored to be here. Let me ask you very quickly when. Where every you were prior to being sent here. When you saw the pictures on the television of of really a city underwater and then of course the pictures of people convention center in the superdome center of your initial thought. All that's it that's a throw back there those. No predictions. A -- get mixed messages I was in Atlanta. On Thursday mobilized by nick wars. But when I was mobilizing -- Thursday. I was a responsible for -- This is advisor for the storm over yeah we have mobilized ornery column one OK try to swallow operations. -- deployed some about federal troops out to Florida. And in Alabama Mississippi and Tennessee. But on Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday treatment Monday. Up until Tuesday. New Orleans was not in my area of responsibility I had the Mississippi River to feast on my streets. And lose that I wasn't in there but. On Tuesday when I arrived to in our camp Shelvin Mississippi. And then went on down to Biloxi and saw the governor. Mississippi's. And his attitude general. And and I called in to him -- Nicklaus said I'm in Biloxi. And is destroyed. And admirals -- -- Ross what are you doing it -- -- we don't have a mission yet as to. We've got here prepared to help people save people's lives and this is our mission admiral. And you call Washington. And within two dollars a city when regional. -- -- Japan and -- and makes 19. 27 and. -- landed at the superdome. There -- a million stories this man can tell we're gonna take a break and Morgan a comeback and we're gonna here's some of them. Just so very human. This entire experience stay with this financial under the W well. I -- but god bless and he came here. We're talking about general Russel honoree who. Days after the -- -- the levees and a town under water comes in really to save the people who were. Standing at the convention centers stranded in the superdome. An all kinds of places on roofs. And just led the charge -- to get them food to get them water to get them to a safe place for which we are for ever grateful. But I would just like to know some of the personal as you sit on this ninth anniversary. Moments that you had in those first few days that you will always remember. When we landed that superdome on Wednesday morning. As development helicopter recognizes some of the people in it was -- The -- in question was. Oh will they get to leave you -- and -- -- -- -- that's that's that the Phillies have people who'll all our. And a bear weight and at the local aside. Of the super dome there was a lady pushing a -- With to be reason. I'll always remember that. And in late that evening right before dark. I got in a humvee with -- and Chicago when you negotiate a male. Or -- courthouse and first political house in Zimbabwe to a war. So we're going. And has it come down to ramp at the superdome. The water comes up into the season who's he gonna humvee. And I live off to -- -- there is amendment -- Spartan. Lillian in a war. And Matt went off about twelve dollars and the next Thomas Obama told troops c'mon let's skip gears mr. Wright thing year. Pick him up and give it to police and removed his kids who come and watch him. Oh my gosh. And is right near where that champions square area. On the Porter street side and ran up. That a man was there for a well about a parliamentary. And so we were able to do recovered by going to -- demeanor that night -- always a mile down orders. In a humvee set me and water -- two weeks. And they going into the court house and I'm meeting with him and his staff. Who held up in -- room like this -- the lightly nor air conditioning. Trying to figure this thing out. -- what was mixes well. And and sort of where do you begin. Where do you begin. Well I think OO and all due respect Amanda go -- they had a priority that was evacuation of people who was -- service and just keep -- people here. From the time I hit the ground. Men do men elect members are creative people live here and when -- some movement and we need -- now this is Wednesday morning. Overlook ID two or three but it probably was a lifetime to shore every -- city green and connect. The leadership for evacuation. And never went through all this drama all with the bosses were coming in went to a common. And no way to communicate with the people. The people standing outside they -- not getting any information. That was our -- you have people in Chicago. Knew more what was going on in this part of country. And of people when you waited for helped when you came did you come with a small contingent and then troops are going to -- a cameo -- five people with me. Two. Made contact see what was needed I have a staff of 300 in Atlanta. And I had a hundred at camp Shelby Mississippi. -- -- -- cause was not all responsible Louisiana also Mississippi. Alabama Tennessee union that whole area. Bill Saturday we brought Indies second airborne. And it reviewed the first -- But there was a lot of talk and there's still discussion people replay meant to you all why did show with 40000 troops. Always. And I try to explain to him you try to get 60000 people out. If our brawl 40000 year. Doubt that a 100005. Award a fruitful. Let us evacuate people you've -- what you want to go to him out of Duma we got this. -- the general. Me and I could be wrong but and I have been at all. But on this case if you stated priorities evacuation. What are we need to bring 40000 troops -- to protect the city protected from wind. While protecting it. Well we need security security -- -- one. These people -- state house this it would go. All the shops around the superdome now one window broken. So what I'm gonna bring 40000 troops to protect from what the panelists and outside the convention -- Did they go and some of the places we give food water yeah but that's normal so take appeal. -- 40000 troops if Auburn for a thousand troops go to two more days before we start the evacuation is it. So. I can look at myself in the merit and we made the right decision. And I stand between the governor and president who shot bull weighs. But I think we've made the right decision the priority was getting the people Odyssey. And that's -- the emphasis was all we had enough troops in the National Guard was here in big numbers an -- in general nets guard Andrew and his people we're here. We needed buses. The -- we needed airplanes. And by Saturday we got it -- which brings up another point. When we got airplanes -- -- -- TP support. The first thing -- idea. Was from a one of my majors and you said the TSE guys it. We need to stop in all the started about -- they don't have enough equipment to scan everybody so as it. We not stop in the evacuation. -- because -- -- TSE subsequent years ago mumbling Paris. In -- -- We need to load their place it -- -- -- equipment you know. -- -- -- You look at for Osama bin Laden and all roll please he's not in annual dental terrorists. Load of planes you people aren't. In the food they need clean get Amani -- Human who -- plates. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The first group airplanes that second group airplanes can pilot get off an airplane coming in -- of losses. Hey we need to have a Memphis. We heard from the first policy that left you and him Memphis. Aptly requires you have a manifest. To win a hole it. Guillen called me up a -- get him on call and talk to deposit lobotomy. We have no men office we have no computers. Most of these people do not have been identification. We cannot make him -- this but I tell you what. We got guns and you don't fly added arm planes get out of it it's underground or played well but. -- -- speak to the big issue in a disaster. You got to figure out what -- you or break. Because the rules. Is what got you here in the first place in many cases -- prices as a -- of folks in Washington every now and then review -- overseas. The reason you're not doing the right things is you followed the old rules. -- in me has no rules. Don't incumbent yourself when room when you're trying to see people's lives. The words a general Russell honoring stay with -- we'll be right back. Well we're with general Russell on array. The great man who came in after the storm. And just got people out saves them -- or with an organization. And just the clear motivation of -- lines period. We have a caller Donald -- yes Donald. I don't. On. Well well a question for. The general. Katrina. Hit it are the other. Engine. There are it and they were declared martial law in. You know the way from orders. The order they're -- -- our national poll also. Via the bad news if written. I don't know of that happening. There was a whole lot of men gave him -- authority dude dude there was no martial law -- has no martial law declared. But as amenities. And people don't always do what you're supposed to do. But I -- -- I was an exception as opposed to rule. And I've heard that. A few times since Katrina. Of people have said soldiers meaning measure of who we're here. Something about a month or two weapons but that was not an order given by -- chain of command here that I know -- And I can assure you it was -- exception not the rule. -- and and now. -- -- I also understand what to get a bit dark beer that tunnel model -- like -- but ultimately she and you know. Maybe -- will be there. You know their property -- it'll are out -- on. You know. What nobody get their property back. What what was and to go far and -- bit bit that it declare that. As the senate I don't know in. And people could Novo file charges this Upton but I'm -- that's probably an exception. As opposed to a room and everybody had happened you know I've gone Atlanta I'm going to Chicago. I'm go to New York. And I said don't panels and people talk about. All the riots -- what happened in the CB. That the superdome was undergo all arm low bullet attacks. -- lot of stories. That. I just -- -- swallows of the nearly on the street from Wednesday morning. And till six weeks after. These are middle witnessed. No law and in my -- dollar in federal troops. So. I I've become so hard here that happened. But I could shoot you I was an exception and not the ruler whether people got to go -- back. If we miss a few goes into all -- the problem they're running goes I don't mean to me smaller now but this is nada. An enduring issue and hopefully we'll never see that happen again. But if it -- as the National Guard wouldn't they just go to the National Guard and say hey by the way they took my gone yeah yeah. Absolutely should given that Donald I really appreciate Mexico and a falling very much. And we were talking about the -- And and you were saying you know go in there and get the water and food and in yet people did have the image and image because there was national media here. Of people walking out of the Wal-Mart with the TVs and so they thought. This is what it's about. I have their report to come up to him and he showed me a pitcher -- -- coming out of Wal-Mart. We're about a fifty -- television on the back in waist deep war. I mean I'm a watch. While would you wanna shoot it is. His there. -- TV probably got water on intolerant. There's no place to plug it -- there's no place to sell it. People in there right mine don't do. To this partisan got bigger issues. They've taken a television while will we shoot him. -- understand -- let's let this process. We could catch him -- I mean people in the battle right if you have stamina and Stan and don't dude. After every disaster it is certain amount ago and take place. In a case of Newell is column number one mission was evacuation of people. And we have people convinced ago and it's time. That there was -- Moody's on Thursday people confuse you were so viable. This some stores in Britain broken in two years. But people will point out to food war. What do you do to fit in his TV in the middle of a storms around about war with no locus of people would do got -- meanwhile obligation. This some things we yes we need to rewrite the book on a ton of people and all we're gonna do. Stay with us everyone we're gonna continue this talk and we're gonna ask the good general. What have we aren't front activists. -- In the direction. FEMA. -- them all righty. If you wanna win that 75 dollar gift certificates and -- courtesy of New Orleans. Convention and visitors bureau right now on call to -- so -- winds. 42609467. Right now. If you think -- caller you win most of them. Mona pence this year lucky lady she won that 75 dollar gets to tickets and once congratulations. Again we are with general on -- and we're now looking. Looking nine years later. What have we learned our our -- significantly better off. Safety wise. You know from a government perspective. -- when you look at the CB and I -- the news collaborated. Who weren't its own interagency we got a -- staff Homeland Security team under the mayor. They've got even have satellite communications announcement -- so how is going on -- redundant communications. And if you look at our commands and a that it can bring to -- albeit an award are the government even down in the -- -- Have done what it could we've got now law 1000000014 billion -- -- system. But the consistent piece. And the key -- all is as people. Related news. Yes 100% while the government is measurable with a government is Don hall all the time and so when Gustav came so again. -- came very clear communications. -- tell people the -- Katrina came. Emeritus at the factory. In this group voice who has been living. I mean I mean do a lot of things that didn't happen right now first playbook. The first -- we were entered this victory in nine years ago. In a violent -- and as we had a game that night and the next video as you navigate and so we've come a long way in government. Understanding that there's things that go on what you do to help of people with the evacuation. Amalgam -- show up. And before it was -- approach via people community cute pets so we've come a long way. I think in this city. And of all the other days that movie in Louisiana we don't quite get right. From our governor all now. When it comes to dealing -- hurricane. We set to stand with the rest of the nation so people -- went lists we all. Nobody. To include. And when our current governor. When it comes to dealing hurricane we do this data. And any other state in the nation to include all the Smart people of new York and on the East Coast and on the floor. Nobody does this and it got a sense Katrina post-Katrina and -- Lucent on National Guard the best when I'm -- cigars show up -- got a boat behind a truck. Yes you know see that new York and osu then Florida. We've got this doubt we know what to do and and that's become upon miscues at the industry's massive. The governor on down the governor know what to do and he's done it. Lead in the nation and how we respond to. Prepared people. But it does go back to people and and and we have been -- in a sense. Even though and again more wiser and I do believe we are all ones. But if we don't want anymore but it's get the people to leave. Right when called upon. And you know that can be after you know the -- -- evacuation and there goes golf. People people are frustrated. People when he came race and I'm not doing this. We still need people have factory. The levees we might have a fourteen billion dollars system. By the Levy is good to give -- early warning he gives you flood protection. But when those levees that threaten as in the case of blood coming in from search. On the C and we don't have the protection. We had torn their abusing her and that's following coastline is really no way so when it's hurricane columns surge water. Come through all those canals and -- Completely bored -- to late party trying. We don't have the protection we had. When he was a while I was here are -- -- category three and we survive we don't have that protection anymore because our coast plan. Wetlands. Disappearing. Soul when the government says evacuate. We need to evacuate and we've got to make sure people stay prepared to evacuate. Law and if you have issues you need to evacuate her you know role of the almost sixteen are people we follow on. In the new all is great area. Most of them we picked up. Where elderly. On deceitful. Most will -- bulls will bodies. That's a testament right. That's my tests and observation. We can't let that happen. So that vulnerable population. We have to focus on them we've got the blue -- And we rebuild in the hospitals. When it generators and -- debates yes there are a lot of things we're doing data. In terrorism to restructuring and rebuilding. In Atlanta city is resilient but we cannot predict that when it's time to evacuate about. No I just think not just Louisiana and New Orleans but the nation has learned from Katrina of -- how to do things better. An absolute federal government tests and and certainly the people in hurricane sandy was it was a different circumstance but as devastating to them as to what haven't I salute. And and yet I agree with you we we -- we -- the standard bearers sadly we -- the senators for the week. We are -- must be proud of it -- do it for these yes we absolutely do it I know that your life continues on a wonderful -- in a wonderful way issue. Have created your green army. And you are fighting the good fight for our environment and something you just said. We don't have the protection. We don't have that first line anymore. And we can only hope that we can try to get some of that back. Yes and -- Michigan degree and army is a fight pollution and I'm answer by the Coleman from Washington and New York. And he wanted to talk about climate change in -- -- talk about them we -- standing handle. You've got we've got that applies at all. Growing share. Kids and hit -- -- -- in and that -- -- ball. We've got to pollution problem we've got to fight in Louisiana. And much everything happened over the last fifty years we've got fixed. So that's what we've got to do and tomorrow. We're having a conference are resilient university yesterday in the morning. We are blessed to have the archbishop. Almost -- by an opening ossetian. And what we don't talk about is clean air clean water since Clancy food in Louisiana. Ross' specific issues here and you'll serve he can't please come grab breakfast every 10 that's great inserted a long long Xavier and Xavier University. Image and in India ought to -- Auditorium. Russell on -- race you are always the general to thank you very much for all you have done and continue to do. And I just says they do the country from Sandra -- exit exit whose clubs if you. Xavier tomorrow at 1030 that's -- general multi thank you and thank all of you for listening.