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WWL>Topics>>09-01 910am Scoot Show in for Tommy: Decadence Festival

09-01 910am Scoot Show in for Tommy: Decadence Festival

Sep 1, 2014|

WWL's Scoot in for Tommy Tucker talks about the Decadence Festival with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You lasting effect appreciate you -- Blassie. Did you that we were you amazed that it would -- but this just a few minutes ago -- when -- he was on you know -- would -- and -- -- exactly but -- he was saying -- absolutely as leader of the that they -- -- they do exactly what you're saying I couldn't figure that out. And today Jay has. Stayed on through the -- through the news break and energy was talking about he couldn't understand what -- said he knew exactly what Rin Tin -- was -- are really knows yet you what what what what was retention saying most of the time. Whatever my conscience was known. As well. -- don't give -- your. Opinion article and that's what exactly. I'm an old Larry -- felt noble. -- yeah either going to be some showers on and off today but nothing like we had this Saturday and I hope everybody remembers to turn their lights on -- -- I was in the heaviest rain Saturday afternoon and there's still people driving around without there lights on and and there are people who drive without their lights on but they found out it. Okay this is dangerous so it's it's. It's their instinct to turn on their hazard lights David does it bother you when people are driving around that the lights on in the ring are ya. This is just for me it's an automatic thing I know she got a new to our roof on your car. General top yes I did -- well -- -- was important to you were to drop and -- a border -- carded at a few years -- Whoever and don't. And the debate is am stations that you hope forceful. A hope for -- oh yeah we're talking about atheist is as well. I know what when you open something that's sort of like a prayer. Well it's it's a -- don't be don't do it or. A prayer line and then I I actually I say a prayer for them because I'm concerned about what might happen to. That's correct in a yeah. Secrecy keep and I'll I'll pray that that just what I did. Well we're talking about your retirement this atheist group of freedom from religion foundation they filed a complaint against seminal high school in Sanford Florida that was the city where. They or trip on Barton their shooting took place and throw Georgia which nearby they accuse the school's leading a prayer for an injured player on the field. This comes from a -- source columnist foxnews.com the opinion page. And high school players dropped to one -- bowed their heads and pray for the -- player ended the atheist upset about it. Well you know I played football -- it would route to a -- say a prayer for you know whatever. Some people say something people don't think recipient will ignited -- -- -- -- -- well I think is this. It's doing. Anything else that it is in cause trouble. Well if you're probably right in and I think it's also fair to point out that you know there are a lot of atheists and have this live and let live attitude. And there -- a lot of atheist it would not to what would not file a complaint. That they were just you know okay wells fine as long as we don't have to pray that's finder and you don't even that is not like it was a prayer there was prayed over the loudspeaker but. You know why would they complained they just some people are saying a prayer for this injured player. If it doesn't affect you I think that's what we need to remember about life in general if something doesn't affect you don't be so offended that somebody else is doing it. Don't make an issue on goal but anyway I appreciate yet. It me or not and -- into the back in. I'm going to college. In other I guess there are few people who don't listen to this show everybody else who's in the rain with the lights on their obviously our our listeners and in the rest of the -- and -- with the like driving with Arctic Wear out their lights on May not -- But I do that that that's an important thing for us to remember about this this atheist group in their complaint. Against his high school. Is something. Doesn't. In -- view. And is taking place. Why are you complaining about it. And this really leads me into decadence to test which continues today I mentioned this morning -- for star of the show at 6 o'clock. I mentioned that this morning at 4 o'clock when I was coming to station. The French Quarter. Was -- Canal street -- the beginning of canal and urban crowd -- it looked like a Saturday night and it. All 2 o'clock in the morning mean I was a little surprise and I know it's Sunday and today's Labor Day so it is a holiday for a lot of people but a lot of people are working but it was crowded. Some of the vendors that the lucky dog wagon were still opted -- and canal some of the vendors are selling there. Items on canal street it was really really crummy people were still out having a good time at 4 o'clock in the morning. Now part of the excitement of this weekend is definite stance there a lot of families into countless a lot of families on -- street. Saturday night actually mainly Saturday afternoon I've got to I took a walk and they're worse there was a big show. With a Dolly Parton lookalike on government street. I think was -- around bourbon Orleans. It was just it was it was packed now I I mentioned that since this was during decadence fest. I thought it usually -- portion. But that I thought that it was a it was an impersonator and then I had to stop and think well OK it might not even be a mania I mean it might not even be a woman. Not only was it -- did because it because it's decadence fast but it talking about not complaining about things that that don't affect you. Decadence -- and come to your neighborhood. And there are people who were opposed to decadence as I wrote a blog about this and we talked about it the other night. -- dispute Sheila decadence Estes here. There's not a bad thing and it's still like turning on our website WWL dot com our opinions and also in the dispute page. But this is not something that comes to you it doesn't just show up in your neighborhood so if you wanna avoid decadence -- You can avoid it. If you wanna participate you can participate. And I saw many many heterosexuals. Including myself and the woman -- swift. -- and we were enjoying the justice the atmosphere. But there are people who who today in the world we live it. What do it's -- -- falls in in other people's lives. When what other people are doing don't really affect him. And decadence -- something that. That the city wants. Experts say that an estimated 100 million dollars coming into the city and from the studies that are different. On and homosexuals have more disposable income on average than heterosexuals so this is a group that is welcome to many different cities. But if if this is something that just happens in the quarter and you don't wanna be part of it will then that's fine. Just Politico and and maybe I talk about the slot on the Scotia indict your deputy you'll maybe we shouldn't be so quick to. To try to be involved in the lives of of other individuals in the same thing with these atheist if if if you're not required to say the prayer. And if you can't hear the prayer. This sort of people -- I mean I pray at a regular basis and I might be saying a prayer LaMont is a walking down the street. I might be walking by you you can't be offended by that and you never know you don't ever know what somebody's thinking. And anytime somebody's thinking that could be actually saying a prayer. So if something doesn't affect you why have -- become a nation where there are so many people who were so willing to get involved in the lives. Of other people there -- it tell other people what they can and cannot do even if what they're doing. Is. Not affecting. If you would enjoy pressure with a -- this morning are numbers 260187. Toll free 86688907. Year tech's number is 87870. But it was a time this country we have a lot of respect for -- But the concept of live and let live. In a concept seems to have gotten lost in America. And contrary to the fear that many people wish to instill in the general population the truth is that something like -- -- -- Does not influence impressionable young minds and it doesn't serve as an opportunity to recruit young people into life of homosexuality. -- is a loss of respect for the idea of live and let live but they were far too many Americans who. Continue in this crusade to -- tell other people -- delights I think we need to remember that right to privacy is a precious right in America. And that includes rice that you might not necessarily agree with I think it was Ron Paul who said during the campaign when he was running for president. Ron Paul said I don't agree with what a lot of people do but I agree with their right to do it. And if it doesn't affect you then shouldn't we believe. Let things go and and and get back to this idea that you live in -- if what you do doesn't directly affect me then. Why I'm gonna try to stuff before doing it. But yet there there's this passionate so many people have today according to try to stop other things that people were doing even though it doesn't affect him. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. -- -- say 7870. -- skirts in the morning and for Tommy Tucker. It's Labor Day morning and we'll be right back into the WL it's Monday morning September the first the emotional end of summer 2014. Summer runs emotionally from Memorial Day to Labor Day it's time to put awaited summer clothes although it's still not going to be plenty warm here for awhile. So I wouldn't put those systems are close to four away but if you really wanna pay attention to fashion which of course I don't do. I you wanna put away the white shoes. You know I hope you know win to Wear white shoes -- not everybody does in that can be kind of tricky. Also you wanna put away the seersucker suits if you do want to follow those anxious both aware that actually predicted this is the emotional and -- summertime. So we were talking earlier about the summer 2014. I hope this has been a good summer for you and -- Debian to a party general opinion poll is -- was a summer for. Was a good or was it bad. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com and loved each other poll coming appeared in just a few minutes. -- Labor Day is a holiday to a celebrates the contributions of the American worker and distorted now to -- a celebration of the American labor movement. A sort of by the central labor union and the -- of labor. -- was president Grover Grover Cleveland who declared the first Monday in September Labor Day. I -- 1887 but it -- has it become a -- day when we just terror recognize the American worker. However a lot of people are off today but a lot of people are working today so other people can have a good day off. Are you work -- ideal if you job. Are you grateful that somebody else is doing something today because it's a job that you could never do what -- about Johnson can talk about that as will sports. Got a text. Here that says Cisco and you and I both remember opening day 1973. Win the road falcons. Beat our saints at home 62 to seven. Time for a little retribution. I do remember that game -- it is indeed a painful painful memory. It is count down to the saints falcons season opener this Sunday. In Atlanta and as I said I'm like the way the I like the way this this team looks like they were gonna open the season on the road. Here's a text about deck at its best the problem is certain parties want to make that area of the French Quarter fairly friendly. But we all know that's the -- spot. -- in the year don't -- all the gay -- -- Downtown service industry has always had a large amount of -- And they spend money and do their own thing some feel the need to advertise. Like we can't tell -- I think that's where. Some people feel infringed upon. Well in terms of of the flags what what's your concern about about the multi colored rainbow gay flight. If if your kids don't know what that means why would you tell. In my brother to me it -- story what -- oldest daughter was ten years old. They got the -- Korea -- they live in mobile they got to the -- exit and it was. It was a gay pride raider tickets faster which it was something. And she she comedy they saw they saw a lot of gays dressed up in drag interest -- outrageous outfits. And his daughter said. Daddy why are those people dressed like that and the still need to go into any detail -- of their their the proxy for Halloween. Not that that was a great answer me -- with feels the need to explain tour our kids sometimes thinks that they don't need to understand they don't understand. And just given the information they need. Also we when you when you talk about the the news coverage when you see things something like decadence fest. The news cameras. Don't highlight the street looking homosexuals. They don't highlight the professionals. The blue collar workers. The retail employees the business owners the could easily be mistaken for heterosexuals. News cameras focus on. The most outrageous extreme members of any group. And decadence yes there are gay pride parade is an example of that. So it's unfair to judge an entire group by those who make it on the news. Barrier on WWL good morning. The good morning I a good. You know it let Nancy. -- and talk about. Decadent that -- and stuff like. And not. I'm kind of confused. And that it -- OK. It you know that people behavior and and and that's fine if -- -- here. But last -- my neighbor's house got broken and it is they got stolen you know I was -- -- so it. It's so it's not a market that no one 101. Protect. You know. You know I I don't -- point any thing. You know anything I mean I have nothing -- -- -- but you young people accept sure I understand that can't be me. Well it's real simple -- the two things that you talk about the the stealing things and killing people that involves an innocent victims -- involves that involves -- that's a threat to our security whereas. If if gays want to have -- -- -- in the French Quarter that's not something that that affects you and it doesn't hurt anybody else. Right so if there. Is a straight man with committing. Sexual morality what he's on trial court gay man next. And an excellent morality when a child would that be okay is. No because the child as a victim. Which are given to any deals. Well I don't know the need to teach your children anything about that that they ended that people should be accepted. Globally -- -- molesting a child is something is totally different from it gave -- decadence or gay rights. Yet but we did exactly what will. What we're at one thing except -- -- but it's still true in that -- You can -- -- you know are obviously you have your beliefs but. You know there are people who who who your your kids are exposed to people who. Have Montrose of pornography at all. Therapy and who -- back. And your body is fighting and take it step -- -- there in my children would be involved in looking at the pornography. But it -- out of practice father. And and and and get a lot of happy in another bank meant that acute situation -- Sexual morality back inspect the -- would totally -- -- Which is not okay. Well the that there are a lot of things are okay. You laden you might it are you a Christian. OK so would you oppose Jews because they don't accept Christ the way you do. Absolutely not an expert what's the difference in the -- there for -- -- -- They're celebrating in the air -- believe. And giving what what their work thank god and that would let you know network -- their which is sexual -- Yeah area early on -- -- -- you know that's enough of that conversation in amateur changes aren't you certainly changed mine went. You know that certainly is reflective of the way a lot of people think I'm not here to change your ideas of what you think is moral and what you think is immoral. Parts world sinners and the point news. Decadence fest doesn't come to view and you might disagree with that lifestyle for whatever reason. But should you. Should you be judgmental of decadence fast. I'm missing and waited if you're Christian you might not believe flipped Jews believe when the religious of people in religions believe. But you should be accepting. Of their religion. -- studio for Tommy Tucker it's 9:31 August Labor Day morning and here's our WWL news updates with David -- And David it's it's a trend and I'm sure you've seen is even some businessman who were at more casual setting nowhere suits are there -- sport coat and -- work shoes and no socks. -- and wearing no socks is kind of the cool thing to do today. -- but there were some people walking around during decadence test and that's all they were wearing socks it's. Or a -- Or who. A series it but I have to I have all they had on -- I have to be honest with you there. There were numerous. Numerous. On bachelorette parties. There were numerous families in town this weekend on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter for an America that. And they're they're part of it and you know there's a concentration of decadence faster one part of the quarter but. One of the the quarter it is not somehow transformed. Into anything other than it it ordinarily is -- on auto wicket -- And it is -- its users may see more people. Wearing off team well the -- But it's like I mean I have -- the earth there were a few of those -- -- many many very decadent. Outfits and but it that there are more people who were just go out there to have fun and -- maybe it loosened up a little more bladed knife to rely I don't know gaga you got out of there. Just thought Casey did it into the but day -- -- boom it was today it was as far as I know I mean a guy we stamp by two women during a robbery -- yeah. Yeah TDs looking for for those perpetrators. But it was a relatively peaceful weekend and there are a lot of the -- I guess I just have memories of my parents bring us downtown. When Weaver kits that you bring us downtown to show was the gays but they brought us downtown and that we we we saw allegation. Drag queens and hard drives -- -- was growing up we saw that today in New Orleans and so growing up with that I just I find it -- and also. You know that was a time in my life when I was young and married in and to go on radio doing music radio. And when Disco for started the best places to go dance for the gay bars in the quarter are now and and nobody said anything about it to me nobody was up in arms about it. You tell if you go to we gave -- today and they think we you must began. -- to me that's ridiculous because you know you go to the Virgin Islands and nobody brings up that issue. So I do I really. I I don't I can't change people's lines but I think we should investigate ourselves when it comes to a to judgement of others and I just. I don't think the site of somebody who might appear we -- is something that is going to somehow distorting impressionable. Young mind in. And you got I sent out a tweeted over the weekend and day use I I I saw some almost like -- and -- of heterosexuals holding hands with each other. To right there in the middle of decadence -- they got the straight people are holding hands with each other so. You know it's it's not what you think it is if you don't go in that's the cool thing you don't have to go -- -- your doctor Gartner. If you wanna join us for the comment this morning at numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- separate attacks is a 77. Politics coming -- -- get to your text here just a moment cent per year and a VW on the morning. Ellis and. I will put sand on hold -- get a chance to check back adversity she's still there. Here is attacks had res due to remember a picturing of people blame the festival. Offered damage that was done. I it was god punishing New Orleans for hosting yes there are people who have blamed. Hurricanes Katrina included. For the French Quarter and homosexuality. Which I find really interesting the kindest. What about all the other people who were -- art. And and Pat Robertson of the 700 club Paris has been known to be very controversial when he. When he talks about. God's wrath God's punishment I don't know why -- since hurricanes I -- I don't know. I can't explain it I noted there are challenges in our -- but I I don't think that people are being punished because of of whether. I don't think people were punished because of a tornado or earthquake in Pat Robertson and -- there was a series of tornadoes that hit I wanna say Indiana somewhere and middle part of the country. He said that people were not praying enough. So I guess god punished all the people. Who were praying to along with those who worked quite praying enough. In any event I don't think an -- winter is a -- in fact in a Pat Robertson was critical of of the French Quarter amid the French Quarter has been known. To be a place where. Gays feel comfortable. That's not do. That's in the case since I was introduced the French Quarter as a kid. And so he blames. The French Quarter and -- and -- things like that for hurricane. Hurricane hit North Carolina. Where Pat Robertson is based. Soul. What is he going -- Against either assisted there's there's so many. There's so many loose ends when it comes in the kind of argument if you at a join us for the comments are numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688907. XX Amber's -- 7870. Here's a text do you know what the definition of decadence is what's so good about it. Why didn't say it was good decadence is. Yet the technical death I don't have an infinitely but the technical the technical definition of decadence is. On flamboyant. Outrageous. Costumes. Behavior. Know the definition of in and of itself might not be necessarily a positive thing but again if it doesn't bother you why worry about it. I'm -- Tommy Tucker. And the -- back but it WLI the saints are down to their 53 man roster Champ Bailey Robert Meachem both cuts both kickers cut states have no kicker right now. And for the first time in a long time their keep being three quarterbacks. Drew Brees of course and and and to back cuts. This'll be a big discussion tonight on the second to second -- show with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia life from the silver slipper casino. On the beach in Hancock county Mississippi. For four and -- also they'll be talking about L issues big come from behind victory over Wisconsin Saturday night. 20/20 four. You know people thought it was going to be close games and I don't think anybody thought that Wisconsin was gonna get that far out ahead. And LSU and come back like that to two in the game and I got -- sexually for somebody who -- I know is very regretful said he a lot of people less to gain in the third quarter. And they're sorry they did -- again -- show with Bobby and like Chile aid coming up it's afternoon from four to eight under BWL. I hear there's a text ironically the French Quarter faired better than other parts of the city during Katrina love the show scoot your gorgeous man Gavin in Kenner. I'm not sure what he means by. Love the show. On no I don't I don't notice. Gorgeous man part. You know that's that's true if if the French Quarter was going to be punished like the French Quarter -- so much better than than other parts of the city. I here's a Texas says -- -- reverend is a -- they definition of decadence okay -- during this during this last break I looked up the definition decadence here are three definitions of decadence. Moral or cultural decline. As characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure or what you. That the definition luxurious. Self indulgence. Another definition on restrained self indulgence. -- It seems to need that Marty -- it's very clearly into those definitions. As well. If you and enjoys with the comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series every text number is. 87870. You know we do come to use words like decadence. In in casual conversation. And we don't always in in the words that we use. In in in English. We don't always literally. Imply what -- Woodward might mean you know this is a conversation I have often on this Puccio and at night to hear and to be WL. And -- just I've been judged all my life. I wish judged in and -- down -- ridiculous -- and also I've been open with my on battle with obsessive compulsive disorder which is under control now. But as a kid it was it was so horrible torture so I always felt like nobody really understood me. And maybe that's my blonde with gays even on straight and I've got to textures is to scoot his game well. I'm not me if I work which is that can be rebellious enough to tell you that I ones that you think the stick and the kind of guy on the radio that if I was gay you would know it. Mean I'm not I was born straight -- I can't help things in the wrong way but in any event. I always felt like I guess like I could relate to this feeling of growing up in nobody knows who really knows who you war. Do you feel like you're hiding the person you really York. For different reason I'd feel the same way that I guess a lot of homosexuals feel growing up it and I was judged. You know it. I'd. Have a very great career in New Orleans at radio and great career in radio in general. But there were people with -- and give me a chance. There are people to give me a chance for -- but a -- over the years. I was I was not always. I was not always. Welcome to or I felt like I was always the underdog and so -- I guess I feel like there have been times in my life and I've been judged. And maybe that's why I can relate to this idea that. We should not be so judgmental of others if what they do doesn't affect us I -- -- double WLA good morning. -- how are you good at in the day. -- GOK. You know. I walked. The little. There. They let him walk on -- Little red you know he would and arrows. -- -- winners. Like we'll let you -- so it. It. Period. What what we know what topic would happen if the kids saw two men on. I think -- would -- while they lay their parent what is quote. And the loan debt. You think it would be that curious if they saw two men -- Well what if they watched Joseph what if they're watching the news and they -- to foreign leaders from other countries can see each other on TV will would you say that. Go to Germany and that was the cost. Or what Q what would you to a would you tell a child episode 22 leaders to -- leaders can see each other and they do it. Sometimes they do it on each cheek twice I. Caught that there are you with they would they flip out with the kids slip down. Well. Thought that they got. Our. Our multi hit Colin grew entry entry. A ball foreign country. Show are so we are not taught in school that foreign leaders to see each other. And antsy for leaders just each other is no different than seeing two men hugged each other -- I've got to get to break. And it'll be have a happy Labor Day. It fit well okay hundred other -- you ask you one -- -- and the other problem and the most. Yeah I believe those are two cities in north Louisiana but I could be wrong. I'm -- in for Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back on having a -- well. And welcome back to our -- studio for Tommy Tucker. Have you noticed that people tend to. Be very harshly critical decisions that aren't their sins and yet there's sinister is a Texas as a how can I make mockery of the Bible Sodom and -- in north Louisiana. Don't call yourself a Christian when your native on an atheist or Christian but I do have a sense of humor Patricia -- WW on good morning. Good morning. I'd really appreciate you recently most of the -- and I spoke and use several times. But I have to say decadence is equal to preparation. And I will celebrate someone. Going. Does attract. As far as they have the -- -- -- is saying yeah. I wouldn't ask you to celebrate it agreed to keep you don't wanna be part of that the -- I don't. To be -- right that. In inner Bible -- Christian -- We had told cute and that would achieve it in his principles. That help me. Let you being seen as we've seen it get to. Well Patricia to be honest with the I've answered -- on the -- -- night and I don't have time to answer it now and hopefully I'm not trying to to get out of answering the question by time and at the end of the show and it would be impossible to get into that now. I think you can answer the question. I answer the question and everybody was -- an answer the question in their own line -- using Jesus would do. I had a caller earlier equated. Tolerance for decadent stance. With a tolerance -- -- is killing people. Amazing and just a number of -- about to walk around in the French Quarter they need to take it somewhere else but the French quarters the French Quarter this is nothing new it's. It's always been this -- their fifth god was gonna destroy it it would have been destroyed by now. One thing Diane Newman our executive producer Andy potter our studio producer or think David like to -- and our news this morning. I still talk to Tucker will be back tomorrow have a great day love -- New Orleans.

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