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Aug 30, 2014|

Speakin of Specks and More with Don Dubuc and Todd Masson: the guys were joined by special guests, Capt. Britt Ordes who talked about Breton Sound speckled trout, Capt. Dennis Bardwell who talked about Venice redfish and flounder, and Janet Rhodus gave us a status update on public launch and talk about Leeville action.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome it's another addition of more outdoors there from seven and each and every Saturday morning on three WL thirteen fifty radio this week broadcasting to you from one undisclosed location -- near Reliant Stadium in Houston Texas sound like -- on FM actually known -- thirteen fifty. Now -- some vehicles and like it's -- -- earlier pew report is likely and similar case of a great programming lined up for you from eight to nine Michael Myers in the Jones and -- and gone outlook we going to be having another feature called talking guns lots of issues to talk about it on product of the month. A lot of information for you so beaten in Savannah also talk a lot about that Second Amendment. Sales tax weekend that's coming up next weekend but this hour for all -- time that's on joins us to speak in the specs and Todd I think we can do more about speak and and that's in this kind of reminiscent of some of those spring shows we had on the weekends is really kind of dissipated. When the looking battled them by you. You know dotted. It's overcast right now with. I'm not really threatened rain did look at the -- -- point -- -- year. Doesn't -- you bet yet but I think it's gonna -- once signed up the boards are eaten up the atmosphere certainly you're a tremendous amount of rain around here yesterday and can't -- afternoon Fitzpatrick I had planned. In my head down to. The southern shore of late pop train in they -- in on some of its. Jack fishing action and haven't thought -- like I would ever intentionally. Target Acura outlet. Those that are there are plenty plenty available on the dot shortly parked train and you know man I guess we didn't debt or something on that you look at your target actually since. I really. And -- that Jack finished off on the yet you you know and unbelievable did that legitimately on -- in in the those shaft down into the heck of a job -- Adam will they were really good. You know who don't have the skill sheath an average guy's gonna use of the gravity. Yet. No doubt you know act in all honesty I'll never in my life either Jack Roanoke Bloomberg went so who would vote no well. A door to the -- some. But I think number will be absolutely -- actual. I don't agree at all what it would be Jack rallies that you got the EP. That strip only. You know you get doubles section kind of separates. -- run right along the the dorsal an area and he says that it'll taste like yelled -- here and I don't know I -- Sure -- slowly slipped in Venice and back strapped in millenium maybe the American. The hotel and I don't know without. Adequate. Don't get -- -- argument they've really put up but it just a ferocious fight I mean they you know Jack relevant thing. Think about that there's relentlessly. And not give up. Are you wanna give up all the -- -- you -- you know much like dole has not call warnings wanted to catch one we should speed the lock. At PE RTW. Black Friday -- I'm not part about last Saturday of the show but I had a Jack looked up never saw it but I am very competent. From the fight that it was a Jack only vehicle for about a minute and it it pull hook. We also saw one roll on top right -- the walls so there are some believe there as well. Why there's so many in the late this year I don't know but. Let there in your pocket check campaign yesterday. -- -- -- -- from for the past three weeks that he says that it's it's just silly that does not stop one after another. Top water action South -- between. The Lakefront airport in the southern. End of the trust also that whole area. You know from the Tressel basically if you looked a little woods up in the air that it is just crazy two years. Troll in there and broke -- cities that surely you know you run across schools -- what is also. In that area restored about this yesterday on the dot com albeit more as -- beat you introduced. Are in. Really could not talking that we had targets on last week. Talking about it talked to a good credit money market order vague -- Fish -- talk and in that area in the 1970s and eighties several historical perspective and I think he said the -- there's a back temperatures. In incredible record and it really people right there are awakened beach which is now the old man -- again talker chat but yet say that about twenty feet around it. Recently to -- but point two feet deep it's not quite it -- used to be put Aoki and body in there two or three weeks ago. Bookings for the hole which -- target senate seat. Personally lose zone and I saw -- -- and roll right -- the bode said one of them eager to jump on it was back close to blow remarkable. So there are some talk of that area I don't have any reports -- anybody shot lead landing one. So anybody has has successfully that it won't you please let me know about Cuba about to hear from you put a lot of people or at least a few people have called them. Are in jumping this year an area you know that -- studio apartment. You're not gonna land our percentage of the origin looks. But it is you're just too early to welcome a lot and -- a little while so look that's opened fire inside that U. Sent out a message duke. I will start -- better on the show loose known as doctor apartment is the the medical Doctor Who left the profession -- -- department at university New Orleans. Just our query him about why there's so many in the -- this year you know they beat their numbers due to declining in recent years after. Following doubt that apple would not think -- 1990. But I asked him why you know he thought they might be coming back she didn't have a -- -- -- -- -- -- nightmare back in the yet a little while -- -- in the next week but that. Doubly exciting development in my pocket trainer at those that Jack and those are open. -- look at the -- haven't had a whole lot of other activity it's that's Albert and slow summer. By law actually part to train but that may be changes down with the Eastwood and you know -- -- Sam walker this week who ultimately. Running all those yellow to limit street bullies for the apart -- the fisheries -- -- eight. Solidity -- easterly pot to train and the salinity level was seventeen part about Clinton at. That dramatic improvement over what it's been it's been a little five. Virtually in our summer spring and summer so that eat where to put in good salty water hopefully some months speckled Trout and everything else school who will follow come here with that that would pick at war. Yeah we found that on -- -- in part to train with though this week there's been a dramatic increase in the salinity we'll get back to the apartment thing who were called back in the days would like much training with the biggest crop in the state came from the fact that. The state record for many many years came exactly out of that hole that was awful Lincoln beach and -- please deficient quite regularly and then for some reason. They kind of Bannister went away and that was forgotten that there are a few guys as a small little cult group. That still goes out there and tries and tries -- mean. They're very very seldom successful but they do get a few hook up and they have caught a few out there over the last couple years and would be really interest in the find out what's going -- -- them in fact we might be able talked wildlife and fisheries and they've got those -- already out there. And nobody keeps talked in the Kilmeny them and we need to do -- -- and tagging program and like much training in pick him up movements and monitoring. No wind that hit some extra data from. L you know they are used in those -- -- to track other species. Including actually are simply park street so. Yet wouldn't be any any big problem I think that you would have you. Have. -- at the fisheries. Or just a buyout of the boat it's almost like a tree those -- basically -- side of the -- got -- the fish but yes agreed I would be really cool would know what goes I would -- secure and there when the company and when we needed. All I could not talk Q -- the gore VC. Said the -- he says that the state record -- for awhile he remembered being about 210 -- there. I was partly -- -- what did some research on that -- on and on it yeah. Talk and talk and the only one that possibly could have been caught late puppetry was mature sixteen -- I was caught in the 1970s and that did not have a location where it was caught all of the other nine. Two in the top ten all caught somewhere else. So I don't know is that you -- sixty -- could come from late on screen I don't know what that he said it is recollect seeing you. Record it there. Yeah I seem to remember to always good to ten on they have some informational and I'll -- research -- record NC park and find a location of that particular one but yeah I definitely was from -- to train and it held the record for a long long time before anybody on the broken that. The and you know what they could do is put to get go below rodeo and invite anyone -- interest -- intention to often get 5060 votes out there when that -- really on. In and have all of pocket -- -- put it trot out their wallets and to treat people with bacon come to reason as fish is caught. And let the biologists -- little to limit her you know device and. Yet you know you -- me good -- fisherman work and her supporters and successful Atlanta talk arches that. No question about it there's not enough fish are in the late this year that happened but. You know -- this theory and and I don't open holes true or not his -- was that back when he can't talk and really really well luckily they had a lot couple Krueger's of course orbit and that from our child that catching. Get simple crook initially -- trainees at the department in the -- brokers fans teton so. In his theory is that they may become an instant appeal as brokers and article it was lot of people. Talk what people so less so maybe that you -- there for the same reason but. I -- the appropriate let our upcoming now I don't know that anybody get an equal crow isn't that -- but now I have that reports obviously it's small is being caught but. You know who knows I don't know why now and back. Hope will not me on that but but it excite me distinctive. -- -- and talk and right there with that site. So out shortly arbitrary certainly open. That I've never done in my lifetime but -- an exciting prospect at short. Well leave it up to Louisiana and is when traveling by the funds on deck of -- -- and console. And it's not really got coming up literal. Yeah we got that -- the reporters brick fishes out you know mobile area and that that's one of the few bright spots from -- it's. Really kind of down struck try out some of the advocates a lot of this. -- in Britain now will get the the stupid as skinny from him see how long that's gonna last night and what are kept in the Spanish. Right around this time we've also got captain Dennis Barr well better pitches down that it. And he's been doing really well on -- -- -- repetition of moves in -- river not. Really group stuck yet it's not late you know their classic status scenario we'd go and catch. Did he sit out of the various side of the manhole cover you got you got to move a little bit the fish -- Mississippi River. Well not to get it wrote this coming up chant is on top of that hole watched. We built initiative in -- public watched them we built actually at a party started it and should be done fairly soon we'll get status that they forget it also get a report from now the legal area. All right very good time we're joined by captain Brent north -- so hopefully not keep the name from getting into that may be narrow window fission in my beyond metal Taylor this morning. -- -- Now now now now -- actually obligations morning. You know corporate accurate that much deserved vacation after all the pitching -- and past few weeks. You know we noted earlier that. The hope Hillary's issue Britain's around the area and one that you. Bright spots in an otherwise pretty dismal summer across the coast you've actually been doing pretty well on islands are -- -- -- -- Com and it's not easy yet it may look you know pitches everything Beijing -- eat eat eat but and it's not really work. But there -- options out there. -- might get it up there and work through it ought to get China. Right -- it would have been achieved. This summer Oprah talking to you a couple of weeks ago you really felt like people get up early out there correct. It's it's -- -- and -- But it's been different you know arms well not that worrying your record. Our island and you know catching 3040 Trout each spot which is that which is the norm. You know you -- pull -- to a spot that spot people that buy it again. And -- being just sticking news you know kind of -- he's finished at eighteen and and then gone on it typically is -- year. At the most number twenty or twenty Allen's. The issue had been their parent thirty top forty gallons at how much running them had to do. Devoted to catch you know when the suspect that your out this year. Yeah I'll let that that was a big difference. That's actually very very good advice of people particularly cheered at that Matt has a lot of reports -- -- From other areas it's not the one stop shop and it will of course love you got a few you gotta keep movement. Part of goodbye to people and not an elaborate -- though. That you this time a year really believe in united pre line -- pretty rather that your core Carol moderate correct. Yeah and you didn't tell you about you know water temperature uses a lot out -- let the let him actually in the last. Currently eat in August this year and July 11 hadn't been. Well you know typically have a let water and in the air chair -- the you know that ninety. You know temperature. -- like -- -- that's going to be a little bit on the candidate. -- on the bottom catch at issue you can actually it's entrenched. A team on Kiki did not that bottom 34 feet. You know about it and the fifteen foot water actually step child like hanging out. Right in the corporate war against these these -- some weeks. Really -- Mid August stretching Peru on September at least -- typically a couple years he's got to move may utilize short -- our role in that let the stuff. -- happen this year you. Now I'm actually touch -- all week actually start to catch and league etched I had not seen a Mac O you. Call me -- -- one back easily but now I MacBook that -- -- just eat that attract. -- -- -- that's -- that ignorant and excellent water and not in game yet. But like it changed yesterday. And seen a lot of pollutants in the and a lot of a lot trends spot and then began. So that the external unity between that and let them put it that he had excellent law is being pushed in marina. Yeah these -- and and certainly you which an excellent idiots you're actually. Iraq people viewed as a blessing you know there are actors guild west -- -- also the law but that -- -- people like eagle -- spread itself because of the the ninth circuit that you aren't out there. -- have a trial and been nice side this summer would say smaller and -- Now that you actually believe it's smaller struck out Sheen in the twenty years up interest and a we -- -- take a lot of mention Mary and the closer you get the full bird. The bigger the finishing going to be out a couple of Cotchery and -- should consider well in open court date period of -- and after the golden. But. Under it's been a lot of facts you know on normal people out there you're lucky if you Arafat and respect each year. You know Ireland -- maybe forty feet -- changed you know. -- and -- so a lot smaller this year. Priority why. That told me that the -- -- was -- this year it will not in brokers like that review and exclusively air lock stripped by Eric. Correct not strictly a lot shot by try -- groups. You know. I would bring about point -- he currently at any let Vietnam the -- which in bringing in the last month and the parts and deeply Trotter leniently ain't catch me. And -- you may catch conducted each got them votes that the crew group that was it. Com. Just a little in the thirty years is seen -- -- one Accenture men and colonel. Each issue -- -- -- there there eat so much aren't that they're not in the paint it in -- group anymore. Right right well you know Brit isn't -- time. Are a lot of people kind of forego speckled Trout -- just because they view of the opera on -- -- those are spread out. Get into that transition and so people tend to focus more on now on recreation and other favorite this year vision and it's not Marcus. I have not opt trot it's gotten any the last few weeks and numb right now we should summaries in the group. Darker areas really struggling rich history now bombing at Kleiner attrition named gene. And none at all it's just disappear I don't know anyway. Being a lot of reports from a bullet that got them watching bought an apology marched over at Cheshire Connecticut and a really neat. Those are finished album moved on. A lot of fresh water on the reaction still have a lot of fresh water in the army marched around black they're now. Not bank account put the -- -- out a little. That they didn't need it used to that you know god is doing really well at the situation got a couple of should Marsha -- when -- -- beyond. Right -- -- -- so what what what's the war but look at my vote vote chart and outside. On -- get -- toward operations start cleanup in the political waters -- Vietnam's dispersed out there more on that salt water taken over. Black HBO. It's got that -- our -- -- like a line to try and neon green what that is that your salt water. And fresh water mix and it kind yet each analogy bones and they still had that in black made it ought to like they let the water really -- -- but that they should just not -- -- they're now mean you don't change and all that -- gets the maybe they're actually Trout. If you look at the big nominees need to stay out numbers -- accurate color. Right right we met in you know that the the -- should start to move and what about we're not quite sure these in an -- either inside or outside. At lot of -- church shoot out on the road this week -- into dot actually -- and the guys wanted to try to catch you Richard Shepard caught the child and my went for a separate -- golf and about miles each other. Is now all four pond of school being like champ probably twenty counts and they would jump in China troll whereas stroll through. That the -- -- -- who eat a mullet all that patent it and right Al salaam. That's a real that's onshore in the former our petition. Yet that is very very good news I'm really glad to hear that certainly. If the groceries there you know the other partner efficient duckling follows so that's it stopped well written thanks so much for joining us today. I might want to get sucked into both the charter for these these come leak -- -- you know that the -- is is gonna be really get this ball pure pocketing it partly. Thank you comment on congress not. He's. 18 -- -- -- I think -- do on our web site it LA. Vision dot com and -- no immediate initiation -- and all right. We got cats in biased coming up the Dhaka. So everybody's interest to do on the dot kindly offered at all. Also gonna -- you start what you recent today so the world number. All right -- thanks so much of -- have a great vacation or economic order. Creature -- -- -- an odd as thank you very much time on the topic conversation. Jeff W -- a few -- Jeff W you know I'm flattered Obama terrible area. Where you -- just was listening to us. Exactly he's in a very avid duck on -- active Ducks Unlimited guy he sent me a list of the Louisiana 200 pound mark in club breakfast this is not. The official LO -- BA state records that you and I belong to the organization keep. But this has a listing of on all of the 200 pound -- and that they have verified and looking at those caught in Lake Pontchartrain. On the one I think that we refer to on the was anyway George uber caught eight to eleven. Aboard the -- fraud in September of 1978. -- was 211 pounds. That was also one caught and I didn't hear about this when Eric vote. Call one at 208. Pounds in August of 2004. In there's another one recorded over 200 pounds in August of 1980. That was caught aboard the railroad me and by Wesley tentacles of this three of them. That at least this organization mrs. copy written by -- pop chart services you know the -- each west's family in fact the biggest proper medical was called -- pop people which. Has caught many many softened Louisiana they provide this list so one thing Jeff assuming it. But I'm pretty sure that's the one off -- was referring to that one was caught by George you back in. September of 1970. Yet calculated on and then it's interesting that there was one caught 2000 war broke 200. That was an occupying. Yeah it was a light punch train aboard the boat called an old it was 208 pounds by Eric. -- Excellent Q excellent this year that's that that's really cool we got it meant that as well let anybody at any. -- any -- next couple weeks which you know are going to be at least a few more weeks are -- certain newspaper can't catch -- always was. The third. Week of September civil yet you can afford these let us know we -- -- we look Cuba that your about it. Well I'll forward this information to you and -- -- -- -- talking about your column form no. Most exciting finish of that -- caught my life when you get a fish that size jumps over you -- and you got a line attached to Michael -- kite. If you -- you're not excited in the particular calls ministry deliberate commitment and you credited her. Limited use what is get this done is -- well he is down and not too far from -- often or eight Dennis. And I don't -- We have what we got important or whoever we wish that America -- that. Yeah a little bit different a little bit different but they've put -- -- -- to -- our commitment to -- -- are -- but there -- -- -- -- and -- parent -- and real early well -- America and the good -- forms an initial or two yeah. And the doctors that what they'll barks or a full of mud duck when veteran certain that there apartment. I showed up on Louisiana coast and people are starting get excited about him again so that that quite a needle that's what they had you're excited about. The fact that Mississippi River is is now that she speaks stand out. You know there aren't that good little joke but it's still down. -- like 33 point pirate summed it took almost six camps don't. This past week and hoping that just something. -- restraint could yeah we -- to begin now to prepare we were little treat it here. We can I have to go to. The bishops are -- are open river river beautiful. You know McCutcheon gravitational going to keep cold front will approach openly and with that. The red bitching about making a pretty good -- -- trying to understand where. I don't know from talking TU earlier in the week that that the fish are not really stacked up yet you said that really more spread around -- view that -- -- -- -- voters stick and move a whole lot. -- ended when you ran. In which they say there on the point you're looking you don't put any American sit there you know. I think the most up -- literally want to land was 71 spot you know and there were all eighteen inch and 1718 century Internet. And not the big reasons you know cheat steal gear at all were originally out. You know marketers too big -- -- beats that there elect coast recession bear problem better. -- fact that the nuts and I yet it would I don't cut mr. Another big bowl -- no question about it but deviant -- the river you know but what's your advice to people as far as. Look at where it bit greedy you know obviously my focus on the cut -- the record yes. Yeah -- largely dormant for about. Moving order at all living right now took the the politics the -- auction of cutesy little you know little pocket where they could be that same just get a minute wait to bestow them. Women Barroso speaking attack and ambush a little. Bit. Are playing a position them and the British. Change the old in the singer's -- a year it's -- there -- some looters would change and structural aren't there or merely shook your first and then there later you know blog yourself by her speech you go to any of the drained right now Iran helps our present. -- Did trip -- -- -- true apology did you know production louder that and they're there and himself precedent -- pitcher right now. Bad keystroke that they're all passes and there -- -- way up in tumors are more you know after cup years ago teach west -- diversion. No etiquette and conditioner on so long it's the finish the pressure on -- Newton. Noticed you didn't -- is good because we're going to be a record shortly. It's been at the -- where we have been catching Lester we each other relocating and -- locate him and which. Larry there -- a lot of patient river right now and hope lectures we get used -- trumps. -- reversed a down they're going to be an airport for a while. -- DB that. Floundered. When you're not talks he's that you get in. Good number one out yet -- reform what's what's the key or are people. Look at some. Testament this. What we look forward -- our fallen and when you mentioned -- little brains coming out more coming out or persons you know. Mutual flat where it'll drop off from. Wouldn't have to put 267 put people. And you expect great step. One quarter -- theaters -- -- and no question good question but we. Taken to completion -- on Agee and and slow roller -- too much -- some of their spiritual religious. Criminal court awarded speak where they're going down and -- and -- you know cooler water whatever came mansion that orbit to Ketchum. On the ball approach like that amount of course. And into the drain especially with the voluntary and Armenian Ryland we're not much church. Not having much luck would direct crucial in -- caddie either but. But a volunteer at the plan oversee internal -- that. Yeah AFP there that sit there and I -- was that they can -- march -- you also said that same thing is true well we are sit there and and put a limit the box we need to let you need to be prepared to -- a little bit giddy about everything right now of the actually if we can get some of these front which I watch bill -- talk about which to -- which which makes sense that. So these -- -- My. Palm Beach. Riverboat lows so workers and everything -- Superb pitcher this year everybody don't like in a story common in ligament in his or agreed to turn out. Well yeah yeah Trout have been you know -- the plan. Steady basis down there not just in businessmen. Read all articles coach coach and has just been a weird year course and hopefully the dish we're -- -- our church. I think your group or go to restore catching Trout which can't go there today and expect to go there Morgan -- so. I tell you what that in the rule of the summer really everywhere across coast even got to have success. And find. That the trial by one -- they return next day if you're just not merit it would restate our concrete don't know why that is but. You know I can't say it's one Daytona next I -- -- Sunday and my borders on their particularly. There's no way around Britain I'll go along about point -- not the bunched and in. Oh lead that early couldn't Sunday in a boat to boat we need to get there early -- -- -- analysts are trying to do these girls. Loose no not the easiest thing that there's some people went out. At 830 we get eighty after. An apartment it would just like daddies and and I'm playing tournament ordered. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet that we do -- -- -- favored over there came and took my spot we got seven more spiritual way in order to relocate. We had 92 trial we leave sooner -- later mimic -- at all. In this same area that we -- compliment same anchor coal that rear end. And so you know what happened just -- a little bit of -- -- -- that you would not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we can immoral and never been such maybe in having -- boat that might have been. At that our executive and it. You know that last year -- -- proposition suburb and then as we blow a little bit below average but does the fish really showed up and all got fantastic. -- in the river in the -- so hopefully that'll happen again this year Dele you not duck -- Open that happened all of a lot of other people got it it's not as always we appreciate you joining and it's it's -- were it not be able to charter. That a hot days there has been talking Nagin cut that he. Manic. Man six man 04 OH number on it but I -- -- six medals or early. Fortunately and unfortunately I mean we can say that we are would Wear little October November we haven't NATO. At all October or November -- work to get a -- open in September to step. December has started so any thing Olivia accord with only finished about these are well and somewhere like that -- they -- for the elderly but October November. Did you get a -- nominee in Latvia. His full units from perhaps customers so -- that is a great plan that you want. -- -- color and try to Tokyo will Metallica order but it's going to be news in Munich which is sad -- it is a pleasure to and we are grateful. No doubt about it RE EB thanks so much we appreciate it -- -- on dictator. They -- -- Dennis thank you and if they can't book a trip reloading always call talk football with you know who knows that do that. We got. Actually Greenway live -- -- they cannot put it on channel little Rwandan Gymboree bit. They were doing like saint year old Margaret get out on the public we shall Don you need a momentum -- Don't look -- gone home. Wonder can assure you what you -- short -- -- a million always mentally to control of the. Can make it thank you pretty competitive democratic opponent. -- I must tell us we appreciate it. You know Todd. You'd have to delivered in the cave to not know that we're facing a very very serious problem of coastal roads in and wetlands laws here in -- -- Yamon. Most people preaching gloom and doom but in -- a lot of respect for you next guest Janet blows because she and her whole communities that have taken an attitude. This in all know we can expand thing we're gonna make things bigger and better on talking about Janet oldest -- welcomed the program. Good morning guys. Yet dead. It would it's you know obviously putting -- day. Public walk down at the bill is is a great thing that community. You know people might think you've been barked -- by the new. All wrote there that we noted that the nation on itself and it looked like that the public wants is maybe we're gonna find out the ground that certainly has -- yet what the status of the. Now. Yet arm. That contractor -- contractor that -- L has not a great job. That continent. My understanding that practically about actual. 08. The law to tackle could be. -- October 30 partner I will it make an analytical and -- leopard print media -- The ordinary lie detector and accurately. Hard and can't call. Eagle -- on to -- him return and Bartlett opened an island. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're really excited about that I ever on an -- -- they're well Decatur here drop the ITX in these years and -- trying to get -- it. It's been long awaited well European are very volatile topic that. Yeah that sooner than later is the art made our second base willing late Paul he can't initialed here. -- -- -- The PGA is partnered -- is part in their going to be providing. The constant build artificial reef. Official appeared -- injured -- -- -- period protect the initial topic that -- Ahmad -- -- data exactly when that's going to be. -- -- My goal at the bundled is in place words matter permanent branch Cabell you know all the paperwork. And line and in that second base will be you know we're very excited about that. Yes no doubt that you should be you know you matching kayak fishing and having a -- -- down there of the -- -- ground Europe and -- -- at community. Lot kayak activity that honored that that's a sport that is booming. -- the issue with kayak fishing has always been apart now what what's the parking situation with with phase one the. -- -- Our -- and little -- on. The launcher app. 488. Parking spaces available. And this case a -- I believe walked -- that. Lenny apart all that well ever get a lot of people don't like the park on the bottom there were and about. -- reply to trouble the leader of the candidate is -- protective environment. A lot of opportunity and can't be. You know -- -- on occasion to pay creative. Outlet pass a war. -- -- -- They're very little locking them and he's now eight. And outlaw actually completed pat and her partner beat it into all the contradict hire actors and legal luck kayak and and they get. Because they can't handle. And and the leader Easter tree that become a can't count and the winner. Now like it you know at that point to the kayak in these years they term year round. All that it would it would -- appreciate you know didn't come legally now. Right right no doubt about it elements certainly boom and score well I can't and these official -- quite a bit though. How was -- a bit lately you know and a but down Summers -- trial -- promote the coast I think it's probably true in your prayers well in some submit -- report so it. Yet -- morning actually it. And I morning lot of people out for the weather. That under contract and now that we have a abnormal hot tied to. Storing or drop out yeah -- -- bond or. -- potter at our. The -- and so hard where are the next summer. And -- -- everyone out it's been partly -- -- -- with its route it. And I try out I mean match. We -- -- after the combined Italy's they'll probably hundreds -- year expand it to K actual. That minute and meet either at a truck -- on June. Right and there's trouble with the pins -- That may be part of the problem we're talking and it would have already had action on -- -- -- here non staining thought that the -- that. They have anything -- it on it here. Well. Bacon is our talk with Bob is that while the issue is do people get an answer of what's going all the cock in my men has been made that could be any church. That probably respect what -- little black people -- out this year. Right with thanks so much joy as -- what sport they know it spotted on FaceBook has done it -- leave bill that correct. That's correct thanks for having guys that are greatly floor -- All right and do the same Janet thank you for joining us and -- -- all good work you're doing and not what you can do in this messy weather. Work on computer maybe. Yeah my son nick gallantly look at the absolute Jack was a little bit better but -- stuff. Hey sounds like fun we'll see them art -- that they coming up next it's talking. Are -- thank you coming up next it's talking guns with Michael -- of the Jefferson gone outlook a lot of issues discussed and products on the back after this.

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