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8-29-14 7:10pm Hokie & Kristian: on college football

Aug 29, 2014|

Hokie & Kristian preview tomorrow night's LSU-Wisconsin and talk about last night's Tulane loss in double-overtime to Tulsa with Guerry Smith of WaveReport.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The beautiful new routes is here on -- boulevard just off the west think expressway of you guys Doug Christie Garrett here on. A homeless -- Ellis tires in the world pelicans it is football season whenever. And this it's it's always that a good positive sign whenever. I get the word a dollar doing the show on location from arouses. One of the many in the gulf south area to another reminder that football is here. What does -- around completely planted that way open and new to a -- -- football season. That strategy. Everything that with -- all the with -- offerings for tailgate. Delegating food in pregame food for having a party -- the -- the dominant course yet. And 13 rack of -- here coleslaw. And -- salad for five dollars. -- you could -- the ED anywhere within about when he tables. Yeah around here and it went fine come swing by with the -- football game. On your way it comes rattle the you can read that books coming home from the game yet again greeted short ball games they played to happen. -- -- something that you don't -- every tonight the regular season gets under way on the prep scene. Next week in and don't forget the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football round up hosted by set Dunlap are talented group. Of reporters throughout the state he'd be up to date on the happenings is that high school football this season. Also LSU gets underway tomorrow the Saints -- of the pre season last night with a twenty to thirteen. Defeat at the end of the Baltimore Ravens three and one of the pre season for the wolves that for the second straight year -- now roster cuts that we've talked about. -- before Sean Payton in the seats coaching staff by 3 PM tomorrow that the trip that roster from 75 to. 53 players and Sean Payton you know -- and he does everything it takes is very serious but it's something that's difficult. He can genuinely feel. Nobody not -- likes it yet inhalants. -- the court yesterday when he was known -- take the cup matches that. You do you become friends with these guys do in training camp in. You know some armored -- position you are so long you'll be the guy -- that right to the right -- left of me and -- you you develop a relationship with them and then all of a sudden they're gone in this update you never see that Garrick again in life if you remember -- I can remember. Several guys that. That they weren't necessarily running backs but they were. Player from the Southeastern Conference guys that played against in college game so you kind of familiar one another but the you to. The rookie mini camp you know you get to know these guys that you go through training can happen. All the media can't deal backed and we can that is I think it was three mini camp yet we haven't you know you get to be friends and -- -- you can then. Going through like circumstance with a with somebody. Lights like situations. Similar to the military when you go through that and those kind of struggled trying to survive trying to you know and he's doing the same thing you're doing yet so the point it's automatic bond that you. Four day and it's it's a difficult thing and then it's even become more difficult. That values. His teammate -- at 345 years whatever incident in one of these gone and you give me use you. Have. A bond with these guys team become best friends and it so my best friends that I have. Our guys that play with the Steve scored Stan Brock. -- -- Dave we'll -- you Bobby came to the Saints. You know detailing the -- yeah here we you know now -- -- have. Work together with a -- -- -- -- become very close friends with those guys so it's a it's a difficult emotional thing win when they get let go it. It's it's just different wanted to cut as opposed to winning jagged streak if it's kind of hard to. It you know to -- going with different than the guys know one way or the other but if he strain be going plant for another team so it's almost like well it was okay create -- working. Everything else. Now -- you need take away the guys you know biggest dream in life in some cases only last you know is that one training camp. For some. Do you think about that. You know if your head coach. You could tell a guy grown men who worked all group of its all his life right put everything into it it looked. -- April so he can't play him again and eventually. Just about everybody it's told that at the summer only at the end and I high schools over college sorority develop. Our our pro sports but that. As a coach. You gotta you gotta handle that process delicately in -- carefully in choppy and certainly you can tell this is not -- that -- that he. By any stretch looks forward to but -- turn that roster down to 53 players tomorrow but pokey a position -- that we were keeping a close by now we talk about. Kicker we talked about quarterback in. -- was one. Heading into training camp that a lot of folks reached it in. Between Toledo and the veteran John Goodwin coming back and his second stint with the Saints at Richmond if you use him sisco. It just trying to read between lines I talked John Q when today at -- he kind of you know. He -- played golf. And it is you know did the politically correct thing. But -- today we read anything in the fact he would play. Last night that at least the starters don't play a game that the typical veteran answer but. I think it's -- it's very easy to say it. He's he's that we well all the stuff that we go by in the media that. Your starters play the most here in who's out there for the most snaps with the number one unit. During practice and all -- -- well it started out being in -- in his camp went on then it was third chance and snapped and then. Third -- game. Who was who's since been nothing -- win last night. You don't feel any uniformity and even had shoulder pads on -- when he stand over on the sidelines so. Yeah like you say -- read between the lines that mean -- think we're jumping to a conclusion. But all that we've ever been. Brain washed if you will to think that -- that third pre season game. Means the most then he was just aren't that that lead you to believe that he's the starter win. They tee it up against Atlanta next week. By no means. It's necessarily. A bad thing fortunately though he still going to be that swing guard. In all likelihood you know play both guard has its real real rock yes I and it looked you know he played well when he was called on last year filling in. Were Jahri Evans for a few games when he was banged up a little bit so that -- babies in his next year where he's finally comfortable enough. Take over that senators the John Q when it's at today look now wanted to make sure is important. You know quoting. Elegantly is is important meeting he'll come back and not -- on. What the -- play and play well then he'd wanted to just -- years. Feel like we saw Olin Kreutz a few years ago right now go through some of that doing don't have anything into it it exactly. Yeah that he could tell after awhile news. He needed at the desire but John Goodwin talk about that today that he wanted to picture that I was going to happen. I mean he probably. In again I'm. I've written word I am not put words in his mouth I mean I'm just kind of take. If they could be one. The world championship with this -- case you know it cry -- Maybe only if he ends that streak in Jahri Evans. Drew Brees the age he probably closer friends with them than he has with the is off with -- -- -- -- with the 49ers in -- kept him because of that special bond you have when you do win a championship so. We could sit here and speculate. All we want to about you who eat differently they're not but your point that you made. Very well taken in that. Because well -- -- -- -- -- resigning because they don't somewhere else things that you know I'll I'll play for back to India and real. Maybe at some point density they'll meet meet became a place to be fit. -- I've got to better than 5050 chance to make it that. Indians starter. He -- guys on Kristian -- coming up next -- visit with Gary Smith -- report dot com tough. Break 42 winning coach Curtis Johnson on the road. Last night into Tulsa 3831. Defeat. For the wave in the opening game of the season in double overtime they led throughout but could -- finish an -- loss. Get to serious mistake coming up next here is the -- is the -- WB well -- and that's haven't WWL. Dot com. Live from the new. Brandon beautiful. Great opening here than you Rouse his market in -- atop the West Bank expressway. On stump boulevard LU fans if you look at four. Good snacks tomorrow for pre game as you ready for L issue Wisconsin hello Riordan and stock wide variety it's done you look for the cheesecake. Obesity. That it's set up course via a five dollar deal they got going on right now it distort that -- right now. A third of -- where they had hit the date they sold out if they'll have a tomorrow. Yeah -- -- -- -- that -- here and now have a tomorrow third Iraq career at the net the coleslaw. And that it is salad as wealth as five bucks and the -- the reds were good the more than. More than feeling that's for sure it will catch up with Gary Smith here and just the second from wave report doc Allen unfortunate. Now. Wants it bad that it's it's an unfortunate start for Tulane last mile road against Tulsa. Double overtime loss thirty to 31 but. And you look it in -- a quarterback. Freshman. It is you know play pretty well thrown ball pretty well for 42 lane and -- things to be excited about especially as it -- next week. The only stadium for the first time at forty years they'll have we we football back on campus. The channel like the student body view right through the Riley's that are up there are over there on the campus and in on the age and a -- Almost you regret the fact that we have to go to Atlanta because I'd like to go I think the content of the season opening tickets I got that -- it's supposed to be it's it's it's going to be a lot of fun now I'm excited for them. Certainly for this season -- in I think one thing that proved last night with being able to compete with a program like -- Recruit CJ company last year getting to that bowl appearance albeit two loss. There was no food and is this program it is looks like they're going to be viable. In and pretty solid for. For awhile and coach CDs recruiting the players that. Normally this program was missing on they were in north Florida Atlantic obviously you're not gonna get there were the caliber -- recruits that are going to -- issues now that was that are. But he is still a ton of quality talent. Yeah yeah he's getting. -- here's you know and we know coach Johnson from his statement saying anything else but to me he didn't. He he's not taken. Didn't take this tooling -- about it today you know as -- steppingstone to something else I mean I just felt that. You know guys like. Bob Toledo. Tommy Bowden. That. You hate that they want to be head coach and anything else but. But they're there what sit really on it who lane -- say like me you know if I get them out and don't know. Hey if they if a bigger job comes along is he and I think that coach Johnson it's certainly. The caliber of coach that can move on when he won't -- this is not like. Okay I'm it's taken to -- job. I had I -- -- hear you to improve the program and he certainly has done that. Gary Smith we report dot com joining us now and it's certainly was a disappointment last night Gary -- the reaction. He really gave coach. CJ and that is too angry with the football players last night at that they'll come off well. It they were out they were really really disappointed ticket. They never trailed that game until they fell behind in double overtime it looked like they had it easier related jumped out to a fourteen nothing only. Era when he went seven late in the second quarter and the the fourteen you know what I hear about that but -- the game away. And intently get axed from the blind sided fumble so okay they'll -- playing like that. Now doing give -- an equally as. With some shoddy. Tackling secondaries with thirty seconds left in and -- suddenly at three score game. What looked like it was going to be on the one score game and -- -- and then it just became a and -- at the -- toward them they were on the field problems ninety plays. And they think it's worn out and help in getting them at the end. I'm so it was a very frustrating disappointing loss speculate that they did that Berry Berry good which is something we never could say about -- last year. -- that leads me to my next question mean. You mentioned the offense was a work in progress a year ago. As a defense kind of carried a football yet. Last year. What -- what did you learn if he is -- other two maybe two takeaways night which on the spot but to take a week that you. You feel like you get a good handle on with his weak team after last night. Well certainly on opposite Kennerly is the real deal I you can tell that after one being made that point that incredible night 2244. For 262 passing yards the victory that doesn't let up out wide receivers. There -- several lately that right there and either drop that are -- get their arms that the right time. But it EDE just got to play like one concerned about him what city what is that what you heard that he'd get that Drew -- -- mobile. Where double time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he'd get to mean a dimension that they never had any time with nick Montana. And depth about it -- back in India technically you're an eighty. I just waited for a sport that didn't like his running style that he went two straight -- in the back nine yards that's an end up running for 250 yards and American athletic conference record granted it's like to accurately made me look at it that. That's our hey listen listen. I delivered at noon yet and oh by the way in the there's been. On the backs and that electronic therapy -- -- these guys there recipes -- not a right straight up to hit it pretty solid career. -- that EC media that went into it lacked a lot of time with the blinding speed and didn't -- -- at the open field he's unbelievable. John Curtis product and we probably should record it by simply being bigger named schools but he let that be taken to I think any day. They weren't sure it and. Well yeah I had fifteen guys last night that I think two in 250 yards on fifteen cars that so that might sound. The opposite really get this now now they've got that he soared up. You're looking ahead to next week's opener -- stadium against Georgia Tech really good football team coming here. For the opener at who just talk and be as close to the grew April football program visual our war how anxious are they -- a football back uptown on campus for the first time in over forty years. They can't pay the players kept talking opry he -- about how -- he would never talk to them coming up our hockey golf bummer. You're talking side and then doing all about the student tickets immediately and why he wants you that -- the gobble up the -- That you don't need to be the unit which for the opener and beat Simon never stopped and the year. If he is he -- and I think coming in the perfect time for Q could the weight gain that don't get talked about the lot they could linger for awhile. But it won't I don't think it well but they're so excited about. That home game that now he's the best way to get over it and then the other day. You can't get to see it more different into -- -- -- the top of the red often that guilt feelings with. I'm quick slant that is durable excellent triple option rarely have the opportunity completely different challenge a completely different that it. And I don't know what it. The Yankees to into the -- and a birdie at that game at the game -- on. Area try this on -- -- to -- about this this morning. Curtis Johnson was part of that saints' coach he's stepped it. You know open reopen the superdome -- Turkey entry about -- nine years ago and very Hurricane Katrina making landfall but. And then that night where they were thinking on Atlanta and it was such an environment that there was no way the Saints are going to lose that night. And he now I'm wondered if I mean Sean Payton recognized the significance in relayed that message. Whose team that night -- -- only special if you win Hampshire. Curtis Johnson is gonna have a similar message about opening a new stadium. On campus. Yeah I I think you know a lot of them by now after losing the top again he you know I don't think anybody can be picking Tulane to win that game. You know the Patriot to win that game in Atlanta going in that room you could look at it. Yeah outlook is that the most. Obviously there and play like that that nobody -- coming. And -- music art you can hit it not being obviously has -- that -- one in the germanic most emotional being in really sports history. But it it would be over Tulane and it will be at the moment that can't beat Georgia Tech then they would in any other particularly it. It's hard to articulate that isn't it they struggled you know that -- sticks and were being consistent and there they're breaking in new quarterback and -- -- a lot to the quarterback is by far the most important collected he makes all the decisions and -- whether they give them -- play went there to two run to take so so we'll see then I didn't think. Who did the fact is that personal infertility omens didn't give them much much better chance to win then you would think looking at that want. Rosters in the -- Winding down Gary smoothly report dot com Gary wanting him. It was a loss at -- program the one thing that they. Proved to be who is though last year was not just 01 year deal -- they look very viable. Very viable program in Gary tell folks how is it like you don't want to -- -- how they can follow you on line it's certainly not what are. Keep over the -- that we would not -- Sure you can is the wave report dot com and you can opt and not that feeling that rivals dot com takes it to the -- site. Twitter that it. And I -- this guy right here -- EU we are best. And then I'm not I'm heavily involved with the advocate right now but got this entire splitting the duties and that is threatening to it to every day day and we now. So ride you can find you can get me talk about it but for got frequently. Gary Kevin Walker thought it was a very classy move by -- of course a few years ago couple years ago he was injured on that. Saint feel -- the paramedics basically saved his life right there on good field. He's he's he's paralyzed. And a very tragic incident on the football field but what was that a moment like when they had. That moment for them walk. You know it was pretty special needs to -- talk to reporters before the game two and one of the Mexican -- instead with that he actually got more letters and what support from the top with me. In the last two years that he did that we again and he did not mean about it and thought for the week -- that reaction -- got here. But the fact is the people that it and saw what happened there. Either he didn't now -- the letters from people telling him what is the reasoning was that as he recovered. And you know that is a positive attitude moi and with in the states from that injury. I mean it really it was an emotional feeling. Yeah I think played his job on the Jumbotron at halftime in game that he -- He talking. About. You know they played that he got to -- standing ovation. They gave them the -- -- by -- -- the players and you know to really special moment he admitted. It was a -- -- reasonably go back out there it was Tulane athletic director Dick Nixon then and when he when he died and he got out that note the right move because of the way. That he'd been treated in the -- the community and first and by the first responders to this stage of life. And then just with the outpouring actually got I am not on the road with the -- -- and actually it was really really nice day for him. One of those moments in sports where. He put out you put aside your Phantoms with a what are your -- or people that individually and I -- of the great touch of class. What -- totals of fans and it fills a program Gary Smith the wave report dot com thanks a -- of the time any insight on the relief program. Any -- that and iron to 6018720366. In the united threw it seventy -- -- -- ago Daylon -- you're on WWL howry dale. I'm doing great you guys feel that. A again that night it -- it really you know went on and on the few guys in the talking about Bert bell put on regular line up. Yeah -- they did in net New Orleans area on it and -- they blocked they got. Old Tulane stadium. That -- -- -- in my belt and -- com. I have a questionable he. So much respect for camp body through LAQ obviously what is -- -- would think that everything. And after watching the game plan tonight. I'm excited like anybody is not yet what -- be in the 67 mountains the your -- -- Oliver he would be able to correctly a year ago. And what a bad job but at any -- an idiot is. He's done not merely about the defense and back. And I agree. They'd look and that. But one thing I'm concerned about. Patrick Robinson. He was -- Outlaw a lot can get -- lit by three point. And -- -- me the immediate respect -- coaching it was. I was. Yeah. Yeah a he has a tendency to do that day he. Did that. And a couple of years ago you especially as a rookie that was kind being under the impression that -- you know he'd be scared to get beat deeply and give a little bit more cushion and you know certain coaches whether the defense of coordinator defense tobacco to kind of he'll give you a little leeway liberty if you will it how much coaching you wanna give the gap. They were never time that I saw him last night that he would kind of be up and it crouched position a couple of yards off the line of scrimmage and then Greg was snapping his tail off for about ten yards or so inches. It I'll -- put it scary it yeah. Such great expectations. Applause. And I'll I'll be but you. And the guy on it you know all. It's very yet -- Jeremy DC. Law but it means that he would go on the ball that it was. Like the action. And I hit them at that point -- there is. I backed -- -- meted out you'll -- from the bought them about the -- At the Utley. Yeah well yeah I mean he would tell him how to -- them though they out played -- talent wise he's he's got the talent they -- He's he's got to find anything he's got it within himself and we've we've seen at practice they'll -- kind. Like it to -- they get the unity game yet age you know it in that's. That's the thing we going into your own guys every day you kind of start to learn all the little new losses. The receivers. -- you face somebody different and -- the little bit timid in that situation but. I know exactly what you're talking about in that the depth that something that's gonna have to be addressed in the in I don't know how much. Free Lance ability they give him. But something he he's got to get to the point where I feel like it's it's time and it quit worrying about getting beat deep and -- -- come up be aggressive in. Hold my ground and not let. That big cushion that he's given come back on him. The elementary things for the phone call would come back to seem anabolic undrafted rookie free agent out of Boston College big part of their specialties been on every. Special teams unit in the pre season does he have a chance to make his roster what is cut down the -- from a player's perspective. In the National Football League you'll find out coming up next it's. The phase of the -- at WW LA -- WWL dot com live -- is here. On stumped boulevard in right. -- at a volley. Grew up in Germany. The media's fault or to lose 21 years of -- in over there Germany. It's a different kind of football that they play but I he's trying to get his mom up to speed on what a big deal that is potentially. He hasn't -- big opportunity. To earn a roster spot for the New Orleans Saints he's played well at times in -- in training camp and pre season a part of special teams in. Saints -- personal players that can play. Can contribute here choppy early on attorney can't say that the that's really you know the busses is on the specialties -- and it's -- -- on the bus at least. The -- -- about that. Happened at. Run it -- today at at Saints camp in the locker room and talked to about. How nerve -- certainly this processes and -- cut down day is like Nicholas. -- at a there Nokia. You heard of math and repeat the question the reason why -- B it is because I didn't do very good job pats in the -- I'll be honest -- the you know listen. It's a little. So little you try it is a grown -- talk to him he could potentially be out of a job. In a few hours suit in. You last that you last the -- questions remain. The human element that takes over you feel like could disgraced decades. Well I got a feeling you cut Ariza gave I you know week. I mean he each -- you know trying to feel -- mom about American football on me and I'm wondered just how much he actually knows about America but I'm not trying to be yeah violent there. And this and that you know it he was yeah. Kind. Conversing back and forth with the fourth when he has that. You know I'd I don't really know his background or anything like that. Mean the he definitely is not out of place out there but I -- still gets the one little bit. He could be in the very early stages of learning football knowledge is like man. It's got like a freshman in college in if it is again a few people it developmental squad for a year to. They talk and junior let you know I mean -- junior you know he he came from. Well we're still yet. He didn't know you doctor growing up he didn't know all that much about football. It was education background than me that he probably didn't know that much about it but now you see how much better player he -- him when he first got here. He's -- guys aren't crushing -- are winding down here on the fans of the pro. WWL AMF and it WWL dot com that -- is here on this golf boulevard and off the West Bank expressway beautiful grand opening brand -- store. Here on our -- right now. Geared up for LSU. And Wisconsin. Winding down here on the fans in the pro. Of course LSU Tigers take on the badgers. Tomorrow night in Houston. 8 o'clock kickoff -- football opening the season. You know of course we'll have low wall to wall Ellis shoot pregame coverage with a big chief Deke Bellavia cajun cannon. Bobby there and T Bob Hebert from he would -- there in Houston starting at 3 o'clock tiger tailgate. Right here on tiger for the homeless Tigers W well -- method that we could well. Dot com and hokey. Yeah anything planned than just -- on the TV watching election. Partly it's a lot with the pin on the -- yeah I mean it's supposed to be. Pretty good chance terrain. Throughout the entire Labor Day weekend so it. As of right now the plan to do everything is kind whether -- And as the weather permitting here and it nonetheless so. Now it's onto. Atlanta for us we from the Sunday saint take on the the Falcons that they. Seasonal for -- -- the the the NFL schedule makers. We get a little more creative we come up with -- another opponent. To open up against is two straight years. The Saints open against Atlanta let -- make every time that we have we opened with -- Atlanta and I was two years straight but I can remember. Go even -- in the Washington. Well I mean obviously in need entire. History yeah about you have to look at I mean I -- give more -- in his tenure here. Opened up a couple of time for the Atlanta. Matt I don't know but a month. I I don't really know how I feel about that about QB travel with a you know opening this season yeah -- I'm not really sure whether I like it or dislike it. Coming in the middle one -- think the. Fine folks you're gonna cost them arouses certainly Donnie routes for having us here in their grand opening got a beautiful new store. On stealth -- -- about the US -- expressway. One think Dominic meets event match -- in chief engineer here onside engineer. For the broadcast on nothing as a pro back next Friday four to seven as prep football gets underway the pro football roundup starting at 7 o'clock. Next Friday night in. Don't forget LSU football tomorrow right here 8 o'clock against Wisconsin. Elicited Debbie that you well an estimate dot com he's saint -- and also guys out on Kristian garic simplify we are out.