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Aug 30, 2014|

Today on Talkin' Guns with Don Dubuc and Michael Myers, we talk the killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson, an arms instruct who dies due to the lack of discretion, and joined by our good friend Dave Newman to talk prevention of these types of mistakes.

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And welcome into our fourth and final hour of our block of outdoors oriented programming heard each and every Saturday morning those few more regular listeners may be filling me with the term. Talking guns it's a regular monthly feature we do with Michael Meyer. Of the Jefferson on outlook and also Jefferson -- on shooting range and -- whose club Michael welcome aboard glad to have you with us this morning is glad to be here. Well got a very busy show this morning and I'm really glad among some of the -- you line up because boy -- been a lot of issues that are really popped up and we'll talk more about those later on talking about that Michael Brown shooting just brought. Firestorm up in saint Louis Missouri. Than we have this instructed his horrific accident the nine year old girl who. Accidentally shoots in the instructor -- auto nine millimeter. And then of course a regular feature products of the month the talk about but don't start off first talking about his. People who are interested in purchasing products have a very good opportunity coming up next couple of days at the end of next week and this going to be -- supplies will be free of any state and local sales tax which. Allotment that most of the products and -- -- new store qualify which by the way and I got a chance to stop -- he all the renovations those doors look in real super. And especially -- project in his new work and couldn't go yeah there. But you've got all you shelves stocked with merchandise you got a lot of product for people who choose from really really looking great. But sometimes still difficult to differentiate. What qualifies. In what doesn't and as a web site. That you can go -- with I guess really detailed explanation but the last thing. That I wanna be burdened -- You know pick for instance an ordinary -- saw okay now down. You know it's got a little clip with a row it's an expendable too well poll handle. And then you've also got a snipper and I use it around -- house the trimming trees but also taken in the woods in -- and shoot rulings from a state. Now they listened and IRS agent now to determine what percent of the time might use it and home. In Houston isn't hunting tool. You know it gets to where you splitting hairs on some of them but most of them -- pretty clear cut what qualifies him. Does it is now yet that wouldn't qualify because they don't qualify. Anything that you would use to clear your land or anything like that even though you may be used it for hunting later on it's not actually hunting nuclear in the land. So it's gonna be for hunting supplies like jackets and shoes and stuff like that. And it's called the sportsman's paradise Second Amendment sales tax weekend. And and it does include all firearms so everything in our store on airline that you went to. Not everything in there is is included in tax free holiday. And includes all ammunition. And anything to do with protein or sports shooting. And that includes archery supplies. Almost anything in camouflage. So I'm so after buying clothes. -- jackets hats gloves thermal underwear accent or stuff like that. And then off road vehicles. Mainly just four wheelers and the little four Wheeler trucks that they have put the little cage around it that's pretty much all the ones that are included in that tax free holiday. So it's not going to include the golf carts even though some golf carts a modified for hunting. It's like to include those it's not going to include dirt bikes. It's or any vehicle that you can drive legally on the road so it's committed its market include any of those. And then on that sounds a little. Well and ahead including. Tractors so some people use it practically of their land and their plots. It's not going to include tractors are parts that go to the tractor to clear the land and it's not gonna include heavy machinery so people use heavy machinery as well. Even though it is technically used for hunting it's not included in this tax free weekend. It gets a little confusing little bit -- because some of the wording says. Like an all terrain vehicle designed and intended. Primarily. For hunting. Now who's determined you know somebody might wanna use dirt -- strictly for honey I don't know why they would do that maybe they would. And then why would they allow camel clothing lord -- -- -- have to qualify. Where a tool like a generator or linking him for. Something like that wouldn't think there's some real fine lines in there but as far as your firearms. You know we've got season isn't in weaponry that they've pretty much a lot -- hook with just about any weapons that are some weapons that you can't with. Would those qualify in the ammunition to those use. Yet has it qualifies under the Second Amendment part so it's a sportsman's paradise and a second shooting sports sport right yes exactly so. Everything in our story is either hunting or shooting sports I was gonna qualify under that now are shooting range is different that doesn't qualify. I even after the shootings for its its neediest students. For even though I need to be a better -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- it doesn't qualify as a mining experience right right exactly. It's no wonder who was gonna police all they have opening sales tax police force patrols enough. Well I don't know it's crazy. Michael would enjoy right elbow landed mare of the new new laws college sports and I'm going to be doing the show a lot of his place and generally older drugs next Saturday. And I want it during union in the talk -- about this because he does -- off road vehicles and -- TV season. He can kind of explain a little more detail about which ones qualifying which ones don't let it thanks for -- more appreciated. They can do more and I don't do very well. Andre. Could you nothing Morris. It really is primarily a -- with things. But at the same conversation with a parts manager. If if the guy wants to come in their body. News. Leather jacket and boots and everything -- such and so are we saying no to it well but the fact is -- -- mistakes. The dealership that they've actually slow. Can't believe that it's. -- -- would be. To go on the vehicle to be used for opening my store. Or to compliment the pinnacle -- his -- and we have we have dirt bikes of course there and they would not call -- product -- I generated. It's actually will. And others. There -- C Second Amendment police out there but. They don't this is enviable opportunity and that he a -- That pretty much have you been threatened go ahead and -- of that thing and a little bit of it it's it's. I have been all the gears so you attacked so much so we got to be sure we didn't the rules are there are brought. Shall -- that you recently -- But I only in would you call buying items do ATVs are -- TVs in store. For the purpose of go with that weren't. But the generators kind of -- career but it is -- tax -- -- I knelt on my ATP I've got a couple of these camouflaged. Handle balked and it is fueling talk -- -- -- Blackberry bushes have it -- would that qualifier in what the bottom rack. Butler -- on the back all the deer but I can also use that -- home middle seat for a farm animals don't cancel. Yes. Again primaries. So if you if you clemency. Is going to be. Huge truck hauling. You know whatever I'm bringing out police are bringing back there's no problem though the -- He mud tires. Aware and scream if you want and it iriki beer -- -- Even -- stereo. You know pick it -- it all has to go with the associated go from being -- virtual. If the test most -- counter. I'm buying radio to go and as you keep peace separately would not coal. But -- it's part of the vehicles. You know that's going to be a primarily on. I don't know they'll go back and -- decides to use it. Grown before our in your backyard -- other purpose. Just primaries. But now Michael in the case of the McConnell and now let's say -- in their buying a 44 Magnum ammunition now I certainly can -- with that. But let's say it primarily uses for self defense and all of these ought to do is gonna come check on that make you pay tax if you give me a tax break on local and state sales tax on -- Well they -- -- but that's actually included in tax free weekend so it's both punt team and sec -- and it doesn't come into about. That's right I act that's what I keep getting hung up on this Second Amendment thing it's not strictly running Second Amendment and I and big big difference big big. And I think TA TV. Thing is the best part about this tax free week -- as you can save a lot of money. They have expensive dungy can save a lot of money on because that's where the taxes and up and the eight TV's I mean 7000 dollars is gonna add up quick with taxes so. I think that's where your real savings would be. Are averaging well finals you know but -- -- are currently TV it would now taxi that was. Yes you tax savings in the eighties -- which is all well. In I'm injections Hershey recorder percent so a 101000 dollar -- should be eight arched eyebrow urged. In the typical UT -- -- About 121000 or so. We have something in store for 22. Hours it in this state. The state added the recreational vehicles. It is in initially came to differ. Mainly. I -- for a problem. Firearms and then a year -- down on. All the other MG's returning veteran. It's -- -- included but it has been a great. Find our customers a good time pressed she's installer so we're older accretion of the state Purdue and that. It it gives everybody. You know that changed history in paradise got a good percentage. That it's only Friday and Saturday. And let's place happens to be open on Sunday I would guess because -- to fit through the seventh so someone can't make it -- -- and I believe you've got us you can actually make an arrangement to -- You know they can actually contract and and you could consummate the -- doing the proper time to comply with tax law correct. Writes in the new 2015. Angel BO for a month or -- so the -- receptive and -- -- -- higher horsepower. You know. Six -- role whatever is coming picture. They can put them down payment that's been done that we. In the -- vehicle comes in their record to take careers. So. I have cut or criminal astute for weeks especially junior you. Colors her. Our listeners are coming by reserving the vehicle that you want. Title in 2014. -- you treat each. That the Philippines is going to be Patrick. And even into the spring. So they're looking at those two. We're we're trying to make it is the easiest possible. Or try to insert a tiny thing -- -- -- -- -- Come and sign on the dotted line because people lunch -- And again if you can't make it on currently we can deliver. Greek. Very good will be looking forward to seeing them and show. Off. Oh yeah artillery concerned. That the -- Early morning models. And it is -- busy time on wheels unit. Telling us about that special week and Michael in your case sometimes. People don't buy the gun and actually take with them on the popular thing to get an extra -- Is second in the view with the tax savings along and make the deal with it does some reason that the plane taking positions -- They still while. -- for the -- is correct yeah as long as they pay for it either Friday or Saturday and that's including a class three stuff as well. That's they're actually receive that until all the paperwork is back from the ATF so as long as they pay for everything we process the paperwork as far as the sales go. On those days -- cleared to go with the tax free savings. All right very good great time to save some money if you're into hunting or shooting sports. Michael if you -- there was this would come back from this break Michael during he is here. Very good we're going to be talking about -- hot hot topic all across the nation this week. The Michael -- shooting or this situation while law enforcement officer would have to use lethal force against the subject. That is known on this. Mainly known most suspected to not have a weapon. We'll be right back to discuss that -- an expert and Michael Meyer realists in the talking guns on three WL thirteen fifty radio. Out here event. Looking for the best deal on Polaris ET V. -- ER ranging utility vehicle funny season. Wanna save up to a 1015100. Dollars save another 2000 in taxes -- almost college sports is -- that annual tax free weekend sale. Next Friday and Saturday all -- only fourteen Polaris ranger. Or ZR side by side vehicles sportsman 550 and 858 TVs will be read today. The Louisiana residents sale ends Saturday at 6 PM Wallace college sports only older drive in Canada warning ATVs can be hazardous to operate for your safety always Wear a helmet. I protection protective clothing and never carry passengers unless the goalie TV has been designed by the manufacturer specifically for that purpose. I remember the first time I went deer hunting with my father and this year my son is hunting for the first time. Well he wants to bag a -- what he learns while hunting is much more important responsibility. Safety conservation principles and to the beauty and wonder of our natural world rather than singing about the circle of life he's experiencing it firsthand. Deer hunting is an American tradition that teaches lessons for life. A message from the station and white tails are limited. And welcome it's another addition of more outdoors there from seven and and each and every Saturday morning on three WL thirteen fifty radio this week broadcasting to you from an undisclosed location very near Reliant Stadium in Houston Texas -- sound like I'm on FM actually known -- thirteen fifty. Google some vehicles and like it's comical -- earlier pew report is likely and similar case of a great programming lined up for you from eight to nine Michael Myers gonna join us in the Jeffs and gone outlook we going to be. Having another feature called talking guns and lots of issues to talk about it on product of the month. A lot of information for you so beaten in Savannah also talk a lot about the Second Amendment. Sales tax weekend that's coming up next weekend but this hour for all -- time that's on joins us to speak in the specs and Todd I think we can do more about speak and and that's in this kind of reminiscent of some of those springs shows we had on the weekends is really kind of dissipated. When the looking bad over -- by you. You know on its it's overcast right now with. And I'm really threatening -- had a look at the -- -- -- here. Doesn't look too bad yet but I think it's gonna give one Sunday. Either with done. Call 26 6368. That's 2606368. Once again New York Post Don -- And the program you listen to this morning is talking go to school host of the Michael -- of the Jefferson -- outlook and got a lot of Michael's here with dealing with though Michael -- also special guest Michael arena they were talking about the Michael Brown shooting which initiated a fire storm I don't think of them as seen an incident that. So many people so quickly formed an opinion on the media got involved that leaders from across the country got involved in this people's mind already made up in the is so much information it still out there that we do not amp. But for both Michaels -- -- like forced to focus on in this discussion is a lot of people saying I don't know man was shot immediately the guys guilty he's wrong law enforcement office is in the wrong. First of all all the instances where someone can legally use lethal force against the person who is either. They are aware is hormone or suspect very strongly that RO amateur and is over the -- that you Michaels go ahead. Going down. The area where it started at the very basic of this with. With force may be met with equal force and enough force to overcome the threat. Just because some -- -- -- doesn't mean that they're not a threat or they're not dangerous you know locally here we we lost. Highly skilled trained professional police officer. Who get hit by a guy half his size with one punch and it killed them as that is akin corned beef. I wasn't there but I I would tell you this law enforcement agents. We universal. Have a have a set of standards that they have to live by. They have also the same emotional range that did John Q citizen has they have no more rights than anyone else but they have some additional authority. And they have to use all of their senses. When there in any type over the counter. So it's entirely possible I mean you know look at that just looking at the facts. You know and and the facts are -- -- A big young man is dead as a result of of a police involved shooting. Would see the aggressor. Well that's what degree and Jerry's going to determine you know that rush to judgment so it was pretty bad but when a police officer encountered those guys. He goes something happened in that series of event. That that cause that I -- -- to use deadly force. Well first of all I have the facts here I went through. The Internet and try to find as many media outlets is act committed. And and just pulled the as many facts is active fund because a lot of the stories did not have facts they just had hearsay. Aside I've searched through all the facets of media. And and this is stuff that we do know so. It was a Michael Brown he was -- on the armed adult. He was eighteen years old he was six feet four inches tall he was 292. Pounds. In broad daylight he suffered a shooting death from the hands of an armed police officer in his hometown. Multiple shots from the officer we used to kill mr. brown. The officer that delivered the fatal shots. Said he was defending himself against a punching attack. Outside of the fact that mr. brown was caught on videotape. Rob the store and exhibiting thug and bully like behavior. Why was this child. In quotes 'cause it was a -- child gunned down. When we know he wasn't using a lethal weapon and in any of his attacks. Who merely because of his size -- this young man was virtually twice the size of the law enforcement officer. And again size is there anything to do it and you know he died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds. But a lot of people most people get all of their training and all of there. Their opinions based on television where you know they see some movie star pull the trigger in the guy immediately falls to the ground. And and it in this over. You know please dusters. Have the same requirements for the use of deadly force. Then John citizen. Protecting themselves. And that that is a -- you have to be in a jam which means jeopardy ability and means. Did did did this suspect play issue in jeopardy they have the ability. And the means to you grave bodily harm or to take your life. Well merely because of his size. He obviously had the ability to cause grave bodily harm and perhaps take that police officer's life. Even though it's affected in that he had demonstrated Doug -- bullish behavior. Andy he was continuously and in the press call a gentle giant. He he used his size to intimidate others and I suspect I would be willing to wager. That is done it for very long time at least because of this size you know there's the video clearly shows him. Using his size to intimidate through the shopkeeper. Where they -- Robson -- rose or chewing gum or whatever was. I'm pretty sure that. Even based on all the eyewitness accounts you know you approached. Please option vehicle after he had said no I'm just gonna key block and and any use decides. You know when when the youngster and he's not really youngster when he young man. You know leaned forward you know we're we're gonna talk radio show here in as -- you pretty much. Everybody knows who won a football players on the line is degraded charge the very first thing he does his. Bend forward. Getting a ball like positioned to charge. I suspect that that's pretty much -- -- -- shot and his head game. Please ulcers are trained to shoot to stop the threat. I doubt that either one of those men they're a young man get killed or the police officer woke up that morning thinking about how they are going do. Get over on someone else or commit homicide. That's that's my best professional opinion. Okay which -- think about that done. Well not very good description very adequate description again has a lot of information that still needs to come -- I'm just hopeful that the jury will take its gonna take awhile I mean this is gonna take a lot of this forensic investigation to come up with what actually happened and what take place in the justice will be on the mean it could be that. You know this is is has been allegations out that he just I had his hands up he was treating his opened up owning and killed -- -- -- somewhere between that. In his office that was truly in fear is like -- great bodily -- and use lethal force to save his own life was justified. Somewhere in between that which side it's gonna be closest to is it is true. Well Don let's let's look at it. If history you know law enforcement officers. Have always ornament in the Cooperman who -- they have a bad they have a gun they have all and other stuff and utility belt. Most most law enforcement options when they go through an academy. They're given the given the minimum basic skill set hopefully they're gonna learn throughout your career reading body language. Using force continuum and a lot of police agencies have done away with that. You know peacock to I'm new young please honestly tell you well first you have to start with the strong verbal command. And then you have to use good body language and non verbal communication you know putting your hands up directing people to step back. Then you can escalate to using something nonlethal. Unfortunately. A lot of -- going counters go from zero to sixty in a nano second. I believe that we always should give the benefit of the doubt of course are bad placement of course -- bad. There's there's good and bad in everyone's. But these guys are vetted this this young man that's a police officer has six year history with that police department he's never had any. Any deadly encounters prior to this. I believe that we should trust the justice system. Let the grand jury work through this and everyone needs to step back to grand jury do their job. You know Michael for people to get a better idea of what he was with the mean and Mike Meyer knows this -- went through it an issue an event and just recently where I had to use my firearm to defend ourselves and I had to make a very very snapped immediate decision -- and I can empathize with every law enforcement officer. Who has ever been put in that position but I saw some video this week where there's a training film out there with neighboring offices in for training. In the short video of a scene going on and they are required to whether they would shoot or not you know what action they would take. And I'll tell you when you watch some of the stuff -- Wanda how in the world they advocate. That's because they. You know you can do a lot of things with training and everyone revert to their training. When they showed a shoot don't shoot scenarios. It helps. But there's no panacea in that there's no magic answer to it because everyone has a mixture between intellect and visceral response. -- the same emotions that same. The same set of of emotions that is that everyone else has you know led. Maybe maybe the young man get killed was just -- that they may -- you woke up and a bad mood he -- had a fight with his girlfriend. May be used being belligerent because you had a a disagreement or an argument with someone may be you was still act up is -- sympathetic nervous system took over and he was distressed over that. The shop keeper not allowing him to just do as he pleased. Then again conversely the police officer may have had a -- of his wife whose girlfriend he may have been angry he may have been upset maybe you just come opera. Deadly car crash and you know -- had to deal with. With some distraught parents may be -- a domestic call no one knows. And until the grand jury reaches its conclusion. Everyone treated stepped to the side and say you know we empowered this guy. We give him the bad we give him the gun he's contractually. Required there to enforce the laws of the state of Missouri or whatever state you're in. And he -- you know what. You need to stand by your people we went through that would with SharePoint Jefferson Parish Carrie -- he always you know went to a man first. And you know you go to the guys they are you OK tell me what happened. There's an investigation going on you know it's going to Granger. BP -- Warren -- right we will stand by you if you're in the wrong and that's entirely possible in many cases I don't believe it's so in this case. But if you're wrong. You know we're gonna be the first to step up and say you know our officer was in the wrong he aired. Was it intentional or not I -- -- today. Ride -- thing of course do as you said -- avoid the rush to judgment and unfortunately we saw a lot of that. Gentlemen we're gonna take a break here we come back to discuss another really horrific incident that took place. An instructor of firearms instructor who was accidentally shot -- nine year old girl he was training. I believe we may even have some audio of that David Newman again and instructors -- -- -- to try to understand it and what good. And come from an accident like this will be right back listen to talking gardens -- -- -- -- along with Michael Meyer Michael Arenas also witnessed. Thanks for being with -- will be right. And welcome back into talking guns Michael Myers put together -- great program for us today in Mike we'll talk about Aurelio horrific accident that took place. Nine year old girl accidentally. -- growth firearms instructor with a full automatic -- nine millimeter. Joining us it is instructive and notes conceal carry instructed David Newman a lot of people know David he's been on the show before Michael you operator shooting range this release and does it strike a nerve with you -- you guys describe that I saw -- heard the audio. But have not seen video if it exists an animal thing I want to but you guys pick it up from there. Well last week. A firearms instructor was accidentally killed by a nine year old girl. Shooting a full automatic -- nine millimeter and it was Arizona so there wasn't too close to us but it could happen pretty much anywhere. Now I had a chance to see the full video they only show you some of it on the TV. But I can tell you without a doubt that the gun fired exactly as it was signed two. Which is pretty much super fascinate gets out of control fast as well. The first criticism that came to mind after watching the video was a lack of common sense from the instructor. The little girl was visibly unfamiliar with the gun and and its operation. And she was also -- the basic muscular strength. To hold on to the gun and keep it on target so -- could see that in the video. And I'm not sure exactly why the experience instructor did not see that but he probably should have. So so David what do you think about this and down and what can we do to prevent this type of issue in the in the future. Well what you Michael a lot of that is. Should be common. In my experience. Teaching our instructor. My comments sent to promote on commenting on on the planet that. He should know that I mean you know -- grown -- -- York -- -- part on control and fully automatic. We can't. The model climbs in the -- Pensacola. Should've known. And what he says she's such a little girl. There's no -- in the world should be able to control that. And incident. He waited her any recourse assessment. And decided that that route to -- and probably should just urge unity. Not 22. Semi automatic ones that are just as you get the experience and give -- education. I couldn't agree more. And would I've been hearing lately. Is even from gun people although there should be laws against children fired a gun like that or. You know some type of water -- event that from happening. What do you feel about that. Well I mean Leo put more laws on the books. And I don't think it's necessary. If you just. An educated adult and educated instructor. And they've range owner I'm I'm pretty sure you wouldn't allow -- you're. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- taking care business I don't think we need laws to make. People be responsible well. Well you know my wife the other day she earned her finger trying to change a light ball that had just burned out now should there be a law against that. Because that was rhetoric there. Remember on -- -- the law against wives. I Hope, Arkansas now. All you need change in -- of I don't know hotline -- -- -- But for Dave do you think this was just a case of hello complacency EU. This you know it happens people become to shoot themselves do you think that this maybe was just an unqualified individuals who -- which have been -- -- you know anything about. Obviously don't know enough about it that background to make a statement about the instructor so. Broad. I think. What we say it this is -- -- common -- situation. I don't think anybody. Emitter you know. It is really thought about it -- seen that it will grow and could be controlled god. And you've got to make that assessment for. Yet while his background he was prior military. And he was currently active in the reserves to military and he was an instructor for at least ten years so he did have the the background to. To deathly do things right but something didn't happen right. Well maybe one other point that I think a lot of time nowadays. We're we're all about shooting sports we wanna get more people involved so we intend to make it more on form. But we put on before safety and I think there is one of those -- They wanted to triumph a little splash and they are Angel out what -- -- automatic weapons and like that but it. You know you you don't want to put that in pharmacy -- -- RJ DNN. Absolutely and as an instructor myself. I'm not against kids shooting guns. As long as it's undermined full supervision and instruction. But I am against anyone shooting a gun when they physically or mentally can't handle it that's. Territory. Important. You know in a lot of cases. Exactly a lot of cases on all I'll take some in fact implemented I mean to them -- -- -- and apprentice program right now and bring a lot of people in and introduced in the running and a lot of times the first time they fired a gun. And I found in most cases. They're apprehensive in their very very self conscious and a very safe it's sometimes a little bit literal make it confident they've become overconfident. And maybe I think a little bit that this was in this case of this instruct you just. Wasn't thinking clearly he's been doing it for so long and just didn't really think hard about what he was -- Yet any probably had other kids that sometime before that. But actually -- were strong enough to hold the gun correctly and and just became complacent at some point just thinking that all kids Wear the same. But everyone is individually different and you really have to be careful with complacency and guns. Well let's hope this is so at least the wake up call for everyone in -- more alertness and more careful because it certainly does nothing to help them. The gun rights community is sure. All right gentlemen thank you so much Dave we appreciate -- as always when you can join us thanks for being with us in the we're going to be right back to feature the -- product of the month with Michael -- we're talking guns here on three WL thirteen -- Another call. This deal won't Polaris ET V. -- ER ranging utility vehicle funny season. Wanna save up to a 1015100. Dollars save another 2000 in taxes -- almost college sports is -- that annual tax free weekend sale. Next Friday and Saturday all -- only fourteen Polaris ranger. Or ZR side by side vehicles sportsman 550 and 858 TVs will be read today. The Louisiana residents sale ends Saturday at 6 PM woman's college sports only -- drive in Canada warning ATVs can be hazardous to operate for your safety always Wear a helmet. -- protection protective clothing and never carry passengers unless the goalie TB has been designed by the manufacturer specifically for that purpose. And we have had a very busy talking guns program with Michael -- and -- get to John and Michaels calls we -- if we have time but -- -- you got to follow up on -- on product of the month explain what we're going to be hearing here. Yep I went out yesterday to. To do the gun part of the the month's demonstration. And and I recorded it out there so we can run that on audiotape. And then as soon as we're done with that wouldn't get to the callers it's about four minutes long. OK here goes. This is Michael -- reporting from honey island shooting range. I'm here on Friday. August 29 and -- -- nice guys over here allow me to come here early before they opened. Two to do a comparison test with CAR fifteen full automatic. Suppressed. And -- suppressed. So we gonna see. The difference and hopefully on tape and and hopefully listening to this on Saturday morning. And what I'm gonna do is fire a few rounds full auto suppressed. He suppressor is installed and ready ready to go and then I will. Take this press Roth shoot a few rounds on suppressed. And we should be able see the difference while here the difference. So when I'm gonna do right now is set the microphone down a -- shoot a few rounds suppressed. And -- see how it goes from there. -- -- -- OK so that was suppress fire. And die next I'm gonna take these suppress -- just unscrew it right off the barrel here they're designed to come on and off fairly easily. And unscrew and it here and just take a second. Ranked. It's now I that does remind me make sure that if you come to the honey don't you be range that you bring. Arrangement act of some sort because the tables are made out of concrete. And Diana capacities fracturing equipment which are probably just did Tony -- Genentech talents -- So so make sure that you bring something to protect your equipment with. OK now I have the suppressor safely set aside where won't get any further scratches and now I'm going to. Fire the gun in full auto mode and so -- what's -- read what. Okay this of that one and it's on suppress fire your rounds there and hopefully. You can. You can notice a difference between acute I sure can. Now whiskey suppress fire I did not have my ear protection on it was a problem I did have my eye protection on you -- always protect -- from projectiles coming back. But. No hearing protection because no one else is here on the range with me I'll be here all by myself. So so when I did switch over to you -- suppress fire -- I have to put my era protections back on. Because it is extremely loud especially coming out of an AR fifteen. And and I do have to do also let you know that we have these jam packed. Saw answers on special sale for the gun parts of the month for the whole month of September which -- fifty dollars off. Any Genentech sponsored. And add to that we probably have a discounted. Jim tags on terrorism well with a couple of scratches so -- may want to inquire about that one as well when -- -- an -- fifteen. -- another thing about the silence is if you plan on buying a sponsor. It is -- buying a silence her that -- most of your guns so you wanna try to find solitude that fits. I'm not only your 22 rule. And burger 22 or something like that. If you want something for that don't just buy it when he Tucson concerned if you have an error fifteen or other type of guns that you may want sounds like Iran. Because if you buy an air fifteen silence or put the T 23. You can -- gap that down to feature twenty to -- the so therefore Jiri and you have to uses. 41 silence -- that when you save yourself another 200 dollar tax stamp plus the additional cost it would cost to my -- silence. So that's just little tip. To try to help you save a little money so why the biggest silence her. For the biggest guns that you have and you can always knock it down. To fit on other guns that you -- -- a lower caliber signal let's find the adapters to fit on to the barrel to stay at the bigger silence to. All right so that's it for today I'm. Simon out here from the analogy deranged it is super hot out here I'm done and and I'll -- to -- -- -- in the city thanks. A very good no report with some like CBS report greater demonstration how much and knock it off of that Genentech that it scratch and on the concrete table now we can talk to his I don't think we. Very good it definitely a noticeable difference he did an excellent job on that Michael great -- -- products feature of the month I how -- you let Shelton which called would like to go to get John-Michael long analyst Michael he's been on this the 23 minutes. One and use that concern for. That oh should come out great you can do to grant got this all so but it -- federal investigation of commander -- and right. Mexican policeman and words -- policeman was that they. He just I've wracked by Michael Brown. Walks away. And sort of police also. And it is caught back up he gets out and obviously Michael at that point to step policeman of the policemen and a terrible. And -- Well this shots he bought into that you can shoot the can't you -- college -- -- The policeman can't. Determine just like to ask about the bank and it took. It's being. Michael where are you giving your factual information. Okay and where well where was that information distributed that a result of global Michael. But I haven't seen them on the same and it didn't happen but I haven't seen evidentiary proof of that yet and that would news in the injury. Parties do that okay and actually and so what we need both parties well. And that -- be -- Ortiz. Okay I witnessed and aren't so open and the policeman spokesman some lady. So is that bad to happen and I think they have medical evidence that the police and -- was fractured. Well I heard that that. But as far as evidence from medical report from a hospital or -- to him. And also that it -- from a blow from Michael brown and that was from news. Friends testimony. That is what you -- about Michael. While. I'd like to go backwards here. Big the grand jury convened in the state of Missouri well here all the evidence because it -- in the district attorney. The prosecuting attorney -- obligated to share all the evidence with them. David physical on beyond that yep perhaps. I believe there was evidence that. The police officers except little bone was fractured. Internet account. Exactly how I don't think that's been term investments in the so much information got to come out as well this'll decided. And I'm confident that it will but it's not gonna move real fast it's gonna take some time. And I think rushing to judgment from either side should be avoided -- Michaels thank you very very much also thanks to David Newman -- been a great show today and look forward to our next visit. All right sounds great. Okay Michael that wrapping it up talking guns that we'll have another feature him next month. And we will be back starting off half four hour block of outdoors programming at 5 AM next Saturday morning and I'll see you next Friday on the think tank. Ten to one. Signing off from undisclosed locations near Reliant Stadium in Houston Texas I'm -- the vehicle three WL thirteen fifty.

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