WWL>Topics>>9-2 6:15am Tommy, do you still shop at malls?

9-2 6:15am Tommy, do you still shop at malls?

Sep 2, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Marianne Bickle, the Chair of Retailing at the University of South Carolina, about whether shopping malls are on the decline

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- thank you David I may be struggling a little today because they did a lot of packing over the weekend leagues means a lot of dust on on a big trip. -- that that -- bank and Mel. Book rant that. No listen listen you know what. When the going gets rough. All it means he's got a hold on tighter -- -- saying all -- For example over the weekend my -- -- looted when the saints cut two kickers. And everybody immediately thought. Hang out and leisure time it's my time to honor tiger. Hi heard Christian. On the radio Sunday he endured his talk show and I deuce -- in on that's the first thing he went straight to it. They're the call has to be made -- talker. Well I tell you what happened and I just sought to and coach Payton and he says it was all right for me to release this. They did call me yeah. And I did go out to the facility -- tryout and went up in the attic a -- squared -- -- everything else I'm not to dust off of it again reason for the congestion. -- ready to go and and then overtime the issue is delegate -- -- -- decay can choose your pulled hammy it. Like that. It was so. Which I -- shows you should keep yourself in better shape -- never known calls gonna you don't know sorry you got to always be working out in case -- call comes I mean like I that the car with the issue because I had it on you know on insane and drove with it yeah. And and I am I'd go to walk slowly and saints facility -- and -- and you knew you knew it and write it plans you know an ancient -- And and I that I'm bent over time issue and and they said you know Lesotho dad just a couple of the -- if you cancer. -- the ball up and then squeeze it like they do any NFL you know loosen it up -- get more comfortable. And and bent over to tie it and now there's no way I am mistaken maybe they could rapid a certain movement -- noticed sounded like it sounded like somebody zip -- Sheridan whose terrible so so sorry Tommy are rolling -- right. And the opportunity was going to be there you know on the -- them. From 25 in gold. On -- beyond that -- -- soon. It was so -- now somebody went in the cloud in the is still pictures of celebrities -- it in there and naked like crazy everybody's naked. Why. Why would they. They get and what went with him are you in that. In the clouds it's an old enemies and I know this I have heard a couple of celebs claim there fake. But. For the most part they're real I guess that was what I'm hearing. Well I haven't looked ideas well and that's that's the question because the two biggest concerns -- yet -- -- -- how could this have happened. Well three actually be is there any Internet security and numbers he is how to look at. Lot of people are -- outraged by -- issued on and sand and and they sealed Jennifer -- you know maybe I'd take a little feet singing sees. Deaths of Michael lenient I don't know but it sounds like Jennifer Lawrence there -- news and. On matters of phone each series walkman. Which -- tryouts garner got naked celebrities runners are better. Maybe you you know workers waited on admitting it's. It's outlet -- yeah I itself. I visited talk about today models David was last time you finish up and six months ago I know exactly I want to the esplanade mall lawyers they say SP one on mall the other day in. -- -- Yeah and it was you essentially empty relentless so and and I get the thank -- might look at that you know you look at the floor. Am trying to be so we have to look at nieces and you look at all of those tile floors slot -- keep those shiny. That's a lot of money he'd still like equities and an anxious once or in any go to the whole ball and you look at the maintenance cost involved with. Just lighting and everyday -- Roddy plays. A yeah martial arts place in the mall and I -- -- How can -- because of -- has to be crazy but then it's not made any kind of my deal just now the space spill occurred very. So we're to talk about the death -- shopping malls moser and -- shopping and you think malls in general are in trouble and what keeps you going -- from going to the mall. And aegis is comfortable Internet shopping there's some things I think that you -- trial on Angela yeah I writes I can do it go to India and I'd hate sending things that are different I just -- sending things back against some books -- got ordered for school budget by mistake in person on the floor again and the back and I need it. That's why H up you know Internet today on the Maltese so you know it works out his ballot at any money anyway. So there you go it all works out with them medical talked. Marion tickled to hear retailing at the University of South Carolina talk about the future of malls. Tommy Tucker glad you it is morning that it W. Tommy Tucker 619 and I was walking around he would -- and -- It's been Thursday guests and just shocked me now and I guess some kind of business minded so immediately goes to how much it cost to keep the floors clean keep. The lights on and keep building air conditioned on the brutally hot day like it wasn't. And there's some. Talk that malls might be an obsolete kind of thing Marion -- joins us right now doctor Marianne Marion -- on. Mary doctor Marion -- here retailing at the University of South Carolina. Good morning -- -- and congratulations on plan taxes and then some tight. You know you're you're -- -- -- -- on. I don't know and it's based on the LHU game on Saturday night I went to bed when winners at Wisconsin schooler right after the half went to bed got up so that WL text that they won and then watch the game recorded dot. And around a third fourth quarter I still didn't think that when -- Yeah yeah -- -- the heartbreak at times it is coming when he talked about malls and and people Arnold malls maybe Meehan. -- -- shops and malls being heartbroken it seems like. Boy you lose a big tenant go and -- -- and you're done. Or maybe people don't wanna go maybe they do is go to -- some animals. Well you know I'm I'm going to actually encourage you to think differently. You know what they're counselor called international council on chat in -- And what they do that they keep. The heartbeat. Shoppers. How shoppers. And seen how -- there where they're happy ending like that and actually. Shopping at shopping -- -- -- four point 2%. And what what you might be keen is -- particular mall. And here's where people are really cap anymore there's happy and it will applaud their shopping board apparel stores. There should -- more. At malls that have furniture store at dollar stores. Discount stores. And -- So 141014. Where they now. Three point 6%. Act malls. Now here here here -- -- it depends what ball you your. Not you know when we talk about averages. Now some malls will be batter and ball will be. So. All -- -- much better and Ayers because malls are putting more dollars into it. But here your walls that are doing extremely. Well. His -- you've seen more war what we call like animals. On outdoor mall -- ball. Yes. Well and somebody else doctor texted an incident you know what you were there on Thursday maybe if you go on weekend well it would have been packed that they had a lot of empty storefronts. OK and and it. Age of the ball Guillen in net developer or the mall manager at a mall owner keep -- And revitalized and it ends and and they really different because real IR. And up picnic compared to the last year. Thirty or -- like animals. Have a smaller footprint and we we're CNET even big extort big back story is like. Wal-Mart or best. Or target they're getting smaller footprint people don't want to go that extra hour. And -- -- outdoor malls. That we you stay. Are now becoming really popular. Because people feel like they can just browse and they can and the sun shine on their pack. And and they're actually spending more money outweigh even though they discuss the -- out. And soul. Here -- happening now the ball you went to. Retailers are also finding now is is there's a phrase called come -- channel. I mean channel is one retailers are saying okay. I'm a big retailer. And maybe. I can't be at every location and so. Retailers classified compelled by ABC you know we're -- great school and ABC's Sam store exceed. They don't they don't go so well and maybe in New York mall they didn't -- well line and out. And none of your what I said but they had -- a martial arts instruction plays and got bush -- and against whoever it is and owns it I'm sure it's a great martial arts acted -- there and act now. Blake hit it you don't usually see that animal yeah. And all the other thing we near the mall you have to planned carefully. Yet nobody gonna want to be next to martial art dealer know pretty well. He did instructor just be clear. No until. And you don't like -- and you know because it. Selling apparel. And be next to other apparel retailers. So that when you look at your store Bryant. They're gonna all the wanna look at my store front. But when when I'm taking my little Johnny might little Boyer my little girl into per instructions. They they just after the instruction that wanna go home have dinner. And by the time you park in what we're gonna continue our conversation when we come back you know the other thing is if you go on and Tobias sweater over -- -- answered jacket. The last thing you wanna be greeted is weighted greeted with his bout a year -- a it would mean -- any -- gonna get a jacket went. Six when he five more -- I -- not to think it pickle here every daily at the University of South Carolina it's getting questions or comments about malls shopping. I'd love to hear from -- at 2601878. Toll free 866. An 890870. What is it that makes the lakeside so packed esplanade not so much and do you prefer to go to a mall. What is it that makes you go that you enjoy or what is it that would keep you from going that you eight. And deal like to shop online black. Weigh in on there we'd love to hear it all from you right now six when he six Tommy Tucker talking about malls with Kevin in -- -- and say Kevin your debit have you -- -- morning. Kevin. -- gut tell me about malls you go you don't go. Gone outlawed years ago many years ago. How one. -- got a lot of good deals on -- and I think -- -- -- girl that black -- executed by. Parking at -- elementary. Parent term and it -- about. Can footlocker -- and one or cabinet pretty much know what outlaw you know and get -- on line. -- -- -- It has running another one -- like mile markers on -- causeway is that you're telling me. -- has that bit. All -- in the age lawn ornament there -- and athletic apparel and stuff like that but. When you got companies like Amazon -- you're not to have your product delivered in thirty minutes by trial. You know India has been the mod thing. I like she's -- -- around. It's not really offer you very much its -- -- Do you have had a much spot DA to return him. I think they're acting and an emirate two very much I know what are you aware shoot Delaware and what type of anti. Chart that is so irrelevant at the -- Obama in the but my target it. Can you buy off the ranked. In words close automatically -- to Europe figured. -- the guy for whom they cut these clothes and different sizes. -- -- some pretty much. And that's -- much covered everything you know in the span either defiant side and that in and not only that the parent. All lines. You know in 01 for almost and half crichton. You don't building -- from Kevin I'm glad you called I am probably one of the the more oddly shaped individuals you'd ever want to see so. I kind of got to try and on and it's not a lined up sand and it back which I hate. Although some companies David Blake a pretty good because they give you the man in the tag and and they -- with the stuff you buy in a box and there's evidence that -- it will have somebody pick it up for. While not yet my wife tried to send something back and they said -- just going -- Really yeah and they re 400 it was amazing. I get -- -- unit MoneyGram for my daughter but they sent the wrong size bang. And when and his -- went back which confused me because that in -- gonna do with it unless there's some money into the monogram mountains are. What you -- analysts holes in on -- -- At least 632 will continue our conversation. About the malls when we come back do you pro ball in time all the elected no hate to go in what is it that. Maybe as you go on a one place and -- listen man I don't think we'll do this anymore when you know right now time for -- WL first news. And we go to the aforementioned David -- and I thank you David Blake and just wondered if you go to the Molly get a sweater and -- money you know greets you with. Somebody who is seeking -- put their stuff together atlas and somebody great US dollars. You might wanna buy a sweater on now I get a nice cable knit. Perhaps a crew neck. Maybe something Kashmir. Like gay leak on things you winner when in your house Cardigans maybe a nice car and Cardigans -- sudden you can do -- you know you -- about a year cents a day -- getting around because there is a some malls have martial arts instruction places and you wouldn't think it would fit in to a mall and I guess stuck in Marion Nichols said here retailing at the University of South Carolina in terms of image. Probably not the best thing for Ramallah Georgian a car -- on with doctor technical and myself played on good morning. Good morning. Doctor. Or bring up -- -- Something but it that are a little bit less politically correct army. According united at the in -- has ever been that's all of the year candidate every -- We'll wait and George. I don't know about numbers it just seems to me as the west bank and I'm being honest here it always seemed like for awhile it was a nice place to go when Macy's was. When I was the only Macy's that was there. Get get so that the -- -- in there in. Every bit -- well the lakeside so what or where you are also edit the week at -- are all here. -- suspect you're being you're ready to go I don't like they're commissioned to outside all the -- they're local but here we have to happen because we get pretty good debut. Number it's just if you enjoy -- of Louisiana gets an outside areas there. It works. Well aside if we're in the or. Are at all we have more all of them. Late or. We do have. Shopping Gary -- outside called -- street. So you know almost a year but more on what about it a little alt edit. The economic week. Down or even more -- -- and obviously at that it's a judgment like. The having you take it right at the broadest group. And has not been wrong with having a karate school. There's nothing wrong with having a karate school does that non stand I'm just saying. Did so in order anybody's feelings and in terms of political correctness. Of saying it all will you take it. Recommend they not -- because. Right exactly doubt they'll probably -- -- a deal on rent because I can't imagine. On you've been able to afford with the martial arts instruction school. The rent and I wanted to model it was a real ball. You get desperate to depress you get a lot whole ball going to. Take any and that it but again I'm not simply -- about the. And I get it but just be clear George Allen trying to be politically correct my perception of the -- mall when Macy's was the only. When that was the only Macy's in the area there maybe there -- new Holland senator. Well then. You know always in the -- like you're big food court -- houses very nice and -- so banana and I guess maybe I'm not a big -- Thank you George glad you called. Doctor -- arm. When it comes to the future of malls you heard. This Georgia's not talk about outside in here I thought about that when you sedated really. Doesn't lend itself to two -- shopping how to how does a mall. Change because he always going to be change in right you can't keep. Do you think you Ali need to be improved mean. One of the things expense in areas that don't lend itself as well and I live obviously in the Al. And it is extremely. Hot and humid in the south and and we do have an outdoor -- But even in normal one thing that. Retailer. Recount mall Saturday -- he is. There really. Bringing in a lot. Restaurant and I don't mean food court -- court -- Really become mean they have food court a little -- it's almost passed today in the sense that. Restaurants. Are becoming more important hurt. Multiple. And I I mean a lot of restaurants. Maybe up to 50% of the mall and and that could help. The market we're talking about in your home now. So instead of shopping with a place to -- You eat with a place to shop. Exactly. Exactly because we know fact that despite the fact that many homes have beautiful kitchen. No Erica don't use their kitchens that always made to be dale. And we -- to eat out. Because many people either work or are you tired quicker and we. And and though. Many malls are really becoming mired in using more real estate. Of the square footage. Warner restaurant. And and down. Their restaurants would -- And and though that making a huge difference in drawing people. Into the mall so we got to take a break doctor when we come back at two specific collections for. One of them is you know as you see the code of conduct when you walk into the mall. Are there any what are the real mall killers something that a successful organization can do. That'll suddenly. Is something going on the mall something will make people with money that wanna buy not go there anymore and the other question is. Is there some to be sent to the experience of it being a group activity known Nomo was supposed to online shopping which I would guess would be. Primarily an independent activity if you had any questions or comments about malls shopping. I'd love to hear from the NT six -- 187 Neitzel 3866. -- 89087. Back in the day in their oil boom there was a huge from all. The West Bank golf prom and didn't last long the structures not even there anymore will be back under the W. I Tommy Tucker talking about malls as opposed to. Online shopping and in is the American mall as we know it outdated. And what do you like about -- all what do you not like. About Ramallah would keep you from going back -- taxes the esplanade mall is geographically undesirable is on the edge of town and is not convenient to get to by the masses. And it worked in the esplanade as well as lakeside in the river walk. And others and another one says I used to go to malls all the time but the clientele ran me off now duo my shopping online. I guess -- in Marion tickled here every tailing at the University of South Carolina. And doctor I guess if I could phrase a question this way you got a pretty good mall go on businesses find merchants are happy. What can you do to -- let up. You know. That your listeners really. In a polite way you know you really have to. Have an affinity to the other clientele. In other words. The mall have to pick your brain and calm in other words you have to feel really comfortable at -- ball. On the -- should be a lot of light and not all small cap that there should be a lot of her keen. And calm there should be customer service and it. And you know we talk about safety but it you don't feel comfortable at that ball you're not going to -- they're in itself like. That -- here in your listeners don't feel comfortable shot there and there are many options. For. Consumers. To look at other places to shop. And and you know people aren't going to howl. The mall. And I have a problem they're gonna leave. And and we'll. And sometimes actor people aren't doing anything wrong -- the perception is a roving gangs of tufts when in fact the ages kids walking around a mall. But because of the way they're dressed maybe people that are older don't feel comfortable also to your point pages don't go back. Well and and and they could be it could be you know -- -- -- and everyone -- wish I mean his sport clean. And there are still dressed appropriately and I even -- -- it you can't quite say you know it's all right. Me anymore. And check your perception or not nobody's getting -- printing -- quick anything to be -- the experience of malls shopping with others towards social event and I don't know that people shop online and group didn't. You know. The bad wait to get on the ball. How clean is really can make those stores. Where you encourage. People strap in groups and and what we know for a fact to be successful is do you have throughout the mall. Little coffee shops. People spent so much money ends and it doesn't have to be at Starbucks. Little coffee shops that pop up expect the -- days. Com it encourages people to -- it. And chat and when they don't want apparently -- longer they'll say you know what I know this little store rate that plate break back. Akbar and then before you know it more sales -- I appreciate your time -- run -- -- we get to talk to you again and just be clear when you say shopping groups. You're not talking about for safety. I don't and yet they doctored bat no game cut 655. Time related traffic -- would go to Terrell Robinson. I Tommy Tucker will continue our -- conversation next hour we'll also talk about. The justices and any innocence project DA -- on tennis there are working with them and innocent people in jail.

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