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Aug 30, 2014|

Hear the latest on your favorite fishing holes.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our number two of the -- doors -- -- -- the radio network each and every Saturday morning thank you for tuning in those celebrating. 25 years is a couple of weeks ago were on number 26 and glad to be doing the thanks for joining us on this long Labor Day weekend. Lots more to talk about coming up and so was we have more official reports coming from captain Mike Gallo it's Cormier for you pat was also -- -- and his -- report -- Captain Ryan Lambert. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Alligator hunting has gotten to be on the poaching sport and part of the reason is ignorance and part of it is people don't care. But the ignorance part of that they hear -- season here modeled on TV and see people out shoot now it gives me a while ago license and -- shoot alligators wrong. It's highly regulated probably the most tightly regulated hunting season in existence. -- first of all only land owners with alligator habitat or -- tags. Then those tags or given to -- who couldn't have designated homeowners who have to have permits and licenses. To go out and get those gators and it's a very short controlled season. Have to be tagged in a very special ways so that they will go with -- stopped. Win that alligator was taken because you don't know where to put that tag and out of place until the time this season opens. There is some public alligator -- but you would have had to applied for a lottery. Application to hold on one of the public wildlife management areas. So if you haven't taken care of that forget Obama now it is unless you can hire out his Alec and our crap. They can get you permit you can -- -- license and you can use their tanks. Until you go to all right is in this business and if you want to. In touch with him if you wanted to -- -- alligator on it because I promise you one of our next bad boys' stories is going to be upon alligator arming it happens every year. Also a problem of baiting them expecting that -- -- -- -- anyway to be pessimistic that that's factual let's review world. Aren't our outdoor opinion poll pretty interest and stuff you know each month we change this we ask -- participate. Love the thought about what the listeners of this program think about several issues out lately you may be hearing some talk about. The US mission while -- service is considering. Allowing the Louisiana black there. Hunting season if they determine their population has recovered sufficiently. To allow a season. My question to you or are you interested in -- Louisiana. Black. Three choices for definitely would participate. None interest at all or not -- it depends on regulations limit permit cost states they sent. This is wide open you will be the first one to vote go to arm the outdoors guy that term. Scroll down the bottom of the page and you'll see how pure opinion poll cast your vote. Check out the recipes outdoor mall lots of the -- this will be back right after this. Gonna talk more about that Alabama red snapper season and how they're dealing with their problem also get official report from captain Mike -- competition within the next week will make some plans captain Mike Gallo is reports brought to -- each week I -- so scared me the football season is pointless and voltage and run around the corner in our our boys and black and gold -- always running -- who -- special. Fourteen months for only a 169. Dollars. It's two free months to get the special just gold two -- -- dot. And interest source code -- to get the special. As always new and renewing members can take advantage of this special. Captain Mike give me the weather report I'm only here in east Texas so I'm not sure what's happened over there in Slidell -- -- -- what's it looking like. Although we have -- 100% chance -- rings says it works this. Not raining at the moment but it certainly is threatening. So what is the plan for the Gallo crude and. Always stay -- on the couch. Where not to go this route that would. Fit and that. Don't blame him though -- Ohio always you week there was and social conditions and some better conditions to deal with. Yeah -- shuffled the deck a few times getting away from where there. Date that we were able again. Caught a lot of repetition of Biloxi -- that's been very consistent. I didn't have a trip where we concentrated on speckled Trout. And we didn't fair amount of moving. Finally found. An area where there was some Trout caught about sixty. And out of those sixty agreed to keep -- And they were right on that twelve and a twelve quarter. I think it was two in the in the bunch that was fifteen inches and a giant. Was it passes was it coastal low ridges or was -- platforms what type of place did you locate him. Well no I was actually traditional -- western shoreline of lake -- Just kind of hide from the win and moving along with solid good. The good amount of bait and there was some Trout kind of hanging off the drop off they keep it fairly close to the shoreline and lake Bourne you're probably in. Maybe two -- war there and probably 3040 or it's behind -- it'll drop off to about six or eight feet. And travel around alone it is -- -- -- in the big would be closer to the shoreline. There won't slow trot would kind of migrated up. And if that's who kind of get a little nervous then they seemingly would move back out to deep water. And we set and worked on for quite awhile Oakland. It was an offense by it but it's certainly say enough to keep us there lot of coal throw backs. But I knew it was in the decent amount -- there is one of the ways you can tell you don't catch any trash bitch. Was strictly -- trial we didn't have any catfish any brokers. There was so many -- they would -- to debate before anything else could. Even though good portion of -- -- eleven inches and eleven and it changes. Every once in -- seem like every haters -- issues catch it and keep. And caught some. Even as some -- plastic. You just had to put. Fresh shrimp on -- plastic I used plastic under court and my clients -- sterling triple under a court. I'm not bad not bad -- have been pretty scarce. Finish -- Dudley this week in in your neck of the woods we started off under the CSX railroad bridge and you know this cage and thank you and I got efficiency DB next week but as luck would have it my first cast are caught the biggest speck of call all year. And as luck would have it the camera and humidity problem for -- now so. So we never did get that -- on that. That was really the only sizable trial Rico picked up a few little small loans -- -- like you mentioned. Trash moved in the sting rays artists the gift -- couple brokers. We moved out in Dudley asked me if you had known about the -- of schools out in part to drink if you didn't wanna me to make sure I told you on. It's kinda deceived and what's happened out there you seemed Byrd's pork and if you go up and thrown beneath them like you normally do with a pop and corporate rookie -- fast. The lady finished in Europe and most people think votes lady finished -- school let's move. If you got a heavyweight and you get down below those races those bull reds or on the need to. And we got broke off what some pretty stout stuff does some really -- -- those wanted to 28 inches on the there. In all you gotta do screws around and fund at the birds working over the top well. Right that's. That's a fairly standard standard pattern on the used to preparing a little later in the year. Our great ride he seems surprised how early and happen yeah. Right it is it is a bit ahead as scheduled. Whenever I want so while if we see it -- it appears to have intention. -- -- -- middle constable collectively Malone and make -- so we catch those and marched. I don't have. Doubt we did the same thing. We didn't keep position they they have some balls more and we counseled him that it but it a lot of fun in its. -- there are a lot of on the Chechen people from out of state never -- -- you know certainly. It's a very enjoyable things we always in the CP yard catch photographs and release. Is what we like to call it but it -- on them. That this is the term used to catch those people's veterans forming. Well next trip should become a lump us in this weather moves on here on houses schedule look and you loosen -- now the schools back in football seasons don't come around. There's more open days in September than. You know that and other markets baucus was actually booked more than I'm accustomed to. October's fairly book maybe about half of November's book but. So that's a reason why I work with so many other captains so that we can accommodate everybody. Make sure we get him out there and get more efficient that. That would be a problem you know as far as scheduling. Sometimes we have to juggle them around and shuffled dates like today state will be pushed later into September. Well today and let me get their attention close to the telephones and you know and the -- water they -- -- Goes go to my side on the help those guys dot com welcome the few reporters -- wanna -- -- can link to use them but they wanna give you call at the office what's the best way to do it. Oh you can reach me at 98. 7817811. Can leave a message on my office or. Maybe there to answer the phone. All right sounds good kept Mike in the war on planned for Thursday was scheduled to finish so hopefully the weather will be moved out chains up but it. Yeah always it is good weather will be able potential here. As always thanks Mike we appreciate our current or -- -- So lol -- tropical depressed catch Israel may be having some technical issues we'll try to get him on for you -- -- -- would tell you what Alabama's doing too. Try to overcome the problem of mismanaging the red snapper population as a very important species to the charter captains of Alabama. And like Louisiana they began their own Alabama red snapper reporting program that began this second day. To try to get a better number on how many recreational league caught red snapper or landed in Alabama. Their program estimated that they caught 4181000. Pounds snapped -- through June 30 which ended the shortest federal season. Ever in history it was nine days along June 1 in the ninth. Well their findings when you compare him to what the federal marine and recreational information program now caught him referred to as emirate estimate. Guess what the outlaws. 1041000. Pounds. That is a huge difference between -- Alabama's. Systems report and the federal system. The federal landings almost two and a half times what Alabama program shows is more of a realistic. Look. Louisiana has done the same thing in fact the first one to do it on the federal season this is proof again that it could have been significantly longer. The nine days and there's -- science there. The empirical evidence of course you go up there in the gulf -- to -- of the species you can't get dates pass the red snapper. I don't think you need much more proof than what's happening there we just need to methodology. To deal with that they get rich democracies in that. Right I'll also program and know -- to tell you next week. Wouldn't be on the show this week -- and as I mentioned an undisclosed location pretty close to Reliant Stadium in Houston Texas. Next week we're going to be in Kenner. At 3011 loyal to drive. The New Orleans power sports speaks -- when he fourteen. Tax free sale you know -- the Second Amendment. Tax free weekend any thing that has to do with hunting. There's no local and state sales and it's going to be charged you know on certain items. I'll like DTVs that you use for running those things that can be considerable savings so. Will be telling you all about that broadcasting -- doors will be open only the store doesn't normally open till 9 o'clock on Saturday. They'll be open when we do at five and again that that local sales and state tax free dates -- September 5. Through seventh and includes our arms illegally sold in purchased in Louisiana. Ammunition. Archery supplies as long as they're used for hunting. A safety gear were talking -- clothing jackets hats gloves a face masks. Insulated underwear off the off road vehicles ATVs but they have to be intended primarily for harming. Does not apply to golf carts go courts dirt bikes those of the recreational items. This is strictly a Second Amendment is year four corners of -- harder. In fact you if you stop over their two day you can -- work you deal. And then take advantage of the windows specific days are happening because that is the opening of the Louisiana dove season champion two places -- -- of sure limit can take care of you over there so you might wanna. Check all that out over there also remind you we've got to efficient rodeo coming up this say probably this one was. You know with three schedule it was postponed it was you know -- earlier in the year. The Lake Pontchartrain basin has been hosting is now. For sixteen years this is the seventeenth annual save -- in -- rodeo. That'll be next Friday and Saturday is headquartered in lake shore drive -- a new. Canal lighthouse and if you haven't visited then it's got a great visitors center right next to landry's. Seafood restaurant on the late -- in -- won't run on the bank of late -- -- train. You can where you fish. Friday two to five Saturday from the news of war does adult. Youth I Activision it's only forty dollars to register. For the kids it's fifteen dollars -- warts Paul parties follow that's a long standing tradition. And has lots of place you can buy tickets to get a complete listing in more details on the rodeo I would suggest going to their website and that is save our late. Koppel taking. Look at the results -- -- the Louisiana salt -- series which was held last weekend out of them our third place was won by a guy we know Chris Robert -- seasoned professional fishing -- -- -- with captain Mike -- Ian -- Sanchez teamed up. For a sixteen point 57 pounds that's two red fish. Picked up the check and 975. Dollars Ellison it would Nash Roberts -- -- Landry brought in sixteen point 59. That is to one hundredths of a pound. To edge them out for second place in the in sixteen point 80. That was Scott and -- in Stevens Sierra to win first place. In the youth category great garrison had the biggest trick is seven point 88. In Preston escape was in second place at six point 90 that was in the Louisiana salt -- series read these tournaments on the next one. But we've got coming up it's going to be held. In September 13. That's in two weeks at the -- marina. -- -- -- Allow Louisiana department while I've been fortunate in division agents cited two Louisiana men and let -- -- for alleged fishing violations back on August 15 of composure -- I decided were Matthew. Caleb illegally twentieth going lean and an unnamed juvenile male sport taking -- fish using illegal methods. Powell's also cited for fishing without a license. I agents received the complaint again this is another result of an operation -- the hotline call. That the three suspects were using a singing and -- personals -- -- in keep in every fish was caught. Agents contacted the subjects and found him in possession of two saying nets. Nine sock away five back bass in three -- according to the suspects. They would stretch the -- out across the spillway. And walk the net effect of the bank whether it would create the fish caught in the net. These were the fish and the nets in case you're wondering if you're taking game fish might illegal method. That would be a fine of up to 950. Dollars and possible up -- -- 120 days in jail. -- with elderly licenses of fifty dollar fine and a possible fifteen days in jail. The judge will decide what punishment so wait Mathew. In an unnamed juvenile male are bad boys of the outdoors. All right then well there. How warning please we got dove season coming up we've got -- is the season going on goals -- the two probably most citations that I think a written. At least in Louisiana for violations though for hunting over bait and if you can be running on it though on. I know a lot of times it's it's not the individual homeowners fall sometimes he's totally unaware that he's running over baited field. But it is your responsibility. To at least take certain steps to ensure that -- running illegal field. That would be down -- a lot of uniform -- you don't understand the rate of spread of CU over. Too old soul of which would be considered a normal agricultural practice and gets a little bit tricky but just keep these few things in mind. If you see corn -- in huh. Or something that is not being landed that it uses an attractive. Or something that was not grown in the field and then harvested in the field. Those are some tipping points that could be some problems also asked the Orlando or the manager of the -- whoever it is. Ask him and can you tell me that this field is legal as -- you know is -- adults. And that way you'll kind of relieve yourself of and now they did not total responsibility. But certain amount of responsibility if and thank you long running on a field. That has been illegally tampered with attracting migratory birds bear that in -- Alligator or running a -- talked about that and make sure you get the proper permits. You have tagged you do with a licensed owner someone who holds on this a lot of people who advertise alligator arms and then only have tags and noted illegally. It amazes me -- week in and week out how social media is now being used to catch these. Bad boys I mean that is they just can't resist the Bragg and a lot of them and tell in the story and that that real realize there actually. A self incriminating tapes anyway enough of that coming up this month that's going to be several actually next month American attorney in the September. There are a lot of odd Ducks Unlimited events come in the next one up -- Roma radar here looks like it's September the tenth. That's going to be Wednesday. And it set the southeast university that's -- of a new chapter of southeastern Louisiana if you are interested in getting tickets and information may be wanna be sponsoring table. Call Eric Warren at 985. 5900229. And then we've got coming up on Wednesday September 17 the West Bank chapter of mark -- will feel you know information their final four. 2358504. And the the following week Slidell chapter. Wednesday September 24. Jim -- is called him at 9857880136. If you don't hear Aussie normally don't call to make contact annual forum details you can always go to ducks. Dot war. That is the national website all the state and local chapter information on it. One item you know if you build these Ducks Unlimited bank which you know there's a lot of wildlife or. This far on this equipment that auction and raffle. A lot of you familiar with must think hubris portrait in prayer of the patron saint opponent that we named our broadcast studio in his -- on this in new item that's going to be available at these ducks -- -- banquets it's a prayer. But it's modified towards doc Cummings got a duck hunting scene that's basically that same prayer in it is going to be offered it each and every one of those banquet so check it out when you go to a. In a bit -- and it often is they say there is a company called south -- Associates. Dot com and what they do is they do certain days on fisherman and on hasn't. They keep abreast of a lot of good information I'm really happy to tell you -- when they sent me in this week. We found out that over half on just about half were talking about 46%. Of the sportsman that was surveyed said. They took at least one child haunting last year. And a common perception is that those kids are almost always is on her daughter how -- this survey showed. That that's not really true when asked how many they had taken 21% said they had taken one. 15% so they took 25%. To 32%. To four Walt just over 2%. Had taken five or more -- in the meantime. 54%. Said they hadn't taken any at all but I still think that's pretty high almost half. Make sure they took cues with what we've got one of those 2% of joining us now is he's. Can be taken toward the album with him coming up on the use on. Captain Ryland but it -- -- advances Ryan I'm glad to hear these statistics and and thank you for doing more than you'll Portland get kids involved in our our -- It. If you that we can bring them to -- Yeah -- don't think how they can get in on nick has a lot of people have been writing in the morning get on this and those we love the take a moment we got a limited -- morning so remind them how to get signed up for. Quick trip just -- in the mail where you want to try to why should -- children batter right protesters. Don't you just circumstances. Look art that monitor it. And so you know you don't get anybody to bring -- 021 of the most people assumed that the article that. In tell a lie you you have a bash. On the -- -- -- it ought to get it. Check that. On the or reduction program just but he didn't absolutely 10 post -- -- that could come away we have and great. And that's great in the consent -- letters in by email they can and ride in the consent in the you it cajun. Fishing adventures dot com Atkinson that the media on the -- there was guys dot com Gary paradise -- -- On the parents or guardians or allowed to come along because it's only -- on in November. It will not be allowed them on the -- that -- -- get an email and it's gonna say on the -- My parents of one of those 54% of that's more. Yet we got that the -- ability to go get. You know some of that did it and bill. They do. Yet to take appreciate it take the you know don't -- -- -- -- -- under the -- or that you -- -- -- put in -- so blessed that they want government be there isn't there some more. A matter. Just those lies and it will look at your pick pick one year. Hindered it should be a great crowd are a lot -- alert other separate because -- were aware that it worked at the -- Let them make sure it. They know how to shoot well in -- to be a great experience well so who you know solicit that -- all the. Up and then get a chance to see Logan's become Logan she she made it on the TV show up in a lot of people talking notary. Public. No yeah they love that they love doing that tree work. Regretted it and -- Yeah it was a lot of fun and it's compatible so what's the situation down there this weekend with the -- them you know malaria and close -- Reliant Stadium well she's -- and I and I don't know than what was going on back home on the area theaters Lincoln and Charles. The Iranian all of shrimp as I acidic thought ORE articles. Two in yeah we do. In the united I just came home last night in this book by Google albeit -- -- look like at least off the west a lot of should go to the boy's not there -- human they did get shot just stroke just yet. You know -- get some more about the -- -- to some stuff but. It would post weather around the think that typical trip yesterday. Rim is really pretty green right now Patricia strike had been there in that regard go Trout or wait wait there. So. The -- would be a beautiful fall -- it's. Of course she just gorgeous shoes just -- first year as well reputation. Think it's -- frustration -- book. At the riders. By his commitment obviously took so a bit straighter. Governor this week Arctic dimension that would divergent look like so it's. We -- that we would be bitter. Note -- does sound like. Yeah it sounds like it's -- blast and this time come issue. Well yeah it -- you're completely because they count it. Well -- Lou unit it's a -- hope that that they go straight in short it. But what followed immediately -- -- order. Well let's let people tell how they can call you they will look ahead to the dates are set if they go on the wallet and -- web site. All the duck season and dates of their -- split so they can check it out probably reach you. Oh they're big strategic victory back and you've reached -- marriage problems so viable or. 111 notebook about those guys out there you know repeated by so. Discouraged sit it out -- One to build the big open wheel is in the grip. That many -- -- -- A very good -- next week they can on the stand this -- that you are terrible. -- in -- but it won't fix its factory orders this. Certainly I was sitting next week. I had a -- game. All right -- in the next week that Ryland cajun -- advances all right after this break we'll come back in the how much did you catchers report out of when he told me was -- -- depressed maybe he's got some of this is disgruntled -- I got a report from them -- you pat losing inches have been here -- what he's got to say. And one of the unique things on this Al -- show is that we have great analyst report because the explosion of the kayak and canoe and paddling -- industry in the in order to meet that demand and everybody loves that we've got a couple guys -- a yard and it's on yeah. -- members of the -- -- kayak fishing club each week they give us updates has brought you by the back haekkerup. Two locations and that -- -- -- have some highway across from congress. In Lafayette forum on main street in recovery is to go all the top brilliance in the largest selection of whole -- anywhere in the states and lots and lots of accessories. I'm normally catch would be doing this -- that maybe he's got some of discredit my Atlanta I was going to be able talked as you heard told feels got it wrong Lambert's got a couple of ugly and Sanchez got a taste of them seem like it's going around pretty pretty regularly so anyway you have report to pass along to you panelists. He said that -- would got a three day weekend an unfortunate looks like a wet one but at least there's some college would speak to watch right about that include an -- tigers. In those Wisconsin -- tiger with a bat. And a you're speaking of LSU he said he did semesters work in -- apology to know that. He says the heat has been a big factor in the catches and even the lack of trips from the kayak guys everyone's waiting for the water Temps drop especially in the small arms he says good news in this write this down now. This is high tech stuff. The net radiator cooling of waters will begin any day now. Temperatures -- drop slowly because the high humidity. We get a cool front we could see -- drop of several degrees that will make a huge difference. In the attitude of the fish you go he starts out with a loan information for those view in the eastern part of while listening Ares one attempt today as an upper eighties is going to be some -- that most little rats. That official on the edge of largely with a awards couple degrees cooler. -- the most productive areas have been lower end of highway 23 current Ellicott date. At Venice in the way and -- aerial lots of slot sides vision both spots based revenues and gulp that is Spinner -- Plenty of bull reds in common on if you don't have a voter -- active and -- some problem. Right off the bridge at night on the lights cracked -- -- in the country of choice the problem objectionable -- off the bridge side marina bridge. Is it's very difficult to hoist a -- that size up you gotta have some kind of a long. Line with -- net this win the fish -- -- -- hoist him up within that gap was figure out some way to do is you know that are really look that bridge. In the west he says a -- -- -- issue on highest they've been as good news he's hoping the rain totals will stay low. As a really good -- station in big lake around spices Wesco even late premium. Most of those of Fisher being caught on -- shrimp under -- and -- -- he's got some more big news for Arabic catches a pick him up in the press box for the 400. It in the ship channel on the west side rent out issue points you know where that is and also near the ship channel in late Korean. Gold medals off the bottom he says it is absolutely gold. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He says the river systems north of I twelve them in the best with the rain that's come in the may not hold up by the time you get to use this report. We get a lot of -- you might wanna consider the highway 51 canal between Hammond and applause -- -- -- NASA but nothing big. Which can have a lot of -- in and tackle -- or fly rod investigating top water -- Hoppers and those four inch plastic zoom -- mostly in the black in short cruise callers. -- their -- -- you can always find things on the Biden calls kayak fishing club website. This coming Friday and Saturday we talked about this earlier the seventeenth annual save while lake fishing rodeo. It's hosted by the Lake Pontchartrain basin foundation it's got to kayak divisions of -- -- as a special division for -- it's forty dollar entry -- Yeah eight different species that you complacent. The boundaries for this one. Late or always the -- check in of course it's barbaric great cause saving our coast. In two weeks. The golden medal smacked down twenty bucks won the cheapest entry fees around launch at -- loans and Galley and -- or the park and golden medal Wayne's gonna be at 2 o'clock. Five places for the heaviest string of five red finish and three trial -- in -- total it's an interesting combination. More details on that a lot that you Qaeda actors. At their web page BC KFC. Or you can always count on catch that come through. All right the music is claim that's no McDaniel he's been singing that song for me that wants one in five years and singers out of this would. And we get them more outdoors coming up on our affiliate station three WL listen to that arm the outdoors -- dot com. We live stream there you contentious anywhere in the world we say goodbye to our affiliate stations and we'll see you back again right in -- same time. Same place same channel. It's called the outdoors wood on to -- radio network.

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