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09-01 710am Scoot Show in for Tommy: The End of Summer 2014

Sep 1, 2014|

WWL's Scoot in for Tommy Tucker talks about the end of summer 2014 with WWL callers

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They are continuing get a lot of text from people who are working today and that's who we're kind of doing a texting and if you are working today just any people have a day off we thought we would recognize those people are who are working today. Working for release parish sheriff's office -- a deputy and here's a text -- welding on a pressure vessel. In a fab shop all right here is attacks that reads. Retired and spending the day with family today is my 69 birthday. Lots of great. Great place to be out and if you wanted to just attacks and tell us where you workaday. Our text is 877. Because it's really easy to go through the day it -- enjoy your day off -- not recognize that other people are working so you can have a nice day off. Because the world has to function yeah exactly -- off. Volume there's people you need to go buy things you gotta have somebody behind the counter. David a stripper in Florida is now facing criminal charges after she hung up on deputies at the Pasco sheriff's department in Hudson Florida. She hung up on sheriff's deputies they were calling about her ten year old daughter who is missing. The mother toward a nine year old Bobby Joseph -- for sure. Hung up on the deputies when she simply said I have to get on stage. All she works at the calendar girl strip clubs don't work and I don't know you know -- I guess you could say she's a responsible. -- person because. She went to work she done one of my stroke she would obvious like I think Hillary spent. A you know it well I guess I don't know but I guess when that song starts to play when it's your song. Yeah -- you gotta get up there arch. He probably government of those nasty bosses you know it's like come rotten. And I companion for every -- Europe as regulating and some of the people who work it's on some of those clubs that don't look like the nicest -- to set up. I don't well -- -- that I guess the corporate staff to its annual rent for a but you know what way you could I admire the woman as she took her job seriously but I think it would spend a few more minutes talking to please especially. If they're trying to locate your ten year old missing yeah yeah I thank god I don't count how little election time for the if they would just. Why those mirrors down you know understand the mirrors then. I don't go to any of those all that's right horse right. And of the I'm -- what I was thinking that the polls in the middle yeah they're so they're -- they get more fingerprints and the FBI -- A NASCAR star Tony Stewart returned to the racetrack last night. There's still some question about whether -- not criminal charges should be filed against him. Because it's a young driver Kevin ward junior where is senator was jailed. He went out onto the racetrack after crashing going to restore for the crash was not confronting him on the racetrack. And the investigation does continue and there's a possibility that criminal charges will be filed against him in any opinion on that. Why I -- the whole thing is confusing because she apparently the evidence is. It's not a solid. As we wish and I guess that in whatever video we have as it's unclear. So I I can't lay blame you know I I can't imagine a race car driver would kill fellow driver. Yeah I can imagine a race car driver will walk out onto the field but apparently a walk out on the track well not a gentleman's apparently happens more often than we think. Which I mean you know my parents you know told me not to play in the street. And that's something we should learn at a very early days I think it would be very very difficult to prove that he was criminally. Negligent and intended to kill discuss exactly does one of those things -- that happened if you -- join Russia with your comments should -- -- charges filed against Tony Stewart and did you watch the race yesterday last night and ESPN's. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. -- -- Summers a 7870 and here's a Texan Reid's office manager at -- of New Orleans but it's nice to know that here on Labor Day you can go down and get your Porsche. Here's another text selling potato chips and other text and at a bakery. Working to get Tiger Stadium ready for next weekend is a text speech therapist at a skilled. -- nursing facility. And will be here all day and of course and getting text from firefighters are working today so we thank all of you -- on the job today while some analysts are taken a day off. It's -- -- Terry Tucker we'll be right back at WW LS is Labor Day it's Monday September the first 2014. This is the emotional end of summer. And if you pay attention to fashion you're not supposed to Wear. White shoes or seersucker suits. After today you put those six away course -- it stays warm this part of the country so long that I -- -- -- that by expert. At a traditional rulers from. Easter to Labor Day you can where you can Wear white in seersucker suits but I'm sure somebody will be. Now wearing those as well. Here is a tax rebate haven't people texting and working today here's a text out of work -- Makes me wish I was working today. And for those of you who don't like going to work today keep in mind that there are a lot of people who are out of work. Some people would love to be working today. So if you feel a little disgruntled. -- about what the alternative might that he hears a text -- checking the -- station in the city of Hammond. So if you're hammonds and you're going to use. The bathroom at some point today remember there's a guy out there are checking the -- were station. To make sure everything flows for you. And here visit text I'm working offshore fourteen and seven schedules so you guys will. Have 52 popular vehicles say hello -- have a good day skewed here's a text retired. It's still working and that's from sandy. And here's another text now working a forty day turnaround at CF industries as seven days sit down and 32 weeks ago. And if you're working you wanted to issued its attacks -- have Google text him here. It's 877 in order pay attention to those of you who wore actually working today. A Tony Stewart returned to the track last night's races on the disputed did you -- it. I watched a few minutes of it but he he ended up going out of the race a flat tire. But this NASCAR star ever turned to the track in Atlanta last night. For the first time in three weeks and he stayed away from racing since he hit and killed drivers dirt track three weeks ago. The driver Kevin ward junior crashed into the wall he -- Stewart for the crash. And he left his wrecked vehicle and you know I don't watch NASCAR or it is the dirt track racing enough to know that this is a comic thing but he walked out onto the track. He left his rec vehicle and he wanted to confront Tony Stewart because he thought it was Tony Stewart's fault itty bitty -- several cars missed the young driver. But Tony Stewart's car Haiti and killed it. And that is what some people to believe that he did on purpose. -- he wrecked this guy EB Kostis got a crash into the wall and then coming around another lap he hit even killed. Investigation does continue so there's still a possibility that charges will be filed against -- to a but frankly I can imagine how they can prove. That he intentionally kill this guy. And and the argument may be well you know a couple of drivers missed. The guy it's worked out of the way and Tony Stewart -- Wondered about you but I've been on the interstate time swear in a car in front of me. Has swerved out of the way to get out of the way it's something -- tire tread or something on the road. And it's so windy and jump out of the way I almost hit it. So I can see that this guy was wearing all black and wasted nights I can see where Tony Stewart just didn't see the guy I'd be surprised if it -- charges are filed if you wanna join us with comet this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which every -- number is 877. It's -- in the morning for Tommy Tucker today seven Torre to here's another WWL news updates with two Robinson. I've story traffic update it is count down to the saints season opener next Sunday in Atlanta against the falcons I have said this. When I found out -- this -- we're gonna start the season on the road. I'm excited about it it assays were not a great road team last year. And I I'm wondering if if preparing for a team like Atlanta. A big rivalry like that preparing for that your first game on the road. If that is not going to may be in steel. A different mentality for for road games. A throughout the season and it really he's -- -- professionals and they're supposed to play the same regardless of where they start the season I think there might be something positive. About -- season on the road. Against the falcons and we start against a team like that you Donnelly can start the season off with a victory by tear one up on somebody in your division. The falcons have not DNA potent team I recently the way they have been in the past but it's still big rivalry. And it would always make their season to beat the saints. So even though the falcons have not being. And not be in net scary. Scary team that they've been in the past terms of performance. It's still I'm definitely yeah big rivalry so looking forward to looking forward -- that if you and join us with a comment this morning at numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which simply a text number is 8787. -- in fort Tommy Tucker. Other states have -- got down to their 53 man roster Champ Bailey. -- Robert Meachem got. -- beer was surprised the Champ Bailey was cut also love Bobby -- mentions in the article that to -- who wrote for our website or via Google the outcome. Not tune meet meet -- being cut dismay mean Kenny stills. It's not seriously injured however both kickers were cut so I guess it would have to get rid of somebody before they would bring it kicker. I brought up with Mike silly game earlier justice crazy idea that. It is part of Sean -- strategies Woodward has kickers so we always go for two points. And if it's third and long look -- have to make it because we're not gonna kick a field goal always go forward on fourth down. And maybe that's where the and it feels good and not any time soon but that was -- -- and -- thought also the saints are gonna carry three quarterbacks Drew Brees. The McAllen who come in god forbid if anything after priest but they're they've kept right Griffin for tooling. On the on the roster and before running backs are Peter Thomas Mark Ingram. Mary Robinson and to force cadet. And the saints have looked at there are so many people nationally. Who would have more of an objective view of the saint silly people nationally. Who -- talking about the saints winning the division. And they art's -- who are now predicting the saints are going to win the Super Bowl. I believe which might retaliate to -- channel four not long ago predicted the had to make a prediction I would have been the saints who would beat the saints and New England. In the Super Bowl. In February. If you would join us this morning our numbers 260187. Until free 8668890. It's every Texas 87870. Here is a text and no such thing as a Holiday -- trucking. Make a truck drivers stay ladies drop your title ladies don't know don't do that. -- here's a text on my husband is doing honey do list. I was at work. Here's a text thank you for working this Labor Day to make our mornings brighter wealth like major morning's brighter wonderful I love being here so it's not a problem. Here's a text a paramedic you'll have a safe Labor Day and that's from Hammond. If you're paramedic I guess you would want people to have a -- Labor Day because that would mean that you have less to do. If I guess if your paramedic you really don't want anybody to have to come to anything. A boring -- would be a really good day. And since this Labor Day is the emotional end of summer so does it technically come to an end at home later September. But this is the emotional and summer as a time when -- go to school and maybe you as well with respect to school after Labor Day. And there -- school districts around the country that don't go back to school after Labor Day art schools that some people have been school -- I guess almost two weeks ago. But as we come to this emotional end of summer. How was your summer. It was a good was at -- that's a -- of you a pretty general opinion poll. And -- and I remember her coming back to school after a summer vacation and quite often teacher -- say to write a composition or SA. What you did during your summer vacation. -- so even though we're adults were denied their kids anymore what is at that you'll remember we you remember anything about the summer 2014. Good bad or we're just in different. If -- to write an essay. About what you did in the summer of 2014. What stands out in your mind of global talk about that this morning since this is the emotional end of summer are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Steroids every text as a 7870. 731 I'm -- In the morning Tommy Tucker and here's David -- RW WL news updates David you remember going back to school after after Labor Day I mean we didn't start to mid early August like a lot of kids do today. No he was always after Labor Day at -- -- go back to school quite offered the teacher would ask you to write a composition that's at least column right composition about what you did -- -- during its domination does anything stand out in your mind about that is the summer of 2014 because this is the emotional end of summer. Stand -- upon this summer. Let's it got hot but do but it was and is it was and a stifling hot -- and -- -- and that's what I would probably be -- number one thing it wasn't as brutally hot until we got here in August and well what we have like three cool fronts if you want a column that. In July that was pretty darn rare it didn't change the temperature my dogs certainly did change the humidity yeah that was that was a blessing I would stand out for me and also it's -- is you know so far it has been a rather. Mild hurricane season there's that to a tropical. Whether I guess -- typical tropical weather not even depression yet to it out of the game -- -- peachy. And this thing is dissing swept across Cancun palace in mills so anybody who planned on -- they're there Labor Day weekend in Cancun because ago got a lot of rain and that's moved across the Yucatan peninsula. Could develop into a little something may be -- I'm Jim but it looks like -- -- ago. A -- in Mexico but so far is -- and so far again we have a long waiting on the idea but has been you know I'm a mild -- season. That a lot of people had predicted. And that's good anytime we can get a quiet dropper rules Susan it's good. I think about the summer of of 2014. And I think it was a good summer there or not that many things that just I mean I didn't get married I didn't get divorced. Nothing really big tragic happened to fortunately. But died I didn't have any big milestones but did you know there are always those things that happened to you and you'll always remember the summer that it that it happened -- and ID. This summer used to seems like I know you can still get out and do a lot of things especially when the sun goes down but you know with that. Even though it wasn't as hot as past Summers is it just seems like in some ways. I can compared to a winner up north where your -- kind of trapped in that routine. Get me in the air you know yeah like get me in the heat if Europe north. And you're not doing much the well. Exactly when Europe north and it's cold you stay inside and out and it's hot in this part of the country is. Stay inside and yet you're walking down the street to York to the French Quarter you do is begging to walk by one of the doors with the air conditioning blasting out. If you get that -- took -- -- when you're walking down the street. I do anything special happen to you anything special you'll remember about the summer of 2014. If you to join us from the -- this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Nearly seventy and a text number is a 77 he hears a WW a pretty general opinion poll how's your summer. 14%. Say it was bad the 86% say it was good. It was your opinion by going to our web site target of -- to come I'm -- of Tommy Tucker and we'll be back on WL. It's Labor Day this is the emotional lender of summertime it time to put away those lovely white shoes you know you got to really be careful where white -- They can look at. If -- are very tacky. But it's like to put away the white shoes and a seersucker suits all the electoral season fashion -- positive people will still be wearing -- -- the gaelic of them care. It's an eastern till Labor Day review where those those kind of things so we're talking about what we will remember about the summer of 2014. Inning stand out in your mind. I remember going back to school in quite often the teacher its -- right composition. I guess it was a kind of a cop out for the teachers and it was an easy assignment or to give us in the consisting -- about do whatever it is the teachers do. Teachers work hard don't misunderstand me but it was an easy easy assignment force. What did you do during your summer vacation of whatever the year -- what will stand out in your mind about the summer 2014. Our numbers 2601 and seventy. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. At a text numbers 8770. Here's a text that damn good summer mets' Mike to chilly day cool guy. Yes he has and talk to him earlier on the show about the saints. Cutting Champ Bailey Robert Meachem and they're keeping three two quarterbacks which is not to have been the case in the recent past. Here is another Texan Reese I survived cancer this summer who dat. You know we're we think about thinks it may be didn't happen where you know nothing spectacular happened in December think about all the people who. And did things like survive cancer think about all the things that that people had to deal with -- it -- plus it. So there's some things that maybe we should all appreciate about our lives that we sometimes don't appreciate. -- caller called in and said that he's his daughter is in the labor today on Labor Day he's going to be a grandfather. Again. And that will be something to remember this summer but here's an update on our -- -- pretty jaguar opinion poll. -- -- -- Good or bad. 18% say it was bad -- 82%. So it was good. It was your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com coming up after the a morning show here -- to be WL. It will be the best of Garland front and one and in the best of Angela from one to four and then. The second issue with Bobby Hebert and -- to a game like from the silver slipper casino on the beach and Hancock county Mississippi. That's going to be for fortunately. What the cajun cannon and -- -- think about the saints' final 5053. Man roster. Find out about their takes in and they'll take your calls as well. Any surprises. Also on -- second guess and it's going to be talking about the the saints' final pre season game against the at the ravens it was a loss. It was a very boring game -- talk about that and L issues season opening victory. Over Wisconsin. I got a text earlier from somebody who says that they left the game in the third quarter. In Houston. -- issue came back to win. The text said that a lot of people left in the third quarter and they really regretted leaving at this point obviously. -- she did come back a lot of people thought via the score was going to be close. But they didn't expect that -- she would have the conference so far behind to win the game but it was it was an opening day for LSU. And a lot of young players on this team so this is a team that's going to grow over the next couple of years in and and hopefully they can make a run of it this year. But I I saw an LSU team was evolving and maturing during the game and you can have all the practices you can have all the skirmishes that you that you want to have. But nothing replaces. Actually being at a game and it was a team that I thought showed some signs of maturing actually during the first game it was a big victory over fourteenth ranked. Wisconsin. Also I think we should welcome all of the Baptist who went -- there's a Baptist convention. That is now in New Orleans and a decadence fest is still here I'm sure they don't go to the same places. But the blog and I wrote for our web site to decadence fest this year and it's not a bad thing is on our website at WW dot com and our opinions also. On this page so there anything special happening this summer did you beat somebody. Did you get married. Did you but maybe its -- special stand -- in your mind about the summer of 2014 and one of the things we're talking about on the show today. There is an atheist group the freedom from religion foundation that we occasionally talk about them on the -- show. They have filed -- complaint against a high school in Florida. Accusing the school of leading a prayer. For injured player on the field. We'll talk about that in the next hour high school players dropped to one need bowed their heads and prayed for their injured teammate. And it's atheist group felt the complaint. I'm studio for Tommy Tucker it's 750 -- -- Labor Day morning and here's another -- -- -- -- traffic update with -- Robinson it's a Monday morning there's really not as much traffic as you would ordinarily see in a Monday morning and for many who are off today it's going to be a short week because this -- a holiday but we've also been talking about those people who were out working today. And I got a number -- people who are working today because I like to recognize. Those people who go about the year their jobs regularly on a day when. Many people have a holiday because you their people who do have to work. So you can enjoy your day off so if you Doris Anderson Tex if you work today US recognizes some of those who are working on this day. Protection people who have talked about really important things like delivering little Debbie cakes today. Somebody's delivering beer to refuel would be your shields agreed to serve vital vital things that later today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's a text and that -- -- Saturday at air force nickel state game in Colorado Springs he is a humble awesome guy. And we'll try to visit him on the buy you. I hear is attacks about what somebody did over the summer my summer was totally awesome I got confirmed a few weeks ago. And though. Some may find something like that -- completely mundane. It was actually exciting for me and -- as well. And -- shout out to my priest father AJ over Saint Augustine. I was going up in -- and that was my church and episcopal church that's in August incident became Catholic when I got married -- that the first time. Here is a text delivering some quality H two -- from can't put. So if your work and today anyone says the Texas we recognize what you're doing under tow truck drivers there or of course paramedics in there and nurses in the post office had. -- buddies said don't forget about the hurricane -- or checking net. On that whether it's a low pressure system right now that may become a tropical depression but all the spaghetti models have -- go into. Mexico for chooses the cells but I know -- ruling though a lot of vacations for people and -- composite -- this weekend you could send us a text at age 778. Here's a quick update on our WW operating jaguar people this morning how was your summer. Was a good it was a bad. Only 13% say it was bad at 87% say it was good. And is there anything that will stand out in your mind about this past summer. Here's a text that read Cisco at the summer became a father for the third time. And getting my heart stolen. By my first daughter. That's a that's a really nice thoughts. Agent if you didn't -- special over the summer you wanna. A mention that to us our numbers 260270. Tool free 86688. Nines here recipient text number is 87870. There's so some question about Mary Lee Andrews of residency. If she really -- this year the legitimate address in new worlds and talk about that later in the show. And the police Ian Ferguson on Missouri. Police in the suburb of Saint Louis this is where the white officer shot and killed an eighteen year old unarmed. Teenager Michael Brown recently which reason big topic of discussion continues to -- As of now they've all sort of wearing a body camps. This company -- to pay for these body cans and me. Have it's hardware body camps as of today the police chief says the department in Ferguson Missouri has been given. Fifty body -- like two companies. And now they're starting to Wear the devices these devices that attach to their uniforms and record video and audio. And each officer will get used to. Now. I would think. There are private times in an officer's life. When he or she might -- -- Campbell. And they might want to show at the audio off as well. I mean New York Times that. In the privacy of our lives their things that we have to do with and we don't need to share those things with everybody. So. You know I've. I'm hoping from. You know maybe there's a possibility somebody would would forget to to turn the camera off. Conservatives a story office I was working it is to be here -- in mobile for the radio station and the TV station. And there was some news anchor who had -- wireless Mike on pitchers get ready for the news. Well in the process of getting ready for the news. She visited. The room. And she forgot to turn it off. And it's horrible because they were listening in and directors Booth and I thought that was just a horrible invasion of privacy no I didn't actually listen but I I heard about it. I if you do -- our show with a comment about it if we talk about this morning and numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890. It's every -- tech's number is 87870. An atheist group the freedom from religion foundation. Has filed a complaint against the seminal high school in Sanford Florida accusing the school of leading a prayer. For an injured player on the field this is on the foxnews.com. -- opinion page. High school players dropping to the needs spelling their heads spring for an injured players had a problem. I'm -- -- for Tommy Tucker and we'll be back on WW well.