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09-01 810am Scoot Show in for Tommy: Labor Day Topics: Jobs, religion and Lassie

Sep 1, 2014|

WWL's Scoot in for Tommy Tucker talks about several topics with WWL callers including, job satisfaction, religion and Lassie.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm very happy Labor Day do you David yes sir it's a holiday to celebrate the contributions of the American workers but. This holiday really began more celebrating the American labor movement says it's sort of by the central labor union the knights of labor. It was president Grover Cleveland who declared the first Monday in September to be Labor Day and it was an 1887. Lot of people -- off but a lot of people are working and I continued to get -- of those people who are working today. Troopers in New Orleans. Cab drivers. Here's the text I'm working. The whole day. I'm doing Holm whole health therapy I love helping people and I'm grateful for a wonderful job and that's from Mike yeah I I I love to hear people who who love their jobs. And it and not everybody does one of -- don't know. But I did get a text from a couple of people who said they would love to be working today because they don't have a job. So even if you don't like your job be grateful that you have a job today now got a paycheck coming in cannot help he's just yeah I love to hear from like. -- therapy person because. That's gotta be tough I could not do with it. Yeah hours yeah just I couldn't do that I'm grateful that there are other people who could do these it takes a very special the first American you know can do that have a job -- and then do be good that -- Too and I couldn't like that worked at a funeral home. I know by America I mean I'm glad that there are people who can do that because we need people to do that I'm not criticizing the job but it's just does something that I could. I just it takes a certain type of person to be able to do that and I'm I'm not one of the -- -- maybe they have a sense of humor that. We don't see well I know I see behind the scenes and I'm sure kid around all because you've got to it. It's a depressant because what is -- not joking about your relative. Put it this -- yeah. -- I hear -- attacks at Barca for Winn-Dixie better known as the -- people this is a big grilling holiday taking care of peoples' knees so -- at their. Who's selling those things to you for the party they got to be there to how to get out here and if you're going after being. And make sure you take out a small long before you go pick my goodness I've there was a lottery. On Saturday and it still amazes me errors are driving in some of the heaviest rain Saturday afternoon NIC people driving with Al their lights on in the ring when it's when it's dark. It just -- amazes me that people would get behind the wheel of a car with that kind of mentality. And then to turn out to be a nice day yesterday at 30% chance of -- nicely today -- -- it -- brisk -- -- -- -- a place where amber Jack used to be. And it will stand -- cancer playing out there. And it was packed and -- they're trying to bring back this this sense of going to withstand. On Sunday afternoons. And it was a great afternoon for an afternoon yesterday -- lot of people who listen to the station in North America. All of them forward saying nine. -- decadence testes in town also be baptists convention is in New Orleans and I'm not sure that they're gonna cross pass by it. Yeah that's again that's kind of an unusual combination which other sort of people who were critical of of New Orleans for its decadence not just decadence -- that I think it's an honor that. Jehovah's Witnesses and that the baptists would select New Orleans. -- at Kansas City their had a convention now and here's a text to listening to WWL here in Florida through the Internet. I'm working today I'm a Baptist pastor. A serving church here in Central Florida and thank you for your willingness to work today it communicate with -- I hope -- have a -- day -- and I hope you have -- -- today as well so yeah they're going to be religious people who -- gonna be working as well. If you -- to join us with a comment about anything we're talking about on this Monday morning Labor Day our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Text a 7870 I'm scared of -- soccer. And we'll be back to give you well all right it's a Monday morning but a holiday for many have you some of you might actually be a wake up this morning and you just taken back and relaxing maybe a planning on doing some grilling today. This is the emotional end of summer so we've been talking about what kind of summer 2014 was here's an update on our WW property -- opinion poll how was your summer. 15% say it was bad but here's the good -- 85% say it was good. -- your opinion by going our -- of sector behavioral dot com traffic flow through our show also is we talk about people who were working today. -- job that you're grateful. That somebody else is doing. Because you could just never do that job. Numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688907. Texas 877 here's a text I worked at a funeral home selling pre need. Creepy place when no one else was there -- the unanswered sounds. Left after three months that's from -- here's a text delivering bunny -- all day and other text Coca Cole attack. And are working left my family sleeping shall -- the money -- detects selling cars Toyota style. Here's a text this could have been listening to use that you were doing rock and roll now and 57 and still listening to your crazy self LOL big daddy big daddy glad to have realistic. I Courtney year and a VW on good morning. Good morning -- identities into you. Public speaking in Iraq and mediate is I think sometimes a little bit overboard. I think in thinking. And prime example that quick I'm from up north and I saw it from that original belly dancer he contracted -- Unfortunately. -- -- -- repeat. -- -- me out I think it. Memorial for him at his mother can't -- cremated. And the picket the I can -- give them. Yet and Courtney let's not to you don't want once again we find ourselves. Talking about a group he can't label all atheists. By -- here -- some. But I would agree with you mean the the atheist who or radical and if you just joined us this morning there's an atheist group the freedom from religion foundation. And they filed a complaint against the seminal high school. In Sanford Florida accusing the school's leading a prayer for injured player on the field so did did the team gets down on one knee they've bowed their heads and pray for an injured player. And -- -- these are complaining. Well if you're you know if you're an atheist player and you resist tampering -- I can understand that complaint but if that is the prayer doesn't. It doesn't affect you when you don't have to join in the prayer so I don't know with a complaint comes. I understand I was and their doctor killer who did abortion. And he was that theory that got a lot of people didn't understand and didn't know why do. Are there are a lot of people women that -- Back door which. And he made it -- -- and choose to where he had to Wear bullet proof that. To protect our house. And he got doing. The church separate it might do I understand. That -- poster that. But I took some time we can go a little -- -- what can do we become. We know -- in the Perkins back. Opposing. During that. Well. Eat it I think if you're against that. And -- that you know well. I I agree and it's truly ashamed that did that people who oppose abortion because they think it's the killing. -- child. They're the ones who were threatening adults -- that doesn't seem the right to be the right way to protest him immunity to can't kill somebody in a 300 trimester whenever it would be. You know it's. I need to and I understand it well I have friends at eight. You know. You have to do it clean in a manner that is not implementing because Giambi kind of you become tired. -- no better than people -- our -- -- I appreciate you calling -- showing you have a have a great -- today if you're -- stay with -- for coming right back with more your calls on -- in the morning on this Monday morning for Tommy Tucker. Here's attacks are working today cashier Cracker Barrel work for an airline flying for you. On to two more oh here's another text a truck driver working today -- one of my job. If your -- stay with us for coming right back with more -- congress -- like traffic -- -- -- -- one but here's another WWL traffic update with -- Robinson there is a national study out showing that it's. For teen drivers it's it's it's better if you've been smoking pot been drinking. That doesn't mean it's good to smoke pot and drive. And a lot of people are gonna misinterpret that oh well see it there's nothing wrong with smoking pot and they are going to be people who will interpret that we will talk about little bit later in the show. There's an atheist group the freedom from religion foundation they filed a complaint against the seminal high school in Sanford Florida that was the setting for. The whole controversy with a -- on Martin George -- They've accused the school of leading a prayer for an injured player I saw this side Todd starts. Writes an opinion column for a foxnews.com. And talks about this a high school player -- being injured. The players dropping to one -- is with players often do they -- their heads and pray for an injured player. And this this atheist group is complaining about this because they said it was a school led prayer. A country where a lot of people. Believe. The Supreme Court never rule that prayer is not allowed in school. They simply ruled that a school led prayer is unconstitutional because the school. Is a branch of the government so would essentially be a government led prayer. But contrary to what a lot of people Levy -- -- in mean your kids can pray in school the school can't lead a prayer. And you exit discussion comes up quite often if you could have one prayer holding you have to have other prayers based on what we've. How we do things in America we welcome all religions so if you have one prayer. What prayers secondly. If you have one that you have another he can be happy if it's somebody else's prayers -- -- in a controversy. But for atheist group to complain about students praying for a for an injured player I just think disputes abandoning atheists. And I know there -- a lot of Christians who I don't like -- period I know people who replaced. Obviously I don't agree with them out religiously. But there are. They're not bad people they choose to. Not believe and that's that's their right but they're not bad people. This atheist group though is one of the fanatical atheist groups in the country I think it's a shame that they would. Would complain about praying for and injure players. That doesn't how does that affect them. If you're not forcing the atheists to pray in -- an atheist -- and you know just don't pay attention to the prayer. If you gonna join Russia would comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Here which appear tech's number is 877. -- -- WW good morning. Eight point -- are you -- expert on call on our policy of the aisle every day. Formally at war -- called. Corporate start -- in the last week at how old board -- -- 8 o'clock in our etiquette and our front -- that's okay. Struggle to adult say hello who has. And -- -- witness. So up the -- so they. Have a good morning. So it ought to kitchen sit there at the table you know any joke about ten units -- -- -- -- talk about it says. You know really not -- and equipment in before. Gary appreciate appreciate you calling -- Joseph. You know they've been times in my life when I've been home alone and I've just been hoping that -- over Swiss open the -- -- like to talk to somebody. Very -- on WWL -- good morning. Are the -- -- change good or even an outlook record rains and we knew we we've we've been a well. This year. And we in for. Well be one. Suitable candidate and ordered. -- -- -- Along the -- would act in a real they greatly night cultural jokes. -- level on the equipment down but now here we are or are you reported that one. Very there's so many experts who would have an objective view of the saints who are very -- on the saints is a lot of buzz about the saints being -- not only a playoff contender but all a lot of people are predicting the saints are. Are going to make it to the Super Bowl and maybe even win the Super Bowl but you know it's a long season don't know a lot Hester a lot has to happen no players need to stay healthy and you know you never know what's gonna happen that one play can change. Player and teams and destiny that year. What it would -- of the other Major -- Welcome but you know odd man -- a -- We would like the one who wouldn't it be limited. In what he. Does compatible about simple. -- -- -- We went to order and now there's a bunker bring -- albeit a and we have our ability. -- one of the Hubble and. Barry what's your thought about the saints' opening this season against the falcons on the road you feel good or bad about that. I'm kind of look at what was shall we -- now I think -- that we got nobody knew anybody anywhere but we -- -- Don't well -- and they always there and we. Noted we do. Let them replace their home but it occurred to me and had outlook patent. In the world -- there -- better well. But -- the saints get ready for like a rivalry game like -- against the falcons in the Mercedes-Benz superdome as the season opener at home and oh yet now we got to travel. I like the idea that this team is gonna get road tough right away that they're gonna have to prepare and be ready for road game season over against a rival like the -- I think it's going to be a positive thing. At -- Moulin -- coming we with the problem -- in the spirit there personally and opt out of parliament to Kabul. And on paper but it would be very diplomacy and Biden well me out there on the road -- are -- are. A lot of very glad to call the show have a happy Labor Day today if you wanna join us with your comment about anything we're talking about its Labor Day morning -- WL. Our numbers 260187. -- told offering 86688. Nines -- it's evident. And a text number six -- seven. It's 831 I'm -- in the morning for Tommy Tucker and here's David -- with -- to be WL news updates they've we've continued to talk about those people who are working today you know -- -- -- something if you need to go get some Beers somebody's got to sell it to -- so there are people who were working so. You can have a nice day today. Here is -- Texas to look out of your window and see the carnival elation crews that were I'm working on this beautiful Labor Day who'd cats go saints are just -- that Brasilia cruise ship that went on like my first Kreutz last summer rally at. I can just imagine what it's like on that day when you for the crew. When they ship. Comes -- sure you've got all the people getting off in all the people getting all on the same day that and it's just got to is like. It's like you get on that that cruise ship and it's like herding cats. You know on the people are going to everywhere I don't know -- luggage ever ends up getting actually two year you cabin but it I I've respect those people -- -- appreciate you. -- is that text tell us a lot of hard work gone on our board. And here's a Texan -- saints have no kicker that is not good idea the saints had Nokia can make the cuts are Robert Meachem and -- cut Champ Bailey among others. They're keeping three quarterbacks at this point. And they have no kicker so I was talking to Mike Chile earlier about this what does the saints strategy is to. Just always go for two points don't take an extra point and always go for a fourth down a field goals and -- just go for it. We have no kick we have no kicker we have no choice we're just gonna go boy I don't think so I don't think it's gonna happen but it would be assisting. Philosophy concept. I think they've got somebody in mind there probably here in town signing the papers right now. David is a lot of stuff on TV a lot of TV marathons this Labor Day also a couple of specials. Houdini. New movie about -- Houdini. Is on the History Channel the unauthorized saved by the -- story which is based in a book written by screech. Reactors Dustin diamond. I never really watched saved by the bell so that doesn't mean anything to me but it might mean something to those few who worked into the show trying to figure out who we stating you know. Now on there is a -- marathon today on TBS. Rambo film series on AMC -- called -- criminal lines on a ending. I'm honestly doubt Houdini. That's -- senator intrigued me I I I love the who first Houdini I -- I don't know I think there have been others but there was with the Tony Curtis. As soon as REIT I remember that I thought that -- phenomenal and he was a very interesting guy and in. One of the things that he he promised he would do -- he he was an escape artist. And he'd he'd promised he vowed to escape death. And so they are people like I believe he died on on Halloween so we're following their people who to this day still take Houdini might come back from the dead. On on Halloween all the noise yet he's yet to escape death but he even said that he was gonna escaped death. On there's the Star Trek movie marathon on the scifi channel I have never seen entire short track. And are more than movies Altamont I've never seen a good good good tune newest ones our views are right I guess they stayed away from it because I was concerned it's it's I hadn't been watching Star Trek I really wouldn't get it dollar. Not know you'll be fine with the new or one screws or take you back to when everybody was used to -- -- broken and kind of taking up through the academy in not evident. And the they look so much like. That the originals you know I've completely different actors. I think you'll be fine start off with I'm I don't try to get another -- guy but I know this'll a lot of a lot of messages sent and now things that are very significant philosophy and things like that that are very prominent in its Star Wars. Also was another show that I never watched of the Walton says that TV series is in a marathon today on the Hallmark Channel. And I could never watchable is that it just always looked so sad to me he now sand I could are one of my favorite shows and not could not deal with sand and sentimental. And then there's this Saturday Night Live marathon on TV in the days of those are just a couple of the marathons if you wanna hang out watching TV today. An atheist group the freedom from religious foundation has filed -- two played against high school in Sanford Florida. Accusing the school of leading a prayer for an injured player on the field. So the high school players dropped two when he dollar heads as many players do and they pray for an injured teammate. And this has led to an official complaint from the -- these group. Is that warranted. Mean I would think if you're not forced to pray then you know so what if it's not directed deal with united -- to to say a prayer than letting go. If you were to join us with a comet -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text. Is -- 77. I'm scoot it Tommy Tucker we'll be right tackle and -- -- you well we had a lot of rain on Saturday they're really really heavy rain some areas -- actually flooded but he target to be a really nice day yesterday and it looks like it's going to be a nicely today 30% chances of showers. I mentioned right before the break that it -- -- Walton says television marathoner. On the Hallmark Channel today and it was on the shows I never could watch it just seemed like it was so. And we orient itself cinemanow and I couldn't watch it here's a text did you watch last C that was sad. You know lassie was sad end but I have to admit I did watch it sometimes just the thing that always amazing about -- Is they can always tell exactly what the dog was saying take lassie what is it. Yeah. It. Timmy filling the well. Last seat waiting to be following the well. -- really. Well he fell in the well on that the north pasture near the fence. What else -- Are now I don't know I'll -- via -- if you treat later but it just amazing to me -- always forget exactly what lassie was saying the door was part really is that we're Timmy is. If -- to join us in the comment about any at a separate talk about the soaring numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. It's heavier -- Amber's late 77. Also we've talked about a Tony Stewart the NASCAR -- returning to track last night he went out with a flat tire. -- -- that you know that's something that sounds like it happens to just an everyday driver not a NASCAR driver but they can have a flat as well. Tony Stewart was returning and to the track -- three weeks after a young driver was killed Kevin ward junior and dirt track race a Tony Stewart's. -- was. According to this young driver wizard accused of running him into the wall he crashed with a young driver got out of his vehicle. Went onto the track to confront Tony Stewart Tony Stewart hitting -- killed. Others investigation does continue and we don't know if criminal charges will be felt like I can imagine that they would find enough evidence to prove. The Tony Stewart did that on purpose and even though a couple of cars miss Tony Stewart just does seem like he did that on purpose also we've we've talked about this atheist group. That has filed a complaint against a seminal high school and Sanford Florida. Accusing the school of leading a prayer for an injured player on the field. Now there are there are videos that apparently shows that there was no actionable. On teacher leading the prayer and then there was some charge of it a team chaplain but according to this article from a tot start to I don't always agree with. Opinion on page a foxnews.com. He says there's no there's no. Team chaplain and these were were just the kids that there are no pictures of adults. Are participating and so these were kids just getting down on one knee and and praying and and again it it seems to me that if you're an atheist -- will be an atheist but. If we're not forcing you to do something and don't worry about the fact that it's it's being done. Here's a Texan -- like there was an old southern Baptist preacher in 1961. While we were living in New Mexico he approached the new Mexico state legislature in an effort to -- school led prayers his contention wise that is -- is there was math in school. There'll always be prayer Chris I prayed before math -- and although I think there were some times that god didn't hear that prayer -- it. I he he this text goes on to say that. His -- Went on to prevent what he thought was -- going to be forthcoming. Hindu Muslim Buddhist and satanic prayers being allowed as well way ahead of -- time. You can't stop folks from praying. But you gotta keep it and but you gotta keep the church and the state separate and and I agree with that you know it. You can -- and your kids can bring in school. But do you believe -- the school to lead the prayer. Because then they would have to welcome the prayers. And he really about the prayers in the school. I executed Tommy Tucker it's 852 and here's another WWL a traffic update with Cheryl Robinson to talk about. Sort -- at the Walters have watched a Walton said that brought up a conversation might lassie because lassie was a sand showed tutor or watch last year has said yes and I just it was talking about now everybody knew exactly what lassie was saying you know did the dogs barking but people do at last he was saying. Here's a Texan rates do lassie that last -- get termite dogs in to fans of the show. They stopped at attention and stared at the radio. Another text reads you'd never know what lassie release sent playing that clip got two of my six dogs barking back. They use there what's going on bark seemingly. Wanting more information. You know you think about last year this was an innocent time and I was a little kid wouldn't win last he was on. In the dogs seem to know everything really Smart dog and everybody knew exactly when last he was saying even though the dog which used to party but. I wonder if lassie percent in the world that we live in today ordered it would be a little different. For example if if this was a scene in in -- today. Yeah. -- -- Serious. Really. -- was smoking behind the barn -- year and a BW a good morning. And it's good I'm glad -- which is put on Ellen good because note -- my belt fit you can only take one of those old chosen subtitled who would you want to. -- I think the content would be a little different today. Yeah what you put anything you want an all out in the same as being the person that would put Atlanta. He's setting up then -- -- let these but now we look ring contends that. What do -- intends I have a vague memory of that show as well. Don't like -- like military. And -- And you could tell what we intend to embassy and not putt good. But -- -- the watch. Like he showed a little bit to the immediate thing and let the out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are veterans of foreign shows nothing you said about their shows. Larry come on give -- -- -- welcome back Cotter component in via. -- I'm gonna have to get to a news break year do you wanna hang onto the news. Yeah I just go ahead and hang on and if for some reason we get disconnected you call us back marriage it was to make a comment about the atheist group that filed -- complaint against a high school in Sanford Florida. Accusing the school's leading a prayer for an injured player on the field we've got a lot more talk about I astute in the Tommy Tucker one WWL.

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