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8-29-14 5:10pm Hokie & Kristian: on Saints and LSU football

Aug 29, 2014|

Hokie & Kristian react to today's Sean Payton press conference and preview LSU's opponent Wisconsin with Jim Polzin of the Wisconsin Journal Constitution.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our number two of the fans of the pro simplify keep your long week in a role in here on this H radio WW LA and athletic Debbie did you well dot com along with seats color analyst. -- guy John Kristian -- we alive at the grand opening. Of the new Rouse is market here in Greta just off the West Bank expressway on stumps. Boulevard wanna think the fine folks here at -- is looking at a time. Have a Costa with a arouses ravenous and Annika great spread here in one of the things I enjoy about arouses you never. If you're looking for something there's a staff member that's right right there. Hey help the finest at its of the customer service is tremendous. Out here at any -- location but. That's one of the things I enjoy about when I do not -- you're not if you. If they'll they'll they're gonna be there if you look at for somebody like a distortion nugget that goes searching for Palin helped put me this threat. You know it is in the one about my house which is where it -- and I go. All the time which is -- regular night and mean when you get to castration that you would you find everything -- Having going to have to along the media -- -- -- -- -- hope that it did look for something you know but you're right to be used. You go up and down out that you passed. One of the rounds -- employees and is that person if you try and everything nine yes ma'am I'm proud. Not mentioning got a ball mark don't you know Lyle markers that you -- -- -- -- Well like you -- you don't comprehend or the jumble at that you'll comprehend. Any -- yet so actually I don't yeah I just to split direction at school opened up now when you see it you know that and it's one you guys a little bit yes. Literally how -- -- on the that is that is I'm kind of just mindlessly push in the car. And I see a reality that an album I'll circle back like eight times look at I'll pass on that you know eight times this. -- -- I hear that and I don't mean -- method when I go win I've got. If it's a list -- the short lived in Clinton where he is pretty brief trip economy. If I've got past that the guys that it -- that lots to get to today for the next three hours of up after our first break here. We'll hear from Saints coach Sean Payton off for a half minutes of the media today. Ahead of me making media roster cuts down at 53 players by -- ought to 3 PM you'll hear from. Saints coach Sean Payton beat them though -- Allah how stoked to you about -- shoot the opener of law -- Houston. Against was on top fifty showdown. To be honest we. I'm not. I'm excited that football -- here in. You know they'll if you go in the don't know them as optimistic about -- a few teams lot of people out there again. The guy I don't know he's one of the quarterback. I know this they got a good set of running backs they've got an outstanding announcement that line so. Those two make it very good marriage right there if you would you've got to equality of backs and -- Hilliard but it McKee. Of course while not what it is definitely food. You know -- he's -- a faithful room yeah. In his alert -- and it can mean you can't help but be excited about that but -- you know you lost to the best receivers in college football. From last year I don't know with their receiving corps looks like he's a ballot -- -- not gonna play you make it true that -- make Drake went out of far. He I don't I don't into now a whole lot about those guys in the in. -- turnaround LSU lost. The good players on defense last year but their defense was not very good last year so it -- these guys is the penalties that come along. -- dome can be thrown in the fire but some of them had the place spot roll -- whatever -- even the the contributions they did make it again like if it did -- a -- -- it was a very good last year I don't know that it's going to be better this year and I think. A lot of coach Davis is its ability to coach him up. But. I don't think you know eat you people are rabbit that he had if you don't have to act in. Ideas again I eat eat you glad to -- me -- -- that -- don't know enough about that beat me to squad did to get on board. Granted they they don't. You'll be what they have been in a match. Yes Brandon Harris Anthony Jennings at quarterback less mile saying earlier this week both will play they'll have packages and maybe it's just read between the lines -- in in in reading the guys that cover this team on a regular basis we'll have raw. On a little later on but they feel like anything they can makes a lot of sense is that. Less miles gonna. Kind of keep this competition open until they get an SEC play basically while they're playing well they open against Wisconsin and of course. You know only get when -- win and non conference schedule. Then when he get to the SEC schedule they might settle in but do you like a quarterback rotation like this well. We did when -- a few -- like if we had Steve in Winger David Woodley. Didn't like -- the end coach McClain why don't you like it. Because at the -- be it the old saying that. If you will complete quarterback position you gotta have won if you don't have one. He when he -- three or fourth they were we got three gadget that meet you get done I still believe in that I don't like the two quarterback system. That needs to be that guy that runs the ship and I mean he's the captain of the ship and you've got to have one captain in the risk of sailors don't. I'd gone I don't like that that is especially when their two young quarterbacks. Just like a running back that gets it in the game mean you'll get some gazing get better as the game goes along and all that stuff the key here. Quarterbacks the same way now that you can put a guy in your pursuit to do and having get a feel for the ball game. Before step blue go to Shell met for Anthony here on WB well Anthony. Anthony I -- there. All right all right well -- back -- try to get back to you. Other area areas to Monty which got. My numbers are up column and think refute. I'll be here you know football out not cannot be. He picked and I do a great -- But not -- right. -- I'd you know I'd keep without. -- -- and ignore it when he cannot do that you are. You know I can't believe lately on and if you don't. There. She knew each other commuting -- and I called him out. I'll. Pat him but you know it. On. A deep you know that. You can't. Beat out and let it out. -- -- -- You don't quarterback Cochran. Atlanta. He gets it just know they just said that anything I say it just strictly my knee. I'm not making decisions I don't like to -- at home I'm not allowed to. So I'm certainly not allowed to make decisions for the Saints and who they keep who they don't keep I'm just tell -- in my opinion and -- -- you know what that means nothing. Absolutely nothing is saying that. -- I think meet Jimmie is only the climb. Nick -- yet he had he had been consistent he had been. Start I can't really hot. They -- which that that's a disturbing thing. Because if the good finishes up training camp one bad note that means he's decline. So there again native. I'd like as a battle that they. I think they might -- -- Hawkins as a developmental guy but again don't -- that want to. Too small team and he may end up keeping him Brandon Coleman are on David Cone I don't know. -- the -- not my decision to make but Stanley Cup round. But I know what -- -- and it and I agree that at least we can all agree about front. Yeah that you're exactly you're right that dead and they think that a focal have a good long weekend. -- go back we'll hear from -- -- coach Sean Payton right here on C radio it's the days of the pro on W if you LA anathema to be black come. You heard it -- Just off the west -- expressway. On stop boulevard. The new Rouse is your game day specials of going out to a front and high school football jamboree. Five dollar special for Iraq -- routes data salad. -- That's great deal to almost tomorrow five -- us tomorrow before the LSU game going out here it's only available. At the new grand opening of routes -- -- off of them who are -- they take coach Sean Payton addressed the media earlier today. A four and a half minutes of it talked for about point so we took the he is sizzle of -- of course looking ahead to malls. Pairing roster paring down to 53 players -- Saints coach Sean -- Season coach Sean Paton earlier today -- In large part about the roster cuts -- roster decisions. Facing he and his coaching staff trying to get down to 53 players is going to be at number. Of players that you cut from this team that. Yet other NFL team guy and -- argument. Manipulate the bottom third of our roster to go grab one of those guys that they released here for the black and gold. It because when -- other team and that that's why you see a lot of scouts from other teams in the league at thank pre season game that. There when we played the first receiving game in the dome against the Titans have mean they had. Like one row completely field in the press box with NFL scouts that we're. Look in it in our players and because they come to that second game. They know that they -- See. Our back up players complaining a lot in the second half because of the way that the rotation usually go to. You know that second game started gonna play. Quarter and a half something like that so you know so by that make you cut he'd get a good second half to look at it as opposed to come and watch the third preceding game we know. Who am I not getting into the last couple series in the ball game. Depending how long the saint keep it started in so. That zone. That's always a good measuring stick when you see. A good number of the other NFL teams this scouting staff in there the connect your players that'd. It's not good -- -- snatch him up. But there again they're there for a reason that's a look at those players. LSU and at Wisconsin tomorrow at Houston 8 o'clock kickoff right here on the WWL and we'll look at the lowdown on the badgers mean -- about visited with simple Jim polls in. Of the -- Donald Wisconsin journal constitution. Earlier today on double covered this morning so -- -- -- scout report on the badgers for this matchup against the the Tigers to mall in Houston he Saito are also guys on Christian Garrett was handed over to our news studios for -- I look back to defeat in the pro here at the -- is just office the boulevard in a cigarette and a -- Poland are few people's. Wisconsin journal constitution covering the badgers. Stop by. Double coverage earlier this moron read it below thirteen 50 AM with the -- -- there. And here is Jim -- talking about the matchup for the alleged tiger's fourteenth ranked. Ponson tomorrow in Houston. -- top fifteen showdown a college football Saturday night in Houston 8 o'clock. Kick off between LSU and at Wisconsin joining us now. Jim poles and at Jim polls and WSJ. On Twitter he's. The badgers beat writer for the Wisconsin state journal Jim good morning thanks for the time. We're good we're good greater role tomorrow night rule if you could just kind of paint. Maybe one or two story lines from a the badgers offseason they cut your age to -- play out here Saturday night. Well actually it's pretty easy to Maradona to the first sort of the quarterback. Com go to battle between -- -- torrential stop -- I think everybody. Projected to have at the start based on the fact it started. Nineteen games in his career however it looks like -- was gonna get the start in a little more what Gary and blocked a cork -- -- a dual threat type actually. You know the big question surrounding him -- experience he he arrived at UW last year. We wasn't what they -- -- to compete and after the quarterback spot moved to receiver got hurt. We're not playing safety most this season -- -- and really played competitive. Game -- quarterbacks since. You notice -- and two years ago who. I think that December 1 of 2012 and that Arizona western junior college so. It's a long way from Yuma Arizona. Two Houston against LSU I think that. Bears watching is how you react to the big moment. And the other the other big storyline as far as stats that concerned is that front seven on defense they. Replace seven starters also serve her arm he got a that there are backups and played at times last year but there's a lot of new people -- To more expanded roles and lot of young players and that in that area and and and not making matters any better for the badgers since the fact that Q there is starting linebackers missed a significant time in. Training camp with this you know minor injuries that second set them back at a player about. Still valuable -- -- a lot so I think those are easily. I'm concerned one and two as far as the stats and those. I'll win it when I would get his constant team as is par for the course with the badgers it's -- -- have giant O linemen -- absolutely maul you. And -- issues. Potential and there's talent you know court other creatures a lot of the guys were seeing on the interior -- are going to be unproven. Pretty big wins that battle between Wisconsin's O line and now she's -- line. Well look at the needs to accept that you couldn't you couldn't just -- Deep down the teams in your last sentence and then the other way around an exact instant LSU's -- -- -- Cute inexperience and content. Front on defense there's you know inexperienced and relatively unsettling I think go to battle they're going to be other -- you know interesting to watch and I was got the got to when -- caught a scrimmage on offense has got to be able on the ball. And you know really make life easier pretend -- -- multiple -- Corey comment I have to get some production. In the ground game and and give McIlroy a chance to use play action and do different types of things that. That clearly is the -- -- through the week that certain -- -- you've got to be able on the ball and they do have a lot of experience so it got guys that played. Each time that maybe -- stars in that group like in the past but. I think it's a pretty solid group. And and clearly that district this team has -- could not important court Clement shocks they're gonna have to be able to. To win that battle and you know I think in a perfect -- Wisconsin. They did you know pound the ball on the ground and and and use up the clock and and just try to keep up a -- off the field much possible. And Melvin Gordon specifically it's one of the big names in all of college football really it seems going into this season. What are the expectations. Like you know around the camps in Madison as far as Melvin -- and sooner. Well -- hasn't been thrown around an ideal as -- seen how realistic that is but he certainly has the capability of -- that. That type of elite player he's just -- difference -- what happens -- great running -- -- -- that but Melvin different. In just exercise the -- size and speed there's been some doubt that we've seen around here. You know the bad guys that -- so much about the critic but productive runner but he wasn't what you call speedster. And Ron -- was a big -- -- but not that serious you know the speedy -- and Gordon just. It's still it's different than most not I think the funny thing it's. He doesn't he he racked up one yards and in touched on the career whenever that featured guy and I think he's eager to step in that role in the army stood a chance to be. You know the primary ball carrier and then we'll see how. How that you can imagine they're gonna double move reported -- -- -- -- a pass catcher during his career but I think he's got that in him I think they're going to be created and how they. Get the ball so in the match. It's as Gordon's the best player on this team Corey comment might be strong consideration for a second that he's you know he had a really strong camp. You're gonna -- as the number -- back last year and I think he's and he kind of the next big thing here so I'm -- Q if they get Gordon and Clement on the -- same time and and you know really get defensive coordinators are nightmares and that retired sucks so be it just to see how that how that plays up -- -- -- Breaking down L issue in Wisconsin that tomorrow night in Houston Jim polls and Wisconsin state journal our guest here on double coverage treated to a thirteen fifty and Jim it's too. In large part going to be a pro LSU fan. BS you know in attendance. In any in Houston how how much of the badger nation you expect him to be there. Well real scare them but I think -- -- little on the basis pretty spread out so I I'd get -- there -- a lot of alumni and taxes battle. They'll make barely over there -- good enough that I had I still think you know. Let's -- it's acute campuses -- four hour drive that believes in. You know that's a pretty predict high analysts still actually am I'm find out today out and don't doesn't have a direct -- and Houston play usually but I'm included the they paid -- there was an April and it's been in June open or not so you know. Well we find out the answer there's in the a lot of fans on that play without so I think they'll be well represented I do think you know -- -- in the minority because you. There there can cancel travel better and I think it'll be a little -- LSU and -- just got to -- about Wisconsin -- -- -- a lot of -- -- in there. They're real unfortunate true freshman now not all the better player I think I think nine or ten are gonna and play at some point here. And it's you know in addition to that there's probably five or six redshirt freshman that are playing year old this year so -- the whole lot of young guys that just haven't. They haven't played in the college game and we certainly don't let it out game of that magnitude so I'm cases you know first. 51015 minutes of the game. Just how big -- are. Some of the young guys and and certainly. You guys know games can be won in the first first corner. The other plays and then -- to turn in place so I'm I'm just got to play about Jim. Wisconsin has not lost to season opener since 98 L issues over three. They are number one and two in the country if you're talking about. Winning against a regular season nonconference opponents bottom line. Come Saturday whose streak in two wins and who loses. Well I mean it. I think what happens that's -- that a little bit of an abstract as their -- need to look look at who played. They -- have never opened up the opponent like LSU and does -- great at what they're doing it. But. You know stats can be kind of -- so look better than -- -- I think that's the case here state illnesses that is. Unprecedented territory. Post after the fact if you look back. In history. Well they've played big time opponents -- conference armchair -- comes to mind and I believe 97. They open up -- Colorado. One year when the -- -- their -- -- and then -- Wisconsin so I think that there. The chance to kind of turn that trend around I'd expect -- -- UN I think you know somewhere and. I cannot think I had a file prediction just rely on the mile and without the 27 seventeen -- you. It's it's. -- it was really -- it's really hard to predict openers just because you don't have a whole body -- body of evidence to requests it's even harder with -- being so young. And just not known -- and that's their response early in the season but I you know I would be a little surprised it was -- -- mormons can't I mean it's. I think it's going to be a close game throughout but I think dusty is kind of -- to pull into it. Jim polls and follow him on tour that to the gym polls and WSJ Wisconsin state journal covering the badgers LSU. And Wisconsin tomorrow night at 8 o'clock in at Houston Jim thanks a bunch of time have a safe trip. I was dimples and earlier today on double coverage through a thirteenth at the year to bring down the badgers. There against LA shoot the ball in Houston and Jim -- Peter Nolan dot com times Picayune reported that is going to be Anthony Jennings. That starts at quarterback for -- shoot tomorrow of course Brandon Harris. Let's miles said both quarterbacks will play but it will be. Anthony Jennings understood it when that LSU Tigers open will get Hokies thoughts on that don't back to 60187 Neitzel 386 exit 89. 08 -- seventy. The fans in the -- WLA anathema dot com live for the grand opening of the new -- market here Greta just off the West Bank expressway. On stumpel or. LSU fans you ready for the badgers the Tigers take on Wisconsin. Tomorrow night Houston's in RG stadium join us for wall to wall Ellis youth football coverage starts at 3 o'clock with -- -- Gulf Coast bank and trust tiger tailgate show. But Bobby -- Deke Bellavia antibody their -- from Houston. At the -- hot spot. Big would -- 311. Chimney rock road brought to you by Crosby does he go to the game joined the candidate T Bob and the big chief for the countdown deal issues. Official pre game showed Jim off Ortiz over. At six kick off is at 8 o'clock. It's relishing Saturday on tiger radio -- if you will and it feels that there are. Yeah I've Jason Nelson mean there is a big alumni group oh yeah there in Houston back in the letter problem if we years Richard says Steve Estes. He was teammate Manny. Upperclassmen for me but he lived in Houston used to have a lot of guys. From the Houston area when aptly -- if you teammates again like racked route -- bail. But anyway. They will be happy not only to fans that come from Baton Rouge in Lake Charles Lafayette -- Houston has a big alumni association I was -- -- -- -- so. Bobby and he will have a big crowd. -- next -- will -- -- -- -- covering the LSU Tigers for the advocated TD to break down. Tomorrow night's top fifty showdown college football in Houston between LSU. And at Wisconsin it's the days of the pro we're live at the grand opening the new -- is market here in regret that just off the west -- expressway on stumpel or phone lines are open to sit so. 1870 till 3866 inning nine is nearly seventy it's -- radio WW LA and Anthony WWL. Dot com.