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8-29 Scoot Show 11pm, Katrina Recovery

Aug 30, 2014|

It is now believed that up to 3,000 Westerners are fighting with the militant terror group ISIS and they pose the biggest threat to possible terror attacks on America. ISIS has successfully used social media to recruit new members from the West. One online ad promotes “We (ISIS) have safety here for your family and children.” Are you concerned that American-born ISIS soldiers will attack America? another in-flight disruption over a reclining seat that led to another plane being diverted – the second such incident this week! Who do you side with – the passenger who wants to recline their seat or the passenger who is cramped in the seat behind? AND: Today is the 9th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The tragedy caused by Katrina led to a new spirit in New Orleans. What good have you seen result from Katrina 9 years ago?

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It's Friday night's Labor Day weekend and also the beginning. The weekend of decadence -- in the French Quarter right here it's so wild it will be while this weekend. A pretty good chance of rain tomorrow but Sunday and Monday will be nicer days. I don't -- there was there was rain last year and then when Europe was icing and then another year where I think it was Isaak. So that there's been a lot of follow weather associated with the decadence fast that doesn't stop anybody from going out and -- a good time that there had been some times when. On the weather has have been disruptive but it's it's a fun time in people do have a great time and a quarter. Ideas could block tonight is titled decadence fastest here and it's not a bad thing. And it's turning on our website at WW dot com you could read it. And share with your friends here's an update on our -- give -- a pretty general opinion poll tonight. In the war over reclining seats on planes whose side are you want the seat decliners or those who wanna stop seat declining. 41% on the side -- decliners 59%. On the site of those who wanna stop seat -- You lose your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com. And from the North Shore Bob bureau this cute show getting. But. -- should they Bob thanks. Are. There yet -- Mexicans would be able. Yeah interesting. That there -- so many things if the government could control the weather why would we have such long droughts. Would it be and now the thing. People that are people punish them well. The bill now. Now all. You'd better. Shelter applies. Your. -- -- -- Michigan -- better all. Sorts because you're. -- You'd better. War oh you're able to restore our. People people students now. And and. We have an atmosphere. And -- -- each year. Yet this is a violent planet I mean if you think about earthquakes and hurricanes and tornadoes sand on the landslide artist. And a couple -- billion yen. So you know. Think. It's good that war. Now but if the government controlled the whether woods would red states benefit more when he Republicans in the White House and states more Democrats in the White House could come down there. Now you can look old and well -- -- controller. As far as I just. It's always been. Well we'll deal let them do just. -- credited. We do something or they'd been here and you don't have another nine laps. Well and you know god forbid anything happens but if something does happen and we can't freak out as a nation we can't. Freak out when it comes to the stock market and finance as we can we've got to stay strong emotionally. And realize that if something if there is there is it god forbid something and I mean it is it is possible that somebody would commit an act of terrorism mean. Tim McVeigh did it could it could come from inside or outside. That of -- there -- one of the country. Part of our ability. But Earl -- saying -- right and wrong. -- On the -- And -- match. A -- rap striving to Cuba. You're right they're just hanging out on the beach because it's so pretty. It. Well it's green it's there. You should be happy -- they got up -- big is try and make economic engine. Because from my. People -- parts. Big oil and they shot the war. They -- and I -- -- just an economic engine and that's what -- on its part gains. -- steer themselves. And their. -- -- -- more on the issue ought. That's what our game is it's a simple thing create the line. And it takes. Them one -- trying to change. Or more important. What mobile. The Mississippi Gulf Coast and didn't appear to be changed -- Now that's an answer it's a good point. But I'm glad to call the show you have a great weekend specialist injured Deby to bureau ignite a today is the ninth anniversary of hurricane Katrina and it was a tragedy. But a lot of good has come from it not that anybody would want something like Katrina to happen. Firfer the benefits that have followed Katrina. But I think it's also important to look at how we reacted to that as a city. As a country. This. This area. Has great resolve. And I think the cities in in many ways the city's better that it wants. If you have moved here. After Katrina if you came here to help and you fell over the city new state I'd I'd like to talk to you tonight. What is -- that make you fall over the city. -- -- Europe there are people who. Who live in this area. And they hate New York's. And yet there are people who come here fall in love with it and stay. And they were a lot of people who came here to help. And it was that the people it was the culture it was a combination of things debate the fall over the city. Yeah we can talk about all the mistakes soon governments. Locally and nationally. It comes to Katrina and all the mistakes all the bad things that happened that's all well documented. And we shouldn't forget that. But I also think it's important to focus on the good things that there's a new spirit in this city there's a new drive for for excellence. And I think the saints have reflected that. And I wrote a blog and I've I've talked about this on the show before. I think quite often teams. Teams absorb the spirit. Do the city that they -- percent. When the Boston Red Sox. Won the World Series. After. The Boston on. It was a team of destiny. There was just there was something sub conscious. Bit -- that team because of the because of the tragedy. That led to unity. And -- is Sean Payton and Drew Brees. Came to New Orleans. At the right time. At a time when this city which which ready to. Ready to be great. Not to this city hasn't hasn't been great. But there's a new spirit. In a new attitude toward. Toward greatness. And I see just so many think it is so aggravating to walked downtown you -- you can't walk very ready blocks on the same side of the street. Because there's so much construction. There are there buildings being converted into apartments. Into condos. There's the medical complex. There's gonna be close to downtown new worlds which is going to be. And I am very innovative medical and it's gonna report a lot of people. There are a lot of good things happening. It doesn't mean that we shouldn't focus on the bad thinks is well but you know let's let's also look at the things that have happened as a result of Katrina that have been positive. And there is definitely a new spirit and I saw his suitors like came back a couple of years ago. There is a desire for greatness that I haven't. But I haven't seen before if you wanna join us for the comets -- like our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Dines here which seven and a text amber is -- 7070. Here is attacks -- that reads I am 63 fly very often reclining seats is hardly noticeable get over it. Yeah I mean that's he really doesn't. -- that much does it. So you're you're good if you're 6364. In a coach seat aircraft it. It's uncomfortable. Whether they recline the seat in front of you or not. In particular I wrote a blog the other night which was titled -- space wars on airlines and it was about this incident on a United Airlines flight going from Newark to Denver. It was diverted to Chicago because two people got into a fight. And build a big confrontation on the plane over reclining -- what this guy had done is purchase something known as in need defender. And it attaches to the tray table in front of you. And it prevents the seats in front of you from reclining back. Well this woman who -- the recliner seat so for 32 dollars this guy buys this does need defender. And and prevents her from her from winning her seat back. With a flight attendant United Airlines by the way doesn't allow need knee defenders but this guy did it when he was asked not to do it better taken off to remove it by flight attendant. That's when and stuff certainly happen one thing that woman did was she stood up and threw water in the guy's face. And did it it just got so heated that the pilot decided well you know we're gonna divert to Chicago and what the Chicago police and TSA officials handled this. Well they just the other day after that happened the other day. There was a passenger whose French I believe the flight was from Miami to Paris. And it it diverted to Boston. Because there was another incident. On a plane during a flight with somebody reclining seat and somebody getting upset about. If you board a plane. You know there's a possibility -- can recline the seat. And there's a good possibility you were calling your seat as well. What I've read though is that since this first story broke about the need affect the knee defender. The sales of the knee defender has skyrocketed. And that night that we were talking about this. I just couldn't help but think that the need defender is a product that is made for very. Rude selfish self centered people. You're gonna tell somebody. They can't recline their seats. I just I think that's route. And yet. Sales are skyrocketing. So obviously. We share this this country with a lot of very rude people. If you at a -- tonight are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your -- over State's 7870. It's a text how stupid would someone have to be to think the government could actually control the weather. I guess that's a question we don't really have to answer. From ham and -- failure on this coach. One WWL. Who buried or goodwill. Species act and call in -- didn't need to -- and talk about a are numbered -- subject which you want to borrow. Spirited -- and -- people in our lord restore that have come -- the country and we're both natives of north appeared in Seattle. It's -- Iowa and Indiana just moved back here. So many and -- bit by. Everything in the world would the new people in it on the expensive on the backs of many. School but many people over people webpage -- -- Of the process and check out. But it is then so be it Biden is if you look at people whether teachers. Whether they're. It ever been caught in the coming on the backs of people. Had a problem with that good enough for everybody to share in its its its its its bulky. -- should just -- for a few people who have struggled. -- tightly integrate -- -- -- that somebody comes to this city and takes a job that somebody in this city should yet. Well. As somebody. You used to. I've been a teacher at the -- -- -- a lot of things but it's at all. In the war. If you don't -- -- about you -- should -- it. Places and that it done very well. -- in my own home alone it's strong reform by you're up by different people get it. -- -- -- I'm -- spoke -- and it just about meet our New. Orleans that is my whole. But I'm telling you did it happen. It's. -- offering who's offering jobs to just people who were from out of town. Well to school system that pretty much. You charter school noble war that's more egregious. Or senators. And -- Most of my life in the country progress. But I can show that yes if -- serious problem. And it's all about economic development and economic opportunity. -- -- Think people. Here from. Without. One it would. The job within a week. How did you. Get the -- and -- Idea because they work from the world. And at some money at school. So we've got it soon. You think people get jobs because they're not from here and there looked on being better workers. -- walked by their constituents. Should on the people work in the in the is it is in wars all -- 10 yeah tell me tell me why. I am just an. I'm just I'm just curious to stoop to -- somebody from out of town would we would would get the job if there more than what they're if they're more qualified than they deserve it. You know there. Are. There are people who believe there are people that -- entertainment industry. Who believes that. Local actors should get the jobs over other actors and if they're better actors they should get the job but they shouldn't get the job just because a local. Well you know I'm sure you get an education its obligation indeed they -- because -- -- and that's the problem. In the the many people in opportunities in -- city from war. Parts of somebody and -- -- -- it is the gonna wait until somebody comes in for a lot of -- to hire somebody. -- actually be -- people are are flooding the city from all over the country. In it the most aren't told reporters story in the I -- look into that. You communicate. You find the B indicates you're at it two years ago. I appreciate you calling in thanks for your insight. Here's a -- 100%. Against air lines for putting seats so damn close together -- I agree with that. When you board a plane you know that. Seats recline. And so you can't get into a fight on a plane or you can't buy a device. That prevents somebody from declining -- that's not your job. If you don't wanna fly then and don't fly. Here's a text any airline that has reclining seats is going to -- the anti reclining seat contraptions. Where did those consumers think they're gonna be used those things well I would agree. I mean I guess there are a lot of rude people who have had actually wasted. About -- two dollars buying these. Need defenders because Aaron -- let's use that. And I -- you know unless you sit in a row where. There's this is you can get and you can begin a row on a plane. And if the -- behind you is. Is an exit is an exit row. Then your seat doesn't recline but the other seats recline. You have no right to tell somebody that can recline the seat. Unless you're just a rude selfish mean person. A so so if you if you buy the need defender then again. What do you think you got to do with it for the marry John you're on the -- showed. W well I do you guys. Agree it was all over the years I first. -- airplane coach Crowe and diesel. Super constellation. And -- heat index -- the over the -- we. What he called -- now a sudden something in the site green ideas -- -- block big influence from put -- he -- what -- you work. Keep -- in the black again. I -- if he's able bill real court yesterday. Yeah I appeal to the people that -- You know and -- airline. Ticket they weren't rat into a dispute that he should be able to and just you know I mean you can't live. What is the secret -- -- -- If you flew from Chicago to -- game ought to constellation that's a propeller driven plane back then got that. Back then flying was very luxurious and low curtains on the Windiz and I -- the seats -- a lot farther apart and a lot bigger than they are today. I'll open and the other look at the you know I can't exit. -- They will blanket is excellent now. -- -- -- You have a great weekend in in the minority. If you wanna joyous light in your comments on numbers 2601870. Total free 8668890. Point seven. And a -- -- 77. Who else other than a very rude person would by the in the defense. We think about I would I would I would I would bet that the person who buys the knee defender -- trying to prevent somebody from reclining seat that their seats recline. And how hypocritical is that. I hear analysts say witness. Astute we'll be right back -- well. They are so very good chance of some rain tomorrow not to scattered showers it's supposed to be widespread but better Sunday and Monday of this says Labor Day in. -- this weekend looking live radar right now. Some some very heavy rain around Baton Rouge. Also Lafayette to training up from the coast of Louisiana. Through New Iberia Lafayette and Abby feel that it hired a part of -- apple looses. Ninth year on the interstate between Lafayette and Baton Rouge -- it's a very very heavy rain by the way you know it wouldn't win it when it rains and -- -- which whoever's on. I want to remind you turn your lights on. Maryland it's my time but I think some times you still want to remind people turn their lights on. And then what you would get past Lafayette before you get to -- two Crawley it looks like things things are clearing up but. We're expecting some rain tomorrow this is all part of a tropical weather that is with us at this time of year here's attacks I just drove 3500. Miles to and from Boston. Because like deadly afraid to fly. Guess I don't have to worry about reclining seats. Not -- you've got somebody in the backseat that is what you recline your seat I hope that's not the case I think that it Kristi and I realize that some people -- afraid something's. And it might seem irrational to to some of us but you know some people. Did they know nothing's gonna happen to -- if they go roller coaster but they just don't wanna be afraid so they don't coral coast. Some people don't wanna fly even though they probably know statistically nothing's gonna happen to -- they just it'll wanna be afraid. Because statistically. The most dangerous part about flying is actually driving to the airport. From New Orleans Kevin your WWL. -- -- On the that the garment with the look he faces of the people as well and in laws has changed you know. They're. In the service industry part of the full Katrina. If you should be like -- in about a percent Afro Americans -- server. Now that has completely changed. As many people has moved to in the Long Island. You know have bad yeah I think it's about -- -- maybe forty for the third -- certainly the Afro Americans now. Look you get that well prepared to realize is that we had outlawed. After Katrina. People -- -- in and jewels and -- -- it and the market France's Muslim and a place for it to -- that because the moment she say what it was income human it was a to be able to transport. The cultures -- different. So it has changed and what I mean by our ultimate difference in the long and full like you know we'd be looted. -- -- market town that move from marital. Taxes. -- arguably came down in battle made it became roommates and they're in the same places that direct. That's not -- it's something we normally do in laws because mutual family -- family and cousins and the animals or right here. -- at today. But if if somebody -- wants to job. You need somebody from out of town is gonna get the job over somebody from the world's. I'm gonna have to look into this fix I don't. I don't see that. I don't see that as a widespread problem if you if you want a job if somebody somewhere else from somewhere else. He is more aggressive is. More ambitious. Then they may get the job there or more qualified -- they get the job for that reason. No wasted dollars -- -- Egyptian. They get that look at this should be is that historically filtered into the service industries there -- a lot of qualified people available that raised. Number and that's that's a problem on about what it is that if I can tell you one thing when folks from the law that went to -- the cities like Houston and Atlanta they've refused to give -- If you on the law that expensive Atlanta that your aunt billboard change along the Katrina victims go home. Because we had that child -- -- technology be judged by the media so yeah instinct and what's identity like and then it's like. If you -- to leave law since I'm going to be OB PT feet on account of the unity attractive lady in the watching law and from -- little. I think that's I mean that has nothing to do with being local that's that's a whole different to stereotype -- -- people do want somebody. I think it's unfortunate that a lot of companies do put somebody who is attractive and attract female. At the front desk. But that's different from being. From here are being somewhere that's that's a different problem. In the mindset. In depends on which you -- a restaurant and looked. But that's an every that's in every city -- year -- Whether it has changed -- -- yeah has -- one of the things as a fair what. Things that were in my favor is. -- for Communist era that you from the laws the available and raised here and that's what they entered it and for someone who's not born and raised here have been about 67 years -- -- act about the city but you like and know what. Are the city maintained since Katrina hit that football league. A topic. That a lot of my customers always. Does that work democracy actually -- the tips were then it would make it accountancy in -- personal family development with such initiatives will affect. That's that's that's that's that's great to hear me if I were if if we're visiting New Orleans I would want a local. Waiter a way to start on me. Whatever reason Kevin I'm glad -- called -- Specialist I'm gonna look into this here's attacks that reads scoot please read. My wife and two kids. 913. Just left cafe -- in the French Quarter. And there was a group of mean so called Christians with signs. It said god hates. The F -- for homosexuals. My father in law who passed last year was openly gay. He was also eucharist minister. They gave out communion. On Sunday Mets. My kids said. That the sign. Cannot be true because the church would not. Let -- give holy holy the holy sacrament. If -- hated him. Interesting. There are some hateful people in the quarter. And become at times like this. To. Spread. There are religious hate. And that's what it is it's it's religious -- -- Its deck at its weekend. I hope you welcome decadence weekend to New Orleans. Something will condemn this and condemned the city for hosting this because it tracks gays lesbians bisexuals. And transgender is transgender. Visitors. Because they disapprove of their lifestyles. But should we welcome everybody. And everybody's -- center. You've averaged a church group here and I think the baptists are coming to test him there are -- among baptists as well. Officials estimate that decadence -- this weekend may bring in as much as a hundred million dollars. To the city's economy. Opposition to deck and its best includes the feared that decadent passions in behavior could influence children and teens. Opposition is also based on condemnation of the growing acceptance of homosexuality in America. But since decadence fest takes place in the French Quarter and doesn't spontaneously. Appear in neighborhoods around the city. Why would there be any concern that those in town for this annual festival could influence kids or teens. If you think decadence -- promotes immoral behavior. Then you can easily afford it don't go to the French Quarter this weekend. But hotels. Restaurants. Bars shops. They left people who come here every year for this festival. Because it's a group that spends money and the research that I've seen indicates that homosexuals traditionally have more disposable income that heterosexuals. So why wouldn't any city want them as visitors. And this city is included in net. When the issue of gay rights comes up on the show inevitably I hear from a few listeners who will say things like. I don't care if people are gay but why did they have to throw -- our faces. And this concern is based on news coverage of events like decadence fast. You know quite often on the show week we talk about the reality of news coverage of events like -- at its best news coverage in general of events. Tends to focus on the most extreme members of any group. Because that's what attracts the most attention to the news and that's what the news wants to do they wanna attract your attention. News cameras do not highlight the street looking homosexuals but rather those who displayed the most flamboyant outfits and behavior. But he imbedded. In the decadence best Trout. Are homosexuals who professionals. Doctors. Nurses. Lawyers. -- -- Blue collar workers. Retail employees. Business owners. Who could easily be mistaken for any heterosexual. That's a a great massive part of the crowd in the French Quarter. Noticing the more extreme members of decadence fast. While failing to pay attention to the majority of the crowd really proves that it's wrong to judge any group or event by the characters. That attract the news camera's attention. In the same way that it was unfair to judge the residents of Ferguson Missouri. Based on the protests. Who committed acts of violence in the streets that dominated the news coverage. You saw more news coverage of those who were wreaking Havoc. And those who were protesting peacefully. Because that is what is compelling to watch on the news. And whatever happened to the concept of live and lately it. The concept seems to have gotten lost in America. And contrary to this fear that many people wish to instill in the general population including. Many of those Christians are not called they're not all maniacal but there are some maniacal very aggressive Christians and I'm gonna outtakes of pictures this weekend. Go to their check it out. And I'll I'll -- some of the pictures out to join me on Twitter at scoot. WWL. But this this idea that we need to instill fear in the population that decadence -- is going to influence impressionable young minds and and serve as an opportunity to recruit young people it to a life of homosexuality. Those things are true. -- gonna stay as is and and an opportunity to recruit people into a life of homosexuality. There's still there's absolutely no evidence of that whatsoever. You could disapprove of homosexuality but there's no basis. For believing that. It's a festival at the time to recruit people -- double sexually or that it's going to influence impressionable young minds. Not only have we lost the idea of the live and let -- -- live and let live and let live idea. The two but he Americans continue on their crusade to try to tell others how to lead their personal lives. Right to privacy. Is a precious right in America. And right to privacy includes. The right to be -- If you don't want experienced decadence -- you don't want your kids to see it. Then don't go to French Quarter this weekend. But what the rest of us enjoy it. Scoop like tonight is titled decadence fest this year and it's not a bad thing read -- share on our website at WWL. Dot com. What -- discussion on this Friday night I wanna share a sample of this brand new song from Stevie -- it's called lady. Mr. sounding pretty classic Stevie -- to me. I. Steve Phoenix's it's nothing new it's called lady Stevie knicks. If you had an update on all the things we've been talking about tonight you can go to Laura are where. Site to be a dual dot com over the top -- a banner show is it and schedules and just -- -- -- -- page and click on that we've got an update. On the top eight at eight. On this we get by the way I mentioned this earlier in the show is is kind of exciting news this weekend. Because of decadence has being in town on they're gonna start filming some scenes from a for for a new TV series. It's a drama comedy about gay person. -- Is the new pace. So you might wanna be looking for that the lifetime nine network is premiering a behind the scenes movie about the unauthorized saved by the bell story's going to be Monday Labor Day. I really watched saved by the bell. It was -- -- I don't remember my son and getting into it. So I'm really not that familiar with and I know that a lot of the actors and actresses if I'm going on and starting a lot of different things. But this auto authorized stories the unauthorized saved by the bell story and for for many -- may have been a Saturday tradition about a what you kids in -- school. The movies based on the book was written by the actor who played screech. Dustin diamond. And some people -- now saying though that the book in the movie or not an accurate account of what really happened behind the scenes. So I don't know I mean. It may be maybe I'll watch -- -- I I don't know again I don't have any real reference for that -- it was really interesting to Gerald behind the scenes stories about the Brady Bunch. Because I remember watching the Brady Bunch years ago. And we heard the stories about OK Craig ST -- Greg is also -- dating towards Henderson and they're making out on the stats. Button was the dead dating anybody on this again and then as it turned out there Robert -- who was gay not that there's anything wrong with just an observation. But when I heard about all the trash. If Clinton on the radio much -- about you but when I see the Brady Bunch of reruns now. I can't help but think about some of those things like proceed Reagan and and enforce Henderson mama loan and -- Roman -- and -- that's one of the things where you know maybe something happened. NASCAR driver Tony Stewart is gonna race this weekend effect we've got -- they're part of a statement that says Tony Stewart made. Tourists -- was involved in that dirt track accident that killed the driver. Kevin ward junior. And Tony Stewart seems gonna shake and he's he's been out to for several weeks now. Others still a possibility that criminal charges will be filed against him I don't see how. It could be determined that he maliciously try to run this guy down and everybody has their their theory about disparate. Here's part of what NASCAR driver Tony Stewart who's gonna be racing Sunday in Atlanta I believe is that his sponsor racing team are based out of Atlanta so maybe that's the reasons to do it. But now what should listen this -- have a comment after just part of what Tony Stewart said today. If this is. Been the toughest tragedies ever had to deal with both professionally and personally. This is something it will definitely affect my life forever. This is a sadness and pain that. I don't know whenever -- experience her life. That being said I never did. The pain in the morning. Kevin -- family and friends are experiencing. Just something that I. I can't possibly imagine. I want Kevin's father Kevin senior laden has mother -- This sisters. Christina Kaelin and Caitlin to note that every day -- am thinking about remembering him for them. He several shaky to me. And when I think about what it must take. To get behind the wheel of a race car. You've got to be aggressive. -- Smart which you've got to be aggressive you've got to have a tremendous tremendous amount of confidence. It doesn't sound like Tony Stewart has much confidence right now. And I don't know if this is the right time for him to get behind the wheel of a car he only he can determine whether the right time or not but it. It just sounds so shaky to me and meant to do today you would just have to be so confident. And aggressive. And not be -- In fact is he's too tentative. He might prove to be a danger on the track he's -- -- race Sunday. Obvious for Tommy Tucker Monday from six to ten. And we'll talk about that and the only issue Wisconsin game which is tomorrow an angle here right here on WWL. This is the -- show will be back. Welcome to New Orleans for decadence tests. Whatever he's gonna be singing this song and dance to do it this weekend the French Quarter. This is this to show we had a a a fun and very interesting an interesting night conversations when it all kinds of different directions we welcome everybody who's in town for Labor Day weekend and also for decadence best. Here's a follow up to hood attacks in -- on the you're just a moment. Ago thanks for reading my taxed. But I also wanted to mention. Is that the so called Christian. Had to sign and it -- if you know way. -- -- -- -- sexual if you know a lot like it has a disease like cancer or aids etc. That was God's punishment. My father in law died of pancreatic cancer. Now my nine year old will not stop crying. And asking. My wife. Why did you not tell Paul Paul that he that he needed to stop being gay he would still be alive today. Truly sad thanks so much for read my text -- show endorsements and I appreciate detects I'm really sorry that that debt habit to. But you know that's -- that's a teaching opportunity it's it's an opportunity to teach kids of all Christians don't act like Christians there's some people who proclaimed to be Christians aren't really Christians. Everybody has a right to their attitude and they certainly have a right to be in the French Quarter to express their opinion. But the ugliness. With which they conveyed a message. Is very encryption. And very necessary and I have personal experience I mean here I am a straight guy. I had personal experience -- it with one of those Christian nuts. Berating me. Putting me down because I'm gay and disgusting and he knows nothing about me. How is that kind of judgment actually Christian. Is joy your weekend. The Schuylkill we'll be back on Tuesday nights and I'll be in Monday morning if Europe Labor Day morning Monday morning six to ten on Monday. I hope you'll join me. What do -- -- -- our studio producer again it has been a fun night it might rain tomorrow. But it might be better Sunday and Monday that's good news get out have fun anyway. Let you Orleans.