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08-30 4:20pm - LSU Tiger Tailgating: Jeff Palermo (LSU)

Aug 30, 2014|

Deke Belavia, Bobby Hebert and T-Bob Hebert talk with Jeff Palermo of wwl.com and LN Sports about LSU Fighting Tiger football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go to different -- columns that got you get you adapt convoluted that -- the records -- LSU it was -- this looks like. A tight match up just like all the polls have a thirteen -- forty. That area identical. Eugene Oregon. -- Alford or they -- about broad. You know. Again in court actually get old team with the new wide receivers. I really hated it could be. You know which. And defensively didn't matter who can stop the other team's running game that might be the team to come away with a victory tonight. Yeah Jeff over a couple of the front seven look at it now that you have Ellis who has. And then secondary look at George Hamilton runner. Ricky everything even though -- Tom that you look. Three year Letterman junior. Just talk about is that solidified I mean if there it kind of rotate him. We might you look at the experience. Now you look at the bench and going forward and you look at jailing nailed the only -- doctor David light. Ronald -- Wrist shot Robinson what is your take when you look at. -- the fact that the whole maybe. You know who the starters and their nickel back if -- think it is the -- break it down the things. You know those the report. Robinson will not be played today. You do -- -- mentioned we don't know -- you know -- -- you know. Never -- trot Latin -- considering. -- won one you -- earlier this year in the -- and criminal charge. Martin who struggle at times last year should be or should you want your leaders and the back in there. Yeah -- like each group. Surprise then that. Means freshmen. Couldn't see it that it's a question mark and and it's art and figure out. You know -- step up there I think organize. A couple of -- It's like to be -- but they definitely -- and the guys play and see what happened in. He. Made it through. RB. He got. -- -- -- to even imagine opera and Ebert and a brand new quarterback. Well. And that. I'll write him ample if you give you dot com -- that report the record. It was now. Yeah once rant on his tiger offense when you think about the way he skill position to have a quarterback. Receiving and running back it's a veteran -- it's time to figure they'd run Beckett you get in the heat with their fifth. Two running backs last year they were in high school football -- did not -- -- -- on the depth on seven a freshman for a true freshman. Good thing they got it better offensively. -- The way that it would -- like Leo now left tackle. Who should keep whoever the quarterback is outright him at least now from the blind side. Here -- -- A lot to do what they do it. You see that thing you know he's playing like Burnett. And you know just people on the line and you know. His first collegiate game yet again. That -- -- the -- at wide receiver that a lot of people feel that you were. That it. Participate in oh last year redshirt. Those are -- -- get a you know now -- what compared to what -- quarterback in high school -- but. What about -- guys they. The Arkansas. A court or is Auburn quarterback today one of the board Alabama put up points. And put up points there -- and you shouldn't put up points in -- they don't. Right -- and oh yeah he can and it can be loud it Ellis struggled offensively again. -- as good as the L -- off line seems to be going in this year Wisconsin maybe even better on that O line. On the defensive side of the ball Hughes got a lot about about two years weren't that recruiting class on the year he hit squad but it's -- -- at this point how do you think those young guys hold up. Against the big guys from Wisconsin. Well I don't really -- for a slippery here so what the -- -- that. You know. Sure he's going to be good players say it is you know it goes through press print that frightens me. That's the beauty in the playing time that. Well. It will be it just didn't -- It dancer we've done for the year we. Technically hit. The that. Yeah a little little bit. Hopefully you know I didn't see out here he didn't know what miles and two players that are here but not because. But that's one. -- really liked about it might be out of the bag our guys didn't contributor. So what you can do that. Now Jeff. I think is the right move to make an -- look at strategy at going to get Phillip -- and you look at their speed. And to be even though he got that have that NFL I -- NFL quarterback experience -- of my football life. And started that I duels Dhabi you look at. Likeable I kind of a wide receiver. Three people did but it back to last season Yugoslavia more stationary ruled foul drop back quarterback. The law I big and they're looking at -- because an opponent pocket new baby he. -- all balanced and not let them keep it that it them crashing in which trying to run north -- -- The theaters that Pan American boy maybe he get that and it prepared that it shall not be a quarterback. Think that the reason -- Decided to do it pretty well what does this incident made back to put that they feel they have a better. -- mobile quarterback I think that moved him out. You don't want analysts who aren't getting easier. In an obvious -- situations or even if it affected a -- quarterback expected maybe -- a couple of different things. You know so. I think that not all that I think that the wise -- new engine but you know we've seen that -- it would do well it was mobile quarterback so. You know we tested here again mean. It just got it through the game because there's just so many unknown. It is hard -- because of the personnel is different and analyze these areas for pools C and but I think it's a masters and -- what it felt. I can't temperamental give us a prediction LSU about a five -- payroll was not. The athlete who went by touchdown. Then there's going to be able to do what they're gonna get some points on the board here tonight how they'll play one. All right detrimental -- -- the volume on Twitter. Well. It's all right yes thank you very much with Sophia after the game.

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