WWL>Topics>>8-29-14 4:10pm Hokie & Kristian: on Saints cuts and LSU-Wisconsin

8-29-14 4:10pm Hokie & Kristian: on Saints cuts and LSU-Wisconsin

Aug 29, 2014|

Hokie & Kristian talk about who they think the Saints will cut to get their roster down to 53 players and preview tomorrow night's LSU-Wisconsin game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Typify -- Friday. Getting your week in. -- long weekend started here on Saints radio WW -- Matt Clement -- WL dot com along with saint color analyst of the guys on up Kristian -- we are alive its grand opening of the new routes is market here -- In that -- just off the west thing expressway on -- Another beautiful store week we bred to be a brand new and it's absolutely gorgeous as just about every routes loses and so it. The other food the food here is -- it appropriate to get out there against the practically you'd get the Friday night ballgame tonight he -- now. If you were playing on you do it looked tailgate -- game. I get washed out come back here get ready may make it out there. And you're ready to go to deny it are tied for the for the LSU game that -- -- so they got it going all right here. Yes indeed just it's easy to get to write off the west they expressly come down stuff you can't miss it. But by the academy out here another beautiful store for arouses market slot to get to today on the program. Obviously college football underway last night a big upset Texas a and M -- -- Johnny football whom. Go on often Aggies 52 -- when he -- over South Carolina South Carolina. With ten and a half point favorites. Over Texas and then without Simon's own company that didn't matter too much of 511 yards three touchdown passes. For Kenny he'll also know it's too late heartbreaking it. The feet on the road that's also 3031 double overtime of course the Saints wrapping up the recent twenty to thirteen. In that defeat to the Baltimore Ravens last night in the superdome and of course looking ahead to tomorrow night's contest the opener. For the LSU Tigers against with Scott. In Houston 8 o'clock the golf right here on WW also. Lines yelling of WL TV covering the Saints lot join us later this now he also a different -- to coach Sean Payton as the black and gold. Trying to pare down that roster -- that he doubted that the three players that's tough cuts looming. Says they'll be -- little easier than others but there's going to be some really difficulty in you know course as the process goes he you have to release them before you can re sign them. The year practice squad developmental squad -- we want to call it so then did those guys have to clear waivers for the 44 hour period so. That's one of those good news bad -- -- that shot fake you know I guess that's. Probably the best way to scrap I. Knows that the players in the bad news is that at least here right now the good news is. -- to pick you up tomorrow or if you go somewhere else you'll be on somebody else's roster. Of course our WL dot com of people where where are the toughest nuts is that wide receivers and -- kicker. It's safety other you can get your vote on -- an -- to get more people at that we didn't collect come more calls at 260. 187 until 35539563. Excuse me. 866 and -- -- -- you got a brilliant if I had a great number -- my head right now from the morning on three that we will -- 866 hitting ninth 087 also. Politics line and 87870. Also on line we executed -- dot -- to keep tiger's not playing for LSU against Wisconsin a pair of eligible players will not be on the field. As thirteen thirteenth ranked Tigers take on. Fourteen Wisconsin Houston's sophomore defensive back. Rashard Robinson freshman wide receiver now -- -- were left off the official travel roster pokey big deal or not that's that would not cut entry. Well. It first place it but that's kind of hard to say I haven't seen yet now that -- replay and not know his reputation but. -- he has stepped off college. Real game situation field as yet so. If somebody that's got a much Titans he is -- if -- had like six -- -- deal with -- again I don't know exactly what his role is really community. But number one return man is -- a number two or number three receiver that's hard to say. And as far as. Who would the other when he said. That is for chart -- Robinson Rashard Robinson. It means that befits a back -- you know it's bad until a few -- it was last year. Ha I don't know. But it's -- I would say really right now opening game a couple of young players I would say it's no big deal right now. The development that mean that may all change after watching gain more guys who they really need somebody. To fill those two positions. The story originally reported by the gravelly. There in bad routes all long lines we have had to be that he will not gonna get a phone lines are we 260187236689. Usually seventy Texas quality 7870. And -- going back to Texas -- permanent -- big victory over. Over Steve Spurrier and it. And South Carolina men they that was one now think -- the people saw coming when you consider what Texas native lost. Yeah right and Johnny Johnny Denzel -- -- never trailed -- first two days they lost Matthews along the offensive line to the NFL all of a -- now on Sundays but. We consider Kevin someone's building out over the west and. I like that and it's not only do I think he is an outstanding coach. You know he he count but I guess he probably. Low keyed everything as far as I can't lose in a number of players that he did in keys to that -- exit. -- football. Matthews in the end Mike givens but. Everybody you know that you're going in South Carolina -- against Steve Spurrier may have. We'll go down one of the best SEC coaches ever. So but to be part ya between that doesn't surprise me given -- -- because I saw him do that when he was in Houston. -- I mean he he he put together some really good squads over there at some. Point gotta wonder -- to sign a lucrative deal. With the Aggies gotta wonder when the NFL's income really not and I know yeah it's a team that flirted with him this past offseason but eventually there's going to be. Dallas Cowboys though that is out there that might have interest if you don't go out. But he might be one of those guys that doesn't want to go to the NFL and you can't tell me that that guys in the past Bear Bryant. Joseph Paterno. Trying to make it because it is not that they save but yet they say well he did go to but I really worked out actually. Split and actually he actually started Pro Bowl win. I first nude Nick Saban was he with Cleveland Browns so. But you know John Robinson went for USC. In the -- Lou -- has done it they've been other. College coaches that made it -- in the NFL it didn't fare very well and given up that might be saying look -- like -- a whole lot better. At the college level because I've got more control over my team. Big news out of the NFL today 49ers pass rushing specialist outside linebacker. -- that Smith given in nineteen suspension. And that ninth game it suits again. Does things so illness that Saints cut that November night here in the superdome. As a saint battle 49ers and all the Smith there RD without -- the extra ultimately cannot. Thought that he did it correctly it Zito but few players which you talking about two. To the arguably the best linebackers in the it in the league assured him that there is very it is I mean the you know the way that our ratings system. Used to be when a guy that is the NFL players when he is mainly blue. That meant he was up there that we want to call it five star whatever else you talk about the college ranks. But he'll be -- that you blue ridge yellow pretty different systems is the color of the names that you put on there kind of dictated. Where he ranks well that's -- blue names if you will yeah. And big loss for the -- niners too. -- we struggled. In the pre season offensively count Japanese company did not get it done and who. He scored some points last night and -- we -- basically like anybody else does it right that's all their backups. Right there office skyward I think with with their first team and their six points this person. All along the office tomorrow I'll watch them last week against the Chargers win. The starters play the bulk of the snaps in in the -- on along the offensive line. It looked very good and again and notes -- he can't draw conclusions right we don't let them allotment is the thing you can learn UK. Yeah I mean you Pete hit that -- you get a handle on your team you know we can't do it if we can't do that but. That third pre season game we'll keep you some type of indicate it. And yeah what you need to do they mean Frank Gore and get no younger I mean he has been -- work or no doubt. In past years but he's articulate. Some point he's not declare itself -- volatile it's gonna catch up with that guy he's -- guys on -- -- -- -- great opening at the new -- is here. In Greta just off the -- expressway on stumpel boulevard that's. -- is right -- the check those out also come back. And break down via saints' roster moves as they start to come out here. Fullback Greg Jones is already been released and we'll get Hokies take on where the toughest cuts might life in this state football team. This is phase of the pro want to beat him well enough and -- that you elect -- -- Welcome back the fans in the Pro -- lines open for it to 601870. Till 386689. And early seventies Saints. Have to trim their roster down to 53 players by tomorrow afternoon at 3 PM. -- radio WL dot com 878105. Point three -- heavily as well as those roster. Cuts start to come out. And a -- look at it some of those possible blues are the decisions looming for Sean Payton and his coaching staff. I guess that. More topical ones. Wide receiver right week we thought would be you just talk about that they're the broadcast last night. Kicker in quarterback and I don't look you can you hear about this for this out there. Luke McCown has done nothing. But proved that he deserves to be Drew -- back. Clearly and they can't release right Griffin. So I think you accurate record of. Yeah. I mean that's. -- cut dropping I've. Immunity for me to say that but. I mean I thought the -- had minicamp I thought he performed better in the pre season game it is snapped it right -- it but. -- snapped it right you're the guy who will be very helpful to Ian. So. I don't know I don't I don't view the quarterback situation. As it if you. I think the only issue there is if they knew released right grip it that well you're not gonna have him yet because somebody else's and I put about prior. The squad when he first got to clear waivers I thought if you're released. And even if he clears waivers at some point this year is going to be an injury to a you know closeness soccer manager quarterback and goes that he'll be on the short list of names they're gonna. I -- so I would certainly think so though only to me like it's I'm not not as concerned about that I think. I think the kicker and of course I mean that's it. I did it look easy when I say it's easy to see him make it and we want dad you've got relief but I think it -- you if -- because you get. At least in my opinion you know -- -- it's the same become that much cheaper price. Any can help it should something happen Thomas More than on kickoffs we've seen that and along with Shayne Graham -- keep you tell me. You maybe you roll the dice with the empty and he's your kicker and if he gets off the rough start after. Teams the go back and get a guy like she Ingram. That they'll be out there maybe he'll still be out there potential. They'll be a veteran kicker out myself where that you don't have to worry about it I mean that's a guy that doesn't have to learn a playbook. -- good news coming in K you know now he's got a tremendous amount of pressure owning. In certain situations. To make it here. But you can kinda kicker out there somewhere you're not going to be happy if you go matchup another quarterback. Or another player effort for that matter you got to come in that has yet to meet Arnold blew playbook allow the plane going through exactly the same. They just call up the difference but he'll have to learn all that new terminology so there is a learning curve there where you can't Wear him out there. On the field the use -- he knows though. You know have to play 60% of the snaps. 40% of the snaps. Because how much of the playbook does he know it -- again you -- growing up only a chalkboard anything go oh that's. But we called it the that's where. I was before and but that's the hopefully learn the terminology and let -- -- -- -- -- it after you parts of the when you're out of practice few years Sean Peyton Hillis to the quarterback and quarterback -- -- Well sounds like got a lot of her repeating it sounds like. -- completely different form a mile foreign language. Beyond comprehension that to -- and you got it may mean you can -- -- mean you've got a -- doubt that beat the position. Itself would mean. You know XYZ. They're the same anywhere -- shift in the you know they'll column XY -- -- into pattern but it's all the other ever particularly it was a demotion. The protections. -- you know seeing Graham. Tokyo nothing to consider he's a vested veteran he's on that roster past anyone want. He needed -- near equitable contract guaranteed that salary at least four. This season I come back after news headlines which remains -- little reason -- yelling at WL. TV dot com along with seat -- also guys' job Kristian garic and the grand opening of the new -- is market here Greta just off the West Bank. Expressway on stumpel or. But we got a great special going on here arouses in his Gretna. Thought Dallas special a third of the slab of ribs coleslaw potato salad. You know for tonight's game perfect. I went out to five dollars -- up high school games tonight or for tomorrow morning tomorrow where Belichick gave a command. It grab some goof who we had the groups that are outstanding. The special -- at. Brenda Rouse is the grand opening here just off of the west -- expressway. On stumpel or. Inactive for the -- mark -- -- want to leave it to you production last night so now all they know he's not he's not fluid -- it. The French and he's hit hard to win. So when temperatures are long are why -- -- it's a little more. Yeah but according ST quarter just -- yes that -- now one languages are beyond my conferees at all. For language out every languages beyond your comprehension and I would agree with them except stupidity -- fluid it's stupid. I him. Who is third degree you agree that. The script that's a development and a getting back Tennessee's roster moves who is via accurate advocate of what Y -- of that if you will TV dot com. Look at the wide receiver battle. Next factory years Kenny stills how serious is his quad. How -- be available for week one week from the Sunday gets the Atlanta Falcons -- do they keep five to keep six is Robert Meachem. The odd man out in this case Jimmy Graham gives them flexibility. -- you to keep. Five wide receivers because they use so much as a wide receiver so I mean that is Robert Meachem have we seen the last of Robert Eaton. I'm gonna say yes. I guess I haven't been impressed. With his training camp. It's been skating but it has been unspectacular. Nick junior -- guys start off really hot but he certainly gone cold. Since game plan that does disturb me. A little bit. Yeah I mean I looked it. Look at Gil Morgan -- way that it he started off a little slow but mainly because you -- steal kind of feeling his way up to that team relay here but he certainly. Come on quite strong at the end and me want to -- he'd be seeing that guy. They could that be difficult pitch in. We know we sit down field threat and he I think he just maybe he's just right now he's overall look. Both had bruises if you will of getting over an injury then I now know what would hold up the -- fall off on Brady go. It but did again. I could be totally wrong because you don't know what the issue is with which he steals. You know I mean it. I like to get Charles Hawkins. I like beyond the problem with that is that you get to smallish Garcia is out there if he's not Randy John -- life. And I like you you've got to like the size of branding Coleman. In Octavia Jones but don't. Guys have been rather inconsistent. Are they the same player I guesses my opinion like any other I don't doubt that you practice -- look I think jones' faster I think. Told -- news. -- the as Bobby likes to say a poor man's version of market -- to -- big receivers did that happen here. The hand that market as it is not -- -- -- Cleveland has settled in though the last couple weeks and we -- off the rough start dropping the football early. He camp and really the last couple weeks. Looks like he's been better. I I will say that -- -- better but I won't say you know awhile he really turn one -- yelling covering the seats for WWL. TV dot com joining us now alliance as you can tell we're kicking around the AFC's roster. Cuts that are looming for the for the black and gold by Saturday tomorrow at 3 PM. You have an opinion I think Robert Meachem is the odd man out last don't eat the same thing. Man I don't know I've been taken out around for a couple weeks now you know for awhile I did I thought this thing. You know might have enough confidence that some of these younger guys who maybe are always beats a minute not 120000 dollar contract this year bullet. I think we're. Kenny still going down in and we don't know how long he's going to be out I think it better presidents. In that receiving corps is -- then -- don't -- -- -- part ways it. Alliance who and where where do you feel like that. Tough for cut that the toughest cut is -- -- kicker is that a wide receivers do they keep five or six safeties. It's it's gotta be it's got to be probably the safety position on me. The kickers in the vehicle on both of those guys has shown up well the last couple weeks there's. And I have been impressed with him he in big he got a real shot make the team but. But spaces that that the kicker and more important is it the safety position and where it all back there mark the ball and skier warned. Both battling. And an on their running and so many say is cheered the in all the deep and they've played in. In the period that with all the different state -- I've got to think they're gonna keep that date in and you and I had conversation the other day. I'll bet that picking between those two guys with all the talent back there. And I I'm glad I don't have to make that decision because me personally -- one people all. Took tons of depth. For the Saints football team and if they keep three quarterbacks lines. Crew. Yeah you know it's looking that way after last night and I think really -- it it's not because it's. You know one better the other our pastor and there but you know Griffin will be the number two guy earlier on. But now account I think he's submit that is role as the number -- guy that the coaches have so much more competent and -- And the back. Walker and its last time and and shown that he has great potential down the road. He's not ready to come and play for your breed if it Drew Brees goes now -- thing and probably pool a pool and have to sit out a couple weeks. I don't think they're ready progress and become men and and take the reins of the team. There's too much talent around in there. You know too too much potential for the team to go for the well this year -- and put battle on line group and he he needs another year to. Really developed and and work on and gain Indiana. Lines -- look at an NC a two minute drill here thinks about what time good incitement. No prospect. Highlighted -- a good point here you look at the the way it is this roster set up their. The Saints are primed to make good run here. Should something -- that drew you wanna guy a veteran that come in there and hold them before and it certainly -- would count as experience. Has the ability we've seen a move that -- pretty well in the preaches. Look at you -- not whine you know. Yeah opponent. The told the coaching champion and make it sound like you know but it. I can't believe that it would -- -- got to coach them like that. But to me. I don't see the way everybody else's I think Luke McCown is the clear cut winner. I don't think it's the I mean yeah I'll take it practice OT a mini -- gained all that into consideration to me it's no contest. I see -- would count as the clear winner. He sees -- also guys' job Christian Derek here at the -- is just and Greta just off stump boulevard. Off the Al west race for us -- collapsing -- a great team a day specials. -- to do Rouse is more. The fans of the pro ought to be at William F and WWL dot com. You know it's football season though he went you know I had routes nuclear couple times during the season. Not particularly in this door that opened a grand opening here the -- -- but all over. The new world metro area. The the -- for pregame shows the fans of the pro etc. and and it it's another sure sign that. We're back in -- familiar grounds. Football season. Yet -- accurate number one of the people it's the first -- ever did with that the -- and Thibodeau in 2000. -- -- has that he just taken over in I mean buddy. In insisted just off him a constant thing that 44 stores right now they get two more that'll be open. I guess in the next couple don't want him to -- point Lafayette give -- 46 stores in the zone and on the Gulf Coast so. That means hectic spread everywhere at the you know the Saints fan bases on the Gulf Coast. But at the out of imagine it is easy for him as they arouses. And see where it probably than he did well there was a mid to BC you know. The two PT. -- -- 260 -- a seventy till 3866890870. Text line and 870 eights and Tokyo are breaker for too late opening up again it's also 3031. Loss. -- also in it and the -- lurking didn't lead until the double overtime period in in I don't like. The -- and the -- consolation prizes in losing games. The -- Johnson clearly last year was not just last year a fluke he's got clearly has -- program. Respectable there's no it's no longer a joke to watch them play they're out there competing in their play well this and it's also ballclub club. That beat the -- out of just two years ago. And look out unity is coaching staff are tremendously upset that they lost that ball game last night wouldn't have kind of moral victory. Ticket -- in overtime at their place yet and at B per AB -- you know we were playing last night that didn't get to see the game -- listen to a bit. Don't really have right -- I -- it here's some stats of the young quarterback -- threw for well over 200 yards that freshman. You'll clearly yeah -- -- mean -- you got a guy that the -- the offense but nonetheless. They went up there but don't hit the road. But show apparently -- felt like it was quite a bit off it that ballgame but. They'll be a team. That you'll have to written we have. Whenever you get ready to play him as opposed to you know not too far distant past that it was you chalk it up there's a week. Next Saturday lower travel to Atlanta they have Georgia Tech he opens that you for the -- -- -- -- yet and yet yet and now prerogatives in -- Yet know the stadium opening next Saturday. 42 -- coach Curtis Johnson. -- WL pretty that we are people what's toughest cut the seats have to make kicker wide receiver foresee the cast your vote online at the BWL lockout right now kicker. In wide receiver to 40% of the votes safety at 20% -- As well on line at that we can do well like Tom calls at 2601870. All 3866 inning nine nearly semi Saints color and also guys on Kristian garic and the grand opening. Of the new Rouse is market here Greta just off the West Bank expressway on the boulevard boulevard to saint radio WWL IMF and WWL dot com. I coming up next hour you'll hear from Saints coach Sean Payton. As the black and gold trim their roster to 53 players one week from Sunday at the Saints. Take on the dirty birds in Atlanta we won the opener before. Your -- seat right here on Saints radio it's any job and it's a tight phone lines open for you as well at 2601878. Till 3866889. -- nearly seventy. It's the fans of the -- with saint -- and also you guys John Christie Garrett roll on next out.