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Aug 31, 2014|

WWL's Kristian Garic discusses the New Orleans Saints 2014 roster as well as the LSU win over Wisconsin with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Simplify having Sundays morning on this long weekend here on W that you relish the sports -- that commitment to be to do well dot com. -- lines as always open for it to 60187. Neitzel 3866 and 89087. In. I'm Kristian -- -- great start to the weekend of college football season of college football. Course LSU 2824. Coming from behind for victory over Wisconsin. In a first half that ultimately the Tigers as it were completely unimpressive. Nothing about it letter format the debut there not very. Good for the pressure on I gotta say and -- however his day you'll come. But for the Tigers in general. Look at the way you look at this down seventeen points in the third quarter and come back. And and pull off a victory 20/20 four but. The way they started. In in both quarterbacks. For both teams Wisconsin and LSU. Just completely. I unimpressive uninspiring. They're gonna struggle -- she will offensively this year. Defensively they you know -- arts. We kind of how the folks that a plugged analogies program projected. This tiger team come out slow and go through their they're growing pains lot of young players on the field. But it's 1814 victory the forgotten man Kenny Hilliard ended up seal the victory for the LSU Tigers. Receivers on both sides shotgun formation -- waiting on the snap. And again had that I think that. Okay. That final drive. All Kenny Hilliard at the coming of an intersection and interception from a Jalen bills. From a tenement avoid. At that 47 the Tigers. Just three plays it was all runs by community kept -- -- that. That long touchdown run 110 yards rushing on eighteen carries for Kenny Hilliard. Last night. We'll get to under four minutes and hours later also. The Saints trim their roster down to 53 players Meachem Robert Meachem Champ Bailey out. Both kickers released by the Saints. The entire rosters -- for -- WB well Beckham. Champ Bailey. You look at this and it might be bit of -- -- scratch your Brian Dixon the undrafted rookie. Making the roster. Over Champ Bailey and here's why when year champion at fifteen years in the league. And won the miss some time during training camp with a foot injury planet fashion guidance and then. You don't win the starting job it's hard to keep your on the roster. Divisional play specialties. If you're the the nickel corner of the dime corner you've got to be able contributed. And special teams and for Champ Bailey can do that Patrick Robinson. Is the guy they like Corey light to Wear white out played. Champ Bailey if you think you know in terms of snaps and more -- he can contribute that indicate game. So Champ Bailey released by the Saints all right -- receiver Robert Meachem which I don't know that I call it a surprise. If you watched. Training camp he's on nick -- emerge early and he kind of cooled off which but Robert Meachem playing late in that ball game in in here's why he's expendable. He already got two speedster on a roster -- Joseph Morgan working his way back now from an ACL injury it was between Robert Meachem and Joseph Morgan. If nick -- is not the same. Style player that Robert Meachem. Nick Tuesday insurance for if something should happen Marcus Colston that big bodied possession kind of receiver Meachem and Morgan. Are similar in terms of what they bring to the table and wants Joseph Morgan solidify itself. After week two of the pre season news preclude a -- now the only question was because Kenny stills re aggravated. His quad injury. It made you think pool -- may -- now keep six receivers because of the uncertainty with Kenny stills but. If they're lucky if their -- -- me to go to discuss shows and only keep -- five wide receivers so they feel pretty good about. Kenny stills being available next Sunday when the Saints open against the Atlanta Falcons. But. Branding coach Joseph Morgan those U2 speed guys right -- Kenny stills is. Very much like a Lance Moore and he can get deep when he needs to he'd be a possession guy short handed player. And of course nick -- Marcus Colston you know which he got Marcus Colston which Obama who oh by the way looks really. Healthy for the first time probably two or three seasons at this point going into the season he's. Typically get banged up year after year even before the season starts but he looked pretty healthy. All nick -- the entire list of roster cuts on line for it at WWL dot com. Seeing Graham Derek and he also released this is funny or interesting but it's just last week Shawn Bates is now under the -- in -- roster which. I mean I don't know that at the time when he set out like I don't know if I believe that because they're always looking to upgrade the roster always looking around but. Both of those players been key NC Graham had their moments in camp. But for the most part. You could make an argument that day they weren't as consistent as they needed to be for NFL club and kicker has been the least stable position on the Saints on Shawn Green this is this is going to be their third now. Their third. Place kicker. In the last two seasons. I'm for the Saints actually start out here Carolina with Shayne Graham whether they yogi Connor Barth -- suck up. We'll find out. Out of that and that'll. Take place the next 24 hours by about money and have wanna play slowly back on the practice field. Also I think you still gonna see some moves -- -- with a a couple players potentially landing on injured reserve with a short term. Injured reserve or. Long term you know beaten designate designate one player short term IR with the ability to call him back but. They got some they got some maneuverability along that roster. 260187. Neitzel 38668890. It's -- -- what do you think of the saints' final roster kept three quarterback Brian Griffin and -- down the clock McCown is the is the backup. The clear cut back up my opinion I thought early on it was going to be Ryan Griffin. -- figure that they would keep two quarterbacks. But. But Ryan Griffin artist by I mean would account earned his spot did not play well and when you consider the so much depth on the Saints team. And what's at stake potentially should something happen a Drew Brees. For two or three games who would you feel more confident handing the reins over to for a couple of games or even half a football McCown or are Griffin right now. The look. That offense moved pretty well and when McCown was in there -- Drew Brees out for the pre season first two preseason games. -- that though we strained. The -- the backup when -- saints' roster and are you happy to LSU Tigers want our our little discouraged in the manner in which they had to come back and -- neither -- -- be said for their ability. Races seventeen point deficit. And fight through adversity you like that but. Your thoughts tiger fans to 60187 Neitzel 38668890870. Text message at 8787 also on Twitter at crushing Garrett -- it's just sports on WB well I am FMW did you like this or from. 9617. Welcome back it's just sports Jeremy sit tight and if you phone call just 12 another one -- 178 Tony's -- 617. Christian you -- raving about how quick and -- Meachem looking right I was during mini camps and OT eighties but once he got in training camp. -- a week in week and a half and he started to see that battle -- up. And Joseph Morgan wasn't really on the field during OTAs and minicamp coming back from an ACL injury nick and I had him on a pitch count. And even early camp they had a one pitch count and at about a week. Morgan started to -- And me to start with two in a fall day and in all in the two. So I'm really wasn't that surprised I meet him once once started chipping out now. Watching -- In OTA's. He looked like you move well much better than he was the last year still hampered by a foot injury he says he wasn't hampered at all we could tell he wasn't running that well last year Jeremy on a cell phone you're on the -- to -- on the morning. This morning that didn't -- -- He wanted to talk about the -- roster. All I know like I change period like -- it could -- as an -- are like that young quarterback. -- The Specter out you know like I like or. You know players are -- other out there and -- -- the ball out. And I really picked him as they RG and there are rhetoric are a better in her. And in. You wind and that you know they are oddly enough were the only and it showed resilience on the radio they came back. You know. And look at what they belong in the top -- Well there's some things that less miles and that team can build off of I'll be honestly I had to fight. Final -- fallen asleep in the first half of that game. You -- it. I I look for development for Arsenal or it. Out there and listen -- -- what I I love college football and I sat down and watch football pretty much all day yesterday. And now is pretty -- for that LSU opener and it's his -- you feel flat as this -- the first pat you on. Man. Now I'm I have to go to bed early -- I mean it yet to fight and I'll fight better coach. Exactly logo apple and that back -- state park. Think that turned it around and got things going. That face our outlook brought it in the beginning and like I just by watching people off and probably while the. But here's what you if you look at Alabama if you look at other teams in the SEC aside from Texas damion McKinney -- who by the -- And some some tiny diamonds -- -- now. A pretty good but if you look at across the SEC there was a number of teams that opened. With the new quarterbacks young quarterbacks Alabama -- look -- and offensively they look night and day difference who just goes. For what it shows you just how important when you have one of these top quarterbacks. I can really slowing -- really changed the game for. How much of a difference it makes even at the college level we see all time in the NFL level with the likes of Brady Manning Brees. Rodgers but it affectionate the college level -- -- high school level that's one thing that's consistent. I just about every level -- have a quarterback you gonna struggle and which car doesn't have one right now -- she really doesn't have one either. And I needed to get as much -- As any player who. -- that at. Her one week from today man Saints open. Yeah without a new kick it right here concentrated Yemen. Enjoy the rest your son enjoy your long weekend. I'm Jeremy also phone lines over point 260187. It's all 3866889087. Text message and 8787 he also on Twitter at Kristian -- want to go back to the Champ Bailey. Cut and Robert Meachem got the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert says he was shocked by the release of Champ -- You know some teams. Every team is about says that they don't care how you got there they're gonna evaluate truly evaluate a lot of teams say the Saints say. But they mean they're shrewd and how they -- on this roster and that's why they're there in the running in the conversation. For being one of the top teams in the NFL year and year out. Because they truly mean it. Some teams say don't act on it. There's some teams that would've said I Champ Bailey will make room where you'll create a roster spot for you and will keep you your veteran you -- -- need to pass. Not here not New Orleans. And they they truly value special teams play. And how you're going to contribute -- -- paid talks about an all time having a vision for player a guy like Brian Dixon. The -- at a volume came on late ends up find a spot on his roster after releasing rookie on the Dawson who Nokia the -- mind you. Had a double plays last year. Then a double plays last year against one against the Atlanta Falcons at that that changed the game. Force and a fumble that. Help the Saints pull off that victory against the Falcons so the Saints really mean when they say they evaluate the roster it's a competition. -- that they don't just hand out jobs. They mean Rodham cell phone you're on W to do well. A more deep and out on. Which about it actually. Actually being -- to -- yeah. Last night. Getting -- and doubled and passionate second half that you destroy the ball out special called play. He does work on -- off a screen pass. I think overall you know. -- -- -- -- -- Ride the okay what I mean is at right now right now though he felt confident that either one of these two guys -- go in and they get to eleven wins and wins this year. Realize. I don't know what could get eleven a -- that -- on -- ought. Sure I. Got beard and in the off or. Surely it would. But apparently that is my point is rod. You can't tell me you're a 100% in on Anthony Jennings or you're -- -- percent in -- -- -- -- right now. No well I don't know arm. And his bat and -- and boy. Here and you know you've got out. Oh. Majority match I. The other quarterback in experienced on and what. And what it back out. He's young he's got Cam Cameron. And he can develop quarterbacks I'm not saying all is lost though it's on the side and move on committee takes after one game that's not my point but right now. If you look at it objectively they don't have a quarterback it still unknown. Right. I'd really be agree -- disagree it's no. Editor Janet. Oh. It's still on up thanks -- 2601870. Till 3866889087. Iran Steve Donnie. Sit tight you leadoff avedon name's -- and on the news headlines. Oh yes CBS news update -- -- so Ryan Stephen Donnie. He'll be up here momentarily to 601878 till 3866889087. What do you think about the Saints roster getting down -- 53 players Champ Bailey Robert Meachem. Out they cut two kickers all Ellis you've gone back 28 point 40 victory over Wisconsin. -- negate the running back -- formation receivers both sides Jennings understood. I didn't come to motion sets up on the news side. Didn't play action fake in the pocket look at look at how he's running toward the far side of the he fires -- way down. Okay. Maybe it's. And Jennings. Eight of 21239. Yards radio those yards coming on that one play. 30% completion percentage for two innings. I'm not putting at all at the field the quarterback wears this it was -- big offensive line is great over the -- who some experts felt with the best in the country. Where that. The defense you kind of knew would go through some growing pains I mean they've had to replace. A number of guys have gone to the NFL as a son Max on football and office they lost four -- 82% of their offense. Okay so it's playing out exactly. Like. The experts and those -- a plug in Baton Rouge to the osu program expected slow starts. Getting off to a slow start growing pains and it's clear you gonna see that from the L she tiger team this year a text message here. An 8787 which is saying is you -- -- hater. Always half empty with the now I wouldn't say that I'm just trying to point out some of factually he went eight point one want in ages -- eight of what they want 30% of which isn't. Eighty of those to a 39 yards scale of one play. The -- but the line wasn't. As. That was supposed to be the strength of the team coming -- didn't see it. I now will you -- I think you know I think. Give -- some time. This team won't grow up to mature. But these younger players. I you're you're seeing. Then go through those growing pains early on it happened last night they ended up with a victory in the -- take it. But -- -- -- the program that they be 20/20 four Wisconsin 2601870. All 38668890. -- having Ellis should be Wisconsin 48 -- -- for you thrilled with. That affected Ellis who won or upset about the way they want. Cast your vote on line. At WWL dot com or call us at 260187203866. And 89087. Also talking about the saints' roster cuts. Down the 53 players they opened up. The regular season one week from today in Atlanta against the Falcons who which oh by the way if you watch the Falcons. On hard knocks. Yeah. That that that's. That's going to be a beat down excellent. I'm -- Is going to be beat down there train wreck. Often the lines still got issues there -- their defense is going to be atrocious. I know. I'm sure the falcon fans all of a message boards right now. Do career -- It's going to be an ugly game. The Saints. Should roll over that team Donny. You're under me to do well. Christian aren't. As -- theology game it was sleeper. And then our turn to -- -- but the words out of my patio and Ellis in the gym and that was more exciting than watching it on TV. Now. LSU has to. Go through those growing pains but in psychological aspect. Those young guys there are common men. They learn from the experience and play over. Absolutely that's and it's only talk about that's the point I'm trying to make is that in a year is very clear that this is a very talented. Are as coach coach -- miles they've equality team but very young and -- gonna go through some growing pains do you use this. For this first 45 games this year he used to retire fans could you gonna see these ups and downs -- ebbs and flows. 11 minute he looked really good the next minute they're not final -- it it's just and it it's a hallmark of a young team. Right and you want you get that momentum and you start believing more in yourself at the player. And start cheap and saying it just builds so like built in blocked. And they're only gonna get better take an award from this experience come from seventeen down. I think it took promising season I don't think it's going to be predicted that at eight. Our predicted he'd go going to be challenging its young seeing all the line did not show. And you know -- out and has won the pit stop that aren't in the nation and alcoholic. What. Why. Come on man. Will where is it I mean yeah but but. Listen like you said 2824 Wisconsin I'd venture a guess that if these two teams played. In week eight -- after. Some time gain experience. This will be a double digit victory for -- -- over Wisconsin. Because of the experience. Yeah yeah and also touch on. The shot on having in his back pocket that he released -- kicker. We went out there at that EC that he can snap up Christian I'm just like I'm known. On -- -- Y which on do this night I know it got rid of our partly because probably didn't like it is period. And would beat you guys -- mean. You answered the course but lesson on which you think that Chauncey that he can do like -- -- -- McCall. Okay -- -- put on hold so you just stay right there and listen but. Okay so they cut seeing Graham. And Derek and -- and always thought OK they got two kickers in camp they don't let those two players battle it out and then. He Sean Payton said a few times during camp and their pre season other teams are going to be watch what we do a kicker. We're not necessarily going to be paying attention to he's always been -- to but he was trying to drive on the point that. You know one of the guys both of those two players in one of them whoever lost that kicking battle with kick elsewhere this season in and it would keep the other but. Other teams have interest and either Derek and he or she Ingram but when you released both -- -- -- a couple things for one both thumb war. What they were looking for both -- at times were inconsistent during camp practices Coram. Doesn't have the leg strength and he even had last year -- think Derek and he has the leg strength but. Was erratic at times. You don't cut both of these kickers. And not have a plan it's too risky -- Sean Payton knows it's just like trading up in the draft. There there the trade up to your targeting a specific player we cut two kickers could you know we go on after. Whether it's Connor Barth. Who recently got released from the Buccaneers. Or Ryan suck up who lost the battle to Cairo Santos. In Kansas City both of a pretty good kickers. I think -- on. Unfold the next 24 hours and have won back to back on the practice field to more argument for Atlanta so. You know that they'll have a kicker in place. They have 53 players on the roster right now one of these guys is going to have a bad day tomorrow or later today. Getting released or put on injured reserve or what have you. But they're gonna create a roster spot keep in mind Carrie Ford is banged up. -- -- banged up we don't know if either one of those two players are both are going to be put. On injured reserve and in one short term maybe in one the long term with the ability to recall back. But. There's they're there's a kicker that day. Are targeting that they knew was going to be released -- got word was going to be released. And they're going after that. 260187. Neitzel 3866889087. Most of boy we come back your phone calls. It's just sports right here on WWL. Becoming a wide open my side. Okay. Hey. Okay. One of them. Stars defensively for the LSU Tigers -- 2824 come from behind victory. Over the Wisconsin Badgers the deal line I thought stepped up and last quarter and a half of the ball game in a pressure. They brought on Wisconsin's quarterback. Kind of cracked the plight if you will the last quarter and a half an affable in India on a cellphone -- good morning. Well and there are a partner and an automatic graveyard shift on Sunday morning and it. It interesting to be cut they'll way to the bank so. I didn't hear you your little mark and yen but the funny thing for me -- options are Peyton Vicki Lewis and a you rule. And it showed you know what it is that you eat your. That quote I would like yeah what what a lot so. I'll eat like -- more yeah but you use it you know grow it you know. You can break -- rule. So what was it. With the kicker situation and the other rock spot I would look at it though. Big guy but again are you gonna eat that we've got to kicker you know with the workers. What I mean how rule where now that I mean -- really wired and you have not yet practiced what rule what. I'm wondering if they've got somebody eyes and not kicker that there -- -- to be you know a whopping eight Brett is. They don't want Annika. Where they -- -- Graham or -- -- -- the other we don't one is over follow up. It opens. A spot to a point where. You've got an extra you know -- can get it there and jump and how about you know that Albert -- It all work they beat somebody really and you can't really the mother you know hired that. Expect banker somebody and I'm eating at our high Annika toward. You know. They've got people -- Then that. -- players need in the league for years. Greatly that would buyers in the back there and there was an opportunity to grab it and it but he. I think -- me figure says that's pretty accurate however they still got 53 guys on the roster right now so. He was still at the -- that -- the case when they're targeting somebody else another position on a silly kicker to add to their roster in a stolen after wave. Or injured reserve somebody. And really two players. So that could make sense because he wants spot for kicker one spot to -- for somebody else if you put two players on injured reserve or. Short term IR. With the designation to return caveat with. Dave manipulate this roster. The bottom third of the roster you study this organization under Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis they've been notorious for the bottom third. It's top it's -- A bit of on the chessboard well they'll move pieces around all the time to negate the advantage there always. Looking to upgrade their roster I think the really good teams and find ways to do that it's just sports on WLA anathema -- out the all point today with -- Pearl Jam David Potter -- love it. Without question. Dave Matthews of Pearl Jam. My favorites. So he would be excited every time I -- approach him going back by the way there will be playing. Up in Detroit the week that Friday before the Saints play alliance. -- It bosses and I like it -- believe there early and go to got program for the Saints play an alliance that Friday. Does that I hear -- -- I next hour we'll continue breaking down LSU. 120 point four victory over Wisconsin also the saints' roster cuts and start he'll look at the practice squad how that all works today players got a clear waivers and they can start assimilating. -- -- That ten man practice squad -- names I can profit might end up. Back on the practice squad talk about that coming up next -- phone lines are open to 601878. To all 3866889087. -- is just sports right here on WWL am FM WWL dot com.

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