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Aug 30, 2014|

Don gives you the hottest and coldest places to fishing this weekend. Hear the reports from Don's field reporters.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good Saturday morning to you this is the outdoor show. -- on this. We'll get through it though welcome aboard this long Labor Day weekend and have a lot of fun. Got some big things going on of course a think the highlight of the Louisiana and Gulf Coast this week is the grand I'll. British rodeo it's on Labor Day tradition it's going on now at the bridge side Reno. Might wanna stop on by then check it out that too late to get signed up for. Lots categories -- for men. Ladies kids -- yanks blow. Teen. Think even got a category and Rick fish caught the biggest audit feature called west wing and a long time that if you could name category they got a lot of fun. Stopped and Nancy Bobby terrible that Bob's saving and Bob buggy they get a -- crude unit of great time always food music at the bridge side marina. Also wrapping up this Labor Day weekend you don't have much time to catch one of those power tank red -- When you sell for big prize or one of the many other categories. In the CCA Louisiana's -- tournament this is the twentieth anniversary. It began seems like yesterday that it was back on May 24. And it ends on September 1 so it also look too late -- inflation in the area where you may catch one of those tag red we've had several of them caught and and register and contestants. Might wanna purchases a little bit -- an insurance policy. And other things we'll talk about it. Alabama can explain how you guys over there trying to solve. What has been a Gulf Coast wide -- -- remiss management problem details of that also got some good news and over us coroner's. Guess -- we did last year. Took a -- along with this at the latest statistics showing you that more than half of the voters. Brought to it was a little of that statistic also got the results of last weekend's Louisiana salt water series that was felt that the delta -- and empire. Some pretty impressive results like that idea since that circuit has started. The competition is getting closer and closer between the -- in the bottom in the top and actually the first five or six places. Also on the web page in -- way to go down the outdoors guy that term. Bunch of new stuff up there on new radio photo got a picture of Michael Jackson. Now probably not the Michael Jackson you'd think -- this is an albino crocodile. Nickname Michael Jackson unfortunately. And to be destroyed will tell you why and also the story of a crocodile. Attack that took place. In the United States may be the first ever document. We'll talk about that also got a new recipe up on the web -- it's right above the albino crocodile it's not a crocodile recipe though it's a written each recipe called red fish. St. Joe. And -- is an arm of the excellent reputation has been going on fact -- tell you about a trip -- and you could even watch it. On the web page we didn't moment of W operation game would dependent on missile. It -- a couple of tricks and secrets to make it successful and you figure at all. Also we got the guns Dog Day Afternoon and barbecue to coming up that's going to be September the thirteenth. I'll have details on -- you can get involved and that next weekend. Louisiana's -- season opens up in the got some ideas if you're looking for a place in Louisiana. Also our outdoor opinion poll got a new interest in whole new question. We put to -- the other one last night we opened up a brand new poll at midnight so. It's fresh and on open if you wanna participate. Check it out I'll tell you what it's all -- bit -- also a regular bad boy the outdoor speech you know you love that lots of other special stuff that's what we do here every Saturday morning today coming to you. From a undisclosed. Locations somewhere near Reliant Stadium. In Houston Texas and it's time to check him without but he -- Sanchez -- -- -- Britain's royal marine and hope they'll Louisiana Glenn I'm pretty far away to the west saw a real it'll have a good handle the weather's like it was good weather update right now down and hope they'll. Or initially it was about the swing is clean install it everywhere. You really got let out the culprit is gonna it I don't know does that mean there aren't that day or Internet at colonial and I got -- yesterday well meant. Well expect to keep that for at least 56 days that's how long have had mine that's aren't shows some signs that goal away in them -- they don't have an at a summit -- -- long term in -- told me that. Nervousness schools have reopened this kind of an epidemic going around a lot of the doldrums. I don't it -- Not sure Jeremy. Approachable but don't. Care. -- does kind of make you feel a -- into and yet you saw debris that they got a goal jungle somewhere I don't. Well luckily I'm indoors today that I know you're running outdoors as efficient in this week. Clinical language based clinical lending rate change and our future output -- -- our own merits that it has been to let it get to. Yeah well hopefully that'll change a little bit and if that like he says that forecasted weather moves in that might make a little bit tough action there. Iraq is Tron actions still imagine for the most bought salt and the only outside for at least the -- -- -- They're the ones oh capable anyway -- -- post it to the outside and on the outside it has been totally polished I'll struggle means that sell well. Thank goodness and area here. Everyday they go to a little bit cooler and it put. -- -- Not just it. How about just sticking around closed in the -- goal -- remember this time do you normally you Paula Paula -- somewhere along the rocks and that's in me alive but did shrimp and you can -- -- work a little like Trout and that's specs and you shoot good though Labor Day tailgate fish -- -- Well I don't -- it fit it into impatient with those and there are some -- stick broke through that route here are so I mean he couldn't make a try if you want to cover it it and it's. There are people that it is so particular really want speckled Trout or they don't -- -- -- the today -- all I believe. We got a little. -- was steady and -- here at all. You know and -- deliberately put together that scale there. For a -- Iraq. Glad it's Labor Day weekend how big of a Decision Day is Labor Day -- usually. It went right it's a pretty good day you know what in Alaska but apparently aware that didn't pay not -- -- -- -- we get two years ago. The three years ago. The Labor Day all right before late today. And you know -- -- you have it right -- and war by and it things and stuff so. But -- don't put it to let. You know. Well no you're going to be wide open and run it'll take -- -- and that's what you gotta be so neatly put boats and that the Dayton supplies that you creative form. I'm any reports from Biloxi marsh -- we talked to union -- you seen any amounts bulimia and get a lot of people asking about -- cause that's just a few weeks away. Everything in my same -- in my -- yet. You know obstacles in their. The Mexican let slip induction hang in Iran -- seen a few black malice languishing in the view. And I haven't. -- -- -- You know Ronald Steele can be ego on the Wednesday and listeners -- got -- reason -- fatal accident. Common down there in -- -- -- -- see in the fly real low for a couple hours in the mourned Russert on their eaten feed and so on at times you'll see him -- until she starts. And those those Mexican whistle as windows which it's got to give them the offense to allow us to start. You know put nose into the tank unit teal season is a really -- it all -- -- you've -- and then that you -- that and they love your -- they won't go home will. Lately. Probably in September. You're -- -- -- right at the minute an early. You aren't -- a couple of laps but getting isn't it let's sell hot political and they can't get to go back to Mexico. Italy. Well that's what they supposed to you know. -- that's what they're supposed to do but in years past it seems like longer and longer they keep staying in this some errors whether they just like the Canadian geese don't leave them there all year. Well general assembly -- -- up her arm ball or to rip they must add up 101000. Or. You know by grain elevator. It was unbelievable that it can't. That's one of the hot spots in this also placed over them -- nine mile point it's likely. Waste water retention pond -- they had like an invasion mean thousands almost. You know about four from grain elevators so they they can tell whether food is no. That's that's always the case assumptions are some good food and keep them back you know. I don't blame them. -- able -- let's get everybody out get him in before any weather moves and then we'll alone we'll see with the tigers do denied the interest in the world -- And he let somebody wants to call you down at the marina humbly reach. 5046761. To opt to absorb at a care won't do whatever we can't. All right you always duke thanks so much and next week are right there where. You know you -- -- everybody. Else permanent -- to have pickles Rossi a lot of injuries it's a -- around I would come back right after this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hope he doesn't have a vehicle. He's got to fly a plane probably today -- try anyway it'll -- alone do that he's been doing a lot of lately. In a reason. -- -- He's out of Louisiana man are presidential field bush -- captain told home with a -- planes in the sky this morning. And -- playing string to the ground. Smaller than it everywhere but I don't yet and it went again as we actually -- couple both small and based on yesterday's cool air and no doubt look at what it lacks. I probably they'll black out today this paper on the whether they would -- but. Is Federer has not to talk on the Ireland -- you have and they actually have put ironing it has now great that date. You know full web alive and console because. Six missions over Colombo put hiring people back -- -- report -- -- -- Well Iraq in the in my little. They've at national program gone today can't do -- generated more -- -- people government and I -- I. Tomorrow on Monday Tuesday. Children at the end and let you know on your group -- -- -- -- Which is yeah regularly put this thing in the center on -- -- That it has been now over who has been did. And I went down -- I think pat little pat Rangers come to. Company backed up next week's. They're gonna be. He's yet one of -- on the uncle. He looked fine. I was read a -- if you gonna do some work at the camp that's basically our god this is here -- -- -- -- community in -- -- that I need to get some cold air conditioning -- lawfully there too quick and then boom you get -- you going to the deer -- will you go into the camp down in March. I can't believe it is I mean do yet -- -- in did you is that -- amount going back east that it would sign the contract there. Well I think it's definitely a lot. A lot of problems in it and that is that is indeed and it -- there right now to wait longer look and act like around that track you double problem that that hole right yeah I don't well. Oh. I was on a full we will look for a couple allows husbands to I was on my attract and -- -- that did you know that anyway. This the year that that those woods on the nasty and income in the year ending wars in the mail right now you get in late August. You don't have a breeze and you -- -- molesting me and he knew mirror and then it's it's it's. -- That it every little -- -- will want to though much -- almanac and galloped him -- though. And that could I just visited -- -- look okay. And is on the on the thought you want an addition in the phrase in the -- great. -- commitment -- I'm. -- in the greatly at the camp and the games -- -- that happens and animal week. We kind of chipped account -- and that have been. Act and generated he's about a brand new power and onion area get a bunch of troops -- -- -- -- Shelley Laura. And that is that they would probably be cut grants -- and I've been generated and get that -- -- working. You know for a and a -- of the weather though it is that we can you know -- in in the future exactly I keep coming in the back out dynamic all -- You know. You know it is what is gonna come in today indeed and so it's come partners' business in Utica part of percent of me. You know -- examined it productive look at amendment not -- for the feet. You -- kind of look at the levees that make it did Colin. You've either come in inclement weather and bad news. Yet -- during that -- can't look at it you know the -- You got to compensate them. Look and they would -- on the full official report on the feet which models slob who's really goodies creation. And the issue with that win this -- and you know it's it was doable pushed out of that and delete you don't okay. And I think now wouldn't get -- as little muscles LeBlanc wrote -- been. That economic. It's been. Going to be in that involve debt issue and now we get he would he would come on Alley that he and gone on man but it happened so. Why -- -- though I'm no sure thing rightly figured out from the Tomlin who that it needed in. Yeah we picked up during. I know you weren't really -- last time we talked you do a lot of flied out troops out to the islands last time you let me try -- still out there you know there has to. You know if it ever treated. Like two drawings and actually six at Richmond. And one of their own days and it will -- pretty good -- Cabrera couldn't program. And is to focus. Went to a partly at six. Let alone game and walked around it in and to that what thirty markets and 38. Thirty Trout. I -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- that split so you gotta go in and in terms an artist. Well there and what you're it yet. You know the little things and change that they and you -- -- -- things always change in -- -- minute surprise seeing debate movement. And apple and they got a -- Allen's new worker in the wrong but. He gets on tap water that was needed in those you know I'm happy that you detention -- excellent I'm OK let it. I mean distance still that the bomber have been -- it down the bong. It's a couple plug I can drop them in the points at three in the past we don't like much of a difference that actually made it different under the more productive small one right now. I don't know I've been you know the box elements -- Did actually get that bombers and if people are fanatic about but for a minute ago. Look being in the in the color of the platinum is dollars and seeing Riley about it when they barely -- can put a number eight. I look at me now and you've that it is true they look at it and it really catch a week ago. In everybody has done that and now we're back now and state I think in the I can tie it and you think the change -- it about Asia they have been playing you know about and so things be good news is when he -- these little light and get a bit towards. Coaching career in the back from Mason played -- gain but it's been so productive that latency over the a lot of load -- China lately and they still can't get insurance on the beta there. That is a lot of little fish and maybe -- -- great for all the talk about the trial from the feet moved an awful you know what. Well I'll let you know that that's what everybody's open. That embodies so and the if somebody wants to make some fall plans. You don't wanna do that film comic called Blondie in the yeah web page and folly or that leader it would. Literally go to Canada and now know that go to web site in law she got arm check it out actually in America must FaceBook. -- And sang and page that is and -- that you can Max FaceBook now. I'm not actually got a little debate but and you back the currency unit. Yet but on the plane and -- so we don't conversions and mixed company -- saying in English or -- which in many people. That's who you do that -- -- to you got up by six. In the three practiced. You get to speculate. Yeah right you is it daylight -- you could go to. I -- on in the tribal war -- equal in size excellent or not. -- that at -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he would get -- -- tell me playing tag that bit about what do that you make Karl on the lips I think 200 years that it politics. About it David we talked about that today gets them going on took. Give up and -- there's an advocate of the beautiful allowed and gone by saying applies by the shore up the. Understood very well that I'm glad you mentioned that about the alligators there's some talk about deliberately I'm glad you got information that that's a good place to -- -- -- yeah I was seeing you next week. There are nice healthy and it etiquette. Don't feel pollution Louisiana man coming back I'm gonna tell you about. -- now one crocodile attacks in the United States may be the first Emma and also if you wanna be an alligator all right you've got to do it right. You know last year a lot of -- took part in the first ever week we named that sounds Dog Day Afternoon we went up -- creek shooting preserve open pop of the Mississippi and had a barbecue luncheon. Went out -- feels about 2 o'clock and everybody went really enjoyed it most people got limits. Ended up -- in really great day to shoot outs in Mississippi the opening day this year is ten to thirteen or about two weeks away. And it's going to be in the same time by 11301230. Barbecue followed by 2 o'clock to feels. And then they'll be shooting until yeah legal shooting hours then you get to limit you the one you got that call and get signed up centuries in the book -- the solid again this year. Lance land. He's the guy you wanna call he's at 60 war and 916. 6873. If you drive and a runner and you vote and have -- remember that number. Just go to his web page and you get his phone screen like the bird spring creek hunting. Dot com and -- -- yeah all right for a second if I could direct your attention tomorrow where agent Aaron the outdoors guide dot com check out our radio moto. What you're gonna see is a photo of Michael Jackson. The nicknamed albino crocodiles from Australia. That killed a 57 year old fisherman last Monday. He was ambushed in Australia's Adelaide river he was out there yet here since fishing line snaked. He went to go retrieved his -- And evidently McCain crocodile date everybody knew this crocodile on the Kazaa was number one -- was help I'm always very obvious to spot in the -- boat captains given the nickname. Michael Jackson well. Unfortunately since they realized that he was the one responsible for the -- the -- to be distraught it was a fifteen foot. Albino crocodiles in the Michael Jackson it is no more. Now another report this is very interest and a lot of people realize that we actually -- American Crockett terminal -- got -- -- alligators god knows the world knows now since all TV shields of but in Florida. There is still a remnant population of the American crocodile we actually head. Crocodiles in Louisiana and one time I don't recall the date of the -- reported -- but along the extreme coastal Louisiana. To clear room on the net Venice area. There was a species of crocodile. Smaller than the the Nile crocodiles in the Australian crocodiles that and still more vicious animal in an alligator. Obviously that'll make you any more left is probably considered either. Staying circuits on it's endangered in Florida which is probably not that many. But there was an account that took place earlier this week. Where are young man Alejandro humanist point six analysts at -- -- -- three either or at a party in the neighborhood besotted there and you know until late night deal in the canal well what happened was that girl was the first one you -- the Crockett popular on the shoulder she got away from a but all the attention brought over to a boyfriend. You humanized and he got bitten in the hand in -- in the size he finally broke free -- -- to the seat even nearby dock. Well those suspected that. Which crocodile was -- was eleventh put them at some of the residents that -- -- around them trappers caught it but it escapes it's still out there but. -- in the Florida wallet and fisheries commission. They said that this is the very first document by only human. By an American crocodile in -- -- sure in the days before records were kidnapped. On the native Americans probably. Gave up a lot of there tribesmen to salute American crocodiles and probably happened here in Louisiana. The look up one of those books and execute use the -- all angles -- zoom books used to run about the mammals of North American. Reptiles and amphibians in the birds used to read every one of them in the somewhat every page in the -- tell you all money animals that. -- nowhere near Louisiana and capital of the North American remember -- to have met. It would show you was shaded area of where those animals -- known to exist in Louisiana -- was include. On the American -- Thing -- load on the show. I. He just thinks we -- -- sometimes we do we're talking about fascination with Jeff -- reports -- brought to you by Berkeley division pure fishing global provider of tackle those rods -- And brands that include Abu Garcia all star Berkeley Fenwick gulp Johnson Mitchell's report strand. Trial -- in many many more and speaking of the lines I actually use and 65 pound braided line. To -- in some bolt bolt Rick visually -- train this week we'll talk more about that later let's get the job. -- found out what's happening on the best seen good morning Jeff what's -- is Labor Day weekend. -- -- and -- move really court today. Libya there. Glad -- would like the weather's going to be rainy. That we didn't interact in the third last week almost pearl. It would that we needed. A big fish for a win. And that's the case in most of these events around North Shore well we talk about seventy result is that the move past the on the big problem head was a lot of repetition is repetition. But he China moved up on the east pearl. We actually got to read this about my opinion. To that that it oh lord come on back in the wind movement up the river and you should give the -- some -- that the Colorado himself earlier. That's a good problem to have and I was not a lot of cities seven that was any kind of pattern and all you could put together own well. -- working and what wasn't. -- -- but they have -- promote -- -- You know is that we need some cool weather in Vietnam a lot of artwork itself. He contrasts that are great and trying based threat there's that constant like they would they want it was more than motivate. We just stuck with a plan all day in autumn. Thought this one here one that would color one pretty early in the morning it and not think about the last about fifteen minutes to go forward aliens that you accept that. Keep jumping on and indeed he's human Clinton tell us what he terms of the future. How about some other spots even some -- vols -- -- moments of villains are telephone line or even ended earnings reports from our own way out west in a lot towards us being in that area -- anything come in and. I have gotten reports of the -- and reports of power improvement as the -- Of approximately intimate feel there's a point with some reporter that. That's the report from the southwest that -- New Year's event. And also Robert -- in the 1518 year old division. -- Badu took eleven of fourteen and Jack submitted -- to seventeen year old. And insurgents advice during -- system 78 Eric stringer and that's that's pretty good for the younger kids because. -- is you know that it -- in net tight. The correct if you want to stick to that they had isolated trees that did some good this. -- -- place. But on the other side you're trying to do is deeper now and again what commitment water around points that you -- more bite. We'll just I guess and discussion -- best in Louisiana in the same sentence you got to mention great acting guys -- heck of the year and. Deputy go to that event now bass master of he's going to this stuff. -- of the year point. Think. It may be next week or in the upcoming weeks and if he doesn't have the angler of the year and has announced that hasn't supported -- get -- in the year. And that type of permits because -- -- -- competition so many things he give one -- -- I don't because it's pretty much that was for you for the -- beginning of the year point. But he made it to the class now -- -- double -- I would point. And he just said the world you know wishing look. Yeah it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Jeff I got a tip forces weekend. Domestic into the client -- you know put Rania and on the boat he'd do but they felt it wrong. There's disorderly conduct and I get a lot of bite you want to put it down but. The thing was about every hour right it would -- tonight keeper and out. Don't some different stuff and human yeah I'd pick up but the good fit maybe go cut cut cut pretty decent physical what is out. And sometimes you had to stick people and desist yeah. You know get a lot of fight in you know you're gonna get good by a certain -- just stick with it -- -- all day long is he knew wouldn't keep. The orders -- -- the united. When -- -- -- -- towards the top of the term. Yeah we'll -- wouldn't mind being in the guy that would stick with what you. What should work. That some people can't do that they wanna be to god keeps changing but I guess long and got one of villainy she got a couple things -- that covered. You gotta do little game plan. You know let -- in my pick for the and they did it would change it -- well -- The keynote at certain dates to go to parties have -- -- better quality by when it happened. You -- -- going to it's that developing. Do it looked at the data back you know get a bag might be gets a lot more bit but he's not really. Anything to determine that he just hit a small there's been a lot of bite. And then really that the new unity unity unity gets a lot of tournaments citizens -- retirements and that's not gonna help you win so you got up. Did their game plan between two of you haven't. Go out there and move around one got picked one Daytona changes and what kind of covered yep you come across. The league and we tried to put in some different things but for the most part of yet but they got by all day long and they were good quality -- -- Believe it could moderate there's like there's Leslie -- and then it was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know excellent -- as usual -- many tournaments. On the near horizon. The next week you know we get the action -- individuals that don't poured in in the bunkers aren't going to be -- landed on the set. So the balls permits seasons or politic and all the you know run all wait to January February 2 that can help to bring the and so look look at some of those on the web site -- that that comment and you -- Join up and the people that never pinpoint just don't do for the expansion -- -- But I doubt that -- have a lot of experience can help you out them. All right very good Jeff thanks so much friends see you next week. There is just grow up vast nation field reporter an expert to see a picture just go to -- updates on the outdoors guy dot com will come to feel reportedly been peddling his site and he hopes very often. On the -- reports and you can get some very important information in between Saturdays. All right the annual grand -- red fish rodeo traditionally held Labor Day weekend is under way video let's find out if sufficient action in the -- to get out official Nichols was a big bold risks just talked Darryl carpenter real scream as dot com -- what's -- web a look at like his official balloon. In my head I don't vote. Good Paul but a good bit reading Jack could be done anything like it -- blow up court this morning it looked despite yes -- -- in the apartment on authority that. The monsoons and yet. So to have a lot of writing to dispel the coast a little for the last but when that sun gets up and eats it up it exploded big has been doing that -- -- Well let's hope that they at least get a little bit efficient and don't get too far out into it houses crowd visit them alike because of the weather conditions -- Yeah you know is it makes you really matter one bit recover from ammonia and baby are mostly to smaller but wouldn't agree that he could pick up a few things and you know judging from the just -- but -- -- -- -- -- The little bit like those I mean it was still hold anybody broke restored of course like that that we we must sit engineering yet. -- in the story all week. You know it's -- got -- didn't go to the city you view of this report what I don't think anybody likes my neighbor yeah try to -- fish and pick you up three terms in Africa by the likes. Running back. Probably anybody but it has been more power -- -- the war in -- before they could retreat somewhere. Outsource this completely other question -- -- follow the munitions during the witness shall than. Southeast wind blowing them as coordinate it and probably due to -- just thinking almost all of this morning. But. Like right straight -- and up and down would be true for lieutenant -- not for. They just lifted the weather has not been convinced that this has been ordered those things where Pittsburgh a lot of credit toward a more slush and the more so. We re -- or pull out of here any day but. It's been a week -- a lot of maintenance on around here. Yeah in this thing when you get that many days and rolled to keep you from going out particularly offshore count throws often new next time you go it's more than exploratory missions that -- let's go here where we were yesterday in front of -- -- also. So the mother you know reorganization time on the go into. Well we are making the turn you know listen comedy where we start to get some changes don't want to have sought to drop a little bit a little bit more. Salty waters in the -- that'll improve things. -- -- -- the offshore goes something's there has been jettisoning them and groups have been saving grace this year I don't expect him to go anywhere -- -- you know that that water temperature starts dropped in the dinner -- bureau and the ball will be around August -- come back despite and it's all -- doesn't mean I haven't seen this -- certainly in close. And lord it's been meaning many years so this week at least prepare for the shorter days and look for the first little -- -- -- -- who probably just one which. But so that we both political web that are currently in Ramallah grunts are so everything else I'd just. I don't see it that your whole league ball in the BR are sort detail this year because the nordic. We ordered that so many edition clothes that would that they starkly even though the Marxist or an -- to -- for the -- as we try to -- waiting there you know told the predators just blatant double. Well I don't think on the whole we can really complain about whether overall considerable we've got so far you know we've had a few rough weekends and stuff like that that. For the most part and hasn't been as bad as we've seen in previous years that's for sure and fall is looking good I think we got a good looking ahead of the fall season somebody wants to check your -- -- vision nor sleet some efficient -- how to do. Oh yes it opens a great -- -- to -- back to -- owning seat and start the other priorities messed up to two stops. Net 376288. Or you can -- and everything -- -- real screamer. All right very good debt and -- in -- hopefully everybody recovers. Well from the it'll it'll exceptionally summit on things and don't mean. It is like it sounds like you're battling that pretty good attitude. Hopefully are considerably missile -- -- -- -- -- you summer cola Solomon north. Well we should feel like you shouldn't happen you know when you have a cold it ought to be -- -- have a good weekend outlook that took with the next week 300. Now call publishers said here that the weather conditions like they are for those of those so participating in -- -- -- it's great and then grant dollars all the grand -- laments. All right coming back after this top of the hour break. Our number two we're gonna get to that down the alligator business. Tell you what you need to do to stay legal -- wanna be put normal bad boy is in the outdoors god knows we got enough. Illegal allegation of coaches out there. The fact we got some bad towards the outdoors not alligator on -- a fisherman. Also tell you what's on our monthly Al Gore opinion poll trusting -- -- you opinion on that. Also got more efficient reports and tell you what Alabama's doing to deal with the red snapper at mismanagement. Operation going on in the Gulf of Mexico. All of that and a whole lot more coming your way on our number two with the -- would go on to view radio networks they witness.

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