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8-29 Scoot Show 10pm, Isis

Aug 30, 2014|

It is now believed that up to 3,000 Westerners are fighting with the militant terror group ISIS and they pose the biggest threat to possible terror attacks on America. ISIS has successfully used social media to recruit new members from the West. One online ad promotes “We (ISIS) have safety here for your family and children.” Are you concerned that American-born ISIS soldiers will attack America? another in-flight disruption over a reclining seat that led to another plane being diverted – the second such incident this week! Who do you side with – the passenger who wants to recline their seat or the passenger who is cramped in the seat behind? AND: Today is the 9th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The tragedy caused by Katrina led to a new spirit in New Orleans. What good have you seen result from Katrina 9 years ago?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not only is this -- Friday night. It's also the beginning of a long Labor Day weekend from many you. It is the emotional end of summertime. It is a time to party and celebrate. It is also decadence best weekend. In the French Quarter. We welcome everybody who was in town or decadence -- and those of you who were heading into the city for this festive weekend. -- so every every Friday on the show we played this song at some point to just kind of get us ready for the weekend. What are likely to do justice he had a tough week. Things haven't always gone the way you wanted to go to street. Just reach over and crank it up this this is what you've been working for. I saw a really strange slides walking to the station earlier today. This is decadence best weekend this is an. Odds site I saw a man and woman. Walking down the street holding hands. On very -- -- showing every WL. -- -- -- -- notes Larry Larry you. At that time I'd say it's an interest in -- that -- been -- -- I'll just get up and wanna talk about decadence that both had pretty much -- the little guy in the in his mind and it. That little ridiculous because we have an accessible. If you don't you don't wanna go don't go -- completely double -- in they have a good job everything's fine. And again Billy pad -- out the box. Actually doubt I'll everybody's trying to articulate he's got -- ridiculous and you get the people let's get distort the government can -- -- -- what was -- Yeah I -- a government it is the government is is creating storms and controlling the weather than what's what's the matter what what is what has it accomplished up to this point I'd I'd I don't Tennessee where there's a victory. -- -- -- The lab -- actually you can learn something from crisis you can't learn something from a person like that you get -- not a religious group that. It's not that there's people got together and it. Wanna hurt people but no I'm going to read and other and and it -- -- -- -- group and everybody else the tea America we're just two Americas -- right now. -- really interesting evolution of several conversations and one of them started with a caller from Kansas who said did bad things happen to New Orleans like Katrina. Because of decadence -- And I -- -- and then and then the caller from memory from Guerrero called in and said that she understands why people. Hate this country so much they wanna join prices and she actually did say there's a lot we killer for nicest. People -- -- as did that the problem one that eventually things that we can learn anything from -- what -- she had a huge problems I mean. You know that he did you mention anything about the little people. And yet it was about that -- guns pointed at them. It was just -- -- deal with it was slow to understand the tragedy understand that but when people were burning power is one thing to do what the true about the facts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I agree and agree it it it was not to it was not devastated by the people in the neighborhood but it apparently a lot of outside agitators and and you know just. Yeah I got a text a moment ago from an effect -- here's here's the to actually share this with you when you're on the -- Says that talking about these so I assists. Nicest people or not to ice his supporters are not Americans. They're radical Muslim immigrants. Who are restless because they can't cause have fixed stateside. So the call of opportunity to go overseas. Is too sweet to resist. There are people who just want to wreak Havoc and they were people who went into Ferguson because they were frustrated -- to wreak Havoc and that's not the way to express your frustration. Well IE its -- the people wanna start trouble but always -- trouble. And and it's not noticing that there -- you get Jesse Jackson nor did he got out shot the now fired up -- everybody fired up. But it made it -- the problem like you'd banquet. Does does that it would. You remember was waters tools that the -- laying claim that she was raped by and -- and come to find out that she was never. And I think that was there was -- broad -- I don't think it would do to you it was -- -- right. And you know. -- -- like -- illustrate. What happened right people killed Turkey Israel quietly on the final out it was all (%expletive) excuse me it's such and -- I appreciate you calling act you're -- it was that we get to a couple of these text here here's attacks that reads. And this is about the caller we have former RO you were amazing if you said in Iraq what you said this evening. You might be. Torture. Put into slavery. Or murdered on the spot while you blame the government. It is individuals. Who do these acts. That you pointed to hiding are behind the badge. Or a corrupt. Politician. For every bad acts. If she pointed there are thousands of good people doing their jobs trying to keep water and air clean products safe transportation of products. And people moving safely building and constructing roads. Two codes 330 million healthy. Fed and educated. And a net -- that's a point. -- said earlier just about just the though horrible tragedies that take place in the world that the benefit. And you know there's a lot of good stuff that happens to mean yes there's disease but we've -- a lot of diseases. And -- that caller even suggested that. The government may be I've been patrolling diseases to an -- and stores to. Weed out the population but I don't. Look I remember what happened in to ski. I remember what happened with the experiment with syphilis. Our government has done some very evil things. But I don't see any war on Americans perpetrated by our government. From New Orleans east -- your -- joined a VW -- like rolled around. -- -- -- -- -- I have my own theory and take on why certain American store and crisis. All I think what to keep in mindless. Well what do you believe they did that would an ice this was in. Cheer let's mainly NC area. Fighting the tyrannical sought regime that was before he went into where act. Are so I think many Americans went over there went over there to fight to -- in the year this year a stock. And wound up and policy probably want to be. They probably had issues and they wanna be part of something greater than themselves. I think it's a great point pride they are there are people who were who horror very prone to join groups and and even now I'm just groups like. Being Republicans are being Democrat or being four gay marriage or against gay marriage -- people who do want to. -- groups. Any that fanatical groups like crisis to feel like their. Part of something that is indeed important. Beyond themselves. And fortunately I think many of them. Are simply trapped now. Trapped with that group knowing that if that thinking of taking a -- Can't turn against the group there yet. You know one of the things that Sarah crisis is doing is using social media brilliantly to promote what they're doing and what they're doing and showing what they're doing in terms of -- -- just atrocities. And this is actually attracting people which is a really scary thought I -- one thing that they're promoting is that. -- they are they're waiting for you in Islam. And it's it's a safe place for you and your children for family and children of thinking. Well who would believe that of this group I mean they would if they're gonna turn on. Some at this point -- we need to understand. This sport like. It's a learning from history. The best he's the best example -- had to compare. I racist too is the -- A -- average Pol Pot regime. Yeah -- I'm not familiar I'm not that familiar with what they. Just summit today. They -- they took away any vestiges of technology. They killed doctor stay -- professors that -- Cambodia. Are they -- literally emptied hospitals and Syria MPC eighty. And they. Attempted to have autocratic. Primitive regime and they murdered over a million. And only recently wore a couple of pol -- right hand man. -- you know brought to justice that was the UN tribunal one was like 82 years old the other eighty that that happened about two weeks ago -- that -- -- -- -- And president for the rest of the law. But Brian government stupid things that need to bring up an interesting point about crisis which is an acronym for the Islamic status I -- and Syria. On you bring up an interesting point about people wanting to become. Parked a mission for for meaning it's. Misguided meaning by debt has got to be one of the psychological. Reasons it to people wanna do that. Well in my in my case I joined. I joined the marine I was eighteen years old. And -- apartment and -- -- for the right reason -- he wound up you know pulling out it was going well anyway. And I can't say that I agree -- Going over the economic action over them myself but. Now I didn't yeah I -- get much of that you. Are you happy was your experience. I'm I'm happy overall Marine -- experience spot but I didn't like it over the air. That worse some relief really wonderful people I've met over there. But. You know I just I didn't like it. I didn't like being in a war. Well but he and I should get one dollar and you're crazy you know I would hope nobody would enjoy that. Brian appreciate calling her show -- dollar thank you for where you do for a country. And -- -- thanks -- was. A promise we go mr. Charlie you're an analyst who -- good evening. -- -- So let me just say this out. America. Is her aunt and an oak tree. But now -- the world people out. Is that about bubble its -- You know so shut up and not enough not -- -- now. Not on equipment mistakes and someday that. We're -- here and Whitney. And we've done some things out. Individually. As a whole. Have been. I would agree I mean that we -- happy -- we had -- missed it should all what are every. There are few obviously you don't wanna be here and they they leave and join a group like crisis but they are but there are a lot more people who wanna come here. So -- -- up it -- compliment got that in the world what to do well -- Germans. That went and went to Germany and they actually formed in our community that she bought it in the -- and -- And by the way how many people want day. And the only people deal disenfranchise. And give back to the hell's angels as well. -- And what team do you -- all I want them -- Peninsula. I -- I mean you can't really. I don't know what you can you also when you also talk about vicious groups he could talk about the plan. So. I don't. People that -- out there. -- -- But this year it is. Because. It from the somewhat in the complete my christianity. I think it's such as such an important point in so many people don't understand that they -- -- thick -- it is look I should be able to tell these people not to do this. And nobody will ever tell me not to do what I'm doing but in principle if you take that away from them than somebody can take that away from you and I think it's very important thing for us to remember. If they wanted. A suspect -- tell -- You. Say you know. It is then and -- And and coupled with somebody on. And should be comparable Christian. Well are wasting -- this was this was in the this was in the streets and you warriors one of the year Christian group's net boys aggressive and I walked up to take a picture that mr. tweet out and put on my FaceBook page. Office of this group -- the I was on the megaphone. And you looked at me at least he he he played he played me out and he said look at you. And -- -- gay. In the year disgusting. You do disgusting thing. And a straight. So mean -- is it to make that attack or to assume something about the study intro. That this church and an outlook used to protest. -- west Borough Baptist Church in entity. I don't think the Catholic I don't think the poll. It is not captured -- that we -- -- -- and we'll do right and -- -- C Berkeley. Object. We should not be judgmental. When you know -- -- it would do well to make that judgment what he'd do. A Christian is -- -- law alum and treat everybody. Even agree. And do the grass and you're right mr. Charlie also do the best we can't understand ourselves and how we think we're supposed to be based on the person god created. -- probably -- got to move on. They select ballistic I if you aren't -- -- -- We've had a very interesting night and it's not over sustain witness this is the Scotia like manure laws on the Friday night of Labor Day weekend and decadence -- And we'll be back under review well it's Friday nights the beginning of Labor Day weekend the beginning of decadence -- weekend in New Orleans. And you that you might you you might think we're playing this on her. -- -- We're not because. There are a lot of straight people who think they're too sexy for their shirts -- with. You know it's just not always necessary editor around without a shirt on. Welcome back to discourage Jonas a Friday night here's a quick update on tonight's -- of the -- opinion poll. In the war over reclining seats on planes and there's been yet another incident that led to a plane being diverted this time it was an American Airlines flight. Over somebody -- their seat. Bring it to be deferred escort from I think -- and Paris had to be diverted to Boston so in the war over reclining seats on planes whose side you'll. The seat liners. Or those who want to stop -- the point. 35% on the side of the -- decliners 65%. Are on the side of those who wanna stop seat reclining. It is your opinion by going to our website WW real dot com here is a text that -- says scoot you get the Lou's going. And there's no full moon to help good for you stay on nights to care of your turf every time you disappear takes a couple of days to stir the pot. But she -- negate topic would work always does. Here is taxed all while -- boy oh boy the pandora's box of crazies got open tonight. And I'm sitting here laughing so hard with tears in my eyes. By far the most entertaining show this week since I've been here in the hospital can't look out in my when those who don't know if it's a full moon but sure seems like it LOL that is from Cassie. Never getting nightly updates from -- one of our regular listeners. I was in the hospitals to cast you were to carry yourself if you rejoice for the comment tonight about and we're talking about and there have been some interest in conversations -- bring up to date on everything. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seven -- -- number is 870 separate from -- hand Jason -- -- WL. They are -- and -- That it. Man what -- and I would mean how to unwind after a night like this when you know. That the topic so that they -- and people on an art it definitely. One of the more interest in show me do you reflect the won't want to bowl rings like me. Yeah I I I do sometimes say it but that you know it's over Beverly you actually start thinking about the next you know. I got it onto a first ball only to say about -- documents that. You know as and the Christian treatment I pray that everyone has been out there everyone city. Owen. You know unfortunately the weather although while warm place. You know there years date you know I hope they probably -- that -- On the certainly bring a lot of money the city that Ali good. And you know I would not advocate and of them out there while there aren't going well early elected an immediate. And you can't and there are a lot of straight people like myself the garden -- the French Quarter this weekend as well. I'm not have been a music that will be in general is because I don't really like the fact that. I'm gonna watch or eat five or six or seven different and airport in -- worn out. This really is a music festival it's really just a festival and -- in the streets for the most reduced their dark contest are different things that it did go on but. It's an effect I think there's a contest called the greatest show on earth. So -- of things like that they did go on their somethings that organized and it's it's gently just a weekend where. The community. Comes together and been parties in New Orleans and they you know New Orleans is a great place for that community. All that it does trail much Novo group on street will happen all the way I wanted to can't argue about. You know the whole line they'll let and that the only thing I mean immediate and complete and author Eric you repeat that human and control leather and platform and -- Are there to -- yet here too that. On what is it like forty year 35%. You're the one hand quirky goalie is younger -- 5% water I mean. Are we really that Eric is that the eight. You know our government that trouble. -- -- being able to handle a quick look like they -- deep in the mail. You know and well you know -- you know you -- action in all the sudden manipulate the weather and create court that the eight form that will. I'm sorry I don't buy it especially when you're talking about it the -- it -- the government has been brought the last ten or fifteen years. Well and and -- all and opt for. Oh this was an interesting evolution of a conversation that sort of with decadence vested in a caller from Kansas said you're out that there are also happened to New Orleans like Katrina because of decadence test. And then that led to a call from somebody was talking about that the government controlling the window that was that there was another call. Controlling the weather and creating stores and using it against the people. And I just I don't see any kind of a pattern. That would indicate that there is some kind of a concerted effort to use the weather would mean what does it -- I don't understand one -- -- doing. Whatever I don't even like in that spot -- it's no wonder what might sentence on that those. You know -- I want the structure OK I've grown up here that my whole you know I can there might not of age and I'm not a political problem. I that I will say that for every. World report and reports are reports that people the Internet in the -- users and abuse in our. That their program. Won't force officers are probably in the and -- your part and city. In every round on every. State are at least eight. -- you know you're talking about the people in law enforcement. And -- saying that because. The view. That the Internet this week why. 10150. Different reports a -- abusing their power at all that's -- the -- -- the most coop city on the planet. Why it. Auto racing you know if you listen a shorter regular basis you know I talk about this quite often we cannot define ourselves we can't defy groups who cannot define the world by what we see on the news and the news is not. Because it doesn't. It doesn't make the news when a police officer does his or her job or her or does a really good job it makes it news when they do something wrong. Therefore if that's all the next -- we have to be Smart enough as consumers of the media understand that that's not reflective of everybody. I completely agree and you know I like you know on the -- there are certain people sort of -- And don't like them and they you know there are all equal and Ali you look like the post a story about a cop that BitTorrent. There's been what you've -- you're you know little that story and here's why did they make the nominal. Or prospective like they want to meet you. And didn't need a lot more right it -- not content that they work -- it's not because they think. That we're you know turning against Art -- that -- it's because they they query Christian nation there did not. They that we wouldn't you know they're they're -- took up women quite. And -- state in the nation that they're on one. When it comes to women why wouldn't -- quality. Wins -- -- worst week for the way they treat their women in that culture. And that slightly that you -- are free society because we allow people that in the that. In -- guys are tearing me me me this thing they don't want to beat -- in our decadence. -- and so that's why. They don't like it that's why they wanna kill. Well that has not that they do. -- election and the people in. It because of the company in our coach to lead and the fact that we re. While you're at -- each year that. In that you want. And that's why they -- and I won't work. Ever understand how anyone born in America with regard. You know partner about people watching and you'll. -- organization even more corrupt and even Mort you and even more and -- what sports that make you work. -- market to become part of what they that your or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can disapprove of our government you can try and change things that we do that by voting. I completely agree and look I mean anything that happens you know. It -- -- -- -- you know that the look ourselves in the near an individual everyday and he you know what did I do. You know what can I do to help the country. And what can I knew it to improve that much so the people allowed in the community. That's been part. By Jason that although. It and it's something else we often talk about -- week. We sit back is there as a country and collectively as a group we -- criticize the government we criticized the direction this country's going in. But this country is made up of individuals and if we all did. The responsible thing as individual citizens and collectively as a nation. We would be doing a lot better. So we were you when you're actually right we need to look in the mirror. I mean I don't know it's frustrating from need to see. You know it could be a result -- and I'm sure that there are people similar -- to the back and -- mean Carter was before my time bullet. -- you know I would you know when Reagan was -- -- -- and I'll remember -- well Brent at one Ronald Reagan and the leadership that which already. And outright open about it and I mean from what I credit you with an excellent leader of the country. And that he will -- that's where we are now it's completely frustrating. What each individual person's responsibility. That -- that point it's not government it's not a police officer. Did not teacher it's not that particular order. All the time and we -- that happened and it's a -- are the side we don't want it anymore we had to change the -- felt it already achieved everything else out. Jason I agree I appreciate you calling our show you have a great weekend. Here's a text that read as a crisis is gonna use the Malaysian plane that disappeared against America by following the eyes of a government controlled hurricane. -- am. Here's detects the weather machine is called heart. Here's attacks -- to thank you for grace show thank you from northeast Alabama thanks hosting tonight in northeast Alabama or wherever you are cross country tonight. This is the -- show live from New -- on Friday nights and we'll be back. -- post the -- blog every day on the FaceBook page it's also posted on our WL radio FaceBook page but to my FaceBook pages -- simply scoots on the year. And I try to -- of things on that also violent to a tweet at pictures especially on the weekend and now I'll find some interesting things take pictures of this weekend if you wanna join me on Twitter it's. -- -- -- SC OT. WWL. What do the saints game last night and had a really hard time staying awake it was it was -- the -- if you that they that was and really disheartening though is the saints defense against the run was just pathetic. Then I realized that it's just a pre season game six loss to the ravens to -- to thirteen I don't really care about that. I guess a lot can be said about. OK well maybe there. Back -- are better than our back out I don't know I I didn't read too much into that game. And all. I'm glad the the team is gonna have a nice rest before the season opener against Atlanta in Atlanta. As I said. Leading up to this game and we'll talk more about it as we get close as the game I really like the fact that the saints are opening the season on the road against Atlanta. Because they were not a good road team last year. And I think preparing for the road first against a team like Atlanta an Atlanta has not been. The powerhouse that they once were but you can't ever count them out especially in the game against the saints they still have very talented players. So that's it's still a serious serious of rivalry and it's it's an opportunity for us to. Start the season with a victory and victory over somebody in our division. I like the idea that the saints have to mentally and physically prepare for he -- game. As their first game here's an update on IWW operating -- opinion poll in the war over reclining seats on planes whose side are you won't. The seat decliners. 30%. Those who wanna stop reclining 62%. Here's attacks that says the the 38%. Sits at first class the 62%. Sits in coach -- Here's a -- amazing that some people believe the Katrina was sent to new worlds by god because of events like the decadence festival. The French Quarter came through the storm relatively unscathed at the strip clubs were open. Rather quickly. Mr. Joe Schmo in Saint Bernard. Who has never heard of the decadence festival lost everything. And what was God's beef with weakland. And basing Lewis. And you know again this this idea that. Did god. I -- belly up you're entitled to your police I just don't believe that god uses earthquakes or hurricanes or tornadoes to punish people their people like the reverend Pat Robertson like experience -- Briscoe lost it. He is said said it. -- places like Miami and South Florida. And Louisiana. New Orleans in particular. Are punished because of the growing acceptance of homosexuality. Well he's from the 700 -- in north Carolina. Hurricanes -- -- North Carolina. So hot -- explain that. And then he also said. About tornadoes in the -- the it was in Indiana there's a right branch of tornadoes in Indiana a lot of devastation. I guess with in the last year or -- And Pat Robertson said -- did those tornadoes came because not enough people were praying. What about the people who were praying allow -- why do they get punished. Again I'd I don't understand their mentality you're entitled to your religious police and that's what you believe -- you could go through like believing that I just depleted that god or the government. Eighties is controlling or whether. And there's a weather machine called carpet I'm not saying that there might not -- on. Physiological legitimate aspects of of whether. Machine but as far as the government controlling the weather I'd just I don't believe it if you -- -- pressure with a comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seven and -- number is 87878. There has been yet another incident on a plane in flight. Over a reclining seats. To have happen in one week. That have led to planes being diverted. I mean we know that life has become somewhat of a -- for. But isn't this kinda ridiculous. Whose side are you want the seat decliners. Are those who wanna stop the seats from declining. Isn't really that looked. Even if somebody doesn't recline the seat c'mon it's still pretty -- But I -- post on my FaceBook page from Alyssa for under and a friend of mine -- 64. I'll share that with you will we come back on WWL -- gonna Disco show on this Friday night beginning -- a long holiday weekend for ready if you Labor Day weekend -- also decadence this weekend here's a text so you don't believe god controls the weather. Well who do you think created whether -- I said god is in control the weather. Of course god creates and controls the weather. Where I -- was I don't think god controls the weather in terms of using it to to punish people. Here's a text government control hurricane. Get off the psychedelic drugs. We're burning at a time I wanna get to all of your calls -- policy we got a corporate here from New Orleans man -- got time for comment. -- -- Right of -- -- just as well because we're running out of time this or if -- -- stay with us. I'm coming back with the with Ford vehicles though if you're just joining us and Al ring at the data and number of things it says that we've been talking about. So as somebody posted on my FaceBook page scoop on the year. A friend of mine. Being six foot four this is a hot topic for me when someone -- clients there's simply no room it's miserable and there's no -- ago. Most people -- cool about it but there are a lot of jerks out there who don't understand or care is shared space. For those special people sorry if I knocked the be Jesus out of your seat every time I move in my seat which will be -- frequently. I'm not trying to be annoying or ruling your ruin your peaceful sleep really. Will be right back with more of your comments on WWL.