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08-30 3:20pm - Tiger Tailgating - Mike Scarborough (LSU)

Aug 30, 2014|

Deke Belavia, Bobby Hebert and T-Bob Hebert talk with Mike Scarborough of TigerBait.com about LSU Fighting Tiger football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Local and -- -- of tiger -- dot com Michael Corso and learn overnight it and -- -- Getting through -- to start in a few players did not make the trip including -- Robinson the cornerback and also -- and I do agree he was the latest on those front. Did and definitely supporters. I'm gonna play either so. Way to find out what's gonna happen but. That movement instead -- going on there but yeah I. -- course certainly gotten started. Last year he he'd like to have him to be the -- to. You know -- installed. That we can you not know coach Grimes really liked what he sees in him. Now. Mike when you look at also the right guard position you big -- they give. Well opportunity to have that being. If Robert out that is. His name right with a -- vocal but knock not even out Evan Washington. That's what you think they'll both get an opportunity at guard. That they goalie I would both -- go -- you think it used at that -- -- rotation -- that one. Yeah one. You hope that the guy is. If they give -- -- -- in the sport they go one guy and let him play in the game and let people and had issues. You know want them to see them and the linemen you know pretty much did all the reps and enough but substitution up there. When you were you talking about -- Eliot Porter not making the trip 06 -- start so. Worst case scenario where's your gap -- in and out who is going to be backing up to posted. Rather that it that it -- distinct. You know. You know a couple of guys. They can do it. You know being -- them beat them. Now now Mike would you look at to me is going to be key I don't think Wisconsin it's stop -- -- But we could really be discouraging is that. You know coast -- that you put eight in the box and then there's still getting. Four or five yards a pop right up the middle when you look at that you couldn't even if the tackles and also by Christian Lok good -- or. Who what is the status. That the tackle and look what they -- to Quinn -- ray Herring noble what did it do. As far as not the status that back going into this game. Well you know women with what we're gonna find out -- -- tower series been -- that the injury was. How much do we see him tonight. It's been all. A lot of big guy Gilmore. Is in the nick. Tom -- for the Rockets who was the other to order I would -- -- think about. Lewis -- The end of play and that of course he was recruited small. Maybe in the and it's in a -- now. Type of but these guys in that side green -- either. But yet you know saying it is not gonna play so the Q what was the rotation slot if if they're having problems stopping the run. And it's coming up on a solution. Which get moved in and out of our. We got some ideas. And things in the first week. But the truth yet Jordan don't know the game -- in the big you know what. How things actually did shakeout among the -- -- out there and I get the latest of its opponent site prior to the first game of the season yet. It would be a pregame notes. A lot of action video message board. That will be -- chat during the game meant so I'd go to try to come. My it was a take LSU and Wisconsin icy spots I take 28 point 10 Q I think it would that was huge. You know and the order and it was -- penalties. In two of commit no turnovers. I mean it is going to be too much for what content but. In review and even -- probably too much who. I do think that Gordon now enough you know -- when he went one. I might Alvaro I debate. I was salty as they don't thank you very much all right thank.