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9-1-14 4pm, Second Guess, Saints and LSU

Sep 1, 2014|

Bobby and Deke are LIVE from the Silver Slipper talking all things Saints and LSU.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to a special that is for the second -- so it is game week -- filling in for my day -- the ability along with the painting and and Bobby a damn well folks the pre season is done college football's first season first week of the season not tonight Miami Lugo. Is in the books. And the Rose takes in the states this week coming up on today's program homicide I'm back -- -- -- -- -- it was just take. On the 2014. New Orleans Saints David auction. Former NFL player college football -- color analyst for the Atlanta Falcons radio network will be what was the talk about the Falcons the Saints in the entry during the pre season. How much of an important season is this ball quarterback Matt Ryan Moore for -- coach Mike Smith at this point campaign a year ago. And LSU beat Ryder Cup with the type and athletic program for the advocate. Roth villages will be -- coming up point they program the -- I thought three point favorite on the road and Atlanta you think that. Mine is too high too low or it just right Bobby Saturday night they go to show you how different things changed. Had that began at it being an LSU offense without Cam Cameron it to him. I don't know. If LSU takes those shots down VO if they win the ballgame but after a first hand that -- Wisconsin dominated at a few rain thirty offensive plays. One play with them is fictional it's. Point out plays but just to say oh with sixty -- on the other side they flip the script. But it wasn't about his grip. They come out at -- half now they get a elated gain on the kickoff coming out of the locker room the first play from scrimmage a 63 yard run by -- or. In nickel and school but it happened at Bobby it was all in -- -- the rest of the game come from behind him beating Wisconsin. Point eight points. Well I think and obviously a key point. It just goes to show you. That guy elegy is in the game they -- for waters and now because they look very discouraged and what you breaking it down -- it was occurring at the beginning if somebody would have told you this that beautiful -- to that have a chance to win. When it was thought that it dominated both lines of scrimmage and out rushed eligible 173 to seventeen. Ladies and LSU won that game eventually yet that's why they play or quarter I thought they gain a lot of momentum when they successfully you know when they fake the punt. They were down -- reported seven at that time you know banquet. You know he was the next quarterback. But he UT is vision of running quarterback you made the right cut to have that five yard run to convert. Ended up getting up pupil that time. But he got the momentum. But it wasn't like you bet beat unranked team with confidence fourteen ranked. That they were now about seventy points and come back and I'll win that game and to say we stop. There's not running back garden. I would say that their coach -- give him. The ball now that being dealt with garden. Because when you look at it he carried only three times. After that big run equally -- volley in the second half when he rushed for minus six yards. You end up finish it with a 142 yards on sixty carry that give -- a lot of credit. They made adjustments. And I think it did help -- pitch and Ellis who was plus one. And that turnover ratio but I think it was kind of -- got a little cute cute. Where you know you have to dance with the one that brought you it the kind of January and now. And they didn't do that because when you look at it. Melvin garden yet it they're you know that 2014. Season. He's done nation's active career leader in rushing at eight point one yards per carry. What -- -- -- he averaged eight point eight yards I'm like well you know that you -- -- given the ball all said and done. You don't just get given sixteen carries but you know that I should've been ordered all 3035 in the last -- -- -- game given the ball that much but. You know to. Veteran Ellison bit the player that I I thought really stepped up Jalen mills. -- -- -- -- mills. Nice intercepted pass another quarterback left a lot to be desired as far as the factory accident early in the fourth quarter. I think -- that was critical. You know what he picked -- basketball beat gets out of the Tigers briefly go ahead drive. -- that jailing college overall thought he stepped up made several make tackles and know when you look what he was able to do it. If you look at Ellis Hewitt how dominant. They've been. What he got their streak of eleven season opening wins go to where you know you act goes to twelve now point six non conference regular season -- -- and intact and when you when you look at that that kind of speaks for itself how how dominant they've been. On the coach miles that within the department lately. You know they've had to be hit number. But not nine with the four losses one tie they three and no against Wisconsin against the practice so I thought it was a great win. The bottom line is when you have a lot of mistakes it's always easy to correct them are like -- yes it's in the meeting room. When you come way to win vs the laws. What you think is the -- to kind of win. Because a win is the win even though might be ugly it's a perception. Considering how they team started out. 504 through 60178668890. -- in the in the -- getting involved give us your take on the Tigers victory over the Wisconsin Badgers moving forward your thoughts. On the quarterback about the quarterback continues to be a theme in the Southeastern Conference just in -- did extremely well last night. For Tennessee it down in Utah State Alabama goes into game Tuesday to do with question marks at quarterback Oakland in stands but the time seems. By all accounts of what you read in the media. Look better toward the end the Coca he would LSU -- a problem but Harris came and wasn't in much on. The Jennings gave people a lot of times especially on the deep ball you pointed out -- -- all a couple of passes that -- eighties hit down the streets. -- go to the quarterback who placed the football he'd be happy north of those -- some positive. Moving -- like the only yeah ought to back Bobby. Three and -- sets in the first half football Wallace -- -- threw four touchdown in the fourth quarter so question marks still about -- some of the bigger programs in the conference. Well you know we -- gonna be as accurate does 6077. Sixty or 70% accuracy in you gotta go to hit the big plays and that Dallas one thing it it did look good for two innings as far as obviously is Agassi in that. At the beginning of efforts after his 515120. Yards the most today. Came on that eighty yard touchdown completion that around L Powell to lie I thought that was a big momentum and -- like Kenny Hilliard how he. I'll finish the game and it's unbelievably strong 110 yards on eighteen carries in and I thought that was promise I thought both. What you look at third down conversions that Ellis -- obviously get better at this. And though when you look at it effects how they closed out with content with -- or fifteen. Analogy was just six of seventeen you always want to be somewhere around 50% well that that wasn't even close. But the one thing when you look at Jennings not throwing. You don't interception. We ended up you know plus one like us that earlier. In the end if you look at their yards rushing the it didn't look good but we still ended up 126. Yards how the closed out the game. So I think that'll go a long way in I know we gonna belt though work on trying to get better not. Let -- won't get off to a great start and -- given up to 68 total. But overall. If you look at -- two to 39 yard a couple of touchdowns. -- nine -- is -- 821. He needs to be up while about fourteen and you know it just. You know Eddie gotta get help with the it to receivers and hand we -- a couple of drops got a -- You don't make that play but. -- it part that it wasn't obviously his coming out party. But it's all about production that positioning kidney failure like this at six point one average you are preparing getting a hundred pin. And you know it's innate -- my intent to watch this game here in that in -- team in what's interesting is -- the numbers. But then distort and some people look at box scores missing man with content or sixty yards which is a great number. They averaged 283 a year ago that right about that but. LSU won authority but let's look at the story of those numbers with the -- and higher incentive five yards rushing in the first half. 93 in the second half. 63 of those 93 Bobby came on the first play. Of the second hand acted that the rest of the game they got thirty yards rushing looked LSU seventeen rushing yards in the first net. They want out with a 130 total. One's seventeen. The classic in hand with any new year with over a hundred of those so you look within those numbers and how they came. The timing of those numbers was more telling an actual numbers themselves. -- slight bit -- -- -- like water zealots who have beat them by maybe threw three touchdown that momentum had changed that much now. That you do when you look at it the gap that big run. He only ran the ball three times that's that they look at it from a national respect him to overlook the peanuts here. That why -- only ran the ball three times the mine is the short right at me so I don't know coaches try to -- whatever you wanna call it. And that's the question around the nation now to a. You'll you'll look at why he can get the ball boy and that is fair but also. After that point LSU went back to what they do well and it was at a time of possession swing big and tiger you have a nine play drive. Four minutes a guy this -- all full 438. Play drive full minutes. Briefly drive but it was that way they were doing in the time of LSU offense -- defense to be more -- The defense a lot of three and outs in the fall but fastball backed it all that. And I think it was that number as we get ready go to break what elegy noncombatants what it would it's at right now like 4046. 46 I was 45 medical authorities. And a coach mildly is they never lost when you look at that night I got -- -- regular season nonconference game that he's now that speaks it's W got to go back they'll likely Virginia Tech. We can get them their 2002 season relative loss went to a local that I yes that's right about a dozen years ago. Aikman's third -- in 2002 he's Bobby gravity Bellamy. Second guess and LSU was not thinking you step with the Saints and the battle with this it was about tabulated c'mon -- -- at 8 -- -- here and a and a Buick. And welcome back -- -- was up along with Bobby -- I have the ability at LSU 48 point four victory overlook the Wisconsin -- of -- for the Packers this week -- yet now that it's the same you that he. Bearcats and the and a laid it down the line of its human a couple of weeks ago with conflict at its a mystery photo but without getting college football. The most oppressive Obama -- up question if we can come out of well. Came on the heels of the Texas Stadium Mankins routing number nine south and I -- we have right date him beat you two to 38. That was the most impressive when you look at the hot hand. I -- -- they want fortified with them but that was against Jacksonville's they are in one but that that was pretty good over the South Dakota State. After one that would UC Davis but this week though teams have some marquee matchup you have organs they market is hosting these -- they. Eight USC. Its stance but other than about that you could say they know what -- they had their moments Oklahoma State with right there with the same thing with Alabama. Auburn and Arkansas what -- only one inning what -- I think to our knowledge ought to look like that I was tied at one point in the boat pulled away literally ignorant and look look at this week. Charges if that's not him about it it's not face the prospect of being 02 competently right -- have a deep deep hole. After two games. -- is after one game you know that's -- with the policy and go with Jordan was -- one. And well like -- what are department lately and and -- purely the buck -- I think the humor articles this a couple as the physical instead of tell if he stays healthy. I purely QB does that become Herschel Walker. The ability to make a Herschel Hawkins jarred lose them if he's definitely a new era 98 yards I go to go at night at right -- aren't on the -- -- or if if if he does that the you'd have to stay out of after the week one. LaDainian am quarterback and you early Heisman in my -- you know. Absolutely and that is it that you that you think about coach some land and what he's done it in him. I'm not saying Johnny -- -- Johnny football with the product that this system and had to help them now considering you look at. What he did in Houston with puts on a daily case seeking him and instantly you if you play quarterback they Helm. That there you have success. Bit the one thing that people were probably ever report it was probably won't know walker today Chris Thomas with Thursday night it at the bottom -- Brice stadium was how is it without. Well it. They don't have to answer that question anymore all -- -- and answer us questions now helpful with what Cleveland the -- NFL it may be asking got him in they'll about what I think he'd be healed on its done. He alleviated with one football with him -- I think all of the Red Sox general about the system now -- that you have to -- -- -- now every year -- all of -- who is there. Because of the system. Kevin summoned and he probably has more talent now even at a high speed you know all five receptions 55 yards right you won't see him become more of an impact. -- -- -- Well then you look at it two you who coaches whose influence. The it if I think I'm right on this. He was the highest paid rookie in NFL history at the quarterback position I think you'd think he'd lose his coach at Oklahoma. What's up with Sam Bradford at Oklahoma. I'm pollutants that you dig out -- I think that yes yes so does it look. So you know the people are like the parlay that into like big bucks for success. And myself we went head coach noble but no he's a coach and a quarterback. I mean Sam rabbit looked at me he put me a statistic see I was coaching me enough of almost sure that that are looking at -- and yet because I'm -- Like. Sam Bradford reporting that the rookie wage scale and then euthanized on McKay yeah -- rebuild that it but it at the point being that coach stumbling. And know what he's done. I think now you see him get more more -- you know a lot of times that -- football and all they well. These -- great coach of John even though but not getting your feet if you look at the track record. That he's pretty special I think in him and -- bad that they realize that. And Bobby LSU victory at night you see it it snapped Wisconsin's sixteen consecutive games in season opener at LSU ran may have to twelve in their last miles as nova lost a season opening game coach. All the by you being with forty seconds 46 consecutive games at LSU has won and non conference opponents that you're now -- thinking. A back. Other than the loss -- -- stay at the 2009 season as the. 010 yeah that's the only way I forgot all how practice that less mouth and it. Yeah I've done out there that speak I tell you what it shows you how coach miles gets -- the players prepared. -- when the season and hasn't always been. Just like well. Elegy is a lot better know this is kind of a 5050 you consider when they were ranked. And then you really have anything you'd -- they've opened belt would have -- opponent well you look expectations that even when they've beaten -- Carolina they were better but it's still playing a ranked opponent you know local market. What was the argument the real or immediately before yeah both top sixty that the still loves you it's not a guy that that's. It's definitely that that's -- -- talented intelligent they'll c'mon now. -- -- on the cuts that the -- mate -- though apparently on the roster gates -- for the Falcons. Including Champ Bailey and kick goes we'll talk about that coming up next. -- welcome back Saints and Falcons Sunday. 10 AM it is the but like -- had to -- now at the eighteenth and fifth run like their own betterment of all of them in the news anyway had at all. To the Saints radio network what all crew that being Christian scare Coke guys on Jim Henderson but he does think the Falcons the new kickoff. On the Georgia Dome in Atlanta in Jonas for the Puerto. After the game a -- -- -- -- -- in the world famous for its core -- 4601870. That's the city 7870 we are at the suit was that would have -- kind of Mississippi happy but -- filling in. By NFL analyst Mike the two -- The sake of the Falcons that walker is a three point favorite -- that hop in line too high too low or just try -- in New Orleans Saints coming around. Now with their practice walked out before we needed to -- Gone back to sanity when you first learned that this Saints and a good chance they. Well they got -- then I was surprised -- that because the trust factor. You know then as the act gets out and out -- he dropped Patrick Robinson training camp. Dating one of just as a role player what I mean about that. You know obvious passes situation. We knew that third report cornerback within the -- on the back in you have to go to play specialties. And I -- Champ Bailey. I mean. The hall they would that is he's got a special teams. A guy so we a lot of pressure on Jackie Robinson albeit just and it's because not go to Falcons. A political right out of mean that the Zdeno leads the eagle what was kind of -- with discourages. If you looked at now until the pre season -- -- against the rated them Thursday night. And maybe you've seen just. A bad outing for him as far as the quarter quarter and have whatever it was -- I mean -- Taylor was -- it on yeah it was that. The ravens' starting quarterback that they were going right after them and he gave level it's daylight. You know three receptions though I guess would you go with the youngster. That being in knows him like a scouts favored from Dublin Missouri State that B Brian Dixon. I think that was that they cases you know transpired -- at the nice interception. Against the Colts where he showed that led us as them. But then what you look at -- he also got -- Later in that game so are you gonna see some highs the lows with him. I still think he's kind of developmental type player with that look at -- can contribute. On a special teams that that you look at also. Become my dark cars with the -- anabolic. You know he's that the rookie free agent. You know a lot of Boston college and if you look at the 22 players of the draft -- last that the land on the 53 man roster. And things like this -- to always find. Those diamonds in the rough you know when you look -- you know to -- Dunbar. When you look at Jonathan is he has. These wealthy it was one more it's kind of that in my mind right now Kevin ready. Who brilliantly and end up but I don't hate the waiting game in -- Johnson those look at it that made name for themselves in the you'd like we talked about it was. Guys who are as active if not more active and who is creating those -- And when you look at it I would -- it surprises. When you look at who got cut who made it Kenyatta Dawson. You know that he was one of those guys that report that you think was gonna end up. You know make it it in the decided to go would've had a volley I think. -- that they have -- report I think god the -- -- -- a -- but it Saturday to reserve. Used to draft pick. You know -- out of out of cal that I think it will end up putting on your reserve. Ronald Powell they had a strong finish but if a look at the 53 man roster. Now well one maybe I was if Rocco with a handful of guys -- -- think that you might be surprising in which direction they went. Would maybe be that you go to tell -- the comfort -- that right yeah all broke Marcel Jones. I was immediately go yet now is almost like look we're calling I think it took a better because that it Brendon that the it teetering. You know a lot of Alabama. The way of the Jaguars as of late -- call them what you look kind of that debt you play every position but also backing up -- luckily it John tickets so -- not. I mean it was a guy that he'd be the team not only think of the special teams player but I think proper line. Will find a role for him along like Ramon Humber and third situation -- -- beat -- but I think that's where you really had a great showing. Now Marcus ball. Be not -- it just it would him. What's his status as far as health. He's on the back in a state Heath and -- like public that a competition. When it I was making plays it can't be Pierre Allard. Now my understanding of the year award is now on the practice squad. Todd Davis Todd Davis the -- back at a Sacramento stadium with Ghana. Like what both of them back in a competing like with the likes the book how not that and I remembered all of them and and then and then really all all the young linebackers and and obsolete he's also one on special teams. But except. The chance to people except the Champ Bailey. And Robert Meachem. And I would think that's where I was kind of surprised now I comment it would you when I feel like -- Meachem. Is that telling me maybe that Kenny stills. Will be rather will be available sooner rather than later as far as his health status. I think Joseph Morgan came -- -- and it I think nick -- I hit the Mitchell about youth -- at Duke Morton a real game that -- practice. But it was an eighty drastic surprise except. Because you look at a hall of Famer. Like Champ Bailey that I think -- -- with me today it just because the experience Robert Meachem. But I can't Billy I think I don't know. Anyone really got that right and thought you know that he be now it is cut. In the idea that 53 man roster going into week one against the well. And by obvious correct that the agreement process that also -- players not that this practice squad up here want to be at the -- I nick Jacobs receivers Brandon Coleman -- Davy Jones. Caught up next it parents Frederick and seven -- offensive tackle -- haven't Davone Rupp who was a draft pick from his pay as you for the Saints. Nose tackle launched virtual as Bobby semi back and Todd Davis one guy about -- cooped up home. Buffalo Buffalo bills' offense brought out the Saints practice squad Antoine McClain. Love or whoever and have Antoine McClain is again he is seen him one film through and he's able to do we can maybe develop this guide. You know they -- -- -- Antoine McClain a lot better option them ourselves well that could Marcella don't know them this -- that he was still eligible. And McClain about being the person knows me he was with the Oakland raiders' active roster of last season for about six weeks. They picked up by the Buffalo fields but the backup nose and you know with worry about Buffalo and he's not just a practice water like that idea -- that brought you there and that they talk that we forget this because it could cut down that -- the point spread being only three points. The kicker at. After the you know what you look at Derek did -- -- Graham. They go -- but it had their ups and downs than. -- you know agreement but Larry holt -- a lot of times you wouldn't go with a young guy -- -- -- -- way. But bowl that opportunity but what you think it might have had the upper hand it would come up with -- -- -- think so. Who knows what's gonna happen until they have a plan if you look at the veterans that are out there. Connor Barth. A guy that helped beat this thing with the Chiefs keep that talent had a terrible team right suck up yet you made five field goals. -- -- who beat out drives them yet at this that he -- -- -- -- -- beat beat out Ryan struck out a lot that you got Alex that I -- effort out there right you feel we've educated me. But we that is few veterans. That -- the things that -- their plans but as of right now the you know viewed though I do to figure it's going to be I don't know at an angle and it ricocheted out. Personally anyway have all -- so hey look at New Orleans Atlanta want to dominate from the winds aloft vote with their opponents don't -- put. Think that you remember of blowouts there will complicate -- with the Saints won at bright and -- but not meaning. This has always been decidedly -- just like it was last year. It was superdome and at -- night game. The Falcons if they made one good game and a threat to their forwards season but what was did you have all of those guys like you say look the law the father have been dominating -- -- -- -- hit eight era. Thirteen to three that you count -- -- lately they've beaten twice last year but look how. That first game that we need to wait lets you play in Atlanta you know the kick got the chance to take it game indicate -- -- got to -- Benefit -- these body gave out big Olivia talking about the Saints and the the Falcons -- the tigers' victory over the Wisconsin Badgers a lot more to get to the mix Scott Shanle what Jonas will go to Atlantic in all the thought that David ought to. They get an update on LSU it's a special this -- second guess he'll have the ability of them might be TA with the cajun cannon Bobby a bit here or there if you. It is game week we are in season. Broadcast schedule that means the root team you got Mike and Bobby everybody's sticking incident Monday night starting next week at 630. It's the first edition of the Saints coaches show here wanting radio that you got you -- 7 AM FM -- 1053. It -- to that ninth spot and that's what I'll the go around the National Football League and we hear from LSU coach less amount. Wednesday night sports talk was talking a preview the next opponent for all the teams all the college and professional level including -- thanks to Tigers. And then we have the less I'll show from 7830 -- if the court like -- roles the players so at hooters on veterans boulevard -- this week Saints defensive back. Raphael bush will be our special guest will also get -- you for Vegas and offense the other day on Friday hope you guys on Christie Garrett Uga -- -- the pro. And -- the first edition of the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football round up this Friday night. Saturday's it's college game day we get to sit for the big game LSU and send you to this week. Who go around the country for the big matchup this week will -- you are getting Michigan State and UNC it's that amounts of public Vick went. If it's Sunday it's Saints Sunday over now with the all the -- with the Saints. If you pregame. The game and post game the point after -- see movies Sunday Night Football at LSU last week in season program and he's. Can look begin you know what you know probably go hang out there I'm going out of miles -- or you know why would better -- Green Bay and Seattle -- drying -- the I don't know that I felt could get a better. That is why -- drama around that Bobby hasn't I mean if the -- we could be -- Pakistan. Because I don't know you know we go right. Teams to beat Seattle could replay affable and really ready to head football reasons that just you want to see Seattle lose -- to help us right and you know in Seattle so would you don't you wanna have a common opponent -- to come -- guy right now you know with the -- your analysis. That -- San Francisco and at the Green Bay now we got down restricted list easily and -- and it just ran away with things in Arizona beat. It in San Francisco thought club. You do realize at San Francisco come out of that wins and you'll have to beat Carolina. Off Carolina would it be in the same record as San Francisco. They would head tiebreaker it's been a one seed because both -- and you know it beat San Francisco. You couldn't beat Seattle because Seattle beat your head up right right but had San Francisco won that division in which they -- a lap down to strip yeah yeah did you had a -- breakaway that's why you always if you could control what you could throw me. Him up against somebody that's the number one number one pick and all of a tiebreak both here -- here. -- yet that's why you look at top end of the opponents of profitable through him most important games. Immediately in the 49ers and Packers on the now. How we beat San Francisco last year we got to do it again we got to the Green Bay come Sunday Night Football in their favorites in this division. Yes and and that you look at I think even. Even the -- and I think opt out that's going to be right what is that a Monday night in Chicago I -- still it's going to be cold. -- -- you handle those few pitches. Again you look at that head to head and and I think from NFL perspective everyone remembers. The strike season with the officials like Green Bay got robbed -- Seattle when that. It appears what is called the hail -- all you denied any hopping you've is that. But at that and all the -- that strike got settled with the officials. Obviously -- -- -- soon the way you definitely have been but I tell you what you look at the progression. Part of maturity of Russell Wilson and what he's done. And I think error -- and that's why the Packers have a chance that Seattle I think because. Error rock. Algiers for Scott on line whose got needed thank you for calling the second guess on that you get you real. The I don't think. He's got we got. Out college player -- and -- our -- to -- preparing. I'm still not an Olympic ticket all all eligibility left this state he was an accurate enough you could you can't be can get 73%. Accuracy. I mean you know David Thomas -- that the guy on our reading this he was kind of joke and about what -- do all the kick in. Worries that anything well and I think yet we media with a picture out of him -- college. Kicking and Eagles I don't think the NFL. You know lives at the present accuracy at college -- The you'd kind of thing and that no that at a good enough that's why they let Hartley holly let me hear all that. He was that a -- use -- it was if you hook -- you've -- people like sixty yards out. Right right I'd be acceptable and nobody to 88 under fifty yards when he went that -- arguments like 73 and have them and -- that's you got to the 81 and I broke it down on the -- 81%. All -- more than that that you know then all the things. If they get -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right come back we'll eat very little about the plot we will leave all you want it now. Thought we could take on if you found that it felt about it you -- think that again when it can you think. -- fans and the Atlanta Falcons. Ballclub that's. The fact that brought forward after the previous three years they have a couple one seed in NC. Fellow hall at times last year where they do they feel -- it with this thing off on it. And LSU with a big victory over with all get it up on -- but -- it's like against -- --

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