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Aug 31, 2014|

Kristian Garic talks New Orleans Saints 2014 roster with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

First full week in college football -- great games. Mainly -- issue 20/20 four. Victory come from behind victory over Wisconsin last night in Houston rough start for the Tigers trailed seventeen points. India third quarter but went on for the victory the 46 straight nonconference. Win. 260187. He told 3866889087. Kenny Hilliard get it done for the Tigers to the victory. Receivers on both sides shotgun formation -- waiting on the snap. And again had that I think there. A 28 yards for Kenny Hilliard. Ended up with a 110. On eighteen carries. For the running back Kenny Hilliard that a lot of folks may have forgotten about between Terrence McGee in the rival lettered four net. Rough night for Leonard four net not to the opportunities. But his they will come. It'll come don't don't read too much in that explores his lack of production at first collegiate appearance. Also in college football. Around the country. A couple of really good games and oh by the way Ohio State I know that the score if you look at it just look at the box score. 34 to seventeen. Beating navy. Number five Buckeyes are today she's -- to lock guys write but. Late mistakes really hurt me. In an opportunity to pull off the upset there against stay in -- seventy point victory for the Buckeyes. But the game lot closer than that score would indicate. Other than the LSU Wisconsin game one other. Around the country -- you tuned into it and check it out and interest in watching 260187. -- 3866889. 087 and also the Saints -- their roster down to 53 players. One week ahead of next Sunday showdown in Atlanta. Against the Falcons. Robert Meachem out Champ Bailey Al the Saints also cutting two kickers all of linebackers -- they Dawson. Who arrived in October last year. When the Saints were injury riddled at the position but Champ Bailey rubber meets the two big names on the final cut down was along with a two kickers and she Ingram and Derek. In -- we think a 53 man roster. 260187. Neitzel 3866889087. In. Three quarterbacks kept Ryan Griffin Luke McCown. Luke McCown as a backup. Mean clearly. He had a really solid camp start out slowly up there Greenbrier I remember now wrote about it I thought early on -- camp. That it was Ryan -- job to lose. He and that they they wanted to in the to potentially be out McCown didn't happen. When Drew Brees went down that oblique strain above account really seize that opportunity. Move the offense well and two starts. First two games one against the Rams and in the other against the yeah Tennessee Titans. Look sharp. Brian Griffin played well at times and he's still inexperienced though if you look at it from a coaching perspective the New Orleans Saints. Should Drew Brees. Be out for a half a game two games with a knee injury. Who do you trust that quarterback would be the veteran Luke McCown or would -- be -- Griffin. I think right -- to play in this league no doubt. But the experience factor has to be. A little a little concerning if yet in the reins over to him. For a week or -- that's where it counts value comes in surprise as he Robert Meachem go not really. Me you know when you look at the way. Joseph Morgan rebounded from an ACL injury -- coach Kenny stills Marcus Colston. Then nick toon I wide receivers Jimmy Graham gives you the flexibility to play almost six wide receivers have six at least on the roster. But Robert Meachem. A lot like Champ Bailey. Doesn't have that special teams ability. That's -- Champ Bailey was the odd man -- Brian -- the undrafted rookie free agent in. At corner is his ability to contribute in the kicking game and if you're not a starter. If you got the starting quarterback he better be hopefully special teams. Corey white -- -- -- nickel guy going to be -- specialties core like in Champ Bailey can't -- same thing. An -- -- special teams that's where Champ Bailey found himself on the outside looking in and his agent says that champs still wants to play. He's healthy now but he was truly healthy. Truly healthy he'd be on the saints' roster but just goes to show you. The Saints have a no nonsense. Approach when their pared down that roster they mean what they say went. They they talked about would -- be opportunity we're gonna die we will we see now why -- what they think they see. They're gonna evaluate the players. Casino and a volley undrafted rookie free agent linebacker. At a Boston College also making the roster he was on all four special teams units. Coverage on. Kick off kick off return. All forum that's value we've talked about. Undrafted rookie free agents. Sean Payton said an early on in camp. Best way to get all rosters get on that specialties boss the -- anabolic good story there too. Didn't -- up in the US from Germany we all know the sport of choice over there it's the other food ball. And -- Siegel well raised by his mother to meet his dad Phillies 21 years old. Find his way. To the states to play for Boston College. Ends up making the saints' roster are very deep saints' roster. The black and it'll open up next Sunday in Atlanta. New kick off right here on Saints radio 260187. Neitzel 3866. 8890 eights -- do -- think about saints' roster that he got a right we surprised by Champ Bailey and who's going to be X-Factor next Sunday when the Saints battle Falcons. Really excited to see Brandon cooks. He saw little taste of a Saint Louis. Little bit against the Titans the following week held out of the Colts game last Saturday. Played a little bit this past weekend this past Thursday against the Baltimore Ravens. Really adjusted to see what he brings to the table in the saints' offense. Also. A good sign with the with release of I'll Robert Meachem. That they feel good about Kenny stills injury come off the squad and re aggravation of the aquatic injury he suffered a re aggravated. Last Saturday against the Indianapolis Colts are will start kicking around the -- practice squad potential. Candidates for the Saints is -- start to take shape later on this afternoon they had a clear waivers again at ten players to that practice squad rule. The ground a couple of names that could find themselves back with the new world Saints 260187. Neitzel 3866 inning nine. 087 Lloyd on a cellphone sit tight with your phone calls it's just sports on W -- -- goes from bad to worse for the 49ers right. It's -- lineman Ray McDonald arrested in jail on domestic violence charges and oh by the way just last week and L commissioner Roger Goodell. Putting his foot down making the penalties a little stiffer for those who violate -- Conduct policy falls on the conduct policy but those that commit a domestic violence. Infraction. -- dialogue can rest of that they've party without Navarro Bowman he's on the pup -- so -- we he'll he'll miss some time playing games. And all the Smith suspended for nine games. While on Friday oh by the way that ninth game right here in the superdome against the Saints so. New laws want to deal that minutes but a 49ers defense that has just been decimated. In an offense. With the starters in there -- scored six points all pre season. Yeah I think. The end is near for for the 49ers and again and Avant drop off. Significantly Iranian C title game last year. -- only going to be there this year they will be quite the minutes. Of that physical tough team and at some point. Frank Gore's got to be human right and -- -- times -- -- catch up with them column -- getting a big deal. He cal part of in communities say -- decreases no worries about a scoring six points you know like hearing that your 49ers and not just the pre season is. Week one comes else when he points I just -- one. When does it when it wins there where's the urgency on that football team. I Lloyd on a cell phone you're on the -- to -- immortal Lloyd. Lord. Well I signed on I had -- in. Mexico and Cuba. About -- you. -- -- moved in shortly. I you know he used to bowl and an assist. Well at the indemnity or. He keeps. It from me -- -- shocked at some of whom it may put him in that site. And I'm Elena but it all worked out you know and I'm just. I'm just put it he couple kickers in and nobody's probably get a read on their -- That's a possibility. -- let it grow smoke require secret but more but what would you. -- -- -- -- -- But it took it to your many. Log in today that if they cut both of them the you don't just cut. Two kickers and for for no real reason there's. There's a player that they know are they suspect was going to be available. Now it's -- did not put the band back together. That and that's not happen. -- -- He -- out shocked yeah -- I'd be very very very completely surprised. Given by the way that ended last year now about the way Garrett -- did work out. -- Tennessee Titans last week. All but getting back to Dickey in Graham when you cut. You only cares on the roster. -- -- a good indication that they need they feel like he is somebody on there in their pro personnel department. Said to them hey this I we have this guy. Rank higher. In our kicking position group that did -- Graham and he's going to be available potentially. Could they ask Sean Payton about this last week Friday. Do they do they do mock drafts leading up to draft organizations of and they do mock roster cuts where they can kind of forecast based on depth on other rosters who might be available who -- cut so they can they can get those rosters out there. And making -- speaking -- they can plan for that and I think that's what you're seeing years that. Considered earlier and now I'll need to be repetitive but it's just like in the draft if you trade up for a player. You if you trade up in the draft you're targeting a specific player I think the same holds true year. In the kicking competition in the kicking position I should say Ryan suck up as a -- Kansas City. Very good kicker got beat up by Cairo Santos from too -- I -- he's out there Connor Barth. He's out there as well rod grown as a leaves out there as Jay -- is out there. Yet and the Eagles released kicker. I can't remember his name at the moment but yet is it. Mean you're playing you like so -- and burst into a long. Consistent and inconsistent. But getting beat her one except for one that they admitted that the spirit and -- didn't argue. Yeah I area but while Ali is throughout training camp they chart every kick I look into the end in the media we were chart them and there was times were you know did he would be erratic along with Graham to erratic. Sinister -- person. And believe -- if I hope to all the people because it's if the Saints. To go Super Bowl which. And they. Wanted to and our ability and he didn't move. Seattle Green Bay New Orleans in the NFC as you lose your premium teams were. Yes. Yes. Big east and we're just trying to apply an underrated that proceed. Now did you watch certainly -- beat the tar at a -- I mean they did he manhandled Chicago. The Bears and -- -- -- beat them down it looked they looked every bit as good as they were last year. We've got to hope you get in the New Orleans. -- know. Islam from nowhere and blocks. You know this is an end and -- -- -- Put up in these these two clubs -- these are you sort of autograph you know but I wouldn't say it movements and it's -- I think Sean Payton from note compute -- contract is going to be. Terribly long that you're in the article. Because. You pick it would -- projected to do what you think it will. You know he's going to be over run this year. Sean Payton is still got what about five more years left on his current deal six included our season and -- I speak coach. And the National Football League eight million dollars a year so -- I I think he's pretty content. But Mickey Loomis you know the -- out of me by knows this so when he's making. -- then we we've -- that we've gone over that of a busy times one of the better general managers in the National Football League. Let that that the relation between those two chomping at Mickey Loomis. And -- is perfect. Shawn says Mickey is the kind of player I want. He has a clear vision his coaching staff the scouts know the players that -- the kind of players that fit his program and then. Mickey Loomis was at their creates the cap space and goes out there makes it happen. I practice squad designations come out is not happening today I'll give you a list of names from the cuts that who could. End up on the Saints practice squad. Coming up after a CBS news update to a double the conversation 2601870. -- 38668890. Point seven else talking LSU in Wisconsin a 2824 opening victory. For the Tigers it's just sports on WB -- anathema Debbie -- dot com that's right you get taxed 8787 like 0147. Says Christian a 100% agree with you on how the team projects -- roster cuts but. Why wouldn't they have held on to -- key until the other player quote unquote. Became available. That way. There's always some kicker out there that's the -- get well that's that you speak like my point they were able to project that. And that's why they did it. And they saw it coming maybe they get the cuts. Far faster than. And we do in the media and certainly his fans. They know who's going to be available. Not just through projections but because they get turned in. Then they make their roster moves why I think the Saints are they when everything went at the deadline on a lot of things right because. As all that's all part of the strategy. I lot recap. The final cuts got a text message here from 0960. Dispersant totally injury kept. The cuts sure gladly although right after I talked to Scott though Scott you're on -- WL. It was an -- that. Lecture other squad work in regard to crack squad. In any other club -- Yes they have to add to their active roster though. Well no correct so in other words if Brandon Coleman were added to the Saints practice squad this year right. The only way just like last year with Saint Louis trying to make a run Ryan Griffin they were going to have to add him to the active roster that's why the Saints signed him. To the active roster he can't go to practice squad practice squad. But you can be picked up by any other. Yes it's and you're ultimately a free agent if you well. But only to the active roster. Though it is not like we dared to eat eat they'll. We put somebody -- I -- they they lost yet they lost I think it was a kick returner name escapes me right now. We ended up getting signed to the active roster by I think it was Chris swayed by the Chicago. Bears last year and the practice squad to start the season. Came from the CFL and ended up going to. Chicago. Because they -- in essence they give a promotion. The -- but. I don't. -- -- -- appreciate it to the rescue Sunday -- at the roster cuts ago 53 man roster. In place for the Saints know kicker on that roster but let's. The school -- Derek empty Shayne Graham. Out shot Davy Jones Brandon Coleman undrafted rookie free agent wide receivers released by the team Robert Meachem a long time veteran. Also released Charles Hawkins speedster. Right here from a saying all high school in southern. He was released Champ Bailey sixteen year veteran released by the team -- and wade at corner Darius Brooks also released Terrence Frederick. Quarterback also. Set free Pierre Warren. Who I think is at a model list the undrafted rookie free agency the out of Jacksonville State at the top analysts to land back with the Saints. As a a practice squad player Greg Jones at fullback though in eleven year veteran. Released Eric Crozier coming over to -- as an undrafted guy playing running back. He's another candidate the look at and say yeah he he could end up on the practice squad veteran -- Dawson at linebacker. Out he was released as well to see metabolic facilitated that. I Ronald Powell facilitated that move with -- the Dawson who I felt like had a chance are a five dollar roster -- I would say yeah a monumental surprise but. I was like it's certainly eyebrows you raise your eyebrows that -- that Armstrong senator. That's -- kind of speaks for itself -- -- -- John Goodwin jugular by the way. They haven't officially announced it but I would imagine just by. In honesty for a well. Whenever a player doesn't play in the fourth pre season game. He's usually the starter just to return again there. -- Virgil. Nose tackle also released. Marcel Jones 67 guard second year player out of Nebraska who transition from tackle. But see in Ocala -- day pushed him out in the versatility because a guy like. Tim Toledo did win the starting center job he's now the swing. Interior guys see in Ocala -- days is all in all likelihood. Be. Be inactive for game dates. Oh all price Harris is -- swing tackles and got depth there but you know Calvin de. Force more so -- more so Jones out the door Jason Weaver. Guard and tackle. Right here in New Orleans waived he's got a chance to land on the practice squad team on -- another player in their sixth round draft pick out of a Kansas State I believe. Wave hello -- Jacobs and Todd Davis inside linebacker. But look at double names ten players right for the practice squad. I. We'll start with Brandon Coleman it's between way to Coleman it's on TV shows both about the same they're both big guys 6366. Jones 63. -- 66. So do you keep both of though I Hewitt Coleman with Sean Davy Jones. Being on the outside looking in Charles Hawkins. The reason why don't bring Jones back as does Charles Hawkins is one of those speedster smaller. Receivers to help in the return game they like Charles Hawkins there's two spot right now I think UC. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He go down a list -- Terrence Frederick. The cornerback and -- like India's special teams ability. That's another play to -- -- -- out here -- I mentioned earlier there's five. Right there off the ground the other five come back it's a sport on WLA anathema to me to do well -- yeah. 22 -- not alive anymore at least for a roster spot for the New Orleans Saints. I run down the list of players released by the black and gold yesterday in. Trying to take a look at potentially you can land on the practice squad a left off -- Eric -- -- -- that that would be 62. In running back or Tulane it's a back converted running back. Who else is available came on -- their draft choice at seven Marshall Jones still actually available for the -- eligible under the new rules. For practice squad designation along -- Todd Davis the inside linebacker so there's eight spots right there. He might have two more come from. Another team or eight there are all possibilities to go -- -- gimmicky. It put it on the practice squad and the chants me the number of options especially those last two spots in the -- went from. Eight to ten. Practice squad players. 6300 dollars a week for seventeen weeks not bad right. Practiced three days a week did the experience who are the practice squad needs some practice squad guys that. Played pretty prominent roles arguably it's more I'm 05. Part of the practice squad for the -- on Saints under the previous regime but. There's been guys out there. That the off the practice squad money emailed me yesterday saint Pierre Thomas was one of those guys know Pierre Thomas was undrafted player in 07 in -- a BP Antonio Pittman at running back club's fourth round draft pick that year. For the running back spot in via appear Thomas never was on the practice squad 2601878. -- 38668890878. But the depth sees them along the defense lines right Cameron Jordan Hakeem Nicks Broderick Bunkley John Jenkins Tyler Walker. -- Foster Brandon -- if your nose tackle more depth what's that he had Brandon Deaderick. But did David you are paying attention you are paying attention because he got a lot of snaps with the first team unit. Defensively against the Colts and now -- the Saints are gonna showcasing by. It's about Garnett and of the time if they wanna see. How you assimilate how you work with that first team the grand Dedrick as the depth along that the line do neglect Curtis Lofton David Hawthorne. Parys Haralson carry for Ramon Humber -- -- -- and a volley Ronald Powell are the linebackers. The big question mark their carry four. Did he keep them on the active roster and he's been banged up a little bit the -- find himself on injured reserve the kept two fullbacks to Austin Johnson. And also Eric -- Eric lord we haven't seen really since the first week and a half of training camp I will avoid combat lined up wrapped things up here. On each of sports WWL anathema to be it will not count seven rookies in all making the saints' final roster only to undrafted rookie free agents. This year proposal -- at eight. Make the final roster. And I think the reason -- -- last year's number two without a first and second round pick in 2.2 oh. Have they lost their second topic because of the bounty issue this year too. So they had to make up for some depth somewhere so a lot of undrafted rookie free agents. -- the roster last year. Point to the issue Brian Dixon back corner. Kassim and a volley at outside linebacker no Champ Bailey no Robert Meachem. For the Saints. On -- 53 man roster and get some decisions to make today. Formulating that practice squad ten players along with finding a kicker. Think about that now -- year seven days away. Seven days away from. The opener against Atlanta next Sunday. Against the Falcons in here. Breaking in new kicker at least with he will be new in the league percent. Think. Was -- Tommy Ellis is Tommy Tucker I mean Tommy Tucker could be honestly auditioning right now. The Tommy that are -- it shows the frustrating kicker at that -- is asking that of he's -- in chipped it Shaw. They hit it well that's like his claim to fame one of the things he's most proud of his life they music music record show off. He he go to that this could kill it right. Tommy -- morning shows. Kicker for the New Orleans Saints -- lie there in key into Ingram released released for Tommy Tucker. And I. -- easier big breaking news and I texted him earlier and he said don't quote me but I am the Saints kicker. Than they go inside information breaking news no. It could be Ryan suck up going to be a guy in -- Travis Henry I believe it is from the Philadelphia Eagles who was released. Connor Barth but -- sixties but I think you make it's that alarming. These guys guys kind of know what they're doing over there on airline drive and they've proven that. There's a there's a calculation there's a method to this madness and kind of applaud the tough decisions that they may and you can see where other coaches -- other organizations like go -- this is Champ -- Mean this is Champ Bailey and I never Sports Illustrated said early camp this guy. End up being left off the final roster. That was a week in camp in -- by scoffed at the now way. It's Champ Bailey now he's got he's out Robert Meachem out. They don't get tied the players. It's one thing the what they yell like by the you don't get emotionally involved with the -- with with players. It's truly a business it brutal at times but they make. Those decisions based on why and what -- what they say. Is important to that the evaluation process one did you earn a spot and you can't sale last. 89 years that they've. Dayton they might have missed and maybe evaluated wrong but as far as giving people opportunities. They do that. It's very clear to go back to. A number of undrafted guys that are now firmly entrenched on the saint roster late round picks that are firmly entrenched on this roster. They're not afraid to admit a mistake and separate from a draft choice when I've got a better undrafted player in their building. I I'll be back. And three weeks right. When they take on Dallas from the saint ballot the Cowboys in week four so yeah. Four weeks the Saints take on the Falcons it's game week now. Next Sunday at noon and this time next week be about 45 seconds to kick off. David Potter thanks for your help today -- master controls when -- invite you to check out WWL dot com for Italy is breakdown on the LSU Tigers -- 28 point four victory in the opener. Last night against Wisconsin in the latest on your New Orleans Saints I'm Christian -- it's just sports simplify I am out.