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09-01 620am Scoot Show.Mike Detiller (Saints)

Sep 1, 2014|

WWL's Scoot talks with Mike Detiller about the New Orleans Saints roster and game against the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mike it's really gave -- WW -- NFL analyst joins us live Honda VW all good morning Mike. -- -- -- Goods there is an article written by -- he he just didn't really seem even though he's a future hall of Famer just didn't seem to be really contributing. Well you know what screw it -- and everybody -- book action. Wouldn't want -- more -- -- Well I'm ranger bill. And he's done -- an odd one reason. I mean eventually. It's gonna happen. And it. Up and saying basically since they've brought in the it all on almost like another sharp or right she did not in the now and I'm sharper. Mac school you've written. And there are sure you know the football yeah right in the same thing happened -- champion. Injuries aides kept as an -- position of cornerback. He's on -- yet. If you -- that in that game. There and and you is going to be all. Football player no question about you go to one of the greatest quarterback -- that 32 she has no. You know you can't. On element of intrigue and aids. And you don't. In many aspects it it really. Equity in sports playing that position. -- water. All that tackle. And cornerback. It is very -- thing in terms because it's so no. Again injury factor all that in play -- like this spring I think it'd Robert Meachem. He was in you brought it and he Maria strip where got to -- In Egypt on the pick and a little bit away from now. Somebody. Two goalies always thought that would you know spot and make -- catch. The other thing too -- in players it is remember. Economically. Is that it on the final heat cream and a draw in week one. -- you in. And we -- in -- cooperated. So there always are some economical decisions. -- -- there that indicates certainly. We have Champ Bailey and Robert Meachem but some the other cart -- -- called the week. So I'm here on economical. Are decisions made out. Well cutting Robert -- Jim also is an indication that -- will we're we're pretty well off when it comes to wide receivers. Yes -- that point because you know what would look at it this year. Just help them to war in bringing him back and you know you bring you. A second element of that nuclear threat that ability to scratch the studio and got respect that man. Certainly -- -- who you could tell I mean it is well beyond it is yours is also a concern. The big question what was gonna keep my children's -- wherever. And done much. He's got look -- practiced but it never been translated into a regular game. What you're -- good actor and that your quarterback is more. Culpable -- an understanding of the game really good blocker now you know they decided to go with you when you -- up all night. When book at various. Watch receive a Cold War was kidding you know battling injuries. Are certainly with any -- -- year old what are you which you'll want in June. Gotten you know pretty quick. As a wide receiver spot and additional lots beat the law you know. I think last year will. Not in the lineup because of the -- say it would achieving. And it is really. Kirk and trying to run the ball about with Morgan and coast. They -- at the back though where example -- -- the -- -- -- Liking to stay with us at the break. All right Mike -- W bureau NFL analyst estimate on through the break you're coming right back. With more if you have comments -- -- Joyner show our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number is 8778642. In this Labor Day Monday morning traffic should be an issue bush here is traffic on WW well. It's seven to -- Tony 7 good morning unsuited for Tommy Tucker and we're continuing our conversation with WW NFL analyst -- retaliate. And I if you just joined assess over the big here cuts over the weekend and for the two cents a Champ Bailey cuts Robert Meachem cut. Obviously Kenny stills is gonna be okay Mike. Google so you know one thing that school that the brain injury a couple of two in the last couple marked an adult concerns me. Second time at saint entered that normally it takes a little while to come back from it that it was -- oh really good. Session and you know decades. -- get a lot of eight and the training checkered all bundle is using guy. I think it is bigger faster version of Lance Moore and an important port. They're all there and that's why -- positions so. Are you -- you stay healthy it's your brother's talented young man but. All of that water which brought a young talent. I think that's certainly a quarter they're all there. That you all would like he could and that no matter what you emphasize the running game and go to what -- successful war. You know not -- leveled -- 10 well. But one thing we shall pay most of the global and we. Marty you're that shorten him up and running and that's what he you know and that well the -- don't have the ticker right now. Which brings -- bigger question -- where you'd go in orbit and it there are more. We've been like eighty -- a searchable. It would be a big book was released and he's got. But he can't visit she's now a lot of reports that may not of the Tennessee Titans -- the op morals and bill. The public. So back in -- out there on the homes in wore. -- out one more on this football team. Who are that -- -- spot -- kicker but the fact that you wouldn't go well. So one of the mall. And you should not honorable. She is a number of content -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Certainly in the game reminded you don't go. -- go make another sign with which Ingraham what they're. Well I don't know you know maybe this is a sign that is that there's a new us strategy planned for the saints with a shot -- we're not gonna kick extra point we're gonna go for two or we're not gonna ever kicked a field goal we're always go for a fourth down. What would be chill but you know I know one thing about him most. Coaches he had no tolerance. Or inconsistent. Kickers. And I think it is important game that always going to be there -- Bill Gates you know forty your pupil in it and it still Courtney saying because it put points up on the board to an important. But don't go there it would. It would -- -- to go we're boring but you with it and it. Scored I think part of the world that we keep changing more and more today. Where you want to sit and you will pick -- -- on lords but a lot of that as a symbol for. It would be interesting to see how that would change the game for a -- a team that -- because it's it's always there's always like are on third down and longer so is that safety net of well we can kick a field global what does that wasn't even a possibility would that change the mentality and -- third down along situation. But it would allotment now that it -- basically down it burst. Yeah they know that a lot of it would change with it. -- so it is part of the world actually change. Very quickly we've got three quarterbacks and that require that now. It debate -- -- quantities -- -- and it should. Not count it they get the play at being shortly. And who couldn't blame you go around the veteran -- also -- In real important. With gore -- on the -- that you go. The breaking huddled. All right -- -- will be talking a lot during the season it's just getting started -- revealed a -- NFL analyst -- -- Chile where this this morning -- to zero thanks for being with -- like.

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