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WWL>Topics>>08-30 5:20pm - LSU Tiger Tailgating: Zach Heilprin (Wisconsin)

08-30 5:20pm - LSU Tiger Tailgating: Zach Heilprin (Wisconsin)

Aug 30, 2014|

Deke Belavia, Bobby Hebert and T-Bob Hebert talk with Zach Heilprin of ESPN Wisconsin about Wisconsin Badger football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've bringing guys who the Wisconsin football that is it heel print exactly -- out of it correctly. I'll -- Zack -- pretty ESP it was time to join -- Zach thank you so much for the time and you know it's there's a coaching change would it be -- in Wisconsin's case it was a good. Because you want coach both in the program been feeling good shape and if she was had been luxury. From -- a statement of -- proud of that what's so -- -- came in and in a situation where. -- have been at the Saban but saving came out to the auto this program with open running when coach beatable went to Arkansas. Where is Wisconsin now as far as -- the team has been sent to make it -- go with three out of the last four years where this team it beat beat me come. Yeah they made the -- 33 straight years ago in the country streak you're on -- me because I have state and they. Couldn't actually play in -- area simple game plan anything after. Other regular season so that was what 2012 well as -- know what they're good programs and very similar. Spot for the ones when reputable last year in almost a year and a half ago now so. It's it's eight in the that seems spot but I think it's the books will be different the -- the I'll make it change a little bit differently to eat and certainly went from 43 to a 34 overall. The topic is not any higher floor than when -- you'll see it on Arkansas -- about holding -- I know that the experience and want to take them. Up to an upper level but right now they're they're pretty much the same point. Now is that what you look at. Where we're confident that and you look at their -- who would you try to give you a national level again -- recognition. Look starting tonight. Against LSU Tigers the first of three consecutive high profile openers. For the badgers who look they'll they'll begin to doubt the fifteenth season. Against Alabama in the cotton top light classic in only detective. Headed back -- 2016. Against LSU tiger to Lambeau Field floated about stepping up and play. If you -- with got it back to fans it doesn't get any better and it's difficult defeat. It doesn't and they you know what they have to use of the big opportunity to meet and he talked a national -- they had. -- an opportunity before and they have not come through any thoughts -- it worked. But how they have a chip on the shoulder -- lead as the respective owners in this blog are respectful. The -- -- the previous games and they have not lived up to it today it's another key for them to look through this there. He's big pot is in the spiritual not -- behind them rather keep in terms like that that they that they can somehow. Throughout a way to get finalists you today I think it is and national. Credibility and seeing him for the season. Not what what the -- yet. Jack Wisconsin returns for a five starters on the on all its line that set school records for total offense rushing yards and yards per -- That acre of that line is it right tackle senior rob I hate inside. At least his -- say it. Just talk -- that hate inside of what he brings that all fits as a whole. -- -- big cities sixty. 335. He -- over leadership. Or -- ultimately he's become. A blog mostly news at the year. -- on your -- with the one at Busch programs on on Wednesday he is the last won't -- he's kind of taken on the -- He that team leader he he's certainly not. Quiet a bit after guys -- some are going right on that's not something you can before but it with the -- -- -- -- last year he certainly stepped in that role. You know -- I can -- that are run blocker in the past walker to come around I think tonight to take it. Challenge for him with will provide from the other at Indy not eat its tenth spot. But he's giving you a great enemies they didn't it don't try and run ball on line I'm on the right side they they let all the -- and nine in. -- -- -- 45 for you know to that in history at center. Unser once in -- you're cute so this is the strength in his throat you. All want Wisconsin has put it -- that it went. Looking at LSU offense right now like today obvious -- run the ball great O line good stable right backs on the receivers and quarterbacks. How do you expect this badger defense. To attack -- -- thought they mix it up they try to blitz more they try to confuse. These the inexperienced guys under center. -- here today. A significant change in the offseason. Under Brett you know they have -- where we defense -- guys that he landed here in person here last year. Were you guys worked really used to moving and that's kind of what -- B yeah it's what about at half not. This year they they besides nobody wants nobody bigger than to 85 but -- play significant minutes tonight. And so they're trying. The thing about these days there's smaller ones that the two. You're gonna try it and I think I think that the tonight. Not because obviously the experience that center or at quarterback for -- -- tutored on it -- you have guys. But all around the one at the idea like -- -- -- You have guys coming from different places I mean they they have to do that because they're not in the book. -- -- look like it's definitely. We couldn't come out and they move around it -- to try and use some of the quickness -- -- they can see now I wouldn't even want to be. There's Raphael your running game for them to me that's the biggest question I'm not sure they can. Thank you open up with a three years he was not pathetic that's about the Wisconsin that is 94 years ago. -- -- -- -- -- South Carolina poking in the game which they were right there at the -- a couple of dropped passes. And that now tonight before I let Bobby asked the question. How much. Gary Anderson Dolphins -- that you know if they. From what you -- see why do you -- you and made him the media need to go off and it's moving forward as you would see more bigger than about. Like what he did you tell state it will keep it manageable grip it was obvious offense. What are your experience. Know intimately involved greater -- -- and stuff guys that Gary Anderson from the time that he that the job. Talked about wanting quarterback that -- -- each way and you know they have that with and a back which tonight. Now that delicate and a lot I think -- the passing game and he's nearly been accomplished enough after this road challenge on that basis you know secret but. What it -- I think you'll workshop it's a lot more read option CC regular option. Think what they're trying to do is spread out so he's able come up and sit down to eight or nine guys the option and I don't plan. Doubles court in Atlanta they're trying to spread and I think it we have. He's very much who aren't here dramatically as Pittsburgh quarterback mean we were they quote practice we can have ability to get these things really. On that but I that's what I would expect. He had shut the -- net you thought state and I think he's got that month because the quarterback it takes for him to be great and I don't know that there -- what but. Will be important for building and I. Now that. You look at you fan base and expect agent then obviously. I think if you legit you thinking well I'm over -- win a national championship with him to get in a final four. I can't we be a playoff type team that you look well. You know if you get out -- -- -- you -- with the -- that you could theatres you have NFL talent. Now and I'll look -- fifth over the last four NFL draft only LSU and Alabama. If I think -- Have to -- board top 75 -- -- with constant. -- -- -- That's telling me it was confident. Is bringing players like gambit that our our bowl caliber NFL. Type player sort of the fan base that well you know we got a hold them accountable whether -- the votes that Florida team. That hey why not win the big can it be -- that they have come playoff time. Yeah I think what and there's a lot of people there and talk of those numbers look back with you don't want -- -- -- quarterback I think not. You know win. The more games they lost three games. Talent and does lead while we kind of changes and they go to. Not to you know what was there but -- -- time there's just not a certainty among the coaching staff. Yeah since the and so. You know with all I think that -- went on them immediately and within that we need to talk a detention Regis I think they maybe could -- -- -- and they're been some -- to -- there and and in -- -- off but. This year this team. -- -- -- -- -- Only -- you play your demeanor with the players last year. The young team got some young talent -- I think we played some phenomenal but there's going to be but currently being drafted you know. Make 45 record it's not that it seems they're a young group that has have a lot of permanent -- -- body it's just what he'll. That was the optimism and so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In my mind very similar there. You know ever since. Road here Albers and things it repealing it now. Through fear not -- Courtney. How can people follow you on what. At that went real real simple relieve the DE. CT I know you are. I exact hybrid ESP Wisconsin even so with a bad does that thank you so much -- -- the game. I guess.

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