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8-29 Scoot Show 9pm, Isis

Aug 29, 2014|

It is now believed that up to 3,000 Westerners are fighting with the militant terror group ISIS and they pose the biggest threat to possible terror attacks on America. ISIS has successfully used social media to recruit new members from the West. One online ad promotes “We (ISIS) have safety here for your family and children.” Are you concerned that American-born ISIS soldiers will attack America?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a Labor Day weekend and it is also the weekend of decadence nasty New Orleans. When New Orleans becomes the senator. Of the gay universe we welcome everybody who is in town for decadence fest we welcome those -- you are heading into New Orleans right now driving into the city. Coming in of one of the shuttles are a camera ready car for the airport. Welcome to the violence. Also there's a possibility of rain tomorrow but it looks like Sunday and Monday you're going to be even better I love this -- -- Stood blood tonight is titled decadence fest is here and it's not a bad thing I mean that there are people who think it's a terrible thing Google Talk about that you can. Read the -- bloggers sure with your friends is on our website at WWL. Dot com decadence fest is here and it's not a bad thing. Here's an update on our -- W a project opinion poll tonight. In the war over reclining seats on planes and has been yet another -- to in flight incidents that led to planes being diverted. This week. Now what happened yesterday the day before. In -- war over reclining seats on planes who cider you'll. The seat decliners of those who wanna stop seeing declining. It's getting closer 41% for the seat decliners it's still a majority 59%. Are on the side of those who wanna stop seat reclining. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com from Kansas Todd you're on the -- -- good evening. Eight Skoda. I could talk it -- on caller. You can. In Kansas but what it -- keep it as you know of you know I'm not going to be to our people but overall. To me you've got -- or. Just not -- not think clearly about certain issues because. It hit it on the well but. Cuban even you know birdie. You know not to long but got -- -- -- that so also to the old testament. A lot of talk about -- -- you nature. So. -- out there treating it and read it later. To adopt to the united to look -- But yeah. -- I -- not and so oh a big part game again but I think it while it's not just won't work and keep on. You know I believe that that -- that's -- -- -- I think I'd be but he got to believe that. And ritual orbiting the lord's supper. And it broke the music guide uses storms and things like that natural to just hours before. I'm not saying at least on their -- at -- the punishment but. I'm -- so -- cubic -- only got to do the finger. Thing. Yeah well what about all the what about all the people who are innocent. And -- -- ever. Mean you mean -- That's out of work I'm I'm I'm to cap the outrage in the sort of I can traditionally gone but. -- if you look at it. That the Catholic Church she's also war department sent and it doesn't matter -- god. Nobody's innocent it about it original -- So. Even though answered the way and since that the public out sooner you can Cutler. He got you know -- -- Jesus -- god for most of -- and the way people you know treatment. Just where there I mean. You and I'm only forty -- these vehicles. Scored forty years old -- -- I wanna six it's an -- year ago the world must place. But there's always end. I don't have there's only one was. That does what what what what what -- commitment. God knows everything so god knew even when it was definitely opened god whoever homosexual was -- everything that was going on. And the percentage of homosexuals is not really increased over the years. Now the number of homosexuals is -- increased. And you know -- ancient. I'm look at -- of a -- I don't -- get to that because I -- -- -- -- rough beginning in my life but. I just this year you know god she's got that and change though the world may change people's opinions and change for doesn't change -- -- -- you know you're entitled to those that this is America. I mean I might disagree and others might disagree but you're entitled -- -- a lot of people agree with -- You to believe you believe it's Michael -- that the extra. Well. It's not believe it's a fiction I think there are a lot of things in the Bible -- wonderful stories and I don't think that -- and literally. I've talked about this before -- everything happened literally. The ways it depicted in the Bible and that doesn't mean I don't support Bible and I mean he had a theology teacher. And I've theology teacher who suggest the priest loyal penalties it's in our class still listen they're there are lot of good stories in the Bible. But there have if they have been homosexuals. Are essentially the same segment of the population which is about two or 3%. If it's been that way all along -- scene that why would god now -- using hurricanes. Two and and natural disasters to punish people for our thumbs up. Not just -- mount saint Patrick's -- of homosexuality and point out something that's happened in Brussels and along the -- its first. I'm just point out the fact -- not alone but at the -- -- the -- -- and won't fall apart and just where you know. A chilly Mardi Gras is note took it to the extreme left too much. That money grow and expand the results so it it's -- body remain -- in front court whenever a school. And there are. There are things that kids shouldn't go to period. I don't understand it due to keep kids look -- -- court -- want to know more about you know. Just I don't know. It's in my opinion go to. No one I hope not and what happened in game by Katrina and it's -- deer that. I just know I just it also a -- if you look back on the Internet yet chances ticket item like this happens. That. -- in the you're living you living Kansas okay to peak to peak at Kansas is the home of the west Borough Baptist couch. -- but I agree with that but but why why wouldn't god punish those people for -- -- hateful as they are why wouldn't god and -- Discuss in tornadoes to Kansas to punish people. It's it's it's possible in some cases worldwide same -- -- the use -- at his disposal. That that he can you see it is packing his -- -- the world and he said he. And it will happen at the apple -- so mean to tell stories the biggest and educated these things happen literally then. The Bible is the big lie. Because -- -- -- it -- what are the Jewish law comes from that's where all the Jewish tradition and from and do little whatever their religion. Todd I'm not gonna change your mind and you aren't just lines so we've we've had this conversation their people are angry with you and people who agree with me and I appreciate you calling. Please look at -- time out our apartment and you do that I can connect. Have a nice weekend. While you're join us for the -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number is 877. Visits next Diana heterosexual male and I'm in the quarter right now the decadence festival. Is a little ridiculous however to each his own. Well well of course. This is that what people go crazy during -- -- And people go crazy at different times and essence fest and assistance on. The decadence -- is a time win this community comes together. And just enjoys a big party. So if it's a mean you have to be involved in it but I don't see how it's really gonna hurt anybody -- for port sulphur Kevin you're -- WL. It it didn't meet him. Yeah. You know good things come it straight early art or where -- really are thinking they came out. And there are those areas and I guess you know I guess I'm talking about. Out New Orleans and and but you know -- -- areas of new worlds and even gentle icy icy Ares and genteel and many nice places in your children IC Chantilly steel. Still affected by what went for Qwikster Katrina. Again at that -- is -- -- -- especially up to date today date on or. On the Internet there or want to mention outbreaks -- -- match. You know -- changed -- spot I'll bet not one. Should -- that was I think he returned Katrina. And -- Yeah yeah -- It was. -- It. I L or. Lack there are but the air date. But not the. But can't you -- you live there and you know you're not forced to live there aren't. Or at their property itself can't -- can't do it bit. -- We we can't choose who -- related to some agreement -- realize it's not easy for everybody has their pick up and and and move but. You know you do people live along the Gulf Coast and living New Orleans still living areas like airports offer briefly with with the understanding that there's a possibility are -- -- Where there -- a jet that -- to Rocco. Now a court -- struck line or. Call it sure like should that order now all. Is there are. That well they're not sure which go on. It -- -- you wouldn't be hard. Right because if for a lot of people Isaak was not a big deal but for you that was that was your Katrina. -- sure -- water out just like well now slowly open -- And now now we we property react oh yeah -- Hit it right -- And our future that the perish but actually to stopping short. Or eight well bite out due respect your credit and they are with -- The whole state is just their -- that bank should call their apps they'll. -- -- in the in the same way that the country. And I didn't recognize the problems in New Orleans right after Katrina during and after Katrina the state to may not recognize areas like Europe and that's and that's a -- I want it -- -- that has. First out. By our article. Out everyone that you talked about. Plot like. They're not. There yet. And I like -- All they're all night. Now they're not sure she bought it are. Apocalypse late. Go. Out and set -- The -- drop back toward. But Kevin I'm really glad you called and I brought that everybody's attention and it is it's clear that we as much attention to that area as we -- to -- -- I appreciate calling have a great weekend. Here is it taxed oh MG what rock did that guy crawl from under she's. Here is another text there's no place like home Todd stay in Kansas reference to a caller had just a moment ago from Guerrero Tony you know on this new show. How link that may come. And talk about that by. Now. You know guys. Point -- in actual actors at certain areas. You know once -- don't want to point out I mean people probably don't realize. A regular -- by even. If I. If you. Stay. On. We again. -- I mean. The attack I do believe. I do that the -- couldn't people natural. I don't think that -- I can't explain if you believe that god is all laughing at all good it's it's hard to explain natural disasters. But god did he does percent with challenges is is human beings in those -- -- that some of the challenges that we that we faced and I don't think god uses storms to. To punish communities like some people's. Dorian that call do you have a great weekend if -- -- stay with this a few and join us tonight with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Steroids heavily taxed. Is -- 7870. Is a -- reads god means to send a massive sandstorm to wipe out ices. You know I would be in favor of that here's -- -- -- -- a pretty general opinion poll tonight in the war over reclining seats on planes whose side you want. The -- decliners -- those who want the seat declining to stop. Give your opinion are going to be at google.com skewed -- will be right back on this Friday night. I justice John -- studio priestess of what's slowing you got kind of breaking goes Nirvana come as you are because it decadence ST come as you are not necessarily. Sometimes you come as one person and when you get your change into the person and -- back and the other person when you come back. It's a weekend event decadent fest. -- the the saints game yesterday and disc disc hit next and this was that the seat next to me was -- The kid behind me put his feet up on the seat. It was empty but right next exit its feet right there. Deal with the kids parents did. They told to immediately get his feet off the seat. And I thought great there's still some good parents out there Kevin you're on WW good evening Campbell. -- goodies and -- good. I had a lot of -- a comment on the decadence. Yeah. Topic. I work down in the corner -- from many years says one. Delivery driver and that served for many years but -- -- a lot of people -- -- -- -- certain things -- -- -- years ago it was a little wild. But just like every idea and people come down with the on the expectation that the quarter. Like -- it -- count from Oklahoma and made. You know didn't waste it drop before 1 o'clock because it not be used NASCAR I think every event has. It's owned saying I don't think it's a major issue. You are sometimes given there's no event and people like that way. Black arts certainly and then decide. Don't know what -- -- And who do it and of course -- -- I think the of these do good that it you know there's -- but I'm not acceptable amount should apologies. You know PD interactive something like. I think of the global that they they put a lot of good money into. Despite -- -- and into the city and server like him. They get -- and wondering earlier this morning. And we'll talk about the differences in certain events cited by U classic connected. And not someone actually would be they do it different in that American with which you agree which you should say yes if camera -- effect. Well I I know a friend of mine is black and he is there one of the one of the of the bell hops in one of the of the valley center and a prominent hotel downtown. And he says that he. Would rather some events not be in town but I wheel it everybody works -- army. Some people took more than others -- don't know why that is but some people do and if if you -- in that business you're gonna have to deal with the times that's what do I used to take care of everybody. Yet to a budget crap that's been a reason. See that's that's opening ground game of a -- -- budget teenage duke in the in the state. Been and then not only that you have a lot of folks had dropped from -- -- between NATO 25 and eighteen you don't. So they dropped a year and just hang out in the city. So -- -- you know so you don't have that kind of -- school you know that would barricades on the comments. And now what -- It depends on who was pop -- what night. Principles on my adopted -- crop. Richard you're right Kevin there's a big difference between buy you class in essence -- And that you know and so they got -- beat Google because argue that it doesn't bring some alumni that those older people vote they have a lot you and that's -- that -- it -- that being issued for a lot out. But I think people that I think activists who aren't. With the Barrett since lid on the London com uses this is embarrassing for those who. Don't want to portray themselves as being the enact an awful long were. Yeah yeah no different than anything out Alabama fans are available for you know don't want you to. It's like yet there are some people who get so drunk and obnoxious and just stupid on Bourbon Street and they're gonna criticize some guy who's wearing some flamboyant gay outfit. I had teachers down and wanting people like about -- in common is we don't which you know. So we're not judgmental as much as opposed to a lot of people come from money you know couldn't walk on the street together remember. Unfortunately some do judge Kevin -- to call any of a great weekend. It's all right to. Two or via text here in just a moment deference Slidell barrier on the strip show and -- W targeted to serve. -- First call and speak. To -- thanks. -- Eric -- poll earlier in the patient. And -- Yeah. I got a guy from Miller had a guy from Kansas called a few minutes ago thanks Todd and he believes that -- in New Orleans is not falling apart because. Essentially because of things like decadence fest. Well that look like power plants ten well he also brought up whether -- like to treat him right near impunity for future. Bigger like the mark on this but what about the actual work part ever heard. Yes. You have the high frequency. The war Richard -- Yeah I know that familiar with him. Some people believe in the media like the web -- web. We're like yeah I have I'd I'd. I've heard a few cases. People who are convinced that there are governments who can manipulate the left. -- back to 1980 that man that's part had been tensions. -- it went pretty duty you'll. Tighten it pretty. Well he did one night didn't on the eve and -- CNET. Possibly -- Well force cargo hold -- Again it's that it's -- it's never you know. However. I mean it's something that should something. -- -- going to -- where. Or what would you believe Barry. You know. What -- we have to -- really cute I mean. Not college -- that are tablet moment in the public what are some of the major fire. You can lead the weather which again should be. But all my outlook and Archie miles Falwell's life. But they can expect with -- high frequency radio waves. As far as and it's there's -- out here at -- like in the right to your show on too long. I happen but if it's yet if somebody is manipulating the weather. Who isn't and Andy what where's the where's the patter. What are in the -- six nick first. Did the spartans started acting in any future that they were going into this on your have been the most K -- school. He's not thinking bigger courts keep on the United States that for yourself. Tornadoes -- him. I mean. We've been -- pretty strongly here recently won the whole problem. -- Indy or storm yet -- again. Street. -- the world with the purpose. The will be what purpose be of sending sending creating a storm and sending it to turn to sure. -- that we -- deal like an anonymous. It on the country he wanted to hurt Japan what are also on the. Person who's doing who's doing this pairing. -- -- with the government but to comply with the United States government attacked our country. I mean I know and I like I know that if he didn't believe it. In the end made it all may -- to help prevent you know that not one purpose and her. I get a neat because all their nose to spite their face. And -- -- it's true that part I mean -- they might be it did not change that now. Because in at all suspects like there's missile guided. -- yeah that you need to look more and put it out here at the series. I've. Appreciate you calling our show -- don't believe governments that control the weather but there are those who who do believe that. How we're gonna go back to Peggy and Guerrero Peggy called us last hour. And I was talking about today in the top eight at eight tonight it was talking about. Crisis and is just amazing that up to. Up to 3000 westerners and some Americans. Are believed to now be fighting with the militant terrorist group crisis and I just wondered why somebody would be so upset with the united -- -- how could anybody be so upset the US government. That they would join a group that would fighting like a group like nicest it would fight against the government. And Peggy brought up some frustrations like mountain. Ferguson the way people. Wearer. I'm focused on with guns in the streets of Ferguson Missouri following the Michael Brown shooting about -- Waco Texas and mean the government is not always handled everything properly. And some people called up and basically denounced -- to -- he said and I why did point out that Peggy was not supporting crisis but understood the problem so Peggy you and add to that. -- earlier except prepare kids like door. At listeners that they should be -- it. Playing. Yet some. We're. In my. Country. At that point. Yet. I'm terrified. At the police gunned down on eighteen year old. That the police you know. -- -- -- -- -- And other units and there. -- so. Guilty about. When did you have a gun pointed -- you. Are. Important to me there and I actually fourteen demonstration of much -- it. Well you're. And television. An -- for our side outlet. Well pointed -- That family. And we're only trying to. Right I -- people. Are pretty -- But apparently. -- complained. People are. You fortune. So people in America for it and you and yours here. And keep believing. -- The that you go on around. You know -- -- Porter -- for in order to comply. You have every right to complain. I think people misunderstood that you were supporting the idea of joining crisis had not that you were just complaining about today aspects of the government. Do you think we -- license. Pretty. And I don't think it. They are determined and they're not gonna go away but how could you. Could just say it doesn't mean the only thing to be learned from crisis is with it was a -- of what would be what not to do. Can. People you know there are. No choice. Didn't try to track record to go. -- -- A scary thought it is a frightening thought that people feel so desperate that that's their decision. Just. Like. Are trying to understand you know. -- Going -- in that country. -- -- -- Heartily to that is that what -- You don't you have every right you have every right to protest I don't know the -- are always handled in in in a proper way everything about the protest at Kent state university and guess what 1970. Four. College students were shot and killed by the National Guard. -- that didn't have to happen. Atrocity you -- go on at this stands. This country at it and people. That it would not. It starts they -- them and let the I can understand people. -- -- to -- people may. -- -- Peggy and I get a chance to call back. If it's possible. Have a nice weekend. -- get back to our vehicles if you're -- stay with us if you wanna join us -- your thoughts tonight it's an interesting night to -- the least. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy or Texas states have VA seventy. This is this new show on Friday nights is the rain is on the way for us tonight and and tomorrow. And we'll be right back with your calls on -- of -- well if you're on hold him and get to all of your calls or just hang on also got a number of -- to get to as well let's get right back to your calls. I'm from Hammond mark you're on this huge show -- -- WL. Right doorman at art. On the -- Nigel in this metadata called his arm problem and was just pick there are people sick and tired ago. It will be -- bill and -- -- lead and are gonna -- to -- -- of our government to do what they want to import water. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Already busy is it -- -- school some of the government been and they just got to be donated you know it wouldn't -- to justice. Assistant school the equipment that the uncommitted. Senate. You may do. You. Do it all right. You are crooked cops -- -- people man -- -- sure 11. Year ago. Remembered -- every year and those are all. Those are all realities but did if you look at the big picture our population is not decreasing the government's not wiping us out. There are diseases are always have been we're getting rid of a lot of diseases. We're curing things we're you know if you if you look at the whole picture you can find those negative pockets but there's a lot of positive things that are going on as well. What do you that are true -- where -- day Nazis you know people. You got to be aware and that's why how much in -- rules and real. You got to be aware that was going on look this award awaited word activities go I'm thirty years -- being -- Each year it's -- -- rather. It is it doesn't it would be a Democrat Republican because on the street school did on the you know good 1000. Well I'll tell you about your right about dental care about it so pubic. Internet then go Democrat. You got a little murder he wanted to keep it wanna keep us divided. It's either the -- if you do big congregation what you people of refuse Martin won't be caught up well you know -- I. I appreciate you calling market that we need to be Smart enough and not let the politicians divide us tonight I talk about that -- I think politicians do divide us but they reflect a division that lives in the hearts and minds of facility America's. Mark have a great weekend and -- -- you're lucky doors tonight from Guerrero Mike your -- WL. -- -- -- I'm OK here. This could believe that the on -- urgently to did not want to comment on. It. Vietnam. It is the government has about fifty. Thirty years that it the private sector. It. I'm sorry you recovered to may have a more time. It's technology it's. Thirty to fifty years and the private -- Why don't I don't know that for a fact I don't know I don't know maybe so. I don't -- it. It's just tremendous and it's predictable that you live now to put it. Campbell I outlook okay I I agree that there's there's there's they were there's advanced products and advanced technology that is not part of the it may -- America yet. -- simple that the template what it was Clinton can only deal with frequency. -- Used to molecule. That is like so breaks go -- which would agree it's. -- and urged students to structure and rich. Welcome to molecules in these stretcher out. Out to be honest with you Mike you can lose me because I'm not into physics or chemistry but the ideals that the government is controlling weather. Well I'm assuming that. It's the technology and so are dead now that signs to we'd have liked what he industry really don't know. But what signs do we have what signs do we have that the government is using whether and why are they using what is it accomplish. I'm sure if they're using and just as important and I am sure that exist accomplished a couple or social programs -- about these. Become the field now available in summer. It's such a net. United says well which insures that the conspiracies. You can actually open at pebble so old when you start to pick these -- book frequencies. In multiples. And you know it's -- that means are -- actually -- -- today. Why and and I guess there's always that possibility bike I'm glad you called the show thanks listening the only frequency that I am really familiar with is this frequency right here. 870 AM and also won a 53. WW LS then. It's a fun night is it. If you're -- stay witness I'm Stewart -- and -- -- more of your comments on this interesting Friday night -- VW well this has been an amazing night. We're we're kind of running at a time for the Sauerbrun eyes already give you a chance to express your opinion is your whole please be patient stay with -- -- -- all your calls you're just a moment. But very quickly let's go through the evolution of the conversation tonight. Part of the conversation it was about decadence fast. That led to sabbatical from Kansas saying the bad things happened in New Orleans because new worlds hosts decadence fast. Like hurricanes at things like that that cities falling apart because of things like that. Also that led to a a call about the government's ability to create storms like hurricanes and to control the weather Andy used the weather. And and so Orioles called about it. And that we also had a conversation about crisis in a woman who called and said she does understand. How people are so frustrated with this this country so frustrated with -- America. But they wanna join a group like crisis. Which is of brutal. Brutal group. That wants to destroy an attack America. I wonder how old quarter how well those people that they're going to be after after that have a rising again this is just part of our conversation tonight. It's Labor Day weekend Friday and we are heading into the weekend together it's also the weekend of decadence fast. And discuss blog tonight is titled decadence -- is here and it's not a bad thing read it share with others it's on our website at W dot com and we will be back.