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WWL>Topics>>08-30 5:35pm - LSU Tiger Tailgating: Bryan Lazare (LSU)

08-30 5:35pm - LSU Tiger Tailgating: Bryan Lazare (LSU)

Aug 30, 2014|

Deke Belavia, Bobby Hebert and T-Bob Hebert talk with Bryan Lazare of TigerBait.com about LSU Fighting Tiger football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Seem erratic tiger -- that come get you -- you -- you get tiger I think that pound brown thought a field goal almost put earth Bryant first thought it was an update on the players that you know would not be participating tonight in this contest for LSU. Well we know that wide receiver Alec I didn't -- Is out he had some sort of injury I don't non earlier in on the practice yet and earning I don't know the answer me again -- it at that. But the ankle injury these doubts -- because of injury. Center Eliot Porter. Will not play and I'm not hearing -- nothing to do the impossible law. Questioning regarding. A violation of NCAA rules so that that's I don't know he would be -- with that I don't I think it's them. You know investigations. Going on we did trying to get ruling from the for the NCA series being held out -- night. And then. You know we have Rashard Robinson. Quarterback in the lead Spain at the front apple also didn't make it -- an era and I -- not not really your. Follow what the reasons off why those two guys -- Now Brian OK I'll Rashad Robinson they're counting on him we -- -- -- -- -- Went delving into the top four because the back. Ellis -- right now point it is game. Well. Where it was at the cornerback spot you know they expect it's daughter to -- like art -- -- gala olive. You're in college and push gain Robinson. Spring practice ball. So it's Collins will move into the starting lineup so Colin -- might -- to start now look like it. -- who moved up in the next quarterback role. And guys it it could be a freshman at Paris. He may be the next guy gets the book right there I think what it means is that -- -- those it would nick dot -- belliard on the the eight feet in the air. My comment. You know -- in the dime back role last year you know he could be -- -- here I think Kamal at the end so. I think that that the which it change come when Alex he goes in nickel and dime. I'll also you know he's still don't know hale you know is -- you know it's like and I mean I think -- -- feel not like. There are few people that they think he will light though he -- -- Goes I think you will start date in the problem market if he doesn't go and I think you'll be Ronald -- mean Corey content -- are they there. The secondary. Certainly. Is that it's it's something right now if you don't know it was for the plight but one thing is you have a lot of guys that at city. At -- use that. Bryant keep it up with a team of guys not making your center Lee Porter not -- now I know earlier in the week. He could host it had been announced at the starter how ever. I thought that would be a strength there happy that that have been an experienced backup sitter. Who is that -- an option pass OC now the quarters -- batters. I -- -- good question I know that came in that little bit out here pre season practice -- -- but -- Andy got it will flaps work it matter by I don't know but if something happens supposed to get it would they are taken from the any the other older guys to work it work -- and that's not the nugget -- -- night in the pregame drills. Now. Brian would you look at obviously you -- attack on the deck third you gonna get the NFL but the alignment. And with confidence. There's no lock the door of very few really good them. What is the status Quinn Thomas and the -- involved is Ohio prank -- Would you look at that they have they've come. The third -- fourth -- -- LSU. In the past have worn -- opponent. But it might have a good showing in the first water again in the local four waters just break down. Would you think it even at the tackle David at. But that three or four guys in that rotation. Because. To me this could be a big talent is -- -- this season you're kidding we keep going again. -- -- what I think right there and Chris -- -- will be in -- -- went on the you know you get the -- that -- -- the first week of practice the initial report -- surgery out the year and they. They look at it that well not that it that they make it and let his rehab -- he can come back. That's what they did they -- at the top forty the last miles he's been back out it work he's been important for -- it's not yet. It is he's good enough to know I think we'll see in the -- there that would. If he's not good enough to go. Or limit it you know pain would have been that guy out with things out that you thought it about right field or. You thought about it was -- that move can be effective it back or. You know earlier this week but let's make them think about -- got you off -- through practice. So -- -- game go I think he'll be fine with it yeah the problem on this -- it's opposite limited because. By that. Right. Brian how could be volume wouldn't. At the outdoors. Or. All right it's the right exactly background -- and.

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