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08-30 3:35pm - LSU Tiger Tailgating: Anthony Dasher (Univ. of Georgia)

Aug 30, 2014|

Deke Belavia, Bobby Hebert and T-Bob Hebert talk with Anthony Dasher of UGASports.com about Georgia Bulldog football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- decimated the editor of UT sports dot com know that now and they may feel that that's one of the top front of the accident nation is here with us in Houston at night Alvin brought it. The best running back coming out of high school a few of those that you didn't have one bit and a lot of people feel the best cornerback in this country is we use in Georgia it -- And now that anything along those lines like be with today and mean I don't know duty -- ball went but -- Hartman did it before last year -- got injured he told vehicles that it governor Herschel Walker these these help. What are you know about it my they are a lot. Something like -- as a personal complaint spirits -- -- -- good number. Nicklaus thought that the court looked down mark -- They -- yeah it yet at the the pats are what are. And down like are you look at what is now look at quarterback. Well you know Clinton. Years. In the office by the Pakistan in the a just the -- in the top of the union. Wasn't like we got a bit your senior but is spread -- but yeah as well as they can is that you know here is that. Pickett and I don't like it did to start let it would definitely take it -- it isn't some of the jitters. Are those partners might otherwise I am. But I you know -- very competent or as I am except accurate to conduct as -- report. Well Anthony you know what that they like go back of my young guy who's got -- back at the Thibodeau lady that evolved. Lot actually was part of his life when he was like if it -- -- -- -- -- real life and and I look at it. Why not let that -- and hopefully you -- what Matt lane. But it LSU given an opportunity all it -- you have to have a career. That they'd have won that with me. They and it almost exactly this situation DJ -- found open back in 2000 when Jordan on the it's mentally I think we beat -- And thank you and listen to me it was electric out we know that they think he would bet you record. -- strength Lugo running now or a no huddle you know that the congress but he might be Georgia incorporate a lot more of this year like you are talking about that up by that night. They feel -- like like. Anthony with the South Carolina loss on Thursday that door is wide open for -- the sixth game of the year. You basically theory South Carolina that Easter race. Or bulldogs fans started to feel more confident. In their chances on themselves and Atlanta at the end of the season. You know I think that elusive enough by itself look at his ankle and a few vote and they are. -- -- that the repairs because I have to let it get to see that a couple of weak -- A lot by an opportunity. Mike -- I -- -- You got nothing else they'll pretty level -- the more important. Anthony everybody SEC lies tequila would SEC ballclub how can people be delayed its -- to bode well. We're just scraps usually Forsythe I would think again -- you right now where that route to a year in in dollars in free -- Rafa or thought. Much not -- what a great -- out there and I guess the enemy that you would -- -- football recruiting me he didn't force like they. Anthony how how can -- give us your take. Don't think Clinton clip of the got a last year at this dog to win it this year up. Think -- it's plated that we think we're in the negate him but like we thought in the quality of our the other thing here at Georgia it doesn't odd girl out by him. Now about that enough you know you're going to win that. Jogging clubs and a big one SEC ACC's ground tonight between hits his accent but -- -- get him. -- of managing editor of UTA supports that -- Anthony thank you so much we'll talk against him. --

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