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Sep 1, 2014|

Bobby and Deke are LIVE from the Silver Slipper talking all things Saints and LSU.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Japanese company McVeigh got it right I called my grip -- -- hits it. -- -- -- with the host fault not the Indians play he came for all of us know you can get up on the -- so we were in the film room right now. Coach -- who people think he would be -- with that. Facet of the game we believe in it it feel like and -- dominate we can't -- all that to a topic looked over it easily opponents within two. -- liberal -- that lets that happen. The quarterback got a ride this thing that he kept alive and but just like -- -- -- other that the basic play football which the quarterback -- quarterback exchange. Discipline is it the right. Well both base and that's why. They got they -- decided. I guess that's their way to go with John take over and over -- though you know because we've never talked about John -- -- -- to go whenever I haven't really a fumble that. You know we're Tivoli though the with a different quarterbacks don't wanna see. I don't know half a dozen. It was six you know you look at it this is it got to be. Jose repetitive but he got to be almost an occurrence in practice this fall while a couple of handfuls -- it was like a couple of things that go by you go like what did -- -- the one Eagles have the exchange you know. Well I and I think it would not be an issue if Tivoli goes in there at center come regular season but. All militant training camp you watching you observe and if you -- it happens. With they just you know you bring it up. Because it's a big goof around and ask of a volley just mobile with promise of politics get to may be patiently waiting here we go post up. It's go to north awful call on and I want Paul thank you for calling WWL. Are you guys -- day in. A couple courses -- anywhere from two Eric Robinson I've noticed -- before refusing games. As the backup quarterback what Konerko after oh broken down every. After Robinson got the market rumor papers he's got music and comers in papers or get your take on that. And -- -- at night it is. You know well where are the kicker situation you'd be you'd think. Actually. Didn't think general. I mean you look at you know years ago. On the list and yeah. The -- and you won't be beaten him well. So yeah -- prepared me and I yeah you know. Well only thing that he got a game winning kick out apparently kickers -- that make it we all know Garrett -- came about. Think glorified extra point in the superdome. Even if does that ultimately he would have been oh we lost an overtime. So that cannot occur at the perspective and I haven't -- in Atlanta would have -- -- now that you would have been in the points on one Zito. You know that that could be the worst. He scenario nightmare and now you look at main house -- means maybe you Pittman bit that you hurt if you just follow football. You murder I'm a brawl Barth. You heard it keep feeling. I don't know the status of the those veterans that like hate. You might wanna pay -- this but I want this and I'm like playing you know like get it so I don't know as far as the contract negotiations. Our weather at as far as working out the status. I know rise suck up a brought that up. And now what's unique about that is that. He end up -- in his job but. That picky about the Tulane. Santo. Mean that guy with the best that are -- that college football's little. I mean he might still be able to kick in -- -- -- those five field goals. When the Chiefs keep it down a couple of seasons ago. And I can beat this thing though he might be. An option at the bottom line is. They kick your cannot be a liability because teams do come down there why are. And you have to have that trust factor as far as Armstead. No he probably would have the ability. In a pitch. That maybe have a chance to have a game winning kick on the cake if you -- with the the potter. He's Pro Bowl NFL. Top notch plumber that's the bed yet not not you locate him kick off guy potter. Yes but not like accuracy. -- what it takes to be a top you locate him. This that we -- he dropped a workout. I don't know there's any an option I don't know. If you rob doesn't work out you throw Corey white out there I think that's kind of whereas right now. When you look at. You know opposite. And -- Lewis. Me because I think right now that kid in the Carolyn as the safety. Is probably the third or fourth. That's you know cover guy. Now would that be standing and look -- development the practice squad who -- -- option. That was it 100. What they would sell it at it if he robbed of -- workout that but it corner wide out there they'd you know put the united a foot. You know hit it apparel lot of added to get a little more like the slot. Cover corner -- now. With that being said you look at the guys that the hole which you work out and they have always the gold Stanley John Baptiste said that earlier Bryant Dixon. You can't tell who the number two draft. It's kind of like going back almost Pierre Thomas and I think up earlier -- it Pittman in Ohio State. Maybe you could -- Pierre made the team we all know he did vs. -- that we can more go around right now damage on that -- is better. That Bryant Dixon haven't seen that I don't think right now he's the one. We viewed as the amount -- that nearly gets picked on and in my progress -- but they would be exploited. So to speak now when you look at the practice squad. You know in the practice what I told the this. Then I'll look at the pin. And I end up getting nine it can't write the one kid that I wasn't. Necessarily still on in and the course is obviously breaking down no matter indeed but the quarterback at Texas a and M. -- record. To me. Mean I don't know he's not candidate rod sweeting. The cornerback got a target techno who's helping you dealing with injuries. So law. That's the pick who replaced its Robert Meachem. You look at Javon way he's -- cornerback to be waiting in the wings. From marathon on the practice squad needs to be as good as maybe -- have a budget that city's five that won ninety. But Brian Dixon. And now look -- though it's not that he's been a head and shoulders to be above combined weight Pierre Allard. -- hiding it but mechanical at the safety. Then adding the numbers gain and a lot of potential right there lords for a -- we talked about him getting out. The quarterback and ironically. When you look at it. And where they come from. That we got two you know Jackson Jackson those date guys think about that not it did not Jack the seatbelt DOS that. State you look at a large Virgil. When he's able to do when you look at it needed jolt that unbelievable to have. That kind of accomplishment now you look at Todd Davis Sacramento state linebacker. Yeah he's up right there to be we column next not. This team and a volley. Ronald Powell all of those guys just knocked it right there with them and I am glad to see nick Jacobs that the tied it from Ellis who -- that make me. There's nothing is a lot of side to him and also divide wrote the tackle. All right -- back to the phone to go Bryant on deck but go to captain saying no and make him lunatic on line six thank you for calling WW ago. What's gone I would -- tonight. Right now you don't aren't -- -- that we couple questions I have worked for them split. But I'm not that are not being real being I'm not saying captain -- he didn't. Or in down and look at it very well you know probably -- -- -- you know -- -- don't know. We have the colonies like you know Friday at the called -- and a pro quietly hold the end and Kristen yeah or out of the county up legally you got the call -- -- -- than it that if bill was going on and they -- states and I think in -- travel that game I think. Truthful they always travel well and it very confident. Now we get a win the game and very competent. The bottom line is. Is that we are just better than Atlanta right well maybe even though you might think you know it goes down the -- We're better than the Falcons the Falcons. You look at -- -- competition if we everybody's playing at their best truly objective. The outlets are not on the level of that the halt the Packers and 49ers are we right there. So I mean when you look at that mean. Eight minute go to Atlanta take care that is and I think. An agent at the pros -- take it. -- that that happened. Opt out and get you know. And I'll. I'll follow up he couldn't stop a battle -- -- -- I do with a bit. I was at the Bob Hope. I don't know if I'm not gonna get -- -- who don't live -- -- I think he was it you wouldn't go to by the keeping us. They -- got up there are no Decatur is gonna be. That that's who probably find out you have to go by tomorrow. Tomorrow the players' day off right there's a birthday you have yeah addressed the media arise that that but but I would think. By tomorrow might have find out -- Wednesday with you know with Twitter and all that kind of stuff on the a couple of I'll let. But the players' day off tomorrow I think we should have a kicker will -- look look at the me that's part native reserve. -- the player -- they would come back that could be the fullback. Eric -- Right they consider and his injury. You know they and ideology designate one player. And he would obviously immediately come with it starts right now. Speaking to fullback out of bracket you'll wanna decent at the question about the fullback Brian thank you for calling that you view him. -- it has more than that particular more of the human Georgia now you know right there. There -- Often heard. Sorry right. I'm not I'm not happy about the fullback situation. -- we I secrecy thing wrong with Jed Collins and obviously thought they were upgrading. And what we have right now we have two full backs on the roster which obviously we don't we don't want. And you know again you know we we only one full back off -- off at least two of the roster one on the kicker but -- You know what they are what I think it would there's I think that it -- -- -- -- Austin Johnson who's probably lord advanced practice -- linebackers that I mean fullback that I've ever witnessed. -- you know what time. Can expect a wheel route would have been at me. Even -- that a high point caught them like a wide receiver who's that guy fullback. And those little I don't think navy. It maybe -- BB is good of a lead blockers that Jack Collins. I don't think the -- -- -- but that's part of -- packed with people back -- that I I think he can hang with anybody. In the league I actually think he is that good. Now. You know that maybe dominated the blocker. At times and I think equitable or the linebacker at the -- -- because -- and occupy him again and always the running back. Can make the cut but I think when Al hired -- Would be available you know I can McKee two fullbacks. I would -- and you may be cut Austin Johnson. And that you put him on the practice squad or whatever that they'll make policies that Tennessee he's still eligible. But that practice squad. Yeah yeah he would be eligible he's -- in one year. Guy but with that being said. I didn't know I don't know how they utilize them the special teams. As far as the depth and all that but. If Barrett Lauren is healthy he's the full like -- -- it right now that athletically off the job. All right we can't think in appointing him to attack -- second game of the season Saturday night at 630 kickoff welcome to talk to anyone in here on the vehicle if you if -- Sam Houston State beat writer for the applicant Roth diligent on this now Ross LSU. Well. I don't know how much off but it could await the start playing well but they got to the party just and you know when they started playing football they took control all the ballgame your fault that they have a couple of -- that yes I was used 48 point 40 victory. Although with. Yeah I -- play caller -- playing bill you know what. Elects to game replay quite is just try to figure out. What exactly happened you know it can change field -- in them. I'm still trying to figure out you know you know you'd be -- it looked like you know they they they completely shut down Wisconsin's second half the Russian attack that. At first touchdown. In and -- -- -- more in our guy got name Kwon Alexander played lights out. You know the other part of the ball. You know he'd like Wisconsin. You know they were down to defensive lineman. But they are playing a lot of vehicle in the and they just they they -- and have a lot of people in the box and an LSU board with the running game. I was just incredible he is almost something that. I just unfathomable to think had seen him. Comeback after being what would look like could just completely. When he scored Cameron -- third quarter I think you know god has a lot. About LSU you know either inexperience you're young but the fact that they could use of them like that carefully it's not on board. Well crossed that if you could do this and it's all like you pay attention to detail if you could start. That athletic big run -- -- -- how many times. Then they pass the ball purses are running the ball you know what you think they take care of the football truly. Displayed a percentage is in the clock try to make that you've been asked for and run the ball at all on -- is that going to carry the ball like three times. After that big run. Minus six yards. Thought they needed to get minus yards. That -- when all's said and done. He finished Bedard departed -- sixty carries that a guy gotta be in at when he was thirty -- whatever you can -- sustain drives. Not know -- you have long drives and got the momentum after the fake punt. But I think he almost got too cute. Is that even though. If -- she's -- -- -- at least keep the clock movement where who remarkable I think try to throw the ball and that one drive I know it's things like. He threw it deep ball. And then as an incompletion he ran he ran out of bounds it might utilize him like twenty seconds and while that that put them over and LSU's favor. Yeah you know they you make from that point I think he ran. Ball. Nine times after that. Bet touchdown early in the third quarter ray -- on time they passed ball in time the -- What that's a problem right -- -- -- brought it back quarterbacks that team it's a back receiver. It but against Seles is secondary challenges they get there it was eating up. Their receivers did you know almost like -- if they completed pass are. If he wasn't accurate opera theater is that it. I mean you know you took -- you don't want you know defend -- it's all part treated it like always too conservative and all that. To me that have been the time they should have been so fortunate. And felt lucky that there were up one reported seven. Is that that we -- got to find a way to win this game and not necessarily trying crush elegy. Right yeah you'd think they would they would it would have one more act the they have you know one more -- they -- and the rest of the way in that was what was the most shocking and it looked confident the barrier that. And some even were. All it -- Gary Anderson to be fired yes it. What -- the reporters or were tweeting out that they were in an -- good at. You know you mentioned though it would mean we did our about the day you know Geary -- -- he's our property did mention. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In he was somewhat hurt but you know in the forty calamity after that figured that could back up guys you'd. There's a -- -- on the didn't you know they did run the ball more but Gillick she's -- -- -- middle of the -- in the way or. -- diligently trying to put LSU for the -- he was LSU forty wonderful opal was not Ross although. That what you want and not a great percentage. The deep ball was very effective and a couple of times it by me seeing you know put that ball he -- All weather receiver could get it and hit the throw it -- the ball. It's a big confidence builder moving forward my -- in Phoenix we we've seen him. Go to Vick filed against Arkansas Beattie had to hold off to think about what they wanna do -- -- which basically would go my pants. Don't do you think not hurt us help us win this game and we got a whole off season to get ready and it you'd like to have there were a couple of -- that skipped. Wait -- so -- -- this too far. But I think that is something that you don't but it it -- movable. Yet for the crazy you know throughout the quarterback battle was between me at the beginning of Brett -- but this spring. That would give everybody -- has been because it's fair bit but do you mean. As a better. Comments to a road. In kind of struggled more the long ball while -- -- is a good vertical passer. And struggled with the -- -- -- in being the opposite -- really struggled. With that short a little screen passes that check down -- that. But you put the long ball like he didn't bridal money three. To Patrick -- -- -- work I'm an absolutely perfect coming in one on one of them he was he stepped up in the pocket just took a massive if he'd just put it right. What treatment -- outnumber. I mean in any year around come across the middle of the press it 20/20 five yard -- In it right right on the money and they beat any -- -- and street struggled with the Robert in your little. Little floater screen act. There was no I think Dempster will be better but there's no doubt you know why -- in the inning played all but one period -- game. It but elect -- -- him. Not that you. That being put the ball in that's what he -- do he played he played let's mark kind of played it straight and a lot of ways. Is that double with a lot of coaches -- -- you wanted to rely on the run game. You know we're -- rely obviously on the law all and that that may -- he is not what will -- down the road you're gonna. Run the ball everybody expected and bought it over -- for a long brilliant beginning prove that we can do that. Now Ross -- -- depth in the secondary in that all the players they have and I think it's one area that I'm confident. An analogy definitely can hang with any -- in the country as far as the skills that. But -- that was yet to be proud as far as. The production out of military experience. You know -- two year Letterman. But that being Jalen mills you all know about his situation. And the trouble would also like Jalen -- we look at the depth chart how that fluctuates. But I thought I gelatin -- mills and dealing talents they came up big time. Yeah I'm manager. I've I've covered football game between two major conference team in seen one guy. Just completely shut down the other -- receivers like Africa or eat. I mean I was Watson and like every player game I mean it was real quick people think blanket coverage. Immediately changes over but really Ellis had. Blanket coverage all these I mean even that the completion. There was -- -- you go right there in in that it was not your yard catch. It was really impressive beat me to -- Colin. You know you forgot about your -- resort Robinson's -- for the game I and we know who we think it restored to its been to a point game. It appears that way wicca. I'm not particularly -- talk this week -- probably equally. Let my all mentioned after the game it was -- actually -- argue and Collins probably career and it was made it great tackle that's the thing is that. You know the defensive backs had great coverage. But they also have tackled really really well. You know that they would do the -- missed tackle on the DB if you lose track it was impressive watching me it's something that there are here but he figured Gordon even. -- secondary offensive line -- to be extra. You know he's one of those came through dominated the potential -- just. Just shut down and Wisconsin and Wisconsin -- young experience at receiver. Man they were they were all the room in it it was really here. Ros talking people people with you -- wouldn't. -- can -- -- PP ER ENTERP. Year. -- are or where you can our car. Well diligent coming Ellis you have X ball that applicant and it back around and follow him on to -- always a pleasure thank you so much to a -- deal all game day. -- -- All right relative to your estimate is on the buy you make note that the couple opportunity that was too late as the Tigers proved that when he when he sport -- one point seven early. In the second hand would come back we'll take a look -- -- -- National Football League the week. The Oakland Raiders while with a rookie cornerback at the right at him match that point if you know -- to think about Sunday. You want to be if you are right on accident on I -- now going around the national football only get 7:8 o'clock -- would take a look at all the if they opened up this week. In the in and failed to beat at typically you'd think there was a night Seattle I'm half point favorite over Green Bay -- as long -- -- Atlanta. Saint Louis and Minnesota in one of the rare game opening weekend is not a bomb divisional foe Pittsburgh and it ain't leaving. Philadelphia is it to him my favorite over Texans field all the politics don't miss it today being Chicago -- the bookmobile about it to Oakland Raiders. -- New York Jets went back going back shop but the -- Car and it ain't that as well. You know Derek -- not you are remembering his older brother was. David Carr right with the Houston Texans and you have to brew crew who know I mean it -- the most liked guy his rookie year he's -- really. Have the supporting cast at that time in the Texas that you organization that. When you look at David Carr the I think that what does it takes it to the Giants. But had some NFL experience for you today NFL quarterback that is rather. I think you're truly taking it at the next level. Kind of like not militants pre season right like Blake morals. You looked late portals. From central part of an outstanding. Which Jacksonville. So you look at young and upcoming quarterbacks in. And their potential. In need to look. You got to see it right now at the Eric Carr. Are late portals. -- their production. Is ahead of -- -- -- Don't you know Johnny football that we Cleveland the only you'd never know who's gonna succeed. Think the one hit. It definitely was Andrew Luck. Would be it with the Colts and -- turn things around. RG three. Like he might have more pressure than anyone. Right now and NFL considering. That's sophomore slump when it with the Redskins and note dealing with a knee injury. But a lot of pressure on him. What the redskin nation or agitated be politically correct. The Washington. Nation they restless. And a lot of pressure and RG three the -- UK. But to his team they just blame the coach to me he's finally coaches that are coming off -- -- seasons after a basically you know where -- -- it won their division beautiful in Washington. And Houston and Houston -- the ball by the behavior at the -- A little bit -- up my quarterback. And put it yesterday for Matt Ryan. They tree the tree it -- -- -- lunacy Matt Bryant for the Patriots. In markets all. Matt Bryant and I haven't Ryan Ryan the other thing and got fouled on the parade throws he -- real. That that rate they'll you know Ryan -- way you do it he was out there because -- We drafted. A year that he. At least Illinois and Rob -- -- -- Yes -- okay we know what was called beat the theory making him -- I -- you haven't even an option to be a solid number two we're going right. Read -- and Ryan Fitzpatrick. You know he's an intellect Ivy League guy I don't know. And he had his hate being kind of with the bills -- now with the Texas I don't know -- answer. But then so I can -- out there was little book yeah I mean he could do something he did in Buffalo and yet have what's I think what's been with a ponytail you got that. -- and it's not a good running back Andre Johnson one of the top receivers he's like man. On the win now right you know McKnight and the experience in the big thing with quotes we have to -- you -- so few blind ballot and you Ryan mallet and hey you leaving the Patriots -- at Texas I think that's a great situation for you because this morning at. So you know it is when the job now obviously. You know you look at the head coach for the Texans. Coach O'Brien yes the Patriots background -- -- mussina connection there why. Ryan -- that's Ryan mallet a great situation for him. And also Bob while we were used to the big thing used to guys want it just broke the bank at the coin toss represent LSU was Patrick Peterson represented was constant problem -- thought. DT watt matters who is -- break the bank. It just doesn't look the part he's the big talk Q on the front page to the Houston profited to have the big feat to hold him you know and now he's a guy that is not -- -- serve -- -- -- contract. But he he has -- -- the year what he has been doing his production average which is. Ball great event above average of a lot of people yes he is he's not the best thing he is the best thing. Though it's not like he's in the conversation though he's the best you know I definitely you look -- -- -- is not a case about a contract here. You know he's gonna plate rated playing up to the contract though he's been. The production has been there from day one. I'm -- with god that was not -- values that have on the team this year I mean he's been that dominant in the NFL. About as good as it gets you know you look at. And I kind of compare him high motor guy like Jared Allen you know you know what that -- in the Vikings. As good as Jared Allen was in his production and I think you Q why is he at a different level you know then and I think I detected -- that. And nine they'll reward him with the market for him to buy free agency. No you know not be the only guy you only got to you know I you know after while -- -- a couple of things you have a handful of teams that won his service and really everyone in the league with. Who truly can pay him flew yet every other than resentment at all west and now you open the pocketbooks on all -- as -- -- -- yeah. It's known the -- other excellent Bobby Houston if the two and a half point favorite they entertain our featured a -- risking. Kansas city Tennessee Alex and -- got to think about how you know our ball team -- kind of kept him. Resurrected his career and the ball like that double on -- -- -- -- -- you can -- and I had a four year deal worth sixty mean. Well like Jim hi Carol off Beckett in his career that Jim Harbaugh help but develop Alex Smith -- -- -- -- had in the playoff I don't like to think about it but it is the Saints you visit fort -- it. You gotta think Matthew Blaine -- you gotta be thinking of me if coach Harbaugh could do for me we get to Alex music -- is now at San Cisco. -- -- -- Would just be careful and let him but then that. Then if it doesn't work out that you might able -- him -- cut -- an NFL political thought I am not happy with our -- pupil in a row right right out of college that whenever Alex -- the I think when Andy Reid in his system. That's a great situation for him in and and I don't necessarily think he's been overpaid. A you know -- I'll buy the game all that money we have to look at the market who's available. A lot of -- I'll probably can't see it he's through morning Alex Smith. Other game but doing the top one favorite they opened up at Miami Tampa Bay -- a while point favorite at home against Carolina and -- -- etc. because of the team that was well for a year ago. I doubt it the fans. Even though they all the true if panic at the Tampa ballclub that was -- we -- there with a few games involved with the majority camp allowed only eight of these phone. They can't beat pretty bad that if you -- -- -- right right over there earlier this season. But they already won on a favorable count that's all the NFL the total poppy is by far the lowest as we can weather isn't it's almost as though you'll get open. Thirties and he's the total quickly here. But that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From last year's roster I think -- I was reading that -- that he might only receiver that was on the roster. The Carolina brought back to cut him so it is. One or two receivers ever receiver his they have terrific Carolina. He can act like this states this year. From last year every if you have -- all of you eleven to team -- that's crazy that's why I think you got it going at Tampa Bay. And their being a point favorite against Carolina because they just don't know the instability. Especially with their office. All right we'll come back and look at the other games and -- that's of the National Football League this weekend opening week including a doubleheader next month and I don't accept this site to three point favorite over the Falcons do you think that mine is just right too high or too low it's operated -- that -- -- -- line. It Debbie did you react right now that is too low saluted him read it in -- -- that took grows that that grant the grants given up the three point to take it. If you think they get it went about salary. -- Now well. We'll come back what I thought that you get you out all bobbitt's. And Davis saw his real. That's the only we've got Paul Wallace who is all all -- on -- -- down Houston Texans are cooked it over rated a report on him but now. While all Mike Jones -- it but you know Bob I wanna take a few minutes. You know what you you know you get antsy and do you know the regarding what they eat you -- to say thank you. When he's posting thing I want to take a few minutes -- things Kurt -- because. Out of value her argument -- prospects notes and -- that idiot and haven't been as Crosby was there. Mean you heard me talk over the course. -- a fine yep well. Obviously they'll beat you gonna get out of it because I want our growth of -- you don't know you know talent goes man you know I like to drive -- -- on a few mechanical 515 allocated lately the last dollar. So by -- him that the -- people try to move somewhere but like Houston boot if it's Owens you can pick and air -- you hope you beat down. So Saturday. -- -- Is you the body real well we leave it you what'll I do think if I hear it now leaving me Louisiana and it and it clock on. I'll be used it news. And now back home. And he beat Louisiana it's an approximate it all but that's the power round -- we leave. Paul and it would rain. So wait a few fantasy this ice and into I was nervous though. Use it would you do fuelled a bat if you look at what Houston who walked almost like street crawls right what the cause of the world Bob. With the crowd they threw up to a Alexandra. It threw across almost like a square went down he's. And in an opponent like that the rough area turbulence if -- -- -- -- all evil you know with a -- who would have. It was despises the QB but. But let's talk now or maybe Louisiana to be able to hold all the opponent here. On a private yet yet on the that would -- example we have -- -- back -- I don't live here now the proud all of them because of that era a -- but that -- but -- -- -- -- -- -- -- well I -- -- -- saw the end -- -- like I notice that this is all right -- that there's the problem is who -- -- attack ever -- -- it was it felt like -- he did it and thank you so much from the bottom on octave who was in these things that show respect -- it. Even keep up at -- by phone company now they attacked us on the football team right now mentally he's about he safety Keith -- In practice and if you think all if they like as volatile though I take it word for me he. From what our hearts out -- you'll -- where you have to go through security no. And hit me it was it was soft eyes though billion. You were hanging out with the aristocrats and but humble look aristocrats you can't get him more humble guy I think -- Crosby and what he's accomplished god bless them. And man I don't know agreement have been I had I had a good feeling because it's Curtis the guy a Christian you go to church but. Bet they don't own a wall what you think you know no point even if you don't explain. All what is that he had to crawl in -- season we it was special permits. Aren't and we we we capital -- -- -- is that you know how it could mean to you yesterday goblet gonna -- what I was did you swear when I got this Dallas native -- came to camp at the time I count airplane. I was -- -- he would do for you know behind still got off on what kind of look off. I've -- -- hand right but I made it. And it in Dallas gonna fly what you're in and out of it's that aren't on I don't you put on an -- it's arm and it yeah I would not at army and out of that ticket and be an insult that you know that means he's got that's it. But you know what out but I am -- bit -- it I don't think I would love to go yell at filled with Kurt this. What you would say Freddy I was with my Iowa area hours and hung out with Fred Palmer challenge. Who have always agree on a great -- it -- that we -- we had a great time. But the game in throughout the united spirit to come -- brother's been. I'd -- -- -- and I kind of felt good hasn't you have video relative with his house and hang out when I -- on Sunday he's been there went through a dozen years though. You know he works the analysis -- a lot of connection you see a lot of Louisiana. And connection is that it is to LSU connotation of fans outside of the fans root area. In the country you and -- -- people UCL viola foods down south Louisiana dealing with oil industry with being used it. It is all about business alone. -- we we'd leave and we go to. It would throw line. We at Louisiana is this and the others they mean it was all I anticipate will -- -- camp. The guy at the throws but we did the pregame it's not opposed Paris. I think I feel like fifty people polian from -- flu shot out there and united big -- that the pregame salute you felt like. You release seanez so all you there's plays that -- Saints fans tiger fans. If you want a place to watch -- -- -- -- Saints game. Go all right got a big boost growth in use because that is a heck waters I don't care of the Texas there right there I don't care aid them. You -- Cougars -- -- whatever. That is the hecklers and LSU Tigers and you don't think right Daryn big wood throws they used to. All right thanks so much as he gained you know but everybody out here at this -- well what's one of them next week it -- points. We'll be in Houston are wrapping I'm a media person is that the coach Shula and all the Monday Night Football as -- very -- weekly game program and -- on -- I can I be right back here this it was the recapping the Saints without a point -- the thing that round that -- beat -- vote of the now. -- in each of the week all the way to the people here that kicker yeah I don't let it kick in the week of course coming up. Tomorrow will go -- -- National Football League conversation with LSU coach. This pop back in studio makes them -- and repeat and they'll do well known on the side. With being at the office what's thought this would be to my coach that's bound to be focusing in the top spot now -- it's -- the ability and always thought about it each and I think -- want you guys dol goodnight people.