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WWL>Topics>>09-01 640am Scoot Show.Mike Scarborough (LSU)

09-01 640am Scoot Show.Mike Scarborough (LSU)

Sep 1, 2014|

WWL's Scoot in for Tommy Tucker talks with Mike Scarborough about LSU's vicoty over the Wisconsin Badgers Saturday night.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Spice girl girl whose editor and publisher of tiger -- dot com joins us live and to be WL. Mike it was a game that started out one way ended up another way it LSU did not look really sharp in the beginning of the game but they wind and this is part of what happens in an opening game of the season. It is. But in the food industry and she's biggest comebacks and pretty significant game. It is in regular season history and he got to win 20/20 one. -- would be the in the fashion figures and you know obviously -- excited. And but they don't work to do. As sort of the quarterback position. Well beyond that we -- -- -- affairs. You know Jennings. Struggled at times. Well during the game was like you know how much longer today before. Google affairs here it's an opportunity. Didn't do much. But I think it. You know. They're gonna have to get here someplace more -- to that's the coming games before. But in the -- June definitely needed to connect surpasses that. God knows -- -- in the thick of things the opposite wind got together. But the running game was an obvious he's gonna deal should strengthen that. Kitty playing the way he did I know what you want -- -- do more than he did. But actually it was looked looked -- and interest think he had his moments. Mike what do you think LSU fans should. Learn from this opening game in Houston against Wisconsin about the tigers' 2014. Where -- you don't this is a bit of this going to be growing pains here. Look out there achieved in this seat would be -- And patent for football team by the end of the year. Had a loss Saturday and four. Seven. Would would could be a real possibility. There's a lot of use two different positions. But about into the night Saturday night you know you can see where. If they called the right combinations. You know try to -- different people on the defense so long. There are several guys out there were definitely good for redshirt neglected they can be definitely be used. On the divas salon and again I saw -- -- and -- doesn't execute from Oklahoma did played very well. And so you know Wall Street. At and Mike in this was a team that he fall during the game here you could have all the scrimmage is and all the practices you can plan all you want. But it's not until you actually play any game that you start to see the definition of our players and it's still early in the season as you say Allah issue which are very very young team. But I I saw the team evolve through this game. I -- -- that that's a big positive. You know anarchy when you got that -- question marks if it did -- positions. A lot of use two different positions. And to get back -- in. On. You know due to give insight on national television. I'll -- a lot of play new players. Come together and give Dudley a football game to come from behind. The that's a real. Positive. For the rest of the season. Against. You like -- -- the -- -- slightly injured correct mistakes after witnesses electoral law. And Michael so we don't Alabama didn't look at -- they've looked in the past amenities they struggled a bit to be West Virginia. You're right. You know doesn't seem that looked very well certainly -- and am starting Thursday night off with a bank. And certainly made. People's SEC west predictions. Look a little bit different. But do you balance that question marks -- question marks all over. Certainly. Look you know took care of business in. A lot of people products succeed in the Q Williams decent job. Having receptions in in in. In that football game the kids that she recruited. But. I think he'll be on here. All spring -- long there will be growing pains you're gonna see. You know something that you like -- you don't like but I think. He can really see where 201516. The president used that particular positions. Really can be achieved championship run years. Well Mike this is going to be the beginning of a lot of conversations with you throughout the season I appreciate you calling our show. -- all right maestro.

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