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9-1 Second Guess Show 6pm, Saints & LSU

Sep 1, 2014|

Bobby and Deke are LIVE from the Silver Slipper talking all things Saints and LSU.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- this thing gets set to open the season Sunday at the half opposite -- Jonathan Vilma and -- off -- wrong things radio LSU. Beat Wisconsin 28 point four take a look back and a look ahead and beat it. They'll be it but I -- DA who is back next week each and everybody here at the Silva strip of beautiful beats that Hancock county as they take all the way to the Super Bowl. I behavior and -- -- -- the top of the 6 o'clock now always thought about the game of the suit was that -- so what's going on Dane how are you. -- up to a great all excited that that college football in starter in regulation NFL start this week. And by that I thought our night college football Miami and Louisville food actually that was positive note we've we added that this year because they have NFL games every Thursday -- had -- football's we're on Thursday night with dog -- all we've met on Monday night you or just where. Right now for this Thursday's game and had one day. We'll see go laughed at the Greg if you put discreet don't want. You know -- it's almost like if you gonna take a break from football and I can't keep it still come -- -- -- -- what you like for you better have that if that -- there was slippers to deal with it. Because pretty much you think now Thursday. Friday Saturday Sunday Monday that's that's kind of a weekend. But the football season is the is that kind of -- deal -- it -- you know it down there but they have football seven days a week we would that we would take. Yeah but you gotta have supposed to blow up a break and it's like that you can win just shows you. -- that we've been -- and just love football when in all the individual TV's -- you have here and you come do a little game in the field to keep bobbled every game. -- about a year and eat these no one -- -- -- check out our new hotel there to sort of put the upper -- on it you know just look at relief given that that can open up right at the beginning of next year's Lola that you scored greater effort into entertainment pre payment every weekend this Friday and Saturday. Down by you for tradition probably the best all pop band itself again. At anyway if you move them somewhere and not so obvious McCain actually after the first yet open January affair where you know I think if you went well. Blew by you practicing with updates here it is one of best restaurants. -- -- you for -- hit it through the sounded. Seafood is fringe and I don't know but they didn't they they are. If you look for. I'll talk about it through my eyes when he -- that's like eight of a video that date night good night if well I don't think you -- about the those cause of whatever he gets them both if he's. Excellent pop on his one of the best read on you'll have an and a beautiful -- to bide our -- -- it's -- believe there's nothing eight you'll you'll be. If you won't -- well roughed up by the beautiful few off pulled out today and now you could see long holiday weekend obviously and how nice the beach looked out here. The a couple of -- and an end and and Davey was my hat yeah oh yeah. -- it is it's like paradise out here. You know you had -- had to -- volatility -- Little like -- out there aren't people villain thing -- and stuff and and I could -- do the show with you see a lot of people barbecue and out there and it is to join. The long holiday we. But gave -- hotel does not mean what what is the goal when they won't have that thing really I probably -- gonna be a couple months in the first of the years on the island moment now known how much longer now they've got the the first world that it came in at the Texas it would -- 04 forwards not -- five which I would do with it -- -- -- -- it to go beat your -- -- -- -- pretty good right now absolutely magically. Anything else they've ended their 50 come on out -- with the -- look -- we've got to we had. Now you know Beijing was this weekend he won -- war if what if you pick up from that we give away another truck at the end -- September so I want them -- -- Most of the day they're McCain -- wait a minute -- -- thank you so much things related. RIP 601878668890. It to -- online at WW dot com the lines out. That means the -- they -- the New Orleans Saints opened up as a three point favorite over Atlanta. Total is 52 it is the second highest total author and I phone the week in Philadelphia and -- -- If you bet 53 over Philadelphia Texas view I think you gotta be thinking for the -- -- get somewhere to forty range right because the Texans feel. Yet but it is now with his 55 and do wallets and Atlanta -- 52 as a total -- of three point favorite form. That that sounds about right the when you look at it could be the -- on the money so bottom line is -- hope the Saints crush of it. And no doubt be the case if there's -- reason yeah you've got to win the game. And it it is him when you look at. The best going against the best I think Kenny apparel what he's done so far. And I said it before not only. You know pro bowler. But I think a pitch potential all pearl. You look really the only role the only all pro we've had it Jimmy Graham. Because you look at it all prolific AFC and NFC -- that is. You know all we Drew Brees and -- -- -- look -- -- going against Tom Brady Peyton Manning. In all that wire. This really when Jimmy Graham is playing -- -- -- -- note tight -- better in the league he's not in the top five. -- he -- double wonder what they -- apparel. Could be in that conversation. That they have to see if he's to be in that number to be all pro. I think when all's said and done he'll be the best. Safety are the -- even the back. It's State's history and he realizes gonna get the Atlanta Falcons and who they're playing. We can have a Carl says it's going to be fun. Pickle gets those guys. When Derek full sprint. Their high. Powered offense so he said I'm excited to play them I think they're probably the best one to Kabul in the league now that you might be a little. Unit because blown smoke up Roddy White you know what. But I -- killed when Julio Jones is healthy no he's a flat out beat he just does he can. Hang out with where am I think Andre Johnson. Larry FitzGerald maybe -- when he was younger. You know you look at the best of the best I think Julio Jones is there right now but if Roddy White is healthy. Then on you know they can beat David the conversation. Probably be the best wanna to Koppel in the league. Think they've been in the bearers. But when you look at Jeffries. Right now and it ran in March I don't think the right there but did that conversation. And that when our safeties though when there aren't the best. And I think it will be Jared Burton -- -- Carol we're in the conversation. Where Earl Thomas and as the -- in the lights still. It's going to be a very competitive this scenario. But to help but give -- -- Caroline all quarterbacks that are on the -- got to get a pass rush we got after we gotta get after Matt Ryan. -- Matt Ryan the one thing. Then he can throw any definitely when I look at the 32 starting cornerbacks are I even put him. So it might have been the top twelve all put him in the top ten yeah he's not a group Reid is categorically he's right there next but one thing. Then Matt Ryan can I do we get after the KD can play like Iraq and Iraq is we'll make you miss. And it didn't play any -- your defense so that that's -- but I look at right now where we're at. Is that we gonna have to get after Matt Ryan and maybe -- pop the ball lovely name and obviously when -- terrible about. He used the -- on nine to Terry thank you for calling yet you -- you know. -- Oklahoma State yes. But what good does it doesn't really matter who he was before we came in with Sean Payton before he got here who has been -- point back to Green Bay. Yet there might be somebody that if we beat them yeah -- name on your job. Right. Yet not as -- what you got to keep getting the players that and that's -- happened I don't think you get to say -- doesn't -- -- -- -- the team is that it it is one that is open Agassi's -- think who would you before that's that's I irrelevant and all -- -- we keep winning you keep her on the today dire as some -- retire I don't know I mean you don't do is get rid -- because they Lennon. You have commonsensical -- Well and don't let -- when they had this -- they thought he was one of those guys that was not inclined they've they've proved to be right. Well enough I don't know if if less involvement in eleven games that you get a retirement Nicky tan than a young coach you know went to a game. I think that I don't know I don't like I got to experience I think everybody plays the percentages. And the same thing. As the NFL the -- NFL executives. Not everybody wants to win the Super Bowl every year but they're not necessarily gonna do it obviously. But if you could say. That over the next five years that he has coached. There's been a leader of the ten wins every year the night he ain't getting fired well particularly good I was going to stance they think maybe the team at that at the. Point about who is was before. You don't get these jobs by all -- let's use now. Think if there was this organization that Clinton who don't pay Willis. What he was the guy needed a shot to be -- coach same thing when article that that you don't get tired and upbeat now college level all big time pro level but just. Alou give him a shot. You've earned that opportunity that the -- diplomacy it and it's -- who were date now just because you see him on Twitter at a meeting here battle Eden daily know they know who they all trust me -- well people make. Seventy and you've got to know who those guys all all. William and NFL it's even more demanding. For instance not look good neighborhood well obviously you want to eight games he got -- with the Bears but yet they thought it had run its course right and he could sit and wait no lanes and six tricky greens because coach's contract is no guarantee. And -- you lately who gets who are directly after a year and having right in -- to -- if you political pricey political yeah as I mean not if you don't winner. Who want to. This -- people want us to believe Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville which. It's I don't care -- the quote please get instantly they would think it they would they -- you -- you'll get jacked up real -- rival to the. My health will come back and we'll take a look now but don't lie you can put up -- any way you want on the won't accomplish all -- Aaron is only one way to talk about what the Saints have done -- the -- And that is now but he will look at type of up with that this is what's up the second guess at the Silva slipped brought up because you're. The Saints are three point favorite audience laugh out of the total to 52 -- Atlanta I don't know what you're trying to operating jaguar that you pulled it WWL dot com Sean Payton came in. It was time. In the after the first year 2006. Since that point time New Orleans has now -- their robbery and ample support robbery in the -- Do all of -- thirteen to three in a sixteen meeting him now Falcons at the shop eight era including sweeps over the dirty -- 2006. 2007. 20092011. And Nancy and 2013. All those -- sixteen meet Bobby only. Six have been decided by eight points a bowl full of those six they've been decided by a plausible as you want by the -- at saint. Now -- wait a violent right dead to me. That means that there's a law this thing in the blown out there opponent insists that what you want then I don't want they want 34 point 2008 -- we split. It is of course -- 2000 -- out -- Thursday night game was through resistant -- streak came to -- went off back to him. Wouldn't read a thirteen to wanted to be Atlanta when he threw it three and 3113 you know six. New Orleans beat Atlanta 34 to 142007. And maybe a 45 to sixty in 2000 -- let it. 61 and -- seven against the Falcons the Saints have dominated Atlanta but it in Bobby. Of those sixteen meetings -- open -- by a point. No way it's gonna come out that a fourth water and you know field goal -- You know who could have -- sustaining drives and and the one thing I know lots of -- their owner. You looked at in this is on hard -- and HBO we sit. The Falcons got to get tougher you know they had that. That he respected that the -- and Claude indicated a kind of hold it Matt Ryan he say when Cairo got. Play him Bobby speak and HBO special that they featured team they featured Atlanta. It was the first show -- I felt like he -- -- my. We just didn't have something he went -- talked about the toughness by because nobody ran it eighty Matt Ryan at that he had a first. Found it and -- it wasn't that much of a cheap shot and -- -- -- all the time now might have been borderline but you have some crazy -- who -- linemen and you coach the quarterbacks need to maybe. I don't know what it was when it also blank wanted to do goalie now we have vacated apparel but it -- it back I guess just. Relief front Tommy hip but nobody would -- -- net you know yet don't know what took place and I think -- to blank pages that Jewish individual from New York. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But no right now but the reception. As the Falcons is that they're not gonna win in the trenches I don't wanna say that's all I mean it. If you wanna use those words but the bottom line if you don't win. All the that the that the line. Maybe you're considered the nets are that's not good enough that they're really win anything. Because then you got that. -- you -- winning the trick is to treat people are just totally win. You know what you still in the victims than they have that. Julio jolt. You get the ball in his hands of receiver that's about it that if they get. Now if it is the Stephen Jackson into the latter. Part of his career his availability dealing with a hamstring. Injury on the back -- going to last year. That. I know he's defeats he's had success. In the past running the ball. Against the Saints but. The question of argument with the injuries that that we get that David -- on the talk about maybe without the -- -- -- line. Because I think of all that the line was better. Then their running game would be better and obviously I think maybe Matt -- like getting sacked as many times. As he did last year. -- putt -- -- table local right here right out of the -- don't about just against the clock. And we will get to David Pollack W deputies that is a six starters have a first thing to go to team -- -- Other weeks because the NFL it's on the way the last -- the Saints and Falcons the quality three point favorite over Atlanta. We think about that line it's operated jaguar that you -- -- because you -- dot com back to the phone to go let's go to Springfield but did don't I want to get thank you for calling that you get you real. I get a day ago that there went -- very the I my race weekend there. What they've done I want plays. He has considered how it second have argued sellers see. Yet there and how young we are those kids remind -- acceptable. And I kept a thousand. You know kept -- in the same thing with the I'm. Comments are -- thing I think. The defense look like they are just reacting really adds to the ball. Instead it put him and I kind of took Brazil about playing in the like from the bottom and just from what I was looking that they were there -- not a lot of Israel I -- And then they would back out to pass them into next in either in the secondary. Yet you get all -- that. You wanna make a play a bit what when I look at it now I think that's why I'm saying we definitely -- coach Joseph Wisconsin's coaches that. -- you got a guy like garden. And what he did in the first half and then after that long run and I know elegiac sustain drives. But there was one time. That they threw a bomb and I think it looked like but it -- right now might have been a time like. -- -- yet through it I mean definitely you're depressed about the Packers agree I really disagree with that because it was like. We got it posted here and pound pound Iraq and you know that yeah it is but on the flip side but we were -- -- -- that any of Lance now when LSU -- and a point 47. You've got to -- you dislike you sabathia has whom day to coach an art it's 00 -- -- you had no -- about the head. But Wisconsin -- -- him not to think if we go it is. Second here we go down a few we score without being so. You could ask for a better scenario if not holy book go through a point 47. But the other team has had no life offensively. They hit thirty outfits and place one of their plays with the eighty yards right all the points and with a sixty so they were just not what they do. But somehow some way like he cynical don't know because of exactly what rule -- if they keep it right up -- about 30 with a as a. All they don't say that that you needed to take it coach more of rows back with this thing in life. Okay we can stop them we got the ball back I don't know there -- eight and nine in the box we're running the ball. -- Burnett who we don't have an opponent the Daytona a long incompletion. Olerud -- -- -- they completed the quarterback scramble he got seven yards just like fourth and now three. You need to totally effective there are some are you kidding me right there that they actually be like four minutes a whatever. That's when you've got to you got the momentum acute theater that you play. It's really a road game for you to home gave balance you got that penalty. That that that I'll tell you Ellis who -- coached him in that they got compute. In and and what we brought him. Does that leave you know you got almost like dance at the one who brought got to know what's at -- you know -- India are you know to get to that point. Rattle off exactly him yes I did all of that side. You know like velvet guard nobody said that I heard in a view he goes on however that's not been here. If you would agree if they hit one -- big game you know about it until I think what -- Wheeler -- -- I don't think anybody have a question that there's a reality I'll beat him offensive line. No the rotation for the -- on defense and he has always been thought of it the FCC if they even the few people. But anyway it. -- event Reggie Love. X speed where you wanna call it the look at what fans LSU had ankle all lawful and on right -- -- -- hold talent. They hit it it was a little relocate and it eventually got there we got entity too because when you play it's about him to follow below or. What you look at it up with that program and put up all the land a few years it. Opening day we it not count victories. Players drafted and yeah that's a legitimate program that was just this season -- -- it's a big game team meeting if he sees the -- those were two of the better programs in college football the last decade. Yet that that's why I'm saying it's not like you've beaten Minnesota gophers know that of depth and quality when you you have to look at The Who who you beat. And that's why the Dallas kind of joke in the kind of -- -- came in over yet because if you don't momentum swing when it would Ellis who was down. And that's about maybe saying yeah we got a rock where we want them you know O'Connor that mentality telling his team because the -- -- that. I -- it today in the fourth. Wanna little ointment and tied with a -- are all -- LAQ now has 22 victories. Since 2000 that's Bob ball the ball in a lot of fouls -- team. -- -- house makes whole million dollars a year less mouth these field. How -- successful at staples of drew go out and got -- did it again because EU we hands. In the polls stated stated again. Either tied. All or lose being in the order of the water out but they won that was it 22 victory. That's funny always an opponent and don't wanna say that next coach. Guys got to look at that -- -- -- sixteenth in the end they know that not 500. It's right on the 500. So I mean I don't know that I would look at those numbers that that's pretty damn good pick and good -- they both have one of the parents brought his team and all of the NF. Felt the Atlanta Falcons radio network color analyst David ought to have John just now they've they've -- -- the last season Atlanta two out of the previous three years. Want the south and what the couple what's the you've been in Nancy you go back and look at those years they won the majority of them close -- games last season. That was not the -- What has transpired and all season draft and through training Camp David. It's Atlanta and I better shape of the position to win those close games like they had of the -- bit and Matt Ryan when they had it divorcee. Well certainly openly in the indignity you do and here we go again this is -- -- aren't always talking -- when the Saints about and if you gotta go look bad BO yeah. But. I think -- what about destructive throughout the offseason strength positions -- opportunity that you line did not play very well there goes. Bobby can attest that Orlando or back as a quarterback -- physical makes plays that. And that couple that affect you then -- able -- -- people on the field of Julio -- you -- who they are and there are activities. Trying to keep him on the field so it's helping -- it's been the players think team on opening weekend bit. I think only time will tell whether the Falcons for the rest enough of the needs and in. That's some pitfalls that -- last year whether -- if you really need these these indices and -- oil. Now they've got -- when he does that he can I can have beyond an hour -- it. When I look at there's that I think -- that this backs their receivers are sensitive about receivers. Vs the safety with the -- capability and everyone. When you look at that we can Matt Ryan have enough time to talk about right now is that if they resolve at the line. And then I mean I'm still a fan as Stephen Jackson I think if he's healthy I think you know equivalent for the gipper won the last two rob whatever. Then if they give an opportunity holes and however they do it that that you can't get it done as a running back with. What is his status right now what with at all with the line because to me. It all starts up front and I don't I don't know where province that educate me. Well I think they're better obvious they were a year ago simply because. Of the experience -- public as you know played and went on and threats they were at right guard situation with John optimal. Spot he's been fairly solid in the season. Unfortunately -- Sam Baker and so you can't you guys know it was from right to left. He's been okay -- he's been great. So far in the -- from right tackle left tackle put. And then there's he would certainly -- right tackle situation now the guys will play that position Lamar also beat -- up -- start here. Lot better because who is supposed to have the experience he gained from a year ago so I think they're more solid -- that you blind -- could not protect against. Oh with the number five defense and figure the National Football League figure you know under. Under Rob Ryan left -- late -- I -- think that they have some elements that are passing attack that. With this sport he -- with Devin Hester can comment on it a lot deeper. That will be very interest in very difficult to defend not just for the Saints or some other teams as well. Now they've what you on the flip side look at the defense. Oh wow where'd this -- -- the weaknesses you look on the -- that that line I think it. It's all -- it's critical. You can make it seem one dimensional obviously I in the -- Drew Brees and all those weapons. And then you look there's been changes in the secondary but. You just talk about what you think about authority instantly. It would -- mistress maybe their weaknesses. -- this -- will be hopefully unit in his it is and evidently the pre season again we're still here that was kind of work. We've got -- defense and it has to Woodward and a week this year experiment turns out. What they're seeing these better as a run and that you just mentioned if you could limit of one team that some made it very difficult time and he would. With this thing is limiting them and make it one week ago. But if they can limit when the run game which is it was a plan here that I think -- can be better the addition of French demo I think unbelievably beat them the rookie linebacker Notre Dame I think it can be. A huge bonus. Some of these experienced these young players got because of injury last year they looked much better this appreciation. But they're not if you code -- keepers so how you can get pressure on free. Other hoping that some vote does it tears your view of what polish. Through ten feet short that are dropped back as opposed the two. He veteran play action at all when you get in space in the smallest quarterback and make -- -- -- all. Now -- gave obviously you look at our ballots the best that are meant to -- with Jimmy Graham. Meet this thing eighth I keep thinking of a threat to tidy position. And then also maybe and expect. Actually Devin Hester and his contribution. The other side it will look different on the problems perspective. There is no one. It will fill in town we had in the Jimmy Graham. But -- -- for don't -- dollars one out there. New deal in. Of his ability experience so what do you view that you changed on your block you that the tight end will be moved more me. On the service guy in the run game -- element check downs and things like that passing game. But you'll be more four wide receivers that you mentioned again this could be a factor or that. Evident is that an outstanding -- he's -- they'll have a package of plays that you try to get him the football. But also used to being injury you know -- you try to prepare our team. How many different elements of that and so -- believe with the -- about current Saints are so different elements of their offense. It could be -- I think Atlanta with Devin Hester added that mixed in with the emergence of some of these young back. Namely -- employment you know -- mistake I think the -- of the elements that make it that the proper order and we. Color analyst at the Atlanta Falcons radio network David -- David auction and it grew -- in Manhattan -- them they can't do David. Always a pleasure thank you so much for the time what I'll feel on game days. We got to talking. Pick your right David thank you -- -- come back here on -- I'll Brian kept it in single and make them go to ticket to all your politics game week folks say it happened we want the three point favorite. So out I'll give us your take and operated -- that you -- that you get you real dot com. And welcome back he's the case you can't have Bobby there ID ability operated -- that you vote you'll open up with a three point favorite over the Falcons on Sunday in the toy -- Your take on that line that just right too high or -- Vote Monica because you know dot com that a few wins over Wisconsin. Blaine had their season opening home hope that he is in a friend who you would think Saturday -- Georgia Tech winning losing a couple of all the road. A heartbreaker in double overtime. Two also but they have found there you know quarterback and a leader Richard president of -- with -- night football but to say the least the other night and the -- We'll open up. And the much anticipated the physical the whole well if rain and the two the issue with me Saturday. What's fall camp later in the week as well there are things we -- -- the only football coach. Curtis Johnson who took so when except that you detect the city 78 Saturday but the -- to go battery ballpark or on line to I don't think people calling them because you will. I wanna play or the ball. I can't even begin to tell you got -- happy I am who you have to sleep as I play at the level -- -- collapse or you're not want later or. -- I want Drew Brees to go out with a bang. You know added that's my hope we're -- he did not -- -- record here but you know in years to come you know. And he committed. And I wanted. I've been watching -- Catholic league you know want who you are -- -- They showed. Really added you know and yes they've done a whole the Catholic -- yeah. That is right up on the but -- -- even Notre -- -- that's tremendous. All right I want I want ask you -- your predictions on this -- rushing attack. I'm one yards we give me here at the into the dark -- spoke any negative. Well. I look at it if we get like a hundred. I don't know what it five yards rushing that. There's no way we can those of us who removed the turnover. I think. Oh excellent feet and run the ball thirty times the team. But let's say we run. When he reported for parents weekend 25 yards around there. -- -- about that the law balance. You'll know what hit -- you look at the pre season any of averages. Went like seven yards a carry -- and -- today and obviously as a reflection on when he needed in that game yeah yeah her game than what you -- if they'll keep it that respect now awful word about. If the accident about that game. -- get that rule was the era given up about five yards a carry. Russia the -- that's more my concern. Now. Could you got to kind make a team of one dimensional because that'll make Matt Ryan more successful they can run the ball considering their wide receiver -- weapons. -- old when you break it down yet still kind of old school. Even though bull. Teams are highly skilled pass the football with the likes to reach him at Rhein. But that the -- he played maybe better against the run. Obviously it would be that there advantage. Technical I mean third down often the need to look at all that stuff and in the one thing or anything at the -- scoring defense. Which you were outstanding. I think it'd be a great accomplishment. In college and he game on the think that they don't win. The -- without -- scored when he pointed to think the Atlanta. What they want the office to do their job. Because given up only ninety point ninety Napoli the year last year you know before it. Glory he'd instantly be if you Rob Ryan Moore and anything if elected takeaways. You accomplish that that you really get that done with that. And and I think it goes alone to almost like we talked about -- -- -- is not just that now focus on that we do look at. Oh yeah you know -- well. Bobby was adamant -- -- -- runs of what we lost it how those ruts regardless and we did occur I heard it might be. But it's it's no one game a year go get him -- the end of the we have like 130. Yards rushing when he -- seventy don't want -- But did that today he had like fifty carried out for forty dollars. So if you line up with a 120 rushing yards. And the first part of the game it's that -- to put the game you have point five runs in the second half -- at the same night. Aggies sent out of those 140 yards it's how you need that now but it and that's why I think the attempt is as equally as important as New York -- Yet that can't sit now what you average per carry that's why made at those special 2009. When you had to leave. That you can't be more conservative in the fourth quarter with Mike -- Would it be that you might go where you constantly given on the ball because you have a -- you control of the game off I'll take that the game. It every year game any game out. And now I don't know now be the case -- try and strive for that but we'll have to wait the. All the last coming up Saints and Falcons LSU Wisconsin about it through the season is here this -- second guess -- so let's look at Mississippi. We came to -- -- about -- -- -- to create all the home despite the title at the palace that you can if you.

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