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8-29-14 6:10pm Hokie & Kristian: on LSU-Wisconsin

Aug 29, 2014|

Hokie & Kristian preview the LSU-Wisconsin game with Ross Delenger of the Advocate.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Powered over three of the fans in the pro you heard him. Here it the new roses and Greta just off on -- artist off the West Bank expressway. Here on offense in the pro phones are open for it to 601878. -- 3866 and eight -- nearly seventy. As they always do you take great care of us but we're -- that's route that's fried chicken so. -- And now of course. This is yet. The community at its opening army he'll be right here yeah and if you go out tonight to. So high school football games or your head as if you just try to play it's tailgating. Eats for tomorrow pregame between LSU and Wisconsin trying to get. The -- and you know party will kick off party when -- As the plays come through right here arouses you get a great deal five dollars and 13 Iraq. -- Cole's law. Did a salad it's all right here five dollars can't be that. Is this table right here we're we're -- that outcome riding your neat if he didn't wanna go out there have been booted the game if there's a chance ranking might get the right here and then go to the ball game. Course LSU in Wisconsin tomorrow in Houston. Jim -- Peter reporting earlier that it's going to be it's an eight innings starting at center for the -- -- Brendan Harris will get some time. And coach -- miles Tom talk about it earlier in the week that. They've got packages. For both those players and everybody I've talked to begin work we got our hands full over the Saints. Never have talked to. Feels like Brendan Harris it has the the most upside. Just experience and experience. That that might be a bit of an issue they have to work through the one thing you can kind of feel good about a -- analogy in is that. To see the work that can't camera was able to exact numbers a year he's gonna keep these guys ready to play pretty quickly. Well I mean I don't know. Either one of those who got they'll use the young quarterbacks. I don't -- In the one series they played against Arkansas in the in the bowl game and so that's all I know about him but. Cam Cameron can definitely coach a quarterback but that make batter and a lot of skills to work -- 65. Big time arm we saw that a couple weeks ago. You know and he he's not happy to have the ability all's vote I mean it it's. I mean you've had a lot to work with right there and I'm sure that these two young men also have to work for a bit. Meet to my knowledge and again I've I've never. I haven't been to and though she practices -- which scouting. I just want to know how the people that say. They seem to Upton would they go just off the one scrimmage that they were allowed to go see or -- well I think -- -- -- to the media. And normally with Brandon Harrison -- when he was and high school coming out of park view -- It parkway and just a problem Jim to Jeff -- the other day it seats camp who spent time talking to Brendan Harris. Prior to him going to Allen shoot Andy's in one of these it was impressive about it is that. He's got some maturity about -- that's well beyond an eighteen year old young man and he he you know -- that look you know there's some there's certain players that. You you walk away from the interview go well that's. So well rounded young man that's that's out Jeff Duncan described him in. And now -- there's a lot to be said for that as it has valiantly when you have when your freshman yet these expectations on you. The of another freshman winner -- four net. It's going to be seeing the ball okay I think it. This might be one of the faster games. Of the weekend with Wisconsin. They're in their own running attack their running attack in their did that their game plan the way they're built they wanna run the football LSU we know. Loves to run the football and obviously with a young quarterback we're whether it's Jennings or Harris. They don't want the -- that was a -- to help take some pressure off their quarterback so they can have I don't know 775. Run to the -- it. It. I think it if I know Wisconsin you know that's what they're built on. Alicia you pretty much the same thing -- she's also had some guys that could throw the football. In the past. Even though some made it to the NFL some didn't but in Georgia to throw it. Wouldn't necessarily all that accurate with -- bit. Mean he had there are -- steals he had arm strength it you know you use it we talked about that commit murder. So I know that Wisconsin's run ball though if you like right in if they won't show off their stable of backs that they got. In this would probably be about your game looked -- thing is that I like is it. LSU's offensive line but their size and experience. I mean I -- That it's may be the best -- of -- if you -- overhead and that's that's a pretty tall order there. It's your last miles east letter format in this game -- -- era I. I mean he's as good as ever that. Herschel Walker -- -- boat captain named Smith did -- or -- it and I mean it Dalton Hilliard nearly did it. It's the idea now go back single thing -- running back is the position deterrent nations from asking acknowledging acknowledge the NFL and it. Before that was the number one recruit in the country last year I don't see. But there -- games you got two veteran players and for him anything that's forgotten guy that's what they tactically and he's a big back in there it's McGee. Mean what that was at the Arkansas game that he performed so well last year. I mean they've got a good group back so I don't know that you need to ease him into it if if he -- good is everybody. Says he has. Then he needs to -- that rotation somewhere. He -- color also these guys on former LSU running back and forward seats scout here on the fans in the pro coming up next Ross Dillinger. Covering the -- U Tigers for the advocate. We -- arouses the grand opening of -- is here. In the Gretna just off the West -- expressway on -- boulevard at. 2601872038668890878. Tiger fans wanna hear from you that your prediction for. Tomorrow night's contest between Wisconsin hand. Elegy to the fans of the pro on WW. Tailgating tomorrow our pregame. Tomorrow. Routes. Your place right here and I'm not -- dinner tonight and in the community and several friendly you know you're either right now. It was -- one thing I mean these. Huge assortment of somebody that you know that. -- is a busy at different options you can take it. Course the the fine folks here routes taken care if you if you if you walk in here and silky -- within about. To -- fifteen seconds. In in I mean if you agree get -- the evening. Degree carry here. That -- room right off the West -- expressway. In Gretna. Ross -- covering the LSU Tigers four. The advocate and now Ross on a year give it up to to Houston tomorrow -- this gave up big when the top fifteen showdown in college football and we just heard that. It's going it's going to be. Is an agent he's a quarterback. We -- -- to tiger -- are you surprised by that. Oh no not at all you know upbeat note -- in the most. Around the program that this. He's -- it couldn't cut a little more experience you know one more year under -- -- put -- you know he's starting to gain in the Outback Bowl. -- you know you played in nine games last year and got it. A true freshman never played college snap so I think that everybody unexpectedly in the -- to be the guy. Over the last couple days of comfort that. You know coaches. Lean that way and I guess yesterday you left that compliment your cold. And UConn -- In it to David Price got word from a -- and pair who -- who -- Unicode here that there you know -- -- start. Ross plaguing -- you can fill in the blank here -- -- my -- LSU loses to Wisconsin if this happens. If Melvin Gordon rushes for over a 150. Yards. OK so -- yet to really get that ground game go Wisconsin does certainly give LSU I mean. Do we know much about LSU look we expect from their defense and in particular their run defense. Yeah but the record and they you know Wisconsin like two time between the tackle Al Gore he's a big guy he can -- -- really. Runs great outfield and he's -- district had a regular physical. I mean in LSU's defensive tackle there's not really think if you've got a guy. In Christian life pitchers really the only tackle there that's played significant snaps that you -- -- -- who has. It will bite you but to play with the -- we'll see if that happens that there's not a lot of experience there at tackle -- you know you -- electricity only got a whole Oakland and now and then you've got three richer for it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now now. That that Republicans he -- to he can regain it you know -- be on experience at the tackles. Put the old enough to not know Gordon mark -- You know. The reason why a Malick -- Dupree did not make this that trip. Well quoted here. Not a few sources you re injure himself -- practice Wednesday. And will will reporting in -- -- an ankle pretty badly -- high angle offering. But he should be available and allegedly you'll be back and that. Without Russell Robinson yet since that. Not much program -- -- not ineptitude and injury where were reported right now that you suspended. And we hurried and under suspension he kind of been devoted through fall camp and that demoted to second string you'd never practiced with the number one guy. At any point your preview of practice that we kind of knew it was we kind of heard it a little rumblings about it. On -- -- reveling in what was the story a few hours ago that he would make the trip over. And we confirmed it got a little more information that they use at least. Got to separate one game suspension for what we don't know but obviously probably have a few -- and off field. -- in the back of necessity you've seen it Malick ninety -- at a high ankle sprain in spring pretty badly. Yeah he had a -- year you know -- yeah and they expect him to be back for next week. That's what would that work. I mean look I am not a doctor and I don't mean in -- those things I mean that it let them off. Right right yeah I Eagles aren't enough support I know India and maybe not a bad here -- much. -- -- LSU closes all practice and I scrimmage -- you can only -- common now. But maybe not -- back but it's bad enough but you know he didn't practice Thursday he didn't go with the team this week and and other things that he you know now what did some reports that you'll be OK return next week but I mean who knows you you're right I mean I correctly part of bat kind of brain it's shocking in the return so. In my in my parents are. In my opinion if it's anything it -- -- -- -- in the play next week would be nothing or it remarkable and -- were not doubting. No I think actually it's not it's not what you're saying standing. I'm saying that whatever the source was no. Out that -- down right to me I mean that's it that's a pretty serious injury. Right now right now -- -- the end of the injury you know but maybe it. Maybe not that bad injury maybe it maybe not even high ankle sprain and you know I'll be -- of -- kind of looked -- and now all we've been reporting that -- an ankle sprain to managed just one of those regular ankle sprain but it. -- end up on the people that been elevated. A little bit more significant you know so I you know who will be if you return next week you know -- that -- In fall camp we we heard in reported record promises. It'd be expect to be out for the year with a four bite them in them now. Going -- that is allegedly -- tomorrow. In he didn't fight you're gonna play -- told my. Village it's weird situation -- you injuries in order. Reveal alive you know you watch hardly anything and you've got to relies on -- got a lot people that. -- it snippets of information here and there it's there without. -- -- covering the LSU Tigers for the advocate Ross before lecture on here and let's get back to your Friday night but. You you forget it you feel good analogy that in this league is going to be a struggle close team. Yeah you know. I'd I do like it was Q like there expedient in a little -- especially on defense. You get a look at it was kind of team that lost a lot of people on the front seven. End you know Libya has but it I think they can check down -- running game you know I think -- -- have some success there or -- On the opposite for a particular productivity. It's -- prepared for Akron mr. -- -- think they are counted. And I think that partly to slow down with confidence. In their pull out of hostility there because I think Ellis -- all the way a little late to. I would get the message as one position games. He's all over for the -- Tigers covering the Tigers for the advocate Ross -- thinks about the time majority reach him at I think they'll. 260187. -- 386689. 087 you know he picked up right away on that that ankle injury apparently well on the ballot to ballot guy Dupree and listen Ross. -- -- -- I understand related information absolutely. I know exactly what he's talking about me when you you can only go on the information that you're giving. -- hopes -- even if it was a regular ankle sprain to bat. Regular ankle sprain that that high ankle -- takes a long time he. -- I mean you remember that when Ricky Williams came -- that's kind of when it came. Became known as I went to high ankle sprain -- on the back -- ghastly. So that you know understand him and his the report what he did. He's been told in you know I certainly hope that my question did come out it is me attacking him not but that was a little crazy at that point if that's what they're saying. If that's they're gonna try to pass. Off. Yeah you think it's their -- and they tell me he tweaked his ankle and he'll be back next week I can live with a baton. But I'm here and I believe it and -- like that and like you wanna look if you've got an ankle sprain. Come back next week it. That make a whole lot of sense well anyway I mean it's. By all accounts listening to everybody that you've talked to from both sides of them like this is going to be. A smash mouth football game and whose every defense is up to the task is the should be winner -- right probably albeit short football game. You concede the old proverbial three yards and a cloud of dust. So don't worry though the LSU Tigers have a want for victory. Well and I think Wisconsin and I'm not victory was confident want for victory not like we won. The actors these are the guys jokers to Gary at routes is here. Just off of the wedge and -- win. Correct in -- and more LSU and Wisconsin riveting conversation here who want in the quality. The need for victories quality team that we're going to see tomorrow I used to quality opponent. Quality opponent to get sticky. And it's a sticky deep down it in this very quality specialties and I can do less miles. I'm convinced night news time. -- -- -- Want a classic last miles. Rants there and it will a couple of years it was lack it was last year. To salute you -- and was on the mound if your -- He's had some great. And -- miles it is is sheer entertainment. They'll give -- wrong but he does have a rightward in a key. It is different type of entertainment -- on -- you mean that it makes him only in less and less my role -- I mean definitely it does. In there there there are times were. Mean we have obviously it to. The press conference audio -- in. Will will listen to Ohman come up -- clips and there's times I ever cut trying to cut cut ups and sound -- of less miles. Listen for a minute a half decent. What was that what is he -- I you. -- and a stated if he's asked question at least he's at least he gives you -- he will respond yeah and it means you know alike there are some coaches. -- -- That you know on nine and not. Any -- even have -- next question beat elect collection -- collection at the ticket. But Ellis Myles go one for ninety seconds a minute two minutes -- that you -- what was the question. -- -- the the really answer the question was that just made OP field with a platoon. Came -- qualities. One. Victory they'll be a victory in there somewhere about a what you ask them they'll find a way to work in a victory in the word victory. And in some form or fashion it could be an injury days. Have a victory -- that it. Mean he's -- he's classy it. I mean. Just on him to entertainment value I know that. We play. Coaches rant so time beating green. Jim or the playoffs but less miles had some. Dues yet then there and it when you talk about. You know history coach Morry now that they've been. That was anger that you mean you knew that -- count like it is comedy is this drama is. The 30 wouldn't that. Anyway it's a trip LSU and at Wisconsin tomorrow we're expected to a run fast if you -- Haven't heard it's Anthony Jennings reportedly. Like do you open at quarterback for the LSU tiger isn't. OK the good thing about this you replication. LSU in in Texas and generally liked -- they like to showcase. Its in -- play in Dallas. But Houston short drive for -- fans. Now I've heard reports 90% 9295%. And -- stadium. We picked up for uncle. I don't. Yeah yeah. You know I I don't know what the what the president is going to be -- -- -- and we about the big alumni association that they have. Over -- you look at it but he. The people that there are huge Saints fans which when -- -- -- if you play with a guy named Jackie law and -- -- family is huge in Lake Charles. And you know they have -- the it was you. Association over there you know. Houston it's it is a heck of like posters draft for the him. Then bad reviews of -- also mean the obvious you know our fifteen minutes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for that that the Lafayette people then it got closer from Lafayette in Houston you know obviously bad route. He's much pulled -- that but I mean. Those people Alexandria. A -- or people that that ball above him one bit to make it back. You know I've been doing the -- about six years now it seems like this is we started that this is right at the height of the Jordan Jefferson Jarrett Lee. Debate then now we're seemingly. Well exactly that where you know Anthony Jennings and grant and Harris were we might have another. Conversations three or four weeks who should they start who's separated themselves if feels like the same conversation. We had 113 years ago four years ago when we generally. And Jordan Jefferson will battle in the use that quarterback rotation. Anthony -- he's getting the start. Brendan Harris of reportedly with a couple of few packages he'll have it their -- Young quarterbacks and he Oki we saw last night in -- he's in -- ill protect his name him. It so much of the SEC this year was based on the fact that old Johnny Denzel is gone in the Murray is gone. It's -- -- -- -- under is going to amount AJ McCarron is gone so a lot of these superstar quarterback who's out Carolina yeah I. A lot of these these veteran quarterbacks he's upperclassmen. Have they have moved dawn and we were expected to have a little bit of a drop off -- quarterback play with. -- races goes to show you these quarterbacks because. Of the seven on seven passing leagues that they're doing across the country now he's quarterback for coming in at a much younger age more polished the thrown a football. Yeah that's true but I think -- the college level when it split like that even though the players might get from the camera microphone and claim that it may we we're all in this together and making different which ones and I think there easier you have to divide. In college ball and it. Some of the team want this guy on the team along that -- And in some cases it's because of all be respected Theo will disguises of much better rambler and we don't like it but Rams quarterback or others it's going to be a pastor -- they -- that -- -- -- it and I'm not saying that the locker room is divided up I had a negative way and seen it divided in that some want this decimal want that guy. So that he is a three player's perspective that's not the quarterback Europe the office climate that team or there's a hero back on a team. How how do you. How do you remove yourself from that and not saying that not -- Sigh well I mean -- like -- said we did when I was in college coach Charlie McClendon I mean he had Bert Jones and all lines. Bert Jones was the first pick in the draft you know if you really need to throw the football. Back in those days not certainly not like they do now and that's that we we did it when when I was there. But it was a system that we were brought into the so it is they wouldn't I'll say this if we were goal it would drop back pass. I would have preferred Stevens -- -- -- game it we were gonna run an option. Which we we had Hartley was fear in. And not who -- moment I mean we did run a lot of options that that rather David -- be in there. But yet the running quarterback David Woodley in that get draft. Drafted the Miami Dolphins to the Miami Dolphins to a Super Bowl in court a year later. Turned over the -- to. Dan Marino but they turned over the -- and snatched it right away from and but. It was a system that we were brought NT so it really didn't make any difference that it wasn't that that internal. Battle with the team of who would rather have a quarterback. Just seeing it right now in -- in I don't know weenie thing about the the Harris -- -- gaining that is seen him. For one ball game so I don't know what Eric brings to the table is he a thrower as he is scrambling is people flew in the pocket passer. Is the guy that likes to move would pocketed although it's hard to say but. I -- in again it just me personally I don't like to two quarterback system might actually really think of anybody. We see it really worked. Now Florida won a national championship -- Chris Chris leak in and Tim Tebow. With those were unusual circumstances. Chris leak got the vast majority of snaps in Tebow got -- -- -- in -- -- that people took over. You're Hokies take -- about two quarterback for the -- -- in favor of it -- not 2601878. -- 386689087. We're -- at the grand opening of the new routes is market here in a Greta just off the West Bank expressway. On -- Boulevard. The fans of the -- on WW LI MF and it WWL. Dot com. -- the pre seasons in the books men. Now it's on to Atlanta for the New Orleans Saints a week from. Sunday in the regular season and I don't know via effectively this and not the noses fool around him he was -- -- Indianapolis -- -- in the round. The hotel room you'll read it. Look at the stats. On a shopping the Saints a thirteen -- three against Atlanta. And it would take over the next six seasons it would take the Atlanta Falcons sweeping the Saints. Five out of six years in splitting with -- the other year and just to eat it it's classic case yes that sentiment that's pretty static and happened yet. And they cut their their fourth draft pick. Today is their fourth traffic was outright released the -- if not -- but. Atlanta already struggling along the offensive line last year. They lost their tackle Sam Baker to a season ending injury. They signed patents but Pat McQuistan. Who's with the Saints. But yours ago and also with Seattle. You look at this matchup and certainly DeLeon and you so but. I know it's -- line and you still have Roddy White Julio Jones Matt Ryan Q would you have Tony Gonzales anymore. With the way this safety -- is shaping up. They've got more than enough to counter that especially with Jared Burton and damaged the deceit and we saw model limited base but what -- we have seen of yours or what kind of impact you think he's gonna have. I'm just kind. Make a half step back Q you've also got a tremendous pass rushing duo. On a beat up offensive line and mean they take Matthews he would lose him right at left tackle. So there again and mat rat -- -- on a -- with the Panthers coming in with. All that secondary. Talent that -- but to the Harrisburg. Question where really it means a long time before practice but. They've listened Sean Payton and know exactly what he's talking about you know that instinctive first -- at the hands in. -- that guy just knows how to how to get to the football it's. You're kitten which sounds to me like a much younger version of Darren Sharper when he came here. A guy that plays the center field position. -- the quarterback has the instincts but yet he still got double steal that he had when Darren cal lost a little bit it was yeah. You know and he and you look at Darren did some remarkable things -- start early on -- he's getting the pick sixes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Spurs in his prime right now. I mean he is that it. They I'm not gonna say he's peaked out yet because -- -- really seemed bugging me that he hit it yeah it he may still be on the game plan right there so. In the you look at just let me just even -- field butch you look at the difference of last season -- got made a lot of plays but made some mistakes. Which you see him now he's a much more confident player and part of that's got to do. The next year knowledge and all that that he got that system a lot of adults and yet be. It looks around it supporting cast get back game to you know. I've got some players around I can take a chance and know that it cares birds got my Bacharach and break the ball in his Keenan Lewis is the Champ Bailey. It -- Patrick Robinson who. By all accounts. He's not the least down much. And certainly the lately that we were ill will go after day that right he'll be the one so. Knowing that. Jared Burton put that in his back pocket -- stand and that have a little something wait for a quarterback that has got to be tricky and -- thought anyway that's where they don't trampoline and it could go to there was a play last week literally intern party gives him a half step yeah and it. The the play last week. It's Indianapolis I can't remember it was it's either red zone is down towards it was with the first Steelers the Colts were driving. And -- -- -- who we tackled the chairs -- Watson on this particular play is happening at lucky and like you mentioned the first step. He was on that on that passed me he came from you must. By 38 over thirty yards in a blink and I made a commitment getting booed because he is today if it out he sought common it if he hit me. If he would have been if you hit it. If he was maybe five yards closer humanities in suitable. And in again mean that it plays an advantage in Lewis is a shut down corner. And say here that -- himself that way he could change to the side of Patrick Robinson and in. The city and keep a RO was going to be all over the football field duty be covering slot guys you beat. I'm done back beaten that to be in a box in the blitz things like that it's. -- mean it really is it's a remarkable group of safeties. You know -- if you're talking about the secondary. As a whole corners and safeties. Is it them the best at the site of your head yes I would tell you what that when you look at the safeties just the safeties. I can't think of a better group in the NFL Soviet deeper group. Mean Marcus ball on the present to -- if he had he could start on. Quite a few teams I would venture a guess -- his sleep easily guys on Kristian -- it was in the -- radio also LSU Tigers. You made to go tomorrow night against Wisconsin in Houston this WB well I MF and -- to -- well not -- We get a marine governments say hello stop by here -- is say hello and he's in great shape yet here the muscle shirt. And Joseph and all day about Buffalo Bulls right now one by -- here. Not zipper as you put up lots of violence of the pocket. On the -- -- -- is the winner. -- -- here to whatever that he. I shouldn't say that I act immediately. Think I would like. Think the very dedicated person to he needed my rest in great shape yet mostly because of storm veterans and certainly. Yeah thanks to thanks for his service an absolute we rat Rouse is here off on -- -- off the West Bank expressway coming up next -- Gary Smith we report dot com -- is heartbreaking loss for Tulane -- season. With the with a defeat. On the road it -- -- 3031 in double overtime will also. Here from -- double bubble players for the -- -- to -- -- anabolic he has a chance to make this roster -- Brandon Coleman undrafted rookie free agent. And it Rutgers the fans of the road rules on next hours that we do well.