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08-30 4:35pm - LSU Tiger Tailgating: Andy Baggot (Wisconsin)

Aug 30, 2014|

Deke Belavia, Bobby Hebert and T-Bob Hebert talk with Andy Baggot of the Wisconsin State Journal about Wisconsin Badger football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Covering the -- this for the Wisconsin. They journal don't have now with Andy -- anti thank you so much for the time being Gary Andersen when he was brought in -- it was kind of a thought process I'll go to what -- of auto was brought here in the ninety's to come to realize she could not hit rant at home in wishbone attack at Vanderbilt. And he went to the program but they've got this is what I Ron. Throughout UConn which if that's what you got to like when he got to be put on fifteen and -- it Rudy was able to -- don't stretch all the pros now. Period it's a bit of things kind of ball wide open spread. They kind of ran what they hit them before last year now with the question talk about quarterback. You use the period lifted spirits of the things he did you tell -- they always do you feel out round of talented that it often. Well I think effectively decided to go to America board court record against her record you want to do a lot or -- -- -- they -- support. He wants to have a quarterback can run he wants to quarterback secured. Stress defense is on the edge she's what the quarterback it's -- Can move the ball we have to throwing it. Cinematic avoidance. Not complete opposite that you'll probably the other quarterback with they're very different look different or suspect that the are curious to. This sort of -- -- -- would be the starter for the game. Should tell you that you want to do what would be hurt you because they've not been through it would be -- parents. You what you look at it now blackmailed McCourt. The numbers look for an opportunity eight yards and Mary 69. Yards but won't -- 5%. Of these running Clinton's. Oh what team you know or he would send -- an area of fifty -- -- the one thing you know that this is just not a stat. We look at that's of them -- Okay what part of the game with -- who was -- it. But the -- look -- so long run to let you know these guys can run home -- he's elusive and make him breakaway have been a lot of great active come I was content. Tell us about biblical. Millwood is. But -- a couple guys that come through here. We really kept it simple with the market or if people in the NC if you like a run being in cities like -- -- John clay here. Our team quite a while football spirit of a different -- he's got the speed is suitable to be in the open field. He's he's bigger series it does yeah action in between the tackles. -- he's just status. A little bit of a week old but maybe -- all aspects that the -- -- the art but his ability to look. -- your order to generate big plays. To get outside. Was a big part of the opposite of what you wanna do with him this year is that the policy and more -- in the passing game. At. Something that seems like did very well you're -- so big into that they wanted to all of whom many times as possible. Well mostly on the ground they're definitely gonna try to get him in space -- there and let it offered it to pass. Andy last year Wisconsin's defense was. Ten nationally scoring total the kids and rush defense how ever. Eight starters from that squad on how do you replace that front seven batters. Well -- Natale replacing our our group of veterans -- you're doing it a little bit. But they're a side order pizza and secure in the -- you want to have a more attacking keep her out once that. Good at what he wants them eat and it's gonna. Put pressure on team with the hope of being reacting to a and I think that. It's a little bit smaller with defense than double that had the pats certainly in the front seven. With it's it's that's one of the big question marks that are either but if this firm so there -- a lot of -- there are a lot of heat with their tremendous money -- And I I'd be surprised -- Wisconsin going to be able to replicate the defensive numbers that had a year ago. But there are certainly some intriguing pieces in place for them to be able to do that it's gonna get -- -- you for an immediate future it is silly to and that's where. And obviously I think it's going to be huge Q who's gonna win this game that's where that it what are Matt -- saw that the wind can. Can dictate matters -- Wisconsin defense in the chill up. Andy Beckett cope with the badgers the Wisconsin state journal Andy how can people follow you on -- I'm sorry. How can people follow you want to put on -- Eight Beckett -- -- WSK. With that picture. Now and they when you look at -- they want -- -- decided -- ball. I mean not go back to friends although we Chris Borland. Brought to the people first team all American Big Ten defensive player of the year draft about a forty niners would you look at. Whose back when what you faced NFL. Caliber defender is it filters Kelton. They're cornerback and -- point -- that -- here. Would you look at that the best that event. Is -- an NFL type blaring and who would be that literal because now they're full of gold. So in terms of leadership and in terms of of a guy who's who knows what's going on in this that it called -- -- Michael Poodle. Old -- he's the children children. What he did a year goes through freshman. Certainly translate to the next level but he's got -- -- an awful lot of improvement. I think -- -- -- puts them -- the oldest son animal but during the off you can saying he didn't want your sophomore slump. They're good shall prepare our. And I know that he's so Barrett a whole secondary what the borders of matching up the tree worker Ellis -- pro. Now and they were when you look at their quarterback decision obviously look at the guys stop the covered all that lightly hit experienced a pro style quarterback. You big ovals though because you playing a team like LSU with their team speed. That your go to guy like ten amicable life I mean an athlete. -- you look at whether -- you know people at the back or receiver. Which is -- can make plays on the edge I look at. Cam Cameron. You -- we begin at Indiana and -- -- -- when Antwaan Randle well includes an NFL quarterback in the being a success the receiver. Would you look at tandem Applewhite that almost approach that may be -- wanna build the accident that the honest our play on a synthetic crashing down. Considering -- -- -- -- that they can't run a lot of the middle gets Ellison is figuring that any spirit that he tackles. I -- gear and that's exactly what parents want to do and are prepared and the number one resort in America where it was supposed to be a quarterback that it's. You there are sort of -- one big bird walk through the ball down field but it in terms of mobility. Not cameraman I think you're gonna have to be here in the offered more options. Against a defense like village you and I think that's with the mental -- on his ability to move but you speak to. 66 to thirty he's got a chance. He's got good speed and recognizes. Defense as well the question about and that's how accurate passer is the and all we've seen is what they always seem to bat for him to camp and so get a great measure of his ability it is probable and. Andy baggage that was the Wisconsin Badgers for the Wisconsin state journal Andy thank you so much for the time we appreciate being -- into the game tonight. -- --

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