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Aug 29, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Good evening a look at your show this Friday night we are taking you into this weekend it is -- Labor Day weekend it's also old. Decadence fest weekend here in New Orleans. I saw the strangest thing you know it's strange you live downtown on your. Around that the crowd it comes in town for decadence -- I saw the strangest thing wanting to the station just now. A man and a woman holding hands a straight couple walked around Allentown during decadence this weekend while we welcome everybody who easier. We welcome everybody who is on their way to New Orleans. For decadence fest it's it's a big weekend and it does mean a lot of talk about that in the top eight at eight tonight effect this new blood tonight is titled. Decadence fest is here. It's not a bad thing and there are people who -- critical of decadence festival talk about them shortly. Here's -- -- -- you up pretty general opinion poll tonight inspired by another incident involving these seats. Reclining in flight arguments. -- That sent down. This set of flights. I think from Miami to Paris. Diverted to Boston because it was another inflated -- it over reclining seats here's our W your project opinion -- In the war over reclining seats on planes who cider you'll. The secret liners. Or those who want a stop. Seat reclining. Attractive poll throughout our show tonight will be go all the trends on it today give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. And tomorrow night right here and a review a radio you'll hear L issue take on Wisconsin in the first game of the 2014 season going to be in Houston and RG stadium. And we've got wall to wall LSU football coverage starting at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon with the Gulf Coast bank and trust tiger tailgate and show. With Bobby -- At the LSU hot spot in Houston which is big Woodrow is at 311 chimney rock road and that has brought to you by Crosby tugs. If you go into the game to indicate she can and Tivo but the big chief for the countdown to relish use official pregame show -- -- -- that at 6 o'clock kick off is at 8 o'clock. It's LSU Saturday starting at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Write your integrity. -- -- and some of you might actually be on your way to to Houston right now thanks for having us review for the drive. Here is a good possibility that you're gonna roared into some rain later -- should get closer to deal -- -- Texas border. On their recent rainy and in south Louisiana got a very good chance of rain tomorrow. But you know that doesn't really dampened spirits I mean it's interesting that -- this happens this time of year because -- quite often the weather's not nice. One year winners ice there was another tropical. A storm of some kind I think last year the year before. And ordering last year's -- and it might rain again this year but that doesn't dampen the Spears' Sunday and Monday look like he'll be better than tomorrow as far as the weather's concerned. It's time for tonight's trending top eight -- dates here at the top trending -- things we'd like you know which we begin our show tonight -- WL. Number eight. They were in -- instead used here in the French Quarter. This weekend will become the center of the into the New Orleans economy but yet there are people who don't embrace decadence fast. They're concerned. They're concerned about the influence that decadence test may have on young minds. They're concerned about what they see on the news. Are quite often on the show where we talk about gay marriage or gay rights and there are few listeners who call up and say. I don't care people were gay I just -- 100 shot and in my face. And the question is do they really shy of hitting your face again will be will be talking about this on the -- -- that the one tonight is -- decadence Estes here. And is not a bad thing despite the fact that there -- a lot of people who oppose it you can read the blog and share with others it's on our website at WW real dot com. Number seven -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Lifetime network is premiering the behind the scenes movie the. Aren't authorized saved by the bell story. Monday Labor Day. The movies based in a book written by actor Dustin diamond who played screech of the show is but teenagers in high school. I never watched meeting I was too old to be watching a show winner would would've been weird if if I would watch the show and I don't really think my son I watched growing up but it was a Saturday morning tradition for for many if you. Screech wrote this book. And it's about who dated who what was going on behind the scenes on the show. But some are saying the book and the movie are not accurate they're not an accurate account of what happened behind the scenes. And there are those who say okay -- sure many people dated different people on the show. I hope like you I -- watches and and again just hit it's it's not that I'm you know separate protesting the show which is I -- -- -- but the bill's -- would mean much to -- I don't know maybe -- what should the show would mean something to think. But it -- -- dude watcher. What -- -- every Saturday might wanna watch that its own lifetime movie on Texas a lifetime network -- -- -- -- lifetime network channel 34 Cox. Premiering on behind the scenes movie B unauthorized save the bell saved by the bill story on Labor Day. And -- I don't know laid it might to bring out some interesting things I don't know about you but you know when I heard all the stories about what went on with the cast of the Brady Bunch. You know who we stating who Greg was dating Marcia. Greg was dating the mom the dad was he dating anybody in the set I don't know I never heard about that you don't want when I heard all the stories of -- the Brady Bunch. What I see on television now it's more interesting to me. Because I think about you know win. When somebody's being disciplined or when something happens on the show it's just it's it's just a little more interesting number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. He says the pastor has been arrested for allegedly shooting a burglary suspect. Who the pastor -- was stealing copper from the greater morning star Baptist Church in Algiers. William -- 62 years old faces one count of aggravated battery by shooting. However it appears that the pastor may have shot the suspect in the back of the head as he was fleeing the scene. I usually a case like this it's an argument of self defense. It seems to me that it's really difficult. To to try to impose. A self defense argument if you shoot somebody in the back if somebody's fleeing. Mean how is your life threatened if somebody's fleeing the scene and we talked about this quite often on the show when there's been a shooting at somebody's somebody's house or business. How do you claim self defense. If somebody is fully. Now if you shoot somebody who's flinging it seems to me that you're trying to punish them. And that's not your job and are realized it would be frustrating at somebody steal something from. But that's public the Second Amendment protects the Second Amendment does not protect people shooting people who wore a fleeing the scene that that that's supposed to be up to. The police and the system of justice so again it's going to be a distinctive. See what happens with this case -- his son. There's this pastor William -- to 62 years old is a former. And a PD officer. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Are you searching for a burglar who -- the hearse at the shark and a funeral home. And voted up the vehicle was stolen items TVs all kinds of stuff including jewelry that is believed to have been taken. Off the dead bodies. -- a super super people with with jewelry. I wish this surprised me. But the truth is it really it really doesn't totally surprise me. Because I remember I I knew somebody who worked for. The the kids out to people who were killed in -- to pan am plane crash in Kenner. It says where is set up around 87980. -- similar in that area. And when he came out in court and it was a it was a court to -- adopted the life insurance policies it all in all that but I just remember that. Money that cash was taken out of demanded dead man's wallet. And her jewelry was stolen off of work at a flight going to Vegas would probably. And contain a lot of people who had cash in their pockets. So I mean just think about the kind of human being. They would go to a crash site. And steal money and jewelry. Off of the dead body. I mean you don't have the courage to confronts about his own life. And they're just has to be a very special place in hell. For those kind of people. Never for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Believe it up to 3000 westerners. Are now fighting with the militant terror group crisis. And they pose the biggest threat to the possibility of terror attacks on America. Crisis has successfully used social media to recruit new members from the west. Which would be the United Kingdom United States European nations. In -- on line ads it promotes wheat prices. Have safety here for your family and your children. They're promoting the idea that ice this will provide safety. For your family. And your children are you kidding. I can't imagine how anybody would feel safe in -- I mean they may except in the beginning but it. This is a group that apparently will brutally. And viciously turn on anybody. But a lot of people are concerned -- the terror alert has been lifted in the economy has been elevated. In the United Kingdom because of the fear is that some of the the good citizens of the UK that have become members devices. Could come back to a could come back to the United Kingdom and that's the fear of the United States as well and it's amazing to hear these stories about these people who have. Who have left the United States. With the the sole purpose of becoming members of crisis this terrorist group. And I I heard one report that included. The idea that. Some people just feel so disconnected. From America so disconnected from society here. They feel like they have no control over their life they have no control over the future of this country that direction this country and so they become. Infatuated with a group like -- It seems to be making a difference. Not a better difference. But seems to be manifesting a difference in the world you know horrific way but it's. It's still a difference so that's one of the theories that white people I joined this Specter did you know there are people who could. Who could travel and it would things would not necessarily show on their passport and they could come back to the United States fully trained. Two to pull off acts of terror and again -- there's I don't -- and all the details but they are so many acts of terror that you would even have to be trained. To pull off so it's a it's a frightening thing when their BO which we talk about how divided this country is. Among those who are into politics. But think about those people who hate America so much. That they're willing to go fight for prices. An organization that is destined to hurt America and America's allies and do whatever -- to destroy. Everything that America stands for. It's scary to think that there are people who are born here are citizens. And that's the course of action. If you wanna join us with -- to write about anything we talk about our numbers 2601. May seventeenth. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy and a text number is 8770. Number three -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Our driver Tony Stewart will race this weekend for the first time since he was involved in an accident during a dirt track race. Which killed. Driver Kevin -- junior. And Tony Stewart appeared to be. Brothers shaken when he was reading this. This statement to the media now he is. His sponsors based in Atlanta. And the race is in Atlanta there's a one of the reasons why this three time NASCAR champion is expected to -- race in Atlanta Sunday night for the first time in in three weeks. The question is are you gonna watch a -- for Tommy Tucker Monday morning and we'll talk about it Tony Stewart will talk about the race you know when you think about. What do you think about the courage and confidence. That it takes for -- race car driver. To do his or her job. And then you think about how old. Tony Stewart right now Tony should may have lost a lot of his confidence. May be that's not the safest place for him to be on the track. Here's part of what Tony Stewart said to media earlier today. If this is. -- the toughest tragedies ever had to deal with both professionally and personally. This is something it will definitely affect my life forever. This is a sadness and pain that I don't know whenever vast experience in her life. That being said I never did. The pain in the morning. Kevin -- family and friends are experiencing. There's something that I. I can't possibly imagine. I want Kevin's father Kevin senior laden and his mother -- This sisters. Christina Kaelin and Caitlin to note that every day after thinking about them and praying for them. I would think that it would take a tremendous lot of confidence to get behind the wheel of a cart race like a NASCAR race -- an Indy race. And it doesn't seem like Tony Stewart really has the mindset to have that kind of audacious. Confidence to get out there and compete. And if you if you if you and or something like that with Al the confidence that he usually have when you're competing. And you could put yourself in a lot of danger means Tony Stewart going to be. Skittish when it comes to making a move and could that actually lead to an accident I mean we hope and pray not. That this happens -- Sunday night we'll be talking about it's on Monday morning audience for a -- -- never to a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. There has been -- minute -- flight disruption. Over reclining seats that led to another plane being diverted. This time it was a flight from Miami to Paris was diverted to to Boston. Where did the people were arrested actually when I was directors ticket to -- hospital for someone related. Illness issue. But he was also arrested their police on its own -- it's just come back for a hearing in December. But -- this has really brought up an interesting debate we started talking about this the other night when the first incident came up of the United Airlines flight. From Newark, New Jersey to a Denver Colorado it was diverted to Chicago. So now we have a survey out showing that. The most America's 55%. Say it is acceptable. On an airplane to recline your seat during daytime flight. But that increases to 78%. Say reclining it's okay. During an overnight flight. So whose side are you on here are you on the side of the recliner I got I got -- a post to the scoot on the year a FaceBook page. From a listener who's also a friend of mine who's a six foot four and I'll read it today just few minutes. But he talks about how he hates when people recline the seats he's not trying to be a jerk about it but he doesn't like it when people reports. -- -- like it either but people do it and I do itself I do it it's -- -- -- if I do and I can't stop somebody from doing and if you had just picked up on this. There was a passenger who used what is known as they need defect in the the defender. On the back of -- the seat in front of him which prohibited the woman in front of him from declining her seat. And you can buy this device for 22 dollars and here's what I've -- now since that incident happened the other day. Sales of the knee defender have skyrocketed. So that tells me that there are a lot of rude people. Who want to stop you from reclining your seat. They don't they wanna take that operative at a vertical right because it's not a constitutional right but it would take that opportunity away from you because they don't wanna be crowd. Now some airlines prohibit that affect the United Airlines. Spokesperson said that they prohibited and the incident really escalating when a flight attendant toll to remove it. But if you're on a plane and the airline allows the -- to recline. I don't think he ever rights. To use the knee defender but -- sales are skyrocketing and a lot of people are obviously. Eager to look for an opportunity to be rude to somebody else. Here's at a BW a pretty general opinion poll tonight in the war over reclining seats on planes who -- you'll -- decliners. Are those who wanna stop seek declining. Give us your opinion by going to our web site DaVita QL dot com we'll have an update on that coming up in just Venus number toward tonight's list. At a wood on number one of its right you know it's trying to get tickets are right. Never line and I tonight's list. Top eight innings. Sorting them to again. Today is the ninth anniversary of hurricane Katrina and there -- memorial and moments in earlier today. A lot of tears and some of those memorials. It was a tragedy. It was a tragedy that. Took the city of New Orleans by surprise it exposed a lot about the city of New Orleans in the citizens of the worlds it also exposed a lot about the federal government. Not knowing how to handle such emergencies. And it's unfortunate that sometimes it takes a tragedy. To change things I'd like to think that things have changed. I don't know how much they change but I like to think these retreats the the other thing it seem quite obvious was that the federal government. Wasn't paying as much attention because it was New Orleans. They might have paid attention headed in another city even though New Orleans is such a beloved city. It seemed -- if this was not as important to the government. Is if it had been in another city. But a lot of good things have resulted from Katrina so we're focused on that tonight. Over these past nine years. What do you think has improved about the city I would love to talk to you. If you came to New Orleans. To help after Katrina. Do you feel over the city and you're still here. Downtown has changed. This city has a new spirit. That it didn't. The city on has always had collective result there's no question about it. But this city has a new spirit in quest for greatness. That I've never experienced living here. If you gonna join Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight's our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text emperor is it's every seven it's Friday night obscure show and we are heading into the weekend together on every WL. I am really surprised at the results of our Demi WL party general opinion -- you know quite often -- -- kind of predict how the polls are gonna turn out I am really really surprised. It's going to be interesting to see if the balance of the sport changes in the course of our show tonight. The question is in the war over reclining seats on planes whose side you're on the seat decliners. Are those who wanna stop -- reclining. 25%. Support -- corners 75%. Support those who wanna stop seek reclining. One. Get a shipping by going to our web site WWL dot com we're track inactive -- polls -- show tonight on VW well from Slidell mark welcome to description of the leading. -- Any job that one of the biggest things that we. Once again tragedy. That forever. What we get to keep. And you remember back there a lot more patient -- -- and in San Antonio. You know the new stadium that demand in all go away. Right there you know the storm and it's what if we could ever be grateful. If there is such a thing to be grateful for -- Well I guess that was really I guess that was really a test. As to the commitment of the saints in this city to the saints to me that was -- that was a challenge. Yeah it was a big time deal with. Those idiots don't rebound like and that we got a different vibe to it. It did build on from there. You know it gave him -- didn't have to out. And mark. I realize that nobody would want Katrina to happen. And and I'm I'm talking about the goods things things that have resulted not because we wanted to Obama thank god Katrina happened because all these other things happen. But I also think it's fair to point out how this city has has collectively responded to to that tragedy and and -- just leaders and and citizens have responded in this -- city has changed and one of the reasons a city is change a lot of people -- wanna hear this but is because so a lot of people. Moved here and state they only came here to help and they fell in love with the city. And they state and they are helping to shape the city that that we have today. -- -- It just shows the resilience of the people have been notable speed -- -- -- that we can. You know any other city any -- state -- well. Taken and knock out blow out but of course we we could expect shot. You're welcome back stronger than ever and it just goes to show you the people we are. Market glad you called never great week it also look at the Mississippi Gulf Coast to think about Camille hurricanes that they have endured. And that's an area that has taken the opportunity of turning something. Really negative a tragedy into some really positive things. Today's the ninth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina next year -- tenth anniversary and it'll be a big deal but it this is the ninth anniversary every year. It should be a big deal Katrina. Change New Orleans but in many ways to change the city for the better. I would like to talk to you if you move your after Katrina to help and you fell in love with New Orleans and you state what is at the page you wanna stay in the city. Because there are a lot of people in New Orleans who would like to leave. So what is at the major one -- And what have you noticed what are you experienced good about the -- Following Katrina. If you wanna join us with your thoughts in your comment tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a -- number is 877. From Guerrero Peggy you're on the -- show on WW a good evening. In China -- I terrorist. Initially urged that its the -- -- able to. -- There. Well pack and it. -- -- an -- that it. -- -- Sharon. How -- It should check it. Chair. Where I. -- -- -- -- -- -- I was pretty sure. -- only. -- -- -- -- So that archer. An eight year. But that that would that would -- Motivates you to join a group they would fight against the US government would it. How. To fight again. A government that will put AK forty at the paper and -- -- -- in how how how to fight back. Well that was handled apparently very poorly by Janet Reno was attorney general of the time. That was it was apparently -- -- poorly but. You know I I'd like to some degree a stumbling David Koresh for for his actions -- that but it was not handled properly by the government but I don't know overtaking Jimmy. Do you have gone a -- you prepared to take on the government. -- It is tolerable. I. Thought -- see. Like our own. Share it all the procedure by. It it is and I think that was handled it appropriately as Wellington in Ferguson. But Peggy you're you're supporting the idea of becoming part of this brutal group that. They had. -- I'm saying I cannot. I. Security. By going to the polls. And I realize that there's not a lot of difference between -- Even -- you know we -- here I campaigns going on. There's a lot of difference it seems between the ideology of candidates when it comes to manifesting change there really is a lot of difference between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to changing big things in a -- way. I I I'm not advocating. That people -- joining crisis on its -- people are pretty. And stepped it. And I understand why people it's a franchise. And would -- Get the -- that. Jarrett. To see how they were still able to. We'll take you the best way that we can fight these things is to stand up for what we believe in in a peaceful manner and we mainly -- that by voting for people by standing up for people who work. Running for office and even though it might not be the ideal candidate in your eyes. Try to find the candidate that best it's what you believe. I appreciate you calling on aren't so that frustrated with the -- with the country but I mean I understand a lot of people are frustrated with America. Or -- your -- stay with us -- -- right back with your your comments if you wanna join us with a comment about -- here -- we're talking about tonight. -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Server seventy. And a tech's number it's 877. Here's detect a reason I -- I'm always grateful for you at night for use the night of Katrina. You're voice is still a comfort thing you'd WWL. And a wonderful support for new worlds I was not here during Katrina. -- -- Isaak mr. turned a lot of other hurricanes but I was out here during Katrina. But it is something it's still touched me very personally because I was born here grew up here instead most of my career here. I've experienced a lot of positive things that it happened as a result of Katrina. I'm -- in we'll be right back. Under the WL it's Labor Day weekend it is also the weekend of decadence fast in the French Quarter that's is a festival that attracts -- gays and lesbians and bisexuals and transgender visitors -- to New -- in -- by the way I I'd -- her for some people that I know in the business. That this weekend they're starting to -- some scenes from new TV series. The Gator during -- -- it's fast it's a drama comedy about gay person. Its title planned. Is the new -- So you might wanna be watching for that here's an update on WW a pretty general opinion poll. In the war over reclining seats on planes whose side -- you won't seek decliners or those who wanna stop seat recline. 33%. For the seat decliners. But 67%. Are for those who wanna stop the seat reclining. Altogether. If your -- going to our web site WL dot com from Gretna failure on this to show good evening. They did. It say about that made it that the topic is yeah. Ideally -- Number why is. The right all the way -- -- military. Nobody. Pointed at -- What equipment at. I don't know it -- Another thing. As. Ideas. It. Big mile -- is ridiculous. While she said she didn't support crisis but she said she did understand because have that we government handled David Koresh and Waco the way the government and law enforcement handled the peaceful protesters in Fergus enemies -- not peaceful but. She says she understands the disenchantment of America that could lead some people to wanna join crisis which. Is really I can't understand how anybody could want to do that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You should kiss the ground should walk on and be thankful. The year of freedom. And the United States. And well I -- diary and -- this idea that crisis is somehow promoting that they are they are fair to. To keep your family and your children safe and secure are you kidding I mean who would buy into that from this group. It would be burning. And about it C. Yet that. You know videos. Now now now it's not gonna work. Billy glad to college have a great weekend if you wanna join us tonight with your thoughts your comments about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's having a tax is 87870. From frankly ten briefly -- and a BW a good evening. Yes it is. I'll cut his Mike McConnell educate you a map to train. My son was assistant principal it aren't Clinton junior high. And right after Katrina. And -- practices. Their English teacher was there and I cannot remember earnings. That all -- the children to -- contain in the I think it will make adding. And they've cut it in the -- and two volumes and -- Like a marvelous thing for a teacher -- have in here. They will have the stinks even children grandchildren great grandchildren and can hailed him about. What they mean to him an outbreak that world where they -- -- -- -- it. What they had to eating cat and what's it close and hang on one time -- habits sleep on the court because ultimately it is Ian it was health. It would help time. The burden that does make kids think you when you write things down it's a lot different than just talking about it and as you say is something that they can take up and and -- later. If you ever go -- a time and your life to you you went through that and you. Eroded down or you could just think back on it differ goes to a time in life and you just think that if everything's going everything's going wrong and nothing is right. Think about what you endured during Katrina. That was great and I think he. I think that your station hot night and -- really and I. But I want placement in Tibetans but that if she does not like America yet that it. I have. My Brothers that our -- more than my son. -- Green and I appreciate you calling her show and thanks for listening at night and you have a great weekend. All right and really was referring to a caller had just a moment regarding which again I think she was calling from Guerrero. And I was talking earlier in the top eight at -- about about crisis and affected over 3000 westerners are believed to have third joint nicest -- and includes some Americans. Why would why would somebody to be so disenchanted with America or how could somebody be so disenchanted with the American that they would want to go flights. With this group. It wants to brutally attacked people and brutally attacked Americans and the United States and she said well because of all the things the government's -- she understands it. -- -- over coming right back every WL. Today's ninth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina it did have a very very dark time in this city's history however. Look at what has become of this city following Katrina a lot of great things have happened. Have you moved here after Katrina did you move here to helping you just fell in love of the city there are a lot of people in New Orleans who who don't live in this area. Why is it that you feel of this he wouldn't you fall in love with about two -- And what did you -- and will continue to to talk about that there had been some very positive things have resulted from Katrina nobody wants something like that treated happen for positive things to happen but. Some positive things have happened you know that there's anything wrong with. I'm talking about that it's it's now believe that up to 3000 westerners are now fighting with his militant terror group crisis. And they pose the biggest threat to the possibility of terror attacks in America. We got a reaction to a caller we had earlier Peggy from Guerrero who said that she understands. Why people would be so frustrated with the government. That they -- -- to go fight prices. She didn't say that she wanted to do it and she doesn't support what they do which he understands the frustration. Because there's been some reaction to Peggy Peggy wants to call us back and we'll talk to her after the news in the next half hour. Here's a WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight and a quick update. In the war over reclining seats on planes whose side are due on the seat decliners were those who -- stop seat reclining. 38% on the site of the -- decliners 63%. Our favor of those who wanna stop seat reclining period. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com.