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9-2 8:15am Tommy, kids sports and injuries

Sep 2, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. David Geier, an orthopaedic surgeron & sports medicine specialist in Charleston, SC, about youth sports and injuries

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tomorrow David we're gonna talk about the load about the Internet. About pictures and if you ever. Com. Dwelling on and say it's sex did -- if you've ever transmitted wirelessly a picture yourself. To somebody else via the ID do you ever anything in the cloud. What's do you have anything in the -- know meet -- now how do you get there. Well let me tell is not you know we're not talking about this right now we'll talk about it tomorrow but I did an email. That says Mike cloud is Izzo is almost full now. But they don't tell you what it is entirely empty. Because of my clouds fully -- make it rain Platt an -- that. Sort of had a conversation about that tomorrow especially in light of these. This hacking that led to celebrity news euro's being released but they were tucked away on the cloud -- my question is if you send a picture to somebody yells. And who really Heidi you know who hands and it gets cooler. So we'll talk about that tomorrow Lionel burns who is a registered candidate against -- on Canas -- in the forthcoming election has cult in. To talk about -- the innocence project morning -- how are you. Good and we try to be fair so that -- intently Leon cannons there'll -- DA was on now we put his opponent on who called in just a letter body at -- one what did you say final. Okay basically in -- -- India in the project we've been around long. And it to a commendable job -- going entering goal in -- -- No facilities around surely -- -- finding person. Or view that trump them all out. Doing a personal conviction what I don't want to huddle with FEMA Orleans parish district that turned the ball. But -- in fact find the person who already including the we opened up violent criminals who commit crime every day here in the figure you'll which we need -- -- But riveting and tonight. If he can Romans off the streets finally accomplished anything. Well I -- it was an apple person this convicted. -- -- department proceeding you have a trial it's OK you know what it is attorney on the job. And so security schools preliminary motion the judge. Well call. That the defendant be real about well if the medal Cattrall after the person convicted. Feel there's post conviction relief there's the lonely and force people will feel the tricks ride you'll. -- You'll be getting wrinkled old lonely. In court and and there. In the lawsuit is quite sure level -- then move to double. The court to take a look at that straight game that -- the district attorney Google the troops to check. And go bowling stairs from the -- crumbled. While actual women and they've rot in people and -- Walking -- it doesn't double that this -- The DA said he was there to serve the the residents of Orleans parish and I would presume that would also include the innocent ones. That are in jail in and -- just ask you finally if if all of those appeals. Processes exist as they do and and I'm sure you write about all of that they can't. It would be perfect go because we have people that are buddies sometimes being released from death row after spending a long time there and they were the wrong person. What it would become infected goalie it's your time -- -- is released from that rule released. From under the lights and letting goal we learned that there was an area -- there. That was number. -- -- we learned that that was the only evidence that the district attorney opens the nocturnal. Let me play well one thing about this if you administration that's all the remember when that it Jordan was the district -- build support would be the if looming bank -- fuel office. -- met him with given the -- adjustment of of what. Also over the million -- we couldn't -- -- -- languish in the more than a year and with them and movement. And -- well that was an under Leland and the arrows local. Grocery or yeah well there. The and to secure. An original offense right now and Harry Connick. -- -- able to apples to compliment the massacre there you know. -- -- That the mayor should be retrieved and I. And all of them trying to remember while I was beaten in the grounds that blur the grounds -- appealing it. Because it was their administration was. Actually him you know order that it have been more but this district attorney of leeway and mature at all. A man who's been in jail almost a year -- -- tournament. The courts agree. And he come back and you want to. Of people -- -- -- but but let me just and I'm not campaigning for -- tennis -- but I always try to go to the bottom line here so if if they pay their judgment and then there's a 34 million dollar deficit in the DA's operating budget currently where's the money come from. Obviously -- up to petition the city council for more funding. And it broke in if they don't get it. Then. I mean it just seems to me again even if it's you is that the DA and the DA your between you know what the squad because if you pay a guy then. All of a sudden you've got to cut back because you know I get money from the council. If you don't blame then you're not be in there so. Right so we're gonna what would you have done. Well what I'm gonna I'm not gonna join him with the infrastructure in gold in Goldman by people who may -- units and because it's going to be the district learned well what liable. We say they would be better to have somebody innocent in jail to avoid liability on. Aren't the only thing that it. It -- for the district attorney's office not to become involved -- -- -- -- -- for the district that article that they handle it. Is when Emily multiple -- called the post conviction relief claimed in court the district of learning simply cool look to court until the court. I have no objection. That this gentleman being released nowhere. I'm actually Jereme Perry is that an introduction -- -- -- different shouldn't do and Erica and I don't marry him. Now I got to -- I gotta go -- and I gave like five and a half minutes and I appreciate you taking the time to call will take calls on as we come back we'll also take calls. About sports medicine and concussions and parents now saying you know -- No football too dangerous 816 Tommy Tucker back in a flash under the W well. I Tommy Tucker it evidently well lie talking about injuries in the second and football. And attacks that comes and dances did you hear about the new LHU credit cards zero points less miles I don't know. If you didn't watch the game I don't know what happened but -- you beat Wisconsin 28 to 2.4. -- football players have played the college level have to come from somewhere like Leonard born at that came from saying on and then. This players went high school have to come from somewhere knows of the playgrounds and there's new study out that says. Less and less parents about half -- uncomfortable with their kids play football because they're concerned about concussions. And I think the big question here is is football more dangerous than it ever was even for kids. And or issues so much being made about concussions that. We're we're sacrificing maybe a lot of lessons can be learned a lot of fun it can be had -- contact sports. Including girls' soccer out of fear of injuries doctor David. -- -- joins us right now and orthopedic surgeons sports medicine specialist. In Charleston, South Carolina morning doctor. Could second guess we have from South Carolina today. South Carolina day but. Tell me about. The question I guess I I've posed earlier and that is. You know -- I played football and in high school and in. -- to 110 pound ignored people call it pop Warner I would mention of the man listening probably 70% did. And I guess a question I have is if it's not dangerous -- more dangerous now than it was then a lot of -- some walking around with. Concussion like syndrome or is it more dangerous now than it was then. It's probably a combination of I didn't think that most people involved as sportsmen that they do think that football is more dangerous -- these guys as you mentioned. Are bigger and faster and stronger than ever before that -- Even when you're not happening in dirty hit that shot in the head you're getting more force that basically affects kids' brains and so. I think that there is an element that is more dangerous I think that part of it is we're just more aware that we have better half than we ever had before things that. But we obviously could recognize. As the very serious concussions for years but what were really recognizing now. Are these very mild can cut the blows that we think take a -- over time. Did it will we have good news run and lately because my poor clock management skills can you join us after the break doctor. -- good anymore -- -- -- phone for collections because I know a lot of little Peewee football leagues -- practicing. High schools a practice tomorrow -- practicing already at the memories and get Friday night football taken off here. Under the WL Friday night in idiotic questions for the doctor about concussions or football or. Girls soccer which is one of the leading causes of concussions among teens. A love to hear from me at 260187. Neitzel 38668890878. And ask the dock. Eight when he five time -- Traficant for that we go to Terrell rockets. I Tommy Tucker talking -- when we come back and -- like your phone calls on this. Would not be business all of -- had -- -- to let -- play football literally wouldn't because just my opinion and I don't think. The 1112 year olds -- necessarily bigger faster stronger. A high school there are some people and again as it is about Leonard sworn and having watched him play in high school this was like. A man among boys -- generally speaking. And they look this -- aside time I'm like Rudy and five foot not -- hundred knots and it was in high school. And except that in have the passion and despair that he and I just said the Bruce's. So I guess the thing that would keep me David Blake from letting my son play high school football. Would be his size -- if -- in MacKey she'll soon Teddy played receiver for two lane I don't think he'd wanna do that two day. As gifted in and talented and as in shape is an Anke -- stone is just a matter of physical size manner I think. If you it's a big man's game let's face it is and I'll lay you out yep I think in the in at younger ages at different. But delegate high school at that think you better be a pretty big guy -- him neck and back in need an inning housing units Mexicans in here. -- I played high school football with a guy who got his bell -- quite easily many times he couldn't remember who won the game. It was easy for me because we were -- had not the point I saw him the other day and he looked like a zombie eats only he was always depressed. And cried at the drop of a hat he yeah we played in the mid seventies -- well. Now twenty years warming at an addition to guys -- run into with bad limbs. And artificial knees it was brutal back and small Catholic school and we played every down and like I can agree and identify with that but. -- wonder if that's got anything to do with why -- so many bad knees running around and -- -- -- -- limping around nations they right now time for debit WL offers new prison for that we goto. Thank you David one other question is that do you think the lessons that. Kids learn playing contact sports are worth the risks. And high school you'd did you play all right as a young person cleaning contact sport now. Basketball a tank which could call contracts on talking write a -- idea and it didn't. -- -- basketball I was my game I think. In these in my opinion a great thing about contact sports. Is that it will humble you very quickly and give you balance because you realize sometimes you not. That person down sometimes they knocked you down but either way you get up and you keep gone you know onion and you don't -- you don't. You cry you do is you just keep move in but some people say you know what you -- same -- playing golf or tennis around the nets not. As dangerous so let me know league at 260187803866. 889087. If you let Edgar if you have a girl dealer played soccer. Very concerned about concussions or did you say you know what. It is too dangerous no -- if you have a boy -- played football. Doctor David guy Ayers I guess an orthopedic surgeons sports medicine specialist. In numb. In Charleston, South Carolina and doctor I would ask you know I've been thinking about this thing that you said about the players -- bigger faster stronger. But the people at target and hit I would think a bigger faster stronger. And where how and where does where do you physics and come in the play you know this is that a big person's game mole in -- -- footballer. When it comes soccer is the does it matter what size the only ideas are Miller gentleman is a pleasing game. That's a great question I wish I could tell you definitively we don't really know. I think the thing about players being bigger and faster stronger they're able to deliver much more force. And you write the players receiving those blows are bigger and stronger as well but what doesn't change is that. The space between the brain in the skull and so you get hit suggested that range shakes around and hit the back -- the -- sort of you know whiplash fashions. That can happen with more force even if they are strong enough for stronger at least to absorb those blows to I think there's. There's an element two with -- you'd never been a completely. Help -- by that preparing yourself getting stronger you're still in a potentially is absorbed Borbon hit. You know back in the day the equipment is not what it was now and if you go do. When these saints. Is still lawyers have to get old helmet you'll see that the great wedding that's in there and it didn't provide us. A whole lot of protection and -- just wondered are there people wandering around today as a text that I read said with. Concussions with the emotions that they can't control whether they had contestants rather than with headaches depression emotions they can't control can't. Concentrated setter as a result of what they went through but nobody knew at that time. You know that's what they're really interesting things that we're starting to figure out -- the last -- to three years or so. Are some of those side effects of the psychiatric side effect. These kids they get you know personality changes and -- can be -- they can be angrier than they used to be or in the opposite. Normally have a real energetic engaging personality -- and now they're real -- don't respond to much of anything like he did depression. And it that we -- seeing all the way from the NFL you know leveled the -- sales level that especially in the -- school level. We do know that there are risks to do besides. You know baby that was happening back in you know 2030 years ago and we just did recognize the link but we certainly recognize. Limited time we have left talk about girl's soccer -- high school and I guess even college in the I don't think that gets the headlines that football does buddy you got a pretty good your risk of concussion near the united. Absolutely both studies that compared different sports have it has either the second or third most likely sport to suffer concussions. And certainly more or certainly a higher rate of concussions in girls soccer did -- we think there's something inherently about female. Being potentially more at risk for concussions and potentially for longer concussions. We think of that is related. Potentially to repeating. Heading of the ball even that is -- debate about that. More than that -- we worry about in the year going to head. At the ball you collide. Head between players or maybe the player her head hit another players -- or she lands awkwardly and hit her head on the ground. Regardless those -- real. Injury. They're much more common date like you say they get attention force of not just the parents and coaches need to be aware that the -- need to be aware of that. It held their coaches and parents that they're having headaches or the other symptoms. I think any parent wants their child have a long happy healthy safe. Rewarding life. So to parents and a listening right now it unless they're gonna play at the next level which you know that's a trade off. It would just -- get involved in middle school soccer Rio or middle school football high school football high school's soccer. And again unless they're gonna play at the next level or you just risking a lot of injuries. They could haunt you for the rest your life for not them. In the first of all I would argue that sports generally are are a very good thing for kids I think there's so many benefits physical health but also social and emotional health -- and they get better academic scores on the big -- -- playing sports. We just need to do it safely and yet injuries or risk with any sport soccer and football especially. With respect to the concussions whatever -- days. You do everything need to hand to minimize that risk but the biggest thing is that. Is to let people know you're having symptoms headaches blurred vision dizziness. So that your you basically get treated you. Sit out long enough to fully recover. That's where the risk of all these problems down the road seems to take place would meet -- go back sooner before they're ready to suffer more and more concussions. And end up in a lot of trouble so I'm all for people playing sports -- need to do that it has faithfully the past. Thank you doctor appreciate your time hope we talk to you again that. You that doctor David guy orthopedic surgeon and sports. Medicine specialist in Charleston, South Carolina few apparent Libya from it. What is it that made you decide to let you can't play football. Or soccer or. Maybe it's not that far removed from you you decide to play soccer or football and not. Worry about the risks because at some point I think it goes to. Risk reward you had to decide that if the reward was worth the risk in what was that reward or on the other side of it if you tell you kid you know like. Eat your job is to get good grades and move on get a great job so the sports not really your thing. We're not gonna risk the injury hiding at all that is apparent how did your parents sandlot. When you -- a potential athlete. Take -- calls we come back gate 47 right now on WWL. ID 851 Tommy Tucker and I guess a play exchanges and we'll get some text in a moment. Would you let your kids play soccer. Or football and why or why not. And the kids even express -- much of an interest in that anymore and they. So hooked on a video games or maybe nine contact sports or maybe they read the headlines and they want nothing to do it and amendments all I want to do I am I in this fantasy in my mind that when I was seventeen. I was gonna shoot up to 64 and playing in the NFL. Didn't quite happen. Was thrilled -- Angela hill and our radio families got a great show planned for you as usual today at 1 o'clock. What's trending on -- WL. Candid funny in depth discussions but the day's top trending stories in news boards and on social media. Days screwed Dave Cohen WWL news director teapot from B 97. Antibody -- co host of double coverage on three WL CH teapot UT Bob. And -- Dave Collins. Rather John managed only think then had to deal or someone you know had to have a sleep disorder. Have you ever had a bad reaction to Ambien. Medical experts -- sleep -- like Ambien can make you do weird things. Like sleep walks -- drives sleep eat etc. and as it ever happened DO. Plus what works and what doesn't work when it comes as snoring and other sleep disorders. It's your questions ready for neurologist and sleep expert doctor Caroline Barton. And -- three on a front porch in the Irish channel. We've talked with the Irish channel neighborhood association about their biggest concerns. Crime and crime cameras economic development. Particularly new and existing businesses along magazine street land use slash zoning gentrification. Blight. And recreational opportunities opportunities for their youth. Now I wonder if the Irish people going back to the Irish channel would be considered gentrification. They'll talk about that today it's an open mind with the legendary Angela -- -- and it's a legitimate question I do because they left and if he come back is it. Or maybe it's -- for gazans gentrification an open mind with the legendary. Angela -- weekday afternoons including today from until four right here on WWL 854 time limit traffic. After that we go to terror Robinson I Tommy Tucker we've had an interesting morning so far we may get pretty simple for the 9 o'clock hour and it is this. Louisiana is among the cheapest states when it comes for retail electricity. Pretty simple for you weigh in on how much is your electric bill each month. And it becomes a -- that are you a penny Pincher or -- splurge. And spend whatever it takes to keep your house cold in the summertime. And what is the ideal inside -- sure.

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